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DECEMBER. Hello, my old friend. We’ve barely survived this adulting thing but somehow we find ourselves here, at the end of another year and this calls for celebration. Repeat after me: Every. Day. In. December. Calls. For. Celebration. Technically, we’re still deskbound. However, science says time does not exist in space therefore work is a figment of November’s past. So call up your friends, get the cars loaded, stock up on the essentials, because we’re all temporarily relocating to the coast! Here is the lowdown on what you can get up to all December.

1 December 2019

First on the list are the numerous Christmas markets to rifle through. Since their revamp, now mostly catering to Millenials, Christmas markets have taken on a new look. ‘Tis the season and the first to kick off the festivities is Lagoon Park, with its own spin on a Christmas market taking place on Sunday, 1 December from 09h00 till 14h00 with trinkets, seasonal delicacies, maybe pink flamingos for good measure.

6 December 2019

We don’t know why anyone would want to put themselves through this arduous challenge, but if you’re into bikes, sand everywhere imaginable and the unyielding heat of the Namibian sun, then look no further, because it’s back: the Nedbank Desert Dash 2019. This endurance biking adventure from Windhoek to the coast is never one to miss. Sure to attract national and international cyclists, the 24-hour race across the Namib Desert kicks off on Friday, 6 December. You only live once, go ahead. It’s December!

13 December 2019

All the cool kids will be at the Social Club’s new home, the Rooftop at the Swakopmund Dome, on Friday, 13 December. Catch your favourite DJ’s sets from 14h00. Good vibes are guaranteed when music is the main attraction.

14 December 2019

Or do Christmas… in an oasis: Goanikontes Christmas Market pairs that homely Christmas spirit with otherworldliness thanks to the Moon Valley. Have a one of a kind Christmas weekend with the market opening on Saturday, 14th and ending on Sunday, 15th.

18-19 December 2019

We bring you fun. We bring you great times. We do, however, have to bring you health as well. And what’s more fun and festive than beach volleyball? It is the coast, mind you. Timeout Beach Volleyball Academy Public is hosting their 3rd Swakop Beach Volleyball Camp to keep your summer body in check. This exclusive camp is a chance to hone those skills or try something new by joining in on the fun on Wednesday, 18 and Thursday, 19 December. Sign up while you still can!

20-21 December 2019

For the night owls, we’ve got you covered, too. Swakopmund Night Market beckons the nocturnal creatures to celebrate - what? You guessed it, Christmas! Swakopmund Hotel and Entertainment Centre opens a two-day market at 18h00 on Friday, 20th, closing on Saturday, 21st at 22:00. Christmas just keeps giving.

20-22 December 2019

Up north, the inaugural Owambo Festival cements itself in history. Aimed at celebrating the collective Owambo culture, the festival is for everyone and anyone with an appreciation of Owambo cuisine, traditional garbs or just for the pure love of the north. The festival kicks off on Friday, 20 December and ends on Saturday, 22 December at the Helao Nafidi Business Expo Centre in Ohangwena.

25 December 2019

If overexerting yourself in the kitchen is not how you imagined Christmas Day, your wishes have come true. Lake Oanob Resort is hosting a Christmas lunch at the tranquil resort on Wednesday, 25 December 2019 from 12h00 till 14h00. Over at the coast, Hansa Hotel is taking the burden off your shoulders by inviting you to partake in a Christmas feast from 12h00 till 14h00. Enjoy your meal even more by knowing you don’t need to do the washing up afterwards. We won’t judge you.

20 December 2019

Even Free Your Mind got the memo. Making their way to the coast for the first-ever Celebrity Shakedown, comedy is going to the sea-side to treat us with laughter therapy. After the year we’ve witnessed, you’ll see us front-row centre at the Kuisebmund Stadium at 18h00 on Friday, 20 December.

28 December 2019

What is a Namibian December if you didn’t party at Langstrand? Here to set the tone and take us into the New Year is the annual music festival, famed for 12 hours of sunshine, music and sand between your toes. Gates open at 11h00 on Saturday, 28 December at the Langstrand Tidal Pool Area. Get your tickets now from Computicket for an unforgettable experience.

It will go in a flash, but one thing is certain: December is about celebrating ourselves. Celebrating the fact that we’re still here, we’re shining and we’re about to do it all over again! So why not have fun while doing it? Be wise on those roads, and we’ll see each other again in 2020.

Lavinia Kapewasha