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October 6, 2011

photo’s courtesy of USU Eastern art dept.

Paintings by Richard Lance Russell

Southeastern artists show their work at Gallery East USU Eastern’s Gallery East features the work of two Southeastern Utah artists, Richard Lance Russell of Blanding and Suzan Woodward of Moab. Each artist shows exceptional skill in their chosen medium, and represents the variety of talented artists that resides in Canyonlands communities. The exhibit, Close to Home: Paintings by Richard Lance Russell and Pottery by Suzan Woodward, is representative of this kind of homegrown artistic talent.

Cafeteria changes KC Smurthwaite

Russell, a painter and graduate of BYU’s art program, is concerned with capturing the reality of what he sees. Whether it’s a landscape or figure, he focuses on capturing the essence of that subject, believing that paintings are the most personal, direct representation of vision. When Russell approaches a subject, he tries to recognize what about that subject resonates with him, what specific elements draw him to this face or that landscape. Then, he tries to emphasize those

elements and soften other components of the subject, just as the eye does. He feels that in this way he can show the viewer the beauty and complexity of each individual subject as he himself sees it. He explains, “When you really observe people and places, you begin to look beyond their basic features and you can start to understand the interrelation of gestures and colors and shapes that really makes them different from everyone and everywhere else. Your eye recognizes a few

key features that are unique to them. That’s what I try to capture in my paintings.” The exhibit will feature some of Russell’s latest work. Woodwa rd’s ea r thenwa re pieces reflect the rugged qualities of her surroundings. She graduated from Utah State University with a double degree in art education and ceramics. She taught 12 years, then started making pottery full time while she and her husband raised their two daughters in Arizona.

Two years ago, Woodward returned to her hometown and resumed producing her colorful ceramic pieces from her studio. “It is all hand painted and then fired to stoneware temperatures,” she explains. “This process gives my work an incredible beauty and earthiness that only those temperatures can create.” Woodward has exhibited locally and continues to show and sell her work in this region. The painting and ceramics exhibit will be on display at USU

Eastern’s Gallery East from Oct. 10 through Nov. 10. The artists will be on hand during an opening reception on Friday, Oct. 14, from 7 to 9 p.m. Students, faculty, and visitors are welcome to attend. Gallery East is open Monday through Thursday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., closed Fridays, weekends and holidays. The exhibit is free and open to the public. For more information, call the gallery at: 435-613-5327; or contact Noel Carmack at: 435-613-5241 or

Eagle Express comes to campus



The main dining room in the student center will no longer be serving Breakfast. The Golden Grille will be taking over those duties. The hours have also changed for breakfast. Breakfast will be available at the Grille from 8:3010:30. This change came from Utah State as well as the majority of students on campus were in class during the previous breakfast hours. Be ck y A rch iba ld, head of food services, would also like to remind students that if they wear any Eagle apparel on Fridays, they will receive a free treat at lunch as they enter the dining room. This will last until the end of the fall semester. Lastly, fall break (Oct 21-23) hours will be as follows; brunch 11:30-1 pm, and dinner 5-6:30 pm.

USU-Eastern students who don’t have a driver’s license or car, can catch a ride on the Eagle Express Dave Adams Are you tired of walking to the store just to get a few groceries? The walking is over. Now USU Eastern students who don’t have driver’s licenses or cars can catch a ride on the Eagle Express. Last semester it was brought to the attention of one of the SUN Center’s leaders, Jordan Moynier, that students were walking in the cold of winter to the local shops to buy necessities that could not be bought on campus. Moynier put

his head together with other students in the SUN Center and came up with a plan to use vans from the school to transport students to local stores. The Eagle Express has no set schedule and will travel anywhere in the Price and Helper areas. “If you call us, we will come take you, we’re here for the students, so that they don’t have to walk to get to the places they need to go,” said Moynier. The Express is exclusively for USU Eastern students and is free. Anyone wishing to ride the shuttle needs to call, 435-613-5292 or 435-650-3975.

hoto by Sammie Fugate/The Eagle

Jordan Moynier is posing next to the Eagle Express which will help transport students without cars to local establishments.

Nine ways high achievers can realize optimum life balance Karen Hayhurst Life’s true tragedy is that, when someone dies, the misfortune is not only the death itself but also the untapped potential and unrealized dreams that die with them. “This ‘compounded loss’ happens more often than not,” says Sheri Riley, founder and Chief Partnership Strategist of GLUE, Inc. and creator of the Exponential Living program ( “Far too many of us spend 100% of our time on only 10% of who we are today, and can be tomorrow. “According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, many of us work eight hours per day, commute for at least one hour per day, spend at least two hours eating, watch TV for five hours each day and spend nearly two hours a day using a computer for leisure activity, such as online games, research or social media,” Riley notes. “That’s nearly 18 hours, which doesn’t even include the multiple hours needed for our evening slumber. Clearly, we spend more time on what we aren’t than we do on who and what we are… and want to be.” For high achievers in particular, there isn’t a problem understanding HOW to get things done but rather there are challenges balancing it all. So many successful people spend the majority of their time on one area of their life where they excel, but perpetually feel unfulfilled. With this in mind, Riley offers these 9 methods to help high achievers tap into the other 90% of “who they are,” beyond “what they do,” and realize greater life

balance, joy and fulfillment in kind: Method 1: Healthy Living is about More Than Diet! There is more to life than the race to achieve more money or a fancy job title. And, there is more to living healthfully than what food you ingest or what physical exercises you do. Other lifestyle decisions, such as those related to marriage, parenting, and friendships, all factor into one’s healthy sense of self. Healthy living requires being true to yourself and being truly “present” when you’re with loved ones. Healthy living is also a frame of mind. If your thoughts are self-destructive, this negativity will manifest itself in your body through stress, anxiety and other adverse physical conditions, and can undermine your personal and professional relationships with others. Method 2: Peace and a Positive Mind – Your Defender in the Face of Distractions Cultivating and maintaining a peaceful life must be a goal of paramount importance. Distractions and life’s distresses both small and large will pull you away from this goal each and every time you allow it. Your thoughts are the training ground and spring board for your overall disposition and perspective on life. Many accomplished people never pause to revel in or acknowledge their success. They are constantly striving for what’s next. While not entirely a bad thing, when your desire to achieve becomes bigger than your desire to BE, your existence will be likened to a hamster running in an endless circle, never at peace and never at a point of rest. Method 3: The Importance of Having a Giving Heart and Spirit Most know that giving back to society and those in need is one of the most meaningful activities

we can engage in. In fact, many very successful people believe that giving is directly tied to their continued success. Having a giving heart and spirit not only creates more opportunities for you to provide for others, but doing so allows more opportunities for your continued success to manifest in your life, and others: what impacts one impacts us all. Achievement and accomplishments come from the work of our hands and minds, but true success and fulfillment comes from giving of the heart. Not just donating your time through charitable work or financial donations, but also allocating precious time to family and friends. Being present and accessible to loved ones is the ultimate gift for others…and yourself. Method 4: Live in Your P.O.W.E.R ™ High achievers should strive to tap into their personal P.O.W.E.R., which is Perspective, Ownership, Wisdom, Engagement, and Reward. Perspective cultivates recognition of what is draining your life and what is enriching your life. This leads to Ownership of your relationship with yourself and with others. It allows you to establish your personal boundaries and define what and where you are to give of yourself and your time. This understanding of your own truth is a major component of Wisdom, which is gained from how you implement your life experiences into your life and evolve your thinking and decisions through expanding your knowledge and good judgment. This enlightenment brings consistent Engagement in the quality of your life. Your desire, energy, and personal encouragement will motivate you to commit yourself to stop spending 100% of your time on 10% of who you are - this is your Reward.

Method 5: Stop Working So You Can Maximize your Opportunities When you are constantly working, you seldom recognize your achievements. Without taking these moments to recognize your accomplishments, you are constantly stretching for what’s next and never appreciating and enjoying what you have completed. This cycle often leads to burn out, health issues, personal relationship issues, and low self esteem. And, many times, it does not have a clearly defined end of moment of victory. When you change your mindset from working to maximizing opportunities, you reposition your thought process and how you approach your life. You are able to separate and segment your work from other areas of your life because maximizing the opportunity has a beginning and an end. You are quicker to recognize when to end or remove your self because you understand what you are spending your time on is meant to be an opportunity not a burden you spend time on with out benefit or value. Method 6: Happy is a Choice; Contentment and Joy are Lifestyles One of the definitions of the word overwhelmed is “to give too much of a thing.” When you truly desire to live a life that is fulfilled in all areas, you are destined to have more to do than you have the time, energy, and ability or help to accomplish or complete. The feeling of being overwhelmed is when you have what you need and are overflowing with what you want. When you have so much success, opportunity, potential, clients, projects, options, prosperity that you can’t “handle” or manage everything, your reaction is that you are overwhelmed. So what about those times when you’re

overwhelmed with challenges, struggles, health issues, and other life concerns? Know the plan for your life is perfect and the struggles are never to defeat you but to make you stronger and uncover your true power. Surrender and find peace living in the overflow, joy and abundance of being overwhelmed. Method 7: Building Lasting Confidence Believe it or not, whatever you want is available to you if you have the confidence and belief that you can have what you want and that you deserve it. This does not mean confidence in our degrees, our knowledge, job titles, position, social status, etc. Instead, it is about having a pure and honest confidence in the person you are. Many successful people have achieved career success through their fear of failure. And while such fear can be a powerful and effective motivator, it can also limit your sense of accomplishment and impede growth in other areas of your life. For many high achievers, confidence is built on external validations like applause, accolades, wins, or promotions. And their ensuring quest to feel this rush keeps them from being engaged in other areas of their lives. True confidence should come from a life well lived and enjoyed…not the proverbial feathers in your cap. Method 8: The Courage to be Faithful Stepping out of your fears and into your greatness requires great courage. Sometimes we are so busy with the work of life that we don’t sit still and take the time to listen to our heart. Being courageous means not allowing life to steal, kill, or destroy your dreams, hopes, aspirations, and plans but living in the now, the moment, the presence of your power to receive life, and the fullness of all life has to offer

and even more abundantly. It takes courage to be honest with yourself, acknowledge your personal truth, and be present in your quest to live that truth. The easiest thing for high achievers to do is be successful. But living in the fullness of who they are - and want to be – while also maintaining their success takes true grit. Method 9: – Exponential Living Exponential Living is achieved through excellence in your Personal, Spiritual, and Emotional health, and balance in all aspects of your life – with yourself and others. It is achieved by building and maintaining spirituality; loving and caring for yourself (hobbies, exercise, “me” time); spending quality time with and appreciating yourself and your family; recognizing your success; and living in your own truth. When living exponentially you are comfortable with who you are, separate from what you do. It’s when you live in a state of true contentment, being present with yourself and others while also pursuing and maintaining excellence in all aspects of your life. Riley concludes, “Often, high achievers are limited by their success because they are only living in the accomplishments in one area of their lives. They have achieved or have the drive to achieve high levels of professional success but are not truly fulfilled with their lives overall. Or, they have reached their career goals but now know there are other facets of life they want to pursue but don’t know what/ how/why/when. Exponential Living gives such high achievers the power of being true to themselves and achieving a balance between work, family, friends, healthy living, and spiritual commitment to manifest a life that is genuinely complete and content.”

06-oct 6, 2011  

page 4page4 Are you tired of walking to the store just to get a few groceries? The walking is over. Now USU Eastern st...

06-oct 6, 2011  

page 4page4 Are you tired of walking to the store just to get a few groceries? The walking is over. Now USU Eastern st...