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So Fabulous & Fun

Style your clothes better and look chic while doing so… Jamie Lynn Rizzotti will lead the way


I had the pleasure of meeting with Jamie Lynn Rizzotti, a senior here at The U, to discuss her blog So Fabulous & Fun. Originally from Yardley, Pennsylvania, Jamie is a community health education major and was recently inducted into the Community Health Honors Society here at The U. She is largely involved with the Peer Health Educator Program and Her Campus’ InfluencerHer Collective, an influencer community targeted for the female college student demographic. Jamie’s blog So Fabulous & Fun is a large part of her life here at The University, and has allowed her the ability to self-express on various platforms. She was eager and willing to share this passion with me in our interview.

IT:How did you come up with the name So Fabulous & Fun?

JLR: My mom and sister helped me come up with the name. We got inspiration from my favorite blogger ‘Southern Curls & Pearls.’ I really liked how she uses the ‘&’ symbol in her logo and wanted to do the same. I am also a really big fan of alliteration and thought using this literary device would create a name that is memorable to my audience. My mom, sister and I brainstormed words that I liked that started with the same letter and came up with ‘fabulous’ and ‘fun’ and we soon after established ‘So Fabulous & Fun.’ I love the name and hope that my blog can inspire my audience to add some ‘fun’ to the already classic and ‘fabulous’ pieces they have in their closet!

IT: Why did you start the blog?

JLR: I started the blog because I wanted an outlet to explore my passion for fashion. I really enjoy community health education and am very passionate about health and wellness, but I still felt like something was missing while I was in college. I always knew deep down inside that I should do something with my love for fashion so once I discovered fashion blogging I knew it was the perfect thing for me. Shopping is one of my favorite things to do and I really enjoy styling outfits while keeping up with the latest trends, so I knew that starting a fashion blog would help me pursue that passion.

IT: Do you have any inspirations?

JLR: One of my biggest inspirations is Southern Curls and Pearls; she is someone I have followed for a long time. She is much older than I am, however, her posts and blog have always resonated with me. Southern Curls and Pearls has transitioned from only styling outfits to more lifestyle blogging which is something I look forward to doing with my own blog in the future. Some other inspirations include CCmcoving, Champagne&Chanel, Dressupbuttercup and Daniaustin.

IT: Who takes your photos and when do you take your photos?

JLR: My mom is my photographer. She also helps me brainstorm all of the locations for my blog pictures based on the outfits that we are shooting that day. We like to find places that have a background that matches my outfit which gives off an aesthetic appearance. I take all of my photos when I am home from college for breaks to stock up on photos so that when I am back at school I can put my main focus into creating blog posts.

IT: Do you have plans for your business after college?

JLR: I plan on continuing my business after college and would love to merge into lifestyle blogging. I plan on creating posts about my beauty and skincare routine, healthy recipes, fitness, and home decor. Maintaining the blog and updating it regularly is a lot of work and can be considered a 'full-time job' so I look forward to being able to dedicate more time to this after college and seeing how it will grow.

IT: Where do you shop?

JLR: “I have a lot of stores that I enjoy shopping at but lately I have been purchasing outfits for the blog at Target, Francesca’s, Anthropologie, and Urban Outfitters! I try my best to advertise affordable pieces and sale items in the hope that it will entice people to shop my looks and in hope that it will entice people to shop my looks and stick around for my fashion finds.”

IT: Do you have any sponsored posts, if so how did you get them and which companies have reached out to you?

JLR: “Through Her Campus, I receive the majority of my sponsorship opportunities. The Her Campus community has allowed micro-influencers, like myself, to connect with their respective clients to create sponsored posts. The application process is different for each company but most brands ask us for information on personal blogging data and our audience insights; including a number of followers and their demographics such as their gender, age range, and location of where they live. Some of the companies I have collaborated with include: Garnier, L’Oreal, Alba Botanica, Clarisonic, Kiehl’s, Febreze, Steripod, LUNA Bar, OtterBox, LeSportsac and Victoria’s Secret PINK. Other than Her Campus, companies will reach out to me and ask if I would like free product in exchange for a post.”

IT: Do you collaborate with any apps to make it easier for your followers to find specific outfits?

JLR: “Through rewardStyle I collaborate with LIKEtoKNOW.it. which is known as the single largest influencer shopping app! LIKEtoKNOW.it technology has made it incredibly quick and easy for followers to find specific outfits I post on my blog. Through this app, my followers can purchase whatever catches their eye without all of the trouble of sifting through old posts trying to figure out where I bought my outfit. The app is free and simple to use so it is extremely beneficial for those who enjoy fashion and want to shop from their favorite bloggers and influencers.”

IT: What are some of your favorite pieces to wear?

JLR: “Fall is one of my favorite seasons so my favorite pieces are clothing items that can be worn during the Fall. I love leggings, high waisted jeans, big comfy sweaters, thigh-high boots, booties, big blanket scarves, and pom hats. I think adding a unique and fun accessory can really complete any look!

IT: What do you find is the hardest part about being a micro-influencer while also being at school?

JLR: “I am extremely grateful that I was able to become successful with my blog and to be able to receive sponsored posts with some of my favorite brands, but what makes it hard about being a micro-influencer while also being at school is that I don’t want to come off as over the top. There’s a fine line between being authentic and being in it for a sponsorship. I blog because I love fashion and really enjoy writing and being creative. Doing sponsorships are just an amazing perk that I receive in exchange for doing a hobby that I love. It is very hard to share with other college students the wonderful opportunities that I obtain, especially when I am gifted with free products because I never want people to perceive me as being ostentatious with the items that I receive. Being considered an “influencer” is something that I am very proud of achieving, especially at such a young age but at the end of the day I am just an ordinary college student and I hope that people can see that.”