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We are a print and on-line literary magazine with author interviews, book reviews, Exclusively Independent News, original fiction & poetry and articles. Designed and edited by an international team, with each issue read by over 7000 on-line readers, we bring an entertaining mix of wit, insight and intelligence all packaged in beautifully designed pages that mix the new with the famous. We have interviewed authors like Iain Banks, Julian Barnes, Mark Haddon, Markus Zusak, James Meek, Tom McCarthy, Paul Torday and Marina Lewycka. The View From Here has a close working relationship with The Random House Group, Cannongate, Alma Books, Faber & Faber, Legend Press, Snowbooks, Tindal Street Press the Arts Council funded Exclusively Independent Scheme and is a member of Publishers Weekly's BookLife.

The View From Here is also in selected libraries in the South East of England and New York.

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A distinct sense of energy exudes from the pages of The View from Here magazine. This is a magazine to leaf through for diversion and inspiration.

Attractive, informative, sparkling and useful – The View From Here is so many of the things I'm not - sigh - ...

Iain Banks The View From Here provides a platform for accessible, thoughtful and interesting writing about books and writers. As a new writer myself, I shall visit the site - writing is a lonely business, and this magazine is written by and for people who understand about writing.

Paul Torday The View from Here is a good deal more lively and interesting than the view from my study window.

Marina Lewycka Consistently interesting and entertaining with some of the best up-and-coming authors around.

Scott Pack I'm from the US so I tend to gush...and gush I will about The View From Here. It is full of indispensable things to a writer...interviews with successful authors, helpful insider information, great fiction and a venue for the exchange of ideas. It's great fun to read and is my guilty pleasure when I'm supposed to be working on my next novel.

Patricia Wood There is great passion and drive here and I'll be following The View From Here with great interest.

Tom McCarthy I don't know if there's some unwritten rule that says that literary magazines must be all blocky text and dull design, but if there is, clearly the editors and designers at The View From Here didn't get the memo. What a fresh, dynamic, sleek and edgy magazine, both in its wide-ranging content and design.

Gayle Forman

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On-line Below: Guest Writers from authors to publishers to bookshops

Projects Below: Hardback books of The Book Thief donated by Random House left around Covent garden in London to see people’s reaction.

"It's pretty great to sit here at home in Sydney and think that copies of my book are just lying around London - getting stepped on, tripped over, and even picked up and taken home. I know I never needed to think twice before picking up an abandoned book, so I hope who ever picks one up has a good time taking off with it, and hopefully an even better time reading it." Markus Zusak author of The Book Thief

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