Issuu on Google+ How to Generate massive amount of Sales from Twitter You need to understand that this is ridiculously simple and easy to do. To get customers just Tweet about whatever you are doing. Like you can tweet “I’m writing a blog post on Make money from Twitter and Eminem is shouting in my ears” or something like that. If you are a copywriter, talk about your latest projects, if you are a web-designer talk about how much your client loved you last design and if you are randomly selling niche products, talk about how many people with a common problem benefited form your product. But remember, don’t beat this to death. DO it maybe once every half a dozen tweets or similar and regularly talk about some aspect of what you do for a living and make sure that your bio includes a link to your website (as already discussed) and you are very likely to get clicked. If you are about to launch a product, start mentioning about it a week before the launch. Make sure you highlight the benefits of it to you followers and public. For example, lets assume you are about to launch an ebook on ‘Weight Loss’. Tweet something like “Writing an ebook on weight loss that will guarantee 20kg loss in next few weeks. And if you have something up and ready to sell, pot about it most of the time. Post about the feedback that customers are giving you, such as “Customers are loving the product and giving me a great feedback on this product”. This is something which makes your followers feel that they won’t be the first to try something and makes sure that your product is a sound product. Also make sure you regularly post links to your blog posts. Now writing a blog could be a tedious job for some people and this is where you can start using an autoblog. A good tempting title to your blog post will get you a lot of clicks. If you are giving away some freebie information on your blog, you can show people that you really have some expertise in that very field and they will click on it to grab it.

How to Generate massive amount of Sales