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Cameron Boyce

Cameron Boyce is anything but your typical child actor turned TV star. You have seen Boyce in the Disney Channel show Jessie; the comedy hit “Grown Ups 2” and most famously the teen fantasy films “Descendants.” Boyce is just getting started: Boyce will star opposite Ginnifer Goodwin in the highly anticipated ABC series Steps, and was recently casted in the indie film “Runt.”

Boyce became interested in acting at a young age, finding his creative voice at age 10. “Ever since then I’ve never been able to picture myself doing anything else but being in this creative field,” Boyce explained.

The child-acting path is not for the weak of heart, though. “Thinking about the fact that I didn’t get to regular school or have a prom or have a traditional childhood in a lot of senses is sometimes intimidating when I’m in the real world,” Boyce admitted. Yet his “butterfly effect” path has shaped him for the better, both as an actor and as an individual. “I think being a professional at such a young age has helped me develop into someone who sees things a bit differently: challenges have become opportunities, fantasy has become reality in a lot of ways. I do think that I see things on a broader scale because of the experiences I had early on.”

Boyce’s largest role to date has been that of leading man Carlos in “Descendants.” The film spurred a recent sequel, with the teen fans craving for more. “Personally I think the reason a fantasy story works is that it’s driven by truth,” Boyce said. The relatable story-line for the characters, albeit in a fantastical world, touches viewers. “I’ve always felt that “The Descendants” has been a sophisticated kids franchise because of the message,” Boyce mused. Most importantly, though, Boyce has used his success and influencer status to draw attention to those in need. His work with the Thirst Project, a non-profit to provide clean water for developing nations, won Boyce a Pioneering Spirit Award, with Boyce raising over $30,000 for the organization to build two wells in Swaziland. Boyce is drawn to the charity and to the passion of their advocates and philanthropists. “Their passion has led them to save thousands of lives,” Boyce said. “You can’t put a price tag on that.”

Boyce’s humanitarian mission extends outside of the Thirst Project to encompass all charity efforts, big or small. “I’ve had some amazing role models that have taught me the power of charity, and I couldn’t be more grateful to be in a position to influence people with my voice,” Boyce expressed. “Changing lives is something that everyone should strive to do in his or her lifetime.”

Boyce hopes to create on his own terms as an artist and continue to change the world for the better through charity work. “I want to fulfill my right brain as much as possible, and make an impact on people.”

We cannot wait to see what Cameron Boyce does next.