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Ten Things to Look for on Clothing Labels

Ten Things to Look for on Clothing Labels

You have the power. Do you want to be able to make better and more sustainable choices when shopping for your clothing? Ask for what you want from brands. Fashion Revolution reminds us that, “when it comes to shopping and wearing clothes, our actions can change everything. We should consider whether we need to buy anything at all. Can we give existing clothes a new lease on life? We don’t need to boycott new clothes, but we can become more demanding consumers.” Choose your clothing carefully to send a message and the next time you buy something, look for some of these things on the label:

1. 100% pure fibers

2. Organic fibers

3. Machine washable (not dry clean)

4. Wash in cold water

5. Air dry, or tumble dry low heat

6. No bleach

7. Made close-to-home

8. Made ethically

9. Fair trade certified

10. Recyclable materials