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BENEMÉRITA ESCUELA NORMAL “MANUEL ÁVILA CAMACHO” LIC. EDUCACIÓN PRIMARIA ENGLISH A1 VELIA ALEXIS BONILLA Having fun and learning at Mexico Last week we went to a trip to Mexico City, this was my first time here. I really enjoyed visiting the museums and getting to know more about the mexicas, also admiring the Zocalo, National Palace and many other sites very interesting. We also met SIddharta and Belinda Arteaga, although they had been on a conference at our school some time ago I got the chance to be close to them and listen carefully about what each of them was exposing. In Belinda´s conference she talked about some of the paradigms that we had already read and analyzed on her book Los caminos de clio. She deepen more in the positivism and the annals one. It was really interesting, she exemplified with our culture with the Day of the death and comparing with Halloween on how to teach children about this holidays. And with Siddharta he described a class model where he used many secondary concepts in a history class about the royal and noble city of Mexico. Kids got to know about it parting from a map. It was also very interesting. And on our last day we got to visit Teotihuacan it was a nice experience watching the enormous pyramid basement it really puts you to think on how was their life before and wants you to know about them and their culture. I have to say that this trip was not only about having fun it was about having fun and learning and also complementing our teacher´s education.

Having fun and learning at mexico