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August 201 2 Vedere Magazine Issue 1 Vol 2

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From the Publisher.... "In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing, the next best thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can do is nothing." - Franklin Roosevelt The decision is yours. What will you do?


Publisher Michael Meadows Editor Russell Klein

Fashion& Events Columnist Christina Moreno

Photography Jacquelyn Phillips Administrative Cathy Meadows

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In This Issue: Page 3: Dres Henri Page 7: The Artistry of Fashion Page 1 1 : Furne One Page 1 9: Kavir Model Management Page 29: Fashion in the Falls

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Page 37: Collections by Collins Page 43: The Color Of Emotion Page 57: Ocram Designs Fall Preview Page 63: SoCal Fashions. Hmm.... Page 67: Fashion Art Page 70: Dawn Jameson-Powers Page 75: Johnathan Benton Page 77: Dropping the Mask Page 81 : Eleanor Bennett Page 85: Lost Souls and Lost Causes On the cover: Model:Briana Robertson Photographer: Giancarlo Blanks MUA: Feda Aranki Hair: Lindsay Basham Designer: V-Vintage

August 1 2


Dres Henri

Fashion Illustrator


I’m a forward thinking, innovative & progressive Fashion Illustrator for up & coming designer labels, websites & magazines. Also recently been ask to feature on numerous fashion sites/blogs. Despite having over years commercial experience of networking as a Fashion Illustrator(F.I.),currently looking to join a highly motivated creative design team. Use to working a varied illustrated role, process a HUGE portfolio of hand-drawn fashionable illustrations from garments to accessories. Facebook/Dres Henri




The Artistry of Fashion


Nyesha Valentin hails from Perth Amboy, New Jersey, and has traveled virtually her whole life. She is a full-time executive assistant, and student at the University of Phoenix. Her grandmother who is from Puerto Rico exerted a strong sense of eccentric fashion that always inspired her as a young girl. Her mother was a model so this passion runs in the family. Her father joined the military thus she became a real army brat. Nyesha loves meeting new people and experiencing all the cultures of the world. She began modeling 7 years ago in Watertown, New York at the age of 1 9 as a bikini model. After exploring a number of career, and personal options, she returned to New Jersey this past year got back into fashion, and modeling. Nyesha loves fashion, posing, connecting with people, photography, and abstract art. She creates unique ideas in her mind and loves to express them in photos.


Being able to see the final outcome is a feeling of true bliss for her! Nyesha points out, “the expression a photo can truly capture in depth is what I adore the most.” For her own work, she does not want to just be sexy. Rather, she wants to be an artistic object to which the world can admire and also relate. Being beautiful to her is not exposing, but expressing beauty, and ones sexuality with innocence and class. Her own fashion taste is quite unique. She loves accessories that “pop.” Nyesha also adores vintage, flowery dresses, and international styles. She hopes to continue to do what she loves, and to become the best possible in this art form. Meeting so many artists of the world has been an incredible experience. Throughout her life she has enjoyed having a huge support system of family, friends, and the best of fans. Her spiritually is also important and she loves Jah and the truth. Nyesha acknowledges that in the modeling industry, it can be hard to continue being who you are without staying grounded. More than anything, she wants to show young girls that one can be a role model, and at the same time still pursue one’s dreams, and passions with respect, love, and peace.

Photography by: Cedric Jones


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Furne One


Photographer: Benjo Arwas ( Designer: Furne One ( Accessories: Marianna Harutunian ( Model: Melodye Joy ( Stylist: Allison McGillicuddy ( 14






Pie rce d Hea rt





V-Vin tage





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Fashion in the Falls


Fashion in the Falls is an annual shoot that Marcus Kirk Photography specializes in. Every year the staff of MKP chooses local fresh faces to feature in the high demand shoot. This location is a well kept secret, that involves a 3 mile hike, dangerous climbing and rocks that are slicker than ice. We wanted to combine summer fashion and high fashion in this shoot. MKP enjoys thinking out of the box and as our efforts are extraordinary in our pursuit for new technologies and techniques, we continue to take great pride in being the industry leaders in planetary stewardship. Our studio and set lighting has completely transformed from conventional incandescent lighting to using MKP’s patent pending Digital Lighting Array which not only helps to preserve nature by reducing carbon emissions by up to 80%, but also helps us keep operating costs lower in the process. Although we have this advantage at our disposal, we also enjoy shooting in the environment that mother nature has to offer- everything from the beautiful sunshine to cloudy skies, jagged rocks and wet surfaces.


"This location is a well kept secret, that involves a 3 mile hike, dangerous climbing and rocks that are slicker than ice."





Fashion in the Falls Photographer: Annie Nguyen of Marcus Kirk Photography Makeup: Alyssa C Models: Alesha Trankle, Alora Ray, Nili Arian, Shelley Tidmore, Courtney Lewis



Your Bikini, not just a three month item anymore! Collections by Collins


Clubs in cities such as Scottsdale, Miami, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas have all started hosting pool parties where they cater to young people that enjoy partying, tanning and looking good. Requiring the young, and not so young party crowd to keep a stylish collections of bikini’s available year round. Miami’s Finnegan River has many pool parties throughout the year including Wet N Wild, and their Sundaze Pool Party. They also have a huge pool party coming up in September, Aqua Vibe Miami. There are plenty of pool parties one can attend in Los Angeles; often located at The Roosevelt Hotel, a famous celebrity hot spot in Hollywood, The Luxe Hotel and Drai’s Hollywood. Who can mention the word party, without incorporating this infamous city, Las Vegas. Club Tao is one of the Kardashians favorite places to mingle while they are in town and lucky for everyone, their pool parties that are located on top of the club. The Wet Republic is probably the most popular Las Vegas pool party because they often feature celebrity hosts; in the past A listers such as Kim Kardashian, Diddy and Carmen Electra have all made appearances. The Valley Ho Hotel and The W offer pool parties at they’re resorts, while The Spanish Fly Beach Club is open year round for the pool party worshipers in Scottsdale, AZ. So ladies, have you ever wondered if there was a place you could purchase high quality swim suits all year round? You can stop your searching because Bree Collins, owner of Collections by Collins has all your swim suit needs, custom made and year round. Her swim suits are handmade, custom fit therefore your body will look amazing and she uses some of the best fabrics available. Bikinis that are poorly made often fall apart or do not fit correctly, so the small investment for these custom made suits is well worth it. Bree allows clients to pick the fabric, color, style and accessories so you are satisfied with your suit. The best part about these suits is they are affordable, ranging from $40$1 00, depending upon what fabric and detailing you choose. They are also one of a kind therefore you can strut your stuff on the beach or at a pool party and not have to worry about the girl next to you wearing the same swimsuit! Collections By Collins is just beginning to gain notoriety in the swim suit world for her custom features and high quality. If you are in the Scottsdale AZ area on August 27th, head to Barney’s Boathouse for the first showing of some of the Collections by Collins. Or you can check out the designs featured here and many others at and watch for her website, which will be launching soon. 38




Collections by Collins: Bree Collins Models: Ally Spoon, Christina Rio Makeup: Leah Cayzer Makeup Artistry: Leah Cayzer Photo Assistant: Holly Dell Photography by: Scottsdale Images Russell Klein


The Color of Emotion 43

~Poetry by Sunil Narayan Love clad in pink silk immerses humankind in the ocean of climaxing ecstasy When their bodies cling to one another among fields of thornless pink roses Femininity’s fragrance, alluring and mysterious, snatches the sounds of pulsating pleasure As a shower of red lilies fall from the Heavens Stability garbed in a brown silk dress with ruffles, washes paranoia and anger away As her heart’s stream of timeless peace quenches the thirsty mortals Like roses which cannot bloom without her protection Man cannot grow without the tender whispers of her noble heart

Photography by Nina Pak © 201 2 Make Up: Candice Johnson Models: Floofie and Glass Olive





Decadence slid into a purple nylon laced dress before providing man with blissful luxury So their descendents will die untouched by misfortune




Creativity’s orange rosette shoulders bestows upon all, the boon of intricate artistry To rival the Renaissance, which boasts of its extolled ingenuity







Ocram Designs Fall Preview


"I have always had an interest in fashion, but let’s face it, I’m far from the “look” the industry expects. I’m finding that, although I still have some insecuritiesPthere is a place for everyone in the world of fashion" The humility of Marco Morales is shown in the quiet and respectful reserved presence you meet at local shows. While he may not see the "look" of a designer in himself, his designs speak of an artist with skill, creativity and passion. Ocram Designs are frequently featured spicing up local designer's attire on the runway and his loyal fans are expedient to share images of his designs as part of their everyday wear. Very rarely replicated, and often one of a kind, Ocram Designs fall collection features bold patterns and textures of varying proportion. Paying homage to the strength


of woman, while embracing aspects of delicate femininity, Ocram Designs fall collection is made perfectly for wearing alone or as a collected statement piece. As an interior designer, Marco draws on his experience and education in all of his designs. "I play with scale, shape, color and texture in every piece I make. Every piece is unique and often is something that I cannot replicate. This is because I rarely use materials that I can find in abundance. I love the idea that each piece I create is as unique as the lucky person who takes it home."



Ocram Designs Fall Preview Jewelry by Marco Morales of Ocram Designs Photography by Jacquelyn Phillips of J Lyn Photography Models: Michelle Maga単a Isabel Flores Hair/MUA/Stylist Wade Lee, The House of Wade Lee 62

SoCal Fashions? Hmm......... By: Melodye Joy

When I asked for a suggested article theme, I was excited! Now I feel like I have written and rewritten this article. Research being very little as a mass of stores and fashion designers are all that pop up in Google. Where does one begin when fashion is ever changing with the seasons? How does one cater to those asking, as not every body type is equal? And CAN we base fashion in one solid category, or specify trends for a State, City, or Region? These questions haunt me as I write this article and I find myself perplexed. There really isn’t one way to cater to the masses, as someone will always have their own mind and perhaps not agree to your suggestion. And to box one in concerning fashion is like telling an artist to paint by number. We simply can’t do that. Even in childhood I was a rebel. I drew outside the lines and crossed them in other ways as well. And crossing them in fashion is just another way to piss off the big wigs and trend something new! I like that. I like being a brat.


And about my bratty ways I goP Fashion in southern California isn’t all beaches and Hollywood as one might think. When I tell my family where I live, they ask me how many famous people I know, and if I go to the beach everyday. Truth be told, I live in an area that is more homely than Hollywood. I don’t even live near the beach (unless you want to drive an hour away) and a response to the who’s who of Hollywood? Well, most are here to achieve their dreams in entertainment and media, so, really who do I not know is more precise a question. Okay, okay. Back to fashion! So, as I was saying, fashion isn’t capable of being placed in one region or season necessarily. Personally, I enjoy wearing cut off shorts and tank tops. You may enjoy oversized tops and Capri’s. On a daily basis, I wear a tee and shorts, cause really, it’s pointless to get dressed when one works from home, yes? When going out, I like to trend the latest fashion, even when switching up the same frock to fit a “new” look. Add a oversized belt, a gold necklace to an old LBD. Fashion isn’t all crazy as one may think. Fashion doesn’t have to be expensive. Wear that Target top and shorts; add a fun pop of color with some feather earrings to give it some pizzazz! Seasonally speaking, no it’s not all hot weather and warm sunshine here in So Cal. When it gets


cool, we wear jeans, jackets or sweaters and long sleeve tops. I admit when it gets cool, it either decides to be chilly or bone chilling. Rarely seen in a satisfactory middle. The warm summer months seem to often last through four to five months, but the heat doesn’t often pass 1 03 degrees. Currently, fashion is trending bohemian, oversized hats, prints, flowing dresses, colorful shorts/pants. Also trending is a color block style, which can be bold or a quiet pop of color, sporting some colorful rimmed sunglasses with a black top and similar colorful sandals. Also kicking into high gear is accessorizing with gold! Large neckpieces, industrial metal pieces to reflect the sun and turquoise or deep blue to accent. After all, we are falling (excuse the pun) into a leafy season are we not? What ever you’re poising, wear it well and wear it proud! As I said previously, fashion is art and art need not be explained, just enjoyed.

Images by: Manny Serratos Photography 65

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Celebrating the FIRST YEAR Of

As always we are here to help you see and be seen worldwide. No hype, no pretense, no websites to join. Just great work from fashion professionals worldwide, like you Consistent publishing schedules, consistent quality content and honest work without the egos. We hope you'll keep reading as we enter our second year and want to become part of the worldwide collaboration.


Dawn Jameson-Powers


Images By: Stella Crowl Rizalde Sherwood

By Stella Crowl Besides being able to take pictures of this beautiful and very talented musician, I was able to ask her a couple questions on what inspires her and what keeps her going in this cutthroat musical industry. Dawn Jameson-Powers 1 . When did you realize you wanted to sing professionally? How long have you been singing?: I've wanted to sing since ever since I was 4 years old when I would put on concerts for my dolls :) I've been singing professionally since 2006. 2. Where do you get inspiration from?: I get all of my inspiration from life experiences. I draw every emotion out of me and put it on paper. It's my way of either celebrating happiness or dealing with pain. 3. What is your style of music?: I would say it is a mix of soul and pop. 4. What is your favorite part of what you do?: When I look into the crowd and see people being truly moved by what I'm singing. It touches my heart so much to know that I could bring a bit of joy to someone's life, even if it was only for a moment. Photographers: Stella Crowl - Rizalde Sherwood - Model: Dawn Powers Make-Up: Erica Smith- Classic Cinema Makeup Designs Hair: Shannon Zeluff - Studio 3 Beauty Designs Wardrobe Dress: Roxanne's Couture - Swimsuit - Bri Bridge -


Scottsdale Fashion Week, and my hair dresser thought it would be cool to do my hair up in a mohawk with an abnormally large pony tail piece connected to it. After the show, I had to be at my next performance at Barcelona nightclub. Mind you, there was a couple thousand people there and I was being filmed with several live feeds throughout the place. I had jumped up on a subwoofer with the audience right below my feet and my fake pony tail piece fell off my head onto the floor. I started cracking up on the microphone and decided to keep the rest of the show going without it. Never again will I wear a hair piece :)

5. What has been your greatest challenge?: My greatest challenge was trying to deal with the death of my mother. She held on through a 7 year battle with cancer and finally gave up about 2 years ago. It was a very dark time in my life and I had to fight very hard to pick myself up after that happened. 6. How/where do you see yourself/your work 5 years from now?: I hope to still be making music, encouraging others with my songs. 7. Who would be your dream artist to perform with?: Michael Jackson, if he was still alive. I know he had crazy issues but that man was probably the most incredibly talented artist ever born.

9. What do you do in your spare time? I long for spare time and very rarely get it. But when I do, I really enjoy spending time with my family and doing normal things around the house like cooking and cleaning. Those things make me feel grounded.

8. Do you have any embarrassing stage stories? What happened? Lol. So I did a runway performance at


1 0. What is your next project? I'm writing a theme song for the United Needs project, a partner of the United Nations. It is a brilliant organization designed to set up global trade to meet the economic and social needs of everyone in the world. 1 1 . Where can we find your performances? You can find me every Tuesday through Friday at Mastro's Steakhouse on Pinnacle Peak and Pima starting at 6:30pm. For more info, visit 1 2. What is your biggest accomplishment to date? Completing my first CD Elegant Mess (available on iTunes and and performing on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno.





Shooting in historic downtown Norfolk, Va; Johnathan, Model Casey Barber and Lizzi London as MUA, created stunning images using prestigious and beautiful Pagoda to highlight the cultural diversity of the area. Photographer: Johnathan Benton Model: Casey Barber MUA: Lizzi London 93522984004720?ref=hl


William Haubert

Dropping the Mask


Model: Julie Droppa MUA: Ellie Retrophilia Will Haubert – Proprietor, RedStockman Photography “There’s life after law.” That’s what I’m fond of telling former colleagues and lawyers. For a third of a century, I practiced law for the U.S.Government. Indeed, for about two decades, I served as the Assistant General Counsel for the U.S. Department of Education. I loved my law practice and I loved my colleagues. But I had creative and artistic interests that I loved even more – and those urges ultimately led me to retire to pursue photography. “It’s never too late to do what you love” I always say. These days, what I love is portraiture -- working with models. I have been shooting exclusively portraiture since early 201 1 . I love the interaction with the models – getting to know them, getting to know their stories. The human connection is real, palpable, and exciting. I love meeting new people and making new friends. That is, after all, how I got to know Sandra Wilson. And, not to brag, but Sandra says my maturity and life experience gives me an edge over younger photographers who might be intimidated and less forthcoming with models like her. For sure, I am effective working with a wide range of models because I am comfortable with gently letting them know what works – or might not work – for them. I am gratified that Sandra is comfortable with me, likes my art, and is willing to work with me again and again. One of the reasons my art is distinctive is my care and devotion to the entire process of creating an image. As the Proprietor of RedStockman Photography, I consider myself a “photoimagemaker.” I capture images like all other photographers – with a camera. As living proof that an old dog can learn new tricks, I have learned a lot about lighting – the lights themselves, modifiers such as softboxes and parabolic umbrellas, how


to position them, and how to set camera settings to shoot with them. But I still have much yet to learn! Once the picture is captured, I select only the best images in terms of traditional rules of sharpness, lighting, and composition – and that’s where the fun begins. I process images through a number of filters and computer applications – in both color and monochrome – to achieve just the right look and mood for the story being told by the image. At that point, the image often is no longer a traditional photograph, nor is it computer-generated art – rather, it is, as I say, a “photoimage.” I will quickly tell you that I love to make a woman’s image as beautiful as her soul and personality. I take great care with my images to make sure that the model is as beautiful as I can render her. Sometimes that means removing minor flaws so that the final picture truly reflects the model’s inner beauty. I also love images – or a series of images – that tell a story. I recently collaborated with a model to produce a vignette telling the heart-rendering story of her return to her (imagined) childhood home, only to find it abandoned and in ruins. We are hoping to see that collection of images published. Before my current emphasis on portraiture, my photography consisted mostly of land and cityscapes and nature imagery. In that genre, I am literally an awardwinning photographer. In 201 0, internationally-recognized printmaker David Adamson judged a competition and awarded me a merit award for one of my images. I have won numerous local, regional, and national competitions and awards and was the overall “Versatile Photographer of the Year” for 2009 in the prestigious Northern Virginia Photographic Society. My interest in photography stemmed from my victories over cancer.

About a quarter century ago, I had an oral cancer. While cancer does not define me or my life, my wife and I started having significant family vacations to celebrate our lives together. I began taking pictures to record those vacations – simple snapshots of family life. I also had the good fortune to hike in places like Switzerland. One day, as I stepped onto the Nydeck Bridge over the River Aare in Bern, I noticed the lines, shapes, textures, and colors of the red-tiled rooflines spreading into a residential sector of the city. It was a crystalline moment – a realization that photography could be art. It was also the beginning of the end for my law practice! From that day forward, my photographic interests began to supplant my legal interests until, as I have mentioned, I finally retired to become a fulltime photographer. My victories over cancer have taught me that it is important to prioritize what is important in your life – and to live for your passions. I am an incredibly lucky dude – I love my life, I love my family, and I love what I do. Every day, I can’t wait to get up and see what the day will bring – to see what new challenges will hone my emerging skills, and to see what new art I can create. I love it when at 8 pm, I can post to Facebook an image that did not exist before. A new way to view the world. For ultimately, the urge to create may be the most powerful force in the world – and it’s never too late to start something new.


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Eleanor Leonne Bennett is a 1 6 year old internationally award winning photographer and artist who has won first places with National Geographic,The World Photography Organisation, Nature's Best Photography, Papworth Trust, Mencap, The Woodland trust and Postal Heritage. Her photography has been published in the Telegraph , The Guardian, BBC News Website and on the cover of books and magazines in the United states and Canada. Her art is globally exhibited , having shown work in London, Paris, Indonesia, Los Angeles,Florida, Washington, Scotland,Wales, Ireland,Canada,Spain,Germany, Japan, Australia and The Environmental Photographer of the year Exhibition (201 1 ) amongst many other locations.



Eleanor was also the only person from the UK to have her work displayed in the National Geographic and Airbus run See The Bigger Picture global exhibition tour with the United Nations International Year Of Biodiversity 201 0. www.eleanorleonnebennett.


Lost Souls

and Lost Causes 85

Hero....they call me a hero. They think that it’s about them, it’s not. It’s not even about me, or some idealistic sense of justice or right or wrong. I am not some grand protector, or a Shining Knight. Maybe the shine is off and all that is left is a tarnish of blood and a patina of pain. They think I care about the weak, I don’t. The weak just serve as the bait to bring out those that prey on them, and they are my prey. I do this because I love making the strong feel powerless. Watching their veneers of safety and strength slowly slide off their faces as I remove all their shields and safety one by one, tell they stand alone in some dark, disgusting hole of their own creation. That is why I do

this. I move through the night, hunting information from where I can find it to lead me to their weak spots. I have seen others try to stop them, they rush in all power and fury and I watch them get obliterated. One does not fight overwhelming power, money and resources with frontal attacks. It takes subtlety, patience, planning and to be as cold as they are. Slowly, slowly I destroy their lives, their power and their strength. At first they don’t notice it, as if I am some bug, some minor annoyance. Their worlds are houses of cards, all I have to do is find the weakest card, pull it and it all comes tumbling down. 86

Photographer: Kat Loveland www. Model: Leon McCormick


Info about the shoot - Ambient Light Night Shot This all started when my brother loaned me his Canon 5d Mark 2 and I realized just how much I could do with it. I live in Arizona and during the summer shooting on location is pointless. It’s too hot and sucks all your inspiration. I have always loved shooting at night and now I could without a tripod. I got the idea in my head to photograph something in a more 40s-50s style. Trenchcoat, fedoras the whole nine yards. My friend Leon had asked me about doing a shoot and I ran this idea by him and he loved it. He had the coat and the Fedora and asked if bringing a cigar into it would work. I LOVED that idea and wanted to push the Canon and see what it would do. When he mentioned the cigar I had the shot in my head I wanted, his lighting the cigar on some back alley fire escape and we pulled it off. These were all shot between 8-1 0pm with no additional lighting, just myself, my model and the camera. The only editing I have done was bit to decrease the yellow of the streetlights. I hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I did shooting them.


Vedere Magazine August 2012