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What would you rather have seen on the third floor of the SLC?

make up for the lack of bars w e had last year." TylerMills ZA psychology

pad." Colan Schwartz 4A arts

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October 17 solution

"A big waterbed " Jason Vervoort and Emdy Blngeman 38


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"A big sauna " Don Lesar and Rachel Barber 2A health studws 2A health studws

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"One last day of sunsh~ne." Nlkkl Forfar 3A k~nes~ology

"Atelephone so I can exit the matrlx." Br~anSrnlth 38 polrt~calscience

"Snow " Allson Srnlth 28 systems design

"A tropical biodome with tropical go-go dancers Male and female, of course " Daryl Novak WPIRG co ordlnator

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From the desk of the news writers -


Former finance minister calls for a review of health care and education Mark Stratford


KTSTAFF U\Y wils rlentiil tlus wcck to a n n t frurtr a n e x t ~ n n tpolenr l~ f i p m from (he( po-

Rlr(;~llI!m\ crnt, trcallngnra a~ahtciomc di.rrpcd lo allow gmdct-\ininr andints 2nd smdnlts ~1111~~COIIIII~ICI "to ~ L I I I I \ C(he w,.nahtoomsw t h c . u niid il~jirun"

trro re her new book .l.liriitny Ih l k b h Piit-w and

s v c n n cmpowrmg q x t c h , ''1 S C W I'tfme h l m ~ i t n:i, - i t \ \ \gend:r 1k.rltl~Care vrtru, tdm,ilm~r" ~\J.rchmnon11.1s iccn rnuclt o f ( an.&, alre W.V. .in nndc ~ ~ l a.iti \Vcitcrn, l go1 her I'hl) r l Qnrrm .md~sitcw,tpn,trwx .,I llreT.tuwra~t! ol Sockorchrw.m Rur she IS ongmilly from LV.~tc~loo andihr crp~rssedgrratlo)to h,~vmg r e ~ u n ~ to c dtllr cornnnumty for thc day I Irr / o m r/e,hnr hcgm m t h ;I acmlnar held fur hnal y e x cturlentim thcFizstoqRnd~ngRonmn~kingc! Clall.'ihr 5cmtnar ,\\lrfchwas prmrnly for lua ForI ~ C C tor) , ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ O ~ 9h1dnlts,\\-&l ~ I C ~ ~ S LwvI C X t c h m o n lo hreakthr ~ ~ c ohe, t r prrccpuon or Conada'apolmcal system. drtrrmcnalxon,~fthp Janice MacKinnon spoke one-on-one with UW students,then hhthmnon,nhoarrv-rd , ~ . i f i ~ a nmmatrr cr pantl) !hInk votrra delivered some rousing words for our next MP. from1993 to 1 YJ7,nladr Cnnada'sficcalsy~t~m hcrrnam focus, p.mtcularlv thr ahakmess~tiuf hrvc r rhresholdmth frrcdu~thc80s thatlcd tuthe recesson thn~rnadr women polmc~an\,"ahc explamrd. "111s 1s a Thcse thought> cnrned over from (he - e m her p b ao dtfficult m thc 909 "I w,&sh m c e gcnerahz:mun,lrul once they g t past that thresh mr, pnst her hook algntngand mto the speech, rnmtsreratthesme nmeasPaulhhrmlandI'm oldnndsay,Yeilh,shc'scnpahlr,'the~f~~oreuhch she gave m Ihrna11mcsTheatre. As thc ~orehcw~,rddagrrrwtlrt~~em i a ) q tlus,"rhc comforf,~hle." &le of I& spcccll ~upgesta,McKinnon had began. "Dcal with rhc attuatlon bcfcire it he h I d G m o n wmtr lo prov~dc.IS much m somc words for Catuda's mxl p m e nunl\fcr, cotnes s cnalr. Once ~t'ae cnst%p,uno longer stght as puasdlle for Canada's f u h m and d q c l a d w w q l m In pnrhcul.rr to m o d the iinanci~~l Youhaveunfortm~ate~ho~ccs any slmderousmytha, such us that,dleftrcs ,Ire l~wrgooddaxcrs. rma~nanagemrntt1~arcuusrdafisc;rlcnui~decYou're gonne cut dl lunds of thmgs." ticc spendera who do not conr~derfinancml adr q u . r reprrcoasmns "[GcorgcHushtrl tnkmgthedrht .~sforhcnllhcare,hl;~cKmnt~~,nwamcdrhata K~adcntsm ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ I L ~ C ~ C O along ~ ~ I U I I I Thr O C Slrasom rl~atI\ln~hmnonh ~ Ic,~rned mto the s~atospherr, turnmg the Umtcd Stares tixcd coat tnurt bemet, l a n hnr h e m cntmgup the lughwhwdy s~rerchmgnorthfrom \$ncoumoreandmomuftlrchndgctwthenchpa~sttrg into a fiscal mrss, m d hr'r to the nght," she ver turned thetrefforts torecmrry tluawr~k , pohhc>arrs).She ipokc of the dengrri ofpohn s r p r d , hefore mcntmmng that Canada's o u t year md, at cucharate, wlllultlm~tcl)consum? ns floodw.&rs receded. cram who thnve on hrts of promira m rhar look I& nonc loo miy cnl~cr"Canada IS about 100prr cent oithe budgcl and aver. hIaplcIrafl;admihasbeen~olda~LoM~~vs, once they take office and ~ ; u n l m g nbrcaosc , $500 hlll~onm dcbt nght now 'lherr tan't a lot wluch plms lo open n groLery superstore on See MACKINNON. page 5 clrcumatances prevent thmgc on the lrst from of room to play w~th." thc sire at 1:hurchandCarltonstrcctsunthm hvo yarrs.




Land of liberty shafts co-op students

The ~B1andpostnl~uthor~t~caaremie~tigdItng trucr\ofthcdcadly roxmncm foundlast wcck m s sealed m v ~ l o p nl c analiportpostal Bianca Tong h e n d h g fac~lrvm l;rt.enwlle, South CnroIMPRINTSTAFF I~R.

CECS attempts tohelp students shorthanded bynewU.S.policy

Cnncs ofIraq's occopunnn took ccnter stegL Vitdneiday ar \Vnslungt~m .rppl~ed&pk, mrtlc mocclr t o w n generous plrdgcs for rrcunatruc~xonofthrwar-tan,countryahe,d allcrnan>-e1s avdahle forjanualy, ( E C S wlll ofa & t n c d donorcont~rmcetnr\I.~dr~d. cn up rccord h, allow a ~ t ~ v athoarmdrv~duals te them to parnclpate In the contmuous phase na soon nsagersunderw;~y,"saysT~~nyhlunro, the

wnttcn responsc to thr State nepartrncnt m d haw sr hcduleda hcc-10-face m~ctlngarlthStatc LHCS 1s q m g to help atudcnts who arc r)epartmcnt officrali."'l'o enlphnavr Ilrenrgn~ affected by lhlr run~ufcvcntsl~y~ontacltngn~~ach rh.rt orgnrllzauononanmd~rrd!rslha~rr,amcenotaU tr~ceffrctofthcpoh~~cl~at~ge,hIun~osrri are ~ ~cunsulmgth<rIcgal ~es cumparaec hair thc same p o L ~ ~ s w hde~t ,~~ I t n g " m d ~ v ~ d u a l c o m p ~ affn~ridepnrtmmtslodetrrn~lncIhe~rlrg;dopm t h attt~atmnsimh ar their oons,andareako hcingencour.~gcdlor.uic thts 19.iuemthtl~elrcon~;rca~~o~~.ilreprrscnlatlvcs." Tocopcwrlh these ch,mgcs,r\lunroiugrsti "[The visa sponsors] "Thrrc 1s alro anothcr caticvcral nlrrrn;~t~rcs are preparing a egory ofJ-l mc:t jthc summer work-travrl pro^ gram] that 1s d l suttahlr frx UWchdcnts awl written response to would aUnwnnyofour students to do n accondl the State thrd/tourlh rrrmm the17S.howc~crthat ptogranllr unl) ava11;lblcfor a k n o n t h pcrmd that Department." rmchetwrcn hfayl mdOcloher 15. .ale-s thm - Tony Munro ~dc;rlsmuuun gwen our rcquencmg of work CECS tnternat~onalf~eld terms "Srudcntsnlaol~mthe opttonofpan~c~coordinator pating~othe reiearch ichoI;~rci~tcgo~yoftlJ 1 v~sa,wluchr\nrore conunonlvusrd fotcmpby ers hnsed on unwerslry vcampuses. 'Tor;usetl,cn\v.renrasufthcU.S. atsbcdcpcpertment,CE(:S~sp~~llmgt~,grthcntsvlcaspunsorc Students m t h any addmonal quratmns or concerns should ont tact Tony Llunru at and u n p l ~ ~ e r p a n n cmr sa conccrtcd effort. "lhc, or at rxt. 3107. ~~sasponsorsarrp;rrtofnlargc&mccn~ thr L1.S. thatmtrractswmtl~~at~~l lohbies,thr StatcDeprt btong@imprint "waterloo c a rnenr," states hlunro. "?hey are prrpanng a

mtcm~tlonalfirldco-orhator for CECS.

FRTD \Y, OC I OBER21,2003

UW, united all the way $56,000 raised so far, aiming to match last ycar's $150,000 total Ray Froklage SPECIAL TO IMPRINT

Bern writers an,s t i l l needed1 I Bor mom Info visit the Imprint Offloe @LC



Christine Kuehl, whoorganized an event, is prepared to pamper as manv chefs as aossible to hela UW hit the $150.000 mark.


,~"ll l,c <i,~l,,l,,,l~d I,, \,,<I< ,',,,ge of <ornrnunIty I ~ , I C L uI \d,u d m g t l l ~ ~ I L I ~~I, It ~) I ~ i h . ~ l f ~ ~ t t h r.A).'' I l n ~ ~ c dI'IK \ \ \\ ,atdoo Se<rctm.~t 1% ;KK i ;~n:~d~,ur IIcanng Suctrll. \ n \ c l r n . ~ 4~ aid tmn~n;;nft,I~ ~ c c l ~ ' ~01 ~h ~w ~r s, r, r h I~lonat,h \Y'i <,<a~b<lliol:Srm~cee~ii~d (.l~.r~ly.ll~rn~tr~ttl~rc,unprrryri.ri do~rantrRallpn~cccdit~,rl~~ i.imp.iy;n thr\'i,hintecr ictmn('cnlci with IWL (.urrmlly, ilVI r.uud 'I h c dmnrr\ w 1 I s c l \ c tour peoplc,

Iiltc lo grt togcthci, and g1~1,Ilkc lo n potnt..ts iarl" It~v~mldsrr~~~s11c11r.i t 1 1 t l n p t o 1 ~ t ~$71111 I mllllon L3row1 proudlimcn~icr~~rd that mychant! >s

r r . w n t o b c o p t m \ t l c r h o ~ ~ ~ m ~ r t u .md r g .in)onr mtrrrsrcd~rweliome 1 0 ~IwchiiaUenge place h ~ d ssllcllil> lii r - n ~ ; i t l t n ~ r21:~nroi lhe i ~ c u l u c.,ti !pi?< Ihmg I C , L ~ ~ ~ I ~ ~ I ~ ~ <~, I ~ ~ I I ~ V , L I ~ ~ ~ ~ J C ~ In (Ither cre.lllve contnlnrttonr m l~\T'h;n~leerlyco~~~~~~~tt~tl~ cluilr "cng~nccnn~:l,u~go,"tnatl~ tac l c q r mu~jqng,hutrheri's st111;~long rltol~,~s~u~;tgec~,,l~rs"'l'hcil~p.irlc - x ~ r , ~ o r d ~ t u~n~t t, ~~I t>~~ i ~of ~on

Even1 o r g r m ~ r r , ( . h n \ ~ ~ ~ ~ c h o r tnicn r l , ~ , C s l r t i ~ l ~ ~ ~hui .k~hlnl gb\ir \


UW gives students early Christmas present r's office to rclcase unofficial gradcs at thc cnd of tcrm Sanelle Dempster

\ lor o r slalf wcic ripirt wtlt "L.M Smwnl,rr, \lnilcnt rcn., of that I a e n lo ;I tor5 ~uc11,isSlepl~cn ~Sl~rzvdln]~smeii rommltrrr ~alledtlw ru~drcgr,alu.rte cmnc ~ c m c c i n05 t t gr.rde\ rrui hcmg n u & ~v,~ll.hle fix IIWf.J trnn untd Ilnoilic~algr.ale.;wll~~o\v I,cr\~ll.hlr q x r u l m s , which 1s ~ o m p m r dof at~~~,~t~," to ,tndintr Irfurc the fuUv graded ai\ocl.rtr drrn,, and we ~ I C C U ~ E C ~~ v r l l " ~ t o l . ~ ~ e ~ l,,mjqmcnn~~ I ~ c s ~ m ~ ~ h c a n o n s , " s ,'l'he ~ ~ d ~ mmmd , , ~ ~ ~ ~Srnatchcnu g~~c dttecledI.r\~gnr date Sruder~~cr;inIngon ro(>ncs~on hIo~rdn~,I)c~cmher121o\1cwthc~r ondrrgrrdoa~copcr.rt~onaconmlttirtorrh~rt~tr,thrundrrgr.idu.rtropcr~ t ~ r , n ~ c o ~ n ~ n t ~rc~nl?thr ~ c e , ~ i rm d ug r r d r for the fdl term Not ercry hrnccnd\~icdthrl<r,qstrilt 10rclcair "



Yurnrnyaki Japanese Restaurant


\ s .I rcaulr

offic~algradrsrltot~ld Some cowscs, howmtt, were a two par1 scq\~cncc and studcntawuc hc nnllnblc tu i~uda,tsovcr.It c n d q not burr whcthrr t h r y h ~ d p a a i r dthc p c n d 'To aey that g a d c a h.wr not fx\t L U I I I X 111 order to m r d for lhr Irccnrt.lrardr.al1~r,mtl~ep~st,w~~111d

IIndctgr.rdu.~tcupccalmrts h:~rc s n c r .#%reedthat irlr:c,mg n n u f f i ~ d ~~.~dr~,.~ttrrrxam~areovcrnt~du~rral ntne, would he mote .rppropnatr.

it's worth the 10 minute drive! bolk,~vln~po 19,m\trnrrors h~

show student

EAT IN ORTAKE OUT HOURS: Monday t o S a t u r d a y 11 00 a m. t o 8:30 p.m. 55 Northfield Drive, E., Waterloo (Davenport& Northfield, besideTim Hortons)

an? ch.mgrr fknewcourscs o r w e n

shonkl not h d d gradcr un .t bdmn swaps Imtrdoron Ilwr conrsc~~chsslcr~rtttl d t c r iin.~lcx.un\ arc o \ r r 'Two year\ .~go,~~~Ir~w non~thrlr\\appear nulil m(&est.:ts t l ~ e y w e ~ e l < > ~ i d111c edtt~~o s i c ~ e m hst,~ff'lheolfirec,f ) thc K L ~ had rccmml rontrrna finmthr v n l m w academa dcp.mtmenri rtrat btuilrnts, d o ol~r.unrdgrxdec 11ra1 would prcvrnl them from ptogtr5,lnglo l r l ~ f~ntfierr~r~tlscstll .Ip.rm<u lar rrdqcct, ~ w u l dtontact thnr x a dctmdrparlrrrcnt\up~mri~nc~pn~~o~r ofa fn~ledar;ldcm~c clandmg.

unofficial grrikr m t h Wmlcr ~ lcrrn

MacKinnon: words for PM

Feds abandon student council

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libsent councillors lcavc UW studcnts unrcprcscntcd Maria K. Marcano SPECIALTO IMPRINT

The lor~<,frluorurn<,nl~~nnhourmt<, .I recent l'edc councd rnectmg pre\ci~tcdtl~cpnr\.ycuf.mufficcl~nd$;ct ind a propoced clumge tn elecnon pr~ctdori.,Among uthcr finpowant tnimrrb 'Il~e~neent~gwachcldon Ocroher 191ntheSI.(' 'lhclo~~oiqunnarr,rhe nrlnwnun nonrhcl c , i votmg rncrnhcrs trqulrrd to para a motmn, rc d t r d i n m rl~ecle~~crn~reoftwoco~mCIIIOIS .i~c~,rililqt~~brdsprrudmt(:hns Tdey, quomm W,IE lost t h r tlmw ~ ' last !car 11111~ C Y L nfttronc I h ~ mt i. e LicLcvrr tlut mo\t of the ahrenters

t f,u too O <stt n rcrourccs t h ~arc

dosserd over. auchas s;tfrwatrr. <Iran

atr, affordable housmg m d porerty .%r">"u

The departure of two councillors left students' council impotent. . h t ~rounuliur LLhrnmn q r r r s "I think thatwe \hoddkx,k at ncw optloor tu .rvolrl luslngquorum m the h~hzre,that 1s the nsr of

tc1c~~l~o~~corwcl~-l~,~scdr~~tricre~w~~g ur r ch.mgi. sn hmv wc dttc~mlnc quotum,'' he a d Fonner Fcds ptcs~dcntYaacov Il;~nil nutril th.rt m rpruig I'YN, Ch.rrlc\ Kcrgrron .tttcndcd twoco~mLII rnccllngr ma corriixnce call "It was p l c t t ~dlsntplrvc hccauw ever" trr~couldnotl,cdcadrdupon.Twuof thcsc rtem, were the general office 1,udgct ,tnd a propo\ec\ n e w elccno~l procedure "Forh~r~ately,l~<,th<,fthrir scothnck . tncomrmttrr ~ J T V A ~Su~t'anutashad as it could have been," IIrlmrr a d . Smce rhegener.iloffice budgetwas not passcd, lkds would h , ~ \ cto fmchon w~thoutharmg .r drtinitc budgct for p a w g tor crnrral :tdnmuitr.mun mdvanoos srmces ".hother part of thc ptublcm IS o u r o m - n c e of trle o r d e n confcrcn~ln&: Surcly wc can figwc i t our," llrlmer w d

UW Web-learning research gets $1.14 million federal funding fir LORNET project Denise Belfon SPECIALTO IMPRINT 'lheNanmlSc~er~ces;~~~ilEn~~rrm~~; Research (.om~cll(NSERC) has an l~ornlcedn 97 5 onllmn contnhutmn to I ,OKNI,,'I',ancwNSIIKC rcscarrh network t h a t d d r v r k , p t~x,lsnrrdrd to crrntr rffrchvr. mtrmcuvr web hmcd tr,utrmgroursesar~dprograms. LOKNET, Lrarmng Object Kcposltomes Nctmrk, has &stnhutrd thr federal f m h g to sm campuses XIrludtog Stmon PraserUnwerstty, the Liruvcrs~qof Saskatchewan, thcUnrx r s q of On~waand UW. "T.0RNF.T plans to do research onnctworked rcposrtoncsofleanslng objects, whch rrpmaent the key element m today'\ malor mtrmaao~ml trends m dxtance learnmg. Lean~mg ohject repositones arc used ro make

~ I I

rrdocuon. hhrKmnot~~~~ledI~ersprccl~u~tl m o r t ~ r ~ ~ r v a l ~ r ~ r a,11s1~ g c c ~ l n o t to tllrrlertprunr muustcr, hut lo #hes t c ~ ~ l c t r t s l ~I I~I Ct CcI ~O W~ ~~ ~ ~ g ~ ~ ~ (Amg the frrqucnt low v u t l ~ ~11g1111outm (:anada,shr urgcdrrr~y,ncto IALC IIICIICCCSIOI~ mlem polmcr and do thnr part by vutrng " \r .I loc,tl pol~nc~;un,I canrellpu th;~tynuwi,uld bcrrrrpmcd by thoar ofwho lakc 11111 Imp, thosrwhoget a~nvrmpr,ht~r\," more g errshc s a d '"l?>crc's ~ ~ o t h m pngmg to 1 pohuunn thm 10brc thr f i t c r b of hr~ght young itudcntr nhu arc concen~cdgettii~gmvol~~rd You know that ~ t ' syour future 11111w ' r c t a h q :hour. h . 1 ~mesage to i n u Ir ~;~to~~t~nd~hnngcthu LC-? ~c~t~~usi nerd part~crpanon.I t would mxkr ~t CISICI 1 ~ C1\ - C I Y O ~ C10 do so I S WCII "

dclv~trgtolo cmhes mnxwlvmg pet ttrn ,mJ! sts~~~dmadunemteUlgmcr. ' I h ~rworkwll lxpat n,,lly wpportrd firm twolocalcon~by~onti~lxmonr pamrs, Pattern Ilfbco\.cr! Software Systemsm d \'mcrEn;tbIqS) itcrns 'l'cchradogy '1licprojecthasf~-rrach mgunphcaaoni fat thr ~voluuonof thclntcmct ;mdT,ORNRI"sresczd~ mil help make proyrsi UI mrthodr oftachmgd~st~rcecduc~tlo~~co~s NSEKC helps to pro\de grants for


arb. Thc SIX unwersltm receiving fimdmgfromthr $75mflton contnl collehomtr o n a largehutlon d scalc, complex research project that plans to gurdc 40 grnduate students :md arnpuatdoctod fcllnwsfor each ye=

mstratford@~mpr~nt.uwaterloo ca

Another 1,103 UW graduates prepare to fly out the UW coop Anne Faye sPEClAi TO IMPRINT

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Faculty of .\rts 1s rhoosmg topurruc

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Graff creates somethmgfunny, twchmg and wtal One of the Best F~lmsat the 2003 Sundance film Fesbvalf" PmRIIUImRaWLi-

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Math Society


hlathlra .rrc lrrrt rcnnmg oFf of a TIILG~A~COIIIIII Slave i n ~ ~ n ~ n w , ~ d c c ~ s ~nctolry vr . ~tt h rctcnt ~ i'nglrrirntly hcld 081 l'nday, Octnhrr i nrcnngS<-axmgerI Itmt(Scunt)hdd rl POETS,mth ahcrlth) turnout Fndai, O ~ t o b c t3 and Sal~~rdav, ihowmg up to support thc cngtt Octoher 4 After ;r r ~ c c n dcctwon nccnng grndosnon comrmttcr ' l l ~ r r rd l bt a salc ot sc~cncr ficnn tl~eDeanr,fEng~~:lllr~rn~~g,tltc Among thc cdehnnes eucnoncd ~ > r o d ~ r c r s o n U r d n ~ >ktoher da~,( math tcntrllrrsbeen;tU<,wcdt o w n 2 X a ~ ~ d ' l I 1 u r s d ~ 1 ~ ~ , 0Luol ~t~~bc~20 o R m v prraalcnt Iosh I.ev~tz;lui theS~unt' I l r e p n 7 e i ' n ~ r y ~ r t t o b ~ dunes~dmcludcpr~nr~ognro~md aucncc clc,llnng and other mcr~ org'umcts of the next Scum on m n hurler outfit, ictvmg d n t h ch:md~ac;it r t m p pncecl Louted thnr s t ~ c m , S l l l ;md~~atnpen~~glu\tnait~ia;rsthcyoutadr the acsnrc (:&TI on the s r r fit. 'l'hanks to h ~ m and srvrr:d tirstfloorofl31 Ifyrmc.u~hclpout ~~tl~crloyal~lavrs,$350\vasra~sed for . ~ n hour, please emad sc~soc(nJsc~horg umrrdoo.~.~


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An idiot's guide to surviving an idiot-proof world

Chocolate: paraphrazing the onlv real wav to Skor

out I x w to, ~ A V ,,tppl], LIIIIU and p h . ~ , c \ ih;u tilt tell plcasuri. I\ m n n \ c my \ll'im~><>o I f t l > ~r,e d ) tml gcttmqthi cnranl<I our. Coowlrr, Inth,it i i c i r e lhai clurlc\r, xzhy don'l y ~ w tk l x usdcss cbc\. 1o h z h ~ d w,, thci h m c d r i c r w n \ < r unilcn\irl-ir a l . i p p c r m d y n i rhi\l.h.i fix tcnt.isi,cks? t ~ i i . l ~ r h \ . Y , i u r , ~ z n itoillou i.~~l~ ~ h c Znothir f a l d ~ uci.implc \ o t urr "h1.q h i ~ t ' \bic.trlw 11'5 c i m d c r c d r!d$&cdpr<,rlg f < d13,*<S,lgC,ITXI\<><>$I Icsrrcii Ir rhc dwcct~ons~m a wit unlndyltlw ~ o \ l i o v c r h c i r h d clwlgtn r ,t3st n c l t ~ , , ~ $,,~K,n<mth. ,,~ \<,,t~,tt)'t nap cir mmrt ~mvclcttc.Ilcpcnding y,ur m < d irt<mcc,'' I ~jFfcrid. wan xnd inqcrl) m h b k ~ h rdgi c and on tlrr bland )on ulll tind so mi^ hhc g i , ~ l c c l"Or m q b i 11'5 Ile w o n ~ ~ ~ r ~ ' ~ ir<,:i\mg . g ~ ~ chi. & Isock! ~ thing d o n g lhc Imc, of "Opcn, rouse shc wmm to t.ik 114 o w :md tl~ml{ram ~ h rtgd c h r . YOU'K hokl untold and use." I l \ i ? 11 1 d ~ l n ' ~ rlj"y nj" mg IT u ~ t hI w t t ~hands n o a . Your linoivlwu to usc.i w i t I w a s Wr s~lcntlypondered tlus for a t , ~ f ~ ~ ~ c ~ s ~ ~ t o ul ac \n~gcc~\ m . ~s ~r ,i > n l ~ Iholimg C x I n \ u u r l w n \ o n how t o nunutc,U e w w e t o l k q o h o u t cniireoftha1 5w.icrneclar. d o so, h , w d o e "usi" htlp m i ) t l ~ ~ n g ~ l w r b n n g s j i r c : ~ t p tI oe thc , ~ ~ ~ ~ r ~ JI'\ all i n c r L O U I r x c , ),XI tne\\v Thq must thmk 1mii i l x wet nap. Ia~his.S~~mcth~ngsl~ghtl~ tr,rhddin, gwl Somi o f t h u~ d i . r \ inf,,rtn.mon ; h m t lalmo rhorol;ue M n r c spe~ s e \ c nr r g u l a t e d . l ' h ~ ~ ~ ~ q r i d ~ m ~ \ o n n f i c J I y , l w , ~ s q ~ ~ ~ r ) - ~ i ~rim>qlad~~.r~n 1 I h g o f r a n o l s - rarl-,,l\ becms pub rcprdmq ~ h u r~ h o u g h ~r \m n o l m ~ o wim,uqh I < , m ~1.iino\& that It's all over your iirenl survey thal says on? in r u o thew 1s prohaldy a h v th;it reyuilz\ * < m e n p r e f r r c i i o r ~ d ~ on .r i r r n that urc label the m g r ~ d ~ e n~n t s :dl face, you messy w.ia rt t m d What \va\ t h s all ;~boul? f i d , Imt r a l l y , i n rhr case w l w c girl. It d l k p m when 1 \a% thi large il there is o n l v o n i ~ n g r i d > i n t . t n t1i.t~ \Ign at S d d \ clrocr,late sicnon: "Atingrcdlcnr c u c t l v m a t c l ~ c ~s l r c n n m r wqrh,n.c ;LWC ~nd~~lgcnce,,nh;tr~<l " o f t h c cntnmonly liamvn f w d p n x Irmailrmc c u n o u u~h y ~ s c h o c ~ , l a t e nct,\wdtould reaionnl,lj l > e n p e c l r d rons&rcd such anmddgcnce; Sure, 1 0 fig,m 11 OUt. it'\ fi~ttcmnji,hutsu~~cake .md thcrr's I~me~\Irh~,old;~pprrcl;~ti~talirn 50 obvioo\ tlint they clearly d n n ' ~ no such i p h v thc cakr dcpurrmcnt. c l ~ c m ~ c ; l i ~ h : ~ t ~ s p n IS ~ dt nugr ge edr d 1am advlsid not a, consomi. L q u d nor h ,o r w \ m . butdurrn~'fccI~nes of Or c h p r , or candy, ur m y o f the rcouxcmstrucnons. I'lum~Ror toavoidusinga h m drycr ,, p r l m my upcrung paragraph lovcd I""". Ilalls l o z e g c s havc'lir~cti"~ to whllc sleepmghut I w o u l d r e d l v h k e orhcr h i a h - t i t food areas. to how-who r h e s ~ ~ t r s t n ~ c i ~ o ~ ~ s l ~ r n LC,'\ cwmdci wmc <it thc other ch~,colatr,l~ntch~ln'tg,~ f<rmy"phal ifit. (:hxl<lrin, x v h mrght p o r a r h l y .dlccmvc.c\appl~cdtochocdatc:dark, hc hai" thcory. S,,mc g d a could not thmk that usaiga f m d p r o c c s \ o r for cr,mtncn~,h;rv~ngmcdonlp oncofthi nch, \month, trmplmg - all thc othcr posshlc uacs are endless 2nd the other use wo~ilrlh e ;i rczixmdde chmce\ offercd. When I pninted &t t l n g s i~ woinim looks for In a lo\ rr. thmg t o d o , p n , h ; h h can'rrcad anyw t h o u t thtsc h n k a n t mstrucnons. t'urtlicr, thc name\ of t h trcdt, ~ are somc dncd up chocohtc in thc Arts 1 don't knowwhatwould h a w hapI ,.sperlnll~smcc you'd justthmk zihout tnorecarnd thanc;iramrl.Oh l i m n . way. IJndirgmd uftice, 2% woman rherc pcnrd. Thcsc a r t pnrucularlyu\clcss \X/hdcI w a s w;llkmgoul~,fa\t,m Almond Joy. Herdrey'? I<lsses And clalmecl thc \ u m y w:n "fr~volous" chocdatc dunng scr an)v,ay Hob~ n \ t r u c u m 1her;iuse \ lt isn't even as the other day, somume handed m e arid ohv~ouslynot i r w , onl) t o bc ivcr ~f \oo d d c h o m e rmdy cwrr of courhc, last but not least, we can't thoughtheyar~caut~on~ngyoual~omn sample o f hnnour-aU car \ ~ a \ h randy, Lpr~,nxsen,~ttnf~ntas~i.eah~u~ d l s p r m i d the same day by I ~ girls O forgctthu humpy ndges o f that iymtoo much ofrhar fahua i p e s . ( )n~hebaclii,fthcpacbage,lt l~er u~h~~r;icl~pt~~cch~,col;~rcol:tan~lser 50per SweetMsne. A f ~ c r . ~ l i , ~ t ' a n ~ ~ t a n e ~ lconsurnmy hol of pnwrr: Mr. BIZ. Hc madt rnr lnub mcnrho-whatever. say, that thuy arc no1 for personal coiisder tlial evm the h p c o i lhi rent. Aootlxr glrl s a d h i r ;mwcr o r s - womrn cnn c n j w T h ~ s w o u l db e a k ~ n t ~ , m s t n ~ c t i n g use.'l'her:irrc;~cd~ur~~u~h~i~i/)~~. AS bolh acx and cii~,colatc,w a r at 8be! wascuspccr- - nliy ;ibar?\Yrhy uould dcpcn? un b h o 11h \cx wm i i r :I\ I :mr cmcrrnrd, ,mymi w h o , ~ p h a l l ~lingcr-IAe, c, t ~ n ~ p ei )~i Gl ~ kxnih. ~ v h r h makcs v x s r . When 1 r:imcnrnc, jfihc) s o d e s ~ r i . H ~ ~ i w \ m~ i, t o chcw and swallow any f r m l pn,ductiIiat 1purch;sc. L l d e h s t h e r uses , A r n , o - h I l w ~ p ~( ~s t n c l i c a nhe r o p z c q h r a \ i thc old illrnond JOT / Hmrnm. I \ ;I rcabcm or metirod toconsummg hloutals~r~iniiierrial,s~~mct~mes yon I m i c h a d ~nthec:~rclc;u~ingn I&) on I h c n I ~ niy\ter~i\ L o f thc R I C)~ , , thr~rper\<,ndcsrr\esIobe\hmiaiid ,~gwcd.Mnsl girl\ p d c n r c l d x k ro firll~kc.~nrit,so~r~ei~mesp,u,lc,n't-o r u \ l n g \ o t n i t h ~ i ~ g - w h y\rate the bavc ~ t ' \c u n l r c t m n q r m t s l n In thc obvmiis unlca\ th&:~ssume thatwe protected but ex ~qrlmd!m n r s .iSkm. Caratmlli bccrrt. (:adhur)'~ad~erms- whitc cla,colati arc ~ d ~ oand t s can't possibly tigurc i n g n r b s you l o p o i x l e r h o a t h car;&~ ( ) n c gwl t d d m e that ~ r l crabe s James McMartm rnciget\m t o the rhorolnte, hut emr h o r u h t r dunngPMS h~cau.rcnron-


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Next st&mretimgr: Monday, October 27

1230pm,SL(. 1116


Monday, Nuvcmber 3 1230p.m, SLC 1116

Jfnpnnidr~r~ n ~ gr~ ~ m r i to, z i lpuhbsh am&\,

Ncxt pn,d"cti"n night:

pb,mgmph$, h t m i or rdvrmmg. Matcn.d may nor he pubh,Iad, a< ~ h cd~rcrioonof hjpmt lf that m m r d 15 drrrncd ru hr bbrlinls or i n contrrvcnnon with Impnot?

wednebday, October 29

Sometimes your words just hypnotize me

Why do straight guys need a queer eye?

My experience on stage at the Tony Lee hypnotist show sho<,Iimy hand Y<,umigh be \bcpt~ca!alwul rnc \ayu~gt h , bccausc Tony Lcc cuuld l i a c e a d v \:ud I U wcr,one o n ''!nu wdl rcminrbir cvi~!thlc~gCrim thr sl~oivt ~ m g l hand , yuu wdl d m ) ~h;irvr,nu i m e i c r hypnouicd."\X,lrdr I ~ l i d nd' ~o i r i r ~ t h n r g l ktoklme Ii>,lo ( r r d < m ) ,!ust l,cilrvxh tnr h x now. 'l'llerc.iwnwh\ I wimalmgu~1111 l a \ i pcar, wlicn T ~ m yI .?e and Iris It w,,s pr<>l~&l>l~I>r<:~~,5e <,frI,ctl,rlll<,f S X S - r a c d h ~ p n o u s\how t madens \r:uly\n,p toliedHall,l dccldcd t o ~ q cnrcrlamncnt (n,) mnlter huw m p l d I looked.) Bur .r\ Iwas on stage Iordi nndgc t e n wqc and I,c a pan of the ing at , h i people h c d c me, rt reallv 5/10>\\, louhcd I ~ l , i t h e s c i e l l ~ ~ \ ~ r ~ t u d e n t s w i . r e l o r lhosewhr,'vcncx~crsccnkun cr,mplctrly out uf 111 Lrs, Tony cnds up p ~ c k ~ 20 ngor w 1 lcamcd 1;oi.r o n ~n thi year that students from thc audience by l w hypnosis la really just ;in alpha hratc, a m q o e selectmn pn,ccss and, whde I h ~ arc y UI a sratc of "Irypnos~s."get~ statcoffinm cornphcetrce and rclzw them to do rrally outmgcous th~ngs oon-tnthis~tate,~r~,uarc~no~clikcly to do thlngs you wouldn't nor~nall) ( w t h n limits, of COUTSC) do whrn you arc cornplelrly slcrt S o 1 wcnt on st*, and mnrlvcd kfnda lfkcwhcnyou'redmnk and yon the selrcuonproccss. And when evestart dancmg o n wblcs. So rnsybc 1 qonewas tindlypickcd, thcrcwcrc20 didn't ncrd to bc put into an alpha students f a t aslcep, sitting m chmn smem tl~efist~~hcemordcrtt,pmuon srage. patc t n t h i \how. Wcll,exceptrne. Ohv~ously,thercarc h~oodmesI waan'l sslecp. In fact, Iluoughyou won't g v r somcunr o f your out the w h d c show, 1 was never moncy or slrep wnh them - I m t llx asleip. Notoncr. f?vcryhmngIddon ~i~tcrh~tT~~t~yl~~~~utby~u~i~~~d~~p c i q c , 1c\ldcomplctclly conrcious:rnd cnough for you to lobe sotnc of sour awa1.c. Every last thmg, from snipdulxtions .md be an aa on 117' shrw pmgzmd grv~nglap dances to pcoplr (ronsiduralso rhc f . ~ that t tn<,slpeoin dic;iud,cnce (1 hopc thegiy in the ple who go on w~gc111 ihc tirbt pl;ice irorrt n,w hdn't rhmk 1 w;rs gay), to arcn'l vcq \by m d p n ~ h a l ~ l v h r r c l i ~ u . me,mng undrmmar on my hcad, to F.rlungatiorgasn~whencvrr\~~mconeinlubttion i,c,undancs).


Little Caesars"

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1 5 lillcd t h ~ d+y\ ~ c wiih ~xo~am dm,,tecl < t i , t n . i h g iner, mal,~nq undir, ripdmng, u n d m q , 'l,cs~>ng, s\v,t<t,,ng ',,,<I tl',<ll,lg, It \icm\ hat c,ul cdttlre rs morc ob cc\scd aith "lhc kmk" r11.w wcr I G furc I f ~ o n d o n ' i l ~ t l i emc, r i jr~sttunc ~nm'l'l(:lhc~icxrnn~c!r,ii?rimfnml < i f thy r u k ; rlw rtouon ;ilonc I S a des~qcr'rp;~nd~se. hlcnnwhlc o n the R r a r o nmvorh, thc new Iut \how Qww Ey /or fht .Stmiigh/Lurla t~l-ingthe drs~gntrend to s whdc ncw Imel No1 hutn7g tlrcmseivcs t<,~nst<,n~aspcctofthedac hfe, the crcw e x e l \ ~n attnchlrg poor unsii\peclmg\trdghtrnerlIn lhe~rhvmgspaces,baihn,r,mh,cloacts, k~tchen, ;nid farr,unredcpniuncnts~~,rcs.TI~ry nilevengoso faras toplckonayy's ondcr\vcar. Txlk about a fash~on mal\eover! tio\tcdl>y66\requecrde\1@crs,they are l n twnrcspons~blefixs l ~ d u n g u p A specifici l s p e ~ t ~ f ~ b u g l i r m e livcs. n's Kynn Duudas i\ thc ~ ~ > o n r m g g u r u , 'l'ed AUcn thc food and w u ~ ccxpcrt, <:arson I<rcs~lryrlrrfashionsmant,J;u Rudng~le, the colnm vulturc, and Tlwm bchc~athe d w g n doctor. Together, i l tivc~ tab ~nicn u\c lhur ~ urlwnv~cc quccr~ycs to m ; ~ b c u mthc umlgh~lyhve\ofthestra~ghIguy\. N o cloull~alxmt~t,the) prri<lm~:holute nurarlcs;and for thl\, thclrwechly VICmi \hodii b r c t r r n d l v ~ ~ m c ~thcm. lro A\ en~crra~tmig;u~d trulyndd~cung as thc \hou IS, 1 find 11 cvcn ,nore iasrmatmg to ;mdyze the show 011 a much deeper l e d 'lo do r h s I must ask,whntdoes~tmean toh;ivcapc,pu lar show ltbc&rm f$ytor Lbr .Sirqh/


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require a friend in deed u,cakne\\ tl, simcone .it I n ,~l-m's Ikrigth Smci c<,nrpctiriirnc.;snrcs(m x m c f ~ r u l t ~morc e \ r h m orhcr*) xxc d o not %ant to rz\e.~lwc.Ancc\ to r h \ c rl~atarc c k w . ' T h is whcn t r m ~ x n ~ ~ r ~ - . i t t el ~madl r n ~ ancl ~~~ rrnsuspectly ~ n d ~ \ ~ d u raalns be

CO~SI<IL r h a n r i . ~ ( \ t o n ~ >SCTIOIIIIL g\\ c~i.d~~~dli\si,fj~.i~t~~cnt.:~~r~~~~lgc m c n t ~ . F ~ ~ r t ~ a r r r p l c ,~x~g~i i, ~u n c h e c l 11) . i g r I ~ t i h c l ~ rcarmnroarudi ~r~n conlnxrir. hoa ricr,Ix mils up rwn lilgh~ilir,mctnm IIKb:ir!.t~inn rhc i v e n n y c l u c tr, h i r Icicl ofmtomcatltm -the ,igindx IS prctty ubvmus. IS ~ t ndo , I h v rpmili+ ; i n d p t h c t ~ such ,iilring'\Y zll,~lunt~gen:irnssrm~-


[hls doe\ n,,t mean 111.uux most hc rtlfisl, 2nd arnydnl. In ,,nIer lo iecl ~mpi,n:tnt,\tudcnts hirc at LIW t.ike p n ~ l r ~ n ~ l ~ s r o u r , x g ~~ll\rridtl~nq ngan~l fd<,,"[I\%'W%. Th;u~bfull\,1 tinvc Ir~catcds < m r crccptmn\ to t h ~ wed i diiimm;i at L1\%'mdthey arc.~lxeathoffresh nlr If )r,u liarn oix tlung during t h s exam penod, lct 11 be how to oiiir uthcr I J U ' \ t u d ~ n t ssupport. Do not


than uual can d s u hc mnhutrd n, m ~ drertnr.R~jecu<,namng\and tern~ C V Hare that much mcm It siems l~hcevcryonc~aattack~ngyou mrausc

pam.I n scar~hfhrsupporr, wc tcnd to Imd, ~n thi wrong plnrcs. Inslead of utihz~ngfnendahps,;icqu;utiomc~~or \tmngerb aricnil~duprmh r rcassur,mcr. It IS ttv~tmuch e a s ~ t rto shou

n e \ i ~ hcalth) s tu accrtamextent but at t l d~i t n m e n ~of frcendch~ps1s where ~t1s no1 lzt's take this st~essfult m e and makc somrthng pontwc our uf the sltuauon by c h n n p g UWmtc a rcnl communir). mtitus@imprint.uwaterIoo Ica

Love your Canaldian identity for what it is, eh? Icclaocitl~mhitn.ibi~:i~mucl~ \<n\e:t\ ~1:~tltlg Ll\y t < > r p k l r2x117 > ~ 0 " : t SUri c y rl>;ltcl,umr Trent t i the \ h And ~ ~tdtfinltzl! lias n o ~ h m gt o d o a h howAmmcws secu\, aoceanycom phmcnr thcy p a y s h;lckha+cd and thiy atill grt oft i m mockmg <lurlmp~n~lruc habrth (Inc~dcnt;lllv, IF ~ w i r c ei e r ~ ~ c : u a ~ n ~ ~ m t h e S t ~ t e s a n ~ l c r ~ m c ~ one starts up with that "ch?" or "shoot" ctap, iust telllvm thzt (.:m;<dmns \;iy ''ehi" about as often a\ Amcncans s q ''<luh." That should bhut hnn right up.) 1 lhmb 11's more ofan effrxt 1 0

B16 EARS BURNING I n w c r would ham thought that thc most mtdectu;d! surnul:ltiilg con verwmn I've had m months uould take place tn n porn \hop, hot 1'11 bc ilamnd m ,WmJdm'r rnapzmc by Stcvc Uurgc-5 ~aIlrd"ThcyReallyT.tliiL!s, Eh?," ~nwhiri~Hurgissor~wc\ th;~tinsp~trof all thc rash changes In (:anadmnImvs and l>ol>tic\-ancldc\pltr America's f c c h i c a r t r m p t \ . ~ t p l a ! ~ ~ ~ ~ cup a t ch wr r a n ncvcrhc a\ crx~I:sthmms~mpl>

.i annpklc 21 How II 42 Hour %ml. IM SWatcgiw

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.Oxford Seminars 1-800-269-6719

bccausc~vt'rrfore\.crquc\ooilurghc~~~ ci,oIwr .~cto;illi.arcHf\tnampolntl\ that we take p r d c m developments hl,c gay rmumge am1 lc,qal t d i u ~ g m:I m w thi rcsr of the oorlil wouldn't O k a y , mayl,c '1.5 riue h a t m ' r e 2% lhtle di-oh\isscd, hut x's hanlly a c m c of prrr preswri. Hnsng your q m m of ~ your h m ~ c l m don w h ~ t



a) 2 Kg iglpped facing cme


$1I penrty matte goblet

FRIDAY, C)Cl'OBhU24,2003

tipun rhc opinim\ ande~peiiencesof current ~ndecgrad~iii~i s~udin~ and s Irenceis h k d j to hc,~truerrompar~~,it~ ot&ffcrcntumvcr.i~niiacn~s~C:m.ida. It~\lntcres!lngI<,n<,rr thall~iuvcrclt) of\X"mrlo,~barel! madc it to thr top ten I M of ichods In rum\ ofy & t \ oteduratwn. hlr,reri~rpn\inql\,Kni v c r q ~,f\K'atirloi,lsnotcvcnr;mkcil aiih the top ten unnirsme\ c z l c s , ~ S q u a s h : betterfacilities p l e a s e w e d 1,) s t d r n t srriircs, huflclmg\ ; u a l i i o h o r r . t e ~ l ~ i iicmnrrcs.i,rlol~ <anq>wl~fcam1 t i n : u ~ ~ .' d ' l ' h c ur1h c : ~ i i p r v11 tr,ppeiI was r c p u ~ ~ t x m mm,loq\tctnpl<i~etr,~tidi.irrcr iyqx,r~ u n ~ t f 'i1i ' 1 ~cju.thn and i u c c < \ \ <,i \Y acrli~o'ri,,-,,p pn,gr,rln 1s ~ndicd irctnplmv, alrh~mqhit19 unc1c.i~hoa 1.r)-mgall cmphaw o n a vngli pn, grani,~vhilcrgoi,ni~;il~~ri~~r a5pccts d s L ~ ~ c rX w ~ c x p c r ~ ~ nlxt~cti~fid ce,~~ m u \ \tudrnt~.\VImt~\ mixemtcri,\t lnglsihr Izrl 1hato.cpaj sorniol the lliglws~ rumon in .md r c pmi-dcd rhclc:istsnlr,i~nti,f61ranci.i \en,lrrs, ii,rioterniul,~iialsturirntsat Icasr. A rc\~rwofu,mcoftllcaapccts r~fiwrun~vervtplrrcn;unlywamnted

Live a little

irhiel Tam a whopping 20 ienri old anrl crdl Imcc a hmklmr cnlliu\iaml

'Thi pmnt IS, ~ C C X ~ L I C : IS I ~lm ~W~ portant andsoare treecnndoms (free luhe 1s also good). Thc sen c l n r ~tlrc : rnostimporcnt of thc Fed,' scrvm% Where

is all t h e s e x ?

\Fhrchwas first t o d ~ e : ~U\V, t the sen chnlc or thc SCX) I hiwc ~Ltenlpted S toget conrlorns at the Genius? l don't think s o . tmce I ~ I year scx ~litlic111thc SLC, andlcft crnpqh;o~did;mdunaaus6ede~cl~ iume.TIie chmcisnot onlylarldngin freepmphpl.rc uca,lml mevcry:icpecl. \Vlien I was ~n h @ scliod, the local srr d m c had condom* rcadi1,avallald? m A 1xgc bu\vl sir rhc front ilc~ii.7'11cy~.imcina~artet~ofo~loi~rs

Coffeehouse: live Risk Tourna Homefest: Or

How g o o d

is this university?

S a c k t h e Mac f e a t u r e

'flhyulilic;umn <,iTInf\rcr\~vRep<,r~ card, (to see thf5 for yourself ~ 1 5 1 1 u w w o n ~ \ e r s i t ! r e ~ ~ o r t c z r ~f li.r~ ~ ~ i ~ ~ nmrr inbrmauon) by Scorn Unnk shed \omeI~ght<~nsercral iist)~cr.rof Lln~virsitv o f \Y';ilerlno l l n l ~ k e .LI~~duiii. this SLIT\C\ ( 5 1hi.d inurclg

the Great Hall of the SLC Reunion at the Bomber

and xhool hoards, b y p p h desigil~ ers, m markcung, on tclcmsmn and thc l ~ sgee\ t on. Rang Famhar mth both platforms, students who take thew courses wll be better prepared for experiences in thc work world. In the future ~t would bc to thc

All letters must include a phone number for verification, and should not exceed 300 words The opinions expressed are strictly those of the authors, not the opinions of imprint.

An enchanting evening with Eric English professor, author, and judge Arda Ocal IMPRINTSTAFF

rclated end up lmng linked. That's part of the amusing thmg about it in away.Thingsthat seemqutesepmtc from the major thlngs that arc gmng on; by thcend o f ~ t y o usce aconnrcaon between them." 'Cheutleofthe booklsrathercoo1usmg.McCormackexpluns: "[Dutch W~fc]IS a t a m 1lcarncd when 1 aras ln northern Australla o n sabbancalandtherewcrealotofDutch peoplc thercwhohavcmoved to that'sactuallya p~llowthat . r,eoplc . put . between their legs to preterit gutting sweat rashca, hccauscmthc trqxc?~t'aso hot,espec~allvforneonlewhoaren't used t o ~ t .

.. .. ..- ....- . ..... Eric McCormack, author of The Dutch Wife, is also a professor at St. Jerome's.

Architecture students' seven sins haunted house TheSeven Mortal Sinsare transgressionsfatal tosmooth human functioning on the road to reaching satisfaction. Nothing is scarier than confronting your deepest desires, but who would realistically turn down a chance t o be satisfied? On October 31",Halloween night, the School of Architecture is giving youtheopportunity to pay homageto your silenced urges during a night of guiltless self-indulgence. This will be the last of its kind t o be found on campus before the program's future movetothe newcambridgefacilities. They are offering a bumpy ride through hell, where the reasons for sinning are good ones. The dreadful domicile will be crafted out of part of the ES building. Ticketsare availablefor58 in advancefrom the table set up in the SLC or $10 at the door. A WATcard will be required to be presented at the door, along with valid photo ID for those of drinking age. Underaged students are more than welcome, and students may also sign in non-UW guests at the door.

Adam Johns



( )IIW:I ' T ~ l l l tu ~~n~ ( . d l l ~irwml ~t b t q aqr~ashv a r b e ~Immi fur w e e l w d I lc mfi,rnr\mc t l ~ o l w Ilns \pent nvr, di! \ 11, emcrp c ? m~th(ngnwn t,,vn;ul-filiingp;iln mil r i i i n m g nmrphmr mr,meni,o4~.Hc ll,~,alhc, procucrd a tcmpui;rty hanci~cappcdIps\\ , i d n renrrd ('n<ldlnrEwlil.rdct , ~ i l n i . c t ~ ~ c l athi s\~~n s~dcwalk,and a\ \urli 1s no longer ~nlirr\lcdln 5p1ts. 7 j,.,m l',nints c.~llto ~nfi,mlm r lhar plane o c k a l i ~ ~ ~ n i h a s l ~ c c ~ i p i ~Trrth?old'~gir rch~isc~l nmocu f& ,atpm slrurde, gir a ndr t<,a~rport t r u m fnend,y c d rn<,neion \x-ine,\wmin, and wng''pk,). b"nsucce\\ful Kcsolvctohen~mr finanually nrdcpcndcnt as soon a\ pw\ible 7.lOp m KcmAc prcvious risolutx,n. 1 l p . m Drxi with roomlnarrs I < , i\lorty'\, hlcGmiis', Fmsros, T.:i51 h d e blmo's, m d hnallyMc~\lulito'5,~niffi,rii~~fii~dcl~capi~t~~~~~gs. Settlr Mchlnllm's. T r o n d l y rcalvc mmc funds spem <,np s than wlngs.

Thursday i p z ~ArrweolPeor%r,nhrp<,rt~nTorocrto. Kecognlzr exncmcl) ~ l t r a n ~ vgirl c l n m ~Iilgh sclronl. hvhellonnd havcpolnccom ?rsauon. 6p.m D ~ n n e r u l t hfiunll! 9p.m Kclatc ralc ofthfs aiternonn's pasmnarc ,urpi:mc-bathroom \ex with hot g r l from hl@l iclmol to fncnds d u n g pool gatnc. 9:Oip.m 'i\dmii 11'. Rccrr\e thrnshtngwth

Bye to Joe Camel



12a.m-Qm. Sleep for 15 hours. Uponwali-

en~nercalireIhatnasmhand trctnorandraccoon

Alrhough wmc m y ,+plaud the govenmcnt fbr thca ifforts to protect us voungpcrsoix from tho\i n a s h milucemcnts, rh~sact rn,xl~esal~,roC~ntzre\unga~aun~pn~,n~.l~adverusmg rcall) cnough to ~nflucnccus to smiAi? 'Chis enllrcleg~il.rtrr,n~s hkcan:mmalcurpuppct-shorn, thcgo~ernmrnlpulls sumi slnngs to make thc fdrpcopledanrr around o n the \rage andma!e ~ h .co l d i n ~ c . r m ~Inl . ~snotmuchmoreIhan a ~ ~ u p l ~ ~ f s h~de:t\ odd) hcwn tugrther wi.ld~threads ofmske-helievc Yes, ~ h j lig~slauon s may causc .&nu-tobacco Awcates to lump rr, lhiir ftcr and app1:md madly 1loacver, I thnk t h s IS another prme cnarnple~,frhegoi~erntnenr'sfillb~l~tyn,addrc\a ~~~ssuca~~tterUya.Peuplesmokchrcause they can buy the cigarittcs. If rhcy had nnorhrng lo smoke, cornrnencals and ailvcrus~ngfor thcm would be ~rrclev;mt. Alth<,ughlam\tronglyapunst publ~smokmg, 1 am not sugest~ng(:anada ban ail ugarcttrs. I am lust r r y q to shed llght to the rcal r s u e and a\ always,dlc govcrnrnent's dramanr perfomxmcc of d c - s t c p p n g ~ tUnol . the government take\ an actmn that wdl result 10 a reduction of stnoking, I mggcst thcy burr out.


Lcetll. l l p m 1 'z.mG,nvcrsiw~thg~tnpyfr~cndr,n rhet~,p~rofc~,rporatetnfluenccm Can,~da'\fiscal p h c y . \%'hat stans out as ~ntehgentd~alogw quickly dcgencfiite5 due to urcdoc\c and (:ourvos~errrulen from parents. Realm my opmmnls nu k,ngcrv&d when 1forgct my q c , kx,katmydnvc<\ltcci~cchxadue,and srdlcan't Monday figure It ,"I


I I a.m (;o~<,(;randma'sh,,usr firbrcakfxst. Eat lbpby'r H d z m It Or- N o t sized portion of

12p.m. Dropped off at x p o r t , see hot g frornhghrchurdon fl~ghtonceagaln.Actua do havc sex w ~ t hhcr t h s tmc. i p m Admit ro ljmg egan.


rnms to use t n b a r a pmlucti md the r a - t qumt dcpeodence on them"



0 For several weeks volunteers have been raising money t o benefit pediatric cancer research. Each campaigner will receive donations until reaching their goal. All those who reach their goal will receive a generous head-shaving. The event is being put on by the UW chapter of Smiling over Sickness. The group volunteers at local hospitals and tries t o make sick children smile.



The first event will be open t o members of UW residences. It will be held in the Great Hall area of the SLC at 7:00 p.m. The second event, open t o all UW students, will take place in the PAC during half-time of the basketball game. Both events are on October 31.

0 Smiling over Sickness is still accepting pledgers at their booth in the SLC.

MSN -it's a go()d thing HERAMB'S HAREM Mlcti,\<,lt&lciseclgrrIr as\$-eet~nuenI I , ~I r a r i mlt ti, m) ftlcnds, i n r .i ma)omm.c s.indw~h.(rid b,rinply c;acssnry t~~r~clicall:rtIhc~omz IImc ,Zftiryi.irs~~fmcssa~lng~~cople,reri,nn sti~~ilIh~11.n rours i l w ~ i a t c d \ i n l ~ MSN Irccorniapp:~rint. For sr.mei\, wc h v c thc MSN name fca~uri.You g,t h l h \ clrn,wcI~c~git~e~rirc:ikingI~~rs on the thing. I dlwncth rcmctnhct .r u;hk h.rcL swme gul'\ hfSN n m i c u . ~ "I \ Mi\+ i o r l Prtcr." Awwec, x, \weer 1 b o P c ~ c r m ~ \ s t i ~t noi u, ~ ~ ~ l ~ x l r l r c l , ~ ~ i n l ~ i haif llre Tupssmg irosh I i c t c i v . ~anr,tt~er~,ne,"Hey,\\hu Ihnew tiii Clap wmid hc u, ~tch)." i f t i l \cn,lhngdiwn, 1 n o t ~ c d"('lnp a &lm,~lanananonanan,~,(:ia~~-Man." 'I%C pu/zle had Ixcn wl\ed. Rerll! .mugintpc~~plcparadr thur accomphshmenls lhm~rgl?the hfSN name k,,rnre: "1)r;mk a full l h i i r to day!" - randmm nricnial m?Ic illoitn~gon,thcrr;~rcu\ers wholog

4n)w.i). rhc most inrctcinng ha^ t u r ~ . ~ b ohlSN o ~ r l m l d \ ~ rherno\l o i o n r n w c t s i I\ tlri bloclmig r o d 7'1ic hlSN I h r L rcprcscnri ihe otmwt o f d~srcspsctagainst ,i pcrsrm 1 don't crre~Cyoucallonnamii,rlc&catcim m y column, atfnck mc wttr o iwotd, but 1fvoub1,~k ~rrc,d;lmnItnvarharc iiom S O I T L C ~ ~ I Udnloui. I~ (;,rls ,,r<,l>~,l,1v,'~l~,l<t,lc"cI > l ~ ~ ~ l < ~ n g r h mmr. r I : y x r t a l l i lo tennmrte h,,thctsonrr gn), w t h ni,tImg bur i\ 5% guy l",~ <>,IrI,c,* ",,,,,tio\ve,Yr, h , ~ sblorhed mrimrr. I nr., r r l i g u ~ c d otn *In 1111111.t r i c i n t convcr\iir~on \r.~d~ hi\ i n i n & "Hey 8111,~hyil~illialxh b l d i n w cm I\ISNJ" "\Yd I lcramh, ~t'clmdmblv hccnu\e) r,uroliieier\br,dv licl~lr~pec." l'hcdrcdidpci. c ~ u s cJlu s u f i w Imn 1or:iny mil 'dl MSN I~locks

Don't I Know You From Somewhere ? I

Student's short film showcases UW talent Jenna Holko -SPECIAL TO IMPRINT

~ C I Co n campus.

should take anythng more from a then 11's great,certalnIy, hut it's not a requrrmcnt." When asked about h ~ spast filmmahng experience, Thibeau admttcd that many uf h s projects dld notturnoutaswdas 1KnowYoi*Fmm

The presentation ofthe IVO characrersm t h e t i h e suchthat,when one Two strangers stand w a i o q s t s bus of thcm sugcsts a place where they stop, awkwardly fahng In the~rat m q havc mct, thc othcr a suddcnly temprstocastin~~iliscreetglancesatone dressed appropriately. Somcwhm. anothcr. I'or example, the boy proposes AFtctcrappl~4ngavanetyofbaseball The young man finally breaks thc that they may havc encnuntcrcd cach analoges to 111sBlmmakmg efforts silence, saymg to the woman besrde other at a local swimming pool and (whch 1 must sadly report were beinstantly thc p l a clad m a batlung h m , "I'm berry, but I think I know yond my sportdefic~mtundersrandamt, water is dr~pptngfrom her har, you from somewhere" and thus heitl~,heconfcssed,"ifThadashredof p s the tumultuous su; minute ensplashmgcxn be heard anda hfeguard Ir,g~cIwouldhavc stoppcddomgthus counter thntis thcfilml Know YouF'mm w h d c blr~w\. a long ltme apt and I havc only hccn Snniewbcre. Dcscnhed as "a pracucc m m\ud dorngtt forthreeactdahalfy~ar\.But While "tumultuous" may be a b ~ t and au~l~toypercept~on,"thesmooih- what1 have been throueh w ~ t hI?. the ness of the scenano uansmons 1s esof .ulcxa=erauon, t h s h h IS a very flmd, pn,fcs&,nal kmking pxcc 1 acno;il,a\cachact<,rch;mgcsc<,sulmcs found quarntly humnurous and efSIT times and there are more than 30 sound cfficts used in thc film. furdc\4) mpyublc. Thfsmoviewasfilmed tn onlyonr 111sn story t o w h ~ r hmarnyuntrer4%) at a bus stop ~n Waterloo. K'h~lc s q mdcollegestudcntsc,~nrclare;hoj mccts grl; g d can't rcmcmber buy; hoy 15 attracted to gxl, whom he IS desperately rry~ngturecall from what turn, out to h~ an alcohol-~mpund tI~;ir"pc~~~~liw~~uIdgctthcwc~~ngidr~ about the tilm and that they would memoq. rhmk 1W;I\ tgmng n, 5.1) ar~mctlimg." J:md Thhrau, 2% fourth-yrar m dent at1 T\C',ss thec,~-fo~~nnIe~of(:u~-'The iilm l a nn olwous cornment a n ,In "rhc f,ulmgs of rrrrln,,r) ,m<I r ~ n gK o o n r I loor Picture$ and I \ tlrt thr pmcris 11, ulucli w e aucmpt to restore miormmonin bolh our short tcnn and long trrm tncmrq " 'I'hilxeu funher defines h ~ w-orli \ saimg,"cierytl~~n~I'm trylngtosq~s out Ihirinn thchcr~~i~ilnd~fanyhody

.. .. .. . . . ..

Girl forgets boy inThibeau's filmlKnow YouFrom Somewhere.

Art deco is still the bees' knees Dan~elWong SPECIALTO IMPRINT

that othergreat 20"'centunr\rylc,Iliea. thorhcrmtrresnne oiece~snchalr

n~crii~qarrangct:cmcnt. I'd b ~ t y m can't find one i,filir\e a1 I lallmarlil

I<, thcatrcco~tun~ci tocla~l,cd~. And see I I all 2nd more at t h ~ cs x h IOLL'II bltlon. 'She \how w;i~org;nxzrd hy thr Vlrtona & hll,en Mu\eum In I n n -

~lon,firstshowntherc1ni\lnrch2003. Thienhhlr stms b! cxplormgrhc wunc?;mdmspmuom L x h t D ~ c u , acbi~~~wlcdg~ng\ircrald~,mc\uc ;ind erouclnfluences. Anothersection~sdevote<I to some

'lhr mulupl~uryof u b p t s that covcr almost all aspects of life along air11 ~ h c\oft m u x playmg m the background recreates t h i d a m m r o f the 1020\ -- rhc age of hut jazz and f ~ smoney. t T h s 1s m rxhlhmon thxt lakes a cmnprchcna~r~ kmk at rhc ougms of 20" crntu~st~rle,wliicl~ dlrecd~mfiur ~ ~ ~ r d ~ v ~ r y t h ~thePT(:nu\er r~gfrtin~ to P o t t q U a r n . I n short, il's the cal's tncoa.

Dirty pretty immigrant life Cari Mason SPECIAL TO IMPRINT

Pilor tu x i m g the momi, T knew n c , t h ~ l lmow , ~ ,,f nlr!ljI W I ~ rhdn 11s b m c ~ u l h n c IT , w d \ a film

rt,~,!~,u<mp n e w-timg

(Ol<ae'\ firral surpme I\ tI>ati n s srunmgl! cold .md Iuiilcss c w w x k c r and n,omm;ltL, S ~ n s ) , plxved hy Audrey Tautou (iimdi). 1s acruallv m Irwc wirh h m . In onlsr lo liiip some renrblarrr o i renlq, r i m w t h rhc fir firchcd twists o l d t w w , d m ~ t u rS ~ i p h n ~ I r c a s chi,ic t<> rcly hc.iidr on \teri mp('s. Okwe IS ~ h lco , m ~ g r a n\\ilrh ~ tiic hrarr ~,iq<ikl,cicil In thr f.trcof Iemp tauon .\luslim Scnab I \ tllc hc.~utitul ,md \ I T C W W ~ \ q ! m Sm,~kj-r \ par tr.n c d . i i n m ~ ~ i Spmn~41 ny nmn rrded lii\iu:md rn,me!.l;i cn rhc~mmkn.rt m d f i w s ' 1btut:d : ~ t m n5cLm ~ ro q g r s t njxc.~Ipighcadid :mi r;w\t bch;i\wur oHcn :wwcmid wth L I I L 181115. ,\t o dccper l e d , chi monc 15 $1 ci,mmcntan on the p l h l uf immlgrams e~crvwllere.Though thry arm e w ~ t hh g h hope\, mmy fmml p : m t f i n d thctnselvec struggling for aumnd. Presrs has specu1;itcd that acrlmi n;d undcrda\s I\ bound $ 0dmelop IC y o u treat peoplc lhe way that mmlgrant5 arc trrntcd m London

A night at the grotesque burlesque

Converting to Metric

Marilvn Manson at Copps Coliseum

Metric Old World Underground, Where Are You Now?



,After allcini~ny~ h M.~r~lyn c Ilmson ccxacrr la\rMund;l) ,lt bccmii .ipprren! thar thirc 15 m o r ~ui, \lamon'\

tn~~s~r~l~:iirai~gry(~)l,~dsi,rh~,rg~,~li!c ch~ck\.Thcc u ~ a c r r h t w d ~~qcthci.~ t ~llver\iauilmxiilhl wa\full,,l j i c c ulc~i-h~~i1dnor fir u h c ~ ~ , t n ~ n ~ , n s r w i -

wrucst. 'Ths was blatantly ubmous I;lurrinthe~ilghtwhenhrctuptcdinto hts "luck-ass" odc to srnaclers molencew~ththeanthem'TJseYourP~rt andNotYour Mouth," wh~chwasmy favountc bong of thc tught. Comingupmth a song rhat corn-

hurlcsquc-lookrngdancers came out ofthc bacliandnrocrcdcdto rubcach other~vldeMnnsonwasmadetolook hdofl~kcavaudcrdl~anp~m Altop. grthcr ir presented h d of a creepy dichotmny bctween g1:unourand enplottauon. The show ended with Mansun donrung aplir ofwckey Mouse ears

d q s Peoplc acc I,!\ Image and p d g i and standing betnnii a gran&ose po hum on ~ tbut , the same people rhat h u m lo f i n d >otf wlrh "Hrauilful Proplc" and "Haic Anthrm " judge h n l and crmcizc him o n Ius lmagcsrc c ~ t h c r l ~ a t c m nsoftrncli gt~~ Manson may not lmvc the followinghconcchad,butlir~sst~llplu~ng o r thc)'re llrtcnlng to mu% thar solely dependent o n ~mage." away end sullpaungpcoplc off. 'lhc moct \ part of the hfanson has hls Image. Perhaps it IS a markctmng tool or perhaps as he concerl formecamein thibeersccuon preaches m the song "(s) AIN'T," :it the bc,qtimng of the n~ght.I had a c~,t~vcrrauonmthnconserv;muvclook- "he'? clotan an~st,he'safurk~ngw<~rk ing47-year-<,ldmanwhc, camc dl the of arr." Elther way there 1s an ~ntclhway from Charham in sce Manson, gcnrandcruanlmessagetohisrnus~c. When I asked hun what the anneal l'hcauciicncelcftthcconcerr~erhans not wanting to burn God's house was, thcrnanrepl~ed,"he'sjust smart, down, but atlcsstwanung to throw a man, he's XI fuclung smart and you don't find that m rnusxc a k,t these rock through h ~ wmdow-. s

. .

see METRIC, page 16

X marks the spot for Tony Lee Cliiiiri L i q o/Low'\ w u n d 1 5 v, unl form rh:irit'~of~in hardrod!ifwcntlT h i t n m t miprc\\lri :i\pcct o f thxs atr brtwcztr s<,ngs. h l w , IIKR z - i r ~ , n c r t c ' s ~ ~ ~ c k.dr c i n "K,,T<I1s ,is dNl,t> t o l,,,l:,,,cc :dl 1Ix ~ s s o i ~ ~ r l ~ c n n c r h . i ro\lll\i;i\tiallj Hill w , n i m m t \ iclu.dlv. 'l'l~cbass, the ,P,,II~ and t h e I k ~ l . i x , ~ n ilakc s d tutm I ~ \ t m l n gto t h u r (.n o n a n &I '\ILI m l ~ oI Ioweter, I I Kh m ~ m ~ u z mofg ~ n t h e s p d ! ~ ,and h r t h r t m ~ s m o mm i ~ , I I md L k m , k ~ o c z l \m A o I I W nw,~l.lng ) n u h , ~ i rt l i ~ h w i r ic.unlci\ O n r mr,mint ) w :iihunl cuddci~urqc rr, go ri, r a ~ c l ~ v r , n r \ c l l p l q ~ n g ~ l ~ r p r e ~ r t d l i i v ~ :i leal gem .mC tlir r i m ~ l ~ s ~ l ~ ihu I m and g a a trlplr c2,cI,, ~ I , < , ~ L , S of -'l'l,c (;r'ar L<,K hoard .md rhc~ic\t\ou'rr nxhln'the r, (;mnd h l , ~ r n ~ rbrmg all gollar. SOULKY P. i r a ~ I,) ~ mnlte h 11 10-01111 ~thackon \tagc, u p thc Hul n , , n e o f l l ~ ! s n n s \ ~ e r s ~ , u r o ~ # ( h i I5 bucbi. I m v ~ e i ~ d eC ~Y . I ~ C ~ C I ~ n . d q w m o r ~wh) ha, (,.itudn p i OLII nd.uid h,rg~tyui> c\ i n \ u i h a m m m g m u w In 111cInst iiu Momca Brown, specla to Irnpr~nt d d K"A\ w r m I \tar( !ram? f e e l ~ n g l ~ttlcrw,mis kc '1'0 t d r h m ~ t h , 1 rcdlvc:m'tg~~r you n good ;un\wel- Prrlups ~ t ' \t h i shakarg, 1 k n m that ~ t ' , u m i t o cnd thc cold u r , ~ r h c r , o ma!hc~t's r the(;Sl'. show. And Ihr i m m g Ilk< Old World hth<r\v',) Jf 'db~,,~,> aorks o u t pcrfcct, I'd 1 ' t ~ I m p m dIt, h m A r Ym ,\'odxc l x h:immcrid ndlmi. be~i~gttrn,x,nour\\.~~,\~,hy~ompla~n? offstage! We figwed ~t our, wc consume, h~ Kenshi Kawaguchi, special to Imprint tweronq n,sdman;igerandT,close to 9000 milces ofliquor e v c q ycar. The Raveonenes Chain Gang of Love continued from page 15

g n n m g s ,it .ic,mntry fiidlo \t;tuon In Calqarvri, \1ppn1g!q111a d l over t h ~ ~s worl~l,Ton! I ee has s e o n r ~ l l m h18 v i m uii top of rhr ccm~iil)h~-pta,t15n1 " m d d 12oh,iiI0t~gw1thK;id1r,Laune~ DJ lordm, had ihc r h a n r t ti, SII a l t h 'Ton! I .tehrfcorc 111spcrfixm.inrc at ~l>cTtinirN~gh~club.

AoK: 16 lid> )Om,out,/? p""l'o1,



LAC Lce: I w,ukl I , n e I<, say rtrc ~ n ~ s s x m apuii m w n , w r h hcr anlilis bchmcl her head . <,r (lhcr Imng) ,,n top. Doqgc Stylc I S okav nm, thc onlr pmhlcm

with 11, and startcd drvrlrqang new mcthml\, and htar~cdIeachmg 11 ... I 1u\Lwanlecl t o t o u r m u n d f o r a c m PIPOIYCXE, scc thc C O U I Xand ~ ~ ,~ C I C a c sri, 18 y c m latcr, wll dofng t h ~ s,mx Lhmg J. 1b i l,.r~nto ~ do iuo ihor,,ipo lfar. TPU w iibo~tLhliupiec~~~jou't~e,~orie, ihepeoji y o d ~ ~rum, i . and i o m g,/bu~riigt h q i jm'h ,em p ~ p h tilo on it<<<<. Lee. It's sucha \ssr.unount ofthings I'vc \ccn pcople do o n mrgi. Guys ~lvtngtosttcl,cha~rlcgs~nihr~rbtun io a guy a x ~ d ~ n t $ lalmost y stick~ngllis t o q w c m t c a &my's a n w . Yea mami 11, I h n k of the w , m l I h ~ n g~ h n t cuc~lii p , , ~ r ~ b l ) h a p p e n and ~tprobal,Ii has.


npCrxllaRcpared hy Chnulophc~ k:dev,13wdent

Ii~rwhtch n c r mpcrnoucc haqbeen wn I \ x y f o m a r c mallable m Ihc I l c agenda for th~\mwtuy i s n s m c t l tothe ahm ~ t c m ~ o l b u ~ ~ I d m u o n o S S t u d e n b o t I m (SF1102 ?'hcycn~mtbc'~vtu~ncdby'I ~ ) 1 ~ ~ m ~ h u r ~ l a y3 ,( ~8 )2 nWc khraUthmnhoattend thenc~tmg, plcwe male \urc t o b n n g p u r \ ~ 4 ~ ~ , &

China enters the final Irontier

explore our own planet, first Andrew Dilts IMPRINT STAFF Pluto mission delayed

Canada owns25 per cent of the JamesClerkMaxwellTelescope in Hawaii,thevery besttelescope in the world at sub-millimeter wavelengths. Is space discovery worth the cost?

The deepseaanglerfish is one of many organismsfromthedeep ocean. Who knowswhat secretssuch poorlyknown species hold. ern mrdccular tcchmqucs rnaks this poss~hlcthn,ught h e ~ a o l a n o n o f m portant gmes and the prrxluoam of I,iomcdical c o m p o u n d r u s i n g rerombinanrDNA t c ~ h n d o ~ ~ . Whethrritconrern\dccp sp:~ccor

therlecp-ccn,mcnnficreseillc!~I S jus tified. Nooetldess, d~verungume narcattcnnon tooccanopphywould be t~tneand moncy well spent.Jww\, I,aby, I'm on p n r h l d c all thc way.

- Andrea Ventmiglia

WK f ~ l n c ~ k! 1 r ~ w111~ Jl ~ of lleprercnt mvcc






History made in space Chinese launch man into orbit ~ l h e i . ~ u n c h w - i ~ ~ t ~ ~ ~ ~ I~00 ~r~~~~opl.lrlt,en,h~~~~ V shutdcw~\lai~~ahcd fn,mthc<.Innc\cSp.~ccAgcncy'sJluquan dc\irt sxtr on the soulhcrn cdgc of thc gob^ 1)cscrt. ' 1 . h ~tl& I,LSTC~ O \ C I 21 hour\, during d l x ~ t i 1lmc1.1wilpcrtornlcd scvecll rxpcnmenl\I\iv r,, (:li~n,l'r ri,nl~nuc<lprcscnccmrp.rcc. 'l'hc sp.accr.rtt a a s morllfird lnm thr Ruis ~ , mb i n w dciqn curtcntly used to supply Ilk I n t c i ~ m , m rSpareSIalmn. l ' I hc bhiwlwu tnorlrl has I x c n modliicd 1 0 nial,c 11 L~rgcr,huvrerand more n,llu\l. It t lhas alsi, Ixcn mod~ficds o that arr o r b ~ mo& ulccanstaya~\p.icc.old conduct ex per mi in^\ w111.ihw7mt~l r ) ~ n d Yang Liwei was a cvcn~nwthcastnx~m ha5 remrocd to harth. k w h ' \ .rtmrx,pl~cic. Y I ~ . - c ~ fighter pilot for the Finally, T.IVYI u ~ c h c dduwn m the tiglmr p~lutf o r the : Iu Chinese army, ~;o1,i~rscrtat(i:2la n~. (GMT), le-s than 5 In< 1150 huur\ 01 1350 hours of fliaht

Without the flu shot, you're left to your own defenses Can you take it?

The flu shot: the kind of prick vou actuallv need


The Shops & Restaurants at 140 -170 University Ave. are now a



tI~ev:~rcme. F lowmr,\~,mipc~~plcl~.rvencgat~\c rcacuon? tu the antigens. such .I\ fivir. mii~clc

The ~nfluinzavirus mutates raptdly,pn,ducmg ;r &ffercnt antieen eve. , , vcar To r c m m Immunc, you must he intnxhccd to the viral anukxncach ycar.

Here's great news. If your laptop or PDA is Wj Fi enabled, click on vour browser in anv of the shops or restaurants

Limited time offer ... visit

for complete details

What is the flu? The flu~sasichcascausedby the mfluenna wrus that ~nfectathc unuq (aachca,lungs,etc.). Why should I care? Typ~calflu symptoms d u d e : fever,headachr,k,asofappeute,muscle pain, faupe, chills, dsycough,and sometimes a sore throat and mnny nosc. It can leave you bcdnddcn for 5 to 10 days. Why shouldIreally care? Thc flu causes 500 to 1500deathstn Canadaeachyear,c<,mparcdto 41 deaths in Canada from SARS, to datc. H o w i s the flu transmitted? The flu travels in arrl~umdmplrts(e.g.,w~sncczcs).Thevlruscan survtveonnonporoussutfaces (tclephon~.s,door h u b s , ctc.) for up to 48 hours. What is in the flu shot? The flushot is comp~~s~doFwal;mogcns.ToredIyg~asp thes~guficanceyouhavc tohaveabas~cunderstand~ngof the human fmmune sptcm. AUcclls,mcluding

So theoptinnsarcdcar. Eltherrefuse the flu shot and prepare to combatnatureon yourown, or roll up your sleeve and bmcc yourself. Rut thcrcis hope forpeoplewhose nnly dcterrcntls theinlectmn.Thc US FoodandDrug Admmstration has just approved FluWst - a nasal spray inoculation. Just one squimn each nostril drL.nderyouimmunetotheflufi,ryct:mother


Rut,unlfkethe currentfluv;lccinc,FluM~stis composed of I~ve,but attenuated (weakened) vrrusccUs.Sotherequuemenuforta~ng~~st are a b ~more t suingcnt. I ~ l u M ~issonly t recommended forpeople betwecn t h c g e s o f 5 and 49 who don't have an uncompnxniwd Immune system (e.g.,not AIDS or Cancerpaticnts) smce it could potentially cause the flu ~nsomc cascs. Likc thc current vaccinatloo, PluMlst has to hc administered by somconc a m e d (I.c., a doctor or practttioner). Fluhl~stmay bc a\;ulable m walcells,cm~aspeaficd,etn~cdu~n~mrc,cded Csnadlaa as early as next year. an anugcn. When our bodes detec~an anugcn

lntcrnatamal Careers 'l'eschrn~ F n g ~ lrrh - h u u ~ n d of \ ncw lrhs nmnrhlv'

Sunday, October 2 6 Lynn Miles performing at I h c (:hcrrch Ihcnriu, I 176 KmgStrccr, N., Sr. lacoh\, 1 ht.wo a t 8:00 ['.CYI. For ~ n f ~ / n call ~ k ~ o 6 6 4 1 114 or 1rnny@~~srla~oh\.co111. Monday, Octoher 27 C e n ~ r rOnrarh, l Orchid S o c w y rnunthly m w m g from 7-ill1 to 9:00 p.m. rr Sr. loseph'a C h o r ~ h ,lowcr Ihnll, C . ~ ~ r r l r n d / Maill\on, Kwhener. C o n t a ~ rDawn ar 634-5540 fur m o r e rnlo. N I arc wcl-

W~ltrld1.ioiirr L l i ~ n c r m y Nurernbr~ , 19-23 l o rcg>ateriurihcOpcn 1lourr or, O L ~ ~1 4I.t >7 ~no~j,.lll. lL8XX~2lh-6512 INTI collrgroflingi~i~r~~~.c~~r~~. Weekend Cuumcllms and rrliuf ataff to work rn I b o n ~ for \ ~ ~ ~ d i v l dw i ~t lill s de\clopm~ntalil~.~llrrtgrb. txpcrlcori, s ~ i n ~ m i ~erghi-month ru ~m,rm~~ncra. l ' . d p o w o n \ . 5zmi t c w m c ro I h n Mader,K~WHahllmr8on S e r w r s , 108 Sydncy \titer, Kmlluncl, O N , N2C; JVZ.


Tucsdry, October 28




Watrrluo-Gcnnany Exchange - upcn a, all sl~dcnra. I<cccwc IIW credlts~languagc flocncy~ls~ernrrional cxpcr~cncc! Info won from) 11:30 a.m. to 12:10 p m. l a Modern Zangoagc* mom 245. ('heck out the wcbrmrc at: hrrp:l/

Hallowe'en is coming!


HOUSING Room for rent-\pacwu\, lhnglit, rhovc

~hangcl. I h u r d s y , October 30 Thc Dcparnmmt of Drams and 5peech L ~ m m u n i c a l m smvirra you m Y o w ~auerc.umnhtravsganra", an evrnmg of iarcci explorrrwn and n c m r k m g . loin u\ at The Prsrwal I<oom, \ueih (:ai~>poaHall, at 7 4 0 p.m., her adrnl\wm. lnduarry spc&cr\ mcludc: Llrcnr I lamson, CKCO Ncwa Anchor, M ~ h r l l e risk, &tor, J.Pamck Ifowe, P u b l ~kc^ lamns, plus many naxc! Roochs ~ n c l u d c frm! 105.3 KOOLLbM, Fmnrlmc Corpor,m Stcrlmg Silver Moebnn Jcwullcry, craiied rm W a r c ~ l mu w g the f,irnou\ M o c h ~ ~('ommun~catmn\, Sun I ile F t r l r n ~ ~and al band .la rhr f u e d a m e n t . ~ i rlemcnr. more. W n c and cheese recrptwn m iollow d r r x p r ~ c s .For info contact

TYPING LypindPrmfrcading Serwcc - Excdleni m d . ~ c u i . ~ word rr pmccscmg, rypmg and piooircadmg. Your msnuainpr, report\, :,rays, theses etc. will bc pcrfccr. Work IS 100% goamntccd. Call or lcavr mca.age f m Rev 7 4 7 ~ 1 3 8 2

TRAVEL FOR SALE Car for ralr!1991 Chcvrolel Berrtta. Automauc, excellent condarion, etcvcd and safery checked, IRF,000km, new brrsk5, 6 cyclmder 2 door, ncw

\un travel deals - Kcadlng Week (Febrw ary) t o ('aiicun, Acnpolw. Coha,, er' or Moerrcal a1 New Yc~r'\. Book ?nowand ,.wcl Srudcnr rrmcl speLiailir\. F a r n free t r i p & or i r d ~ ! wwu.ruom\lparry c o r n ; Tlumes liavcl ( X ~ d d )1 ~ 8 0 0 ~ 9 6 2 - 8 2 6 2

. .

Designed primarily for nowbusinerr undergraduates For careers m Monogement. Finonce and Account~ng Extremely high co-op ond permanent placement


leorn more about the Rotmon MMPA Program,



informotion rerrlon:

Thursday, October 30,2003 11 3 0 om - 1 30 pm of Waterloo Room TC 1208. The W Tathrnon Centre. Un~vers~ty

precenth "Oktubcrfctc 2 0 0 3 " a t rhc Rombcr, a t Ip:00 p.m. Pratunng 01 WhiteGulrl a n d D'En(orcas. Vnlr www acr.~w.nerlo~,.cafor dctadr. All agca.

Friday, Ocmbcr 31 Shave fora Curc-\upportDavtd Cappcr, VP of Admm dL Fmanceand others, who I r e s L v m g thew hcads during half-rime rr thc HomccommgCame. N I procccds ,re gwng m canccr research.

Come in for: Makeup, Glitter, 746-1484 Waxes, Putty, www, Eyelashes, Crepe Hair, Wigs,Beards & Moustaches, Prosthetic Noses, Ears, Teeth, Horns, Etc. And don't forget to get: Latex, Tattoo Wounds & Scabs, Old Blood, Stage Blood, Blood Capsules. Also Angel Wings, Hats, Boas, Costumes, Costume Accessories, and s o much more! THEATRICdL SUPPMS 46 P r ~ n c e s Street s East

Warriors make WIA lhaI

In his first regular season game with the Warriors, centreman Mike Della Mora drives towards the

Mustangs trample Warriors in OT battle Rod McLachlan



Last Friday nghtat Columbiakefidds Arcna, Warriors' h a d coach Karl Taylor made lus much-anuclpatcd dcbutbch~ndthe bench ofaWaterloo men's hockey team, aclub thathe has vicd to transform by cream~gawnse of;lccountablhry. However, Taylor's first m c t o cclcbratron ~ wdl have to remam on the shelf so to spcak aFtctcr the Wnmors lost 1-2 m ovcrdme to the WestcrnMmtangs last Friday. Afteranrm<,uonalpre-gametubUte at centre Ice to the passmg of Warnor Ron Obct, who wa\ gcoerd manager and assisrant coach last season,afaat-paccd tirstpenod ofwldenpen action got underway. The W.u-

come backand ae ttungsuplaterlnthe W~th3 34 left m the w e the Mus per~nnrallydorn~nantWestern squad second p m o d The Warnors' first wngs'JusunDavlscap~&ed~ndosc ~ r finally brokc o n Gouthro and re took the lead 2 who pmbnbly expected their oppo marku came ~ f tthcy ncno tos~mplyrt,Uoveranddeasthey outoftharzonc,m\hcd th~lengthof 1 However, less than 15 seconds frequently dtdlastseasononthenway t h c m andslmply ahotth~puchonan later, Westem took a very UMeces to earnlngju\t onewm all year How h they had been \ary hooktngpenalg.,whlch put t h ~ odd man ~ s after ever, Karl Taylor's no nonsmsc and h e m m d m the= own end for what Warnors o n thepowerplay Warrr nc\er my di atutude stem\ to have scemed to be an etumty Trevor loo qmckly took &l:rlvantage of the t ~ k i nhold (rraham was credaed w ~ t hthe fmal ucuauon m t h fleeung ome o n tht goal ofthegamc,whrch camewthjust clock when h h e n e r n a u v e Kevm Netrn1nder5cott(muthroputop a C ~ forth^ L Wwrmrs and m d e L under m ~ I U ~ CleftI 111 thc ~ e c o n d Hurleythrewabeauafdcross Icesau numbiroftop n ~ ~ t c h s a v e s ~ n d u d m penod g CLI p a v to fifth year vetM~ke ~ A f t e r t h ~ ~ c o r e l ~ ~ , ~ r d ~un e m ~ nNinon e d who had muck m o n t h far ~ n u m b e r o f a t o p n r wlht udebehmd theWcsterndefenc~man Mwtmgs deployed a crash and bang hanged at 1-1 and w ~ t hume wtnd g down I" the affar, a feeltng of off the draw Nnon made nl, rm\ strategy tn front of Gouthro aU mght m TFIJW~dof~nccme~~cohpridmfront "tht n e \ t g o a l w ~ n s " \ ~ ~ mbem ~ d t ~ tak~mcloseandevened thescore at of ~ h nnet r We\terntookanearl) lead the alr I hc Wtmors, mugwed b l 2 2 Ar th~pucklutthebackofthe net bchmd Mustanggo&MkeRoyce, onabeaunfiduc tac toe,gwe and go C~rzham'sgna1,wcremuchmore ef shorthanded goal by M ~ k c t e c t l v ~ a t b o t h ~ n dofthermkm s the alarge opemngn~ghtcn,wderupt~d Stathopoulos, only to have Watcrloc, rlurdpend,wluchwasa h a n ~ l x x n ~ r lncckbrahon nor, held themownearlyon aganst a

l n the five m u t e o v e m m e f r a m ~ , Waterloocameclose on a deflecuon by Mark Accarm off an Eac Gossc pass However, ~mmedtatelyafter wards, Western rushed the lengthof t h e m W~~tem'sRyanHarefintshed up some nlfry suck handl~ngwltha sohd shot that beat (mutho, and g w c the Mustangs the 3 2 wm The only s11x erhmgf,rtheWarnc>rs\vas mthc ~rmdrogs,whcretheyrecuved a slngle pomt for the overume lo\c Waterloo fmshed with 22 shots on They face off on October t h mght ~ 24,~n'fiundcrBay~~mstLakeh~ad ' at 7 30 p m A n o k r g a m e l \ sched uled between the dlmsa,nal nvala on Octob~125,at 7 30 p nl rrnclachlan@mprmt uwaterloo ca



Satan deal burns Oilers on )oung S a t m too hastdy.

'l'hrrnost irnstratingnspcctabout n u w onlv tradmng:nv:~ySatan w h ~ hc 22 ycar\ol<l,lstllrre\\~cremanysrgns pmntmgto a bright future. Satanlcd thc N H L m \hoo~~ngpcrccnragc In thntsrasonwrh nsprbling21.0pcrcent ,adthlr w i * ;in ob\ w u s s q p of tnlcnt. h ycar etrltrr, S a m had the Imgc\i p n t streak among NHI. rook~csmlth 15 points ln 11 gatncr m d hc lid ~ h league t i n prc x a s r m qmls Tn 1994-1995,Sntxn scored 24 goalsml5g;imc~fr,r~tic(hlctr' Al 11. icam H i \\as tlic lop scorer ln 1hc IWd 1 )I\ ,,,,,KS :,\,x 1 9 3 e,,r-cdd u ~ t l r, u m pmI\ jn upht ~ ~ n c \In. 19'17 19'14, Salan scored 22go,ds In 39 g,unc< U I thc Slovak Ic.y,uc. Ill? Now, Salm IS llrr caplam Salres 1 le I,.L\ iipt.iine<lS1m~h.irc and %ilvcr11) h!i I;ISI



(51 9) 893-9000

r l ~ r c c \ i ~ ~ r l ~ l i : l ~ ~ ~ u phlcaw iansi~~~~s.

u h k , h h m m d Mlll,w II:IVL mtn lx,,df<,r lli<-',ree, hl lI.g02l\ (;I\-

lnguponSalnn h,isprr,icd hi-lllslrt,, IIIC0,Iers ,is t11w h , ~ > sc t r u ~ l c d ~nlglinl!f < r u f f i n c i~ v c wt ~ c c


UW rugby reaches OUA final Playoff action heats up as Warriors search for titles

Brian Santos

IMPRINTINTERN Warriors o n e win a w a y f r o m provincial rugby supremacy

UW men's volleyball s t a r t s season with a road victory a t Western

'l7,emornen's nrghy team travelled to Queen's tu f x c thc undcfcaied Goldcn (;aels m thc OI!A semi-tinals. The women came out vlcton ous, a> t h ~ ywon 1 9 ~ 7'l'he (;aels werequ~cktoscoreand aftcrthr ~ u c -

1 C I I P I S ~ ~ ~seas5 S are IIWIE~II.

Boor NOW!

2ZTRAVELUJTS See the world your way

ccssfulconmrt, thchomr sdcwasnp 7-O.'l'hfs s c r v ~ d aawake-up s caU for the \Varrwrc. Captarn I<rl\ty Hccmskcrk, rcsponclcd hy r u n n ~ n g ouls& thedefcnctl~nefi~rtlrescorc. Then, some great tram d c f c n c ~rc s d t i d I" B scox hy rrvs I.eigil Nrvermann. 1Ieemskerk ,ddcd thc romert, licr second of thc g m x , ti, ln&c chi .rcore 14-7.ThcG:ds t r d to rcgoup, hut ,~srroq\Varrmrorfinccik~aedHccrn~k~rki~~prnetmtc ~ ~ L C I C ~ I C/itispl~n, C regslennganWatermhcr ~ r . T h h;~ltcndedwnh r loo Icadnlg h, s c o r e of 19-7. F,nc(:~e,.rl rlth~Jfurnchc;idc~,;irh I O I ~lhls pla)crs l h a the) had., nicrc 411 mmtues rcmamlngio advanrc to UW men's soccer earns right t o ihe firnli. In thc scccxxd huli t h i host Nipissing a s playoffs begin Goldcn (he15 f o r i d thc~rwar Into thcWarrmrhdf, thrcaten~ngtoscorc. Howeicr, rlic Warnors wcrc notwdl mg ro qult mil stoppcd chi Gaels ~n thcir track\, lcamng thc \core at 19-7 and ndv;incmg ihc \TT~'arnors ru rhc OUA tinals. July I'ung,~vhocameinn~rcplacc mjurcd starter Alley U ~ r g ~ nwra5 , nstned woman of ihe match.

Warriors tops in OUA UW men's golf squad claims first provincial crown in 28 years

customized Writin


The UW men's golf team celebrates after their OUA championship victory last week at the Victoria Park East club in Guelph. though W n ~ e r l n o tt.ulrd Guelph (who was led I n oxcrall ch.m~pron M h i I<c:rns) b y four s ~ n , b c \aftcr m u d one, ~ h r Wa r r a m wrl-e cimfi drnrwitli r h r ~ r p ~ , \ ~ t ~ r ~ n c o m ~ n g i n t o Tuesdrv', iinul round. "To mc, wc w c r m tlleprrtrc~~p<~r,"sa~dP;untcr. F l m t r c g s r e ~ eTJVI"\ i lowcst score ofdxytwo, fir~ngaonr-undcrpar 70. HurI~csndVC'h~tcs~dcnoiched \r<,rc\ o f 74 and 78, learmg I:\%'\ champinniliippn,sprcrs ~n ihc hand, of the two r o u k ~ r s .They 1li4 not l i t thrri cluh down, as Vuderbeek and W'alia fired a p a ~ or f 72s to sohd~fy\Waterloo's tirat OLIA golf clrampxm\h~p m28 ycars. "'lhry'rereabsolurclya,p-dassgolfer\," 5a1d Palmer o f 111s rnoklec ' 7 a s p r ~ ~pla)ed t In thc 1;i.t group, trylng to Imng lt home. That'\ :I 10r

ofprrssurelmt h e a a \ a b l r t o d o I I


Kobe Bryant: a tale of woe charger were l a d .Igmn\t Ilan, Ire Ihought Ivs mih V m c s s , ~an tight

TWO-MINUTE WARNING I t"1 \,,,I) i<,rI\<>lhvI3t1,m ('an \-<XI 1 m a ~ n 1rlic . n ~ ~ ~ \ r p,I l<mu> , ~ ~l ~~k chxnd w It can't l x L'>\! I x ~ v m g r I u ~ c\ Nt ~ I l e ~ , ~ k ~ ~ ,rns <,c?",l<,~\'nl'nl 'id, .,,,<Imarc z i r o i s I n \ I , L ~ I Innl,nccmm~r h m i m'.i bon lingsrorccarii And <)ntc,p , I ~ . , I I t ~ , , ~I,? t, I , ~ \ ~ x ~ ~ L , ~ ~ , u ~ Lw Angclcr m;msmn, a gal-gc,,u\, clidicaiiilw~tc.old .r beaut~fulrigl~trnonll? nld d m g h t i t . \Yh.~t.i t<,uglr a a y to h\ i. Anil n m i , In addltxm to thc dlfficultyr,fhnng.i~clcbnr!mdtl-mil I ~ o n . u ~K r , < h ehn\ ligal tnmblcs t o dealwrth. \Irl~ougl~,"tri~u~~l~Ic~"miiy b e a m 1 4 c ; d q ~t c m . ' \ I ~ I d~lT, lhc 1:aglef:ounn ((.<il<,~.~d,,)I)!stnct Atorncy's nflicc d<,cm't irc 13r)ant'c ~ r n p ~ n d ~cno ug r t t , , o m I,;iillc a, "troul~lc."Inrtc;rd, thc) use rhr term "felony." B I ! , ~a a s a n c \ l c d ~ m J o l y18for thi ~llcgcdsc\u,~lossoiilt nfai~anony-


Warrior Hockey (W)

barat dinni<mil r ~ n gworth . ~ p p ~ i n i matel) $4 rndl~iiu Scc' I ~ L C I I w h i n l i h c has n o Inn' I < > g t m i l at t w wli'\ firr,lii crd l ~ a ume s Iolrv.rnii l h , IW~OT~~VLXKS A'l'l, 5 , ) t h , ,i I,L ,,CIL,'~~) sr\,,,111) ~ W U I I ~ Ig rI lXj S ~ n n ~ ~.I ~ n x ,X,'I,,,, I,,, I \ ,,,p'\\"r"I'~~ l u h r I W i:tpc\ 111 judgco>cnl Shrmlcl k o b c re.lll1 I x p u n ~ i h h~ l~ ar slmplr mli t ~ k < , c \ r m ~f l ~ ~ t ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ m g f i l m \ ? Poor I G h i I h.i\cn't I I L Cthii ~ \imp,rtlretlc i i i r wtni<me i ~ n c c l ~ l lr,rph;in lc {Anme. But l k c p wmr chtn up, I<ihc. J' ou'rr an Aminc:~ncclzhnt!,s~,y,xt w o n ' r g , ~l o p l li vou'rc F ~ w g~ultv, d you'll lust 1p.q 6nes nnd rcport ru a par& ntfkcr O x 20 ?cars r n S C J . 01 mayhr ym'll c r r n Ilr rcquitrrd (KC: O J . Smpson.) lGr11cra.n , r h s wtx,Ie me\\ a.111 w o n be b e h ~ n dyou, and iouranc<,otlnu~fight~hnny through all the old l,urdcn\ of bcmg a rnllllonarc, ,isuperstu, a hu\h;ind, .L f.ithcr and a talc modcl. I h n ' l forgcr role model Y o u uouldn'l want t o f u t q 3 thxl nnc :ij+un.


Saturday, October 25, 2003, 7 : 3 0 pm vs Guclph Gryphons, UW Columbia lcefield Areria


Congratulations Warrior Golf

OUA Champ~ons! ~2003-04 ,

r ~ ~ k ~ ~ ~ , ~ l ~ ~ ~ ~ r ~ ~ v



make up for the lack of bars pad." we had last year." Colan Schwartz TylerMills "A big waterbed " "A big sauna " Jason Vervoort and Emdy Don...

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