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David Silverberg - an exhibition of over 60 coloured engravings by this noted Montreal graphic artist. Admission is free. Open 0900-1600. Last day to see this exhibition. Bombshelter opens 1200. DJ after 2100. No cover for Fee-paying Feds. Extra-terrestrials $1 after 2100. Sandwich Bar Summer Hours: 1200 . International Vegetarian Cuisine enjoy -exotic dinners, group participation and free recipes. Limited to 15 persons only. For more info contact - Gary, 8887321. Sponsored by the Vegetarian Club. (no carriivores please)

- Sattirday,August



0900-2000 4








Bombshelter opens at noon. DJ after.2100. Fed fee payers: no cover, . a11Others $l after 2100* ’

- Wed.. Auqust


KW Red Cross Blood Donor Clinic. 1400-1630 ,and 18002b30. Held at St. Francis RC Church, 49 Blueridge Ave., Kitchener. Outefs Club Meeting to plan a trip out West to do some white-water canoeing and rockclimbing. 1730 in

c-c135. Hunger Project at 1930.


in HH 227

A Thurs., August 6 opens at 1900. DJ Feds have no cover. Bombshelter< See Tuesday. i sordid planet pays a 2100. Waterloo Christian FellowshipAugust 2 I ; Everyone welcome. 1630-1900. BB’ Q Pit (across Laurel Creek from Interested in cycling? A group ride Conrad Grebel). HH 280 in case of starts every Sunday at 1730 for all . levels of cyclists. Meet in front of the ra1n’ Maranatha Christian Club will be PAC in the courtyard. Don’t forget to having a time of praise, worship, and bring your spanners. Ride length is a teaching. Come and bring a friend. maximum of 30 km. . ’ L Monday, August 3 --; 19@)in SC! 232.

Bombshelter after 2100. Paid The rest of the buck ($1) after - Sunday,


Bombshelter is closed toallsentient life .forms. (This being Civic Holiday ... and all). Concerned about Health Issues?’ Call the Health Hotline to register ideas and opinions about health relatedimatters. We want to know how you feel. Phone 884-3530 or 8843534. Lines open 0900-1600 Mon.,

--L Friday,:



Bombshelter is closed from ust 10 thru September 7.



Sunday, August 9 -An Energy Fair 1 to be heldat the Centennial Bandshell in Waterloo Park. Admission is free. Speakers for the Fair will IncludeRichard Thongs, who will speak on alcohol as a fuel; Robin Tully, who will speak on ’ ‘wood energy; Paul McKay, from the Ontario Public Interest Research Group, who ,will speak,aon nuclear power in ,Ontario and%Greg Michelenko fro,m Environmental Studies at UW, who will speak on nuclear power in Europe. There will also be displays of solar energy, wood energy, energy conservation, as well as music and .demonstrations. The Fair is being sponsored by , T.H.I.N.K. (Total Honesty in Nuclear Knowledge). More info can be obtained at 8849362. In case of rain the Fair will be held inl the Campus Centre Great Hall. I Tuesday, August 18 - The’ Ebytown Food Co-op is presenting a free public lecture and information evening. Guest Speaker will be Dr. Gord Smith,, ND, who will speak ,on the topic of Natural Foods, starting at 1900 in the, Waterloo Public Library. - Everyone is, .welcome. For , more infoqmation call 884-9362. , ’

Friday July 31,198l;





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7- 2

B ombshelterSee Tuesdav H a’qin. Y International Vegetarian CuisineSee last Friday , .

- Saturday,


8AugI .

This is our last issue . of this term! I


If you want to put an event in this column for Orientation, please have it too us by Aug. 14.

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Past Ma/stem





CorOnef Motor’ Hoktel “The greatest z w,eeks of entertainment I in the history of the Coronet!!!” Mon..,Tues.,Wed.(Aug. $44



Personal Typing

Monday - 1st 100 people receive a free ’ CORONET baseball cap ’ Tuesday - A tribute to Pat ‘Benatar

WOti-K TERM WATPUBS Wednesday September 9 Montreal - Le Club Montreal St. Catherines St. & Pa& St. Ottawa - Molly Maguires on Rideau St Toronto - The Jolly Miller York Mills Subway Station[The





be available


Sponsored by Mathsoc and Co-op Association of Pubbing Students

Typist. 25’ years experience. Essays, resumes, theses, etc. No math papers; reasonable rates; Westmount area. Call 743-3342.

Disk Jockey Service A. B. C. Disk Jockey Services. Add a professional touch to your party, banquet, wedding, or reception! You want good music, %in all styles and tastes: we have it, Call Paul on campus at ext. 3869 or res-

Wanted Copies

of this term’s

Math exams. dollar. Call

230B and 234B final

Wall Units, Bookshelves,

Music Centres,

Will pay top Chris 884-6367.


Next Mon.-Thurs.,


ZON Fri.,Sat.,


The, Blushin.


A tribute to the RoYling St&es




Last issue carried a feature on a project that will represent human facial expression with computer graphics. The project, being supervised by Pro- . fessor Maurice Constant, is being produced by students over a span of several years. The article erroneously implied that it was solely Constant’s work. Michael Longfield


We have 44,24, & 12 passenger highway buses for charter. For economy, try our school buses (our largest seats 70 people)

WE ARE LICENCED TO TRAVEL IN THE .&A For your reservation




CampGswide An On Campus Organizing Conference is being held Friday August 7 through Sunday August 9 for the benefit of student societies, Church College Councils, Village Councils, and councillors of the Federation of Students. Sponsored by the Federation, the conference is tentatively scheduled to be held at the Phillip St. Co-op Residence. “We want the grass roots people,” says Federation President Wim Simonis. “That’s where we have to start organizing right now. If we are going to take any campus wide action we have to get these people together.” So far Simonis has invited about 34 people and hopes to get nearly fifty delegates, to attend by the time he has finished making telephone calls


(as there is a continuing postal strike). Simonis wants to see the Federation and student societies act more as a “gobetween and a resource centre” for students to go to when they need help in dealing with the university administration. A special barbeque has beeq planned to coincide with the conference so that delegates can meet with representatives from Administration, various Deans offaculties, members of the Campus Centre Board, and staff from Imdrint and CKMS-FM. New university president Douglas Wright has also been invited. According to Simonis the Federation has budgeted a maximum of $200 for the whole conference-and is at present looking for sponsorship from the business world and


has approached the President’s office for extra funding. The money could be needed if many delegates, out of town for the summer, arrived at the conference requiring accommodation. Conference workshops are to be led by students from the various on campus groups such as the Math Society, Engineering’society, and the Recreation Students Associatidn. Workshop topics include: - What the Federation is doing and what it can do for you; - How to get people involved; - Contact between societies, college councils, village councils; - Major events (especially orientation); - Running an effective meeting;




Running licensed events; Communication (getting media coverage); - Working with Administration. The conference is to be ‘concluded with a special meeting of the Federation Council to which all delegates are invited to attend. Special interest groups like the Birth Control Centre, Waterloo Public Interest Research Group (WPIRG), and Waterloo Science-Fiction (Watsfic) have not been invited since Simonis feels -the conference should be aimed specifically at elected rep: resentatives and not groups that have “started up themselves.” He hopes that further events can be planned for later in the year that would include these organizations. Peter Saracino

Though not a smashing success, the first UW Campus Caravan, sponsored by the Turnkeys and held in and around the Campus Centre, offered many delicacies to pamper both the palate and the olfactory senses (and the music was good, too.) Above, turnkeys running the m&t pedestrian hamburghotdog barbeque during lunch.Photo by Peter Saracino


Hydrogen Recent speculation that hydrogen might become the energy source of the future may be just a lot of hot air, and hydrogen may be better left to the history of ballooning. “In fifty years Canada’s energy sysiem will be radically different. We foresee a system based on electricity and hydrogen as the major energy carriers or currency, with only minimal and selected use of hydrocarbons as fuels,” states the recently released Lefebvre report. After almost a full year’s work, having held more than fifty public hearings and visited eight foreign countries, the federal Parliamentary Task Force on Alternative Energy and Oil SubstitutiQn released its findings to the public in mid-May of this year. The task force, more commonly known as the Lefebvre Committee after its chairman, Liberal MP Thomas Lefebvre, published the results of its investigations in a 263 page report titled Energy Alternatives. * The report covers potential strategies ranging from the increased use of solar and biomass conversion techniques to the development of technologies capable of tapping the energy of tidal power, waves, winds, and geothermal sources. The report stresses the need for conservation and for ioiai, biomass grid wind energy systems, as well as for other alternative energy sources, to bridge the gap from our present hydrocarbon-based energy system to a hydrogenbased energy system. The Committee maintains, however, that the non-hydrogen alternatives are not capable of meeting the country’s longterm requirements. As a result of its investigation, the Committee concluded that, despite its wealth of energy and resources, Canada is being left behind in the alternative energy field and may soon be confronted with the fiaradox of vast potential, yet a shortage of energy options. The Lefebvre report recommended that the federal

a likely-energy government be prepared to spend up to $1 billion over the next five years to foster the broad development of a hydrogen-based ene,rgy system, and said that the many technical difficulties posed by the large-scale production and transportation of hydrogen can be overcome. Acknowledging that the task of developing appropriate hydrogen technologies will be enormous, the report recommended the establishment of Hydrogen Canada, an agency to oversee the research and development and the commercialization of hydrogen. According to Energy Probe researcher Norman Rubin, the hydrogen idea expressed in the report is “ wiong-headed, but harmless,” because it is so far in the future. “I don’t think anybody is going to live that long. Economics i.s against it (a hydrogen-based energy system). It could only happen by slitting the throat of the economy,” he said. “I am confident we will come to our senses before that.” He said he believes othkr renewable sources of energy will be adequate if- used in conjunction with conservation techniques. The only problem hk foresaw is,that some members of the “hard-energy faction”

will use the hydrogen idea as an excuse to go ahead with building more nuclear generating stations, which the Committee believes will be needed, to provide enough elect$icity to produce hydrogen. Several major technical limitations stand in the way of developing hydrogen as a major element in Canada’s energy -- picture. Although hydrogen is currently produced in Canada, it is done so on a relatively small scale. Cominco Limited in British Columbia produces 36 tons of hydrogen daily through an electrolysis process, using the hydrogen for making ammonia. To split hydrogen from water by electrolysis requires a substantial energy input - in the case of Cominco, 90 Megawatts of power per day. For hydrogen production to be based on sucha system, vast amounts of electricity would be required, necessitating the construction of additional generating capacity. The Committee acknowledged that a major expansion of Canada’s nuclear industry would be needed. Hydrogen is also produced by the steam re-formation or partial oxidizatid-n of hydrocarbons such as oil and natural gas. Currently, 99 percent of Canada’s hydrogen


source production, which is carried out by the petroleum industry, is generated from hydrocarbons. Since oil and natural gas are non-renewable resources, hydrogen production based on the use of hydrocarbons is not a longterm solution. The problem of storage is another impediment to the wide-scale adoption of a hydrogen-based energy system. Like natural gas, hydrogen can be liquified and stored at very low temperatures (-250 degrees C). However, the large amount of energy required to cool the gas and the high cost of the required containers make this storage option very unattractive. Further, storing hydrogen in pressurized containers is difficult because the hydrogen atom is the smallest of all atoms and will diffuse into the spaces beteen the molecules oi the metal containers, making the containers brittiii’.


The storage method suggested in the report as the most viable is underground storage in depleted oil and gas wells or in caverns. Transportation of hydrogen to the marketplace is sometimes done through pipelines, but more often it is moved by truck, rail or barge in pressurized containers. In a future hydrogen-economy, hydrogen would most Iikely be moved in pipelines, a process which will demand a considerable amount of energy. Hydrogen compressors along pipelines would need to be three times the size of those currently required for natural gas. As a fuel., hydrogen’s major advantage is it’s clean-burning characteristics; the byproduct of the combustion of hydrogen and water. It is for this reason primarily that the Committee regards hydiogen as a preferred longterm option for meeting Canadian energy needs. Brian Marshall Reprinted by permission the Probe Post



r ) p&tal.strike

& drivitig

-people to alternatives

your own delivery boys do this, people paying their utilities at the Ibank (and getting receipts thereby! - my father has been doing that fo’r years) may be somewhat more expensive, but on the other hand, gives much mo,re one’s moneys worth than using the Canadian Snail. There’s even an easy alternative for students to mail in their tuition - and it’sfreti! Such mail should have been free years ago.

Remember how we ill-used to fear the Postal strike? Postal Strike . . . the words ihat set a thauiand hearts atremble a month ago have turned into a commonplace. ,In many ways, it’s cpt even news any more. Merely ati . ’ easily-ignored nuisance. In fact, I:m beginning to hope that the postal strike continues for a long, long time. It might work out for the better; in the long run. We are seeing hints of this now. After nearly a month without this ‘vital’ service, people \ are s:arting to ,discover, or explore more fully, the alternatives. I Many are finding they like the alternatives better than the norm. Faster, more careful delivery -not to mention being sure that delivery will take place - suggest, t&t courier services, Gray Coach, the train, Telex, hiring highschool students on bikes to .deliver bills or having

by Fraser Simpsbn

I have not yet heard ofanyonewho

has thought


i I_


has anything to. do with the matter. I suspect ulterior *motives\ placating and maintaining our dependence. And the reafiy big facto?They?e going to make the post office a crown corporation and then write a law saying no one else can deliver mail! I think it’s time to tell both groups to go to hell. Don’t stone a postie - individually it’s probably not his fault. Just sneer at him and tell him to get a job with acourier company (and not tell that compby hislastjob). Stonea bureaucrat instead --- for him, there is no excusi.

of how

couriers such -as Purolator (their business has at least doubled) are the ones. And despite their overload (they claim they were ready) they are still providing a better service than the post office ever did. That should tell somebody something. Keep on negotiating, CUP-W: you’re negotiating

Keep on negotiating, government: you’re showingpeople we can get along very well indeed without your dreadful service - though let us not be silly and expect a rebate on tax money for services not rendered . . . Do you know what? They know we don’t need them! (Them: in this case, both Government and Postal Union). The posties offered to deliver Government Cheques for free - not only to get some good publicity for themselves, but to help fight a growing independence’ from the postal service. Didn’t take money so they could keep on getting UIC? And the carriers have a different organization from thewinside workers? I question if this



I hope you ha&good luck on your exams and in your next workterms. 1 John W. Bast ,-




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and one other person were charged with “assault-colice” for resisting their,r&se this issue because Imv

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Disordered attack. (4) Southern internal tran.sgressor. (6) Dog partly curled up. (3) Southeastern record vessel goes bhck and falls over. (7) \ Sing, perhaps, on the album, and make cuts. (10) I don’t emit a mixture of deep thougshts. (10) Glittering ornament causes pen’s lag. (7) A fancy party causes a lot of fuss. (3) Joining the team beside the railway line. i6) ) Quiet three points in a church. (4)



1. ‘See about 8 td be safe. (6) 2. Give a hundred to the advisor for tpe boat. (7) 4. Shotis to be involved. with a, simple tic, perhaps. (10) I 5. Nothing hidden back in the linen cupboaid. (3) . 6. Corrosion is right without us. (4) 7. Thupdering through the door? (8,2) 11. Distortion of the face mayy .merciless cham, pion. (7) 12. Sneaks around and takes up silverware. (6) _ 14. Questions fool about Kenya’s capital. (4) 16. Plus, to be found in the candy bar. (3)

Answers Across:


to last issues:

1. Tables 4.-- -Afro 8. Xylophonist 9. .Peal 10. A&es 12. Hopes 14. Crib 16: Smoke screen 17. Sofa 18. Nausea 1. Taxi: $. Bulletproof 3. Expel 5. Flightiness 6. . Qgi@+b 7. Dora 11. Thesis 13. Sees 14. ~$j$&~~~ 15. Inca : , ,,: 7, .“, ,





The trial was held on three



tikdn’tcoverCPDC e



To the editor: 3 I would like to bring to: $5:. attention a certain in d“‘de&t.ini)olving a UW professor, a UW student. and several others. We were arrested on Ociober 3 I,1979 for holding a demonstration agairist the police who had arrested and charged 3 East Indian workers for defending themselves against a racis’t attack. Thirteen police viciously attacked fiye demonstrators. I was taken to KY hospital for an injury sustained in the incident and u . w . professor D . wahlsten was punched by one cop, whom he later: charged with assault, and was injured in the basement of the police station after being attacked by police there. We were subsequently charged with “causing a disturbance by shouting” and I


demanding the university establish a’ code of ethics to gmrn . its contractual relationships. Hundreds of UW stydents signed this petition. On the day of the demonstratioil, the UW Board of Governors was being pre-



not felicitous ’ forfelines. . .-hi&s!

To the editor: It is becoming increasingly evident that your publication ‘ha’s a definite anti-feline stance ~u?TFg $~hes;ab~~~e\t rE; and it’s really got our backs up! such a code of ethics. Imprint. In Your July 173 1981 issue You reporter Jacob Arseneault was - featured no less than three

on each of the days. On May, 29, 1981, four of us were presentat the meetingbut‘ attacks on the personal inconvicted of “catising a distegrity of every cat in the Kitturbance” and two of tis were again the Imprint failed to chener-Waterloo region. 4s convicted of “assault police” report a word on the incident. decent domesticated cats ’ we and given jail terms. We were’ On June 19, an Imprint resent ‘.the implication that later released pending appegl. editorial expressed concern The trials revealed not only a about the lack of Cons‘istency marriage between ourselves and canines is an acceptable case of police brutality but a surrounding the issue of ethics practice. As with humans, we serious infringement against and professionalism. Near the look upon bestiality as a the rights of the people of end it says “if it’s wrong for a Canada. Although the re- doctor to be negligent then it’s decadent and unacceptable porter from Imprint witnessed also wrong for teachers, plumPractice. Similarly, we feel that to advocate violent atthe entire trial, not a word was . be’rs, secretaries, you and’me.” tacks upon creatures with limprinted about it. How about ,for journalists? ited, mental abilities is an A similar incident bccurred The failure to report on the last term when a demonabove &idents which have unquestionablYinhumaneact. We demand a prompt and strati& was held in front of taken place under your noses is Needles Hall against the UW clearly negligence. If Imprint PurrfectlY Polite apology. . administration’s business is trulyconcer edaboutpohce 9 dealings with the CIA; specbrutality and “ thics and proi&ally their plan to give the fesaionalism”, 1 * newly develaped .C370 Cornbegin by exp$lg piier to the CIA. Steve Harvey, incidents whichy*aryI have involved ~ who had objected to the C370 students and faculty at.UWinsarily hold theviewsofwriters which he was working on stead ’ of blatantly ignoring expressed in a letter are solely being given to the CIA, had them. earlier drawn up a petition


. ,

. -


July 31,198l.




The Money

Camms Question


OSAP can _- getyou through Well, hopefully you’ll make it through this term financially afloat. But what about next term? The Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) can really make a difference. This week we’ll give you a brief explanation of what OSAP is and how it works, as well as some tips on making it work for you. OSAP comes in two forms: grants and loans. Grants are great - YOU don’t have to pay them back! Loans are good too. They’re interest free, until six months after you’re through full time university. You apply for both OSAP grants and loans through ysingle application form available from the Registrar’s office in Needles Hall. Application forms come with a fairly clear information and instruction booklet, but we’ll cover some of the basics here. First of all, make sure you’re eligible! If you’re a Canadian citizen or landed immigrant, and not eligible for student assistance from another province, you should be 0. K. Check out the intricacies in the instruction book. You’ll be classified as either a “Group A” or “Group B” student. Unlike Huxley’s world, the Betas generally have it better off than the Alphas! You’re a Group B if you’re married, a single parent, or have worked for three years. Otherwise, you’re Group A, meaning that your parents’ income will afffect the amount of your assistance. Naturally, thereareabout five billion subclauses to this. For instance, if you’re married and both students (like us!), OSAP considers both of you to be single Group B’s, which has its advantages and disadvantages. Besides giving you a headache, the Group A or B classification will determine what you have to say on the application and, more importantly, how they figure out your assistance. The application form is not difficult to understand and fill out. After the usual identification nonsense, you have to declare your gross summer or workterm earnings. Academic awards, investment income (yes, those damn stocks again!), study period earnings, government income, and other assets must all be reported. In other words, you have to say how much money you have. (Honestly, we hope). If you’re a Group A student, as most students are, OSAP expects your parents to



’ ‘I.. I

.:‘,““’ sgUAKE V’

Billiards & Amusements

4b King Street N., Waterloo 0 Video Games Cl Air Hockey Cl Snack Bar

Live Entertainment

Do YOU tl-qnk seriously?

order to calculate how much your parents are expected to contribute, OSAP requires information on your parents’ financial status and number of dependent children. The same sort of information is required for Group B students with non-student spouses. The amount of grant or loan you receive is based on a simple equation. First, the OSAP number crunchers calculate your“Allowable Education Expenses”,includingtuition, books, living expenses (as per their formuZa.l), and travel allowances, Then they subtract off your “Expected Financial Contribution”, a computed percentage of you and your family’s income and assets, with allowances for the number of children in the family and other odds and ends. The difference between these two figures is your “Calculated Financial Need”. You will only receive ,OSAP assistance if your educational expenses exceed your expected contribution. Group A and married Group B students can receive at most $2500 in grant per term. Single Group B students receive a maximum of $1,000 ingrant per term. Inaddition, either group can be offfered up to $1800 in loan per term, The best piece of advice when applying for OSAP is to apply early. Apply now for next term! Also, don’t.make any mistakes or leave things blank that should be filled in. Errors or omissions just mean the thing is sent back for correction, and delay. Especially make sure you have all the required signatures. If in doubt, direct questions to the Student Awards Office. They’re quite helpful. If you feel you have been maligned in your assessment, you can appeal your case through the Student Awards Office. Just be sure to have plenty of documentation to back you up. They can also help you with short term emergency loans, available through various societies, should the need arise. Don’t be shy about applying! If you’re eligible for some assistance, great, take advantage of it. Remember, youdon’t have to take the loans if you dislike being in debt, but the grants are free for the taking. It might take a little time to fill out the form, but the time is well spent. Don &

the Warriors’

Band should


by Fraser

the music Simpson

they try to p&y more and Peter Sara&m

DavidRhead arrcivillllnginee~ I don’t hear enough about them to know, really. They aren’t a8 vocaJ as the Engineeringband

MarkWeawer ‘8B No. Defllnitely

compafer science not. It’s Am stuff.

No, I think the Warriors’ Band is excellent. I love the enthusiasm it brings forth at the basketbaU games.

anaie’JLbporowski 46complxterscience No, because it’s fun the ww

Andree Powers 1B CharteredAccountancy

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Frankly, I don’t listen to it.

No, I think it’s kind they have it now.


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Pinball Machines , 0 Regulation q

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Fri. &Sat.-Midnight -hours-


Pool 6am Dave Wareham

aBCMlEng~~ Mon.,Tue+,Wed.,T~urs. _____..____I_ 1Oam-I 2pm I’ve never heard Friday and Saturday ________________________ 24 hours Band WI llpm Sunday -__-I-------------------------------------------

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July 31,198l.





W’iIiiIiilfen’ ~go&L but not htqrrifying /

Wolfen! A movie that advertises great horror and suspense. Nobody - escapes the Wolfen, claims the ad. Well, you can escape the Wolfen by- not seeing this movie. To be fair, the movie wasn’t that bad, and I recommend you see it when it comes out on TV. But it isn’t worth the $4.25 charged at the theatres. The movie starts with a newscast of the earth turning ceremony at a construction site. This is where the Wolfen makes its first appearance. The Wolfen watches the ceremony with its pseudocolour infrared eyes. The visual effect of viewing the scene through the eyes of the Wolfen is quite good. As the Wolfen moves from hiding spot-to hiding spot, you move along%th it, seeing the world in pseudo-colour.


Shields and Martin e


Right from the beginning of the movie, you are wondering who or what the Wolfen is. It sees in pseudo-colour infra red. It hears a lower frequency range than humans (this sound effect is also well done). The suspense increases when the .Wolfen stalks its prey - a young billionaire and his lovely wife strolling through a New York park, late at night. First, the Wolfen kills the body guard, but not before the guard’s hand is deftly removed when he tries for his gun. The Wolfen then kills the billionaire and his wife. When the police arrive they find the billionaire’s brain missing and his wife’s head hanging on to her body by a thread. There is blood all over the place. Who, or what, could kill like this? The Wolfen kills extremely

in Endless

However, the solution-guys at the end! meets up with them face to moral of the story. In fact, the face. In fact, they are conWolfen turn out tobe the good fronted by 5 Wolfen in the Horror scenes are spread office of the dead billionaire. throughout the There no longer remains the sparingly mystery as to who or what a movie. There is lots of susWolfen is, but will the stars get pense, but most of it passes by uneventfully (though there are out of this alive? exceptions). The morgue scene shows naked bodies Of course! But unfortunand some blood and guts but it ately that is where the movie all happens very quickly so ends. The Wolfen is once that you don’t have time to again at peace with the world, become nauseous. This is a and all go their separate ways. 1 good horror/suspense movie to see if you are a beginner at It is an ending and it does answer the questions raised in this type of movie.

fast and cuts through flesh very cleanly. About this time the hero of the show arrives. Albert Finney plays a detective who is called in by the police to help


credibility. It is possible to No one euer thinks they can ability to reflect emotions actually -start caring for the forget their-first love. through facial expressions. Stop and think about that Why else would over half the characters on the screen. This for a second. movie consist of shots of the feeling does not last long, though, and soon the feeling Can you remember your characters from the shoulders arises that the whole ordeal first love? It is the emotion of UPwill all be over’soon. remembering someone-whom In this vein, Brooke Shields’ you were deeply in love with face is exploited throughout. If Advertisements for Endless Love lead the public to that the movie plays on. there was doubt before, there wonder how it ever got past David is 17 years old and is none now; Miss Shields is the Ontario Censor Board Jade is 15. They are in love. simply gorgeous; for a 16 year This. is the perfect starting After viewing the old that is. But too much of a (OCB)( movie, I wondered why it got a point for a romantic movie, if good thing becomes boring restricted rating. It couldn’t be you enjoy watching two teenquickly. One can only take agers cling to each other. seeing Shields looking dreamy due to nudity, language or When a 15 year old girl has violence, because these pheneyed at her co-stars for so omena occur rarely and only her boyfriend over for a family long. for brief moments. This leaves dinner, should she be crawling At times the movie is just all over him during the entire silly. I heard one person only the subject matter. The meal? Jade’s parents didn’t behind me say, “thisis stupid”, OCB banned Shields’ Pretty seem to mind. In fact they are and I had to agree with him at Baby for this very reason. It can be assumed that this so open minded that they ’ that point. flick is done with considerably joined right in when their kids In most movies the ending is more good taste. had a party that very night. considered to be one of the Some movies will generate At times Endless L&e strong points. If one could pick the strong point in the plot discussion afterwards. Conrises above its mediocrity and versely, other movies are so becomes almost respectable (what there is of it) of Endless bad they make one want to (yet it never quite makes it). Love it-would have to be the throw up and forget the At least the actors have last 20 to 25 minutes. Here the talent. In one scene David and old film techniques of’ susincident as soon as possible. Endless Love is only slightly Jade are expressing their pense and the unexpected better than this second group feelings for each .other,. with occur. the hope that the audience will One is desperately trying to of movies. be swept up in the romanticism. figure out how the movie will There are a couple of brief moments of noteworthy subActually the lines sound so finally end, when suddenly stance here, but they‘ are realistic that the audience something happens that rebreaks out laughing. quires a new ending to the he_avily .outweighed by the plot. general blahness everywhere Apparently the only reInitially this change in plot --_else. quirement needed to get a part Terry Bolton in Endless Love ‘was the gives Endless Love a bit of

the movie, so that the audience is satisfied. But there is no real conclusion. They can come back at any time and start all over again if they wish. The ending is acceptable however if you consider the

solve the murders. He and a psychologist check out the leads that eventually brings the’m to the solution. ‘T7


All in all, wait for the movie to come out on TV. The only advantage to seeing this movie in the theatres (versus some other movie) is that the theatre is not very crowded. Chris Matthews 9



mcapzst ‘Arthurgzves / good giggle to -viewers For the past two weeks, I had known of my obligation to attend and comment upon an apparently frivolous little film entitled Arthur. From small snippets I had already seen while attending a nauseating flick of a swee’t little black kid in a rail station, Z had concluded 1 was to witness the shameless , cauorting about of a drunken little rich manfor two long hours. Thus, I attempted to postpone the engagement in hopes that it mightcauortoffinto thesunset, beforeZmightseteyes upon it. It was not to be. The film was too successful. So, hiding my predispositions in a relatiuely infrequently accessed part of my mind, I and a dear buddy entered the confines of the spacious and friendly Waterloo Theatre, to partake of tihat camaradarie and humour might worm it’s way out of the celluloid and into our hearts. .. After an honestly offbeat who can still giggle drunkenly (ie. quite strange) animated at the end. Arthur, with simple plot short entitled Special Delivery, Arthur began with the manages to entertain much of sounds of loud, uproarious, the way, based on Moore’s fun infectious laughter that would loving ways, with many of the funnier moments resulting emanate from Arthur (Dudley Moore) for most of the from his inebriated state, evening. which occurs with alarming A chauffered car came to a regularity throughout much of stop along a New York street the show. near two brilliantly coloured ladies of the night, with whom the back seat passenger, the happy drunken Arthur, engaged in a snappy, humourous exchange of baiting and dating. Arthur, ever In an age of synthetic, manjocular, acquires one of the made materials, Bo Derek is young ladies, returns home no surprise. Designed, packand falls out of the car, having aged and airbrushed by .her a simply fabulous time. Svengali husband John Arthur and the lady even? Derek, Bo seems to be hyping tually retire to the sleeping her way to the top. chambers, ’ in which a large

John Gielgud wields a surprisingly acidic tongue in a perhaps larger film role than that which he is accustomed to. His satiric wit contrasts not unfavourably with the straightforward comments of Moore. Liza is pleasant, and lovely as always, an independent character who inexplicably loves our senseless clod for more than his money. .I The- movie is escapist fare, of course, but what the hell, so is most of the popular cinema. I Go for a hearty-giggle. As mentioned previously, Arthur is presently giggling at the prestigious Waterloo Theatre, here in our own adopted fair city. Michael Longfield

Movie bilkd ‘erotic’ is merely very dull

complex of trains (HO scale) is located at the foot of the bed. The trains run long after midnight. Arthur, althpugh in hisearly thirties (actually, Moore is probably much beyond that)is a child. Heir to 750 million dollars, he has never had to care for himself and depends greatly upon Hobson (Sir John Gielgud) for the necessities of survival. Until he meets and finds love with a shoplifter (Liza Minnelli, also somewhat older than her character), his life is filled with Santa and racing cars.

That isn’t to say that Tarzan, The Ape Man isn’t a movie worth seeing. Outstanding photograpy and lush scenery make the film a pleasant visual experience. Unfortunately, the film has numerous flaws that seriously affect its quality and render it BORING. The plot is predictable. Father goes on a safari. Daughter Jane goes along ona sort of co-op learning experience. Jane is molested by Tarzan. Tarzan introduces Jane to the splendours of the natural world. Tarzan and Jane swing off into the sunset. Miles O’Keefe makes his film debut as Tarzan. There is a mystical, innocent quality to his portrayal of the noble savage. However, his role is extremely limited, leaving the audience to wonder why the film is called Tarzan, and not Jane.

Arthur begins to find himself with Liza, and the sudden illnessand impending death of Hobson$tirs the mote of responsibility that exists within him. Meanwhile, he must marry another woman to retain his money. The situation is eventaully resolved with major helpings of happiness dumped on Arthur,

Richard Harris is his usual weird self. As James Parker, Jane’s father, he romps through the jungles of Africain ’ search of adventure. He is by far the most interesting character in the movie, with’ a depth and personality that one welcomes after two hours with lifeless, ‘cardboard characters. Depending upon what you’re looking for, Bo’s performance could be described as either tremendous or barely passable. If you’re ’ looking. for outstanding dia1ogue;forget it. You’ll feel like laughing when Bo says that , she’s never touched a man ’ before. However, if you’re looking for physical presence, Bo has it. Her number 10 body is all over the big screen. Even when dressed, Bo’s clothing is either wet or see through. Rib fetishists will find her performance stimulating. Don’t be fooled. The promotional campaign for Tarzan, The Ape Man claims that it is “the most erotic adventure ever made.” Let’s get serious. It’s the most boring adventure ever made. Julie Lynne Joyce


\ . .

I -


- m . 3 - - c -

- . -

- . - -


. -



July 3’1,198l:lmprint

8 -_ I

‘Mot Wedding’ Is,Rod Serling’s


Zone Magazine

a’logical continuation of the television series of the same name, allowing today’s writers of suspense, fantasy and horror the opportunity to sell their fiction to a respected literary




Damned if I know. After four issues, all I ‘can say bdut the Twiliiht Zone Magazine is that I generally enjoy reading it, although there’ are parts of it which will have to be changed before I can feel able to wholeheartedly endorse it. That might not be a strong enough recommendation to make you go out and plunk down two bucks for the thing, but that’s the best I can do. I would be happier with the magazine if the re\view section were trashed, or,‘at least, reworked. Gahan Wilson, whose ‘cartoons I am a great fan of, does not impress me as a capable film reviewer. His knowledge of the media seems severely limiteds. While Theodore Sturgeon is eminently qualified to review science fict’ion/fantasy;/horror literature, his writing style is not suited to such endeavours. Neither Sturgeon nor Wilson have a column which holds interest for very long. Finally, the profiles of famous writers, directors and other ‘genre professionals is interesting j and usually well done, but ra{her redundant; there. are magazines which specialize in that sort of thing (Starlog, for example). . ’ 0 the plus. side, -the of the magazine :* ITGFjority ;contains fiction, much of it by famous authors, most of it very good. Although there are already signs that the writers are running out of purely original ideas (a pity considering. the vastness of the field)‘the fiction is generally of superior quality. Paradoxically, that is not to say the stories are not disappointing, for, although they may be of exCellent quality, few of the stories belong to the Twilight Zone. This arises out: of. the fundamerltal difference between writing for television and writing for a magazine. The television programme was very limited, and Rod Serling knew how to use most of the limitations to his advantage. Because it was, for four of its five seasons, only a haIf. hour long, the fgllowing format for, plot development wgs used: introduction of main elements before first commercial break, development of plst between first and second commercial breaks, conclusion‘ for the end of the show (usually involving a surprise ending). It was this surprise ending, where the killer was finally destroyed by his own weapon, or the madman’s stories turnedout to be true, that kept viewers coming back week after week. The other limitation Rod Serling faced was that of money. Although the special effects were always the best available, they were sparingly used. This forced the writers to concentrate on creafjng characters and realistic character conflicts, even in the midst of the unexplained..

source? Or is it a rip-off, capitalizing on the name of a dead cinematic genius to sell the usual mixture of reviews, fiction (good and bad) and whatever else its format calls for?

Writing a short story,‘however, one faces neither limitation. The only limitatioa having a complicated plot or a lush setting in a short story is that of the writer’s ability to create one. Thus, in many cases, the emphasis of a story in the magazine is not the same as that in the televison show. Though this does not detract from the quality of the stories, it can be a crushing disap-

pointment. As well, I noticed a shift*in emphasis away from science fiction towards horror, a shift which I don’t like. To be sure, horror was a large part of the television show, but it was the horror of realization, of being

caught in your own web or of being fated to lose despite your best efforts. (The review writer takes a break, going upstairs to get himself a can of liquid refreshment. ‘$-Iave I really written all of this?” he asks himself. “Heck, nobody’s going to understand what you’re talking about. And you’ve left the best part of the magazine to the end of the review! What Y a doltoid!“)

The show-by-show guide of episodes of the television show is a high point of the magazine. Unlike other Twilight Zone episo the Twilight Zone opening

Book points At present ,, large segments of our socie seem to have gotten onto Pthe health kick bandwagon. Their lifestyles have adopted regular exercise, mineral water instead of alcohol, and more awareness about the foods they eat. It is this last item, food, that receives \as comprehensive analysis in the book, The Invisible Additives: Environmental Contaminants in Our Food.

The book, written by Linda RI Pim, of the University of Toronto based Pollution Probe, looks into the additives not listed on the side of the package. These invisible additives are, among -others, the pesticides and antibiotics used in the growing-stages of food, the chemical and metal dumpings of industry into the rivers and elsewhere, and the moulds that canoccur on improperly stored food. It is the companion book to her other work, published in 1979, called The Additive Alert: A Guide to Food Additives for the Canadian Consumer. That book

looked at the problems associated with food-processing additives. The Invisible Additives is a concise overview of the direct, and indirect processes and the effects from these that

I I 1


and closing


not funny

The zany bunch of Brits (the BBC) that created Not the Nine O’clock News have reappeared with Not the Royal Wedding. Maybe they didn’t have enough time betbeen the engagement announcement and the=wedding. Maybe it was too difficult to fill a book with jokes on one limited topic (after all, how many times can you enlarge upon the size of Charles’ ears?) Whatever the reasons, something is definitely lacking from this book - mainly humour. There-are not many good royalty jokes, nor are there many good wedding jokes. Finding jokes covering both subjects at once doesn’t leave you with ri7uch to go on. Not the Royal Wedding relies too heavily on puns (mainly in heds) and sight in fact, that’s about all it has. Some sass are excellent (“A Di in the Loife”) but the majority just don’t quite make it (“A Di Memento is Forever.“) A few of the pictures are recognizable from Not the Nine O’clock News, only with di#erent captions. Over all, the previous book was much better. It relied upon good, short, snappy quips and well done sight gags, such as the display ads which were beautifully done. But the reducers seem to have forgotten how to wri, 3 . . -Not the Royal Wedding uses many longer piecegand few of them are an9 good. The shoi-ts fall flat when they should be taking off. The ads are not take-offs of anything recognizable. and tend to get bogged downwith’copy, such as the one of “Giant Hygienic Steamy Royal Wedding Style Rubber Socks”. This ad is typical of most - a boring hed and two inches of tiny, boring copy. At times the book gets to be tacky and tasteless. Perhaps the worst offender is a crowd ‘picture’ that portrays anaked woman being slung over a man’s shoulder. It is accompanied by the caption: “The Lady Di Look. Lady Di arrives at the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, and is helped from

her car by detectives. The apparent cleavage in her lower torso is in fact the shadow from a solar eclipse.” Books can get a little bawdy at times and still be funny, but that is just plain tacl!Y. There are some good points in the book. Nine-tenths of the contents are bland, but the remaining fraction is surprisingly first class. Hidden ationgst the Barbara Cartland throwaways are some rare gems, including an Ode by the Poet Laureate (“Oh great big mountainous tennis-girl, and tiny mountaineer/God grant you lots of little kids with tiny little ears”) complete with editorial comments (“much too. long! I distinctly put ‘Complete ode in ‘not more than 12 words’ in your original brief .” ’ What is good in the book is excellent, but for the most part Not the Royal Wedding is boring. It may make a nice souvenir, but $4.95 is a bit steep for five pages of good * humour.

&I&,’ whi@h ai’e- oft& the . iea’son’ for buying the magabest parts of the shows. zine . Finally, each magazine feaIs the Twilight Zone Magfures the complete script of azine a rip-off? I tend to think one episode of the show. Al- not: they are putting, a not though their choice ‘of f&a- inconsiderable sum of money tured episode hasn’t always into a writing contest to try bedn mine, this is a powerful and help new authors.

to chemical /

1invisible ’

dangers ,

find their way into our food. Information concerning the use of pesticides fills a fair amobnt of the book. Everything from the iegulations ,governing acceptable levels, and application guidelines, to the effects on humans and the environment is looked at.Achapterisalsodevotedto alternatives to the widespread use of pesticides, and the pros and cons of these ideas are weighed. Perhaps the most frighteniri‘g chapters to read are the ones about organic pollutants and the metal contamination of food. While the horrendous effects of lead and mercury poisoning are most likely known by all, how many ‘6an appreciate the prevalence and effects of say, PCB’s ?r the diokin group of chemicals? -Increased information, in regards to’ the consequences suffered by Vietnam veterans caught in the spra+ing of the defoliant Agent Orange, has brought the dioxin effects to the public’s awareness., The phasing out of PCB use would’ seem to point to a decrease in the danger associated with it, but as Pim reminds us, these elements bio-concentrate and the effects may surface years after the fact due to their persistent nature.



So;‘if you like good-fantasy/ horror, by all means ‘get the magazine. If you’re interested in episodes of the show, buy the magazine. Just don’t expect the former to be reflected in the latter.


Ira Nayman

h food The book contains a large numbei of tables, both from published and unpublished material; average residue reports, tolerance levels, and lists of additive groups, names and toxicity are some of the information given in chart form. The use of tables is one of the best methods for presenting these types of information, as comparison is simple to do. The nature

of The Inviscould make the reader a confirmed pessimist, if it were not for the o’utlines of what is being done about dingerous chemicals, and what could be done to protect the environment and I its inhabitants. The reader is given some encouragement knowing that with enough consumer awareness the problems are not, and need not be as severe as they _ are now. Along this- line Pim offers suggestions at the end of each section as to how one can minimize exposure to the various harmful elements. The glossary, and the listing of various further sources of information are also included to make this a complete resource book for anyone interested or involved in the toxicology field.





.TheArW L&test/ wave Oq the basis of three novels, I heresy proclaim the format for novels dealing .with vampires. The first of these was Dracula. The second was 1 Salem’s Lot. And the third is They Thirst, by Robert R. McCammon. It is weighty (531

- ’ -Bo~lm

- ,

of sci-fii and horror t





July 31,198l.



So this is not a science fiction mystery in the line of Larry Niven’s ARM stories. This is Sam Spade, the Continental Op; the guy who does what he has- tb do. Am I succeeding? Have you got !he flavour of the thing? If this flavour is Keeping Time’s asset, it is also responsible for the failure of the novel, a small failure. Like the echoes in They Thirst, the problem again is format. Formula. You can almost

Yeah. I’d do it like that. So the book has some very nice passages of writing, some lovely characterizations, and a good vision. There’s very little wasted space in They Thirst, and it scared me too. Now the science fiction. There is not a lot of funny


sense that the woman he loves is the criminal. She has to be, to dramatize Hughes’ internal i conflicts. I hate it when artistic purpose interferes -with ’ the plot. But this is a tiny failing, one that affects only-the last ten _ pages. For the rest of the book, it is a lovely, sleazy world that Hughes lives in, and if yqu like this sort of fiction (I do!) it is highly recommended. John McMullen

Positions Available At

pages) and deals with the eff&t& of a small group of people (a police detective, a reporter, a priest, and a young boy) to fight the takeover of a community by vampires. The vampires are lead by their centuries-old king. The city is Los Angeles, which may or may not deserve it, but the devil needs eight million Souls by October 31st, so there is widespread destruction. Thg similarities with - Salem’s Lot end shortly after that, I’m glad to say. A lot of things are done differently and I very well. The problem with these novels is that minor ’ characters are constantly biting the dust (getting bit?). This can introduce a sort of tedium. By the two hundredth page you’ve decided who the heroes are, and you know that . anyone else is just going to die.


hum, Steven’s



die. So McCammon has avaided this by giving us scenes of - the new Los Angeles. ’ The tialk down the Sunset Strip is frightening, fearful in implication. Anyone can write “The bullet passed through his eye and splattered his brains across the creamcoloured rug”. Sure. But horror by implication is much more delicate, and a lot more fun. It lends suspense. And now the best touch of the novel: The vampires are Finally, the organized. vampires have a scheme to take over. (What they’ll do afterwards, I don’t know; they are dependent on a large number of hosts. Maybe they’ll breed humans like cattle. It could make an interesting novel, hmmm.) Atid Prince Vulkan has spent years learning how to take . over a city. The first victims are taken to alhospifal, where they take over the ambulance services, killing the hopeless accident victims, feeding on the rest. They infiltrate the police department. And they’re killing selectively (the maste’r don’t want no old ones, you dig?). It would take an Act of God to stop them.



the U of W

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Street N.: 8864500

science fiction written, not today in the midst of the Latest Great Science Fiction Boom, not ever. One of _the names you mightrecognize is Robert Sheckley’s. (Yes, Robert Sheckley.) He has written satiric and wry, and now he has edited an anthology on a subject that I would not think of as ripe. (But he works for Omni magazine -now. Maybe that hes soJnething to do with it.) The subject is the End of the World. After the Fall. Now, that is a depressing thing, no? But we have here Harry Harrison’s The Day After the End of the World in which all that is left is a large chunk of rock, a frozen sheep and a man and a’ woman. There is also the not-so-little green man who destroyed the world. The essence of sex is revenge. Roger Zelazny contributes three shorts, nicely done, but not exceptional. He has been turning out a number of these quick shorts recently. I would rather he wrote slightly longer pieces. Thomas Disch includes a’ short story about Ingman Bergmar (yes, I know what the pame real& is, but let’s play along for a moment, eh) and how he attained inner peace when God spoke to him froin the centre of a canolle. And Nirvana is a Nowhere Plq& by Joel Schulman, wherein Fenton the comptroller must find room to accommodate everyone after Armageddon. Heaven is crowded. .. And Harlan Ellison writing the script for the Revelation so that Gorcan produce and Cecil B. deMille direct and the collection is loaded with Good Stuff. Just don’t let me blather

‘Revenue director: The Revenue Director is responsible for ad sales for our monthly publication, the FM Times; promotion of our 8 track recording studio, disc jockey service and tape duplication service as well as organizing fund raising projects for the station. This is a full time Position, which Pays both salary and commission. Deadline for applications-&August 5th, 1981. Position would commence August 1 Oth, 1981. 2) on any more; buy the damned thing. Now: Larry Niven has said that the sci@nce fiction mystery is the host difficult to write, and it wasn’t. even done until the fifties, when Hal Clement managed to do it. So it is surprising that a first novel can do a good job. David Bear has manaded the difficult task of writing a science fiction-detective novel by making sure that the science part is not overwhelming. That isn’t why this is a good book. The good part of Keeping Time is Jack

Hughes, a classic private eye in the hard-boiled mode, working and living in New York in the late 1990’s. A city where penthouses are cheap because you have to walk up the stairs. Super cockroaches. Widespread apathy. I’m not sure if I followed the gqdget, the MacGuff in - a time-storing gadget, a place to store your spare time. That’s okay; the hero never actually understands it either, and is ’ concerned solely with practical things: Why is someone killing the users of this exclusive service?

Forde Studio

Music Director: This is a half time position and the Music Director is responsible ‘for training new volunteers, organizing the on-air music schedule, monintoring logs and programming, liaison with record companies, preparing playlists, and maintaining the record library. Salary $125/i&k plus OHIP. Deadline for applications is FridayAugust 14th, 1981. Position would commence Monday August 24th, 1981.

For further infgrmation on these two positions please call (5 l’9) 886-2567 during business hours. ’



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sonnet of sad adventure; the - go to . . .Iand hard pop lovers Anyone who is looking for everybhere.” music moves the lyrics tres This helped to an album that catches War at strengthen the good feeling magnifique! its best, should definitely conrockers, that along with the Hine, originally behind 1 had about this album. The sider getting this one. All their opening cut on the album, are British 70’s band Quantum third eye-catcher bf the al- big hits are covered in a Jump, clearly show’s style and bum is the cover photo of a - pseudo-chronological the bands best offerings. order, In niost cases, cover irer- , Immunity to other music gorgeous blonde. with the added ingedient of a, siofis of songs are never as trends ori this latest solo The music itself isn’t live atmosphere. A must good as the-originals. This is release, It’s electronic pop exactly what 1 had thought it addition to maintain a comespecially true when it comes with a progressive \ vast would be, but there were plete record collection. moments when it really Terry Bolton to Beatles songs. Tha Vandifference. Zant Band ttirns in a respect7 Surface tension is an rocked. ,Four of the songs -fit Nine Nine Nine into the style of current top able version of Drive My Car, alarming star track with heartColpcrete . , perhaps the best totier-yet, thumping percussion via 30 singles, two are more Albion Records but still not better than the FMish, while the remainder Collins and enticing lyrics via Nine Nine Nine is back in lie somewhere in between original. They’ve kept the Hine/Faithfull. style with Concrete, solid, * arrangement fairly true to the “It’s Hallowe’en without a the AM and FM markets. hard rock with a $iff&ence. 1 wouldn’t classify all the one used by the Beatles, but pumpkin, and it’s only surface Concrete is an album you tension” b&-don’t play this songs oh this album as ‘hard Van-Zant’s vocals are much can play continuously and pop’, but When I Get You rougher. This track is a good track alone at night. Alone, Ten Minutes and a never tire of. Guituarist .Guy example of the ba.tid’s hard It’s enough to make your Day’s riffs are crisp and clear, sound;and, is also one of my flesh crawl in electronic 3/4 unique .yer$ion of Stop in the perfect compliment to Nick ‘f&ourites. ‘- Name of Love d.efinitel$ are. aCash’s time. stark vocals, and they On the other hanid, Survive Overall, the Johnny VanImmunity ,is H&e’s ring and sting the whole disc Zant Band is a basic rock band discovery.. And if yov want (best track on the album), 1 through. Like The Fire and Say that somehow manages to something’ different to bide The opening track ‘So ’ your musical time, make it Goodbye are the ‘rockin’ capture their energy on vinyl. ‘Greedy is a mover and dance easy’ type. They’ve got experience, and if yours. grabber, definitely one of the The main prdblem with you listen to their album you’ll Coral Andrews best tracks. But Concrete r ’ l both the group and the agree that they’ve got talent doesn’t crumble anywhere. too. What they need now the Jon Watson’s bass beefs up most is some airplay (besides Break it Up and Little Red the Thursday mornings done Riding Hood. Remember that . by me) so that- the public old Sam the Sham ditty? Nine becomes aware of what this Nine Nine’s rendition is a -; talented, experienced band perky, amusing, result comhas to offer. plete with Cash howling in the . Terry Bolton woods. t Rupert Hine Like the previous Biggest Imniunity Prize in Sport, Ni,ne Nine Nine maintains the same hard, ~ A&M Records rbck driving force, but this Hang on;o your vertigos! album around there’s a little Maestro Rupert Hine has added polish. taken a Quantum Jump with Side two’s Silent Anger is a Immunity. sing-a-long with a bit of rock ‘n Help from musical friends ska fdr effect. Percussionist Marianne Faithful1 and Phil Pa&o Labritains pounding Collins, make Hine’s album drums in conjunction with refreshing, yet haunting. Day’s driving lead runs in Faithfull’s lusty lyrics are down. Night T&e Lady, Drive My Car and Shotdown are three good the tempo

and song titles \ are some enlightening thank yous. “Special thanks . . . apd to all the bands that we have had the - In the mid. to late 1970’s opportunity to play with (and disco music started to make who have given us their supan impression on the music port): .38 Special, Outlaws, / scene. When the 80’s rolled Molly Hatchet, Atlanta around, new wave had started RhythmSection, MichaelSchtaking over. Peoples tastes in wenker, and the Rossington . music are always changing. Or Collins Band.” are they? 1 have yet to hear any of the Ever sinCe the sixties when songs from this new album on - rock and roll toughened up a the radio (excepting the Unibit and became rock, people versity radio station, CKMS, ‘have been enjoying a variety of where 1 am a disc jockey). 1 different groups who mastercannot figure out why this is ed the ability to play rock so. The majority of the songs ._ 1 music. ‘on Round Two are quite The Johnny Van-Zant Band good. Of the ten songs on the is a fairly new group with one , album, seven are basic rock intention, that is to keep songs, while the other three - making rock tiusic as long as are slower songs seemingly there are people out there who intended for contrast. want to hear it. (Who’s) Right or Wrong is a If you are one who never solid opening cut, tfie kind that reads the liner notes on record demonstrates the kind of albums, or those columns in quality this group is capable of. the various newspapersabout The sound’ is tight and tothe music world, YOU probgether. Unfortunately, in. tiblg‘ haven’t hizafd anything * stead of keeping up the tempo,. about Johnny Van-Zant. the next two, songs get That’s not to say you haven’t progressively slower. heard his m&sic, because you It’s not until side two that probably have. they really establish themI On the back cover d Vanselves again as a rock group ’ Zant’s new. album, Round - that means business. Only Two, along withal1 the credits - once on side two do they slow \ bohnny Van-Zant Round Two Polygtiam


featured in Misplaced Love, giving it just the right macabre tinge of mystery.-Think a Man Will Hung Soon and the dramatic Another Stranger give you the same eerie feeling Peter Gabriel’s Intruder andNo Se/f-Control did, with Mr. Collins as guest percussionist Jeanette Obstdoj’s conceptual lyrics of madness, tension,nightmarish creeping unknowns, and quiet desolation, give Hine the right mood for imaginative moog w,hich -oozes through ImmunityA From the electro-crescendo , in Hang Onto My Vertigo, the FMfavorite, toMakea Wish,a _

Don’t You Know I Need You,

Small Talk Small Talk. MCA Each record made these days- usually has titilized some method to convince you to buy it. Small Talk’s self-titled album has ‘three items which raised my interest. Firstly, there was a song entitled That’s Rock n’ Roll, which gqve me illusions of. some no-nonsense rock and roll. Secondly, on the back of the album cover are the dedications, ‘one of which reads “special thanks

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album is the simple fact that nobody has heaid of them. 1 have never heard one of their songs on the radio, and 1 haven’t seen the album in the record stores. The group does have talent and potential; what they need now is some promotion. Terry Bolton War - The Music Live War MCA

Band -


The group War got their start by being the backup group for Eric Burdon (of the Animals). This combination produced the hit single Spill The wine. From that date in 1969 until the present day, War has been making it on their own. A few years ago, War’s Greatest Hits album made the rounds. q War - The Music I&d -Live is basically are-hash of the earlier album, except that ~ this one is better. Live was recorded in L.A. which is War’s home turf. The audience loves them, and they have no reason not to. War is a well polished, finely tuned group that lays down a solid beat with an. energy that just won’t quit.

give Nine Nine Nine fans a taste of first-rate rokk. But you’ll become obsessed with Obsessed. It’s this fine British band’s Magnificent Seven and spaghetti western fans with a penchant for the dance floor will make this one their favourite. As Cash lusts after his woman, your body will lust after the beat. Sink you feet into C-onCrete because almost all songs are danceable, and your feet won’t want to miss a beat. Coral Andrews Musta Notta Gotta Lotta Joe Ely MCA

, When looking at the cover of Joe Ely’s new album Musta Notta Gotta.Lotta you see a man who looks like he’s in his forties, His face looks a bit like Bob Dylan’s, and his hairstyle is stolen from Robert Gordon. 1didn’t know what toexpect when 1 played this album; it could have been cowboy songs from Texas! Luckily 1 was pleasantly surprised. The opening cut, also the title track, just astou-nded me. It turned out to be your basic get down and do it, hard rot kin’ old time rot k and roll. 1 could not believe it; 1 actually thought it wgs great. The rest of the album was fairly good but nothing topped The tempo of the album that first song. -- -_ ,‘stae~ off slow, and picks up Some of the selections on with -each new song. “We this album were reminiscent of gonna party!” yells one of the other songs. Dallas sounded a of War during the , members bit like Kansas City. Hold On song AII Night Long. And sounds like Eric Clapton’s that’s what this album ,illusguitar playing on After, Midtrates. War doesn’t just put on night. One song even sounds a a show, they turn it into one big bit like Pop goes the Weasel. party. Musta No&a Gotta LottaThe closing cut on the then, is aimed at those rock album is Why Can’t We Be and roll fans with a taste for Friends. The audience is middle of the road, nonencouraged to cldp and sing offensive sounds. ’ along, and they do just that. Terry Bolton






r i -

/ sports \

Camps Men’s Basketball The men’s basketball league regular season came to an end June 19 with playoffs having begun July 6. ’ In the B league, all teams advanced to the playoffs with the top 9 teams entering the championship round and the bottom 9 teams entering the consolation round. All the preseason favourites were highly ranked with the top four teams being the Limp Noodles, Civies, Power Factor and Fernwood Un(ted. In true Campus Recreation tradition, the top ranked teams suffered defeats in playoffs. Both the number one ranked Limp Noodles and number 2 ranked Civies were knocked*‘out before the championship game. The final saw third ranked Power Factor playing off against fourth ranked Fernwood United. The game was a very physical match and the score was close throughout. The superior size of the Power Factor forwards proved too much for Fernwood United making Power Factor the B league champions for Summer 1981. Eleventh ranked Math advanced to the -final against fourteenth ranked 2B Chem Eng in the consolation round. Again, superior size proved the deciding factor as Math captured the B consolation championship. Surprise. The Hotshots of the A league had a tough game. After having easy games all season and- thr&ghout the playoffs, the Hotshots encountered a determined team in the Outlets. Led by Phil Jarret and Brian Jackson, the Outlets played their best game of the season, taking the Hotshots into overtime. Key steals with only seconds left’ allowed them to tie the score. Both teams played cautiously in the overtime not wanting to lose on a mistake. A couple of key ovtside shots by Hotshot guards, gave them victory in the end to make them the Summer 198 1 A league champions.

Men’s Soccer The Soccer season for summer ‘81 ended with a double elimination playoff. In the A league, the number one ranked team, Villagers took

Announcements The PAC Complex will close August 14 at 6:00 p.m. for normal summer maintenance. The building will reopen September 8. The week of August 10 to 14, there may be limited pool hours. Please check weekly pool schedule in the PAC. Campus Recreation refund cheques for basketball, soccer and softball can be picked up from the Campus Rec. office now. ,Housecleaning? Don’t throw out that old junk. The Athletic Dept. is holding a flea market Saturday Oct. 24 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the PAC main gym. If you plan to be in the area that weekend, additional info and registration forms are available from Peter Hopkins, PAC 2040.



the championship while in the Bl -league, the seventh ranked Galaxians pulled a devastating upset over the second ranked Engineers United and went on to win the tournament. -~For the B2 consolation play-offs the third ranked Power Factor took the win-.nmg position.

Meds Softball


ball this summer was a very successful league. Teams had the good fortune of consistently beautiful weather. The league was split into 3 divisions of eight teams for a total of 24 teams. No .4, B or C leagues were dgsignated. Playoff format was a double elimination tournament. Teams were seeded according to the final st s of regular

None of the first place seeded teams ended up as champions in the playoffs. In the A division, Team Swat (2nd place team) defeated the Grad Club (3rd place team). In B division, EMF (4th place team) defeated Glove Gods (2nd place team) and in C division the Nads (2nd place team) defeated the Civil Dingers (4th place team).

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5th Dimension This last Wednesday July 22, at Seagram Stadium, the Intramural Floor Hockey finals were held. In what was a fitting conclusion to an exciting season of “ring” play, fans were treated to two championships, each requring overtime to decide the victors.

takes floor

hockey finals

In the ‘B’ final, the championship went to Power Factor as they narrowly defeated Chamacosi 3 - 2 in a close match which included a scoreless extra period. In the World Cup Final, the matchup was between the perennial Oldtimers and 5th

Dimension, al team who came from nowhere this season to win the Engineering championships. All captains who have not as yet picked up their refund cheques are reminded to do so before the office closes. Larry Atkinson



75 S haefer

St Waterloo



Ret thanksliyou!

Year after year, the university comm nity continues to change. Fortunately there are some things that remain constant such as the efficient job done by the toteroom staff. Each week there are over 5,000 people who use the facilities in the PACand require wristbands, towels and all kinds of equipment. They are always assured of being greeted with smiles and friendly words. Campus Recreation thanks you! The term is swiftly coming to a close and so are all the extra-curricular acitivities such as fitness classes. Participation was a huge success this term with more than 175 people turning out for the 8 different classes offered. Even though classes are coming to a close, there is still lots of beautiful weather left to get out and be active in, and come September and January there will be a wide variety of classes available for you to get fit in, including a couple of new ones for men only and a master’s class. So enjoy the rest of the summer and stay involved in fitness - it’s still for you!! Angela Daley



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* ON campus, only a 5-10 minute walk to classrooms * All meals seven days a week * Telephone in every room * Cable TV in every room (extra charge) * Rooms cleaned & linen changed weekly Singles(if available) Interconnecting Doubles




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OPEN Mon.-Fri. Til 9:00 Saturday II 6:00


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The finest in international and Hdlywood films-the-great comedies and \dray, the directors, the “hits” and the W~lts~+ Cinefoa~s has them !all.



-I .’ I I I

m 6 a, 5.

-=.-. I I I



AUG. 941






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N (I


1-- This is our last issue - Sunday, August mission is free. Open 0900-1600. Bombshelter opens at noon. DJ Last day to see this exhibition....


1-- This is our last issue - Sunday, August mission is free. Open 0900-1600. Bombshelter opens at noon. DJ Last day to see this exhibition....