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That’s the real shit


It’s all about friendship, fun, skateboarding (a lot or not), travelling, looking for spots, building some more, push each other... That’s our real shit!

Enjoying a BBQ around the spot, take a bath in the lake after the session, share a beer (or two) after landing your trick... so simple... but so good! Chaos in the train, or loud heavy-metal in the car (thanks Adi again for all those lift-trip), write some crap on the grip of your friend, use your sweat-shirt to dry the bowl, this is (also part of our view of) skaeboarding! If you have the chance to enjoy some “bonus material” in the evening, then, you’re close from “my paradise”. Never forget that future is now! VERSUS SKATEZINE & PLUS #38

Cover: Adi Passion / FS Grind / St Gallen / Michi 11/2009 - -


G-KIND Alter: 14. Grösse: Ja aber nähäää! Beruf: Ripper. Mein Traum: So cool wie G.I.Jey sein. Ich kann nicht: Nichts. Ich geniesse: Bob. Finde ich sexy: Curve. Da gehe ich gerne hin: Irgendwo. Das nervt mich: Gangsta. Meine Hobbys: Versus lesen. Wenn ich betrunken bin: Was? Nie ohne: Skateboard. Kontakt:

Alter: 14. Grösse: 7.5”. Beruf: Versus fan. Mein Traum: Mini-ramp zu Hause. Ich kann nicht: Stress haben. Ich geniesse: Spass. Finde ich sexy: Niniche. Da gehe ich gerne hin: Bowl fahren. Das nervt mich: Langsam fahren. Meine Hobby: Fun haben. Nie ohne: Lächeln. Kontakt:

Sunshine (against the rain) / Drop / Bobby

The real shit

in Basel!

Lately I’m pretty much only hanging out with kids. That feels sometimes a bit strange, but it’s always so much fun. The “real shit” like they often say. Ready to go anywhere, to skate everything., with so much passion, energy and motivation, that it pusches me to keep on going more and more. Those trips to Basel were no exception: Yeah, it’s everytime a great experience to go to the Black Cross Bowl. Even if you have to clean the water for 2 hours before being able to ride it, even if it starts to rain after 40 minutes, etc... Thanx again Pontus & the locals. Hope that the rumors of destruction are just crap... Basel got also a couple of nice streets-spots that kids ripped. Thanx again Tobi, Frodo, Miro, Sancho, & Michi for those great trips.

Jey / Rock fakie / Tobi

Miro (fuck the rain) / Drop / Jey Michi & Fans / Wall-ride / G.I.Jey

Frodo / Boardslide / James

Michi / FS 50-50 / Jéjé

Frodo / FS 5-0 / JĂŠ

Tobi / FS Nosegrind / G


(BONUS MATERIAL) COMMUNITY Alter: 15. Grรถsse: Komm schauen. Beruf: Beton meister. Mein Traum: Versus Skate-team member sein. Ich kann nicht: Switch hardflip. Ich geniesse: Bonus Material. Finde ich sexy: Titten. Da gehe ich gerne hin: Skate-trip. Das nervt mich: Scheissen. Meine Hobbys: The real shit. Wenn ich betrunken bin: Trinke mehr. Nie ohne: Skateboard. Kontakt:

Alter: 14. Grรถsse: Genug Beruf: Soft cake esser. Mein Traum: Soft cake. Ich kann nicht: Alkohol kaufen. Ich geniesse: Soft cake. Finde ich sexy: Niniche. Da gehe ich gerne hin: Soft cake firma. Das nervt mich: Kein soft cake mehr. Meine Hobbys: The real shit. Wenn ich betrunken bin: Esse soft cake. Nie ohne: Soft cake. Kontakt:

Sancho / Manual to gap / Jeykspear

The real shit

in Bern!

The thing is, that after travelling so much, visit a lot of different cities, saw so many great skate-spots, it’s a bit hard from time to time to enjoy skateboarding in Bern. Sorry, to be honest, that sucks pretty bad around here (in a skateboarding view). “Stop bitching, start building...” Yeah we started a bit. It’s slowly getting better... Bernside... Coming soon... like the Versus video...? But, “the real shit” can it to be. And thanks to around here, sometimes, Ready to rip everything

be everywhere you want Adi and the kids Bern is the real shit. for a soft-cake.

Skateboarding seems to still be a crime around here, but you know what? We don’t care, because... that’s the real shit! Nico / Blunt one-footed / Michi

Michi / Ollie / Z-Wan

Sami / Ollie / Jeysus

Mil채 / Ollie / Tomate

Frodo / Bs 180 / Jorge

Frodo / FS Half-cab / Jeyster

Frodo / BS Heelflip / Michi

Adi / Heelflip / Michi

Sunshine / kickflip / Niniche

Noa / Fs Heel-flip / Michi

Jey / DIY / roja-media Michi / Whatever / G-Jey


EUH OUAI OUAI Alter: 12-35. Grรถsse: Mehr oder weniger. Beruf: Skater, fahrer, motivator. Mein Traum: Schneller. Ich geniesse: Passion. Finde ich sexy: Chris Cole. Da gehe ich gerne hin: Surfen. Das nervt mich: Flip-Flop. Meine Hobby: Schach. Nie ohne: HeavyMetal. Kontakt:

Alter: 25. Grรถsse: Perfekt. Beruf: Punk. Mein Traum: In Easy Rider sein. Ich kann nicht: Ohne bier skaten. Ich geniesse: Treppen. Finde ich sexy: Nollie flip. Da gehe ich gerne hin: Skatopia. Das nervt mich: Niniche. Meine Hobby: Telefonieren. Wenn ich betrunken bin: Skate besser. Nie ohne: Musik. Kontakt:

Tobi / Nollie flip 1st try / G.I.Jey

The real shit

in Bowill!

That’s how look one of “our office”. And yeah, you can imagine how “hard is the day” when we are “working” there. A couple of friends, a more or less DIY BBQ, some beers, and the session is on! I was so busy at the office, I didn’t had time to do any photos. Hopefully, some partners used their break, to work some more, shooting pictures. Nice job guys. Thanks. Anyway, we will probably go there again, and again, taking care of business, working overtime... Know what I mean? The sound of the cows, was the background noise we had to deal with all day long... Damn, another hard day at the office!

Jey / Feeble fakie / Michi

Frodo, employee of the month... No clue how did you found this spot, but thanx anyway.

Friends / BBQ fun / roja-media

Adi / BS Pivot / Michi

Jey & Michi / BS Tail / roja-media

Miro / FS Grind / roja-media

Versus Skatezine #38  

Né d'un amour pour la planche à roulettes et d'une haine envers presque tout le reste. Versus Skateboard'zine et Plus est un fanzine noir e...

Versus Skatezine #38  

Né d'un amour pour la planche à roulettes et d'une haine envers presque tout le reste. Versus Skateboard'zine et Plus est un fanzine noir e...