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WELCOME/SPOTLIGHT PICK Well, the summertime is raging on, and if you’re like us, you’ve probably been burnt to a lobster-like crisp by now and you’re looking for some sort of relief from the scorching summer sun. We’re sad to say that’s we’ve got nothing of the sort to offer you, as just about every page of this catalog is packed with blistering hot porn that, if nothing else, is going to make your sexual juices boil within your pants. Sorry! What’s so hot about this catalog, you may wonder? Well how about covergirl Kagney Linn Karter, who gets positively mauled by a giant black dick in Mandingo Massacre 4 (pg. 25)? Or Wasteland (pg. 3), Elegant Angel’s big-budget follow-up to Portrait of a Call Girl? Or the cheap-as-balls box sets that we’re practically giving away on pages 27-30? Not hot for you yet, pal? Maybe you’d enjoy watching gorgeous French chicks getting fingerbanged in Desire (p. 44)? Or our spotlight on Hollywood’s greatest Catwoman Anne Hathaway (p 47)? Or the entirely professional working girls (ahem – hookers!) section on page 49? Oh, and we have that movie where The Smurfs fuck on page 23! Because we’re sexually excited by the color blue. We don’t know why. It’s fucked up. See you in a few months, bitches! Keep your noses clean and your dicks dirty

Bangs, Stanko


Meat Ball

Pg 3 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Brand New Porn

Pg 31 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Handjobs

Pg 4 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Filmco Studio Spotlight

Pg 32 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Girlfriends Films Spotlight Sale

Pg 5 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Brand New Sex Toys

Pg 33 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Huge Cocks with Little Girls

Pg 6-7 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . TLA Raw Exclusives

Pg 34 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Older Women & MILFs

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Pg 9 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4-Hour DVDs from Vouyer Media

Pg 36 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Dave’s Old Porn Spotlight

Pg 10 . . . . . . . . . . . . West Coast Productions Studio Spotlight

Pg 37 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Classics

Pg 11 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Smash Pictures Studio Spotlight

Pg 38 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Cream Pies

Pg 12-13 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Teasing Teens

Pg 39 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . She-Males

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Pg 47 . . . . . Anne Hathaway’s Boobs: See Catwoman naked!

Pg 20 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Older/Younger

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Pg 21 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Our Favorite Porn

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Pg 50-51 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Sleaze & Sexploitation

Pg 23 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Porn Parodies

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Pg 53 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Girls Gone Wild

Pg 25 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Ethnic/Interracial

Pg 54 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Hentai & Animation

Pg 26 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Jules Jordan Video Sale

Pg 55 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Forbidden Fantasies

Pg 27-30 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Box Sets

Pg 56 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Must-See Snatch!


se t!

Revenge of the Petites (2012, 180 min) If you haven’t read or heard any of the publicity circling around this porn flick then you shouldn’t call yourself a porn fan! Loosely based on the ‘80s comedic romp, Revenge of the Nerds, AMK Empire unleashes one of their biggest productions to date. This 3-disc box set is must own for any fan of tight, slutty college girls. Starring redhead sensation Marie McCray, Vanessa Cage, Skin Diamond, Katie St. Ives and more teeny tarts than you can shake your genitals at, Revenge of the Petites is your ticket to boner-ville. DX33846002



Summer 2012 no 447

Images © AMK Empire

Brand SPANKIN' nEW! Image © Vivid

Image © Smash Pictures

(2012, 90 min) Unless you’re a grade-A moron, you’ve probably seen Avengers a hundred times or so by now. And we all agree, it was freaking great. But the one flaw? It had no fucking in it whatsoever! Vivid’s correcting this mistake with their superstar spoof of the blockbuster mega-hit! Assemble your sperms and buy it! DX33799702 $39.99 Image © Adult Source Media

Best of Hentai Collection (2012, 60 min) Adult Source Media unleashes another fucktastic animated compilation of comely cartoon cuties getting their animated snatches fucked like there’s no tomorrow and, this time, they’re only including the very best goddamn clips that the entire genre of Hentai (XXX cartoons from Japan) has to offer. So, grease up your wang and let the animated filth make you do bad things to yourself. DX33914602 $22.99

Image © Evil Angel

Fashionistas Safado Box Set (2012, 700 min) Perhaps the greatest pornographic epic epic ever produced, John Stagliano’s Fasionistas Safado remains a high-water mark in smut. Featuring six discs, over eleven hours of pornography, and the debut scene of a little slut called Sasha Grey, this is a must have for any true porn fan. DX33839102 $59.99 Blu-ray/DVD Combo 10-disc set: DX33839104 $89.99

WASTELAND From the director of Portrait of a Call Girl comes the highly anticipated DVD of the year! Packed with hot sex (both lesbo and boy-girl) and starring two of the industries hottest rising stars, Lily LaBeau and Lily Carter, Wasteland is an absolute must-see! DVD (2-Disc Set) DX33974602 $29.99 Blu-Ray DX33974603 $39.99 Image © Elegant Angel Image © Adam & Eve Pictures

The Truth About O (2012, 170 min) AVN Performer of the Year, Bobbi Starr is no stranger to kink, and she’s showing off all her tricks in this bitch-ass righteous 2-disc set! In this new volume, O (played by Bobbi) sets about finding a new playmate for her master to defile. Fun! Also stars Asa Akira, Jessie Andrews, Krissy Lynn and more! DX33856402 $29.99

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Holy shit are you in for a treat! Filmco stopped by and gave us a bundle of these 5-hour DVDs to sell to you at prices that are so stupidly low we must be morons! Go ahead, snap up this super offer. We appreciate being taken advantage of!

Big Boob Cougars In Heat DX33865602 $12.99

Big Tit Fuckers DX33865102 $12.99

Blow A Load On My Face DX3210342 $12.99

Drop A Load On Mom DX33865502 $12.99

Fucking Clean Shaven Pussies DX33855302 $12.99

Fucking Granny’s Asshole DX33865002 $12.99

Hot Hefty Honeys DX33865702 $12.99

Just Blow Me DX33855202 $12.99

Large Luscious Lips DX33855502 $12.99

Lesbian Cougars DX33855402 $12.99

Pee For Me 2 DX33855102 $12.99

Shaving Teen VJJs DX33865402 $12.99


Summer 2012 no 447









a. Big-Ass Vibrating Pussy A fucking huge (and realistic) twat, spread wide open and begging for your dick. As if that weren’t enough, it’s got a cock-hungry asshole, too! Includes a vibrating bullet to really make that pussy tingle when you pound it. TX33879402 $99.99

D. Icicles 10-Function Glass Teaser Made of nonporous, body-safe glass, this curved and textured 6.75” dildo features 10 modes of vibration, making it the classiest thing you’ve ever plugged inside someone’s sexual orifices. TX33877002 $39.99

B. Fleshlight FLIGHT The latest and greatest creation from the geniuses at Fleshlight, the Flight features a sleek and streamlined design as well as a brand new, never-before-used inner texture. Smaller than the average Fleshlight but no less powerful, the Flight’s gonna keep your dick happy for years to come! TX33575702 $49.99

E. Shane Diesel’s Vibrating Dong So, how do you make the world’s best dick better? You make it vibrate! Shane’s 10” leviathan is now available with 7 modes of vibration, making it the absolute pinnacle of what a penis can be. A must-own! TX33827402 $89.99

C. Full Release Stroker A tight and snug stroker that creates extra suction due to it’s closed-chamber design (that means it’s got no back hole). Enjoy that sweet creampie feeling when you blow your load. An added bonus: it comes with All Internal, a FREE 4-hour DVD starring Jenna Haze, Alexis Texas and more! TX33862803 $22.99

F. The Double Dip Curious about double-penetration but don’t want to add another dude into the mix? Feast your eyes on the doubledip! The 4.5” shaft can be positioned above or below the cock for anal or vaginal penetration! And hey, it also serves as a sweet-ass cockring! Black: TX33813002 $12.99 Beige: TX33813003 $12.99

BALLERS A new crew of dick-milkin’ strokers from New Sensations! These dual-ended (and playfully bulbous) masturbators feature different textures in each hole, giving your dick a variety of sensations! Made of jelly-like (but firm) TPE, safe for use with any lubricants, and super-easy to clean.

Ballers: Bolt TX33827702 $29.99

Ballers: Halo TX33827502 $29.99

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Ballers: Spiral TX33833302 $29.99





(2012, 480 min) Listen, there is no WAY you aren’t into transsexuals with huge, whompin’ tits. That’s why we sat down with our friends at Bacchus and compiled this special TLA RAW Exclusive just for our customers who LOVE transsexuals with HUGE whompin’ tits! You buy! DX33850002 $12.99

2- disc se t!

2- disc se t!

Cum In DX3335422 $12.99

2- disc se t!

Tossin’ Salads DX3321732 $12.99

Girl Eat Girl DX3319632 $12.99

Backstage Pass DX3281532 $9.99

rs 16 hou

Teen Trouble DX3209052 $12.99

More Bang For Your Buck DX3164202 $9.99

Slutmania DX3091562 $9.99


All Bases Covered... in Cum! DX3061242 $9.99

Image © Exquisite Media

2-disc set!


(2012, 485 min) Let’s be clear. We do NOT condone racial violence. Even when that violence is perpetrated upon “The Man” and his historically racist system of domination and control. What we do condone however, is spectacularly large black cocks plundering, pillaging and practically raping tight little white sluts to teach them who the real sonofabitch in charge is! Over 8 hours of non-stop interracial sex for your whacking pleasure! DX33647702 $12.99

Summer 2012 no 447

Image © Pop One

Pop One Productions lets YOU choose your own adventure! Looking for some of the most brutal anal sex scenes available? How about beautiful porn girls reliving their very first hand-jobs or showing you how they play with themselves when they’re home alone?

Choose any of these 4 movies for a real treat. Or choose them all and save!



Anal Wreckreation DX2982312 $9.99

AUTOPILOT Volume 1 DX2985652 $6.99

My Handiwork Volume 1 DX2960592 $9.99


My Handiwork 2: Teen Tuggers DX3244402 $15.99 My Handiwork bundle DX3244432 $22.99

DX3001812 $79.99 $32.99

5 - PACK

2- disc se t!

Beave On Beave DX3169972 $12.99

BUCKTON’s Bangin’ Babes DX2961792 $9.99

Fresh Glazed DX2976292 $9.99

2- disc se t!

Gigantic Geriatric Grandma Fuck Fest 2 DX3116752 $12.99 20 hou

Lewd & Lustful Volume 2 DX2961872 $12.99

No Use Crying Over Spilled MILFs DX3020412 $9.99

Queens of Pee DX2895992 $14.99


rs !

Raw 2 DX3029602 $16.99

Working 9 to Fuck (2012, 385 min) Smash Pictures has joined forces with TLA RAW to bring you over six hours of the greatest inter-office fuck scenes known to man! We’re talking 25 scenes of hot-boffin’ secretaries getting porked so hard they’ll qualify for worker’s compensation (too far?)! Join Chanel Preston, Asa Akira, Tori Black, Jenna Haze, Alektra Blue, Allie Haze, Rebeca Linares and many more in this hypeas-fuck exclusive porno spectacular! DX33575602 $12.99

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When you’re spending hard-earned bread on some of the sweetest pornography available, you want a little extra on the side, right? We’re not talking about a reach around because that might be a little gay. No, we’re talking about FREE GIFTS! We’ve coupled each of these hot sellers with a bitchin’ free gift so you’ll know that we’ve got your back. Keep your eyes peeled, you’ll see more free gifts sprinkled through-out the rest of this catalog you lucky duck!


Image © Smash Pictures

Friends and Family 3

(2012, 90 min) What happens when two families entwine sexually? A goddamn smorgasbord of cum, that’s what! Friends and Family is back for its third installment and no holes are off limits. Starring India Summer, Khloe Kush, Veronica Avluv and many many more. You will receive Real Sexxx Letters completely free with your purchase. DX33637402 $17.99


REAL SEXXX LETTERS FX19807704 Image © Good Night Media


POPPORN’s Man vs. Pussy

(2011, 150 min) This insane, gonzo fuck-a-thon is filled with beautiful, tight little holes challenged to choke five cumshots from one lucky man in under 12 hours. This porn is outrageous. Starring Kagney Linn Karter, Alexis Texas and more. DX3237202 $15.99


BIG LOADS 2 FX2778464 Image © Wicked Pictures

The Craving II

(2012, 93 min) Wicked Pictures and Director Brad Armstrong return with the next installment of this fantastical porn extravaganza starring all your favorite Wicked contract stars. In addition, you will get The Craving I completely free with your purchase! DX33444402 $29.99


THE CRAVING I FX25455706 Image © Elegant Angel

Best New Starlets 2012

(2011, 90 min) Elegant Angel presents to you the porn stars of tomorrow. Each of these unspoiled little fuck kittens will tempt and tease you like no others. Starring Jessie Andrews, Lily Carter, Holly Michaels and more, find out who the best the brightest will be in 2012. DX3323342 $23.99

Image © Elegant Angel





(2012, 90 min) Andy San Dimas, Katie St. Ives, Chanel Preston and more star in this neo-noir thriller from Zero Tolerance! Expect tons of gritty twists and turns, along with a fair deal of thoroughly porked period-piece pussies! DX34009802 $21.99



Summer 2012 no 447

Image © Zero Tolerance

We’re turning the spotlight on Vouyer Media’s new 4-hour DVDs. These perfectly packaged compilations are filled with hot ladies getting done in every fashion imaginable. Each 4-hour DVD is titled so you know exactly what you’re getting. Plus, check out the bottom of this page for a sweet free gift!

A-List Orgies DX33785502 $12.99

Arse Pirates DX33805702 $12.99

Blondefounded DX33805902 $12.99

Cockeyed DX33547202 $12.99

DP Delights DX33681602 $12.99

Fire Crotch Cuties DX33768902 $12.99

I Fuck on the First Date DX33768702 $12.99

I’m In Your Momma DX33681502 $12.99

Jack In Juveniles DX33628002 $12.99

My Favorite Creampie DX33785402 $12.99

My First Teen DX33569302 $12.99

Tap My Big White Ass DX33785302 $12.99

Teentastic DX33805502 $12.99

Titty Fuckers DX33546702 $12.99

Two Face Cum Space DX33790602 $12.99

Youngster Diving DX33805802 $12.99


More free gifts online at


Image © West Coast Productions


$16.99 PER TITLE!

Interracial Lesbian Romance (2012, 171 min) Don’t be concerned. Although this movie has “romance” in the title, there’s very little actual romance in it. Unless you call Lily Carter and Skin Diamond slithering their tongues inside of each other’s tight assholes romantic. Which we do, actually. Also starring Chastity Lynn, Misty Stone, Nyomi Banxxx, Dana DeArmond and more! DX33797903 $16.99

ANAL SIZE MY WIFE 3 DX33936502 $16.99

Housewives Gone Black 13 DX33580603 $16.99

Big Ass Anal Wreckage DX33692103 $16.99

Mandingo’s Rampage DX33803302 $16.99

Mom’s Black Fucking Diary DX33574203 $16.99

Booty Talk 95 DX33747203 $16.99

Fuck My Mom Hard Mandingo DX33173403 $16.99

Monster Wet Anal Asses DX33777502 $16.99

Black Prison Lesbians DX33789102 $16.99

Black Ass Anal Drilling DX33777402 $16.99

Black Anal Love DX32719503 $16.99

Black TEEN PUNISHMENT DX33939202 $16.99

Image © West Coast Productions

How To Train A Delinquent Teen (2011, 90 min) God damn these delinquent teens! They’ve caused society more trouble than Wall Street and Occupy Wall Street combined! Luckily, we’ve come up with a foolproof plan to train these uppity sluts into well-behaved members of society. Hint: it involves pummeling them with huge black dicks! DX33309803 $16.99


Summer 2012 no 447

(2012, 90 min) Prince Yashua keeps his boots on when he fucks. We only mention this because it clearly illustrates the fact that this dude doesn’t give a FUCK about what you think. Watch this black powerhouse lose his shit on Kagney Linn Karter, Remy LaCroix, Lily Carter and more with his patented sex moves like the “atom bomb” and “F-150”. We don’t know what they are either, but they sound intense! DX33772902 $17.99 Image © Smash Pictures

Totally Stacked 4 DX3342912 $17.99

Finger Lickin’ Girlfriends 2 Friends and Family 3 Vol.2 DX3337822 $17.99 Vol.3 DX33637402 $17.99 Vol.1 DX3164292 $15.99 Vol.2 DX3189632 $17.99

White Wife Black Cock 9 Vol.9 DX3291972 $17.99 Vol.8 DX2465922 $17.99

Malibu Massage Parlor 2 Vol.2 DX3282392 $17.99 Vol.1 DX3150832 $17.99

The Bartender DX3327382 $17.99

Rico’s Bangin’ Yo Mama’s Daughter DX3314322 $17.99

CLOTHES FREAKS DX2536042 $17.99

Bra, Panties, Scissors DX3237102 $17.99

An American Werewolf in London XXX Porn Parody DX3315212 $18.99

Bridesmaids XXX: Porn Parody DX3262842 $17.99

WORKING 9 to FUCK DX33575602 $12.99

(2012, 90 min) What? You didn’t think Smash Pictures was capable of romance? Well, that shows what you know, buddy, because this flick’s got romance and feelings out the fuckin’ wazoo! There’s so much damn romance in this movie that it’s dripping out of Marie McCray’s snatch. Featuring emotions, feelings and a female-penned script, this movie’s gonna have your heart overflowing with jizz! DX33884402 $17.99 Image © Smash Pictures

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Teasing Teens Remy La Croix (2012, 90 min) Remy LaCroix may be somewhat new to the porn scene, but this tiny young slut and her completely astounding ass are making some serious waves...inside our balls! Ha ha ha ha! Get to know Remy and her beautiful butthole in this up-close-and-personal anal expose from Elegant Angel. DX33859702 $23.99 Image © Elegant Angel


PRETTY.DIRTY DX34002002 $21.99


lle r !

50 hou

Couples Seduce Teens 20 Vol.20 DX3292282 $14.99 Vol.19 DX3244852 $19.99


Don’t Tell My Wife I Assfucked The Babysitter 9 Vol.9 DX33855702 $21.99 Vol.8 DX33461802 $21.99 5 -disc se t!

Teenage Hardcore DX3334002 $16.99 m ust s

Innocent But Nasty DX33833502 $21.99


ANAL TEEN WHORES DX33999102 $22.99

ee !

Barely Legal 129 The Innocence of Youth 2 Vol.129 DX33841502 $20.99 Vol.2 DX33857802 $21.99 Vol.128 DX33759502 $20.99 Vol.1 DX33488702 $21.99

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5 -disc se t!

Ultimate Fuck Toy: Riley Reid DX3341662 $29.99

Lollipop Girls DX3297972 $14.99

Teen Fantasy 2 Vol.2 DX33502202 $20.99 Vol.1 DX3186962 $20.99 Image © Zero Tolerance

Delinquents (2010, 140 min)It’s not hard to understand why this movie was one of our best selling titles in 2011. The premise is simple: smokin’ hot high school girls reliving the sordid details of their sexual encounters that landed them in detention. Hot. With Kagney Linn Karter, Lexi Belle, Andy San Dimas and more. DX3063822 $16.99


Teen Babysitters 3 Vol.3 DX3335962 $12.99 Vol.2 DX3204332 $12.99

rs !

WITH FREE GIFT: AU NATURAL 3 FX3015105 Summer 2012 no 447

Teasing Teens

Image © Combat Zone

Slutty School Girls (2011, 90 min) We were going to make a joke about the way these girls are always having sex instead of studying, and how it’s hurting US test scores and making us look bad to the rest of the world. But these sluts are European, so our joke is meaningless! Whatever. This movie’s full of schoolgirls getting porked (often in the butthole) so we’re not sweatin’ it! DX3180892 $12.99


lle r !

Allie Haze: True Sex DX3314362 $23.99 20 hou se t!

OMG! I Fucked My Daughter’s BFF! 3 Vol.3 DX33805002 $21.99 Vol.1 DX3278952 $21.99



Daddy Issues DX33867802 $13.99

Troubled Teens DX33843502 $12.99

Her Freshman Year 4 Vol.4 DX33765002 $20.99 Vol.3 DX33445002 $20.99

20 hou

Slut Puppies 4 Vol.4 DX3088922 $36.99 Vol.3 DX2961442 $31.99

rs !

First Time Teen Fucks DX3130082 $16.99 Image © Digital Playground

Barely 19 DX3179162 $18.99

My Sister’s Hot Friend 26 Vol.26 DX33810902 $19.99 Vol.25 DX33561302 $19.99

Lexi Belle UR3 Pocket Pussy The world’s cutest (and squeakiest) porn starlet has been immortalized in this tight and textured lifelike stroker. Lick it, suck it, finger it and fuck it. Lexi sure as fuck isn’t gonna say no! TX3299202 $16.99

(2012, 90 min) Oh no! Daddy went away for the weekend and the girls are left all alone at home with nothing to do except invite a bunch of dudes into their house... and their beaves! Watch the sparks fly until big daddy comes home and does some pluggin’ of his own! This family has some serious issues! Blu-ray/DVD Combo: DX33772602 $29.99

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AmaTeur Full Bush Amateurs 2

(2012, 180 min) This title’s funny, because really, have you ever seen a girl with a half bush? Like, pussy hair only on the left side or something? Maybe we’re spending too much time worrying about the specifics of this movie’s name, but damn it, we’re bothered! Of course, it’s nothing a bucketfull of warm pussy-hair won’t cure, and this movie’s got tons of it! Vol. 2: DX33502702 $21.99 Vol. 1: DX3310752 $21.99 Image © AMK Empire

ATK Southern Amateurs DX3235372 $27.99

Just 18: Ripe ‘n’ Ready 7 Vol. 7: DX33842002 $16.99 Vol. 6: DX33620102 $16.99

Next Door Girls: First Time Amateur Sex DX33875102 $16.99

COLLEGE RULES 5 Vol. 5: DX33916902 $25.99 Vol. 4: DX3332642 $25.99

10 -disc se t!

BRAND NEW FACES 37 Vol. 37: DX33912102 $23.99 Vol. 36: DX33752002 $23.99

HOME MADE MELONS 3 Vol. 3: DX33906302 $18.99 Vol. 2: DX3316472 $18.99

The Amateur Box DX33777202 $39.99

Well Hung Amateurs 23 Vol. 23: DX3302872 $22.99 Vol. 22: DX3272332 $22.99

Dare Dorm


Dare Dorm features out of control co-eds fucking in their dorm rooms. It’s almost too hot to handle but we’ve knocked our prices down just for you. Normally $24.99, for a limited time, you’ll spend just $14.99 per DVD! That’s 40% OFF!

Get All Six for $69.94! You save $20! DX34007102

Dare Dorm 3 DX3157872 $14.99


Dare Dorm 4 DX3170312 $14.99

Summer 2012 no 447

Dare Dorm DX3142872 $14.99

Dare Dorm 5 DX3187302 $14.99

Dare Dorm 2 DX3144882 $14.99

Dare Dorm 6 DX3235632 $14.99

gangbangs and orgies Cuckold Gang Bang 4 (2012, 90 min) So, you enjoy watching grown men scream and cry while their wives get pounded by multiple hard cocks. Frankly, the lack of respect you have for your common man and the sanctity of his marriage concerns us. But, yeah, we agree. This fucked-up gangbangin’ and cuckin’ shit is pretty fuckin’ hot. Vol. 4: DX33806302 $19.99 Vol. 3: DX3266732 $19.99 Image © White Ghetto


! 6 - PACK

Black Gangbangers 6 Pack 2 Vol. 1-6: DX2177102 $23.99 Vol. 10-15: DX2321952 $23.99

Bobbi Loves Boys DX3340332 $30.99

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Squirt Gangbang Double Feature DX3321422 $17.99 EXclu

Gang Bang Her! DX3315302 $26.99

Top 10 Greatest Gang Bangs DX3316172 $9.99


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Ditching Party Orgy: Caught On Tape DX33870602 $21.99

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GANGBANGED PACK DX33688702 $59.99

ORGY SEX PARTIES 16 Vol. 16: DX33975102 $19.99 Vol. 15: DX33437302 $19.99

Porn Star Combo Kit: Jayden Jaymes Not only do you get Ganbanged 2, which features Jayden Jaymes getting plugged by seven dudes at once, but you also get a dual ended pussy/ass stroker molded directly from Jayden’s holes! You can even get a friend to double-team the stroker with you, but if your dicks touch in the middle you’re totally gay, so be careful! DX33529002 $44.99

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Freak DX3309642 $19.99

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Mommies Gone Bad DX3310992 $19.99

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Anal P.O.V. 8 Vol. 8 DX3140802 $36.99 Vol. 7 DX2975622 $36.99


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16 Hours of Anal 2 DX3318642 $21.99 rs 36 hou lo n g !

In Anal Sluts We Trust 2 Vol. 2 DX3140622 $29.99 Vol. 1 DX3097092 $29.99

Just 18 High School Whores: Vulgar Anal Virgins DX33876302 $16.99


Jules Jordan’s Ass Worship 12 Vol. 12 DX3189572 $36.99 Vol. 11 DX2931162 $31.99 B E ST S E

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Cum in My Gaping Butthole 3 DX3308862 $20.99

Put It In My Asshole 3 Vol. 3 DX33502302 $20.99 Vol. 2 DX2732522 $20.99

Anal Virgins (2012, 90 min) Ya know, with how popular anal sex seems to be with the kids these days it’s a shock that there actually are any anal virgins left in the world. Fortunately for us, this movie spotlights those rare creatures whose perfectly pink shitters are still as pure as the driven snow. DX33754502 $22.99

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The Anal Teens Pack DX33855802 $43.99

Fuck My Gape DX33867702 $13.99

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Angels of Anal (2012, 126 min) Witness the finest in lesbian ass play with ten beautiful angels of anal. For over two hours, watch Cindy Hope, Kitty Cat, Honey Demon, Angelica Heart and more angels fulfill all of their anal desires. These ladies are yearning for some hot ass play, because every time her ass orgasm, an angel gets her wings. DX33857302 $21.99

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PDX Junk in Tha Trunk A customer and staff favorite, this bubbly black ass is just begging you to pork the living fuck out of it! Includes vibrating bullet to make those phat buns jiggle while you’re porking ‘em! TX3263722 $129.99



Girl on girl Image © Doghouse

Girls Kissing Girls 9 (2012, 90 min) Every guy dreams of what happens when girls get together behind closed doors. Left to their own devices, it’s almost guaranteed that they will strip down to their underwear, have a pillow fight and then ravage each others nubile bodies. This movie is the proof. Vol. 9 DX33741202 $23.99 Vol. 8 DX3289132 $23.99

Lesbian Ass Worship 2 Lesbian Psycho Dramas 9 Lesbian Stepsisters 2 Vol. 2: DX3335982 $18.99 Vol. 9: DX33696502 $22.99 Vol. 2: DX33719802 $18.99 Vol. 1: DX3274732 $18.99 Vol. 8: DX33529902 $22.99 Vol. 1: DX3322232 $18.99 B E ST S E

Teach Me 2 Vol. 2: DX3338952 $17.99 Vol. 1: DX3211972 $17.99

Lush Play Pack DX33528302 $35.99


Seduced By Mommy 3 Vol. 3: DX3336002 $18.99 Vol. 2: DX3288452 $18.99

Me and My Girlfriend DX33696702 $22.99

Lesbian Seductions: MOLLY'S LIFE 16 Older/Younger 40 Vol. 16: DX33942602 $25.99 Vol. 40: DX33696602 $22.99 Vol. 15: DX33943502 $25.99 Vol. 39: DX33583402 $22.99 Lesbian Liasons (2012, 180 min) The word “liasons” always sounds so fancy. Like a James Bond movie or Perrier. It turns out, it simply means, “a meeting” or “tryst” and frankly, that’s aok by us because the trysts in this porn flick are filled with beautiful female bodies and tickled twats! DX33858002 $21.99


Strap On Sweethearts DX33859102 $19.99

Summer 2012 no 447

Lustful Relief DX33877902 $21.99

SISTA FROM ANOTHA MOTHA DX33932002 $13.99 Image © Digital Sin

Image © Club 59

Girl on girl

Dani (2012, 90 min) Dani Daniels is one of the most gorgeous girl all-girl performers working today. With her amazing 34D-24-36 figure this brown-haired, blue-eyed stunner has quickly become a fan favorite. Club59 had the good sense to steer an entire all-girl release around her and now you get to enjoy the fruits of their labor! DX33879202 $29.99 $21.99 4 HOUR


Net Skirts 6 Vol. 5: DX3178472 $20.99 Vol. 6: DX3214362 $20.99

The Art of Carpet Munching DX33857202 $12.99

BIT TITTY LESBIANS DX33941402 $20.99

Girls Enjoying Girls DX3155522 $21.99

Girls Love Girls 4 Vol. 4: DX33804702 $29.99 Vol. 3: DX2660232 $26.99

Kitty Klub DX33768502 $23.99


Lick My Punk Rock Pussy DX33768602 $22.99

Wet Between Her Legs DX33851802 $21.99

Women Seeking Women 72 Vol. 72: DX3229472 $23.99 Vol. 71: DX3214352 $23.99

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Women Seeking Women 79 Vol. 79: DX33529802 $23.99 Vol. 77: DX3314262 $23.99


Watch Me Fuck Myself 6-Pack DX33776902 $19.99

My Roommate’s A Lesbian 3 (2012, 90 min) Let’s be clear. Having a lesbian for a roommate is NOT a bad thing as long as they look like the tight hard-bodies in this porn bonanza. Starring Brett Rossi, Alyssa Branch and many more, these lesbians don’t own a stitch of flannel. Just lithe, wet bodies ready for some good ol’ pussy grinding. DX33852602 $21.99 Image © Zero Tolerance

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Older/Younger Image © PornPros

(2012, 90 min) We’re not convinced that cock is like a fine wine, it’s not sure to get older with age but these girls could care less. They’ll take it any way they can get it and if that means a stingy old codger gets balls deep in their pink slits, so be it. They want cock and they want it now. Step up old man!

Vol. 3: DX33760302 $20.99 Vol. 2: DX33437602 $19.99 Vol. 1: DX3247882 $20.99

DADDY DID THE BABYSITTER My New White Stepdaddy 5 I Only Fuck Older Guys 2 DX33974502 $23.99 Vol. 5: DX33654402 $21.99 Vol. 2: DX3292392 $21.99 Vol. 4: DX3317412 $21.99 Vol. 1: DX3269072 $21.99


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Family 4-Pack 4 Vol. 4: DX2805412 $19.99 Vol. 3: DX2805402 $19.99



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Dad Is Fucking My Girlfriend DX33843202 $12.99

Couples Seduce Teens 18 Vol. 18: DX3209522 $14.99 Vol. 17: DX3149602 $14.99

Relax, He’s My Stepdad 4 Vol. 4: DX33500202 $12.99 Vol. 3: DX3249962 $12.99

Riley Steele New Dad In Town Blu-ray/DVD Combo: DX3341322 $29.99

Mom & Dad Are Fucking My Friends 8 Vol. 8: DX3337442 $22.99 Vol. 7: DX3309512 $22.99


Old and Horny Combo Pack DX3299602 $20.99


Summer 2012 no 447

Image © Devils Films

(2012, 187 min) Well, it’s official. Rocco Siffredi has just crossed the line from “wild madman” kind of crazy to the “seriously, that dude’s out of his fucking mind” kind of crazy. Need proof? Look no further than this three-hour adventure into the first tight, then ravaged and eventually crusty old muffs of three generations of equally-insane women. DX33757702 $39.99 $29.99


Father Figure DX3337512 $21.99

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(2012, 120 min) Imagine five hormone filled teens starting a rock band and fucking everything they could get their slutty hands on besides just the groupies! That would be Pink Lips, a teen sex-romp from director Lee Roy Myers and the sick minds from Starring Lily LaBeau, Katie St. Ives and more! DX33450102 $19.99

WITH FREE GIFT: THE SMALLER THE BETTER FX33109404 a. The Anal Virgins (2011, 194 min) It’s probably one of the sexiest/sluttiest things we’ve ever seen and our dicks haven’t been the same since. Watch as 13 darling cuties lose their anal virginity in these lesbian encounters. DX3252002 $22.99



B. Dirty Little Schoolgirl Stories 4 (2012, 116 min) If you ever think of sending your own daughters to Catholic school, just keep in mind that every time they put on that plaid skirt, there’s at least a 70% chance that they’re going to be porked by Erik Everhard. Seriously, watch this movie and see. Stars up-and-cummer Molly Bennett! Vol. 4: DX33755302 $21.99 Vol. 3: DX33461502 $21.99 C. The Girls of Red Light District: Sasha Grey (2010, 180 min) Sasha Grey is the most talked about and most exposed pornstar today and the pervs at RED LIGHT DISTRICT combed through their library and collected her hottest scenes Featuring over 3 hours of CUM FARTING, CUM SPITTING ANAL-GANGBANGING action! DX3121092 $9.99



D. Just Jenna (2010, 270 min) Nine brand new scenes featuring just Jenna Haze - the cock crazy slut we can’t get enough of! Get off watching her fuck and suck 5 of her favorite guys and let her tease and seduce you in 4 intimate masturbation sessions. All in all, you’re getting over 4 hours of new Jenna Haze! DX3106402 $36.99 E. The Sex Boutique: Glory Hole (2012, 102 min) Picture this: you’re sittin’ there, gettin’ set to plop out a serious stinker when all of a sudden some raging boner pops through the wall, looking to get some deep-throat porkin’. Sounds pretty hot, huh? Especially if you forget that we used the term “serious stinker”. DX33909602 $23.99



BEst g selliens ! seri

F. Superstar Double Feature: Sasha Grey (2012, 180 min) What’s that? Did somebody just say they wanted to get two kick-ass Sasha Grey movies for the price of one average porn DVD? Well, hold on to your sweaty, cum-coated socks, because that’s exactly what we’ve got! This set includes Sporty Girls 2 and Massive Facials, both of which totally rule! DX33860102 $23.99

Dancing Bear 7 (2012, 180 min) You folks LOVE guys in bear suits dancing around slutty bachelorette parties and banging all the easy prey. You must because we can’t keep these movies in stock. And that’s why the Dancing Bear series was a smash hit in 2011. Vol. 7: DX33999502 $25.99 Vol. 6: DX33674902 $25.99 Vol. 5: DX3339822 $25.99 Vol. 4: DX3316222 $25.99 Vol. 3: DX3281902 $25.99 Vol. 2: DX3244132 $25.99 Vol. 1: DX3220212 $24.99

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Every once in awhile we like to point out some new studios we believe are offering our customers something worth their dollar. Exile Distribution is a new company that’s working with some fantastic new studios offering killer hardcore content. You’ve probably seen these porn DVD’s advertised but maybe you have been hesitant to take a risk on something new. Well folks, take a peek at the hot porn flicks below. Believe us, you won’t be disappointed. Furry Coeds (2011, 180 min) These hairy coeds are horned up and ready to go all the way! They’ll only be young (or I guess look young, anyway) for a limited time, so you better see cover girl Alice and her slutty coed girlfriends get licked, sticked, and more! DX3327192 $21.99

Zorro XXX DX33436102 $34.99

I Am London Keyes DX3336072 $21.99

I Am Samantha Saint DX33716902 $21.99



Image © AMKEmpire

Coed Debutantes 3 Vol. 3 DX33547302 $21.99 Vol. 2 DX3331112 $21.99

The Hairier the Better DX3336062 $21.99


I Am Asa Akira DX3333772 $21.99

I Am Natasha Nice DX33544302 $21.99

I Am Jayden Jaymes DX3331102 $21.99

Hot Chicks In Uniform DX33807202 $21.99

Hair Club DX33716802 $21.99

PETITE COEDS DX3327172 $21.99

Superporn (2012, 270 min) Sure, this porno is called “Superporn” but that’s not because it’s a parody based on sexy women with superpowers. No, this 2-disc set is filled to the brim with some of the biggest names in porn... the superstars of porn you will! Stars Asa Akira, Chanel Preston, Jessie Andrews and more. DX33677702 $27.99

Summer 2012 no 447

Image © Pleasure Dynasty

pARODIES Images © Adam & Eve

Buffy The Vampire Slayer XXX: A Parody (2012, 143 min) Lee Roy Myers and Adam & Eve bring Joss Whedon’s cult classic to porno life in this hilarious and sexy version of Buffy. When Willow casts a spell that leaves the Scoobies stuck in a sexfilled dreamworld, none of them want to return things back to normal! Starring Lexi Belle as Buffy! DX33862202 $21.99 SIVE EXC LU K ! PAC

Beverly Hillbillies XXX: A XXX Parody DX3290022 $23.99 B E ST S E


The Gothard City Sex Pack DX33528502 $44.99


The Official Revenge of the Nerds Parody DX3200122 $21.99



Halloween: XXX Porn Parody DX3246632 $19.99

The Superhero Pack DX33664402 $119.99

2D Version: DX3331292 $32.99 3D Version: DX3331293 $34.99


Fuckenstein DX33681702 $22.99



The Official HANGOVER PARODY DX33943402 $21.99

Not the Three Stooges XXX DX33837302 $21.99

Star Wars XXX: A Porn Parody DX3288662 $37.99

Wonder Woman Interactive: A XXX Adventure Game Parody DX33359502 $29.99

This Ain’t the Smurfs XXX (2012, 78 min) We’re not sure ANYONE should want to see this movie but when porn stars get painted blue to pretend to be Smurfs and then fuck themselves silly for a paycheck, some sick twisted fucks might get a kick out of it. So, This Ain’t the Smurfs, even we’ve seen everything. DX33729502 $20.99 Blu-ray: DX33729503 $39.99

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Let’s face it, most of us have no idea what we’re doing when it comes to sex. Thus, we spend years watching porn hoping to learn a few tricks. But, for anyone that’s tried a reverse pile-driver on their girlfriend when she wasn’t expecting it, sometimes porn might not be the best resource when learing how to fuck.

100 Hot Sex Positions We’ve done missionary and we’ve done doggystyle, and we thought we were done. But it turns out there’s, like, a ton of other ways to fuck! Improve your bedroom skills and get more action to boot! Paperback: BX33869502 $22.99

365 Ways to Turn Her On Did you know that after “sensual massage” and “beefcake pose”, there are still 363 other ways to turna woman on? It’s true! Paperback: BX33869604 $16.99

Kama Sutra Guide The Kama Sutra is, like, the number one book for learning how to fuck. PIck up this age-old book of sexual secrets and turn your sex life into pure, cum-laden gold! Paperback: BX33870902 $14.99

Great in Bed A sex manual full of techniques and positions that looks and reads more like a magazine, what with all the sexy pictures of people screwing and stuff! Paperback: BX33871002 $22.99

THE BIG BOOK OF PUSSY An in-depth look at the life and times of mankind’s greatest treasure: the pussy! 375 pages of gorgeous and graphic beaver photos, this coffee-table treasure is an essential for anyone that truly loves snatch. HARDCOVER: BX33967202 $59.99

Oral Sex She’ll Never Forget Really, the key to a woman’s heart is in your mouth, not your dick. Learn all of the secret tricks of the pussy-licking trade and you’ll be amazed how popular you become. And if you do a good job with your mouth...(see next book)... Paperback: BX33871302 $21.99

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Your Tits Are a Bonanza Shirt While it’s always nice to see breasts, some breasts are quite simply more impressive than others. There are magnificent tits out there. There are phenomenal tits. But sometimes, you’ll encounter tits than can only be described as a full-on bonanza. When you find yourself face-to-face with those tits, you should be wearing this shirt. Medium: CX33873802 Large: CX33873803 X-Large: CX33873804 $16.99


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My Dick Is Hype Shirt Let’s get real. Your dick is hype. Dudes wish they had it. Chicks want to suck it, lick it, fuck it, sit on it, take photos of it and tell their friends about it. Your dick is powerful. It’s awesome. It’s righteous. It’s magnificent. It’s astounding. That shit is fucking HYPE, and this shirt lets the world know it. Medium: CX3341762 Large: CX3341763 X-Large: CX3341764 $16.99

Buy More Porn (The whores are starving) Shirt These shirts flew off our shelves when we included them in our 2011 Holiday catalog. Why? Because your folks are bad-motherfuckin’ ass and you know how to dress in style. Be the envy of your neighborhood with this bold and uncompromising commentary on the adult industry! Large: CX3270603 X-Large: CX3270604 $16.99


Ethic/interracial NEW!

Image © Jules Jordan Video

Porn’s Top Black Models 3 (2012, 90 min) Our friends at Elegant Angel bring you the third volume in this essential series that spotlights the very best and hottest of black performers in porn today. Starring Skin Diamond, Leilani Leeanne, Anna Foxx and more, watch as these gorgeous women fuck everything they survey! DX33806002 $23.99

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Big Black Dicks (2010, 1200 min) You will be so immersed in black-on-white sex when you watch this 20-hour box set that you’ll forget that dicks come in any other color! That’s okay because these girls already have. They want it long, dark and ready to explode. DX3129972 $16.99


Invasian! 4 (2010, 183 min) ALL scenes featuring Asa Akira! Submissive schoolgirl Asa gets a lesson in cock... Asa meets Lexington Steele for the first time and his huge cock barely fits in her tight holes. Voodoo is tied up while Asa teases and torments him with her hot pussy and a blowbang turns into gangbang with a huge facial ending! Vol. 4 DX3043712 $29.99 Vol. 3 DX2644542 $34.99 5 -pack

Interracial Pussy Slammin! 2 (2012, 240 min) Nothing has done more for race relations in America than interracial porn. Sure, the Civil Rights movement of the 1960’s and the first black President have done their part, but black men fucking white women on films is the true equalizer. Believe us, these dicks and vaginas can indeed, get along! Vol. 2 DX33830002 $9.99 Vol. 1 DX33553202 $9.99




The Mandingo Pack (2011, 317 min) Be sure to check out Volume 4 on this here page, but also be sure to pick up this exclusive pack to get caught up on all the pussy Mandingo’s been crushing. This pack features Mandingo: Hide Your Wives and Mandingo Massacre for one low price. You save $5! DX3331072 $54.99

Mandingo Massacre 4 (2012, 163 min) Just by looking at the cover of this catalog you should already be adding this title to your order. Kagney Linn Karter and friends get split by Mandingo himself. Watch as their slippery slits swallow him whole. You will be amazed, you will be jealous but at least you will cum! Vol. 4 DX33878402 $29.99 Vol. 3 DX33669202 $29.99

Latina Sex Tapes 2 (2012, 150 min) Now I know what you’re thinking, some of these ladies aren’t amateurs. But hey, some of them are, and they’re all getting naked and fucking, so what do your really have to complain about!? These Latinas are hot and horned up and ready to show off all their skills! DX33850202 $21.99

Laid Black (2011, 240 min) These bitches aren’t chill with just any cock, because they want to be laid black! Paris Gables, Nika, Trinity Post, Jasmine, and more sluts are here, and they can’t wait to fuck the biggest blackest cocks around. It takes a special ho to be down with the black cock brigade, and these girls have got what it takes! DX3313482 $12.99


Pound My Little White Pussy Pack (2011, 420 min) You can’t go wrong with 5 discs filled with cute little girls getting their equally cute pussies annihilated by abnormally large wang. Believe us when we say that the dicks in this movie are so big The Hulk would be jealous. DX3305872 $22.99

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(2007, 100 min) She’s more popular than Jesus and now she’s on sale! That’s right, the celebutard you love to hate but would love to fuck is ready for you to take her home in this sweet, homemade porno. Her ass is massive and she takes it all! DX2442963 $25.99

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Jules Jordan Video releases some of the best porn available. It’s filled with beautiful women getting mowed down by hard cocks. Because of the quality, it costs a little more than other porn on the market. But don’t worry, we’re giving you the chance to buy Jules’ titles at ridiculously low prices! Stock up, you won’t find prices this low anywhere!

Image © Jules Jordan

2- disc se t! Jenna Haze’s Meow! (2010, 214 min) Jenna Haze may have retired from performing but she will go down as one of our all-time favorite fuck-sluts. Jenna Haze’s Meow is Jenna and her sexy friends playing together in stunning girl-ongirl scenes that will leave your dick limp (after being hard for 214 minutes while you watch this 2-disc set!) DX3058592 $29.99

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All Internal 12 DX3066732 $22.99

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Ass Stretchers POV 2 DX3150712 $22.99

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No Cum Dodging Allowed 11 DX3050522 $29.99

Once You Go Black You Never Go Back 5 DX3060862 $29.99

Jerkoff Material 5 DX3102362 $29.99

Beach Patrol DX3141432 $22.99

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Bra Busters DX3094042 $29.99

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Chris Streams’ Rear View DX3155272 $29.99

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Totally Unprofessional DX3116852 $22.99

Dangerous Curves DX3159252 $22.99

Fashion Fucks DX3098182 $29.99




Summer 2012 no 447

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Young & Glamorous 2 DX3133512 $29.99


Hey, the economy ain’t what it once was and money’s tight all over. But that’s no reason righteous dudes like you should have to resort to whacking off without pornography! Browse the next couple of pages and get a load of the totally insane deals you’ll find within on 4-disc, 5-disc, 6-disc, and sometimes even 10-disc sets! You want the most bang for your hard-earned buck? You have found it, my friend!

Asian Cockaholics 4-Pack DX3310872 $14.99

Big Black Tits & Asses DX3314342 $21.99

Black Round Asses 3 DX3274022 $20.99

Cocksucker Combo Pack DX3309142 $20.99

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Group Sex DX33627702 $24.99

Hot Older Women DX3130022 $16.99

Just 18 High School Whores: Food, Feet, & Fucking Older Men DX33875702 $16.99

Just 18 High School Whores: Sex at My Summer job DX33875902 $16.99

The King of Coochie Pack DX3306632 $19.99

Kissing Girlfriends DX3333952 $16.99

Next Door Girls: Neighborhood Hotties DX33874802 $16.99

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Prime Pussy Pack DX3305832 $22.99

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Ass Whores DX33630502 $29.99

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Bubble Butt Latinas 4-Pack DX33572702 $14.99

Daddy & Teen 4-Pack DX2971662 $19.99

Daddy Make It Hurt DX3134152 $19.99

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Fountain of Youth Combo Pack DX33859302 $20.99

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Girl Meets Girl DX3334352 $24.99

Huge Tits 2 Vol. 2 DX33502402 $20.99 Vol. 1 DX2988592 $20.99

Just 18 High School Whores: Teens Gone Wild DX33875402 $16.99

Monster Black Cocks Pack 3 DX3299282 $22.99

Next Door Girls: 1st Time Anal Neighbors DX33875002 $16.99

Old & Horny Combo Pack 2 Vol. 2 DX33567002 $20.99 Vol. 1 DX3299602 $20.99

Simply the Breast DX33870502 $21.99

Slut Machines DX2971682 $21.99

Ultimate Backdoor Collection DX33627602 $24.99

The World’s Biggest Anaconda Cocks 2 DX3333962 $16.99


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Ass: The New Pussy 2 DX3088012 $21.99

The Bigger the Better DX3334752 $24.99

Boning Blondes DX33546902 $24.99

Chubby & Fat Women 5-Pack DX3130122 $14.99

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Fuckin’ A DX3298662 $19.99

Hey Girl, Suck It Good! DX33559502 $19.99

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MILFs, Muffs, & More DX33630902 $29.99

Momma Knows Best Pack DX33437202 $26.99

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She’s A Dude 6-Pack DX3255032 $19.99

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The Teenage Years 4-Pack Ultimate MILF: Julia Ann DX33710802 $24.99 DX3334342 $24.99


Image © Red Light District

(2012, 90 min) While we’re not aware of any logical (or sexual) connection between handjobs and handcuffs, we certainly applaud the filmmakers for the originality of their concept. Besides, handjobs fucking rule, and the idea of handcuffing a girl to our dicks sounds fun! Stars Charley Chase, Kiara Mia and more! Vol. 2: DX33722702 $19.99 Vol. 1: DX33722302 $19.99 B E ST S E

A. 28 Scenes of the Best Hand Jobs (2011, 360 min) Listen, there’s a lot of great handjobs out there, but they can be hard to find. That’s why we’ve painstakingly sifted through every single handjob ever given (not really) and picked out 28 of the very best, for your whacking enjoyment. Seriously, this is some hype tuggin’. DX3294172 $14.99


B. Let Me Jerk You 2 (2010, 90 min) Sure, the idea of a high-end porno movie with no intercourse in it seems sort of stupid at first. But once you see Brooke Lee Adams whacking off some lucky dude until he chums all over her pretty cheeks, you’ll feel differently. We sure freaking did. Vol. 2: DX3122292 $23.99 A Vol. 1: DX2962562 $23.99 C. My Handiwork Bundle (2009, 300 min) If there is one thing we can be proud of when we shuffle off this mortal coil, it is that we brought you, our loyal porn consumers, two of the greatest hand-job movies of all time at one low price. Watch as Faye Reagan, Gianna, Jessie Andrews and more talk about giving their first handjobs and then proceed to whack some lucky yutz off to completion. DX3244432 $22.99

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D. Happy Ending Handjobs 3 (2011, 210 min) Welcome to Happy Ending Handjobs, the movie with probably the most obvious title we’ve ever heard. What, are they gonna have angry endings or something? Come on! Anyway, buy this movie, dicks! Vol. 3: DX3333332 $20.99 Vol. 2: DX3169722 $20.99 C E. Next Door Girls: Titty Fuckers & Handjobs (2012, 2160 min) Are you interested in 36 ours of wangs being tugged, tossed, tickled, jerked and yanked by an army of beautiful women who want nothing more than to be doused in gallons and gallons of babymaking gism? Of course you are. So let your dick feast on this, Frodo! DX33874602 $16.99 F. Hardcore P.O.V. Handjobs 4 (2012, 90 min) We’re not sure what makes the handjobs in these pornos, “hardcore” because as far as we can tell no one is giving a handjob while also doing a BMX 1080 but let’s just say these girls are jerking off big dicks until they ooze cum and it’s shot explicitly. Vol. 4: DX33836302 $19.99 Vol. 3: DX3313092 $19.99 G. Killer Grip 6 (2011, 120 min) Leave the jerking to us cute girls! We’re ready, willing and able to make you cum by any means necessary. We’re talking happy ending hand jobs, foot jobs that will make you cum. We’ll jerk your hard dick and have you shoot your load all over our sexy faces, in our tits and even on our toes. Relax cuz you’ll love our killer grip! Vol. 5: DX2800032 $17.99 Vol. 6: DX3212132 $17.99

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H. Handjobs Across America 41 (2012, 90 min) Probably the dumbest things that ever happened in the 80’s was Hands Across America. It was a bunch of ugly people making a human chain across the nation for no good reason. Vol. 41: DX33657402 $21.99 Vol. 40: DX33556002 $22.99




H Image ©Bang



Tug Jobs 24 (2012, 94 min) Girls have all the luck. If they need money to buy expensive shoes, fancy dresses and/or feed themselves, all they have to do is find a guy, jerk them off and demand payment. It works everytime and is free of hassles like health benefits, job security and a future. Lucky bizzos. Vol. 24: DX33861702 $19.99 Vol. 23: DX33540402 $19.99

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Budapest 9 Volume 9: DX33583302 $29.99 $22.99 Volume 8: DX3331872 $29.99 $22.99


Lesbian Sex 4 Volume 4 (2-disc set): DX33530002 $29.99 $22.99 Volume 3 (2-disc set): DX3314252 $29.99 $22.99

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Elexis and Her Girlfriends 2 Volume 2: DX3331852 $29.99 $22.99 Volume 1: DX2553102 $29.99 $20.99 Perfect Fit DX3314222 $29.99 $22.99 Fashion House 2 Volume 2: DX3340102 $29.99 $22.99 Volume 1: DX3190082 $29.99 $20.99 Lesbian Triangles 23 Volume 23: DX3268232 $29.99 $22.99 Volume 22: DX3240842 $29.99 $22.99

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Please Make Me Lesbian! 6 Volume 6: DX33583202 $29.99 $22.99 Volume 5: DX3340092 $29.99 $22.99 Lesbian Sex 5 (2012, 240 min) Lesbian sex is a lot different than heterosexual sex. It features two vaginas being grinded Lesbian Bridal Stories 5 together and alot of boobs. FotuVolume 5: DX3314242 $29.99 $22.99 nately, Girlfriends Films provides Volume 4: DX2962332 $29.99 $20.99 plenty of visual representation Lesbian Psycho Dramas 8: Drama to the Highest of Degree lesbian sex in their hot as hell, Volume 8: DX33529902 $29.99 $22.99 girl-on-girl pornography for your Volume 7: DX3298372 $29.99 $22.99 sociological research, you perv. DX33637102 $17.99 Budapest 5 Lesbian Triangles 21 Road Queen: Part 21 DX3229462 $17.99 DX3214352 $17.99 Volume 21: DX33467202 $29.99 $22.99 Volume 20: DX3282182 $29.99 $22.99 Poor Little Shyla DX3181412 $29.99 $23.99

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Girls in White 2011 2 DX3202932 $17.99

Budapest 9 DX33583302 $17.99

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Women Seeking Women 80 (2012, 120 min) We really like this movie because helping seems to be the common theme. Girls helping other girls reach mind-crushing orgasms! For example, in one scene Kara Price helps Phoenix Marie to a mind-crushing orgasm and then in another, Zoe Britton helps India Summer to, you guessed it, a mindcrushing orgasm. Nice! DX33637202 $17.99


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HUGE COcks WITH little GIRLS Big Black Beef Stretches Little Pink Meat 8 (2012, 210 min) While this movie might not have the most creative title, that shouldn’t convince you not to buy it. Hell, The Goonies was a stupid title for a movie and that flick ruled! Besides, this porno features huge black dicks stretching and tearing young white girls vaginas and that rules, too! DX33760602 $20.99

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Big Butts Like It Big 10 Monster Black Vol. 10: DX33866002 $23.99 Cocks Pack 3 Vol. 9: DX33867402 $23.99 Vol. 3: DX3299282 $22.99 Vol. 2: DX2629402 $22.99

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Black Kong Dong 10 Monsters of Cock 33 Vol. 10: DX33859002 $19.99 Vol. 33: DX33872702 $19.99 Vol. 32: DX33674402 $19.99 Vol. 9 - MILF Edition!: DX33532102 $19.99


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Classic Smut Cuts: John Holmes DX33877202 $19.99

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Manuel Ferrara Realistic Dong Ask any lady in porn who’s got the greatest dick, and you’ll likely hear them screaming Manuel Ferrara’s name. This uncircumsized goliath is 8” long, suitable for use with any type of lube and apparently feels incredible when it’s inside a chick’s a-hole! Manuel’s romantic French accent not included. TX33819702 $72.99

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Cougar Tales 4 (2012, 89 min) We set out in search of the elusive cougar...a sexy, sultry middle-aged slut with a rockin’ body and a libido to match, but little did we know, WE were the ones being hunted! It’s okay though, before being devoured we were able to convince them to let us bang them repeatedly in various holes while they swore allegience to our wangs. DX33836802 $19.99

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Cougarland DX33774902 $21.99

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Dirty Rotten Mother Fuckers 4 Vol. 4: DX3120742 $36.99 Vol. 3: DX2844882 $29.99

It’s Cougar Time DX3222392 $12.99

Cougars Crave Young Kittens 9 Vol. 9: DX33749602 $20.99 Vol. 8: DX3305142 $20.99

MY HOT AUNT 2 BIG TITTY MILFS 17 Vol. 2: DX33957402 $12.99 Vol. 17: DX33963402 $21.99 Vol. 1: DX33957402 $12.99 Vol. 16: DX3337372 $21.99

Seduced By a Cougar 20 (2012, 90 min) When I was in High School a friend and I used to try and pick up suburban Mom’s at the mall. We figured they were probably lonely and looking for a young wang to suckle on. We never got lucky, but we did play a lot of video games to pass the time. Oh, this is Seduced by a Cougar 20. We would definitely have scored with these bizzos. Vol. 20 DX33809602 $19.99 Vol. 19 DX3329802 $19.99


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Super Cougar Gina Lynn DX33512302 $29.99

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Next Door Girls: Smalltown MILFs DX33874902 $16.99

Image © Dreamgirls

Kink & Fetish (2011, 90 min) Thailand is a pretty tough place. Street fights, shootings, prostitution, drugs, Muay Thai; you name it and it has happened in T-land. Today we unearth Mintra’s House of Bondage where hot Thai chicks with whips, chains, latex boots and garters have sex with a strange variety of gothic prisoners. HOT! DX3254472 $29.99 $17.99


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Fetish Fantasies DX3253352 $29.99 $18.99

FemDom Ass Worship 14 Feed Her Fuck Her 3 Vol. 14: DX33826602 $29.99 Vol. 3: DX33557002 $23.99 Vol. 13: DX33525402 $29.99 Vol. 2: DX3319282 $23.99

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Open ZZ Penis Plug A funnel-cone shaped, insertable urethral plug that’s hollow the whole way through, allowing you to whiz, cum or cram thinner sounding tools through it! Hole diameter: .25” TX33881302 $49.99


She Pees In Public 6-Pack DX3247402 $39.99 $19.99

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SurgiLube This medical-grade lube is favored by hospitals and medical professionals and is HIGHLY recommended when using anything that comes in contact with the inside of your penis. Water-soluble, non-staining and sterile. 2 oz.: TX33881402 $8.99

Tooling Sounds A set of 14 urethral probes, each 7 inches long. Circumference of these dick-punishing tools ranges from .12” to a whopping 1.6”. Yeah, that’s 1.6 inches of metal. Inside your pee-hole. Lord have mercy. TX33887802 $89.99

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Dave’s Old Porn, featured on Showtime, spotlights comedian Dave Attell and his friends reviewing classic, golden age porn. To celebrate the shows 2nd season, we’ve teamed up with Dave and classics studio VCX to give you an incredible deal on some of Dave’s favorites.

Like Mother, Like Daughter (1975, 80 min) In this notorious ‘70s hardcore feature, a blazingly hot mother-daughter combo live a cozy life of furiously filthy threesomes with mom’s husband, but have to whip up some sexual intrigue when the little girl’s real daddy comes home and isn’t too keen on the “incest is best” lifestyle they’re rocking. Mother-daughter threeways, mother-daughter orgies, blowjobs and a whole lotta hot fuck action. DX2330812 $16.99 Image © VCX

Expose Me Now DX2751002 $16.99

California Gigolo DX2333542 $16.99

Spermbusters DX2335592 $16.99

Sweet Alice DX1268672 $16.99

Teenage Madam DX2336332 $16.99

Teenage Twins DX2336362 $16.99

Nothing to Hide DX1267512 $16.99

The Dancers DX2333802 $16.99

Three Faces of Angel DX2751382 $16.99

Prisoner of Paradise DX2335382 $16.99

If you are a fan of the legends from the golden age of porn, VCX’s Catalogue of Retro adult films is a collectors dream.

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Deep Rub DX2333842 $19.99

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The Legends of Porn: Nina Hartley DX33522202 $39.99

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Peter North Collection 6-Pack DX2982882 $29.99

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Seka: Platinum Superstar DX33762202 $21.99

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Stars of the 90’s DX3049982 $14.99

Tiffany Mynx’s Porn Players DX33792002 $19.99

The Untamed DX3343232 $24.99

Vanessa Del Rio Collection DX3055522 $29.99

The Very Best of Kay Parker DX2332362 $21.99

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CREAM Pies Gangland Cream Pie 22 (2011, 120 min) Cover star Trinity St. Clair is addicted to huge black cock. The problem? She lives in a primarily white, gated community. Her solution? She and her cock-starved friends head to Gangland (wherever the hell that is) for the biggest, blackest dicks around. They will not be stopped and condoms are strictly forbidden! Vol. 22 DX3275212 $21.99 Vol. 21 DX3109672 $18.99

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INTERNAL INJECTIONS 7 Vol. 7: DX34001302 $21.99 Vol. 6: DX33522902 $21.99

Anal Russian Teens Love Creampies DX3330022 $27.99

Big Tit Cream Pie 16 Vol. 16: DX33872402 $19.99 Vol. 15: DX33674302 $19.99

Mom’s Who Like Cum in Their Cunts Pack DX3111612 $17.99

Cream IN MY TEEN 2 Vol. 2: DX33977002 $20.99 Vol. 1: DX3056402 $18.99

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Creamy Center DX33678702 $21.99

Next Door Girls: Learning to Eat: Ass, Creampie & Gape DX33874502 $16.99


Two Chicks Get Creampied by One Guy DX33861102 $20.99

Cum Oozing Cream Pies 6-Pack DX3067272 $23.99

Schoolgirl Internal 4 Vol. 4: DX33691102 $20.99 Vol. 3: DX33691002 $20.99

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Sasha Grey Cream Pie Pussy Sasha Grey stopped doing porn quite a while ago, but that doesn’t mean you’ve missed your chance to gunk up her sweet snatch with your hot dick-muck! This tight and taut replica of Sasha’s slit has been a bestseller of ours for, like, ever. You shant be disappointed with it. TX3132222 $14.99



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Trannies With Big Tits (2012, 480 min) Listen, there is no WAY you aren’t into transsexuals with huge, whompin’ tits. That’s why we sat down with our friends at Bacchus and compiled this special TLA RAW Exclusive just for our customers who LOVE transsexuals with HUGE whompin’ tits! You buy! Also, be sure to check out more TLA Exclusives over on pages 6 & 7. DX33850002 $12.99


Transsexual Activity DX3058022 $36.99

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Mexican She Males DX3333072 $29.99


Big Dick Shemales DX3253312 $18.99

Love Fucking Shemales 6-Pack DX33751602 $19.99

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We Were Tricked By a Tranny 5 Vol. 5: DX3343202 $8.99 Vol. 4: DX3343192 $8.99

She-Male XTC 10 Vol. 10: DX33757902 $39.99 Vol. 9: DX3226372 $26.99


Sluts With Nuts Combo Pack DX33859502 $20.99

Tranny Surprise 23 Vol. 23: DX33793902 $20.99 Vol. 22: DX33565102 $20.99

Transsexual Room Service DX33854102 $15.99

DON't tell me parents I'm a tranny 5 Vol. 5: DX33762802 $29.99 Vol. 4: DX3288502 $29.99


Transsexual Hard Ons 4 DX33807502 $19.99

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T-Girls Solo 2 DX33862902 $24.99

Fuck Me Silly Mia Isabella Molded directly from tranny superstar Mia Isabella, this gargantuan masturbator features not only Mia’s plump and succulent 36DD tits, but also her stiff cock, squishy ballsack and built-to-fuck asshole! Easily the greatest tranny toy ever built. Includes a free XXX DVD! Get yours today! TX3323322 $399.99



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In the days of old, men had to fantasize about what it would be like to bang their favorite porn stars using naught more than a VHS tape, a vaselined hand and (gasp!) their imaginations! Thank god technology’s caught up with our perversions, because these days, all of your favorite smut-screen whores are yours to defile as you please! Choose from our favorites below!

Belladonna UR3 Throat Fucker TX3300182 $14.99

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Sasha Grey Deep Penetration Vibrating Pussy & Ass TX2979572 $99.99

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Mia Isabella Fuck My Cock TX3218812 $39.99

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Are you a brave enough man to take on one of these massive, lifesized sex toys? a. Fuck Me Silly 2 Mega Masturbator There are no words to describe this incredible sex toy. Except maybe “awesome” or “essential”. This thing weighs 12 pounds and sports an amazing 36DD rack. TX3178602 $359.99

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c. PDX Fuck My Big Phat Titties Fondle em’, lick ‘em, squeeze ‘em, glide your well-lubed cock in between them and then spray these lifesize 36DD’s with your boiling hot gunk! These are the most realistic tits ever created by man. An absolute necessity for big-boob enthusiasts! TX3265062 $369.99 d. Fuck My Big Black Ass Mega Masturbator We had the opportunity to try this thing out recently, and we gotta tell you, this is bar-none, the most realistic ass we have ever laid eyes (and dicks) on. It weighs 20 pounds, jiggles when you slap it, and stands up to any pounding your hype dick can muster! For god’s sake, buy it!!! TX3322282 $399.99

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THE WORLD'S MOST ASTOUNDING COCKS! e. Flash Brown Signature Cock At eleven inches, this is easily the biggest dick we’ve ever seen. Honestly, the fact that it was molded from a real human being is just terrifying. Meticulous detail, realistic skin texture and, once again, IT’S BIGGER THAN YOUR HOUSE. TX33651402 $69.99

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f. Rocco Siffredi Dual Density Realistic Cock Finally, the power of Rocco Siffredi’s untamable wang is yours to wield! This baby’s eight inches long and built with an ultra-realistic dual-layered design that’s absolutely perfect for intense ass-fucking, gaping, throat-banging or any of the fucked up shit you’d expect from a madman like Rocco! TX33561202 $59.99



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k. Dr. Joel Kaplan’s Erection Enhancing Lasso If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! Virtually the simplest cock-tying design known to man, these adjustable enhancers are made of surgical grade Latex. Comfortable, easily removed and sure to keep your fast-rockin’ wang rock hard for as long as you need it. Black: TX2234892 $19.99 $5.99 Natural: TX2234893 $9.99 $5.99 l. Hero Remote Control Vibrating Cockring This powerful remote controlled cockring is made of velvety-soft silicone and features 10 modes of vibration! Fantastic for masturbation, even better for intercourse! A must-have! TX3330882 $35.99 $29.99

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g. Super Head Honcho A bestseller for a few years running, the Super Head Honcho is soft, stretchy, tight as fuck and travel-sized so you can bring it to work and whack off during board meetings and stuff (you’d probably get fired, but hey, it’s worth it)! TX2686412 $29.99 $19.99



h. Viberite Personal Massager A 7-speed, ultra-powerful cordless massage wand with a soft silicone head and a pliable neck for a more personal personal massage. The rechargeable battery will keep going and going for hours of pleasure, all without the frustration of needing to be plugged into a wall socket to achieve your much needed release. TX3300272 $62.99 $49.99 i. Xtreme Head Exciter Lube up, pop your wang inside and let the Xtreme Head Exciter do the rest! Enjoy a new twist on an old favorite as the textured fuck sleeve thrusts back and forth. All you gotta do is sit there and cum! Not too shabby, eh? TX3319942 $65.99 $52.99




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j. Black Pearl Vibrating Bullet A small but powerful, silicone-coated bullet with 6 modes of vibration! Sure to become best friends with any clit that rubs against it. Also nice for anal tickling, but be careful that it doesn’t get lost up your butthole, because that’d be awkward! TX3339312 $19.99 $14.99

GIANT INSIDE OUT LATTY This handblown glass pipe measure approximately 6” in length, making it one of the biggest and bad-assest (is that a word?) pipes we’ve ever smoked out of. A must-have, unless you’re a total pussy who can’t handle it’s raw power. PI33894002 $65.99


Credit Card Pipe Looks just like a credit card! Weird! PX3227512 $14.99

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Glass Cobra Pipe Totally bad-ass cobra design! PI33821402 $25.99

Randy’s Pipe Cleaners Hard cleaners have bristles for sturdier pieces. Soft cleaners are better suited for glass pieces. Hard: PX3294852 $2.99 Soft: PX3294853 $2.99


Viva La Vape: Resistance An intensely kick-ass vaporizer, the Resistance will change the way you smoke. This metal unit features a cooling fan, dual digital display, ceramic heating element, and includes a whip and oil burner. The most efficient way to smoke, bar-none! Tobacco Pipes: PI33886002 $139.99

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Love Actually... Sucks (2011, 95 min) In this multicharacter study of love going really wrong, sexually inexperienced (and oh-so-sexy) Sherry Li seduces her brother by going down on him while he’s drunk and goes on to show her boobs several times as the incestuous lovebirds try to work out their forbidden love. (English and Cantonese with English subtitles) DVD-R: DR32489903 $19.99



a. Attenberg (2010, 97 min) Two chicks experiment with their sexuality in this Greek flick. Both Ariane Labed and Evangelia Randou show off their tasty titbags and Labed displays her Greek hairpie a few mouthwatering times as well. Chicks kissing each other, random locker room nudity and more. (Greek with English subtitles) DV33744802 $26.99 b. Boss: Season 1 (2011, 449 min) Fans of “Beverly Hills: 90210” will prematurely splooge themselves at the knowledge that Kathleen Robertson (who played Claire) shows off her T&A several times in this TV series about a corrupt mayor. Laura Coover, Hannah Ware and Jennifer Mudge all show their boss boobies as well. 3-disc DVD: DV33908802 $39.99 2-disc Blu-ray: DB33908804 $39.99 Image © Danger After Dark






c. A Dangerous Method (2011, 99 min) Keira Knightley’s lovely nipples pop into frame a couple times during this flick about two legendary psychologists. Knightley also gets her ass soundly spanked a handful of amazing times and Sarah Marecek also shows off her tits. DVD: DV33795302 $31.99 Blu-ray: DB33795303 $36.99

g comin! 10 /1

d. The Dead Want Women (2011, 78 min) Jeanie Marie and Misty Anderson show off glistening jugs and juicy asses galore playing hot flapper chicks who 69 the fuck out of each other before letting Eric Roberts and a fat dude have their way with them in this campy tale of Old Hollywood ghosts terrorizing a couple of sexy young realtors. DV33896502 $19.99


LATE SPRING SUMMER 20122012 no 447 no 446

Images ©


Desire (2011, 105 min) A gorgeous young girl sparks an epidemic of desire everywhere she goes in this explicit French drama. This filthy flick features graphic finger-banging, a pretty realistic guy-on-girl fuck session, a threeway, graphic masturbation, hot lesbian sex and full nudity from gorgeous young French hotties Déborah Révy, Helene Zimmer, Christelle Benoit and Léticia Belliccini, all of whom show off boobs, bush and butt! Insanely hot! (French with English subtitles) DV33744302 $22.99

Strip Mahjong: Battle Royale (2011, 77 min) A handful of delicious Japanese hotties take part in a deranged competitive mahjong TV show that makes them strip off their clothes when they lose a round. Truly gorgeous Japanese chicks show off all sizes of juicy titty, have lesbo sex with each other and much more. (Japanese with English subtitles) DV33877702 $15.99

NE W tog ! o catal

Twelve Thirty (2010, 120 min) A mother and her daughters are torn apart by their choices of sex partners in this nudity-packed indie drama that features sexy young Portia Reiners showing off her amazing ass and pretty poppers while cavorting with her boyfriend. Meanwhile, cougarific Karen Young shows off bush, boobs and buns a few awesome times including while her ex-hubby strips her nude! DV3288272 $20.99

Image ©





e. Hack Job (2011, 96 min) Hot chicks show off their boobs while getting fucked exuberantly in offices, while shaking their stuff at Nazi strip clubs and while dancing around in Hell in this steaming pile of shittily filmed horror sketches that make no sense. We can’t blame the director for using his entire budget on hot topless girls though - that’s what every low budget filmmaker should do. DV33736302 $14.99 f. Perfect Sense (2011, 92 min) Eva Green’s face is like a work of art... a work of art we could cum all over. In this flick about the end of the world and other shit, gorgeous Green bares her perfect tits a handful of perfect times that’ll get your perfect cock perfectly at attention. DVD: DV33702602 $24.99 Blu-ray: DB33702603 $29.99





g. The Wicker Tree (2010, 96 min) In this semi-sequel to the 1973 classic, The Wicker Man, we’re treated to a new generation of flesh. Newbie Honeysuckle Weeks shows her sweet sacks and tight tush over and over as a sexpot in charge of seducing a naive cowboy. Yeehaw! DVD: DV33907402 $25.99 Blu-ray: DB33907403 $28.99 h. Young Goethe in Love (2010, 100 min) Man, we love a dirty sex scene... especially when it’s literally dirty! In this tender romantic drama about the legendary Romantic poet, the G-man and his hot lady get down for some hot outdoor sexing. They roll around and get mud and moss all over themselves, while Miriam Stein’s beautiful boobs make several glorious appearances. (German with English subtitles) DV33595802 $28.99


Images © &Severin Films

The Walerian Borowczyk Collection (1979, 315 min) This insanely taboo collection from the master of erotic filmmaking includes Immoral Women which features a woman with an unnatural lust for her pet rabbit, Art of Love which features a woman who pretends to be a cow so she can get fucked by a bull and Private Collections which teams Borowczyk with two other directors to put forth 3 tales of bizarre eroticism. All feature tons and tons of beautiful naked women. (English, French and Japanese with English subtitles) Walerian Borowczyk Collection:DV33909802 $29.99 Art of Love DVD:DL2964592 $26.99 Immoral Women: DL2398843 $26.99 Private Collections: DL2399102 $19.99

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w n e w lo pric e !



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a. Angels in America (2003, 352 min) Mary-Louise Parker cements her reputation as the most beautiful middle-aged woman in the world with a jawdropping scene of total nudity in this miniseries. The vulnerability in her eyes combined with the availability of her bush, buns and boobs will leave you breathless and completely turned-on. DV2004171 $19.99 b. Auditions (1978, 82 min) Featuring the naked flesh of Scream Queen Linnea Quigley, Auditions offers loads of sweet tits and bush from young girls willing to do anything for their big break including sucking, fucking, masturbating for the camera and more! So fucking hot! DV33629402 $19.99 c. Blue Valentine (2010, 114 min) Pixie-hot Hollywood hottie Michelle Williams shows off her achingly beautiful tits and juicy ass a few sexy times during some extended, semi-reluctant sex scenes in this drama about a crumbling marriage. Williams gets eaten out in the shower, fucked really hard from behind over a couch and more. DVD: DV3199152 $14.99 Blu-ray: DB3199153 $19.99 d. Chantal (2007, 90 min) Misty Mundae is an innocent girl who comes to Hollywood where she’s tearfully forced to pose nude and let lusty lesbians and perverts do whatever they want to her sweet body. With loads of boobs and bush from Misty, Darian Caine, Julian Wells and many other girls, hot lesbian sex and even a scene of, uh, animal lust, this is one not to miss! DV2544452 $26.99



g. Devil’s Advocate (1997, 140 min) Charlize Theron freaks out in a church and strips to her fetching full-frontal form, but that’s nothing compared to Connie Nielsen showing off her incredibly fine flesh in a hot full-frontal scene where she’s throwing herself at Keanu. Hotter than Hell. DV16485606 $9.99 h. Dressed to Kill (1979, 105 min) This Hitchcockian thriller about sexual promiscuity opens with a nude Angie Dickinson in the shower fantasizing and then masturbating. DVD: DV1055512 $14.99 Unrated Blu-ray: DB1055513 $23.99 i. Famous T & A (1982, 74 min) Hosted by legendary B-movie queen Sybil Danning, this smoking-hot compilaion of incredible nude scenes features hot flesh exposure from Jacqueline Bissett, Brigitte Bardot, Ursula Andress, Uschi Digard, Edy Williams and many more women you’ve dreamed about seeing naked for years! DV3340162 $19.99 j. Flypaper (1999, 111 min) Holy shit! Lucy Liu’s tit-showing, ass-tastic scene where she gets fucked outside on top of a pile of angry snakes who bite her and her man is one of the craziest fucking things we’ve ever seen! This flick also features highly fappable Sadie Frost showing her tits while getting fucked hard against a wall. DV1273271 $13.49

e. Closure (2007, 80 min) Gillian Anderson exposes her X-quisite globes AND gets gang banged by some vicious thugs in this violent British revenge film! DL2532202 $9.99

k. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2011, 158 min) Rooney Mara (The Social Network) stars in this American adaptation of the hugely popular novel as a tough, but sexy hacker chick who throws her naked flesh all over the place. Her boobs make frequent appearances and her ass jiggles violently during the insanely rough and notorious rape scene. DVD: DV33648702 $29.99 Blu-ray/DVD Combo: DC33648704 $39.99

f. Dangerous Game (1993, 107 min) Not only does Madonna show off some hot boobage after climbing out of bed with Harvey Keitel in this disturbingly erotic movie, she also shows off a sweet hunk of her finely-toned ass as a dude in a business suit cruelly fucks her from behind on the floor of an office. DD1045813 $9.99

l. A Heavenly Vintage (2009, 126 min) Keisha Castle-Hughes, the hot young chick from Whale Rider, shows off her luscious rack multiple times in this romantic drama about a dude learning to make some bomb ass wine that also features some tasty T&A exposure from The Departed’s Vera Farmiga. DV33862702 $14.99


SUMMER 2012 no 447

k. In Praise of Older Women (1978, 110 min) This tale of a young dude with a gift for parting middle-aged ladies from their panties features lots of nude scenes and hot sex. Among the cougars showing off their finely-aged rack meat are Karen Black, Helen Shaver and Susan Strasberg with tasty teen Marianne Mcisaac dropping her top as well. DV2982342 $13.99 l. Martha Marcy May Marlene (2011, 102 min) Elizabeth Olsen (younger sister of Mary-Kate and Ashley!) will take your breath away in this flick about a hot young girl who escapes from a cult. You’ll be gasping for air (and masturbating) when this lil Olsen shows off her titties and gets down for fucking during a cultist group sex scene! DVD: DV3336752 $28.99 Blu-ray: DB3336753 $39.99


L NE W tog ! o catal

m. Melancholia (2011, 135 min) This beautiful film about the end of the world features the best nude scenes of Kirsten Dunst’s career! Delicious Dunst displays her dirty donuts and delicious derriere (and a distant muff flash) while playing a very sexy, depressed chick. Her boobies are so sweet that the end of the world seems totally worth it. DV33525002 $28.99 Blu-ray: DB33525003 $32.99 n. Normal (2007, 100 min) Lauren Lee Smith (“CSI”) shakes her incredible, naked T&A while cowgirling her professor to the brink of a heart attack in this drama that also features breast exposure from Camille Sullivan. DL2714472 $13.99 o. Shame (2011, 101 min) Carey Mulligan makes her full-frontal nude debut in this intense movie about a New York sex addict. This NC-17-rated flick also features lots more naked chicks and loads of depraved sex. Blu-ray/DVD Combo 2-disc set: DC33612503 $35.99 p. Showgirls (1995, 131 min) One of the greatest skin flicks of all time, Showgirls stunned cocks ‘round the globe with its graphic portrayal of “Saved By the Bell”’s Elizabeth Berkley showing off her beav, boobs and buns hordes of times as an ambitious stripper. Gina Gershon throws in her tits as well as do countless other women. And don’t forget about the shockingly brutal gang bang scene! DVD: DL1171363 $14.99 Blu-ray: DB1171365 $19.99 Limited Edition VIP DVD: DV1171362 $35.99


M 2-disc


w n e w lo pric e !

se t!


ANNE HATHAWAY'S BOOBS: See Catwoman Naked! Image © Mr. Skin

Image © Mr. Skin

NE W tog ! o catal

w n e w lo pric e !

Love and Other Drugs (2010, 112 min) Anne Hathaway offers up incredible nude scenes in this sex-filled tale. The way that Hathaway sheds her clothes without a care and offers up so much of her Princess Boobaries and fine, fine ass is just astounding. Hathaway shows her goods several wanktastic times and a couple of other cuties offer up T&A as well. DVD: DV3188562 $19.99 Blu-ray: DB3188563 $29.99 Image © Mr. Skin

ed! u n r at

Brokeback Mountain (2005, 134 min) Anne Hathaway shows off her tender, nubile chest puppies while getting it on in a car in this sweeping tale of two closeted gay cowboys in love despite their hot ass wives. Marvelously sexy Michelle Williams also displays her boobs on the range while getting poked by one of the cowboys. DVD: DV2205002 $13.49 Blu-ray: DB2205007 $17.99 Havoc (2004, 94 min) Get your cock ready for maximum wankage as Anne Hathaway sexes up the screen as a spoiled suburban slut who’s so obsessed with gang culture that she whips off her top and shows off her insanely amazing tits several times and drags her BFF Bijou Phillips into her whole “getting naked/giving her body to horny gang dudes” games. DL2198672 $12.99

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international skin N e w toy! blu -r a


b. Betty Blue (1986, 185 min) Béatrice Dalle strips naked at least nine times, shows off bush, boobs and sweet ass over and over and has some graphic sex while she screams and moans like a chipmunk in this scorching French romance. (French with English subtitles) DVD: DV1017613 $22.99 Blu-ray: DB1017615 $26.99


N e w tog ! o catal


c. Don’t Tell (2005, 121 min) Giovanna Mezzogiorno lets out her juicy jugs repeatedly in this drama about a woman who comes to suspect she was molested by her father. Francesca Inaudi also displays her bulbous, mouthwatering boobs. (Italian with English subtitles) DL2265362 $14.99 d. Four Lovers (2010, 105 min) Bed-hopping galore in this movie about partner swapping couples. Features hot girl-on-girl sex, hot threeway sex, outdoor nudity, full-frontal nudity from delicious Élodie Bouchez and titties from Marina Foïs. (French with English subtitles) DV3324332 $27.99



a. American Translation (2011, 90 min) Lizzie Brocheré plays a chick on a crime spree with a sociopath and shows off her exquisite rack and ass many times while stripping, having hot threeway sex and more. Brocheré is absolutely fucking incredible! (French with English subtitles) DV3281612 $17.99

e. A Lonely Cow Weeps at Dawn (2003, 61 min) Ryoko Asagi looks so fucking hot as she gets down on all fours totally naked in a barn and lets her senile father-in-law firmly milk her fat milksacks that... well, let’s just say we made some milk of our own. (Japanese with English subtitles) DV2784592 $14.99 f. My Queen Karo (2009, 101 min) Déborah François and Maria Kraakman both offer up their sweet tits during scenes of random nudity, sex and group sex while François shows off her bush as well in this tale of a young girl who witnesses her parents’ relationship fall apart. Features several unsettling (but not sexualized) scenes of naked children. (Dutch and French with English subtitles) DV3280882 $18.99

f N e w tog ! o catal


g. 1900 (1977, 315 min) Stefania Casini shakes her fully-naked body all over the damn place while having a mid-threesome seizure in this historical drama that includes multiple nude scenes featuring Dominique Sanda getting boned. (Filmed in English) 3-disc DVD: DV11340105 $26.99 3-disc Blu-ray: DB11340106 $35.99 h. Novo (2002, 97 min) This story of an amnesiac features several nude scenes (even some fun with an ice cube) from Anna Mouglalis. (French with English subtitles) DV2202072 $9.99


h N e w tog ! o catal


j ed!


The Lover (1992, 119 min) Jane March plays a 13-year-old schoolgirl who starts up a sensual affair with a wealthy Chinese man. She goes full-frontal all the way in her journey to understand her sexual awakening. The sex is graphic and very realistic in this beautifully erotic film. (Filmed in English) DL1112802 $13.99

LATE SPRING SUMER 2012 2012 no 447 no 446

j. Wound (2010, 77 min) In this intense Aussie psycho-horror, Kate O’Rourke shows her boobs a few times and lets her possibly hallucinated ghost daughter suck her titties ‘til they’re bruised. Features sexual insanity, a flashback to father-daughter incest, two doll-faced fullgrown humans emerging from a giant oozing vagina and more. DV33520402 $20.99

Image ©

u n r at

i. Top Girl (1996, 98 min) Carla Solaro shows off every inch of her incredible body including her nipples, crotch carpet and tender ass starring as a sexy broad who uses her body to get to the top of the TV industry. Linda Gucciardo adds in her coochieardo and Sonia Topazio displays her T&A. (Italian with English subtitles) DV33888202 $22.99


This Girl’s Life (2003, 84 min) Juliette Marquis’ naked flesh is all over this steamy, graphic slice of life. Massively sexy Marquis plays an internet porn star/ web cam girl who shows off bush, boobs and buns and has hot, realistic looking lesbian sex with real porn star Cheyenne. Also includes bonus nudity from Cheyenne and Sung Hi Lee. DV2088152 $13.99

Image ©



K. Chloe (2009, 99 min) Amanda Seyfried shows off her young and achingly sexy T&A playing a hooker who’s hired to seduce a married dude. She also winds up lezzing out with Julianne Moore who also displays her MILFtastic goods! Amazing! DVD: DV3081992 $14.99 Blu-ray: DB3081993 $19.99 L. Debauchery (1983, 70 min) A housewife, craving punishment and degradation, takes a job as a part-time hooker but ends up a lot more degraded than she hoped for in this Japanese sexploitation flick that features nudity, mindlblowingly crazy sex and a scene in which Ryoko Watanabe is gangbanged by homeless dudes. (Japanese with English subtitles) DV33576602 $22.99



M. Hanna D: The Girl from Vondel Park (1984, 88 min) Innocent young Hanna (Ann Gisel-Glass) takes off from her drunk mom’s (a tit-showing Karin Schubert) and goes from getting naked for cash to getting fucked for cash in no time flat. Hordes of fullnudity, filthy sex with underage hookers and more. (Dubbed in English) DV2949052 $19.99 N. Sleeping Beauty (2011, 102 min) Up-and-coming hottie Emily Browning (Sucker Punch) will have you up-and-cumming with her cock-blistering turn as a young college girl who takes a specialized hooker job in which she’s stripped naked, sedated and fondled by pervy old dudes. Her sensational boobs, beav and booty make more appearances than we could count! Incredible! DV33454302 $24.99





o. The Band (2009, 90 min) This Australian sex, drugs and rock & roll movie smears cum all over the lines between porno and indie movies. Real fucking, real box-licking, real cock-sucking, real cum, awesome lesboliciousness and some deliciously appealing tits, ass and poon from Aussie rock chicks. Awesome. DV2973273 $21.99 p. Dirty Diaries (2009, 101 min) This collection of bizarro European porn shorts features hot rough dyke sex, penetration galore, a couple who cut full body stockings off of each other before sucking and fucking each other silly, a hot chick who flashes real onlookers repeatedly in Paris, big bare boobs, succulent coochies and much more. DV3299502 $19.99




q. The Lovers’ Guide 3D: Igniting Desire (2011, 66 min) Moistening naked coochies, jiggling ample bare breasts, juicy asses, graphic finger-banging, explicit oral sex and even some unsimulated pussy pounding all go down in this wellintentioned sex instruction video that may not teach much new stuff, but goddamn it will make you cum hard! Hot chicks too! Comes with 2 3D glasses and is also watchable in 2D. DV33484202 $23.99 r. Now & Later (2009, 99 min) Gorgeous Latina chick Shari Solanis (playing a sexy illegal immigrant involved in a shockingly graphic affair with a financial criminal) shows off her supremely sexy fully-naked flesh many, many times during graphic cooch-rubbing, graphic blowjobs, doggystyle sexing, graphic cunnilingus, threesomes and more. This extremely arousing indie flick just might fog up your TV screen! DVD: DV3202422 $22.99 Blu-ray: DB3202425 $28.99

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sleaze and sexploitation N e w tog ! o catal


b. Bare Naked Survivor (2001, 98 min) If hot naked girls are your Kryptonite, you’ll never survive this silly softcore parody of “Survivor” that features tons of full-frontal nudity, hot lesbian sex, ladies rubbing their clams and much more. Amazing nude scenes from Aria Giovanni, Julie K. Smith, Aimee Sweet and more. DL2217972 $19.99

b N e w tog ! o catal



a. American Nudist (2010, 90 min) Featuring dozens of model-grade breasticles, asses and both shaven and unshaven beavs, this tale of a writer trying to create a project on nudism is pure wang-tittilating amazingness. Nude yoga, naked chicks delivering news and more. DV3092242 $18.99

c. Bettie Page: Dark Angel (2004, 75 min) Paige Richards stars as sex goddess Bettie Paige in this flesh-packed re-creation of several of her legendary photo shoots. Paige displays every inch (including shaved poon) of her body posing for our pleasure! DVD: DV2075845 $22.99 Blu-ray: DB2075846 $28.99 d. Black Tie Nights: The Series (2004, 379 min) Is it possible for a TV series to be TOO steamy? If so, this sinfully sexy Skinemax series would certainly qualify. Julian Wells, Beverly Lynne and Tiffany Bolton are just a mere fraction of the sultry sirens to show off their naked flesh and get screwed softcore style. DV2505572 $36.99

e. China and Sex (1994, 92 min) Packed with so many naked Chinese hotties, muffmangling, tasty titties galore, hot sex and more, this sexploitation film from the notorious Joe D’Amato is one tasty recipe for cream of sum yung guy... in your pants! (Italian with English subtitles) DV3274702 $22.99 f. Christina (1984, 92 min) Jewel Shepard is naked for so much of this movie that you won’t believe your eyes. Plus, she’s tickled, eaten out and more in this skinematic treasure that also features toplessness from Josephine Jacqueline Jones. DV2387802 $19.99 g. Dracula’s Dirty Daughter (2000, 84 min) A hot vampire spends her time shagging whatever nubile young chickies cross her path. Hot soapy showers, bath scenes that turn bloody and more in this flick that features titties from Alysabeth Clements, Gentle Fritz, Diane Skiba and more. DV2533272 $14.99 h. Exotic Malice (1980, 97 min) A nearly non-stop barrage of real cock-sucking, coochie-digging and fucking goes down in this sleaze masterpiece from Joe D’Amato. Lucia Ramirez and a handful of other women show off every inch of their bush-baring bodies and pretty much every chick in the movie has a real cock in her mouth or her cunt at some point. (Italian with English subtitles) DV3196742 $26.99 u nc

ed! e n so r





j. Frauleins in Uniform (1973, 81 min) Gorgeous Nazi chicks head to the front line to satisfy the dark sexual hungers of Nazi soldiers in this filthy Nazisploitation flick. Features an amazing scene where sex icon Uschi Digard lets a perverted Nazi lick corn syrup off her massive mammaries and scrumptious ass plus loads more naked, perverted thrills. (Dubbed in English) DV33449202 $14.99 k. Gums (1976, 66 min) This silly sexploitation parody of Jaws replaces the shark with voraciously horny mermaid Terri Hall who swims around totally nude and blows dudes to death. Tons of nudity along with hot lesbian sex on a beach, a topless chick running on a beach and tons of cooter, ass and titty exposure. DV33766802 $23.99




N e w tog ! o catal

i. Flavia the Heretic (1974, 101 min) Wanna see a hot nun get pinned to the floor of a barn surrounded by snorting pigs completely naked and forcibly fucked while she vainly resists? How about cultists defiling a convent by holding an orgy there? How about a nun tied to a tree? It’s all here, and it’s all awesome. (Dubbed in English) DV2029171 $18.99




SUMMER 2012 no 447

l. Laure (1976, 91 min) Annie Belle’s boobs (and twat) shine in this story of total sexual abandon. Lesbo sex, outdoor sex, indoor sex, Eurosex, native sex... you name it, she does it and so do a whole bunch of other naked hotties. (Italian with English subtitles) DV2464322 $19.99

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WN !

Image © Secret Key Motion Pictures



Night of Perverted Pleasures (1970, 240 min) Three sleazy sexploitation ‘70s smutfests filled with gorgeous naked women and dirty, off-the-wall sex for one low price. Includes Love Me or Leave Me, Bull’s Market and Marriage American Style which features the positively enormous, absolutely perfect, delicious milk sacks of sex goddess Uschi Digard. DV2768462 $17.99

m. The Nurses Collection (1971, 306 min) Naughty naked nurses galore in these nursethemed sexploitation flicks. Candice Rialson, Lynne Guthrie and Pegi Boucher are only a few of the gorgeous ‘70s broads to bare beauteous boobage here. Includes Candy Stripe Nurses, Night Call Nurses, Private Duty Nurses and The Young Nurses. DV33736102 $19.99 n. Salon Kitty (1975, 133 min) This Nazisploitation classic features a midget having his way with Paola Senatore, full-frontally naked hotties, pretty graphic sex and all kinds of utterly depraved kinky ass shit. (Dubbed in English or Italian with English subtitles) DVD: DL1163532 $19.99 Blu-ray: DB1163533 $24.99 o. Schoolgirl Report Volume #8 (1974, 87 min) Featuring buckets of full-frontally naked hotties getting fucked, skinny dipping, getting chased around naked, seducing old dudes, seducing young dudes and fucking their teachers, this blisteringly-hot installment of the notorious sexploitation series will have your little general standing at full attention. (German with English subtitles) DV33756702 $22.99 p. Sinner: The Secret Diary of a Nymphomaniac (1973, 87 min) Montserrat Prous, Anne Libert and many other hotties spend a lot of time with their clothes off in this taboo sexfest from Jess Franco that features a pigtailed young girl getting fucked on a Ferris wheel, epic amounts of lesbian sex, hordes of nudity and more. (Subtitled and dubbed) DV3127872 $20.99 q. Skin in the 70s (1972, 338 min) Beautiful young teachers showing their snatches, loads of titties, naked chicks galore, young dudes banging hot MILFs and much more in this kickass collection of cock-raising ‘70s skinfests! Includes Summer School Teachers, Blue Summer, Sometime Sweet Susan and Teenage Divorce. DV2932932 $19.99 r. Twins of Evil (1971, 85 min) Starring Playboy’s first twin Playmates (Mary and Madeleine Collinson), Twins of Evil perfects an age old formula, naked girls and vampires. Mix well and fap. Boobies on deck with thrills and chills to spare! Blu-ray/DVD Combo: DC11980302 $26.99








se t!




s. Uncle Farts’ Dirty Movie Theater (1978, 199 min) Get four bush-packed ‘70s wankfests for one low price! We get treated to so much bush, boobs, threeways, group sex scenes, girl-on-girl action, nasty whipping and more that your boner might last for a medically dangerous long time. This sleazy as fuck set includes Involuntary Bird, She’ll Do Alright, First Time and Adultery for Fun and Profit. DV3247682 $19.99

e t! -disc s






t. The Witches of Breastwick Erotic Horror Double Feature (2005, 170 min) Glori-Anne Gilbert, Stormy Daniels and many others are among the giant-titted hotties offering copious nudity in this double feature that includes cowgirl sex galore and a lesbo hot tub threesome. DV2780782 $17.99 u. Zalman King’s Body Language: Season One (2008, 325 min) Sultan of softcore sleaze Zalman King returns to deliver an awesomely arousing TV series about the perfectly sculpted and manicured strippers who shed their threads at a tony strip joint. Perfect titties, mouthwatering hairless muffs, beautiful booties, hot sex, voyeurism and much more. DV3297592 $24.99 v. Zoom Up: The Beaver Book Girl (1981, 64 min) Just barely staying within the confines of Japanese censorship laws, this intensely perverted mystery explores the dark side of the Japanese smut industry. Filled with exquisite, naked Japanese girls and dark, depraved sex, this is some intensely sexy smut! (Japanese with English subtitles) DV33793002 $19.99

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a. After.Life (2009, 103 min) Christina Ricci displays bunches of booby and butt in this horror flick. DV3082082 $9.99 b. Alter Ego (2007, 33 min) Massively sexy April Flores shows off every naked inch of her huge body, has kinky sex and more. DVD-R: DR3340172 $9.99 c. Assassination of a High School President (2008, 93 min) Mischa Barton offers up her sweet sacks in a ridiculously wankable bathtub scene in this very dark comedy. DV2955152 $9.99

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h. Evil Dead Inbred Rednecks (2011, 51 min) Fans of thickness will go apeshit over the scene in this spoof where a chick shakes her huge bare titties and ends up squirting chocolate milk out of them. DV33893902 $9.99

o. Pig Hunt (2008, 100 min) Lots of thrills in this horror about kids running afoul of a killer pig, but none as awesome as the lesbian bathing scene featuring tits from 7 hotties at once! DV3106612 $9.99

i. Girls, Guns and G-Strings: The Andy Sidaris Collection (1985, 1203 min) One of the hottest box sets ever, this collection of 12 Andy Sidarisproduced sexploitation flicks features hot nudity from Sybil Danning, Julie Strain and dozens of other beautiful women. DV3238012 $9.99

p. Royal Deceit (1997, 85 min) Saskia Wickham unleashes her sexy sacks several times in this retelling of Hamlet. Helen Mirren has a quick tit and bush flash as well. DV11619004 $9.99

(2001, 90 min) Kate Winslet shows off her exquisite hoo hoo, hooters and heinie in this biopic of a famous writer chick. DV18666206 $9.99

s. Where the Truth Lies (2005, 107 min) Lots of steamy sex in this slick mystery that features lots of hot nudity from Alison Lohman, Rachel Blanchard and others along with a threesome, girl-on-girl and more. DL2245602 $9.99

q. Summer Lover (2008, 86 min) Sexy Avalon Barrie and Lyj. Hostel: Part II udmila Shiryaeva show their tits a lot in this (2007, 93 min) This gory sequel features hot sex-packed romance featuring lesbo sex, d. A Crime straight sex and bonus bush from Shiryaeva. (2006, 98 min) French beauty Emmanuelle titties from Iveta Rucka, Vera Jordanova, Béart shows off her hooters during multiple Heather Matarazzo and Monika Malacova. DV3201742 $9.99 r. The Unfinished Works scenes of hot degrading sex in this thriller. DL2514502 $9.99 k. The Informers of Sean Weathers DV33467602 $9.99 (2009, 98 min) Young hottie Amber Heard (2004, 90 min) The notorious Sean Weathe. Death Wish 2 shows off her juicy pair multiple times in ers compiles some sleazy shorts he never (1982, 88 min) Both a hot maid and Robin bothered to finish. We “finished” quite easSherwood show their stuff during two scenes this sordid tale of ‘80s excess. DV2923102 $9.99 ily to the many big black titties on display. where they’re being assaulted. DV3297602 $9.99 l. Iris DV28155103 $9.99 f. Death Wish 3 (1985, 92 min) Marina Sirtis (“Star Trek: The Next Generation”) shows off her deadly hot boobies while a pack of goons sexually assaults her in this violent sequel. DV33767602 $9.99 g. The Erotic Adventures of the Three Musketeers (1992, 100 min) Porn starlets Nina Hartley, Tracy Winn, Deidre Holland and more are among the naked boobtastic beauties in this raunchy sex comedy. DV2413122 $9.99


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m. Klash (1996, 90 min) Jasmine Guy (Whitley from “A Different World”) shows off her sweet, sacks in this crime thriller set in Jamaica. DV1102951 $9.99

t. Wild Things: Foursome (2010, 91 min) The awesome group sex scene featuring gorgeous naked bizzos n. Park (2006, 86 min) Melanie Lynskey (“Two and a Marnette Patterson, Jillian Murray and JesHalf Men”) and Anne Dudek (“Covert Affairs”) sie Nickson pouring booze on each other’s show off their awesome boobs thus giving us boobies is something your cock will thank you for for the rest of your life. “Two and a Half Boners.” DV3053085 $9.99 DV2667712 $9.99

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Sexiest Shower Scenes DV33562602

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Boardwalk Empire: The Complete First Season (2010, 733 min) Paz de la Huerta uses her slutty bush and tasty T&A as weapons of mass seduction in this crime drama TV series. Gretchen Mol and Aleksa Palladino also expose bare boobies. DVD: DV3316852 $69.99 Blu-ray: DB3316853 $89.99

Enter the Void (2009, 142 min) Paz de la Huerta spends hordes of this film totally naked, has a doctor shove metal objects in her vag and has her dead brother enter the body of her boyfriend so he can fuck her. Incest and graphic abortions? Amazing! DVD: DV3157552 $24.99 Blu-ray: DB3157553 $29.99

The Guitar (2008, 93 min) British beauty Saffron Burrows, in the midst of a freak-out, throws all her clothes out the window. This results in her wandering naked for several minutes allowing for looks at her bush, boobs and sweet buns. She goes on to have straight sex, lesbo sex with a T&A-baring Paz de la Huerta and, finally, a threesome. DV2745242 $14.99

The Limits of Control (2009, 116 min) We exceeded our limits of control trying not to masturbate to the multiple moments of sexy Paz de la Huerta’s bush, boobs and sweet cushion of a back porch in scenes of teasing, modeling, swimming, wrapped in see through plastic and more in this stylish crime thriller. DL2964803 $19.99

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Sorority Sex Club: Group Sessions (2012, 63 min) Oh man, what a sorority! This animated compilation features loads of gorgeously drawn anime babes stripping nude and performing some of the craziest sex acts ever. Maids getting nailed, nurses getting naughty, utter degradation and more! (Dubbed in English) DX33789802 $22.99 a. Alice in Wonderland (2011, 60 min) Alice is one totally hard-bodied hottie who gets her dirty rabbit hole torn into by all your favorite Wonderland characters in some truly exceptional ball-draining fuck scenes. DX3186802 $29.99



b. Girls Girls Girls (2011, 60 min) An avalanche of cute beav-licking hotties filling each other’s mouths and snatches with tongues, fingers and bodily fluids, this compilation of animated girl-on-girl action features group sex, older chicks dominating younger chicks, costume play, sexy maid outfits and so much more. (Dubbed in English) DX3325352 $22.99 c. I Love Tentacles (2012, 60 min) Treat yourself to this amazing compilation of animated sluts getting all of their orifices filled with monstrous, inhuman tentacles. Watch as demons ravage the fuck out of hot young pussy and more! (Dubbed in English) DX33642202 $21.99 d. Kink (2012, 67 min) Featuring some shocking moments of perverted fuckaliciousness, this compilation of extremely kinky sex is chock full of oozing animated coochies, squishy penetration shots and lots of fucked up fetishy awesomeness. (Subtitled and dubbed) DX33548802 $22.99



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W TL A RsAive ! e xclu

e. Naughty College School Girls/ Sexual Education 2-Pack (2009, 120 min) Hot hentai cuties get fucked by their teachers, brutally dominated by other chicks, find themselves with faces full of cum and more in this white-hot hentai 2-Pack! (Sexual Education is dubbed in English while Naughty College School Girls is in Japanese with English subtitles.) DX3237842 $20.99 f. Pinks / Pleasure Island 2-Pack (2007, 120 min) Get Adult Source Media’s first two 3D-animated fuckfests for one low price in this high-octane 2-Pack that features some of the hottest fucking ever animated. (Filmed in English) DX3280472 $59.99 $29.99






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g. Taboo (2011, 60 min) Intensely perverted and just plain twisted, this compilation of some of the most fucked up scenes in hentai history will shock you and shock your cock into blissfully perverse orgasm. Crying naked animated women, rough sex, young girls getting fucked hard and much more sick, savage and sleazy sex all go down in this filthy as fuck set. (Dubbed in English) DX3273842 $24.99 $22.99 h. Where The Dead Go To Die (2011, 95 min) Filled with happy images like animated boobs on demon faced women, animated boobs on normal faced women, animated bestiality, animated kiddie porn production, disfigured war veterans attacking hookers and more, Where the Dead Go to Die is one of those movies that’ll either fuck you up for life or make you cum... or both. DVD: DV33483802 $13.99 Blu-ray: DB33483803 $18.99

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i. Amazon Jail (1985, 99 min) Amazingly hot women get tricked into becoming captive slaves, get slapped around while topless, have some scorching lesbian sex, get fucked by mean dudes and more in this X-rated sleazefest. (Dubbed in English) DL1004552 $14.99 j. Bare Behind Bars (1980, 96 min) A hot nurse fucks this naked hottie with a dildo, gets another chick to rub asses with her and then ride her like a pony and takes advantage of whatever hot slut she can in this WIP movie that features shit-tons of nudity, bizarre lesbian sex and hardcore moments. (Dubbed in English) DL2285923 $14.99 k. The Bunny Game (2010, 76 min) Hot junkie hooker Rodleen Getsic gets into a truck with the wrong trucker who goes to nearly unimaginable lengths to break her spirit. This film also features an unsimulated blowjob, extensive full-frontal nudity, totally shocking imagery and more. DVD: DV33637002 $16.99 Blu-ray/DVD Combo: DC33637003 $25.99 l. Emanuelle Around the World (1977, 102 min) Laura Gemser's fighting white slavery which leads to multiple gang bangs, vaginas hovering over statuesque dildos, hardcore inserts and a German Shepherd having his way with a whore-in-training! (Italian or English dubbed) DL2415162 $26.99 m. Eros School: Feels So Good (1977, 67 min) A young sociopath who enrolls in a new high school begins forcibly fucking his way through the nubile, naked female population of the school. Features lots of naked girls, disturbing sex scenes, some fucked up shit with a pig and more. (Japanese with English subtitles) DV33792502 $19.99 n. Ilsa: Harem Keeper of the Oil Sheiks (1975, 85 min) How awesome would it be to have a harem of busty coozebuckets to fulfill all your most perverted desires? Very. The oil sheiks in this movie have not only that, but gorgeous psycho Ilsa (Dyanne Thorne) to keep ‘em all in line. Uschi Digard, Sharon Kelly, Haji and many others are among the naked-fleshbaring hotties in this cauldron of sick perversions. DV10918804 $14.99



o. Ilsa, The Wicked Warden (1977, 94 min) Packed with nudity, full-frontally exposed catfights, dirty ass eating, forced porn shoots and innocence corrupted galore, Ilsa, the Wicked Warden is one filthy-hot journey into total depravity! Dyanne Thorne, Lina Romay, Tania Bussellier and more all lay their goods out for your full inspection. DV19560303 $12.99 p. A Serbian Film (2010, 102 min) A Serbian Film features forcible incest, full-frontal female nudity, unimaginable horrors that you are not prepared for, cummed-on faces and so much more. Beware though, this movie will fuck you the fuck up! (Serbian with English subtitles) DVD: DV3269472 $19.99 Blu-ray: DB3269473 $19.99 q. Surreal Sicko (2012, 89 min) Bill Zebub’s first movie with penetration, Surreal Sicko is pretty much a collection of totally perverted insanity. Features totally naked crucified girls, POV scenes, unsimulated sex scenes, loads of nudity and more. Relentlessly perverse! DV33698902 $14.99 r. True Story of a Woman in Jail: Sex Hell (1975, 72 min) If you like your Japanese Women-in-Prison flicks ultrasleazy, look no further! This tale of a young chick enduring unspeakable horrors features nasty abuse, a sick scene with a tampon, naked ladies, lesbian sex, straight sex, multiple scenes where women graphically piss and more. (Japanese with English subtitles) DV33576502 $22.99 s. True Story of a Woman in Jail Continues (1975, 70 min) This sequel ups the sleaze ante even higher than the extremely sleazy first installment! Lesbian prison sex, predatory prison guards, sexual exploitation to the max, a plethora of beautiful Japanese chicks and all kinds of totally amazing, totally fucked up awesomeness! (Japanese with English subtitles) DV33888002 $22.99 t. Zoom In: Sex Apartments (1980, 68 min) Gorgeous naked Japanese girls abound in this ultra-fucked-up sex horror flick about a deranged killer attacking beautiful women, ravaging the fuck out of them and setting their crotches on fire. Literally. They don’t make ‘em much sleazier than this! (Japanese with English subtitles) DV33888102 $22.99

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Profane (2011, 78 min) Manal Kara stars as just your ordinary young 20-something chick trying to figure her life out... except she’s hot, a Muslim and works as a hooker fem-domming and fucking all sorts of perverts. Kara and her hot junkie white chick friend show every inch over and over while fucking clients, getting wasted and more. Hot as all fuck! DV33799902 $18.99

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Naughty Teen (1977, 86 min) Incredibly gorgeous Ursula Heinle shows up at her widower uncle’s and sets his loins on fire with her amazing body. Heinle gets gang banged by hippies, groped on buses, spied on in the shower, strips off her clothes at random times and more. Plus, Femi Benussi shows off every inch of her naked flesh as well. (Italian with English subtitles) DV33633902 $22.99

Images ©Mondo Macabre

Countess Perverse (1973, 78 min) Perverse is right! Lina Romay is at her sweetest, most stupidly innocent, most succulently delicious in this incredible cult sexploitation film from the notorious Jess Franco. She stars as a naive young chick lured to an island by deranged rich people who plan to hunt her for sport... naked! Loads of fully naked flesh from Romay who is so goddamn sexy you’ll want to eat her with a spoon, plus full nudity from evil countess Alice Arno and a couple of other amazingly sexy broads, several scenes of hot lesbian sex, threeway sex and more. Cockstrokingly incredible! (French with English subtitles) DV33865902 $21.99


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