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Dj Rotea

Dj info Since: 2017 Category: Events. Lounges, Bars, Weddings, Private soirees Set Duration: 2 -6 Hours Pay Range: R2000 – R3500 per 2hour Equipment: Denon dj mc2000 controlleer (my own)


Rotea is a Commendable track selector and seamless mixer. Finessing the tone for the day/night and entertaining good times. Her greatest influences include her parents, growing up a weekend would never pass without a house party and also, they were avid cd collectors of smooth Jazz bands. “I grew up listening to a lot of Fourplay and Jonas Ngwangwa. In high school I was nicknamed “Rotate” (as in rotating the decks) I’ve always known that entertaining through music would be something I persue.” Introdution to Brazilian lounge was by Rotea’s mother when she purchased the Sergio Mendes timeless album ft Black Eye Peas and your Q – Tips. Intrigued from then on, she relies her mixing style on Sergio Mendes Fusions, mixing Analogue, live instruments with hiphop beats and lyrics. ‘People enjoy the samba because it’s a vibrant sound, Humans are nostalgic and enjoy mesmerizing. Venue Residency

Dj Rotea

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Venue Residency

Real Name: Rotea Sabata DOB: 21/11/1994 Location: Gauteng, South Africa Mobile: 078 156 5467 We had the pleasure of listening to Rotea on the desks at the Locrate Market, personally I could not dance to the music she was playing because her music moved my soul. ~Monate • Kone Village Boutique Lodge • Garden Lounge Party Events/ Venues Played • Afro Bru Maboneng • Garden Lounge Party • Pop up Party [thesis lifestyle] • Pantone Sundays [ Razor Charlie] • Disoufeng • Just Badela Rastaurant • Rlw: The box shop [Vilakazi] • Makhelwane Festival • Guxima Luxx Resto Bar: Ladies Night • Bush Valley (Makahdo) Upcoming Mag -Page 7

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