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YKLM Auction

Join us for our upcoming Asian Art Auctions

ONLINE Auction Sunday, June 30th

LIVE Auction Tuesday, September 24thAccepting consignments for our September Auction

We look forward to welcoming you at4211 No.3 Road in Richmond


Chinese Coral Carving of a Lady Late Qing Dynasty H: 22cm

4211 No.3 Road Richmond, BC V6X 2C3 Canada Call 604.285.9975


YKLM Auction House Bridges Asian and Canadian Tastes

rt auctions can be both tantalizingly exciting – with the prospect of finding a long sought-after treasure, or they can be intimidating for the uninitiated. As British Columbia’s only auction house featuring both Asian fine art (including highly prized antiques) and Canadian contemporary art, YKLM Auctions has entered the art auction arena with verve and vigour. Local buyers and sellers of fine art have good reason to be enticed by what is on offer.

Zhang Daqian 米芾拜石图 “Figure” 136×34cm Hammer Price: ¥728,000 ($142,000 CAD) Date of Sale: July 28, 2018 (LIVE in Xi’an)

YKLM (which stands for Yì Kōng Lián Méng, translating as Art Space Alliance) originally was founded in Xi’an, China in 2015. One of the great ancient Chinese capitals, Xi’an is home to the Terracotta Army. YKLM in Xi’an soon became recognized by art buyers and dealers from around the world for its collection of high-quality fine art, antiques, jewellery and collectibles.

Late last fall, YKLM established a second art auction house in Richmond. It has great appeal to fine art collectors and arts and culture connoisseurs from B.C. and abroad. The two areas of focus, Asian and Canadian art, are curated by art specialists.

This bridging of Asian and Canadian arts and culture was uppermost in mind when the Richmond space was planned. Jason Shang, Director said, “YKLM is an excellent platform to serve a person’s cultural interests and enrich their level of aesthetics from the East to the West.”

Using its online platform and mobile App for monthly online auctions allows clients to bid live from anywhere in the world. The first live auction will be this Sept. 24, 2019.

Since opening, YKLM Auctions has offered highly sought-after works such as classical Chinese paintings and calligraphy, Taiwan photo masterpieces, and exclusive works from Canadian artists including the “free flow” paintings by Vancouver’s Catherine Adamson. YKLM Auctions is located at Lipont

Fan Zeng 苏东坡得砚图 “Figure” Hammer price: ¥806,400 ($157,000 CAD) Date of Sale: December 31, 2016 (LIVE in Xi’an)

Place, known for hosting the popular Titanic Artifact Exhibition last year. This stunning building with vast 20-foot windows, high ceilings and open spaces is an award-winning arts and culture space in Richmond.

Lipont Place not only houses YKLM Auctions, it also features a commercial gallery under the same name – and is used as a multifunctional venue for exhibitions, events and performances.

Ideally located on No.3 Road near the Aberdeen Canada Line Station, locals and visitors alike can make a day trip out of a visit to Lipont Place; take in a preview of a YKLM auction, view the current exhibition at the gallery and enjoy a cup of coffee while exploring the gallery shop.

Jason Shang added, “I believe that culture is a key component for people’s lives. They may speak a different language, but the appreciation of art and its aesthetics is the same.” n