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photo by Nikolle McCarty/The Eagle

Snakes, Sheep, and Shaman part of museum art exhibit

Joseph Venus, one of Utah’s finest painters whose photo-realistic work includes people and animals painted in the natural background they live today


Francois Gohier

ock art photography and Fremont Indian paintings by two renowned artists encompass USU Eastern Prehistoric Museum’s gallery from Sept. 24 through Nov. 12. Francois Gohier, an international photographer, has created a rich collection of images of rock art of the Southwest United States with emphasis on the Fremont Culture of Utah. Gohier grew up in the Basque Country in Southwest France. He developed an interest in wildlife, geology and photography while hiking and climbing in the Pyrenees Mountains between France and Spain. He volunteered in archaeologi-

cal excavations of caves occupied by Paleolithic people in the foothills of the Pyrenees while in high school. After studying mathematics and physics a the University of Bordeaux, he worked as a land surveyor, but a class in natural history photography at the National Museum in Paris brought a change of direction in his life. Traveling and documenting the natural world became Gohier’s passion. Beginning in South America, he photographed landscapes and wild life from the High Andes of Chile and Peru to the rainforest of Bolivia, the plains of Brazil and Venezuela and the steppes and shores of Patagonia in Argentina.

Years of work photographing the gray whales in the lagoons of Baha, Calif., and Mexico led to work with other species of whales and dolphins from Alaska to the South Pacific. His interest in European prehistory led him to search for traces of Native Americans’ past, which introduced him to the Southwest and developing his collection of images of rock art and the Fremont Culture of Utah. He resides in San Diego, Calif. Joseph S. Venus, one of Utah’s finest painters whose photorealistic work includes people and animals painted in the natural background they live today, just as they did in the past. His paintings

are known for their brilliant and natural colors. He paints wildlife, Native Americans and prehistoric subjects, which are part of the permanent collections in museums and private collections worldwide. Some of his work can be seen in USU Eastern’s Museum in the Hall of Archeology. As a signature member of the Worldwide Nature Artists Group in Clayton, Ontario, Canada, he belongs to the exclusive international society of world-class nature artists. The museum is open six days a week from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Its art gallery is located on the second floor mezzanine.

Joseph S Venus

Elder Holland admonishes students to not care about being young or single, just grow up and pull your socks up Shadayah Jones staff writer Not often does someone with a high title come to Price, Utah. On Sept. 17, that is exactly what happened. Elder Jeffery R. Holland, a General Authority in the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saint, spoke to the young, single adults. During the session on Saturday, Elder Holland spoke

to the members of the church; the lessons he spoke on can be used in anybody’s life. Elder Holland spoke about becoming an adult. He identified what it meant to be an adult and he told the young people attending that even though you are becoming older, things will not get easier. He said that as you get older you will be faced with hard times. Everyone will have to go through a hard time, or a trial, in their lives. The most important thing is to not give up.

He st a t e d t h a t a s yo u go through this trial the “storms” will beat upon you and things will be tough. He a dv i s e s t h a t you must not g ive u p b e cause you can and will overcome it. Brandi Sit-

ter ud attended the session and she said that her favorite par t of the entire thing was the way he spoke. “He said things that were funny and easy to understand. I love hearing Elder Holland speak because he is one of my favorite General Authority’s.”

During the session, Elder Holland told the young members of the church, that they must not be afraid of growing up. “You all need to pull you socks up to your elbows and become adults. I don’t even know if you are wearing socks, but if not put some on and pull them up.” Elder Holland was saying that growing up and becoming an adult in inevitable. As a young adult, you should not be afraid of what life will bring you. In the Church of Jesus

Christ of Latter Day Saints there are levels of authority. The highest is the Prophet of the church, who is Thomas S. Monson. Then there are his counselors who are Henry B. Erying and Dieter F. Uchtdorf. These three men make of the First Presidency of the LDS church. Following these men there is the next levels of authority, which are the members of the quorum of the twelve apostles. Elder Holland was called to serve as a member of the quorum of the twelve.

Elder Holland

Testing center adds more hours; better for student schedules Bring student ID card, a pencil or pen, and (if needed) a calculator Tadd Mecham staff writer If USU Easter n’s testing hours are the question on your mind then look no fur ther. Enclosed in this mere article is all the information you need to successfully and punctually take each test in the testing center if your professor’s deem necessary. T he testi ng center is i n op er at ion Mond ay t h roug h Thursday. From 8:30 a.m. until 10 p.m., and Fridays from 8:30 a.m. until 7:30 p.m. On the first Wednesday of each month, the testing center administers the GED test from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Regular tests can be taken from 4:30 to

10 p.m. on those days. The testing center will be closed November 10 th, 15th, and 17th for ASE tests. Although it seems hidden from the rest of the campus, it isn’t a difficult place to discover. The east outside entrance of the SAC building is a common answer to this question. But for those that have never done well with directions: Approaching the SAC building from the Reeves Building, one would simply go in-between the SAC and BDAC buildings and it’s the last door to the left. Can’t miss it. The proper materials needed to enter the testing center prepared are: a student ID card, a pencil or pen, and (if needed) a calculator. One entering they will ask which class the test is

in, check the ID, ask you to sign in, then lead you to an assigned seat. While the test is being taken you will be monitored by the testing center staff. So no cheating. The testing center doesn’t have assigned time to ta ke tests, it is basically a first come, first-serve operation. If there are three days to take the test, do it on day one or two. There is the slight possibility that the center might become crowded and your test will not be able to be taken with an appropriate amount of time. Waiting until the last minute is never a good idea. So basically, the testing center is very flexible time wise. So study hard, be prepared, and for heaven’s sake don’t forget your student ID.

At Dr. Fonnesbeck’s office you can always expect the best from everyone

Students taking tests at the testing center

photo by Jessa Love Adams/The Eagle

The Eagle needs: video person

Charlie’s PAWN

Buy. Sell. Trade. Loan. Monday - Friday 9 am - 6 pm . Saturday 10 am - 4 pm 435.637.3748 115 West Main Price, Utah

news writer sports writer feature writer Call 435.613.5213 or stop by staff office in SAC 109

Our goal is to help our patients feel good about themselves, and to help them overcome the dental phobias that make it so people try to put off needed dental care. We want your teeth to look good, feel good and last a long time, hopefully your lifetime! Starting at the front desk with a nice smile to greet you is a friendly person who knows how to help you with all your dental questions. Dr. Fonnesbeck’s staff is 100% committed to giving you the best service you have ever had, every time you come in. We will do every thing to make your time with us all that you want it to be. Then you get to meet our one-of-a-kind Dental Hygienist. She is very good at what she does. Your teeth and gums will be taken care of in a way that you did not know was possible. She really cares about your teeth, your overall health, and you. Meeting Dr. Fonnesbeck is very reassuring. You will feel comfortable about your dental visit. He is so gentle that people with dental phobias can still be worked on without fear. Dr. Fonnesbeck is very good at making you feel at ease. He is a perfectionist with his work. You will leave the office knowing you just had the best dental work possible. Dr. Fonnesbeck is constantly training on the latest technology, integrating newer and better dental products and procedures into his practice for you to receive the best up-to-date care possible. Our goal is to help you fit your dental needs into your budget no matter how big or small those needs may be. You will want Dr. Fonnesbeck to be your dentist for life. Come in and meet us at 590 East 100 North, Suite #3, in Price; or call us at 435-6375850. We do what it takes to help you with a painful dental emergency, a routine cleaning, filling, crown or a cosmetic dentistry case. So whatever our needs are you can count on us.

Dr. Vance B. Fonnesbeck 590 E. 100 N Suite 3 Price, Utah 84501 637-5850

Preventive Dentistry for Children & Adults

07-sept 8, 2011  

Shadayah Jones Call 435.613.5213 or stop by staff office in SAC 109 page 9 Buy. Sell. Trade. Loan. Preventive Dentistry for Children & A...

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