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March 21, 2008 [THE MONKEY CHRONICLES – PART 10]

Issue 10. Volume 1.

Living in the mind of a Monkey.

Duncan changes his life


March 21, 2008 [THE MONKEY CHRONICLES – PART 10]

Welcome back to the Monkey Chronicles Part 10, Duncan changes his life. Following on from the very sad issue of number 9, Rigoberto’s funeral, Duncan decided to change his life completely. He got a Job for the Dawn Marie trucking Company driving a truck, I remember when he set out on his maiden journey, he had to deliver some special cargo on the truck, I took a picture of him as he was leaving. I felt so proud of him, anyway he set off in his new truck to deliver his special cargo. Sadly however it was not long before he had to stop for refreshments, driving is a very difficult thing to do and Duncan told me that you have to stop regularly, besides he needed to inspect his cargo to make sure it was safe and had not been tampered with in any way. Well it turns out that Duncan really inspected his cargo a little too closely, it’s a very sad thing to happen to him on his first day on the job, he really didn’t know, he told me that his cargo had a leak and he had to take care of the leak.


March 21, 2008 [THE MONKEY CHRONICLES – PART 10]

Well apparently he took care of it too well, he said there was a lot of liquid leaking and he had to drink it to prevent a toxic spill on the street, then of course he had to light a cigarette. Well poor Duncan lost his job right there and then, his boss was really mad. His Boss said that he was a complete and utter disaster, I have no idea why, poor Duncan, here is a picture of his boss at the scene. He was not very happy with Duncan and it really was not a very big fire, but Duncan really was not listening, he was very tired. I took this picture of Duncan just after his misfortune, I think the truck driving got to him, he drove it for almost 30 minutes, that is really good for him, I am so proud of him.


March 21, 2008 [THE MONKEY CHRONICLES – PART 10]

Well when Duncan woke up his boss was really mad with him, I took this picture just after Duncan woke up. Poor Duncan, he tried so hard and now he does not have a job any more. Well Duncan had a lot of injuries And he said he had to recover, so he said we should go to one of his favourite places that was very special to him so he could recover. Duncan said his doctor was there to take care of him, so we set off to his Doctors surgery, we finally arrived, It was a very impressive doctors practice, I took a picture of it, I have never seen a doctors Office that looked like this one. Anyway Duncan said I could come in and wait for him whilst the doctor took care of him and fixed his bumps and bruises. Of course you all want to know what happened next but I have run out of room for issue 10, so it will have to wait for issue 11, if of course anyone wants it.


The Monkey Chronicles - Issue 10  

Living inside the world of a Monkey brain, issue 10

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