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Finding Balance

WHAT IS GREATER REALITY LIVING? The term greater reality living describes how you might choose to live as you expand your awareness of reality, which is defined as the state of things as itactuallyexists . Because so much of reality escapes the five physical senses, you likely have viewed life as if through a tiny pinhole and then wondered why things don’t make sense. As the old saying goes, “There is much more to life than meets the eye.” Ifyou are nowinspired to expand your perception and take action in your own life, the Greater Reality Living model outlined in this series of Transformation Coaching articles provides a roadmap to: 1) Learn That Consciousness Survives Physical Death 2) Internalize This Great News 3) Vitalize Your Body, Mind and Spirit 4) Enjoythe Many Benefits of Greater Reality Living 5) Serve Others and Make the World a Better Place I designed this LIVES model to prepare people for optimal living after learning about the findings of Gary E. Schwartz, Ph.D., who directs the Laboratory for Advances in Consciousness and Health at the Uni- versity of Arizona. He is a Harvard graduate, former Harvard and Yale professor, and author of nine books includingThe Afterlife Experimentsand The Sacred Promise. I also started the nonprofit SoulPhone Foundation (http://www.SoulPhone.org) to help fund research and development for the SoulPhone Project. Depending on funding, a reliable and highly accurate SoulSwitch™ that provides yes/no answers from post-material (“deceased”) persons may be completed in 2020. An array of these switches can be used to produce a SoulKeyboard™ to enable texting and typing with them. This will greatly increase the quality and quantity of communication with postmaterial loved ones as well as scientists, inventors, and others who want to help us improve life on Earth. Replicated, multi-center, university-based scientific studies for the SoulPhone™ technology have now — for the first time in human history — definitively demonstrated that death is NOT the end of life.

A healthy and balanced body/brain can help you remember and demonstrate you r timeless essence and inner magnificence.

By Mark Pitstick, MA, DC

As you now know, much evidence strongly indicates that the vast majority of who and what you are survives bodily death. However, it’s difficult to know and show that great news when you are suffering with severe and/or chronic depression, fatigue, illness, pain or anxiety.

Even though your body is miraculously self-aware and self-restorative, it has a breaking point after which healing is nearly impossible. Over the years, I’ve asked many people whose health was in shambles, “How did you get to this point? Didn’t you see it coming? Weren’t there some warning signals?” They all answered similarly: “Over the years, I knew I should take better care of myself, but didn’t. Eventually, I just got too tired and went downhill. Then it was too much to overcome.” Please don’t let yourself get to that point. Many people have forgotten what it’s like to be happy, healthy and energetic. They look around and conclude that it’s normal to feel, look, and act poorly. The root causes of these problems are many, but I’m only going to list a few here so we can focus most of this article on the solutions: • An over abundance of cheap and harmful junk and fast foods. These can negatively affect the brain and cause people to become addicted. Why? Because sugar, artificial sugars, and chemicals can act as addictive stimulants. • Chemical-laden, genetically engineered, and nutritionally deficient foods such as soy, corn, wheat and processed dairy. • Deterioration of the topsoil so that even healthy foods no longer contain key nutrients. • Routine prescribing of pharmaceutical drugs with potentially dangerous side effects for common ailments that respond very well to natural methods of healing. • Cigarette smoking and smokeless tobacco, along with excess alcohol and marijuana use. LIVE IN THE SOLUTION

7 If you’re ready to consider what greater reality living means for you, close your eyes and imagine the most wonderful life of your dreams. What would that look like? What might you hear yourself and others saying? How would you feel? In short, what is your highest vision for how wonderful your life can be? Now let’s look at the seven keys to optimal vitality. They may appear deceptively simple; however, they can create outstanding results and help you enjoy the greatest life you have envisioned. After you finish this article, I suggest you

8 read my book Radiant Wellness and take a look at the articles cited herein, which are available for free on the home page of http://www.SoulProof.com. Then share this information with your family, friends and coworkers. 1. RENEWAL • Get enough sleep—about eight hours per night for most people—so you feel energized throughout the day. • Hit the bed by 10:30 p.m. and even earlier when needing extra rest. Natural health experts say the hours of sleep before midnight are most beneficial. • Listen to your inner wisdom when you don’t feel well. Lighten your schedule, go to bed earlier, sleep in, cancel social engagements, and/or get a nap. • Take note of creative insights that can occur just before and after sleep or while dreaming. Keep a notepad and pen on your bedside table to capture valuable ideas and inspiring thoughts. • Review your goals, read positive books, or listen to inspiring audio products just before going to sleep. 2. ACTIVITY

• Stretch once or twice a day for a few minutes to promote healthy soft tissues (muscle, ligament, tendon and disc); prevent or slow arthritis; and help maintain normal skeletal and spinal alignment and flexibility. • Aerobically condition (walk, bike, jog, elliptical, etc.) three times per week for 20 minutes. I suggest using interval training methods of moderate intensity for 2 minutes, then 30 seconds of high intensity. Repeat this cycle eight times. • Resistance train three times per week for 45 minutes using weights, bands, or your body weight with yoga, Pilates or floor exercises. • Develop an active lifestyle by enjoying time while walking in nature, biking, kayaking or canoeing. Take dance, yoga or martial arts lessons. • Climb stairs, park further away from the destination, and pick up the pace while cleaning the house and doing yardwork. 3. DIET • Avoid chemical-laden, GMO, and radiated foods, especially soy, corn and wheat; processed foods, especially ones containing white sugar and flour; processed dairy; artificial sweeteners; unhealthily derived animal products and meats coming from commercial factory businesses. • Use minimal amounts of natural sweeteners: honey, maple syrup, molasses, xylitol, agave. • Eat fresh, organic food from healthy grocery stores and local farmers who use sustainable agriculture and pasture-raised methods. • Eat mostly real food: vegetables, low-glycemic fruit, raw nuts and seeds, lean meat and eggs. If your health status and weight allow it, include some legumes and gluten-free grains, breads and cereals. • Get sufficient healthy fats: butter, coconut butter and oil, olive oil, ghee, etc.

• Eat fish, walnuts, and seeds (flax, chia and hemp), and obtain additional omega-3 essential fatty acids from cold-processed and pristine sources of tuna oil or cod liver oil. • If you are a vegan who consumes no animal products, obtain sufficient protein from grain and legume combinations, plant-based protein powders and bars and raw foods. Also get extra B vitamins, especially B-12 from whole food supplements. • Drink pure water with daily ounces equal to one-third to one-half of your body weight in pounds, and avoid water in flimsy plastic containers that can contain endocrine systemdisrupting and toxic plastic particles. • Limit tea or coffee to two servings per day and none after mid-afternoon. • Avoid synthetic nutritional supplements found in most stores. These high-dosage varieties are created mostly from chemicals in laboratories, are poorly absorbed, and can cause nutrient imbalances in the body. • Take cold processed whole food supplements from companies that use organic plant sources raised in rich topsoil and optimally raised animal ingredients for key nutrients richly abundant in organs. • Start a personalized nutritional program from a licensed health care practitioner. (See articles #32 and # 33 on http://www.SoulProof.com.) • Use raw concentrated green powders in your smoothies or green drinks. 4. INNER CLEANSE • Remove bodily wastes and inner toxins by regular bowel movements, urination, sweating and deep breathing. • Detoxify your body at least twice per year with a gentle but powerful program. • Minimize exposure to chemicals and heavy metals in your body care, home cleaning and laundry products. Hair dyes, antiperspirant deodorants, and skin lotions are common sources of toxins that impact the brain and hormonal organs. • Educate yourself about electromagnetic fields and how to minimize exposure to sources of “dirty electricity” from cell phones, computers, fluorescent lights, cell towers, etc. (To learn more, see article #43 on http://www.Soulproof.com, Dirty Electricity and How To Minimize It.) • Avoid cigarettes and smokeless tobacco completely. Use alcohol and marijuana minimally if at all. 5. AWARENESS • No matter what is going on around you, you can always choose to focus on higher energy thoughts of peace, joy, love, gratitude and enthusiasm. • Use centering practices—such as prayer, meditation, time in nature, yoga, soaking in a hot tub, etc.—to release stress and become more aware of your inner wisdom. • Realize that your thoughts, words and deeds have a ripple effect—for good or bad—on you and others.