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Making certain decisions personally while growing up was a difficult task, but determination they say is the key to success. Jeffrey Odonkor is my name. The only boy in a family of four girls which automatically made me the only boy child of my parents. A fashion student at the Joyce Ababio College of Creative Design (JACCD).

Even though i study fashion design I don’t consider myself as a fashion designer because I’m kind of a mixture of everything art related so I consider myself as a creative. Creativity means everything to me. I’m committed and broad minded about everything I do. Most of my friends say I’m multi talented. I usually say creativity is a thing of the mind and heart. I really love to make new things with extraordinary looks and features. I had always wanted to be different and that’s one thing about the creative industry, one has to be different to be able to succeed because there is nothing new under the sun. My main focus is fashion designing and photography.

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I fell in love with fashion just at once watching a fashion show on fashiononetv and from that day I knew this is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. As time went on I also had a thing for photography and started practicing and learning anything I had to know about it. What inspires me to learn more is the fact that sometimes I pay people to do things for me or buying things myself but looking at how creative I can be i would rather sit down learn and do it myself. Because if I can do it why do I have to get someone to do it for me. One thing that inspires me in life is my family. Another thing that inspires me in this creative industry is nature and everything i see around me. My dreams and aspirations in life is to be known for what I do and not forgotten, to be the first known African couture designer. And also to help other creatives and artists in Africa especially my home land Ghana.

Jeffrey Odonkor Creative Director