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Language is a dynamic medium – words and phrases pass in and out of common parlance with the passage of time and circumstance. Genghis Khan and the Mongols made an indelible imprint on the languages of the communities and villagers they assimilated as they swept from east to west of the Eurasian continent in the 12th century.

One phrase that is currently fast reaching its sell-by date is “business as usual” – BAU – because, thanks to the advent of technology and the 4IR, there is nothing ‘usual’ about business as we know it. This 10th anniversary edition of Top 500: South Africa’s Best Managed Companies documents and discusses the disruption to different spheres of our economy and society that tech and AI have wrought as we ride this fourth wave.

The foreword by Trudi Makhaya places our economy in a global context and the lead interview with investment envoy Trevor Manuel gives us an understanding of the task set for him and his fellow envoys by President Ramaphosa of attracting US$100-billions’ worth of investments into the South African economy over the next few years.

Bonang Mohale, who did such sterling work heading up BLSA, is inspiring as always when he expresses his commitment to South Africa as a country of “renewed hope and renewed enthusiasm”.

Dawie Roodt looks at new kinds of money, while Stephen Timm explores the world of fintech and the disruptive security issues that cryptocurrency has engendered. Colin Coleman from Goldman Sachs speaks about growth enhancing economic conditions and we look at the impact AI has on job security.

The comprehensive listing of the country’s top 500 organisations is an invaluable resource for investors and supply chain managers.

Thank you to the editorial and design team who worked tirelessly to put this edition together.

I would like to leave you with these words by Trudi Makhaya:

“One of the greatest achievements that can come from thisera of change, is to reaffirm our commitment to a just andprosperous economy and to pursue, relentlessly, priorityinitiatives that enable investment and create jobs. In sodoing, we will turn that commitment into a reality.”

I hope you enjoy the read.

Fiona Wakelin

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