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December 15, 2011

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He Believes Officials Are Trying

To Make His Son Loose His Mind

hard “Ricky” Strom is bi-polar. Ricky a prisoner in the custody of the Illinois ent of Corrections at Shawnee nal Center. Shawnee is located in far Illinois in the town of Vienna. ky has only a sixth-grade education an father attributes to his bi-polar condition. e Weekly Reporter 12-08-2011 it is at ce he was diagnosed as being bi-polar managed to function in a near normal when he receives his proper daily doses cations that control the mood swings d with his condition. is serving a two-year prison sentence x crime. He had a girlfriend and he in sex with her. He claims he always she was the age of consent. His claim is d by a Facebook page the girl had in e claimed she was 34 years old. eems Ricky became the victim not of the ut of his own attorney who conducted no ion, who never had the DNA evidence and who, after taking thousands of om him for allegedly doing nothing other earing in court, advised him to plead rom said the lawyer told him to plead ithout interviewing a single witness, making any of the challenges that one efore making such a decision. ring the first part of his confinement the doctors checked him and chose to him on the same medication he has been r his condition prior to being imprisoned. en a Dr. Soberekon Koko came on the

Fitness Guru Provides Key Tips in Avoidin Holiday Weig Gain

Richard “Ricky” Strom Jr. more than a hundred inmate complaints were filed against him for depriving them of medication. Koko has been accused to trying to save money for the private company that provides healthcare to Illinois inmates. They were given a contract to do so in excess of $204 million dollars. Every dollar they save is an extra dollar of profit for the company according to Strom’s father Richard Sr. When Dr. Koko, a graduate of a Nigerian medical school, arrived at Shawnee Correctional Center he wasted no time in taking inmates off their prescribed medications according to Strom Sr. He was alleged to have said the inmates are nothing more than addicts seeking a high. One of his alleged victims is Ricky Strom.

Kristen Marxham fitness guru who h dedicated countl hours to training clients, has recen released five tips help people av the dreaded predictable gain weight during holiday season.

Check Out these wei watching tips offere as holiday help from Kristen Marxham.

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The Modified 11th Congressional District - Courtesy of Jim Hicky - Candidate 11th District Lockport Manhattan Minooka Mokena Montgomery Naperville New Lenox North Aurora Oswego Plainfield Rockdale Romeoville Shorewood Westmont Willow Springs Willowbrook Woodridge

Aurora Bristol Downers Grove DuPage Jackson Joliet Lisle Lockport Lyons Township Na Au Say Naperville New Lenox Oswego Plainfield Troy TWP Aurora Wheatland

McAsey to Host Mortgage Relief Project Workshop ROMEOVILLE, IL – Homeowners can learn more about assistance programs that can help lower mortgage payments and avoid foreclosure at a Mortgage Relief Project workshop hosted by state Rep. Emily McAsey in conjunction with the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR). The event will be held on Saturday, December 10 at 9:00 a.m. in the John J. Lukancic Middle School located at 725 Normantown Road in Romeoville. “The past few years have been hard on the average homeowner and I want to draw attention to programs that can assist in making ends meet,” McAsey said. “The Mortgage Relief Project connects homeowners directly with housing counselors and lenders and offers useful information about mortgage assistance and ways to lower monthly payments.” Homeowners interested in loan modification should bring their latest mortgage documents, two most recent paystubs, and a state ID or driver’s license. For an complete list of all the documents needed to apply for a loan modification, please visit the IDFPR web site at For more information about the Mortgage Relief Project contact McAsey’s full time constituent service office at (815)


McAsey’s constituent service office is located at 416 North Weber Road in Romeoville. McAsey and her staff are available from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m, Monday through Friday. To better accommodate working families who may need assistance, the office stays open until 7:00 p.m. each Wednesday. In addition to her regular constituent service office, McAsey and her staff also hold satellite office hours ROMEOVILLE, IL – Marking her first year in her new throughout the district each Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 constituent service office, state Rep. a.m. Satellite offices are held on the first and third Friday Emily McAsey took the opportunity of•the month in the Lockport City Hall located at 222 E. 9th to remind local residents that she and Street in Lockport and the second and fourth Friday of the her staff remain available to assist month in the Crest Hill City Hall located at 1610 Plainfield them in a number of ways. Road in Crest Hill. “My constituent service office serves “As a public servant, I am most effective when my as a base of operation which allows constituents get involved and tell me what is on their mind,” me to be an open and accessible McAsey said. “I urge everyone who can to take advantage legislator,” McAsey said. “At my of my constituent service office either by visiting, calling or office, residents can access state and emailing. I look forward to a new year of continued quality local government services, learn more about events I am constituent service.” hosting throughout the district or suggest ideas for new McAsey’s office can be reached at (815) 372-0085 or legislation. Over the past year in our Romeoville office, we by email at have been fortunate to serve hundreds of local citizens and we look forward to helping many more.”

McAsey Celebrates First Year at New Constituent Service Office

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Joe The Clown Walsh


He Loans Himself $35,000 To Run For Congress But He Will Not Pay Child Support!

THIS SPACE CONTAINS A VIDEO IN THE ON LINE VERSION Scallawag - Skin Flint? By John Gabriel Award winning writer

Congressman Joe Walsh (R-IL) can leave you wondering if he is rational or not. His screaming, A Deadbeat Is A Deadbeat is a... impatience, and arrogance has probably turned off even By John Gabriel Award winning writer Republicans who supported him in the last election. Unfortunately, many couples have personal problems Of course, in the last election where he ran as a Tea that eventually destroy marriages. Most men love their Party Candidate, few people knew the real Joe Walsh children, and fortunately, they will pay for their children’s who allegedly owes $107,000 in child support. It is food, healthcare, and housing. A dispute with one’s wife unlikely most voters knew of his uncontrollable emotions should not be a dispute with children one should love. and his boisterous attacks on constituents when he was There are, sadly, some people who, out of greed or candidate Walsh. selfishness, choose to ignore the needs of their offspring in No, it is unlikely they really knew the Joe Walsh the face of marital difficulties with a spouse. There is no they were voting for and so, backed by the well-heeled good excuse for not supporting one’s children. None! Tea Party, the let down of the century for many hopeful The real problem is that if a man leaves a marriage Republicans, Walsh slipped into Congress. and chooses play the courting game again, looking for In real life he probably should be anything but a political figure, he seems more aligned with Archie Bunker another woman, it costs money. Feeding one’s children and carrying on a new relationship at the same time is or Alfred E. Neuman. something reserved for guys who can afford it. A face mask of Alfred E. Neuman was available in Joe Walsh had money enough to court another 1955 inscribed with the tag “idiot” for $1.29. No such woman. Joe Walsh had money enough to marry another mask of Joe Walsh is on the market. Joe Walsh makes a case for being very careful who woman, but for 9 years his former wife has been fighting to compel him to feed his children. What does that say about you vote for because the candidate is probably a close Joe Walsh? reflection of you yourself. Does that mean only an idiot Joe Walsh is a Congressman. Joe Walsh is paid would vote for Walsh? Perhaps. $174,000 by American taxpayers but he will not cough-up If you are unfamiliar with Congressman Walsh and the support money he allegedly owes to his children. his antics you might wish to check out You Tube for a So are you going to vote for him again? A few crazies who comical treat. We included one video here but the show are probably just like him will give him their vote. gets better and why not it’s about a clown.

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There Are Patriots and There Are Idiots Idiots Think They Are Fans Not Voters


Can we save the Republican Party? There is some terrible information in this publication concerning one of our own – Congressman Joe Walsh (8IL). Unfortunately the information has been substantiated and he does rant and rave and he does have ideas that go against many Republican beliefs. With the coming of the Tea Party many voters envisioned a party of messiahs who would rescue the country from the economic problems we have experienced under two presidents, Bush and now Obama. We expected there would be reductions in spending, and tax relief, but we did not expect that we would elect a wave of idiots who do not understand the give and take of politics. Congressmen and women are elected by people who believe they will cast votes that reflect the wishes of the people; not the agenda of a group of morons akin to Hitler’s twisted followers. There are some people around who have no idea what a Republican is; one of those is surely Joe Walsh. The Republican Party is not meant to continuously be on a collision course with its counterparts. The Republican Party is meant to represent Republicans, Democrats, Independents, and all the other political vagaries that exist in our system of politics, Americans. The Republican Party has been hijacked by millionaires with their own agenda and idiots gathered together under the title “Tea Party”. Neither of those groups has the soundness of our government at heart. They have their own agendas.

There are 249 millionaires in Congress! Why do they not want to levy a tax on the rich? Well I’m not going to tell you if you cannot guess it for yourself. The Tea Party has turned its face away from

Mark Goodson Staff Wroter

compromise and will not •consider negotiations as a way of life. “It’s my way or the highway,” with them. The Tea Party does not represent me! They act like selfish, stupid, egotistical morons who think the United States of America belongs to a handful of radicals who see no room in the nation for people with differing ideas. Some people view a political party as they view a sports team. They see themselves not as voters but as fans. They are willing to vote for the most incompetent moron on the earth if he happens to be a member of their party – and that goes for people in all parties. Idiots come in many kinds. If you are casting a vote for someone just because he is a Republican you are destroying the Republican Party! Supporting people such as Joe Walsh makes all Republicans appear to be twisted, one way, idiots who have no political savvy whatever. The Republican Party began with Abraham Lincoln. It was bolstered by Ronald Reagan. They were men who knew how to achieve progress through intelligent wrangling. They knew they could not have everything they wished for but they were willing to settle for the best possible alternatives. Genuine Republicans are those who are patriotic and who do not close their eyes to what is best for our nation. They want the size of government controlled, they realize that taxes are necessary for the operation of the government, but, they want those taxes constrained. They expect everyone to pay his share of taxes for the benefit of the nation. They do not believe that giant corporations making huge profits should not pay a single penny in taxes while the rest of us who make average earnings make up the difference for what they do not pay. Good Republicans believe we are the party to keep American strong – militarily and economically – but we are willing to “talk it over” when it comes to making tough decisions.

It is time to decide. Are you a Patriot or an Idiot? Do you vote for a party as a football or baseball fan supports a sports team or are you an informed voter who will not support candidates who have tunnel vision and an agenda intended to aggrandize a special interest group rather than the voters of the United States as a whole. Don’t call yourself a good American if you are really an Idiot rather than a Patriot. Pull out the history books and start reading of former Republican Presidents. Blog gingrich-worth-201107250725 The Squeaking Wheel

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Ricky Strom •from Page 1 medicine for his bi-polar condition. It seems Dr. Koko is declaring the other doctors’ conclusions wrong. When the elder Strom learned that Ricky was not receiving the medication several other doctors believe he needs he began making telephone calls. Public officials do not like telephone calls. Telephone calls mean they may be required to obey rules or do what their jobs require of them. Telephone calls make them nervous to say the least. Making waves can cost jobs. Strom did more than just make routine calls; he went directly to Governor Pat Quinn. He went directly to his State Senator A.J. Wilhelmi, a no-nonsense, honest public servant who believes strictly in playing by the rules to seek his help. The Senator began an investigation. It was not long before the prison

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) Kristen Marxham Guru As people finish off their Thanksgiving leftovers and begin to put up Christmas trees and menorahs they may be thinking about the wonderful holiday season that they are celebrating. The crisp air and holiday music may signal that the season is in full swing, but so may expanding waistlines. Kristen Marxham, a fitness guru from San Francisco, California, has worked with her clients for the last ten years to help them fight off holiday weight gain. Now, she has shared her insight with the rest of the world. "People often do not even realize that they are gaining weight until it has already become a problem and their clothes do not fit properly," commented Marxham. "Stepping on the

officials grabbed young Ricky and took him off to the segregation unit. He was not told what he was being accused of doing. He did not go before a disciplinary officer for a fair hearing to determine if he had broken a rule, No! Ricky Strom was cast into segregation without his medication to suffer the pains of mental distress that plague those who have the bi-polar disorder all without due process of law. Dr. Koko claims to be an authority on mental conditions. Apparently he is so wise and intelligent he has no need for tests he can simply leap to conclusions! Where is the Medical Association? Is this the caliber of treatment they sanction? A New York lawyer contacted by Richard Strom belittled any thought of suing Wexford Health Sources, Inc. who provides Illinois inmates with healthcare. They would of course be included as a defendant in a lawsuit

which Strom anticipates but according to the attorney it would be next to impossible to get any money from Wexford because they have so many lawsuits pending against them. There past is cluttered with lawsuits and settlements. The question to be answered is whether or not Ricky Strom was intentionally placed in segregation without medication to force him over the edge and make him insane beyond the reach of assistance. Richard Strom Sr. believes that certain Illinois prison officials and the Wexford medical staff at the Shawnee Correctional Center are doing exactly that. Strom says they want his son driven crazy in retaliation for the waves he is making because he son is being deprived of medication he desperately needs to function normally.

scale or watching what they eat is not an everyday thing. Even for those who do keep a close eye on their diet, the holidays seem to offer a free pass for people to eat as much as they want."Maybe the holidays are an excuse to binge on fatty foods and sweets, but these foods do not come without a price. Marxham reports that many people can gain up to ten pounds over the holiday season. Although this means booming business for fitness companies during January, it also means an unhealthy society. To help people stave off weight gain during the holidays, here are five tips from Marxham. TIP SHEET 1 .Use the scale once a week and address weight gain when it occurs by working out or adjusting food intake. 2. Keep a food journal. Writing down the foods that are consumed will

make controlling one's eating habits easier. 3. Continue to exercise. If it gets too cold, invest in indoor equipment, such as a treadmill or elliptical, join a gym, or use a workout DVD. 4. Make time to relax. The holidays can be stressful, and stress can lead to weight gain. 5. Enjoy active family activities. Instead of watching a movie, try sledding, skiing, or going for a walk. Marxham's tips have helped her clients fend off holiday weight gain before. She commented that, "The key to maintaining a healthy weight is maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Just because it is the holiday season, this healthy lifestyle should not be dropped." Kristen Maxham is a fitness guru in San Francisco, California,

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Charitable giving: Important tips for tax season Now is the time to make sure you receive a receipt or acknowledgement from the organization you give to. (ARA) - 'Tis the season to be giving. The holidays Donations of $250 or more will not be allowed as a are a great time to give back to those who need it most and tax deduction unless you have the right documentation. To what better way to give than to donate to your favorite claim a deduction for cash, check or other monetary gift, charity? you must have written acknowledgement from the charity •Of course giving back to a good cause is great for the soul, but it can also be good for the pocketbook, in the that includes the name of the organization and the date and amount of the contribution. For donations less than $250, if form of a tax deduction. And as 2011 comes to a close, you do not have a receipt, a cancelled check or bank there's still time to make your charitable gift count. Those record will work. who donate on or before Dec. 31 are still able to claim You can also receive a deduction for donations such their donation when it comes time for tax season. "Many charitable givers are aware of tax deductions," as property, clothing, household furnishings or office equipment, but there are specific rules. The process is the says Todd Baylis, president of Qgiv, an online fundraising same when claiming your deduction. You must have a platform that helps organizations connect with the next generation of donors. "But many of those who give are not receipt for the goods from the charity, and if the item donated is worth more than $500, you will need to file IRS always aware of the qualifications come tax season." Form 8283. Here are a few things to keep in mind to make sure "Many nonprofit organizations now have the ability to your good deed doesn't go unnoticed during tax season. accept online donations," says Baylis. "When a nonprofit Make sure your donations qualify First, make sure your donation qualifies. In order to organization partners with Qgiv, those donating to that organization will receive customized receipts by email in receive tax savings your contribution must go to an IRScertified, 501(c)(3) qualified organization. You can find an addition to the having the ability to print a receipt for their tax records." updated list at many public libraries as well as the IRS With the increase use of smartphones, mobile giving website. Another important tip, itemize, itemize, itemize. Make has become more and more popular. If you donated using your phone, you can use your phone bill as a receipt as long sure you itemize your deductions on your tax form under as it lists the date, amount donated and the name of the Schedule A, otherwise you'll be out of luck. charity. Keep records When in doubt, ask

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The Weekly Reporter The beautiful truth of aging - 4 steps for a healthy and active mind

For Seniors Only Courtesy of ARAcontent

(ARA) - With age comes the inevitable anxiety of mental decline. A common misconception is brain health is predetermined and can't be changed - it's the "you're stuck with what you got" notion. But experts suggest brain health can be positively influenced throughout different stages in life. A recent state-by-state ranking, America's Brain Health Index, delivers data on how well Americans are successfully incorporating the four dimensions of brain health - diet and nutrition, physical health, mental health and social well-being - into their daily lives. The top-ranked state - Maryland - scored highest on the Index because of residents' performance on a number of health markers, including high consumption of fish rich in DHA and DHA-fortified foods and supplements, as well as a low incidence of Alzheimer's disease-related deaths. Residents of the states that ranked the lowest (Mississippi and Louisiana) can make adjustments to help get their brains in shape. See where your state ranked at "Whether we live in the top-ranked states or in the areas that are below average, there are several ways to nurture and engage the mind to keep it healthy throughout our lives," says Dr. Majid Fotuhi, chairman of the Neurology Institute for Brain Health and Fitness, and assistant professor of neurology at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. "All too often I work with patients who need to make only a few lifestyle adjustments to see a marked change in their mental acuity. It's never too late to take action to improve your brain health." Four easy steps to a beautiful mind Step 1 - Get moving Engage in physical activity for at least 30 minutes a day to encourage new brain cells and connections to form. Walk, take the stairs instead of the elevator, play sports or do something you enjoy outdoors. Step 2 - Nourish your body and mind Aim for a varied diet rich in colorful, fresh fruits and vegetables, washed with the skin on to take full advantage of the nutritional punch. Maximize your intake of DHA, the omega-3 fatty acid that makes up 97 percent of the omega3s in the brain. Find it in fatty fish (salmon, tuna) or, if you

products with algal DHA at vegetarian, you can find it in algal DHA-fortified foods and beverages like juice, milk, eggs and in algal DHA supplements, including the Algal-900 DHA and BrainStrong lines found at CVS, Walgreens and Walmart. Find other products with algal DHA at Step 3 - Embrace new activities Commit to lifelong learning, which can take the form of brain-stimulating activities, including reading, creating art, completing crosswords, learning a new language or playing a new instrument. Keep a mentally engaged mind by living with a "use it or lose it" philosophy throughout life. Conti nued on pa ge 14

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Five ways to enhance entertaining with a California cheese course (ARA) - Whether it's preparing for a holiday gathering, watching the big game or planning a dinner party with friends and family, it can be difficult to decide what food to serve. A cheese course is a simple, elegant solution that also saves much-needed kitchen prep time. The California Milk Advisory Board (CMAB) is offering party hosts, families, and cheese lovers alike an introductory lesson on putting together a first-class cheese course. Variety matters. California has more than 50 cow's milk cheesemakers making more than 250 different varieties and styles of cheese, so it's easy to make your course innovative. There are five different categories to keep in mind when selecting cheeses to serve; Fresh, Soft, SemiHard, Hard/Aged, and Flavored. A traditional cheese course should always contain a bloomy rind soft-ripened cheese like a Brie or Camembert. Add a soft or washed rind cheese, such as Crescenza or Teleme (a California original) for a cheese your guests may not have tried. A semi-firm hard cheese is a great addition because you can include favorites such as Gouda or St. George. Very hard aged cheeses like a Dry Jack (another Golden State creation) compliment the other softer cheeses and provide intense flavor. And of course, finish it off with a strong, flavorful cheese, such as Blue or Schloss. Less is more. Only feature three to five different types of cheeses so guest can savor rather than be overwhelmed by the flavors you've chosen. The beauty of a cheese course is that you only need to provide about 1 ounce of cheese per person if you are enjoying before or after a meal. If your cheese course is the main attraction, 3 ounces for each guest will do the trick. Avoid the cold shoulder. In order to bring out the full flavor, cheeses should not be served cold. It typically takes an hour or two at room temperature for a large piece to fully develop. However, do not slice cheese until you are ready because you may risk drying the cheese out, and take

Say Yes To California Cheese special care with fresh cheeses, which need to be treated like fresh milk. Make it a party. Everyone knows cheese pairs well with wine, but did you know cheese also pairs perfectly with beer? Whether your group likes chardonnay, pinot noir or cabernet, or ales, wheat beers, pilsners and porters, you don't need to worry about complimenting your cheese course. Download the free Pair Savvy smartphone application for an easy guide to pairing Real California Cheeses with wine, beer and even chocolates. Enhance with company. Cheese loves the spotlight but a simple co-star can really enhance a course. If your cheese course is kicking off the party, plan on a savory accompaniment like fresh Mozzarella with roasted tomatoes to fuel the fun and conversation. Cured meats like salami or prosciutto, olives, dried fruit, marinated or grilled peppers, tomatoes and mushrooms can also really brighten the flavors of selected cheeses. If your cheese course is ending on a sweet note, a California White Cheddar with apple and walnut conserve is sure to hit the spot. You can also try honey, jellies and jams, slices of fruit and berries, or candied nuts. For these Real California Cheese recipes and more, check out With the CMAB's simple tips, you are ready to impress family and friends with tasty flavors and pairings for Continued on Page 14

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Welcome a new pet into your home with these tips (ARA) - Congratulations! You're a pet owner. Bringing a new pet home is an exciting experience but requires some preparation. That adorable ball of energy covered in fur will interact with just about every inch of living space and your life is about to be enriched in ways you've never dreamed possible. Prepping your house, wardrobe and routines ahead of time can help ease the transition for both you and your new family member. Here are some tips to welcome a new pet into your household and ensure a smooth transition for everyone: Pet-proof your home. Just as you would baby-proof a house for an infant, make sure to pet-proof your house for your furry friend. Rearrange your living space by placing anything breakable at a higher level. Baby gates work well to prevent dogs from entering areas of the house that aren't safe for them, or places you don't want them to be. Remember, cats can jump extreme distances, so clean off the top of your cabinets and refrigerator in case your kitty decides those are his or her favorite places to play "hide and pounce." Manage pet hair on your clothing. There are many joys of owning a pet but many would agree, if they have a "pet peeve" about their four-legged friends, it's the shedding. A surprising 57 percent of women are hesitant to wear black clothing around cats and dogs because of the lint and pet hair it attracts, according to a Procter & Gamble study conducted in August. However, you don't need to change your wardrobe just to snuggle with your new pet. Use the Bounce Dryer Bar or Bounce dryer sheets when doing the laundry to help repel pet hair from your black clothing. Visit the Bounce Facebook page at for more information. Prepare for pet odor. A dog or cat will introduce new smells to your house. You can help contain these pet smells with frequent vacuuming, disinfecting toys on a regular basis, and clumping and deodorizing litter. Regularly bathing your

Courtesy of ARAcontent

dog is an important part of keeping their skin and coats clean and odor-free. Also, brushing your dog or cat's teeth can help keep his or her mouth healthy and help prevent bad breath.

Help your new pal adjust. •Place a cozy bed in several rooms where your pet will be allowed, giving him or her a comfortable place to snuggle and sleep. This will help encourage your pet to stay off the furniture. Keep in mind that your pet has a highly developed sense of smell, and a brand new bed from the store could contain strange odors to him. Rubbing a blanket or old towel on your pet's bed can help make the smells of the bed more familiar and friendly. You'll enjoy spending time with your new four-legged friend as they become a part of your family. With your home and wardrobe prepped for his or her enthusiasm and fur, you won't have to worry about much except making your pet feel welcome.

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Find the perfect snow thrower for you (ARA) - With only a few weeks until the official start of winter, now is the perfect time to choose a snow thrower before the blizzards hit. With so many options on the market, which one is right for you? "When choosing a snow thrower, you really need to take into account the size and surface of your driveway, as well as the type and amount of snow you typically receive each year," says Megan Peth, marketing associate at Y ard Machines. There are two types of snow throwers to consider when purchasing- single-stage and two-stage. A single-stage snow thrower is ideal for light, powdery snow. The auger of a single-stage snow thrower pulls the snow into the unit and then pushes it out through the chute. For example, the 21-inch Y ard Machines single-stage snow thrower is more compact and lightweight than the two-stage models and is made for easy handling and maneuverability. With a 123cc POWERMORE engine and an E-Z Chute rotation adjustment, this unit is ideal for clearing smaller driveways and sidewalks. Two-stage snow throwers are designed to clear large areas of moderate to heavy snowfall. The auger of a two-stage snow thrower has serrated blades that chop up the snow, then the impeller throws the snow out through the chute, directing it to the desired location. Two-stage snow throwers also have other heavy duty features. For example, the 24-inch Y ard Machines two-stage snow thrower is self-propelled to easily move through the snow at a selectable pace. With a push of the button, the electric start 179cc POWERMORE engine provides the power to remove snow from a variety of terrains with ease. While snow throwers are perfect for cutting down your time in the cold, they can also be dangerous. Here are a few safety and maintenance tips from Y ard Machines to keep you and your snow thrower safe throughout the season. * Always review the operator's manual before using your snow thrower to avoid serious injury. * Before using your snow thrower for the first time, add fresh fuel, and then slowly and deliberately prime the unit. This should flush any broken-down fuel, and possible debris, through the system to get the fresh fuel flowing. * Make sure to change the oil and spark plug each season. * Run the unit regularly throughout the season even if it doesn't snow consistently. * Try to throw the snow with the wind, as opposed to against it. * Always inspect for general debris before clearing snow, and never throw snow at buildings or vehicles.

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Down •1 •Mass transport •2 •Tree •3 •Sticky black substance •4 •Marry •5 •Swelling •6 •Peaked •7 •Saver •8 •Poem division •9 •Reverent 10 •Female 11 •Eye infection 16 •Smooth 20 •Ancient Indian

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21 •Rolled chocolate candy brand 22 •Great 23 •Follow a regimen 25 •Rodeo bull 27 •Keen 29 •Ancient Indian 30 •Midday 31 •Hit 34 •Woods 37 •Moseyed 39 •Spoken 41 •Several feet 43 •Fluffy 44 •Musical composition 45 •Mother 47 •Garden tools 50 •Central Intelligence Agency 51 •Down 52 •Move away 53 •Obnoxious noises

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A sk Lin

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Dear What Do You Think:

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Dear Lindsey: I live with my grandmother and my great grandmother. I learned about boys from them. Well I started going with a new boyfriend a little over a month ago. He’s the second boy I dated. So he calls and asks me if I want to go to a movie. So I said okay. At the movie he gets in line in front of me. I thought he got a ticket for me but he didn’t. When he found out I didn’t buy a ticket he got mad and said how could I be so dumb to come to the movies without any money? I was so mad and embarrassed I walked off and called for my gram to pick me up which she did. Now he is calling me and wants to go out. What should I do? Dear Mad and Embarrassed: You had every right to be “mad and embarrassed”. When I guy asks a girl to go out it is expected that he will be paying for whatever the two of you do that night. If he had told you he expected you to pay your own way that would be different, then you would be going out together but separately as far the expenses were concerned. His anger and the fact that he publicly called you “dumb” are good reasons not to see him again. I say look for someone who will respect you as the woman you are. No one who cares for you would verbally abuse you no matter what you did and he would be glad to pay your way. Dear Lindsey: Maybe you have seen the latest shorts and skirts that are so high in the back people can actually see your butt if you bend even a little. If you are wearing a thong they are pretty revealing. My best friend Kim lives by me, we go to college together (starting second year) and we have been friends like forever. She wears those shorts and skirts. She want me to buy them too. The problem is that I am embarrassed when I go out with her and she wears them and there is no way I would wear something that revealing. She says I’m out of touch and it’s just a style. I say it’s humiliating. What do you think?

Well I have seen the shorts and the short skirts you are talking about. They are short and they are cut in a way that causes your rear to be exposed if you lean forward even a little. They are very revealing and they expose the creases under your cheeks which some girls think is cool and sexy. I asked a few people, guys and girls, about this before answering you because I was afraid I might sound like a prude. Most of the people, 18 to 20 years old said it is just a harmless fad but I see it differently. I see it as an invitation to every weirdo on the street. Remember, you have no control over who sees your butt if you are out in public, privately it might be another issue, but in public you could attract not only normal guys but perverts too. Your cute little antics could lead to a tragedy. Girls often don’t understand the risks they take when they attempt to dress “too sexy”. Some girls may think it is cool but so is a slab in the morgue. I say keep your privates private.

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(ARA) - Winter break from school used to mean a few lazy weeks spent indoors until boredom hit. This holiday season, parents can transform their family's winter break blues into excitement by offering children what they crave - fun and engaging activities that will keep their minds active (and they won't even know it). As crazy as the holiday season can be, there are simple solutions for families who want to continue to exercise their children's minds and bodies during the winter break and beyond with age-appropriate, fun activities. Be a camper Seasonal camps, such as summer or winter camps, are specifically designed to offer a balance of fun and continued learning during transitional periods from school. While engaging children in activities they love, seasonal camps provide a simple solution for families who may need to work or simply catch up on holiday shopping and errands. KinderCare, for example, offers a winter camp for both preschool and school-age children during the last two weeks in December. Children can explore the science of chemical reactions and learn about the magic of flight through educational and hands-on themed activities, including "Bubble Trouble," "Volcano Blast," •"Helicopter Propellers," and "Balloon Rockets." •KinderCare's winter camp activities also reinforce core learning areas such as language arts, math, science and creative expression. Capture holiday memories through reading and writing The holidays are a time to capture special memories when families spend more time together. Nothing is better than snuggling up to a great book with your child. Creating a holiday journal is another excellent way to preserve memories while participating in a creative, family-friendly activity. •Studies have shown that even younger children enjoy exploring writing and that their scribbles and scrawls have meaning to them. This type of writing is called prewriting and it helps children develop language and literacy skills.

'Mom, I'm bored' winter break blues There are simple ways to foster children's creativity and inspire them to write during the holidays. * Encourage "writing for a reason." Make writing a part of daily life whether writing holiday shopping lists together, writing brief descriptions of holiday pictures or photos, or planning holiday food menus together. * Invite your child to dictate his or her story into a tape recorder, then write the story down and read it back

to your child. * Inspire an art book by encouraging your child to draw holiday memories. Then ask your child to describe his or her pictures and help him or her write the story that goes with the pictures. "Focus on the intended meaning of what your child is trying to write instead of the appearance of the writing," explains Megan Riede, senior director of education programs for KinderCare. "Not only does this create bonding opportunities, but it also allows for new ways to support your child's learning during the holiday season."

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Turn holiday chores into holiday cheer Believe it or not, it's easy to turn seemingly daunting holiday tasks like cooking, decorating and wrapping gifts into family fun time. •Think about creating kid-friendly games and activities out of your seasonal chores so that you can spend quality time together while checking off your to-do list. Each of these activities introduces children to more than just the task at hand. 1. Cooking and Step 4 - Expand your social network baking exposes children to measurements, mixing, Stay socially connected so you feel like you're a part and the properties of of something. This can include social connections at work, in solids and liquids clubs, with friends and family and through volunteer groups which help them learn or a religious congregation. Experts theorize that having a about math and rich social network may also help support brain health in a science. For example, variety of ways, from providing individuals better resources you could ask your child to measure a cup of flour or show and support, to reducing stress and depression, to enhancing him or her how water and oil separate when in a bowl. intellectual stimulation. 2. Wrapping packages can be an opportunity to Inspirational stories of how people keep their minds discover and identify different shapes, sizes and patterns, as well as practice eye-hand coordination. For example, beautiful can be found throughout the world. In the No. 1 ranked state - Maryland - 75-year-old Ernestine Shepherd ask, "Which package is the biggest?" or "Which box is round in shape and which one is square in shape?" •Have transformed herself from an average middle-aged woman your child practice wrapping a gift for someone in the with a sedentary lifestyle into the world's oldest performing family with a pre-cut piece of wrapping paper. female bodybuilder according to Guinness World Records. The holiday season is a perfect opportunity to bond Shepherd was recently named a 2011 Beautiful Mind, a and make memories with loved ones while learning campaign honoring inspirational adults over 55 who embody together. Whatever families choose to do this winter the four dimensions of brain health. break, look for ways to expose your children to a myriad "It's important for people to know that age is just a of age-appropriate activities that allow them to imagine, explore, have fun and keep learning while sharing in the number and you can get fit for life. Just be determined, holidays. dedicated and disciplined. But first and foremost, be

"The aging process involves increasing physical and emotional change and a heightened search for meaning and purpose," says Gay Hanna, executive director of the National Center for Creative Aging in Washington, D.C. "Expressing oneself through the creation of art can serve as a powerful way to honor life experiences. Embrace the idea of learning something new to help fuel your creative fire."

positive, confident and filled with spirit," says Shepherd. To learn more about brain health and to read inspiring stories from other Beautiful Minds visit

Bank Robbery Suspect Sought The FBI is searching for a man who robbed the Chase Bank at 1700 North Wells Street, Chicago, IL on Tuesday December 13th. The robber has been described as a black male about 5’8” to 5’ 9” tall. The man, in his 20’s or 30’s has black hair and brown eyes. If you have information regarding the robbery or robber call the FBI in Chicago at (312) 421-6700.

The Weeky Reporter for December 15, 2011  

The Weekly Reporter brings news and events that are focused on the bad side of government.

The Weeky Reporter for December 15, 2011  

The Weekly Reporter brings news and events that are focused on the bad side of government.