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Afraid To Ask For A Day Off Wilber Villatoro Raintree Apartments, Baytown, TX What a perfect opportunity to WOW! Wilber, my porter, is fairly new. He came in to my office a month before his wife was due to have her baby. He closed the door and asked me if it would be alright to take a day or so when his wife went into labor. I was floored that he was so serious. My reaction, "shocked", and his reaction, "priceless" when I said, “Of course! That's just the way we roll around here!” When we received the news that his wife had gone into labor, Wilber did take some time off, and I purchased him a card and a Babies R Us gift card for $100. Wilber and his wife were so thrilled and surprised! It was fun to WOW them both!

As the Season Begins Mohamed Elgaidi, Apex West Midtown Apartments, Atlanta, GA Every year, summer marks the start of the busy ‘turn’ season, and this year is no exception. But this year we have really been feeling the heat here at Apex because we have been short staffed. Mohamed has been a tremendous help, working double time, turning apartments, and helping with the grounds. Now, we happen to know that he is a HUGE soccer fan – but not just any soccer fan – a CHELSEA soccer fan. As our way of saying thanks, and to reward him a little for all his hard work, the team decided to get him a brand new, hot-off-the-press 2015-2016 Chelsea jersey. He was so excited! We knew that it was something he would never have bought for himself, and it arrived just in time to start the EPL season!! Go Chelsea!

A Bit of Hydration and Fruit Pampering The Maintenance Team at Falcon Square at Independence, Winter Garden, FL The past few weeks have been extremely hot and exhausting for us here at Independence Apartments – especially for outside team members. Every time I see one of my maintenance guys come in to the office to cool off with a cold drink of water, I think about how hard it must be for them to spend all day on the golf cart, out there in the field under the unforgiving sun. It is especially important for them to stay hydrated throughout the day. The maintenance shop doesn’t have a water fountain, but they do have a large fridge – so I decided to fill it up with snacks, water, energy drinks and fresh fruits to help guys stay refreshed and hydrated throughout the day. When our maintenance crew is happy, everyone is happy! 109

WOW Matters, The Venterra Experience, 7th Edition  

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