June 2017 ttimes web magazine

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Picnics Out on the Boat Some picnics go to sea, and this picnic comes up from the galley, hot and hearty or cold and delicious, depending on the weather. Nippy breezes stimulate sailorsized appetites, quenched only by filling casseroles or hot mugs of soup. Sultry days call for refreshing cold foods, kept chilled in a portable cooler. Hot or cold, your picnic must be shipshape. As every good galley mate knows, there is no room below for confusion or elaborate preparations. Everything down to the last scraped carrot must be prepared at home and taken to the boat, ready to serve. This includes pre-cooked casseroles that are easily reheated. Stick to one-plate casseroles, salads, or cold cuts that are easy on the dishwasher ~ you! Some of the seaworthy recipes were given to me by some Oxford friends.

f lavored with ripe tomatoes! This is just the cozy soup you want when it’s chilly on deck. 3 cups thinly sliced potatoes 2 onions, peeled and chopped 2 T. butter 6 cups sliced, peeled fresh tomatoes, or 3-1/2 cups canned tomatoes 1/2 t. paprika 1/2 t. chervil (opt.) 1/2 t. basil 5 cups organic chicken broth 1 cup heavy cream

GALLEY POTAGE Have a mug of hot potato soup

Peel and slice potatoes. Put them in cold water to prevent dis55