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Let’s Ride Kentucky

Let's Ride



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Looking for a ride in Eastern Kentucky that is along its historic Country Music Highway (KY-23), with over twenty notable points of interest, Butchers HollerLoretta Lynn’s birthplace in Van Lear, being one of the most notable, then the Bootlegger’s Shuffle is it. The Bootlegger is one of 29 recognized trails in Kentucky’s Appalachian region. Coming in with 106 miles, the trail follows some of the original Moonshine bootlegger runs from Tennessee and deep into Kentucky. The trial officially starts/ends in Pikeville, but if you ride like I do, just jump on and enjoy the ride. For those who are a bit more organized, the Whitley County Riders Group, in partnership with Backroads of Appalachia, have developed one of the best route maps to date-their Trail Card. What puts the Trail Card above other riding aids is that it’s designed to accommodate both the tactile and visual needs of riders. It’s a laminated durable card with a visual representation of the trail and for detailed information, it has a QR Code to scan. As we are inundated with everything telephone App, this is that hold-out rebellious piece that still allows the user to do some old school map reading. Even if we have to put our glasses on to do it. And as it’s pretty much indestructible, it’s made to be stuffed in your saddle bag, tank pouch or back pocket. The QR Code is easily accessed so that one can plan for those stops and points of interest along the way. Super easy. And as a bonus, the card has additional trails that are identified via the QR Code so that one can plan multiple rides in the same region. And wait, there’s more (que your favorite TV infomercial), the card is double sided. Yep-there’s another map overlay trail on the back. As the entire system of trails continues to develop, so will the Ride Cards via the QR code link. For up-to-date information and where to pick up the Trail Cards please visit Fb-WhitleyCountyMotorcycleGroup.