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If you think a title like “One Night Dead” has something to do with zombies, you would be right (bit surprising this title hasn’t been used already). But this isn’t the name of some new zombie flick, but rather an upcoming book.  What’s so special about it, you ask, since anything with zombies is pretty much a dime a dozen these days?

Well, for one, the story is a “ChooseYour-Own-Adventure”-style tale, where readers (adults, of course) can decide what path they want to read the story to see how it ends. The second reason...? The story is being written by fans, themselves, who log into the story’s website ( and make their own contributions as to what the final product will be.

Seriously, you can’t get any cooler than that.  The story is set up by “Project: O.N.D.”, whose goal it is for zombie fans (as well as horror fans, in general) to “share in the enjoyment of reading and creating the ultimate zombie story together.”

ď śBy becoming a member and logging in, fans can not only read the story as it currently available, but also add to it by writing their own ideas of how the story can proceed, or even add their own original material for the book (to which other members can add to, as well, following the site’s submission guidelines, of course). Members can, of course, comment and critique on what has already been written, which could help determine what the final product be.

Like all zombie stories, “One Night Dead” starts out pretty simple. The lead character (the story being told in Second-Person-Perspective, true to classic “CYOA” form) is setting up for another night working the graveyard shift at the Pine Woods Motor Inn, which doesn’t get much business. In fact, the only guests are three travelers who look “stressed”.

Plans for a night of sleeping through the shift are disrupted by reports of violence breaking out at a local city hotspot, and then the morning maid comes screaming from the guests’ room. What’s going on? What’s happening? Only way to find out is to become a member and log in!

Admittedly, the story set-up is nothing new, using a lot of familiar plot elements found in horror (but hey, if the formula works and is done right, why complain?). But the fact that fans can add to the story themselves by either writing their own tales or giving suggestions to already written work makes “One Night Dead” that much more interesting. I can’t say I ever seen anything like this before, which makes it even that much more unique.

ď śSo not only can horror fans help create a zombie story they want to see, but aspiring writers have a new venue to showcase their talent and get their name out there. ď ś Even better, artists can submit original illustrations based on scenes from the story, helping to make the story that much more interesting. ď śThe best online zombie stories.

ď śAnd it’s not just the story that can be found on the site. Like with most entertainment-related websites, there’s a forum area where members can discuss all things zombie, or anything related to the horror genre. Whether it be favorite movies, the latest TV shows, or gripes about all the old cliches, members of the site can voice their questions and/or opinions, then discuss (or argue, take your pick) with their fellow fans.

So what are you waiting for? Head over to the site, sign up and become a member, log in and start reading and/or contributing to the ultimate zombie story. You’ll not only enjoy yourself, but become part of something great that could make horror history. Choose your adventure zombie story: 

One night dead  
One night dead  

If you think a title like “One Night Dead” has something to do with zombies, you would be right (bit surprising this title hasn’t been used...