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te 10 Moons Initiation

Liberating t Orgasmic Diva in YOU

June 2010 – March 2011

When Diva Mama Nut and I met on the phone over a year ago, Nut shared the 10 Moons Calendar Oracle and what each moon represented. Though I even resisted this process for fear of losing myself, I was convinced that this was what I needed to do to complete my own personal Shamanic Priestess training that came from within....For many, the act of surrendering to the process of initiation is a scary one. To not know what will happen during the process can be even more frightening. I think that is because many are afraid to know the real truth of their power to create, the power to be all that they are born to be. I understand that fear, that hesitation....knowing your Goddess Self and being responsible for the innate creative ability that is our Divine Birthright. I had lost a part of myself when I began to walk the Spiritual Path...but I have recaptured that part of myself that was most important to who I was born to be. I am grateful. In fact I am knowing what it is like to truly Live Orgasmically and loving every moment of it! - Diva Tonya K. Freeman | Pendergrass, GA You won’t be sorry sisters, I took the training and my life has transformed so dramatically. I had been a teacher for many years but this took me to a level that cleared a lot of old stuff and it was difficult sometimes but it was definitely worth it. I have a lot more clarity and enjoyment of my day to day life. It’s a way to get to the core of your being and live in a positive state of mind and spirit when you really get who you are, embrace it —what you’re here for. I highly recommend it. - Diva Liaya Aneb Nua | Cleaveland, OH ©2010 the Temple Of Wombn

In the beginning of this year, I felt a strong call to let go of fear in my life......Carla had been talking to me about the Circle for quite some time and I felt it was something to look into. I came onto that one call and next thing I knew.........I was filling out my application and started on this journey. At first it was totally based on intuition and a knowing it was the right next step in my personal evolution. I also suspected it would support me as I stepped out into the world as the powerful woman that I AM. It has done and continues to do thats. I feel that it's shifted me into a place of knowing and really trusting that knowing in a way I didn't before. I feel more confident in my decisions especially as it relates to my ceremonial life/self and working within my community that was/is already in place... all of it is tied in to my 10 Moon Initiation as I claim my authority in all area's of my life. - Diva Jane Marron-Innmon | Malvern, PA Goddess have mercy, I would not have wanted to do my inner work of the past 8 years alone. I love what's possible in this Circle. - Diva Carla Sanders | Hope, ME


Beautiful Beloved Diva Sister, We find ourselves in a very pivotal YOUniversal time right now. You may already feel its awakening as a stirring new sensation of urgency inside of you... Perhaps you feel connected with and in direct care of the world in new ways that motivate, surprise and even confuse you..... YOUniversally, this iz a time of extremely heightened sensitivity and passionate engagement with lives, ideas and the world we are right now re-creating with great speed. I am a Nubian-Khamite Priestess, healer's healer and Blessed witness to the transformation of the lives of hundreds of initiates its been my particular healing to serve. Since October 2002, I have been blessed and challenged with a state of near continuous possession with the feminine aspect of Divine I know as Het-Heru, the Holy embodiment of Love, Bodily Pleasures, Abundance, Beauty, Compassion, the Spices of Life Š2010 the Temple Of Wombn

She iz urging my every action, every plan, every dream toward awakening in wombn of every faith, who will hear Her, the unshakable knowing of Her sovereignty and limitless Power already living in You! Through Her Guiding Spirit, a close Circle of wombn began on March 3, 2003, to create a place and a path of Light to fortify and extend our heightened sensitivities and awareness and begin applying them in our rapidly changing, very real, and very much ours for the shaping, new world. We are calling the wombn to step first onto this path of Light -This does not exclude the min, there iz a path for them as well that will travel alongside the wombn's and eventually the two paths will intersect, merge and separate again to continue the evolutionary cycle. The wombn are being called first because at this time it iz the essence of the Divine Feminine alive in all wombn that iz the foundation for our entry into this newest phase of human evolution. email:

Wombn! It iz the season of your Power -As mothers As leaders As healers As lovers You don't just have the power YOU are that Power! Will you use your power to continue to block and subdue the full expression of your Light...... Or will you let it Love you And turn you so completely ON That you light up everything and everyone You touch with Happiness Trust Appreciation Willing Surrender And Love?

Š2010 the Temple Of Wombn

For those called and accepted into the 10 Moons Initiation, I welcome you into our Divine Circle of Power and Potency where we will spend the next 10 moons together Growing, Healing and Playing in a Circle of Unified Intention to reveal your Divine Magiks, Healing Powers and Essential Life's Purpose.


Through weekly interactive tele-circles, regular personalized energy attunments, daily aff irmation meetings, and revelatory play, each initiate will.....

Learn your own unique formula for Effortless Positive Attraction in health, relationships, love and money! * Flex your Orgasmic Muscles to deepen your psychic abilities and become a reliable Healing Oracle for yourself and others! * Discover and unleash the fullness of your Sexual Power and Pleasure to embrace your Divine right of Orgasmic Wombnhood! * Be surrounded, challenged and supported by a strong Sisterly Alliance of unconditional adoration, appreciation and loving worship for being the Divine Diva YOU Are! * Emerge reborn as a Leader, Teacher, Healer and member of a Lifelong Co-Creative Sacred Circle of Wombn Power! * As a graduate initiate you will be qualified to train as Diva Mentor & be empowered to demonstrate this Initiation to wombn everywhere!

Š2010 the Temple Of Wombn

If you feel yourself being guided, compelled even, by an energy speaking and connecting to you from behind the words you are reading now..... Then we Welcome you to our Circle! Your place of honor has been prepared and awaits you. Divaliciously Yours,

Nut Tmu-Ankh Butterfly Dreaming, mother priestess, founder & Diva Mama of the Temple Of Wombn


The Moons

“You should know that you will be challenged, you will be

changed. Veils will be lifted, and what will you see? Grandeur... your own. And you will discover you are most Magnificent in the midst of failure, bitchiness, pain, apathy,

Our 10 Moon Calander/Oracle iz the central, Divine Gift calling for the formation of the Temple Of Wombn and the 10 Moons Initiation. Each New Moon iz a personal & planetary oracle all people can use to forecast and tap into YOUniversal Feminine Essence!

resistance, muleheadedness. Are you ready for that?” ~ Diva Mentor, Carla Sanders N e w Te mpl e Ye ar B e ginning Jun e 2 0 1 0! Building th e Cir cl e Moon JUN He aling Old Wound s Moon JUL B eing N ak e d Moon AUG S a cr ed B e aut y Moon SEP Lov er s & Friend s Moon OCT Mapping Your Divin e Life Moon NOV Effortl e s s Attra cting Moon DEC Outra g e ou s Indulg en c e Moon JAN Ext ending th e Circl e Moon FEB Birthing N e w B e ginning s Moon MAR

©2010 the Temple Of Wombn


Real Magiks for Real Wombn Every person possesses certain vital currencies. The innerstanding of these natural riches makes Whole Life Mastery possible. The 10 Moons Initiation iz organized around the feminine exercise of these powers.

The 5 Magiks Sex Magik Orgasmic Essence iz what gives us our power to Create. It iz the one aspect of our time/space experience which retains a permanent link to our Divine origins, and Wombn are the gatekeepers of this Divine connection. In the Nubian-Khamite tradition, the word for knowledge and the word for vulva are the same -- sh'tet. You will learn and experience for yourself the fundamental union between Higher Awareness and Wombn's Orgasmic Truth!

Wealth Magik As a Wombn it iz natural for you to command power, influence, money, industry & lands. Too many of us have been convinced that the only way to access these forces iz by replacing our natural feminine essence with an masculine imitation. Imagine how much more you will accomplish by your natural, feminine wealth muscles, which were the original models for commerce & trade.

sexuality. Conscious Self Fullness iz a vital art which strengthens, not lessens, our ability and Desire to give to our world.

Spirit Magik Wombn's intuition, being "sensitive", Mother wit... These are all ways of labeling, yet not fully recognizing the natural communion link all Wombn have with Divine. What if you started tuning in to the fullness of your own Divine receiver abilities? Would you then see how well the word "Goddess" suits you? Circle Magik Wombn are the glue of civilization. We are the gatherers. We are the fabric that defines families, friendships, loves, neighborhoods, off ices, economic & lifestyle trends, and the growth & evolution of humankind. The Circles you create and live in are examples of your awesome power to create, extend &/or reinvent the connections that sustain and inspire everyone you touch.

Curriculum The Sacred Circle - Throughout the 10 Moons you will be treated to a weekly, interactive phone meeting known as the Divas Sacred Circle!

Soul/Self Magik How many Wombn do you know who consistently make time, food, run errands for others but hardly ever for themselves? We've been taught to fear appearing "selfish" almost as ferociously as we do our Š2010 the Temple Of Wombn

The writer (& Diva) SARK calls telephones "psychic sound chambers".


Our Monday night Diva Call iz like stepping into a psychic sound, light & love embrace, that simply must be experienced to felt to be understood! From the beginnings of time Wombn have used the Sacred alkhamy of the Circle to teach, heal, celebrate and govern. The Circle iz a Living Essence that unites us with all our Mothers who have come before us, with all Wombn everywhere who now share this life walk with us, and with all our Daughters & Sisters who will continue after us. Through the Circle we feel their pain, sing their freedom, dance their Beauty, take ownership of their Dreams, and give birth to the new evolution of humankind! The Sacred Circle iz the core of the 10 Moons Initiation. The Circle iz our Mother. Private Healing Sessions - As powerful as the group dynamic of the Sacred Circle iz, your initiation could not be complete without equally focused and loving attention to your individual healing needs/Desires.

As a Diva Initiate, you will choose two Mother Magiks through which to focus your progress. You will be paired with a Diva Mentor with whom you will have small group monthly Magik Mothermind Sessions to further fine tune your Diva Mastery. If you Desire, your 10 Moons Initiation can also include monthly 90 min Magik & Mastery sessions with Diva Mama, Nut; where you will be given custom designed healing tools to anchor your ownership and confident mastery of the most powerful expression of your Soul's Core Desire. Each session will be a multidimensional experience of your own indwelling healing power. Diva Appreciation Rituals - Each of the Wombn drawn to the 10 Moons Initiation iz uniquely gifted, accomplished, passionate and deeply in touch with her own Divine Essence. Each New Moon you will be paired with another Diva Initiate as your Diva Appreciation Partner. At least three times each week, for around 15 mins, you'll share a special Diva Appreciation Ritual with her. These rituals are soul-lifting experience you will want to repeat often! Through them you'll form lasting, intimate and vitally aff irming relationships with each of your Diva Initiate Sisters.

Your Diva PlayBook - At least 80% of the value of the 10 Moons Initiation iz in the formless energy attunments & healing you'll receive through communion with the Sacred Circle and in private healing sessions. However,

Š2010 the Temple Of Wombn


long after your 10 Moons Initiation iz over, you will have need of the tools & wisdom gained during our time together. Throughout the course of the Initiation you will be given exclusive tools, exercises and teachings for the creation of your own Diva PlayBook! Your PlayBook will be a permanent source from which to draw & expand on vital healing information for yourself and for others.

Your Diva Playlist - We want you to know you can reenter the healing embrace of our Sacred Circle any time you choose. While you will learn to do this using nothing more than your clearly held intention, we also want you to have the option of re-living our Monday night Diva Calls at the push of a button, when & wherever you want. Exclusive mp3 recordings - available only to 10 Moons Initiates - of each Monday night Diva Call will be posted on a special web page for you to listen to online or download every week.

Ongoing E-mail & Phone Support - As a Diva Initiate, you will be part of a tightly held Circle of Love & Vital Feminine Power. Anything that concerns your growing into full mastery of your Wombnly Essence (& that really iz everything!), can and should be brought into the Circle, or if you prefer, shared privately with Diva Mama, Nut or your Diva Mentor. Our phone lines & inboxes will always be open to you!

AND Last, but not least...

Free Membership in the Womb Wisdom Healers Circle - We're committed to providing you with the dedicated support you deserve and need to realize your Desires, that continues well after your initiation. As a Diva Initiate, you will be given a free Emergent Healer membership in the Womb Wisdom Healers Circle, including free admission to monthly New & Full Moon Circle Calls, & listen & download access to the complete audio archive of ALL Diva Calls for TWO full years! Š2010 the Temple Of Wombn


- Tuition -

Diva Coronation - Included in your 10 Moons Initiation, iz your attendance as our most honored guest, in the Diva Coronation & Retreat! Cum April 2011, we will gather live & in the flesh for four days of ceremony, to consecrate and celebrate all that you have blissfully achieved and will continue to master, as a Graduate Diva Initiate.

Š2010 the Temple Of Wombn

We are dedicated to making the 10 Moons Initiation available for an investment that honors and supports YOU! Your tuition for the 10 Moons Initiation, including everything you just read above, iz just a one-time deposit of $500 (US) then 10 payments as low as $385 each month beginning in June (there is also a single payment option that will save you as much as $450 or more!). Custom deferment arrangements are also available.

If you are ready to live with & master the Truth of your Gifts, Desires & Soul's calling, take your place the Circle!


Step 1.

I can't wait to meet you and bask in the radiance of your ever expanding Magnificence!

Use the following link to submit your tuition deposit, $500 (US)

Divaliciously Yours, Major credit cards, debit cards & e-checks accepted through PayPal no membership required

Step 2. Download and complete the application. It's a PDF document which you can easily edit and return to us.

Click Here to Download

Nut Tmu-Ankh Butterfly Dreaming

To save to your computer, right-click link and choose "Save Target As..."

Step 3.

Except for declined applicants, tuition payments are non-refundable. Should the need arise, a leave of absence may be taken to rejoin the Initiation in a future session.

Attend your private interview (by phone). This will be scheduled upon receipt of your deposit & application.

Š2010 the Temple Of Wombn


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