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Why Is It Difficult To Become A Firefighter?

You may have heard that hard to become a firefighter. You may be wondering just how hard it is to get into fire service. It really depends upon the candidate. The more passionate you are about fighting fire, the easier the process of applying will seem. By contrast, if you are looking for gainful employment, job stability, and regular holidays, it will be quite tough to join fire service. There no single path or formula for entering fire service. Neither is there a "minimum required training" prior to application. The fire department hires those who are most desirable to them. As such, the more varied training and knowledge you possess about firefighting, before you apply, the more your chances for success increase. A good deal of the candidates in this day and age have a 2 year degree in fire science or a similar field. Actually, it is rather difficult to become a firefighter. If you compare application to fire service with other civil services, you will understand why. However, if you look at the big picture, for those who enjoy hard physical work, have a passion for service, and an interest in community, joining fire service is quite easy. Enduring rigorous training and having a lot to learn, will give you a fine physique and quite an education. Also, the need to stay current and update yourself on developments in the field of firefighting is a must.

So, who is the ideal candidate for fire service?

The applicant who will find it easiest to become a firefighter, and therefore the ideal candidate, is a person who diplays specific traits and habits. The candidate that enjoys helping others, is unafraid of personal risk, and maintains top physical condition possesses some of they key qualities of a good fire service candidate. Physical conditioning, particularly to the end of higher endurance levels, cannot be favorably stressed enough. Mental stability under extreme stress is a highly prized attribute in a fire service candidate. The ability to concentrate on the task at hand, while effectively dismissing the horrors with which one is confronted, is part of the job. Lashing out at fellow firefighters when something goes wrong and things get dangerous, is NOT an ideal parsonality trait for the job. Those who can maintain situational awareness while working in tandum with a unit, are preferred. You must understand teamwork.

The ability to make difficult decision, under life threatening conditions makes for an ideal firefighter candidate. The ideal candidate is adept at performing task within a systematic methodology shared by coworkers, without allowing personal emotions affect his or her decision making process. He or she displays a devotion to learning everything about the job, AND has the ability to accurately follow instructions. If you are someone who feels these positive traits describe youself, have a true passion for fire service, and are disinclined to give up, you are almost garanteed a relatively easy entry into the career of firefighting.

What Kind Of Candidate Will Find It Hard To Become A Firefighter?

If you are claustrophobic, have a fear of heights, or are squeemish about injuries, firefighting may Not be the best career choice. If you believe firefighting is merely a work-a-day job, with a paycheck and benefits, it would behoove you to seek another career. If you are unwilling to make personal sacrifices, serve your community, or go to work at the drop of a hat, you will find it difficult, if not impossible, to become a firefighter. The fire service is populated by very competitive, passionate, and caring people. If you do not share this enthusiasm, the competition you will face will outclass you on every score.

Why is it difficult to become a firefighter  
Why is it difficult to become a firefighter