June 2017 ttimes web magazine

Page 177

Cruise Away to Maryland’s Eastern Shore by Ann Powell

Time stands still when you’re gently swinging on a hook in a quiet cove. There you are, surrounded by serenity, anchored overnight somewhere on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. Before you realize what’s happening, the quietude has captured your heart and crept into your soul. You can’t stop it, and you can’t turn back. Weeks later ~ when you’re back to your workaday real life ~ you’ll ruminate over the smallest details. You might pause to remember swimming off the stern in that warm and salty creek. You’ll

imagine your boat softly bobbing under you as the stars crystallize one by one in the clear night sky overhead. Drowsiness could set in as you sense the rhythmic lap of water on the boat hull. You might picture waking up in your bunk to the calls of sea birds and early fishermen across the water, as the pungent smell of fresh coffee lures you to the galley. Maybe you’ll reminisce about pulling anchor and saying goodbye to your quiet cove from the bow as your boat departs for a new destination. There’s nothing fancy