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Marc Dylan gets his keys pounded and his ivory tickled in TitanMen's...


ImagesŠ Falcom Studios exclusive offer!

A TLAgay exclusive offer! To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the most iconic gay adult studio in history, we are pleased to present this massive Limited Edition 6-disc box set - along with an exclusive power-punching free bonus gift. Since 1971, Falcon Studios has set the standard for gay adult male entertainment by presenting the hottest men on earth in films of the absolute highest quality. To celebrate the most celebrated studio in gay porn, Falcon has gathered fifty scenes featuring the work of the most popular gay superstars of all time.Total Retail Value: $359.99

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Winter 2012 NO 347

Most of the time, we here at entice you to take your underwear off now we’re asking you to put them on! Andrew Christian Underwear, that is. Below is a sampling of some of our favorite AC underwear and lounge-wear. They are sexy, eye-catching, and bulge-enhancing. You can find more colors and styles at the TLA Style section of

Almost Naked Brief Black S: CA3295755 $19.99 Black M: CA3295756 $19.99 Black L: CA3295757 $19.99 Black XL: CA3295758 $19.99 White S: CU3295752 $19.99 White M: CU3295753 $19.99 White L: CU3295754 $19.99 White XL: CU3295755 $19.99

CoolFlex Brief Asphalt S: CU3296392 $28.99 Asphalt M: CU3296393 $28.99 Asphalt L: CU3296394 $28.99 Asphalt XL: CU3296395 $28.99 White S: CU3296396 $28.99 White M: CU3296397 $28.99 White L: CU3296398 $28.99 White XL: CU3296399 $28.99

Almost Naked Boxer Black S: CU3295802 $23.99 Black M: CU3295803 $23.99 Black L: CU3295804 $23.99 Black XL: CU3295805 $23.99

Show-It Thong Black S: CU3296602 Black M: CU3296603 Black L: CU3296604 Black XL: CU3296605

Phys Ed Retro Gym Short Heather Gray S: CC3315562 $28.99 Heather Gray M: CC3315563 $28.99 Heather Gray L: CC3315564 $28.99 Heather Gray XL: CC3315565 $28.99

$22.99 $22.99 $22.99 $22.99

Almost Naked Infinity Boxer Black S: CU3296450 $26.99 Black M: CU3296451 $26.99 Black L: CU3296452 $26.99 Black XL: CU3296453 $26.99 White S: CU3296456 $26.99 White M: CU3296457 $26.99 White L: CU3296458 $26.99 White XL: CU3296459 $26.99

Show-It Low Profile Jock Black S: CU3296582 $19.99 Black M: CA3296583 $19.99 Black L: CU3296584 $19.99 Black XL: CU3296585 $19.99

Active Training Pant Vintage Heather S: CP3315512 Vintage Heather M: CP3315513 Vintage Heather L: CP3315514 Vintage Heather XL: CP3315515

$58.99 $58.99 $58.99 $58.99

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Images © Falcon Studios


The Guys Next Door Part One DX3304662 $59.99 $49.99 OR'S DIRECUTT C

Anthony’s Weener DX3299652 $59.99 $49.99

Bad Ass DX3310072 $69.99 $49.99

Bareback and Uncut DX3306932 $49.99 $24.99

Best of Leo Giamani Bareback DX3304322 $49.99 $39.99

Impulsive DX3292402 $59.99 $49.99

Inkless: The Best of Tattoo-Free TitanMen DX3308492 $49.99 $29.99

Masked Men: Matthias’ Fist Fantasies 1 DX3307142 $59.99 $39.99 4 -dis!c SET

9 Inches of Pleasure DX3309692 $59.99 $39.99

Power Sluts DX3307112 $59.99 $39.99

The Ultimate Twink Collection DX3306882 $199.99 $39.99

Wanted 2: An Owen Hawk Collection DX3286712 $59.99 $29.99


Cruise Control DX3314742 $59.99 $49.99


Golden Gate: Seduced by San Francisco DX3304232 $59.99 $49.99


Kris Evans: Up & Close DX3284242 $59.99 $49.99

Splittin’ Wood DX3309542 $59.99 $49.99


Winter 2012 NO 347

IF T FREE G37 pg .

Welcum to America DX3085713 $59.99 $49.99


Bareback Gear Jocks DX3270592 $59.99 $39.99

Bear DX3270682 $59.99 $49.99

Blond Fuckers DX3288742 $49.99 $39.99


Breakfast & Boners DX3283222 $29.99 $19.99

Cadinot Classics 4 DX3271742 $59.99 $49.99




Dawson’s 50 Load Weekend Collection DX3279842 $69.99 $49.99 LU C A S more . 20 pg

Guys Gone Wild: Bad Boys Exposed DX3268702 $39.99 $19.99

Ipanema Heat DX3270712 $59.99 $49.99

Rub and Fuck DX3285262 $59.99 $39.99

Skin on Skin 4 DX3287802 $59.99 $52.99

Boys! Boys! Boys! DX3291172 $39.99 $19.99

Lucky Fuck DX3290592 $59.99 $49.99

Fuck Volume 1 DX3267802 $59.99 $49.99 ACK BA RE B 'S CUT! OR DIREC T

Rio After Dark DX3197802 $59.99 $49.99 UT OR'S C DIREC T SE T! 3 -DISC

These images and cover image © TitanMen

Trunks 6 DX3284162 $59.99 $49.99

What I Can’t See 3 DX3236392 $79.99 $52.99

R ON OU ! COVER Game On! DX3304732 $69.99 $49.99

Phone orders:

1.888.TLA.DVDS (852-3837)


Pre-Condom Mania Blowout We know you totally want to cram your nose in that crack! Part of the “20th Century Icons” classic series from the ‘70s and early ‘80s, and award winners from the G.F.I. (Gay Film Institute), these cum-laden no-condom P.M. Productions flixxx, including ones directed by Mac Larson a.k.a. Joe Gage, set the standard for all-male erotica. At these special sale prices, you can stuff your stocking to the hilt! Retail: $39.99 • Regular TLA Sale: $19.99

Smack your sack with a mighty thwack for just $14.99 each!

Boots & Saddles DX1291282

Christopher Street Blues DX1883473

The Death of Scorpio DX1291312

Dynamite DX1217592

Harley’s Angels DX1840923

House Detective DX1942162

In the Name of Leather DX1092882

Jr. Cadets DX1226812

Kiss Today Goodbye DX1298012

Leather Narcissus DX2654702

Men Come First DX1879313


Winter 2012 NO 347

charge DX1894183

Dishonorable Dis-

Images Š French Connection

Is your cock still aching for more? Then buy any 3 or more from these two pages for just $9.99 each! Visit to see the entire list of all eligible titles.

The Nasty Bunch DX1920022

Navy Blue DX1130702

Nine+ DX1942152

Oil Rig #99 DX1136832

Pier Groups DX1783663

Red Ball Express DX1156082

Rugged Men DX1920012

Scorpio: All Tied Up DX1286453

The Subway DX1894193

Swallow It DX1900633

Tough Guys DX1195112

Le Voyeur DX1771433

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Images © Rascal Video & C1R

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Order Brother Fucker and get Bringing Out Brother absolutely FREE! (You only pay shipping.)

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The year’s most talked about hardcore flick! Drop-dead gorgeous identical twin brothers Luca and Liam Rosso star with superstar Brent Everett in his first C1R bottoming scene! Brent bangs and gets banged by these bros in the ultimate twin taboo. The brothers double-mouth dick Brent before getting in a daisy chain for a cum-loaded explosive finale. Featuring an all-star cast in sweat and cum drenched fuck sessions, Brother Fucker keeps it all in the family. Total retail value: $119.99

Get both for just $54.99! DX3234662

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Winter 2012 NO 347

GAY PORN DVD MEGA-BLOWOUT! Here’s your one and only chance to snap up these fulllength hardcore porns from All Worlds and Catalina Video. Original retail: $59.99 • Original TLA Sale: $39.99

Get yours now for just $6.99 each! Buy any 6 or more for just $4.99 each NOTE: Extremely limited quantities. First come, first served. No backorders will be honored.

Ace in Your Face DX1000892

Bear’s Den DX1260912

Boy Struck DX2222782

Cracked DX1840773

Florida Erection DX1547272

HOMOgenized DX1086592

Intelli-Studs DX2153694

Knight Spot DX1918981

Night at the Rawhide DX1885863

Night Crawler: A Leathersex Fantasy DX2622305

Rumors DX1850743

Sand Gods DX1928582

SBM: Single Black Male DX1893875

Sex Hungry DX2711712

Stag Show 2 DX2072141

Summer of Scott Randsome DX1301802

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THe Classic Films of Wakefield Poole



a. Moving! & One, Two, Three... Officially appearing for the first time ever on the home market, this double feature of two of Mr. Poole’s most notorious is a must for fans. Containing 1985’s One, Two, Three... as well as 1974's complete and unedited Moving! featuring Casey Donovan (showcasing one of the first-ever gay fisting scenes), this masterfully restored set is instantly collectible. Retail: $29.99

Count to three, move your ass and get yours for just $14.99 DX3219892 b. The Wakefield Poole Collection A 2-disc set containing Boys in the Sand Parts 1 and 2 and Bijou. Features over 2 hours of bonus content, including interviews, photo galleries, hardcore shorts and more. Over 6 hours of content, winner of the 2002 GAYVN Award for Best Classic Gay DVD - and now over 65% off! A must-own. Retail: $59.99 • Previous TLA Sale: $39.99

Get the 2-disc set now for just $19.99! DX1880852

Images: The Wakefield Poole Collection © Jackrabbit Releasing

Images © Goldmine Entertainment

Jamaican guys need dick too, and they get just that in the all-new Masked Obsessions series. Shot on location by the only gay studio in Jamaica, gay sex is so controversial there the cast is forced to wear masks! Watch these ginormococked dudes turn it out. Retail: $59.99 • Regular TLA Sale: $39.99

Get into the obsession for just $29.99 each!

Masked Obsessions 1 DX3228532


Winter 2012 NO 347

Masked Obsessions 2 DX3307692

Masked Obsessions 3 DX3307702

Images © Pacific Sun Japan

NEW STUDIO! Beautifully shot on location in Japan, these model-beautiful young men are sexual ninjas of the highest order. TLA exclusive special introductory price! Retail: $59.99 • Regular TLA Sale: $49.99

Thrill to them for just $29.99 each!

Erotic Ninja 1: The Hitman DX3296672

Erotic Ninja 2: Bad Ass DX3296692

Erotic Ninja 3: Surf Slut DX3317052

Images © Pacific Sun Japan

Looking for uncensored hardcore gay porn from Japan? (The Japanese traditionally pixilate all pubes and pickles.) Here you go! If you dig waif-like cuties passionately probing, prodding and plundering without having big black bars indiscriminately popping up, the Blue Dragons series is here. Retail: $59.99 • Regular TLA Sale: $49.99

Enter the land of the rising gun for just $29.99 each!

Blue Dragons Volume One DX3198412

Blue Dragons Volume Two DX3228702

Blue Dragons Volume Three DX3256982

Phone orders:

Blue Dragons Volume Four DX3257102

Blue Dragons Volume Five DX3275692

1.888.TLA.DVDS (852-3837)





Images © Fox Studio

Three legendary studios - Fox, Sierra Pacific and Tyger Films - offered us a special that we just had to pass on to you! Many of these cock-n-cum filled titles are must-own four-star pre-condom classics. Retailing for $59.99, these select DVDs have been price reduced to over 65% off.

Get foxy for just $19.99 each! Buy any 4 or more for just $17.50 Visit to see the entire list!

Afternooners DX1302481

Bare Tales DX1945831

The Biggest One I Ever Saw! DX1830673

Bore ‘N Stroke DX1882502

Captain Stud and His Seamen DX1032113

Hard to Come By DX1081621

Jock-A-Holics DX1098191

School Daze DX1781301

Tease Me! DX1945871

Too Big for His Britches DX1862752

Tyger Tales DX1911311

Undergear DX1875442


Winter 2012 NO 347

Images © Triga Images © EJ Productions

Yeah, Edward James has been cranking out movies for various studios forever. But the flixx from his signature line are big, hard-on inducing surprises that kind of rock. From str8boy bachelor parties to thugged-out abductions, we dig ‘em all. Here’s your chance to snatch ‘em up at insane prices. Retail: $49.99 • Regular TLA Sale: $39.99

Gag for just $14.99 each!

Buy any 4 or more for $9.99 each

Alternadudes: Skater Sex 2 DX2994472

BaitBuddies 2nd Edition DX2787952

Black Cock Virgin DX2994442

Black in Nature DX2788272

Cruise Patrol 2 DX3053382

Derec’s Dilemma DX2785753

Gangsta Gays 1 DX3014102

Lost in the Hood DX2788292

Muscle Lust DX2788302

Real Straight Shooters 2 DX2788282

Real Straight Shooters 3 DX2874993

Thug Orgy 3 DX3053362

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Breaking News! The new line from Bel Ami’s master director is here.

Behold GDuroy’s

Images © Bel Ami & GDuroy

Kinky Angels is the ultimate uber-twink collection. Fresh, sexy and uninhibited, watch as the youngest generation of Bel Ami models make their debut in Kinky Angels Part 1. It has all the hallmarks and quality of a Bel Ami title, eatures our boyfriend Kevin Warhol on the cover. That’s reason enough to get it. Right. Now. Retail: $59.99

Get kinky with these adorable angels for just $49.99 DX3313382

The Cowboys Collector’s Edition Way out West under blue skies the next generation of Cowboys takes to the ranches and the open range. Not much has changed for Cowboys over the years. They live a simple life filled with horses, blue jeans, cattle, ten gallon hats, hard work and men. They’re masculine, they’re tough, they’re rugged, and they’re horny. Their days are filled with ridin’ studs and workin’ hard. This Cowboys Collector’s Edition gives you a look into how these bucks unwind after a hard day’s work. We are completely fired-up to be able to offer this massive 4-disc slab of hardcore mastery to you, courtesy of Raging Stallion. Cowboys Parts One and Two includes hardcore three ways and duos; Alone on the Range is a full disc of super-hot solos; and Ranch Hands is a fisting cowboys masterpiece. And the cast? Tommy Defendi, Adam Champ, Chris Porter, Colby Keller, Jesse Santana, Lawson Kane, Wilfried Knight, Paul Wagner, Erik Rhodes and more. Whoa.


You won’t find this collection available anywhere else, so if you want it ‘ya better mosey along lil’ doggy and git it while the gittin’s good! Total Retail Value: $239.99

Rope in your copy of this exclusive Collector’s Edition Director’s Cut 4-disc set today for just $109.99 DX3318202

Winter 2012 NO 347

Images © Raging Stallions Studios


Pounded Down © Raging Stallions Studios

Close your eyes... grip it hard... and get "pounded down" by the ferocious horndogs of Raging Stallion Studios all winter long. ial ov e r s contr or's cut! direc t

Animus DX3263572 $59.99 $49.99

Blue Collar DX3271062 $59.99 $49.99 2-disc

Dominus DX3248872 $59.99 $49.99

Cum in My Face DX3239732 $59.99 $49.99

Dog Fight DX3256302 $59.99 $44.99

He’s Got a Big Package DX3250122 $59.99 $49.99

Pounded Down DX3285182 $59.99 $49.99

Suited for Sex DX3308502 $59.99 $49.99

Woodshop DX3299902 $59.99 $49.99

se t!

Golden Gate: Seduced by San Francisco DX3304232 $59.99 $49.99 ial ov e r s contr or's cut! direc t

Rugburn! DX3296212 $59.99 $49.99

Sounding 6: Wet Punk Faggot Sounding DX3239102 $59.99 $44.99

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customer favorites!

Shear Chaos © Chaos Men

We can’t even begin to tell you how fucking hot we find this series of films. Photographer sextraordinaire Bryan Ockert has taken his killer web videos and has released them on DVD. Blindfolded straight dudes getting sucked off for the first time by a guy (the Edge Series and Serviced videos) have given way to incredible hardcore bareback sex (the Shear Chaos films). Oh man, we love this shit! Retailing: $39.99.

Get chaotic for just $19.99 each! Buy any 4 or more for $17.50 each BA RE B



The Best of Ransom DX3243762


The Best of Teo DX3268452

e A ll-timsh # 1 sm a

ChaosMen Edge Series Vol. 1 DX2423602 BA RE B

ChaosMen Edge Series Vol. 3 DX2879792 BA RE B



ChaosMen Edge Series Vol. 4 DX3178722 BA RE B

Shear Chaos Vol. 3 DX3019012



Shear Chaos Vol. 4: Creampie Edition DX3098502

Winter 2012 NO 347

Shear Chaos DX2710642 BA RE B


Shear Chaos Vol. 5: Creampie Edition DX3194942

ChaosMen Edge Series Vol. 2 DX2625792 BA RE B


Shear Chaos Vol. 2 DX2949152 BA RE B


Shear Chaos Vol. 6: Creampie Edition DX3217072


Images © Bel Ami


Bel Ami ups the ante even more with the world’s first true HD 3D gay porn. Packaged as a 2-disc set, if you have a 3D HD TV, 3D Blu-ray player and accompanying shutter glasses, prepare for an unparallelled sexperience unlike any you ever seen.

Most of you probably don’t have this type of set-up yet, so Bel Ami has also included a standard DVD version of the film. This way you’re good to go no matter which version you want to watch. (The Blu-ray can be also viewed in 2D.) Shot on location in Ibiza, Spain, the torrid bareback 3D Bel Ami features many of the studio’s most popular stablemates including Dolph Lambert, Kris Evans, Vadim Farrell, adorable Dario Dolce and more. To call this an “eye-popper” would be too easy, but there’s no other term we can think of that fits. Probably because all the blood has rushed from the heads on our shoulders to the throbbing heads in our now-bulging jeans Retail: $59.99

Get this groundbreaking 2-disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo for just $49.99 DX3227102


The two bareback orgies that flesh out More Than You Can Handle are breathtaking sextravaganzas unto themselves. But it’s the now-infamous, recordsetting, twenty-seven-stud j/o orgy filmed on location in gorgeous Cape Town, South Africa that has tongues wagging worldwide. Our friends at BelAmi have gone one step further by providing us with an exclusive bonus disc filled never-before-seen images hand-selected by George Duroy. You won’t find this version anywhere else. Everything you’ve heard is true. Now see for yourself. Retail: $59.99

Exclusive TLA 2-disc Edition just $49.99


Image © Bel Ami

Image © Bel Ami

Phone orders:

1.888.TLA.DVDS (852-3837)


A toast to...

(Guzzle these down!) Ok, it is weird if we say we’re actually in love with a line of porn films? Is it even weirder if we say we love the makers as much as the models? Well, deal with it, because we are fucking in LOVE with Benny Morecock! He’s overseen the revamp of Cocky Boys over the past few years, and now he’s starting his own line. Judging by these four debuts, he’s got a cum-splattered smash on his hands. Featuring studs like Jimmy Clay, Spencer Reed and big-balled big-cocked Disco Stick bad-boy Mason Star (back off - he’s ours!) and at a price that’ll keep you gobsmacked, we want more from Benny ASAP. Retail: $39.99

Benny wants you to save more cash than ever and get 'em for a cock-stiffening $19.99 each! Image © Benny Morecock

Born This Way! DX3280802

Boys! Boys! Boys! DX3291172


Winter 2012 NO 347

Kink Ink DX3254792

Ride My Disco Stick DX3254132


Phenix Saint and Andrew Blue in One Night in Phenix © Cocky Boys

Do yourself and your aching cock a favor and snap up the Cocky Boys library. They fucking rock - and they’re now available at the best price ever! Retail: $59.99

Now get Cocky for just $29.99 each! Buy any 4 or more for just $27.50 each

First Time Fucked DX2987442

Fuck Machine DX3082622

Fuck the Hell Out of Me DX2988492

It Hurts So Good DX3160402

s iv e e xc lu s e t ! 2-d isc

No Pain No Gain DX3131352

One Night in Phenix DX3254822

Revenge DX3177572

Tagged DX3227642

Sex Toy Spotlight More Toys on pages 38-41!

Metal Worx Double Trouble Give “precious metals” a whole new meaning! Cast in high-quality hand-polished steel, and perfect for prostate play. The hygienic metal finish is sleek, nonporous, and easy to clean, while the design is bodyinspired and made to excite. Great for temperature play: Stick it in the freezer to cool things down, or place it in a bowl of hot water to heat things up. Arrives in a discreet and elegant storage case. Product length: 5.75 inches. Read our rave review on TX3273542 $87.99 $69.99

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Images © Lucas Entertainment

free gift!

Executives are powerful men-in-charge who know how to get what they want - by giving orders and dominating any situation. Suited-stud Valentin Petrov fucks Aaron Blake. Top boss Rafael Alencar pounds deep into Dirk Caber’s eager ass. Logan Stevens rides businessman Robert Van Damme’s thick cock. Boardroom chief Mitch Branson pushes his subordinate Kyle King into a flip-fuck. Muscled businessmen Avi Dar and Marc Dylan release work stress in an intense sex session. Meating time! Total retail value: $119.99

Get both for just $54.99! DX3302402

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Use free gift code: FX2867718

More from New York's crown Prince of Porn 'S EDITOR! PICK


Assassin DX3214272 $59.99 $49.99 ial ov e r s contr or's cut! direc t

Fuck Me Harder DX3314182 $59.99 $49.99


Auditions Vol. 41: Rock Hard DX3271802 $49.99 $34.99

Auditions Vol. 42: Horny Fuckers DX3298792 $49.99 $34.99 JUST ! SED RE LE A

Heat Wave 2 DX3278672 $59.99 $49.99

Winter 2012 NO 347

Lucky Fuck DX3290592 $59.99 $49.99

Back Door DX3252602 $59.99 $49.99 'S EDITOR! PICK

Trapped in the Game DX3155592 $59.99 $49.99

Are you ready to raunch out? Then catch this TLA exclusive sale on some of the hottest and nastiest titles from Lucas Raunch - all completely uncut and uncensored - at nearly 60% off for a very limited time. Retail: $59.99 • Regular TLA Sale: $49.99


Feet! DX2822722

Fuck Me Hard DX3044642

Fuck! DX3212122

Men in Stockings DX3075232

Piss & Boots DX3149902

Piss Gods DX3000022

Piss On Me DX3204602

Piss Pigs DX3124952

Piss Sluts! DX2921682

Pissed On DX3102972

Thirsty! DX2713072

Urine Fist Fest DX3175872




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Images © Lucas Entertainment

Dive into the deliciously debauched depravity for just $24.99 each!

Have a case of winter blue-balls? Never fear, we’re here to alleviate the pressure. and TitanMen teamed up to double your pleasure. For the first time we present these 2-disc Blu-ray and DVD Combo Packs. You get the hi-def Blu-ray Disc (in the unedited and nasty Director’s Cut version if it originally was released that way) along with the standard-def Retail Version DVD. This way, you’re good to go no matter what player you have! And check out those prices you can save up to nearly 65% off! Original Retail: $69.99 • Regular TLA Sale: $49.99

Battle Creek Breakdown © Titan Men

4 fo $99!r

Buy any of these Blu-ray & DVD Combo Packs for just $39.99

Save a Titan-ic amount: Buy any 4 from these two pages for just $99! or's direc t ! cut

Bad Conduct DX2923549

Battle Creek Breakdown DX2996760 or's direc t ! cut

Dust Devils DX3100299 or's direc t ! cut

Flux DX2956569 or's direc t ! cut

Folsom Prison DX2667502

Folsom Undercover DX2723462

or's direc t ! cut

Caged DX3167505 or's direc t ! cut

Folsom Flesh DX2903070 or's direc t ! cut

Full Access DX2945158

or's direc t ! cut

Mojave Run DX3111385


Overdrive DX2766619

Winter 2012 NO 347

or's direc t ! cut

Double Standard DX2712430 or's direc t ! cut

Folsom Maneuvers DX2970839 or's direc t ! cut

Funhouse DX2747309 or's direc t ! cut

Thrust DX3065870

Warehouse DX2684711

Fleet Week 2 © Falcon Studios

The studio that started it all is back with a vengeance! Original Retail: $69.99 (And don’t miss our exclusive Falcon 40th Anniversary Collector’s Edition 6-disc set & Bonus DVD offer on page 2.)

Take off with the icons for just $49.99 each!



Blind Lust DX3294792

Fleet Week 2 DX3206222

The Guys Next Door Part One DX3304662

Retreat DX3271772

Roughin’ It 2 DX3288962


The Guys Next Door Part Two DX3304672


To say that we’re psyched to be the only retailer in the entire U.S. to bring you this awesome offer would be an understatement. Truth is we can barely keep our cocks in our pants! What more can or needs to be said about Falcon Studios’ iconic Other Side of Aspen Series? It’s one of the best-selling gay adult franchises in history for a reason. Each entry is a showcase for excellent production values, a veritable who’s who of top stars in their prime, and some of the hottest and raunchiest scenes Falcon has ever shot. Chris Ward takes the reins for the 2011 reboot with The Other Side of Aspen VI and smacks it right outta the ballpark. But we here at your friendly neighborhood pornhound central headquarters have gone one step further: We’ve partnered with Falcon to bring you the complete five-decade-spanning series in one massive money-saving package. That’s right, you get all six Aspen movies for less than $100 bucks - including the long out-of-print unedited Director’s Cut versions of parts 1 thru 5. Fists and fire extinguishers! You’ve got three choices: The all-new The Other Side of Aspen VI 2-disc set; 19792001’s Other Side of Aspen I-V Director’s Cut 5-disc set; or for the hands-down best deal you can slam down this entire Other Side of Aspen I-VI Collector’s Edition Director’s Cut 7-disc set in one glorious mouth-and-ass-filling meal and save yourself a fortune, too. Essential. Total retail value: $359.99

Get the Director’s Cut 7-disc set right now for just $99.99! DX3219322

The Other Side of Aspen VI DX3217542 $59.99

2-disc set for just $49.99

The Other Side of Aspen I-V Collector’s Edition DX3218522 $299.99

Phone orders:

Director’s Cut 5-disc set just $79.99

1.888.TLA.DVDS (852-3837)


Image from Powersurge © Club Inferno

We can’t think of a better way to keep warm this winter than by cramming anything of an eye-popping nature up your twitching butthole. (Are you with us?) Here is an incredible deal on four of Club Inferno’s best and nastiest, courtesy of Mr. Steven Scarborough himself. Feel the heat! Retail: $59.99 • Regular TLA Sale: $49.99

Get torn up for just $29.99 each! Buy all four scorchers for just $110.00

Powerfist DX1905941

Powerhole DX1905931

Powersurge DX1927521

WristRider DX1908592

Take four of Hot House’s biggest stars, give them their own “best of” collections, knock down the prices exclusively for TLAgay and whaddya get? A sale that’ll keep your balls in an uproar all winter long. Retail: $49.99 • Regular TLA Sale: $39.99

Step into the House for just $24.99 each! Buy all four hotties for just $90.00

Image © Hot House Video

Alex Collack Collection DX2598272


Jason Ridge Collection DX2598282

Winter 2012 NO 347

Kent North Collection DX2647022

Robert Van Damme Collection DX2647012

Hot House Backroom Volume 12 © Hot House Video

Are you ready for the Backroom? Here’s a great deal on the studio’s hot all-sex flicks. So lick the sack and prepare to nut - hard! Retail: $49.99 Regular TLA Sale: $39.99

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Hot House Backroom Volume 1 DX2619362

Hot House Backroom Volume 2 DX2619382

Hot House Backroom Volume 3 DX2647042

Hot House Backroom Volume 4 DX2647052

Hot House Backroom Volume 5 DX2668262

Hot House Backroom Volume 6 DX2680252

Hot House Backroom Volume 7 DX2720282

Hot House Backroom Volume 8 DX2765972

Hot House Backroom Volume 9 DX2765982

Hot House Backroom Volume 10 DX2784652

Hot House Backroom Volume 11 DX2882072

Hot House Backroom Volume 12 DX2892572

Hot House Backroom Volume 13 DX2949342

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Dark Alley’s best-selling series reaches its coital conclusion in this Director’s Cut edition of Shockwave 3, featuring barebacking, extreme anal, and leather in one epic all-sex film. This cast of porn star pigs make it sizzle from start to finish. Total retail value: $119.99

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Berlin Underground DX3265672

Fist & Fuck DX3128192

Fist Master DX3227932

Gaytanamo RAW DX2780102

Hole Abuse DX3012772

Hole Puncher DX3212972

Pigs Don’t Stop DX3173912

Shockwave 2: Silence of the Pigs DX2892532

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Winter 2012 NO 347

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Images © Dark Alley Media

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Images © Raw Riders Studio

We know you like to watch, and we really know you like to ride... so hop aboard the fuck train and pick up the raw fuck flix from Raw Riders Studio. We nabbed this limited-time-only deal (50% off retail) along with a killer free gift just for you - so don’t delay. Retail: $59.99 • Regular TLA Sale: $49.99

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Bareback Whores DX3077892

Barebacking with Lars Svenson DX3077782

Breeding Grounds DX3153022

Code: Raw DX3271012

Cum Dump Hotel DX2892492

InterBreeders DX3209152

Latin Loads DX3197842

Raw and Ready DX3270702

Raw Jock House DX3009652


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Images © All Worlds Video & C1R

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Starring insatiable bottom Dylan Hauser, Black Balled 8 gives new meaning to the term “behind the eight ball.” The cock-hungry pig-bottom offers up his corner pocket for some dirty pool as he takes on ten well-hung black studs. They all come together in one of the nastiest interracial gang-bangs ever caught on film. In addition to the ass-pounding Dylan receives from the ebony studs, he has a mind-blowing intimate moment with a pool cue.Total retail value: $119.99

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Images © Rascal Video & C1R

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While exploring the depths of a stylish, high-end sex club, muscular Russ Ryan finds himself ensnared in a Cock Trap... a firestorm of man sex from which no man wants to be released. Featuring Brent Everett in a scorching scene with Riley Price, and highlighted by the ever increasing animalistic masculinity of Cameron Marshall, Cock Trap is abound with stunning cinematography and scene stealing backdrops, while rife with the filth and debauchery that is the trademark of Chi Chi LaRue. Total retail value: $119.99.

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DX3303842 Winter 2012 NO 347

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Images © All Worlds Video & C1R

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The title says it all - Got Twink? Well, Chi Chi LaRue has twinks and she’s serving them up to you on a silver platter. Horned-up mouth-watering twink Tristan Sterling and his teenaged buddies take turns on each other’s sweet holes and rock-hard cocks. Young, hot, delectable twinks doing what twinks do best, fucking and sucking and covering themselves in delicious milky cream. After all, boys will be boys! Total retail value: $119.99

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Images © Rascal Video & C1R

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Highlighted by a rare bottoming appearance by Brent Everett, Some Things Cum Up stands tall as another monument in the ever-growing legend of director Chi Chi LaRue. Some Things Cum Up features exquisitely delicious real men in cum-filled, butt-pounding scenes. If Brent Everett taking on a hard cock isn’t enough, there is also a dynamic pool scene with spectacular underwater footage, including a sub-aquatic double cum shot. Total retail value: $119.99.

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If you’re looking for the freshest young guys, the flixxx of Fresh SX are sure to do you just lovely. And take a look at how low they’ve been temporarily marked down - get yours today for up to nearly 85% off! Retail: $59.99 • Regular TLA Sale: $49.99

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The Apprentice DX2456412

The Apprentice II DX2606882

City Boyz DX2207365

The FreshSX Auditions Volume 1 DX2655732

The FreshSX Auditions Volume 2 DX2686922

Postcard from Berlin DX2573612

Postcard from Paris DX2735782

Postcard from Venice DX2638572

Sex in the City: Love Comes Quickly DX2628112

Straight Guys Fuck DX2673162

Well Suited DX2573562

The XL Factor DX2549672

Cum “pop one” off with Pop One Productions. From wicked-hot solos to full-on hardcore, these tasty bites are like the perfect late-night snack: You want something to eat, you find exactly what you’re looking for, down it in a satisfying gulps, and go to bed with a smile on your face and slightly sticky underwear. Eat up! Retail: $39.99

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Get all four smack-attack titles for just $35.00 Pop One Gay 4-Pack: DX3071592

Beef Jerky Vol. 1 DX2963562


Beef Jerky Vol. 2: Dark Meat Edition DX3021842

Winter 2012 NO 347

Beef Jerky Vol. 3 DX3070422

Meat Eaters DX3022102

Mirror mirror on the wall.. . .we have the best deals of them all!

Your banana will pop out of its skin when you snap up this incredible deal from Vimpex Media’s Huge Studio. Enjoy these delectable pieces of raw fruit. Retail: $59.99 • Original TLA Sale: $49.99

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Bare Huge Dicks 1 DX2667412

Bare Huge Dicks 2 DX2667452

Bare Huge Dicks 3 DX2667462

Bare Huge Dicks 4 DX2667472

Bare Huge Dicks 5 DX2739732

Bare Huge Dicks 6 DX2761142

Bare Huge Dicks 7 DX2780442

Bare Huge Dicks 8 DX2785482

Bare Huge Dicks 9 DX2884782

Bare Huge Dicks 10 DX3066762

Bare Huge Dicks 11 DX3066532

Bare Huge Dicks 12 DX3085552

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Barrett Long possesses one of the gay porndom’s all-time biggest cocks, and has wrecked many a throat and ass. Now you can bring home his signature line at their best prices ever. Watch the eighth uncut wonder of the world do some damage! Retail: $59.99 • Regular TLA Sale: $44.99

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Barrett Long’s XXX Amateur Hour DX2699722

Barrett Long’s XXX Amateur Hour 2 DX2699742

Barrett Long’s XXX Amateur Hour 3 DX2704402

Barrett Long’s XXX Amateur Hour 4 DX2704422

Barrett Long’s XXX Amateur Hour 5 DX2704432

Barrett Long’s XXX Amateur Hour 6 DX2765792

Barrett Long’s XXX Amateur Hour 7 DX2780542

Barrett Long’s XXX Amateur Hour 8 DX2791082

Barrett Long’s XXX Amateur Hour 9 DX2826812

Barrett Long’s XXX Amateur Hour 10 DX2873352

Barrett Long’s XXX Amateur Hour 11 DX2875992

Barrett Long’s XXX Amateur Hour 12 DX2913632


Winter 2012 NO 347

Images © Dirty Bird Pictures & XXX Amateur Hour

Barrett Long’s XXX Amateur Hour 13 DX2928902

Barrett Long’s XXX Amateur Hour 14 DX2930152

Barrett Long’s XXX Amateur Hour 15 DX2930162

Barrett Long’s XXX Amateur Hour 16 DX2930172

Barrett Long’s XXX Amateur Hour 17 DX2930182

Barrett Long’s XXX Amateur Hour 18 DX3001582

Barrett Long’s XXX Amateur Hour 19 DX3021722

Barrett Long’s XXX Amateur Hour 20 DX3021932

Barrett Long’s XXX Amateur Hour 21 DX3051302

Barrett Long’s XXX Amateur Hour 22 DX3059602

Barrett Long’s XXX Amateur Hour 23 DX3076922

Barrett Long’s XXX Amateur Hour 24 DX3091832

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Alexander Pictures produces some of the finest gay adult films featuring Brazilian and Middle Eastern men to be found anywhere. Showcasing ripped bodies, miles of foreskin, and loads of thick loads, if these don’t make you want to move to Rio in a heartbeat, you might be dead. Get them now for up to nearly 85% off! Original Retail: $59.99 • Original TLA Sale: $44.99

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Alexander Auditions: Big Dicks DX2971892

Alexander Auditions: Blacks DX2876022

Alexander Auditions: Latinos DX2993572

Alexander Auditions: Twinks DX2949393

Arabian Fantasy DX2742942

Arabian Men DX2549112

Arabian Men 2 DX2549122

Arabian Playhouse DX2645792

Arabian Playhouse 2 DX2712792

Arabian Tales DX2549002

Arabian Tales 2 DX2647772

Bananas from Brazil DX2549022

Jungle Cruisers DX2549082

Jungle Cruisers 2 DX2548982

Bananas from Brazil 2 Bananas from Brazil 3 DX2549042 DX2549052


Winter 2012 NO 347

The Best of Alvaro Mendez DX2712692

The Best of Black Men DX2549982

The Best of Black Men 2 DX2627702

The Best of Darrien Leon DX2817282

The Best of Diego Lozano DX2638812

The Best of Ramon Mendez DX2548962

Cruising to Orgy DX2713142

8 Inches from Brazil DX2549062

8 Inches from Brazil 2 DX2549072

No Rest in This Room DX2985222

Poolside Heat DX2549102

Prison Breakers DX2814932

Spanish Playhouse DX2545362

Spanish Playhouse 2 DX2545302

Underwater DX2549132

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Bottom Hungry © Randy Blue

Oh, we’ve snagged a good one for you guys. is one of our favorite online content producers, and we we’re stoked when he finally released his titles onto DVD. Here’s a great way to save on them: Grab any of these first-time-on-sale titles from Randy Blue’s Adrenaline line for over 65% off! Retail: $59.99 • Regular TLA Sale: $49.99

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Afternoon Heat DX3059672

Bang Me DX3100372

Bangin’ Both Ends DX3072322

Bottom Hungry DX2992912

Boyfriend for a Day DX3083232

The Coach 1 & 2 DX3080182

Give it to Me DX3025252

Hola Papi DX3097732

It Takes Three DX3091612

The Locker Room DX3056772

The Locker Room 2 DX3093182

Lust and Desire DX3072312

Making Porn DX3062222

Man Rammin’ DX3051152

Objects of Desire DX3076932

Taking It Deep DX3086882


Winter 2012 NO 347 TLAGa sive! exclu

Images © Elite Male

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The delectable Visconti Triplets first foray to America was quite the event (they attended the GAYVNS, as well as hooking up with the Fleshjack folks and became their first “spokesmodels”), so naturally it was commemorated on film. Here’s your chance to cum-memorate right along with them. This TLA exclusive version contains a 2nd bonus disc called “Made Just for You,” that features Triplet solos, a circle jerk, interviews, pool-play and public j/os. Retail: $59.99

Exclusive TLA 2-disc Edition just $49.99

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Bellboys: Ring the Bell 3 Times DX3045512 $59.99 $49.99

Brotherhood Secrets DX2659472 $59.99 $49.99

Shameless BoyToys DX2782972 $59.99 $49.99

Trained to Obey DX2930272 $59.99 $49.99

Triplets vs. Twins DX3085722 $59.99 $49.99

Visconti Fleshjack toys B a. Jason’s Dick TX3080112 $59.99


b. Jimmy’s Mouth TX3080102 $74.99


c. Joey’s Butt TX3080092 $74.99 Image © Fleshjack

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Hot New Toys for Those Cold Nights Baby, It’s Cold Outside - so what better way to stay warm and cozy than with a collection of temperature-raising, sweatinducing, heart-pumping, cock-exploding sex toys from TLA? Who needs a fireplace when you can create your own heat!



Fuck Me Silly Dude! Mega Masturbator Can this really be worth the price? Let’s just say a reviewer took one home and we never heard from him again! Lay this guy on his back, grab the lube, and fuck him silly. And if you want some cock play, his is 8” hard. Made from incredibly realistic feeling Fanta-flesh, this mega masturbator is the most lifelike fuck-friend ever created. Squeeze his squishy balls and feel the firm nuts inside his sack. L: 27”; W: 19”: H: 12.5”: TX3303462 $599.99 $389.99



Colt Rotating Beaded Probe This impressive probe - made of softto-the-touch jelly - offers extra length with synchronized heavy duty beads that rotate. There are two speeds of rotation with the ease of push button controls. Not vibrating but rotating beads - oh, you’ll feel it! Uses 3AA batteries (not included) and is 8 ½” long and 1 ¾” wide. TX3311262 $59.99 $39.99



Shock Therapy Nipple Clamps Not for the timid or electro-sex-phobic, these electric nipple clamps were made to shock you and either your or your buddy’s nipples. Spring-loaded clamps plug into the electro-power unit and provide thrilling e-stimulation. Choose the intensity of the shocks and read the instructions carefully: you’re dealing with electricity here! Batteries included. TX3298552 $42.99 $33.99


Pump Worx Head Job Vibrating Power Pump Squeeze the EZ-Grip pump trigger and your cock will grow bigger and thicker. Once you penetrate the smooth, flexible PVC opening, you’ll quickly discover throbbing, rock-hard erections! The clear vacuum tube allows you to watch your cock grow and the quick-release valve relieves pressure with a push of the button. And don’t forget the powerful vibrating mini bullet. TX3280762 $42.99 $33.99


Fuck My Tight Ass! Mega Masturbator Cancel the newspaper, break up with your boyfriend, quit your job! 15-lbs. and lifelike, grab the lube, grab his nuts, and pound his bubble butt all night. This mega masturbator feels just like the real thing! Bareback his tight hole and don’t worry about a thing when you shoot your wad inside him! A new generation of gay sex toys. L: 11.75”; W: 14”; H: 5.5”: TX3303382 $399.99 $259.99

Winter 2012 NO 347

StreemMaster Mini Douche A simple, effective and inexpensive mini-douche for the guy on the go. The specially designed squeeze-bulb can be quickly filled under a tap and comes with two nozzles – the standard 5” nozzle and the new StreemMaster designed “comfort” nozzle which has a gentle rounded tip designed to eliminate irritation during use. TX3268922 $24.99 $19.99

G-Force Tickle or pound your prostate with this curved probe that is made of 100% hypoallergenic silicone. The long and slim shaft will get to places others can’t. Great for beginners, the bulbous head will find that secret sweet spot. Product Dimensions: Insertable Length: 6”, Total Length: 10.3”, Circumference (at tip): 4.5” TX3292212 $63.99 $43.99


Tenga 3D Polygon Decorative Japanese Art and a great masturbator - all in one. Turn the sleeve inside out (there are five different textures) have your way with it, clean it and return the piece of art to its pedestal. None the wiser! Polygon: TX3311392 $49.99 $34.99 Pile: TX3311362 $49.99 $34.99 Module: TX3311352 $49.99 $34.99 Spiral: TX3311342 $49.99 $34.99 Zen: TX3311332 $49.99 $34.99

Warm the Cockles of Your Ass 11"


Brent Everett Cock Cute and filling. TX3200062 $49.99 $37.99

Chad Hunt Supercock Hunt, seek, fucking destroy! AC00193 $89.99 $49.99



Johnny Hazzard Sensafirm Penis Hazardous to your ass! TX2111852 $49.99 $34.99

Dean Flynn Realistic Cock 7.5” - A thick Adonis from TitanMen. TX3104792 $69.99 $49.99



Fab Cock 7” - Who’s cock is this? TX2018722 $34.99 $24.99


Brent Corrigan’s Dick 7” - Of a twink superstar! TX3195622 $59.99


Black Duke 7” - Of fat black cock Manual or vibrating. Manual: TX2600902 $29.99 $18.99 Vibrating: TX3313722 $39.99 $28.99

Avi Dar Sensafirm Cock 8” - Of bulging Israeli cock. TX3315262 $49.99 $35.99


Arpad Miklos Sensafirm Cock 7.75” - A veiny masterpiece. TX3315992 $49.99 $32.99


Adam Killian Cock 7” - Sorry, it’s not tattooed. TX3200052 $49.99 $37.99


Jeremy Bilding Cock 5.75” - Smaller but still ass-filling. TX3048222 $54.99 $34.99


Ben Andrews’ SensaFirm Cock 8.25 - But after 7, who’s counting? TX3107832 $59.99 $39.99

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a. Colt Expandable Butt Plug In training for the Anal Special Olympics? Can’t go wrong here - pump and see how much you can take. You’re a champion! TX2042261 $28.99 $24.99 b. Colt Anal Trainer Kit New to the pleasures of anal play? No better or easier beginning than with these the probes. Small 4.75” x 1”; Medium 5” x 1.25”; Large 6” x 1.5” TX2187222 $29.99 $17.99



c. The Rascal Initiation Kit Shove these heads where the sun don’t shine. With the small (5.5”) you are a beginner; the Medium (7”) you are a fast learner; and with the Large (8.5” and thick) you are an accomplished bottom! Black: TX2568032 $42.99 $34.99 Beige: TX2568033 $42.99 $34.99 d. Basix Slim 7 When girth hurts, try slim and you’ll get a lot further. Beige: TX2612453 $23.99 $11.99 Brown: TX2612455 $23.99 $11.99 e. Basix 6 What it lacks in size it overcompensates with the intense vibrations. TX2617653 $32.99 $18.49



f. Rude-Boy/Naughty-Boy/Bad-Boy These three prostate probes are now on our All-time Best Seller list. Will gay America ever get enough of these boys? Rude Boy: Black: TX2557002 $79.99 $59.99 Naughty Boy: Black: TX2789153 $79.99 $59.99 Naughty Boy: Blue: TX2789152 $79.99 $59.99 Bad Boy: Red: TX2789162 $79.99 $59.99 Bad Boy: Black: TX2789163 $79.99 $59.99 g. R ascal Black Balled Chi Chi has crafted a SensaFirm black cock to end all black (or white) cocks! At a whopping 11” long and with a super-thick shaft, this is a real ass filler. A size queen’s fantasy come true. TX2832492 $42.99 $31.99






Winter 2012 NO 347

h. Colt Power Drill Balls For anal experts, these easy-grip balls are graduated and ribbed with a sturdy pull ring. Made of phthalatefree, durable pure silicone, they are non-porous, hygienic, and top-rack dishwasher safe. Just be sure to use a water-based lube. Measures 10.75” x 1.75” (27cm x 4cm). TX3206762 $24.99 $20.99 i. Colt Prowler A heavy duty, seamless, man-sized vibrating probe. Featuring a secure grip handle, and multi-speed settings with 6.25”” of insertable length. Requires 2-AA batteries (not included). A smooth-to-the-touch, brutal-to-your-ass probe. TX3206812 $20.99 $18.99 j. Big-Boy/Cheeky-Boy Experience the three unique pleasures of CheekyBoy for beginners and the Big-Boy (pictured) for the more experienced. Combined prostate and perineum stimulation with the added sensation with the beads when inserted or removed. Cheeky-Boy: Black: TX3247212 $79.99 $59.99 Cheeky-Boy: Red: TX3247213 $79.99 $59.99 Cheeky-Boy: Blue: TX3247214 $79.99 $59.99 Big-Boy: Black: TX3247232 $79.99 $59.99 Big-Boy: Red: TX3247233 $79.99 $59.99

The Best of

wate r ba se d

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Str8cam Lube TX3088113 $13.99 $12.99

sitiz in

Stroke 29 Rocket Fuel by Gun Oil TX2045712 $13.99 $11.99


ne silico ba se d oil ba se d

ID Glide Personal Lubricant 2 oz.: TX1985562 $9.49 $5.99 5.5 oz.: TX1985565 $11.99 $10.49 9.5 oz.: TX1985566 $15.99 $13.99 17.6 oz.: TX1985567 $25.99 $22.99

Anal-Eze Gel TX2406212 $14.99 $7.99

Fleshjack Ice Jack Bottom Crystal TX3258512 $69.99

Hardware Wank Wax TX3250702 $9.99 $6.99

Pjur Classic Bodyglide 1 oz.: TX1985521 $15.99 $11.99 3.3 oz.: TX1985522 $28.99 $19.99 8.5 oz.: TX1985523 $54.99 $39.99

Blake Riley Vibrating Ass Blake’s enticing ass won’t stop vibrating! TX2702642 $249.99 $209.99

Fleshjack Ice Jack Mouth Crystal TX3258492 $69.99

k. Quick Draw Vacuum Pump Our most popular pump. TX2599552 $39.99 $32.99 l. Colt Anal Douche Based on sales, TLA customers have the cleanest behinds. TX2042231 $19.99 $13.99 m. StreemMaster Kit When you want to get REALLY clean. TX3044533 $69.99 $64.99




n. Advanced Nipple Suckers Feel the pleasure in the pain. TX2750832 $13.99 $8.99



o. Alloy Metallic Ring The CLASSIC cock ring. Medium: TX2978832 $9.99 $7.99 Large: TX2978833 $9.99 $7.99 X-Large: TX2978834 $9.99 $7.99

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a. Basic Training (276 pgs) Platoon Sergeant Col ‘Bulldog’ Wilson’s world of work, gym, exercise and discipline is thrown off kilter when the openly gay soldier arrives with the new recruits. Paperback: BT3313712 $14.99 $13.99 b. Black and Blue and Pretty Dead Too (328 pgs) Mark Zubro's Paul Turner returns when this gay Chicago detective and father of two sons get caught in a tangle of intrigue when a brutal Chicago cop is found murdered at Intl. Mr. Leather, the massive annual gay event. Paperback: BT3316912 $14.99 $13.99



b le ava il a ! fe b 14

b le ava il a ! m a r 27

d. Derrick Steele: Private Dick The Case of the Hollywood Hustler (288 pgs) In Zavo's new novel, Derrick Steele, a hard– drinking, and somewhat slutty, gay private detective working for Steele Investigations, is being framed for the murder of a hustler in downtown LA. Paperback: BT3307173 $16.99 $15.99




b le ava il a ! Fe b 14




b le ava il a 8 ! fe b 2



f. Full Service: My Adventures in Hollywood and the Secret Sex Lives of the Stars (304 pgs) A star-studded, dishy memoir by a man who slept with lots of big names including Spencer Tracy, Vivien Leigh, Cary Grant, Tennessee Williams, Errol Flynn, Noël Coward, Mae West, James Dean, Rock Hudson, and J. Edgar Hoover. Hardcover: BH3246202 $24.99 $19.99 g. Give It to Me Available (304 pgs) Sweet and tender are OK, but sometimes, bad is what we crave. In this electrifying anthology, Sean Wolfe explores those irresistible encounters that fuel our darkest fantasies. Paperback: BT3299462 $14.99 $13.49

i. Nice Butt: Gay Anal Eroticism (260 pgs) From toys to teasing, spanking to sporting, some of the best gay erotica scribes celebrate the butt in Shane Allison's sure-to-be insanely sexual volume of stories. Paperback: BT3307182 $16.99 $16.49 j. Riding the Rails: Locomotive Lust and Carnal Cabooses (264 pgs) Here's a collection of erotic fiction centered around trains. Forget catching up on your reading — you have time for an innocent flirtation or two - maybe a trip to the dining car with the blond in the cargo shorts across the aisle. Paperback: BT3306742 $16.99 $15.49



e. Foxe Hunt (288 pgs) In Haley Walsh’s superb follow-up to “Foxe Tail” High school English teacher Skyler Foxe finally hooks up with gorgeous assistant football coach Keith Fletcher. But is Keith what he seems to be? Paperback: BT3305292 $12.99 $11.99

h. Kept Against His Will: Taken By Force II (225 pgs) Editor Christopher Pierce delves deeply into a little-talked-about fetish - sex by force - and gathered these steamy stories of men who want each other so badly they risk everything. Paperback: BT3312792 $18.99 $16.99



c. Boys Hard at Work (289 pgs) John Butler's now-classic, graphically erotic, romantic novel tells the story of John Harrison, a teacher and his boyfriend, Billy Polk, his student. Paperback Platinum Edition: BT1870893 $18.99 $16.99

b le ava il a 8 ! fe b 2

k. Southern Fried (244 pgs) Rob Rosen, author of the hysterically-wonderful Gaybie-winning Divas Las Vegas and countless erotic short stories, is back with Southern Fried, the romantic misadventure of Trip Jackson and his stable boy, Zeb Jones. Paperback: BT3271762 $14.99 $13.49 l. Spice Men (225 pgs) Now, the time has come for you to experience the latest anthology from Marcus Anthony – the man who brings you the sexiest men of color and the men who desire them, love them and want to taste them. Paperback: BT3312762 $18.99 $16.99




Winter 2012 NO 347

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m. Bulletproof (260 pgs) Jory Harcourt doesn't have to go looking for trouble. Wherever he goes, it seems to find him, particularly when his partner, Sam Kage, is working undercover on a federal task force and all hell breaks loose. Paperback: BT3305752 $16.99 $16.49

Bike Boy Rides Again (96 pgs) With Bike Boy Rides Again, Zack once again gives us a masterfully drawn volume of perverse and insanely hot adventures. Paperback: BT3247532 $30.99 $26.99

n. Cruising

(100 pgs) A new volume of photos exposes the time– honored, gay tradition of men who found spaces—certain parks, public restrooms, and roadside wooded groves where they could meet, and with the use of silent signals and cues, pair off for sex in the open. Hardcover: BH3306192 $39.99 $36.99


o. Detours (288 pgs) Joel has met the man of his dreams, Phillip, but he has to attend to his late mother's affairs first. There's a cross-country RV trip, a high school friend named Lincoln in his bed and somehow Mom is back. Paperback: BT3306332 $16.99 $16.49 p. Enduring Instincts (284 pgs) S.J. Frost spins this vampire love tale across the centuries. Eternally-dead Daniel Valente struggles to live on his own, now that his master, Titus Antonius Calidus, has found eternal love with another. Can he find another? Paperback: BT3313702 $14.99 $13.99

r. Legal Artistry (230 pgs) When Dieter's grandmother died she gave him photos of her art collection that was stolen by the Nazis. He hired an attorney, Gerald, to help him track the paintings and love sprung up in Andrew Grey fashion. Paperback: BT3305722 $14.99 $14.49





s. Not in the NFL (124 pgs) Adam Davis isn't gay! He can't be, he's an NFL quarterback. But along comes Brendan Fletcher, an outstanding, Super Bowl–winning linebacker who awakens something long dormant in Adam. Paperback: BT3307822 $12.49 $11.99 t. Trucker and Pup (266 pgs) Kevin works in the office at a trucking company and he’s been hot for Joey, the head driver where they both work. One rainy night, Kevin slips and falls on a patch of motor oil and Joey is there to catch him. It’s a romance, you guess what’s next… Paperback: BT3308192 $15.49 $14.49



q. Junction X (200 pgs) Junction X is the story of Edward Johnson, with the perfect life: a beautiful house, a great job, a lovely wife and two polite children. Guess what, he's in love with the teenage boy next door.... Erastes never fails to entertain - it's a must. Paperback: BT3311572 $13.99 $12.49





u. Under the Skin (200 pgs) Police detective Patrick Flaherty has no illusions about how dangerous Russian mobster Alexei Boczar is, but that doesn't stop his obsession with the ruthless Eastern European bodyguard to an organized crime family. Paperback: BT3305612 $14.99 $14.49



v. The Zero Knot

(220 pgs) Eighteen–year–old Jess Bonner is copgsg out and dropping the "bi" label for just "gay". When Dylan Finch, aka Mig, follows his lead and puts some distance between himself and the old crowd, he and Jess give in to a mutual attraction that's been building for years. Paperback: BT3309592 $14.99 $14.49


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SEXUALLY-CHARGED CINEMA To Fetch a Predator (2011, 90 min) Equally funny and naughty, cult director Toby Ross’s newest flick parodies everyone’s favorite television controversy “To Catch a Predator.” Let adorable ABS News host Fritz Handsome introduce you to “The Jailbaits,” a group of barely legal seducers who are made to look younger in order to titillate their horny predators. 15 will get you 20, but $24.99 will get you a super fun and sexy DVD! DV3322572 $29.99 $24.99 Photo courtesy of Hornbill Films. b le ava il a ! fe b 7

b estse

3 DV3249172 $27.99 $24.99

lle r !

b estse

Blackmail Boys DV3227592 $19.99 $16.99 new e


lle r !

b estse

lle r !

From Beginning to End DV3102722 $19.99 $17.99

Red Dirt DVD-R: DR1848286 $24.99 $14.99


Straight Boys Gay Boys Collection DV3127792 $99.99 $54.99

Rock n Roll Dreams: Directors Cut DV1160402 $24.99 $19.99

Gay Stags DV2796142 $29.99 $19.99

The Harrad Experiment DV2474752 $14.99 $13.49

In a Glass Cage DV1092274 $29.99 $27.99 DB1092275 $34.99 $32.49

Locked Up DV 2041861 $19.99 $16.99

Caligula DL1031355 $19.99 $17.99 DB1031356 $29.99 $26.99

Spartacus: Gods Of The Arena Gods of the Arena DVD: DV3255112 $39.99 $36.99 Gods of the Arena Blu-ray: DB3255113 $49.99 Blood & Sand DVD: DV3060152 $59.99 $50.99 Blood & Sand Blu-ray: DB3060153 $79.99 $70.99

(2011, 75 min) Nudity abounds in this ethnicallydiverse slice of intellectual erotica drama about a drug-addicted filmmaker who has a habit of seducing younger straight guys.

Phantom Images DV3283562 $24.99 $20.99


Winter 2012 NO 347

BARE ESSENTIALS a. Komrades & Birch (2003, 94 min) A pair of low-tech films exploring the lives of Russian seamen and cadets with an unusual intimacy - and in a gloriously homoerotic way. If you can get past the quality, you’ll enjoy the imagery! (Russian with English subtitles) DV2034911 $29.99 $19.99

b estse





lle r !

b. Flight of the Cardinal (2010, 87 min) Gay movie heartthrob Matthew Montgomery and newcomer David J. Bonner (the cute gentleman pictured - who offers some delicious full-frontal nudity) star in this exciting and engrossing gay thriller. DV3108122 $19.99 $17.99 c. Now & Later (2009, 99 min) Newcomer James Wortham shows off his hot straight body - and even has a man-onman jerk off scene - in this raunchy, sex-andnudity-packed experiment. DVD: DV3202422 $24.99 $22.99 Blu-ray: DB3202425 $29.99 $28.99


d. The Body Guards Photo Shoot Trim Watch all 12 of “the Body Guards” as they get measured, trimmed, fluffed, and buffed - all in preparation for their first nude photo shoots. DVD-R: DR3280022 $29.99 $19.99 e. The British Beef Nude Massage (2011, 60 min) Four hot Brit models get nude massages - balls and sphincters included - in this super-amateur slice of erotica (a TLA exclusive)! DVD-R: DR3309262 $29.99 $19.99

f. Twelve Thirty (2010, 120 min) Super-sexy gay “Glee” star Jonathan Groff shows off his beautiful cock - and e the rest of his stunning bod - in this sex-and-dialog lle r ! driven drama. b estse DV3288272 $24.99 $20.99

f b estse

lle r !

g. Go Go Crazy (2011, 90 min) If you’re a fan of gay comedy and cute boys dancing in nothing but skin-tight, brightly colored thongs, Go Go Crazy will not disappoint! DV3248372 $24.99 $20.99 h. Go Go Reject (2010, 19 min) This charming, beloved short film follows a skinny gay boy who dreams of dancing on stage with all the hot muscle studs. DVD-R: DR3283612 $14.99 $7.99




Dieux du Stade 2012 (2011, 80 min) Go behind-the-scenes of the stunningly homoerotic 2012 Dieux du Stade calendar with brilliant photographer Francois Rousseau and this year’s strongest and sexiest French rubgy players! Order now! These go out-of-print quickly! 2012: DV3289022 $39.99 $35.99 2011: DV3132712 $34.99 $29.99 2010: DV3050252 $34.99 $29.99 2008: DV2618832 $34.99 $29.99

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Dvds for just $9.99 each w n e w lo pric e !

Aaron...Albeit a Sex Hero DV2961952

Altitude Falling DV3068862

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Anonymous DR2028036

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Bathhouse DV2400832

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Between Something & Nothing DV2710062

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Begging for Shorts DVD-R: DR2777303

Big Eden DV1831592

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Calendar Boy DV3091352

Boy Crazy DV3018962

Boy Crush DV2554162

The Boy with the Sun in His Eyes DV2961962 w n e w lo pric e !

w n e w lo pric e !

Clandestinos DV2739282

Cold Showers DV2293642

College Boys Live DV3015802

Cool! DV2127272

Danny in the Sky DV1962091

Days DV1894692

The Dreamers DV2021481

Easier with Practice DV3039822

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Crush DV3068852

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East Side Story DL2366162


Eban and Charley DV1549832

Winter 2012 NO 347

Eulogy for a Vampire DV3128982

The Famous and the Dead DV3220482

Father Knows DV2513862

Dvds for just $9.99 each li m ite

d qt y.

FirstOut 2 DV2613592

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FirstOut International DV2772622

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Hotel Room DV2095342

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I Love Dick! DR3266082

In the Blood DV2574972

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No Way Out DV2902322

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Say Uncle DV2264832

The Five Senses DV1782651

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The Night Larry Kramer Kissed Me DL186051

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d qt y.

Nude Wrestle: The Male Struggle for Domination DV2658564

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Get Bruce! DV1214772

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Justin: A Gift from the Gods DV2689432

The Longing DV2123442

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Raging Sun, Raging Sky DV2830612

Sagwan DV3111472

Times Have Been Better DV2511782

To a Tee DV3015792

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Spinnin’ DV306134

Tan Lines DV2476592

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To the Extreme DV2100252

The Holy Child DV2061771

Unspoken Passion DV2767482

Watch Out DV2973282

w n e w lo pric e !

Wrecked DV2933302

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You Are Not Alone DV1212602



coming of age

b le ava il a ! m a r 12

b le ava il a ! m a r 12

Jitters (2010, 97 min) Nominated in all of the major categories at this year’s EDDA Awards (Iceland’s version of the Oscars), this is an international gay must-see! With an attractive, energetic ensemble and a pulsating soundtrack, Jitters follows a closeted boy and his group of trouble-prone friends - providing a positive, buoyant and insightful look at growing up gay in Iceland. (In Icelandic with English subtitles) DV3236403 $24.99 $19.99

b estse

lle r !


a b estse

b le ava il a 6 ! mar

lle r !

e. A Lower Power (2009, 98 min) A Lower Power touches on questions of faith and the nature of luck as it tracks a young gay man torn between the rejection of his hedonistic parents and his own emerging sexual desires. DVD-R: DR3245663 $29.99 $19.99 f. Romeos (2011, 93 min) Gay men and a trans audiences will fall for this romantic social drama about a handsome FTM teen (played by cute male actor Rick Okon) and the masculine gay man he can’t help but fall head-overheels for. (In German with English subtitles) DV3249142 $24.99 $22.49



c. Judas Kiss (2011, 94 min) A washed-up filmmaker travels back in time and meets his college-aged self. Charlie David and Sean Paul Lockhart (better known as gay adult superstar Brent Corrigan) headline an impressive cast. DV3245062 $24.99 $20.99

DV3317372 $24.99 $22.49

b le ava il a ! ja n 17


b. The Green (2011, 90 min) A riveting drama, about a gay teacher accused of molesting a troubled male student, has earned accolades from film festivals around the country. [cc] DV3284282 $24.99 $19.99

d. King of Devil’s Island (2010, 100 min) Stellan Skarsgård stars in this provocative Norwegian drama which follows the inmates of a correctional facility for boys. Fed up with constant emotional, physical and sexual abuse, the boys band together and take a dramatic stand for their civil rights.



a. Finding Me: Truth (2011, 100 min) Follow the loves and broken hearts of a group of friends - centering around the sweet, bright-eyes, emotionally vulnerable Faybien. We also sell the original Finding Me (but you don’t need to see it to enjoy this one!) Finding Me (Original): DV2746722 $19.99 $17.99 Finding Me: Truth: DV3227653 $17.99

g. Toast (2010, 96 min) Freddie Highmore stars as a cookingobsessed gay teen with a competitive step-mother (Helena Bonham Carter) in this tender family dramedy based on the life of acclaimed British food writer, journalist and broadcaster Nigel Slater. We also sell Slater’s original memoir.

b le ava il a ! ja n 17

DVD: DV3315972 $27.99 $24.99 Paperback: BT2089023 $15.99 $14.99




b estse

lle r !




Winter 2012 NO 347

h. Violet Tendencies (2010, 100 min) Meet Violet (“Facts of Life” star Mindy Cohn). She’s 40, fabulous and surrounded by beautiful men. Unfortunately, for Violet, they are all more likely to sleep with each other than her. Don’t miss this hysterical comedy! DV3104412 $24.99 $20.99 i. A Warm Wind (2011, 90 min) Five characters - two of whom are gay must come to terms with each others social differences - all in support of a wounded U.S. Marine in need of a little friendship and compassion. [cc] DV3299952 $14.99 $13.49 j. You Should Meet My Son! (2010, 86 min) One of the biggest gay hits of the past year, this comedy features two endearing older women who try to set up their son with a nice, young fella. [cc] DV3102852 $24.99 $20.99




b estse

lle r !

Longhorns (2011, 90 min) A “straight” fratboy realizes that all of his gay fantasies, the fact that he goes down on his buds, and has feelings another boy, means he just might be gay. Don’t miss this essential, raunchy romantic comedy! DV3248762 $24.99 $19.99

a. BearCity (2010, 105 min) A cute, bear-loving twink falls for an charming older man and gets a crash-course in the bear lifestyle. DV3099313 $19.99 $15.99 b. Boystown: Keeping Secrets (2011, 35 min) The sexy men of the indie hit BoysTown are back and heating things up in L.A. with more drama, sex and outrageous situations. We also sell the original BoysTown (see below). BoysTown: Original: DR2311684 $19.99 $9.99 BoysTown: Keeping Secrets: DV3306152 $19.99 $14.99 b estse

lle r !

c. Christopher Street (2009, 90 min) Three gay friends from Memphis try to make a go of life and love in the city that never sleeps. DVD-R: DR3249213 $19.99 $12.99 d. Eating Out: Drama Camp (2011, 90 min) Chris Salvatore and Daniel Skelton return, along with Rebekah Kochan and cult icon Mink Stole in the new installment of this hilarious and sexy series! [cc] Eating Out 1: DV2015371 $24.99 $19.99 Eating Out 2: DV2323502 $24.99 $19.99 Eating Out 3: DV2946122 $24.99 $19.99 Eating Out: Drama Camp: DV3247692 $24.99 $19.99 Eating Out 4-Pack: DV3299842 $99.99 $69.99




e. Finding Mr. Wright (2011, 100 min) Can a work-obsessed gay man find love in the shallow waters of L.A.’s entertainment industry? Matthew Montgomery will give it a shot with “The Lair” star David Moretti. DV3247792 $24.99 $21.99 f. Hold Your Peace (2011, 96 min) Aiden is asked to be the best man at the wedding of his ex-boyfriend Max. Despite objections from his friends, he agrees to do it - only because he doesn’t want to admit that he’s still in love with the groom. DV3248452 $24.99 $20.99


e b estse

lle r !

g. The One (2011, 90 min) A breezy romantic comedy about an engaged man, his lovely fiancee, and the roguishly charming man he falls in love with. Love is never simple! DV3248582 $24.99 $17.99 h. Role/Play (2010, 86 min) Two young gay men, both on the run from the tabloid press, meet in a Palm Springs resort and share a sexy romantic tryst. DV3100602 $19.99 $18.99





i. Shelter (2007, 89 min) Surfer dudes fall in love and find a “happily ever after” ending in this sweet and sexy Southern California romance. DL2484202 $24.99 $21.99 j. Some Boys Do (2010, 81 min) There are plenty of pretty boys, skin and sex in this authentic, funny and touching gay tale about a man’s search for love. DVD-R: DR3211153 $24.99 $14.99

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a. Christopher & His Kind (2011, 90 min)Brit super-cutie Matt Smith (“Doctor Who”) makes out with lots of boys in this biopic about the early life of iconic gay author Christopher Isherwood. [cc] DV3214672 $24.99 $21.99


United Kingdom


United Kingdom

b. The Cost of Love (2011, 90 min) Dale, a sexy male escort based in London, is the confident king of his domain. But without love, how long can he keep up his lifestyle? DV3251612 $24.99 $20.99 c. David’s Birthday (2010, 106 min) A married man starts lusting after his best friend’s handsome, seductive son during a family vacation on the steamy Italian coast. DV3107992 $19.99 $17.99 d. Fur Coat and No Knickers (2009, 92 min) Get a glimpse of Dublin’s queer community in this charming romantic comedy that stresses the importance of friendship - and dirty jokes. DVD-R: DR3255142 $29.99 $19.99



b e st s e



lle r !




e. Harvest (2011, 88 min) Two cute, young farmhands meet and tentatively begin a relationship in this absorbing German drama that perfectly examines the excitement and nervousness of puppy love. [cc] DV3248443 $19.99 $16.99 f. Queer as Folk: The Complete U.K. Collection (1999, 342 min) Long out-of-print, the original, British “Queer as Folk” is finally back on DVD in this all-inclusive collection. We also sell the beloved American version (see below). [cc] The Complete U.K. Collection: DV3253702 $59.99 $46.99 Complete American Collection: DV2259172 $199.99 $179.99

United Kingdom

w N e w l o! Price

g. Plan B (2009, 103 min) A decidedly different kind of sexual comedy, Plan B follows a straight guy who plots to make his ex-girlfriend jealous by trying to seduce her hot new boyfriend. As you might imagine, complications arise. (Spanish with English subtitles) DV3102572 $19.99 $17.99 h. Undertow (2009, 100 min) Shot in a scenic fishing village, Undertow tells the powerful story of a secret love between a married man and an openly gay artist. DVD: DV3104532 $24.99 $20.99 Blu-ray: DB3104534 $29.99 $25.99




Winter 2012 NO 347




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DV2574152 $19.99 $13.49

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Boy Culture DL2321152 $14.99 $9.99

Boystown DV2575692 $14.99 $9.99

Chef's Special DV2747003 $19.99 $9.99

Children of God DV3104623 $19.99 $13.49

Cowboys & Angels DV1978181 $14.99 $7.99

Food of Love DV1869981 $14.99 $9.99

Fruit Fly DV3091173 $19.99 $7.99

Ma Mere DV2170052 $19.99 $13.49

Naked Fame DV2150002 $9.99 $7.99

Redwoods DV2772852 $19.99 $9.99

Release DV3091133 $19.99 $9.99

Sex Politics & Cocktails DV2162722 $14.99 $7.99

Socket DV2484192 $14.99 $9.99

Summer Thunder DV2029811 $14.99 $7.99

29th & Gay DV2386702 $9.99 $7.99

Rock Haven DV2527452 $19.99 $9.99

Strapped DV3104242 $19.99 $13.49

Straight-Jacket DV2136322 $9.99 $7.99

Wrangler: Anatomy of an Icon DV2683212 $19.99 $13.49

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QUEER HORROR a. Body Puzzle (1992, 102 min) Homosexual attraction leads to sexual obsession which leads to murder in this long-lost, grisly gay thriller coming to DVD for the first time. DV1024382 $19.99 $17.99

b. Bite Marks (2011, 84 min) Blood thirty vampires set their sights on a sexually repressed truck driver and a young gay couple in this alternately funny, sexy and gory horror flick. DV3247492 $24.99 $20.99

New n ! e ditio





c. Bloodlust (2010, 100 min) A bi-curious boxer develops a fetish for rough gay sex, but finds himself in over his head when he’s held capitve in the woods by a studly psychopath. DVD-R: DR3275442 $24.99 $14.99 d. The Complete Brotherhood (2001, 505 min) The Complete Brotherhood includes all six of the hunk-packed Brotherhood flicks. DV3104582 $99.99 $79.99

e. Chillerama (2011, 120 min) Sean Paul Lockhart (a.k.a. Brent Corrigan) sheds his clothes and sings a few tunes in the soon-to-be-infamous short film “I Was a Teenage Werebear” - available along with four other movies in this anthology series. [cc] DVD: DV3293732 $27.99 $24.99 Blu-ray: DB3293733 $29.99 $26.99


f. Frat House Massacre (2008, 116 min) Fans of bondage, humiliation, spanking and adorable college beefcake do not want to miss this sick little slice of homoerotic horror! DV3250822 $19.99 $18.99


b estse

g. Into the Lion’s Den (2011, 90 min) A trio of gay friends are in for a twisted night of unspeakable horrors at a secluded backwoods bar in this alternately sexy and scary new thriller starring Jesse Archer (Violet Tendencies) and Ronnie Kroell (Eating Out: Drama Camp). DV3283302 $24.99 $20.99

lle r !


h. Unhappy Birthday (2011, 89 min) A hot pair of secret gay lovers travel from London to an isolated island full of hetero-breeding-obsessed religious fanatics. RUN, BOYS, RUN! [cc] DV3249182 $24.99 $22.49




b le ava il a ! ja n 3

b le ava il a ! fe b 7

b le ava il a ! fe b 17

1313: Boy Crazies DV3271732 $19.99 $14.99

1313: Cougar Cult DV3294772 $19.99 $14.99


We can’t resist these low-budget horror treats - featuring a bevy of adorable twinks clad only in their 1313: Actor Slash Model tighty whities. DV3271582 $19.99 $14.99 b estse

lle r !

b estse

1313: Giant Killer Bees! DV3227862 $19.99 $14.99


lle r !

1313: Haunted Frat DV3252552 $19.99 $14.99

Winter 2012 NO 347

b estse

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1313: Nightmare Mansion DV3178182 $19.99 $14.99

b le ava il a ! ja n 3

1313: Wicked Stepbrother DV3271412 $19.99 $14.99

Dangerous Sex Black Briefs (2008, 90 min) This hot new collection features award-winning short gay films with dark storylines and themes. These hard-to-see movies were all hits at film festivals around the globe and now they’re available in your living room! DV3309272 $24.99 $19.99

b le ava il a ! fe b 21

a. Burned (2008, 84 min) Martin’s closeted married life is seriously threatened when his daughter brings home a seductive and dangerous new boyfriend - who likes to play around with guys and secretly videotape the encounters. DVD-R: DR3083864 $19.99 $12.99 b. Fogi is a Bastard (1998, 92 min) A 16-year-old boy falls in love with a dangerously screwed-up rocker in this stunning Swiss film – featuring some of the most tender sex scenes we've seen. (French with English subtitles) DV106741 $19.99 $17.99



c. Heart Breaks Open (2011, 81 min) A man is forced to confront his innermost fears when he discovers that he is HIV positive. This stunning indie drama will rip your heart open with powerful emotions. DVD-R: DR3279182 $29.99 $19.99 d. Kaboom (2011, 86 min) Funny, fast-paced and excitingly erotic, Kaboom follows a college student juggling rampant sex with many different men and an investigation into a mysterious cult. DV3199262 $24.99 $22.99 e. Leave Blank (2011, 80 min) Prolific gay filmmaker Todd Verow returns to the scene with this edgy, sex-drenched, voyeuristic indie about a man, his handsome hustler and the shockingly explicit things that they get up to together. DV3283492 $14.99 $13.49 f. Lost Everything (2010, 97 min) This enjoyably pulpy indie capably communicates an ambitiously expansive story, featuring interconnected criminals, celebrities and civilians caught in their crossfire. DV3288652 $24.99 $20.99 g. Lucky Bastard (2009, 90 min) A random hookup between a young architect and a hot junkie drifter yields an intense and illuminating love affair in this sexually-charged, very real drama. DV2973462 $24.99 $19.99





f b le ava il a ! ja n 17

h. Over the Edge (2010, 74 min) For fans of weird, edgy filmmaking comes this black comedy about two boys, a serial killer, a befuddled policeman, and a load of corpses. This low-budget thriller makes up for a lack of polish with a sharp script and sexy characters. DV3236372 $17.99 $14.99 i. Payton Collins: Serial Rapist (2011, 80 min) A deliciously sinister slice of dark erotica - featuring plenty of full-frontal nudity from an adorable cast of bound and duct-taped young dudes sporting huge erections. DV3189602 $29.99 $25.99





j. The Darkotica Series (2008, 248 min) Own three of the most chilling and arousing films from cult director Toby Ross in one shocking and sexy collection - includes Like a Moth to a Flame, Live for Sex Die for Love, Payton Collins: Serial Rapist and an all-new documentary. DV3202162 $99.99 $54.99

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New Titles & Hot Deals Buffering (2011, 80 min) From the creator of hits Shank and Release comes this British satire about a young gay couple who start making their own internet porn in an effort to climb out of debt. Add a transsexual, a handsome straight boy-next-door and an unexpected plot twist to the sexual escapades, and you get this delightfully entertaining romp. It also doesn’t hurt that lead actors Alex Anthony and Conner McKenzy are both very hot - and barely dressed throughout the movie! DV3247512 $24.99 $19.99

I Want to Get Married (2011, 115 min) Just six days before the vote on Prop 8, sweet and geeky ad executive Paul (Matthew Montgomery playing way against type) attends a gay wedding and decides that he wants to get married to the man of his dreams (Shortbus star Peter Stickles). At the same time, he’s assigned to work for a conservative client who’s campaigning against gay marriage—and he’s too strapped for cash to refuse. With a stellar supporting cast, this smart, funny, politically-charged romance aims to warm your heart. DV3283312 $24.99 $20.99 KickOff (2011, 88 min) Finally captain of his own gay soccer team, ex-soldier Archer sees a chance to break boundaries and stereotypes while playing a game he loves more than anything in the world. But his rebellious mates have created plenty of distractions for their first game: they’ve brought along a posse of flamboyant supporters plus his clueless boyfriend has designed a neon pink team uniform. What happens when the hardest team in the Sunday Soccer league comes up against an over-the-top gay team and finds they’ve finally met their match? Find out in this funny, sexy, high-energy and extremely gay British comedy. [cc] DV3313392 $24.99 $19.99


Winter 2012 NO 347

New Titles & Hot Deals

eCupid (2011, 100 min) The makers of Is is Just Me? are back with a sexy, positively charming new gay romance to warm up your Valentine's Day! Marshall and Gabe (cutie-pies Houston Rhines and Noah Schuffman) have been in a comfy relationship for seven years now. They're so relaxed that sex has become a little too infrequent. One night, Marshall downloads an app called "eCupid." Not only does it take over his cell phone and computer, but it also re-engineers his love life - it breaks up with Gabe via text, and hires a hustler to spice things up. Suddenly, Marshall has even bigger, stranger problems with his love life and begins to learn that it's easy to get distracted from the love that is right in front of us - especially in this distracting age of new technology. DV3247782 $24.99 $19.99

The Love Patient (2011, 95 min) What’s the craziest thing you ever did for love? Hunky but self-centered Paul (Benjamin Lutz of Bite Marks) finally wakes to his surroundings when Brad, his handsome boyfriend, leaves him for another guy. What is an egomaniac to do when he loses his love? Pretend to have life-threatening cancer, of course! That oughta win him some serious affection and sympathy! Populated by outrageous characters, this relentlessly wacky romantic comedy, an equal-opportunity offender, will have you rolling on the floor with laughter. DV3249162 $24.99 $19.99

Eating Out: The Open Weekend (2011, 80 min) Few things get us more excited than a new Eating Out movie! We're thrilled to announce that the fifth installment: Eating Out: The Open Weekend. This time around, our favorite boys open up their relationship for a wild weekend of promiscuity at a gay resort in Palm Springs. This sexy and outrageous comedy serves up plenty of eyecandy and raunchy fun! DVD: DV3321222 $24.99 $19.99 • Blu-ray: DB3321223 $29.99 $24.99

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We've been waiting for this, and we just got a release date before going to press! Back in Africa Part 1 is the ultimate reality show, shot on location in South Africa. Last winter, the models headed to Cape Town for an intensive three-month English course. Taking matters into their own hands, the boys documented their trials, tribulations and pleasures as they pursued language proficiency. The result, master-director George Duroy believes, is among the sexiest and funniest material produced over Bel Ami's many years. We saw footage of it when we visited them last Fall (yes, you're allowed to be jealous!) and we gotta say we were blown away. Produced, directed by, and starring Luke Hamill, along with Adam Archuleta, Ariel Vanean, Dario Dolce, Jean-Daniel Chagall, Julien Hussey, Kevin Warhol, and Phillipe Gaudin in all-bareback action, Bel Ami's Back in Africa Part 1 will have you drooling to go on a skin-to-skin safari in no time flat. Retail: $59.99

Go on safari with the Bel Ami boys right now for just $49.99! Back in Africa Part 1 DX3322122








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