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Richmond Fine Art Auction House expands collection to include Canadian and International Contemporary Art

Work by some of Canada’s finest working artists will highlight a coming auction from the Canadian and International Art Department at YKLM.

June Yun, SPRING DROPS 点绿 , Oil on Canvas, 28 x 28". Estimate: 2400-2800 CAD

Building on its established reputation for traditional Chinese artwork and antiques, the Canadian and International department came to life earlier this year in response to a growing market.

“While we currently represent a part of the renowned and relatively established Asian art market, there remains a lot of potential for the comprehensive sphere of contemporary Canadian art,” explains Emily Cavanagh, from YKLM.

YKLM’s first live Canadian art auction will take place at its Richmond art gallery, known as Lipont, on Nov. 12.

“There already exists a market for historical and post-war Canadian artworks. We found that with the advantage of our contemporary art gallery, owned by the same company, the opportunity to network and promote the various established artists in the area is considerable,” Cavanagh says.

“So, why not curate a live auction with one-of-a-kind works that our gallery audience hasn’t necessarily seen before, and that we can introduce to our global clientele?”

June Yun, PINK DROPS 粉点 , Oil on Canvas, 20 x 24". Estimate: 1600-1800 CAD

A well-curated collection of traditional Canadian painting, such as oil on linen works by Sally Clark, will join more abstract contemporary pieces by artists such as the prolific Farahnaz Samari and Monica Gewurz.

Between 20 and 25 artists are expected to be represented at the Nov. 12 auction, and the array of works and price points will make the event ideal for both the first-time buyer and collector – you might find the perfect pieces for your home or office, or a special gift for that discerning friend.

The Canadian art auction comes at a time when a growing market of Chinese collectors who, in their search for Chinese classical paintings and works abroad, have developed a strong interest in Western art.

With established collectors appreciating the familiar works of artists such as Emily Carr and the Group of Seven, the sale does reflect elements of classic Canadian painting. However the variation of style and technique is likely to attract a wider audience, and potentially expand the collecting strategy of the seasoned buyer.

Sally Clark, YUKON TREES, Oil on Canvas, 24 x 30”. Estimate: 2000-2200 CAD

Take in the live auction experience

As exciting as the anticipated art, is the live auction experience at the gallery itself.

Located at 4211 No. 3 Rd., in Richmond, YKLM Auctions is housed at Lipont Place, a one-of a kind gallery space with 22-foot ceilings and expansive windows, offering a unique backdrop to their auctions.

While attending the live auction adds an exciting element to the art-buying experience, technology has made it even easier to bring home a piece of art that has captured your eye.

Clients can participate through YKLM’s online platform or its mobile app for monthly online auctions – both allow you to bid live from anywhere in the world – or take a more traditional route by placing an absentee or telephone bid on your favoured works with YKLM, and they will bid on your behalf.

As YKLM continues developing its gallery and auction collections, the buzz is growing not only among collectors, but among the local art community as well, as they look to work closely with more local artists, Cavanagh notes.

Following the Canadian art auction, spring 2020 will introduce a Chinese contemporary auction, followed by future auctions that work to combine both Chinese and Canadian contemporary art.

Sally Clark, MIDNIGHT SUN: INUVIK, Oil on Canvas, 24 x 36". Estimate: 2400-2800 CAD

Discover the Art Space Alliance

YKLM Auctions, which stands for Yì Kōng Lián Méng – translating as Art Space Alliance – is British Columbia’s only auction house working with both Asian fine art, including highly prized antiques, and Canadian contemporary art.

YKLM was founded by the Yang Family, renowned in China and abroad for their impressive collection of fine art. The Yang family which has been actively collecting for over three decades, openly advises any new collector, especially in the Chinese community where refinement and culturalism is of primary importance, to collect contemporary work. Mr. Yang himself is fascinated by contemporary art and believes that contemporary art trends are not only the safest form of investment, but also the most exciting for new art collectors.

Founded in Xi’an, China in 2015, YKLM soon became recognized by art buyers and dealers from around the world for its collection of high-quality fine art, antiques, jewellery and collectibles. Late last fall, YKLM established a second art auction house in Richmond and today represents more than 500 local and international artists. Learn more at YKLM.ca n


Asian Art Auction September 24 @ 4:00pm (PST) Preview: FRIDAY, SEPT 20 from 12PM-6PM SATURDAY, SEPT 21 from 10AM-5PM SUNDAY, SEPT 22 from 10AM-5PM MONDAY, SEPT 23 from 12PM-6PM

Canadian & International Fine Art Auction November 12 @ 6:00pm (PST) Preview: FRIDAY, NOV 8 from 12PM-6PM SATURDAY, NOV 9 from 10AM-5PM SUNDAY, NOV 10 from 10AM-5PM MONDAY, NOV 11 from 12PM-6PM

Lipont Place, 4211 No. 3 Road, Richmond, BC, V6X 2C3