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Why is protein important for weight loss? Quality protein in your diet is the single most important calorie that influences your metabolic rate, therefore helping to increase weight loss. Under most conditions, protein keeps you feeling fuller longer than carbohydrates. Several studies suggest that higher protein diets may increase total weight loss and help to increase the percentage of fat loss.

Protein is not only important for weight loss but it is a critical part of our diet. It helps us to maintain the health of our muscles and bones throughout our life! It is also very important in helping us maintain mobility as we age and in keeping our tissues healthy.

Quality protein also helps you: 

sustain muscle during weight loss

improve muscle fitness

improve immunity

improve antioxidant function

raise your HDL cholesterol

enhance insulin function

All of which contribute toward weight loss and helping to keep the weight off for good!

If you don’t get enough protein in your diet, all of your organs can be affected from the kidneys to the heart. The immune system also is affected and you are more likely to get sick and are at an increased risk for infections.

Examples of quality protein: 

Poultry(Chicken, Turkey)


Lean Beef



Transform your Life



Greek Yogurt

Cottage Cheese

Soy Products

Transform Your Life: Medical Weight Loss Book  
Transform Your Life: Medical Weight Loss Book  

The Transform Your Life: Medical Weight Loss Book was given to patients after a bariactric exam and upon their initial visit with a nutritio...