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August 26 Pray for Cynthia and for her safety and

strength to remain clean and sober as she deals with her homeless situation at the Mission. May the Lord guide and protect her. 

August 27

Pray that Barb, who suffers from mental issues and a recent relapse in her addiction, will find the strength, encouragement and patience of Christ to be healed of her afflictions and for permanent housing. 

August 28

Praise and thanks for Mark Ford, Operations/Housekeeping Overseer and Cathleen Hanclich, Director of Development, on their birthdays. 

August 29

Pray for Bill Southrey’s health that he continues to find the strength to do the work that the Lord has placed over his life. 

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not have - 1 John 5:12


August 30

Pray for God's special blessing over the Mission resources that they flourish and meet the needs of the needy, and also for the volunteers and staff who work tirelessly to help our clients obtain their GED’s and overcome educational deficiencies. 

“Come to Me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest.” – Matthew 11:28

August 31

Pray for the clothing drive, water collection, and blanket drive to continue to grow and meet the needs of the Mission and our outreach efforts. 

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Prayer& Praise


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August 8

Shawn asks you to pray that God will watch over him as he overcomes addiction and homelessness and he is able to take advantage of all the assistance available at the Mission. 

cleanse away the refuse in my life with the fire of your word. You are the Lord and my great provider.

August 9

August 1 Pray the harvest at the Mission’s Farm will

man, Case Manager for Community Outreach. We are thankful for his service to the unemployed. 

be both bountiful and spiritually nourishing for those who work or volunteer. 

Praise and thanks for Richard Springsteen, Chaplain at Barnabas House, on his birthday. 

August 10 Happy Birthday blessings to Fred GathAugust 11

August 2

Jennifer requests prayer for the relationship with her mother to improve, to grow in the Lord, and to be able to save money that she may live on her own real soon. 

August 3 Lynn requests prayer over Georgette, an-

Pray for Brenda who is homeless and recovering from addiction at the Mission. She also requests prayer over her son Samuel, serving in the United States Army. 

Pray for God's blessing over the facility and staff who are devoting resources and funds to keep families struggling in Atlantic County from becoming homeless and finding rapid re-housing solutions for the families who are in danger.  other homeless woman at the Mission, that God lights their way and keeps them both safe. 

August 4 Pray for George, a

mentally challenged 65-year-old homeless man with medical issues, that he will come into the Mission for medical treatment, recuperate and reclaim his life. 

“I have come that they may have life, & have it to the full.” – John 10:10

August 5

Dorothy, a resident at the Mission, asks for God's help to do well in school and to protect her family. 

August 6

An anonymous Mom at the Mission requests prayer for her son Jimmy who is in the Army, and grand- daughter Lacy who is having some hard times with her daddy being away. 

August 7

Pray that Donna will be released from the hospital and return to the Mission renewed in body and spirit. Pray also for Nancy’s heart condition to stabilize and for Anna and her newborn, premature baby.  Together, we can face homelessness! - Join us on Facebook

August 12

August 13

“When He saw the

crowds, He had compassion on them because they were confused and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd.”

Roma requests – Matthew 9:36 prayer over her son Shawn and friends Angel and Archie that they will know how much she loves them. May God restore their broken home. 

August 14 Pray that God's special blessing falls

upon the children living at the Mission, that they will come to know the love of Jesus Christ. May the Holy Spirit bless and watch over them. 

August 15

Terri and William, a homeless couple living at the Mission, request prayer over their marriage that they find strength in the Lord to deal with their financial situation. 

August 16 Michelle, a resident at the Mission, re-

quests prayer for her family to overcome their situation. She also asks you to pray for Jim, a Mission drop-in, to utilize the resources here to mend his body and spirit. 

August 17

Thou preparest a table bef«ore me..

Pray that the Mission will receive the donations and resources to put a dental office in the building. 

August 18

Heather, a Mission resident, requests healing for cancer. Let God permeate her life and restore peace and trust in Him as she faces the challenges of homelessness and cancer. 

August 19

Pray that God will open the hearts and minds of all the street people not ready to seek help. May God's mercy and love protect them through the cooler months ahead. 

August 20 Happy Birthday blessings to Morris

Gbolo, Evening Chaplain at the Mission. Prayers and thanks for his service to the homeless. 

August 21 Mida, a Mission resident, requests healing. Pray that medical care and God’s grace will help her overcome glaucoma. 

August 22

Regina requests prayer for her son and for a swift recovery and reunion. 

August 23

Pray that the homeless seeking refuge or living at the Mission may feel the peace and comfort of the Holy Spirit and deliverance from temptation. 

August 24

Linda requests prayer for affordable independent housing and that the healing power of God restores peace in her household so that her sons Matthew, Marvin, Mark and daughter Christy can be “The harvest is returned to a stable home great, but the workenvironment. 

August 25 Pray that the

homeless who are ready to graduate from the Work Readiness and Overcommers Programs are prepared for their daily walk in recovery. 

ers are few. So pray to the Lord who is in charge of the harvest; ASK HIM to send more workers into His fields." – Luke 10:2

Angel Alert: The Mission provides over 300 hot showers a day.

Please donate your gently used or new towels. ~ Bill Southrey

August Prayer and Praise  
August Prayer and Praise  

These are the May prayer requests for the homeless who are staying at the Atlantic City Rescue Mission. Please incorporate them as part of y...