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Alright 11). versus#55 (more or less winter 2010/20 So this is the sancho-villa’s issue aka . bers fuck that. it’s just num I know #55 even if #54 is not out yet. 48) for samir’s interview (check versus# took ’t So, this are all the pictures i didn mie (Jey sure pres of bit photos, so i gave him a At the begining, i didn’t had enough good and ing fuck so is t idio s up with too many. Thi Thomas style) and at the end, i ended grats kid. con n. agai ir sam to issue is 100% consacred productiv. Well yeah, that’s why this now?! ;) t righ d prou are you ! what an honor! guess You are Versus skater of the year man this of ures pict all shot y and the DMS crew (the No seriously, thanx kid. Thanx to you e mor , yeah n mea i e, of skateboarding (and mor present issue), I had such a great year but , hing anyt in help did i ay...). I have no clue if “more” than skateboarding... but anyw . him for cool ty pret is l shop of bern, which now he’s riding for kSG, one of the loca Keep having fun... steeeeeerrben! kid. re futu We wish you all the best for the while... use it could be the last one before a Ok, hope you will enjoy this issue, beca .. etc. e less, push more, wax less, Have fun, live fast, skate faster, driv Cya in hell my friends! Jeymie

yeah, it’s possible, cheaper than for fr ee... just check that!

go watch this crap

M.D.C. FTBX est à moitié mort, svp, aidez-nous ä ne pas subir le même sort, envoyez-nous vos photos, articles, etc...


: www.versus-skat




A . C







THE only fanzine as cheap as this... ... bitch!

after more or less 3 years in switzerland: scho ä chli out of power huere scheisskinderskatezine! Ja u du?! Was? Aber nähääääää! Friss meine scheiss du siech man gäu?

a real skateboard company, ready we don’t have money to print our shit, if you are e, contact us and replace this to support some real underground DIY shit, pleas shitty picture by your own ads! here: jeremyvers

Versus Skatezine & Plus #55  

Né d'un amour pour la planche à roulettes et d'une haine envers presque tout le reste. Versus Skateboard'zine et Plus est un fanzine noir e...

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