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On cover: Picture by Ian Connolly

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Guest Editorial by Mikalis Karas


How Mrs. Bones Stole Your Christmas


Holiday Jam




Letters to Santa



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Wel Editor-in-chief Chou Skinstad Maryna Wind Publisher Maryna Wind





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Creative team Chou Skinstad Kali Marville Mikalis Karas Text by Bronson Twine Cerdwin Flanagan Chandra Meehan Chou Skinstad Dolly Voom Elise Capalini Eves Rodenberger Frank Baily Ganymedes Costagavras Jocgart Larsen Kai Sachertorte Kali Marville Maryna Wind Mikalis Karas Music Hyun Musique Gable Ole Etzel Raul Crimson Roley Bravin Sonna Bazar Stacie Pryor Stephen Venkman Ted Cornell

lcome to Uncover Magazine Dear readers and friends, Welcome to Uncover special issue, “Holiday Jam�: this unplanned new opus born out of nowhere, one of those silly ideas you share with a friend who shares it with another friend, and by the time you realize it, you are already working on it. The story & the people: Holiday Jam is first and foremost a road trip, what the Grid would be like if we had no teleports and had to travel, like we all do in the very busy holiday season: travel home for the holidays, go around to gather our presents, journey away on vacation. But as we started contacting friends, the plot started feeding on all the ideas and suggestions made to us. The story slowly became a sort of kaleidoscope of what Second Life is and could be. Many of our friends in world started posing as themselves and some evolved into role playing or posed as totally invented characters, for the sake of the story and fun improvisation. Some helped us create a traffic jam, friends teleported friends to pose flying with umbrellas, others attended a most unexpected lecture. This project slowly became the ultimate spontaneous cooperation between the people we contacted. And this mostly happens because all of us were having FUN. Four weeks of madness, amazing encounters, popular or unknown figures, bringing their avatars, their knowledge and their suggestions. We had over 50 people posing along with us in sims that the owners kindly allowed us to rezz in armed with items made by content creators specially for this story. Flickr photographers added their visual to ours in some scenes, emailing us snapshots they had taken during shoots. Holiday Jam is, in many respects, a story of SLifers, for SLifers, by SLifers. To all of them, to all of you, a very warm thank you.


Wel Holiday 64

Pictures by Chandra Meehan Chou Skinstad Dolly Voom Eves Rodenberger Ian Connolly Kali Marville Looker Lumet Musique Gable Naima Rejkus Raul Crimson Sebcaen Ulysses

Jam More credits on page 128





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lcome to Uncover Magazine Special Credits: Although all credits for this issue will be given in a full page, I sincerely wish to use this “Word of the Editors” page to thank more particularly four people: Maryna Wind, Mikalis Karas, Kali Marville and Eves Rodenberger. Kali and Eves have proved in all occasions to be wonderful support, my partners in crime to all sorts of adventures. They were/are/will be my “constant”. Mikalis Karas has been the big surprise of this issue. We met an independent blogger and challenged him to tackle creative writing. He had to “endure” the making process, the scenario, the requirements, and have on his shoulder to manage the text coherence. We brought to him a puzzle, with quotes, logs, and he was asked to turn it all into something coherent, edit, arrange, improve, and, more often than not, write whole scenes that had no text. Last but not least, Maryna, although I could of course thank her directly. But Maryna was traveling abroad when this story was started. She landed in it like most of you who took part, but with this HUGE extra that she, like Mikalis, had the responsibility of putting all pieces together into something coherent, in a very limited amount of time. The Goodies: At Uncover Magazine, even an unplanned issue is an extra platform for creativity. Even a 70 pages-long story is not enough so we added a couple Christmas specials, hoping to add to the holiday mood and include more people in this issue. To all of you, we present our warmest wishes for this holiday season, and we shall see you again very soon next year. Chou Skinstad and the Uncover Team



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“Seduction” Wolf

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“Let’s Rock!” Nedeko

In this section only pictures which were submitted to Uncover Magazine Flickr Pool are shown. For credits and sources used please visit the picture’s page on Flickr.

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“As a bird” Nina Becker

In this section only pictures which were submitted to Uncover Magazine Flickr Pool are shown. For credits and sources used please visit the picture’s page on Flickr.

Guest Editorial by Mikalis Karas Life is interesting. One doesn’t know sometimes which path they will take when they wake up in the morning, though they think the path is clear sometimes interesting opportunities appear out of the blue to block the path and lead one in a different di-

What happens when a little known SL™ blogger is asked to help collaborate on a story in a better known SL™ magazine? He learns something about himself and about


the power of the exercise in which he just partook. Collaboration and teamwork, these are buzzwords that once appeared in framed in offices. These words, and others, made up motivational posters. With stock photo scenes depicting a crew team rowing or a tug of war set in sun soaked stark photos amidst inspirational quotes. Utilizing a top down approach these posters were intended to motivate employees who probably ended up either liking the pretty pictures or thinking “Gee that Mark Twain was one rad dude!” One hopes that most of these posters are gathering dust in office storerooms across the globe or have been properly disposed of or recycled. The satisfaction of a job well done or having worked on a project that makes a difference in peoples lives, by somehow enriching them, is more motivation for 18|uncover

many who were not at all touched by the faux motivation and inspiration with which we were supposed to be imbued. Collaboration and teamwork in the 21st century is realtime and not static and stuck in a picture frame. Thanks to the internet and platforms such as Second Life™ collaboration on a global scale has become more readily possible for millions. While this is not a revelation to many what might not be apparent is that only through this kind of technology and collaboration did a publication like this one you are reading today get produced. Close to sixty people from all over this Earth collaborated in at least one of the pieces in this month’s issue and many more in oth-

Collaborators can tell you that the internet and Second Life™ can become a valuable tool for collaboration, cooperation and understanding. With today’s technoler pieces.

ogy, the editor in France can talk to the writer in California who in turn can share documents and edits in seconds with others, all learning something about one another along the way! Teamwork, consists, in this way, of people from all walks of life, from all who are able to join together for a common cause! The promise of this type of teamwork is intoxicating. Do no mistake my enthusiasm for a desire to have us all sit around a virtual fireplace and break into “Kumbaya” while smoking an herb more aromatic than tobacco. There are more important issues that can be solved through collaboration, cooperation, understanding and teamwork such as world peace, world hunger and saving our environment. Now you uncover|19

are wondering to yourself, has this fellow been smoking some of that herb of which he speaks? I assure you I have not.

How can an online magazine help tackle headiest issues that face us the human race? Well on it’s face it cant, but the spirit

under which it was undertaken can be replicated, and in some places is, to help become a tool for increased understanding of others. Only when we understand others do we truly understand our relationship with them whether on a personal or a global level. Bringing together the far flung for a common purpose has the capability to energize and inspire. Inspiration and understanding of others drives more creativity bringing about solutions through teamwork. In turn we walk down a path together in helping solve our most pressing problems rather than stand separated apart, disparate voices shouting over a gulf. This potential for this platform, Second Life™, can be limitless if we so allow it to be and open our minds.


How Mrs. Bones sto


Story: Chou Skinstad, Mrs photograph Sim: H

ole YOUR Christmas

s. Bones/Ole Etzel, Mikalis Karas hy: Chou Skinstad Happy Mood


Christmas Elf: Elf: Hello, may the blessings of a Grid Christmas be upon you, may I help you? Mrs. Bones growls. Christmas Elf: Try being nice and I might be able to 24|uncover

help you. Mrs. Bones: Arrr, you little christmas elf... Did you pack the Christmas presents? You know, for all the pretty little avies who have been “good?� Those uncover|25

saccharine sweeeet.....[growls] Mrs. Bones: Me wonder... Where do you store all these presents? Christmas Elf looks suspiciously: Do you have your 26|uncover

avatar credentials? I see no payment info on your profile. We are facing regular acts of piracy, i may be a Christmas Elf but i still follow the rules. Mrs. Bones: SHOW ME THE DAMN PRESENTS... uncover|27

arrr come on! I am a friend of the Elven inworld! Who cares about the rules? Me knows those Lindens love me so much - they won’t care if you show me where the presents are. 28|uncover

Christmas Elf: You mean.... you know the Lindens? Personally? Really? I mean, you met them? Christmas Elf: I mean... you met TORLEY? OMG OMG please, do you know Torley????? [Smiles uncover|29

broadly] Mrs. Bones: Yarr, sure i all know them personally. They visit me every day and if you show me the presents i can make you meet Torley too! *whispers: 30|uncover

GRRR damn Lindens!* Christmas Elf: I don’t trust you, get away you rascal!


We interrupt this program for a special news bulletin. Gridwide Security Services is reporting that the holiday gift depository has been broken into and all the presents have been stolen. Security officials 32|uncover

have put out an all points bulletin and are seeking Mrs. Bones for questioning. It looks like this might be a dreary Christmas for us all. uncover|33


The events and dialogue you are about to read may or may not have taken place, you will never know as we’ve have hidden the facts deep within our warped sense of humor. No names have been changed because no body is innocent.


ed cr on .1

pp 22




All across the Grid from the Steam and Cyberpunk strongholds to the Elven forests to the Lands of the tinies or furries, the holiday season was upon them all. Even the tropical islands felt a chill, it was time for Christmas. Several busy faeries were beginning their holiday preparations, all unaware that something soon would set their wings aflutter. uncover|37

Welcome to GridRadio, your source for news and information on the grid! Grid Rehabilitative Services announced today that Chou Skinstad and Kali Marville will be released today from the Channel Island facility after having successfully completed the 30 day program of Avatar Rehabilitation to combat the effects of Second Life Burnout. GridSecurity will escort the former patients safely out of Second Life for some well deserved rest.


As Chou Skinstad and Kali Marville are completing their rehabilitation program at the Channel Island Mental Hospital, they are visited by three persons, from the past, the present, and the future‌ uncover|39


Kiya McMahon: [appears in apparition form, startling Kali]: I’ve come to remind you of where I went wrong, making sure you never end up like me, says Kiya. Look at yourself, only two months old and you’re already here! Another me, overdosing on everything the Grid has to offer: people, work, chats, engagements. Kali Marville: that’s not me… I don’t belong here, they have put me here by mistake, expecting me to be another you. But look at yourself, so 2007. Your hair isn’t flexi, your skin isn’t photo-realistic. You are barely rezzing now and you’ll soon be completely faded pixels. I am not and will never be you. I’m the better Alt. Kiya McMahon: Then go and be happy. Enjoy the Grid as it’s meant to be. Feel the love, and be ready to mute when you see drama coming. [fades away] uncover|41

In a visitors room down the hall, Chou Skinstad hears the familiar voice of Dolly Voom. Dolly Voom: [hugging Chou caringly, she mutters] They must have told you that you and Kali are leaving the facility today. But you are not allowed back to work and to your friends. GridRadio will be announcing that teleports are down, I was lucky just barely made it here today. They won’t let you attend the Magazine Christmas party, they are sending GridSecurity to escort you out of the Grid and send you back to Real Life for

time offline. Th men have memories cape and put them Sex for D Good lu Deter wal 42|uncover

hose e the power to clear your cache from all recent s, work, friends, places. But your friends are everywhere. Eswe’ll be everywhere along the way to slow them down and on the wrong trail. Oh by the way did I tell you that my Cyber Dummies book is taking off? Top downloaded for last week! uck, see you on the other side. rmined not to let go of the Grid life they chose, Kali and Chou lk out of Channel Island to meet the man who could change and erase their past, their present, their future. uncover|43

! 44|uncover

Good Morning Grid! Welcome to GridRadio, your source for news and information on the grid! The time is 10:00 A.M. Today, Gridwide Authorities announced that due to routine maintenance, all teleports may be down until after January 1. You may have seen group messages and conference chat opened on your screen at login this morning! This is not the first time TP’s have been down people! What is different this time is if you need a lift or have transport available, you can call 1-877-GET-LIFT. Stay tuned, here, for more updates from GridRadio

Kali Marville: I thought there would be two of you to escort us. Raul Crimson: That’s not your concern Ma’am, my partner will meet us by teleport. Kali Marville: By teleport, have you been drinking? I thought they were down. Raul Crimson: We have the power, we have the codes, we can teleport. [laughs maniacally] uncover|45




Hello, 1-877-GET-LIFT Hi, My name is Mik, my two friends and I are at the “Hotties for Christmas” picture shoot and we need a lift to my home. Can you add us to the waiting list please, but... you know,... at the top of it?” “Sure, we have a couple cars traveling in your area, stay right where you are, somebody will be by soon.” Eves Rodenberger: Call me Evie boys! I heard you needed a lift. I hope you don’t mind fresh air, I have allergies. Get in!


They had been on the road for quite a while when they got worried about Evie’s driving skills and sense of direction. Frank Baily: Eeeek, [looking at others in distress]Got bugs in my hair. Mikalis Karas: This is definitely not the glamorous part of the job. Frank Baily: I am only here for my looks [gets distracted] Ohhh what a cute barn! I grew up in one like these before Boytoy magazine discovered me. Mikalis Karas: Boytoy magazine discovered you? Was that before or after the 397 pictures you sent them and TP’d all your friends in to vote for you?? Frank Baily: You promised never to talk about this in public any more. Ted Cornell: [smiles] I was voted Best SLEX Moment of 2008, my claim to fame. Mikalis Karas: Evie are you sure this is the right way. Do you have any idea where we are going Evie? Frank Baily: [looks above] I think we are lost... Ted Cornell: I think Evie is randomly pushing buttons on her keyboard while she perv cams us and takes pics. Mikalis Karas: Evie, are you a guy playing a female avi because you sure seem to be afraid to ask for directions! [becomes impatient] Okay, let me Google map this on my iPhone.


Ted Cornell: Where are you carrying your iPhone Mik? Mikalis Karas: Yeah how do you think I called for this lift, Ted? Suddenly, the hotrod has run out gas right in the middle of train tracks. Mikalis Karas: Umm, Evie, why are you stopping on the train tracks? I don’t want to be reincarnated


into an alt. I HAVE SO MUCH INVENTORY! Frank Baily: Pffft, You are an alt! Eves Rodenberger: Who is an alt ? We are out of gas, boys! Better move fast, the train is on a green signal. Ted Cornell: You’ve had the green signal from me Evie since I got here. Mikalis Karas: Yeah but she has the “Do Not Enter” sign up Ted. All three get out and push the hotrod off of the tracks and to the road. Off go Ted, Frank and Mikalis in search of a gas station. Mikalis Karas: Of all the people to take us home, we pick a chick who can’t read a gas gauge. Frank Baily: Mik, are you sure this is the right way??? Mikalis Karas: You’re asking me? Cant believe I agreed to this gig just to get more hits on my blog. Frank Baily: We have been walking for hours now. Mikalis Karas: My chestnuts are roasting in an open field. Ted Cornell: I think these shorts are wool, my chestnuts are roasting too Mik. Mikalis Karas: It’s a “polyester blend, Made in China” Ted. uncover|51

As Mik, Ted and Frank continue their search Evie, who hasn’t told them her true intentions, starts the car and moves it to the middle of the road. Soon, as she expected, fellow travelers arrive in a dark automobile. Seeing a flash before her eyes, suddenly a dark clothed figure appears. But teleports are down, she thinks.


Raul Crimson: [sticking his head out of the car] It’s about time you showed up V! Stephen Venkman: Hello C, nice to see you too! [turns to Evie] You there, madam! Do not be alarmed, I am from GridSecurity we are the only ones who can still teleport. Are you okay? Eves Rodenberger: [Looks up] Awwww you know, three, almost naked, hot guys in my car and I run out of gas. Story of my life! Stephen Venkman: Maybe we can help, where are these fellows now? Do you have them on your radar C? Eves Rodenberger: I was promised a candy cane. Oh, they are out looking for gas. Come to think of it none of them had wallets. Raul Crimson: Hmmm, I see them V, they aren’t too far away from the gas station on my map. Stephen Venkman: Thanks C. Okay Ma’am, I have a bit of gas here. [Retrieves a small gas can from his car and puts it into Evie’s tank] There, the gas station is right next to the only restaurant on this sim. I’m hungry. Eves Rodenberger: Before we go, maybe you can have a look on my car... I heard some noise before it died. Stephen Venkman: So C, you want to look at her engine or shall I? [averts looking at the bent over Evie] uncover|53

Raul Crimson: Go for it, V, you know more about cars than me. Suddenly they hear the sound of a revving engine and tires scraping as the black car leaves in a cloud of dust. Stephen Venkman: You left the keys in the car C? This is going to cost you. Raul Crimson: Don’t even start with me V it’s not my fault that the car is no copy. Having restarted Evie’s car, the agents direct


her toward the gas station and diner. A short distance down the road, they see a figure looking for a lift. Eves Rodenberger: Oh look at that precious creature, so cute, she needs a lift. Stephen Venkman: Keep going, we can’t get too far behind the car. Raul Crimson: I do not want that vermin next to me! I am an agent of GridSecurity! Eves Rodenberger: Nonsense! With the teleports down we must all cooperate and help one another. [slows down the car] Can I give you a ride somewhere? Further Monday: Yes thank you! I need to get back to my tree, my little ones are waiting. Eves Rodenberger: Hop in! Don’t worry about that guy in the back! He has more bark than actual bite. uncover|55


Evie arrives at the Gas Station, no sight of Mikalis, Frank or Ted, she peeks her head in the Diner next door. Eves Rodenberger: Boys! What are you doing, where’s my gas, you loafers! Mikalis Karas: Don’t stress us Evie, we’re Grid Supermodels!


As Grid residents became aware of the situation a feeling of panic spread through the lost and confused. Open roadways, once free to roam, suddenly became clogged because of all the rezzed transports. Total chaos ensued.



In the commercial areas, shoppers were alarmed at the latest developments. In the small shops and megamalls alike, they wondered how they would get home and if they did how would they get back to shop more. So they bought,


bought, bought. Amidst this boom to the economy, vendors started to fail and arguments started to break out between those who got their purchases and those who were left without. uncover|61

Throughout the grid, the teleports being down caused chaos for many. Some avatars had long resisted changes and were not at all upset by the lack of teleportation and they settled down to their usual routines.


Bronson Twine: So, no teleports for the holidays. Can’t see what all the fuss is about. Back in my day we walked everywhere. Three weeks to cross a sim! Stacie Pryor: Don’t I know it? Have you heard all of the complaints with the people whining about teleports being down. Always go, go, go, you’d think they might be happy to have a chance to slow down once in a while. Bronson Twine: Exactly. We couldn’t just teleport into some store if we wanted new hair or something. We had to make it ourselves out of wood and straw with a bit of mud to stick it to our heads... Stacie Pryor: YES! We didn’t have these fancy sculpties. We made our clothing ourselves, just like Philip Linden and we had to walk. That was way back before the mainland got so polluted. These young whippersnappers just don’t know how easy they have it! Bronson Twine: The youth of today. They want it all and they want it now. Stacie Pryor: [sighs] So true. Bronson Twine: You making enough bread there – there’s 12 prim babies to feed now... Stacie Pryor: TWELVE?!?!? WE HAVE TWELVE NOW? I reckon I lost count after you pulled the last three out of inventory. Bronson Twine: Twelve. You forgot about Billy Bob and Shirley May already?!? uncover|63

Stacie Pryor: Oh my. Does that mean we have to get them gifts, too? But how will I finish my holiday shopping with the teleports down? Bronson Twine: We’ll have to make stuff like in the old days. Or we can try to trade or sell of a few of older model kids. Stacie Pryor: I guess we should hold off selling of the kids for now. It IS the holidays, after all. But I guess you should start making some extra gifts out of sticks and mud... after you finish that butter!



Having ditched the GridSecurity vehicle, the two escapees meet up with the familiar figure of Dolly Voom.

Dolly Voom: Think fast [tosses the car keys]. Here’s the keys to the FooFooMobile. It’s yours for today, as long as you drop me off at Nameless Cofffee for the lecture I must give. You’ll want to take the back roads. Also, if you’re going to stay a step ahead you’ll have to constantly change your look. These bags have enough smexy clothes to outfit a brothel and there’s a chip in the glove box with each of your complete inventories. 66|uncover


Dolly Voom: I would like to welcome you and thank you all for coming and showing such a huge interest in learning the In’s and Out’s of cybering. Too, too often people log on to Second Life and want to just jump right on the first set of balls they see…the results can be devastating and scar you for Grid Life. Cybering for Dummies has something for everyone. Whether you are a devoted Grid partner or a Grid hopping 68|uncover

man or woman whore, this book will provide you with the skills necessary to navigate the Up’s and Down’s of cybering. I get asked all the time “Why” I wrote the book and “What makes me an authority on the subject.” Basically, I’ve met more than my share of dummy’s whose lack of skills has left me beyond frustrated. So after countless hours of “single-handedly” researching and typing, I have created a manual that allows you to learn from uncover|69

my experiences. Oh, I see some of you have already read the book. Sir, I can see you’re on Chapter 3. Now really isn’t the time to practice. Can I ask that you do that at home? Okay then, I would love to answer a few questions, not too many though because I don’t want to give away too much. I really wanted to make an easy buck or two on the book to offset cost of batteries…So please, please be sure to pick up an extra copy or two for stocking stuffers. Anyone have any questions? Yes, you in the


back… Q: Ms. Voom, What do I do if I start cybering with someone and things just don’t seem to be going well or I later realize I’m just not in the mood for it? A: Oh yes I get asked that one often and the answer is quite simple really. If he’s a nice guy and you don’t want to hurt his ego, do something else…make your grocery list, sort the laundry, paint your nails….Just do whatever makes the time pass quicker. Please note, though that it’s important to glance at the monitor occasionally to see if it’s time to throw in the standard “mmmmm” here and there. If you really don’t care about hurting the persons’ feelings, just do what I do and bump yourself right offline. Next… Next…


Q. Hi Ms. Voom, love your book. I really get into it when I’m cybering and often times I get on a roll and one thing leads to another and before I know it, I’ve slipped into the wrong box. Can you tell me how to best handle this sort of mishap? A. It happens; we’ve all typed in the wrong IM box a time or two. Just relax…as long as everyone’s having fun, who really cares. Okay, that’s all the time we have and thank goodness for that because if we continue for much longer you’re going to catch on that I have no idea what I’m talking about. In closing, I would like to confess that while I gave myself credit for “singlehandedly” putting this literary masterpiece together, we all know it takes at least two to tango. I need to thank a very special person for sharing his labor of love … Without him this guide wouldn’t exist. I wish you all the best of luck in your quest for Sexy satisfaction...Cyber on people!!!



Radio Announcer: Welcome back to Grid Radio, your source for news and information on the grid! Good news for you weary travelers who are traveling in the midst of our teleport shutdown. If you are in the vicinity of DeviousMind, they are offering free cupcakes. That’s right folks, free cupcakes! Get them while available at DeviousMind!

Kali Marville: [yells over to the car] This is the place Chou! Chandra Meehan: It’s nice to see you made it out… [smiles wryly] please come in and enjoy our hospitality, you might find a friend or two inside. Chandra Meehan: [smiles brightly, ushering in customers] Welcome, welcome. Please come all in... [waving over] Meet Elise, the Chef de Cupcake of our 74|uncover

house. [Eyes turn to the customers, seeing their potential to spend on other items] Free cupcakes for all! Travelers looking tired from their journey, shuffle by the effervescent Chandra, and eye the puzzling scene before them. Chandra Meehan: [giggles] Grab a seat! Luckily you are some of the first one’s here, so you can have the place to yourselves. Kali Marville: Oooh goodies, free cupcakes.. just what we needed after all that driving and wondering how to get around. Chou Skinstad: Do you have any organic ones by any chance? Not that I am picky but I do have a sensitive stomach. Chandra Meehan: Anything else ya need here? [seeing a raven flying about] Must be a traffic jam in the sky, too.


Kai Sachertorte and Sonna Bazar quietly walk in. Sonna is dejected that she cannot teleport out of this place in which she accidently got herself. Quietly she stands there in the room, watching and listening as the two women pass the cupcakes to the strangers. A soft sigh passes her lips as she eyes the raven, in the corner pecking at crumbs. Kali Marville: [asking the raven] You, bird, with your wings did you have more luck at sim crossings? I kept getting wet! I hope you are enjoying the crumbs. You are making a mess over there! Jocgart Larsen: Leave the little bird alone, at least we aren’t out there with all the snow falling, and we got cupcakes! Kali Marville: [muttering] Okay I like the coffee and cupcakes and all of that.. But still I would want to be able to use tp’s like we used to. Sonna Bazar: So what did actually happen that caused the teleports to completely break down. Jocgart Larsen: We don’t know, there was a radio message. If we are here... there’s probably more people somewhere near, and when they realize they don’t have anything to eat... they will walk and walk…. and they will arrive. Hopefully they will be nice, but what if some of them have gone mad? Sonna Bazar: [glaring] Stop making everyone nervous 76|uncover


mister! Jocgart Larsen: Well... it’s been two days now, does somebody remember technical support phone num-

ber? kai Sachertorte: I’ve never had any use for tech support, sorry. I’m starting to lose track of time. How long has it been since teleports worked? Kali Marville: [wails] I can’t remember the last time I tp’ed.. just was so used to it for shopping and parties and everything and now I feel like I lost my inventory and landed on help island with no mentor there. Just how many times did we all tp on one day.. and what if it never comes back? kai Sachertorte: So what do we do now? Is there a way to reach mainland from here? Jocgart Larsen: It should work 78|uncover

again, or we will find a better way... everything is meant to go better, not worse. At least the servers that stopped working were just the teleportation ones. As long as this sim’s one doesn’t go down we are safe kai Sachertorte: Are you sure mister? Sonna Bazar: You’re confusing and scaring and worrying people in this room!I would love to get an answer, seeing I crashed and logged into this freaking sim with no way out. kai Sachertorte: I thought I was the only one that arrived here under mysterious circumstances. Sonna Bazar: [raises her eyebrow smiling] Well I definitely am not the cupcake type, dunno about you, but I sure would love to get the hell out of this place. kai Sachertorte: I agree, anything better than sitting around sniffing cupcakes. uncover|79

Chandra Meehan: [walking over to the poor traveler sitting on the ground] Cupcake? kai Sachertorte: Thank you ma’am, but I can’t accept Chandra Meehan: C’mon now! Everybody is a cupcake type and if they’re note the cupcake ones, they’re the candy cane lovers. [winking] Elise Capalini shuffles off to the bakery, thinking about the devious things she has done with candy canes. With the teleports down she is facing long days by the hot stove until they are restored or until this promotion is over.


When it was clear the teleports would not come back, creatures from all walks of Grid life helped each other.



Ways of transport once seen as silly were now being used to get home.


Creatures large and small joined together to help reach their destinations.




For some, the road before them was long but the slowdown allowed them to bond.


win Flana the side of the road wigggles her tail and d only seen in Zindra these days. Waving to an oncoming car gets the attention of a Faun fellow, the spring type‌

Cerdwin Flanagan: Why hello I need ride, my GridRadio HU TP’s are down. I could make it worth your while. [smile 88|uncover

Cerdagan standing at does a dance r, she quickly

UD informs me the es wickedly] uncover|89

Ganymedes Costagravas: [sheepishly] Well okay, if you don’t mind that this ismy first day behind the wheel. Cerdwin Flanagan: Nope don’t mind at all [climbs in the passenger’s seat], I need to be home for Christmas ‘cause a certain fat elf from the North Pole better be delivering me lots of presents or else.


Ganymedes Costagravas: [feels hand on his leg] Oh! I have some Christmas music [fumbles with music player]. Together: [singing] “It’s beginning to look alot like Christmas, everywhere you gooooooooo.”


Having recovered his vehicle at the diner, Mr. C sets off to locate the escaped patients in his care, minus Mr. V. who has teleported back to base. Hoping to catch up with the escapees who have taken another car, a glare in the road brings Mr. C. to a complete stop. Mr. C: [yells, pressing his horn] I am on official GridSecurity business, get out of the road! Maryna Wind: [making a whirring, sputtering sound] Nonsequitor, road leads nowhere, pancakes with camomile tea. Mr. C: [gets out of the car, eyeing the creature] Ahhh a tin 92|uncover

woman, you are far from the yellow brick road! Maryna Wind: [sputtering still] Rain falls upward but snow down, arrows of calm cut through chaos. Mr. C: Oh, you’re a cyborg and you are quite broken. I think I can fix you, I’ve got super scripting capabilities. [touches his wrist activating a device that lets out a blue pulse] Maryna Wind: [sputtering slowly ceasing] I can see clearly now the rain is gone, I can see all obstacles in my way.


Mr. C: [smiles] you must be one of those a musical DJ cyborgs! Maryna Wind: Identity Maryna Wind, Cyborg Model 8675309, [whirs] Scanning vicinity. Identity Raul Crimson, Codename Mr. C, GridSecurity Special Agent, Clearance Alpha. Mr. C: Oh no! I fixed you too well, we can’t have that! [pulls out an oblong device activating it] Erasing your memory. Maryna Wind: Mr. C. is currently handling...[halts as device changes colors] Mr. C: There, that’s better: you’re erased. Go on, and do what you do best. [hops in his car and speeds off] Maryna Wind: [waves] Do come back, we have a Best in Black Event soon! [Congratulates herself, turning] Yes, run girls run, I think I bought you two some time. Sor-


ry Mr. C, guess who played with whose circuits, you’re heading the wrong direction now. [laughs]


After a long journey our two escapees had finally made it, they were out of the hands of GridSecurity. They had friends everywhere and now somewhere, they had reached their destination.


Radio Announcer: Welcome back to GridRadio, your source for news and information on the grid! The teleport shutdown continues but it hasn’t dampened

the enthusiasm of some. We cut live to our reporter on the spot, Benny Lancaster, who’s at a nice event this evening. Benny Lancaster: Thanks Jim! We are here at Patron, the site of Uncover Magazine’s Christmas party, and the guests are streaming in. It’s such a wonderfully festive occasion and folks are making the best of things tonight! Looks like this party will go on for some time.








Picture: Choui Skinstad

For more ....






1.Vehicle Weather! Or Not? SnowGlobeMobile (sculpted) (animated) L$350 2. Sled !go! Sled with little elf (sculpted) L$30 3. Bags December Dollinger (IM inworld) (sculpted) (animated) L$100 uncover|107






4. Rose Chanimations Waking Roses (sculpted) (animated) (colorchange) L$1000 5. Car AOBAmainstore STROLL cheerful edition (sculpted) (HUD) (animated) (colorchange) L$1500 6. Umbrella Weather! or Not? Sunbrella (colorchange) L$100 uncover|109





7. Hair Curio Obscura Lampshade hairstyle (sculpted) (colorchange) L$350 8. Corset Kayliwulf Kingdom FetishDoll 2.0 Latex Piped Corset Red/Black L$495 9. Vehicle Curio Obscura The Broomcycle (sculpted) (scripted) L$750




Dear Santa, I’ve been a good girl this year, I promise! In fact, you’ve probably been thinking, “Where is Stacie Pryor’s Christmas wish list? She has been such a good girl this year! I just can’t wait to give her everything on her Christmas list!” Right????? *wink* SL has been pretty good to me this year, and I’ve been pretty good to SL. I’ve made lots of new friends, and I’m blessed with a full inventory (perhaps TOO full). But I guess there are a few things I want for Christmas. So, please Mr. Santa Claus, if you’d see what you can do to get LL to update the avatar mesh, especially those fugly avatar feet. Oh, and have them give us more attachment points, too! OH, AND a tattoo layer! And you know I’m addicted to skins, so feel free to drop a few fat packs on me, too! That would just make my Christmas perfect! Thanks, Santa! And Merry Christmas! Stacie Pryor SL Age: 698 days


Dear Santa, I want to first be thankful for what has been an amazing year for me, full of blessings and love. It truly has been a very changing year, and a very pro’ ductive one of course. This christmas I simply ask for lots of joy and blessings to all my friends, family and every’ one who I have ever met. Also, please let it snow on Christmas eve, it’s always great to have a white Christmas. I hope you like my letter and I’ll leave you some awesome cheesecake instead of cookies. P.S. 2010 will be an awesome year. Sincerely, Azu Catteneo dec 11th.


888 days old on

Dear Santa Claus... It’s me, Raul Crimson, 1143 days old today. (12DEC09) I think you should agree with me about how good I was last year... well, ok, I cybered... and I griefed a bit with physical objects... and I had some land in Zindra.... and... well, you should agree with me I was pretty good (although those tiny little incidents). Sooo... I wish an HUD to see people naked under their clothing layers, and another HUD to make fall an anvil over M’s headz everytime I crash... oh, and for all my fellow residents a year of grid stability... oh, I almost forget! dynamic shadows on Mac nao! Raul P.E.: If you are still not sure about HOW GOOD I am I’d like to mention some photographs (you, me, poseballs, an octopus and a cucumber). :-p


Dear SLSanta,

My name is Bar-

bara and I am 863 days old.


been a very good little girl all year.. at least that’s what I’m telling everyone ;)

For Christmas this year,

I would like a best friend. Keep-

ing in mind that in the words of the

late, great Marilyn Monroe “Diamonds are a girl ’s best friend”, a

gift certificate to any of the popular jewelry stores would do just fine, or

Mrs.  SLClaus can even pick some-


thing out for me. I’m sure she has impeccable taste. After all, she married you.. (insert brownie points here)

Anyway, have a very merry Christmas .. hope you enjoy the Kahlua coffee

and croissants I’m leaving by the fireplace for you.

Love, Barbara Nicholls <3


Dear Santa, May I begin by complimenting you: I don’t know what Windlight setting you’ve been using, but it truly affords your skin a consistently cheery appeal, only further enhanced by the excellent texture and bright colors of your holiday outfit (store name and slurl please???). Allow me to take a moment to remind you what an excellent kitteh I have been this past year, and what a worthwhile community service I provide to the Neko of Second Life with my blog (even though it makes me work my poor little paws to the claw). In fact I’ve been *so* good, that a kind, generous soul like yours should hardly be able to resist meeting my following wish list, no? Twelve Gifts for a Perfect Neko Christmas, inspired by a Christmas Carol √ 12 (twelve) yarnballs for fiddling with √ 11 (eleven) Labs a leaping (away from my


superior claws, you crazy canine!) √ 10 (ten) tomcats dancing (clothing required; hot tin roof optional) √ 9 (nine) catnip mice for playing √ 8 (eight) bowls of milk for drinking √ 7 (seven) sushi-grade fish a swimming √ 6 (six) geese nicely roasted √ 5 (five) golden strings!!! √ 4 (four) tweety birds √ 3 (three) French cheeses √ 2 (two) laser pointers √ 1 (one) tasty partridge in a kitty condominium tree Notwithstanding your lack of a tail and furred ears (fluffy hats and hair in your human ears simply doesn’t count), I trust you have the power to deliver. I’ll wait (mostly) patiently. Yours in fine feline manners, Stacia Villota, 968 days old


Dear Santa, Hi it’s me Mikalis, you know from that island sim. Yeah I can’t write where because I have a psycho ex but you know how to get there. I should be at the very top of your good list. Yes, I know I’ve muted about a hundred hootards, spamtards and assorted fools this year, does that make me bad? Sure, I’ve asked a prim baby mother the city knows she stole those two trolls she calls her children from the bridge. She was the person that thought I was going to ruin her wedding because I was obsessed with her. Yeah the transcripts showed the opposite. Okay, I admit, when her two adopted children (probably 53 year old men who live in their mother’s base-


ment) left, I threatened to call Child Protective Services. Do I deserve a lump of coal in my stocking for these actions? I donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t think so. Anyway Santa, all I want for Christmas is Grid Peace and No Drama for all. Please deliver promptly on December 25. Mik out. Regards, Mikalis Karas 902 days old


Dear Santa, I’ll forego the whole, “I’ve been good” bit because you know I haven’t. I’m not designed that way. Don’t groan, I know you secretly look at my Erotica Set on Flickr and get your jollys off. So to the point, this is what you can give me to keep me from telling the Mrs. that you’re a big ‘ol perv: 12 bottles of black nail polish, 4 cans of Aqua Net, SPF 99 Vampire Grade Sun Block, leather pants, combat boots, red lingerie and a leather flogger. Also, please give my boyfriend several packs of stainless platinum double-edge razor blades and a few bottles of rubbing alcohol. If you’re good Santa, maybe I’ll send you a picture of my ass in those leather pants... Fiendishly, Cerdwin Flanagan SL Age: 750 something days


Dear Santa, I don't really know why I'm writing this letter since I don't actually believe in you. But I'll never miss a chance to ask for presents. Please send the following to me c/o Uncover Magazine: 1. Some mega-prims with licenses to use to all builders of the Grid; 2. High-res snapshot capability for all Apple users; 3. A pair of good sculptie shoes for each and every Fashionista and 4. An issue of Uncover Magazine in each stocking! If you do that, I promise I might consider believing in you. Sincerely, Maryna Wind, too many days to count P.S. Or yeah, and for my favorite friend, Chou, a battery for her boundless energy which could light up New York, carbon free and good for the planet!


Dear Santa Claudette, as a strong believer in the feminin Devine powers of Christmas and Second Life, proven by the fact that we all are born females here, (so stop that rib story, will ya), I would firstly like to thank you for the natural bouncing of our breasts that we received as your gift this year, wrapped in an emerald jewel. (Perhaps consider an update to make our tits move in rhythm with the music we dance on?) Many thanks aswell for the painted skies. And no need to tell us the drugs you took while doing those. You also have proven us the invisible Godly presence in SL by wrapping delicate invisiprims around


our ugly ankles. If i was to express just one humble wish for the upcoming year, please consider to make it a law that every SL merchant has to offer the choice of selling his products copy/mod or transfer/mod. In over 924 days I have learned not to screw up my hair or dress anymore, and I would so need the option to give my old stuff away to those who might enjoy it. I WANT EVERYTHING TRANSFER!!!! OH, and thank you for the rendeer ham sandwich :)) With my warmest regards, Music Hyun (924 on Dec. 2nd 09)


Dear Santa.... I am somewhat in a problematic position here, and I hope you’ll be able to help me out. I am sure and 100% positive, I’ve been a good girl throughout all year - please find my wishlist attached in separate note. Yes, I know it looks long but that is cause of my large handwriting. “ ***Probably at this point, the writer of the letter had to grin a little herself*** “Anyhow, as mentioned before, I was a very good girl even, but here comes my problem, I am sure a lot of people will try to tell you otherwise, so that’s why I am writing you directly. See, ‘good’ is all a matter of perspective, right? And I am pretty good in corrupting innocent things, such as candy canes, all sorts of fruit and vegetables, but I promise, all I do by doing that is giving joys to others so it qualifies again as good, right? For any further questions, meet me at deviousMind and we’ll discuss them - no, of course the name of our sim is no indicator of having been naughty....” ***coughs coughs*** Kind Regards, Chandra Meehan, 1040 days in SL



CREDITS Layout: Maryna Wind How Mrs. Bones Stole Your Christmas Characters: Mrs. Bones, Christmas Elf Posed by: Chou Skinstad, Ole Etzel Photography: Chou Skinstad Text: Chou Skinstad, Ole Etzel, Mikalis Kara Location: Happy Mood Pose: Fight pose by Niqotine Avatar: Elf by !go! Letters to Santa Characters: Mr. and Mrs. Claus Posed by: Kali Marville, M4rk3ttO Bonetto, Panteleimon Aeon Photography: Chou Skinstad, Kali Marville Text: Azu Catteneo, Barbara Nicholls, Cerdwin Flanagan, Chandra Meehan, Maryna Wind, Mikalis Karas, Music Hyun, Raul Crimson, Stacia Villota, Stacie Pryor Location: Happy Mood Pose: Couple poses by DmD poses Avatars: Avatars by !go! Holiday Jam Guest starring in alphabetical order: aRa Sheridan Aurora Ansar Bobby Yoshikawa Boe Cortes Bronson Twine Cerdwin Flanagan Chandra Meehan Chas Lee 128|uncover

CREDITS Chou Skinstad Cicciuzo Gausman CodeBastard Redgrave December Dollinger Dolly Voom Dominic Crescendo Elise Capalini Eliza Weirwight Eve Petalyakov Eves Rodenberger Fauve Beaumont Frank Baily Frislanda Ferraris Further Monday Ganymedes Costagravas Ian Connolly Iolanda Weidman Jocgart Larsen Kahlan Bingyi Kai Sachertorte Kali Marville Kirk Claymore Kiya McMahon Lolmac Shan Looker Lumet Lulu Jameson M4rketto Bonetto Mariella Tammas Maryna Wind Mikalis Karas Music Hyun Musique Gable Naima Rejkus uncover|129

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