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February 2014

A Dose of Destiny

The Purge What happens when lies become as believable as the truth in a relationship and the truth as rare as self confidence in a teenager? Knowing they say one thing but do the opposite. Seeing that person and realizing the beauty and confidence they once possessed is overshadowed by their progressively weakening state of being:... becoming as pale as the snow on the ground. ...losing mountains upon mountains of weight while the blue branches of veins become visible beneath the thin paper that is their skin. ...slumbering eyes closed to the world more often than not . So what happens when excessive bathroom trips go unrecognized, and buckets of food consumed? First, it’s an apple, then a snack such as a candy bar. That candy bar turns into another snack; then a meal. One meal turns into two, three, even four. Bulimia nervosa is an eating disorder where a person eats excessive amounts of food followed by obsessive attempts to lose the weight. Bulimics often purge (forcing themselves to throw up) after eating but may also use laxatives, diuretics and enemas to get rid of the food. The feeling after binging is what drives a person to guilt which leads to the purging. Often times it’s triggered by traumatic events, self-image issues, or major life changes. No one knows exactly what makes a person want to throw up but depression has been directly associated with bulimia. When bulimics look in the mirror, what they see can cascade a cloud of negative thoughts. “...eww, look at my face. …my thighs are so big; Why am I so fat? ...ugh, I’m so gross. Why can’t I look pretty like all the other girls at school?” About 13 percent of adolescent females and two percent of males are affected directly by bulimia each year, according to Health teachers do a good job of making students aware of what can happen when an eating disorder begins; however, if you were like me, you just sat there and daydreamed during that section. I’m not skipping meals or throwing up, so why should I care? Right? Wrong. Even though it might not directly affect you, just knowing someone who has an eating disorder can affect you. It’s important to know the signs and symptoms so it doesn’t go unrecognized. Yellowing on fingertips and teeth is often a pretty obvious sign. Throwing up, causes stomach acid to leave the body along with any food in the stomach causing your teeth and the finger you’re using to throw up to yellow. Thinking back, all I can see is my mom’s face; pink flushed cheeks, eyes puffy and tear ridden, lips frowned. Just the thought of one of her kids having bulimia killed her. Just knowing one of her children might be struggling is enough to ruin any parent. Not only does being bulimic affect the actual person, but it affects the people around them. There are a lot of emotions involved. Humans have a habit of attaching themselves to other humans. There is no way one can be completely alone in this world, if you sitting in that bathroom thinking you’re alone just remember you’re not. Think to yourself who would care.

Destiny Nagle





Drew Switzer crowned Mr. Emmaus Tori Delhagen Zoie Kassis News Contributors

Last month, Emmaus held its annual Mr. Emmaus competition where a selection of senior boys, including winner Drew Switzer, performed in front of a crowd of over 400 people. Although many unique talents shined throughout the night, Switzer’s charming response and unique juggling skills took the crown. Sawyer Long whose humorous act as an elderly woman followed as runner up. The Mr. Emmaus competition consists of four categories, formal wear, swim wear, talent, and a question portion, that mimic a typical beauty pageant. Following the clothing and talent portions, the judges pick four finalists to answer their given thought provoking question. The finalist with the favored answer wins the title. The competition sign ups began in October, and the boys, along with members of SGA, put in vigorous effort until the curtains closed. Proceeds from the event will be given to Coaches vs. Cancer and the Angel Network. Event director Michael Mihalik explained the effort put in to make the show. “The Mr. Emmaus competition requires the most effort of all,” said Mihalik. “Most of the event was put on Nick Quinn and Nina Rowan, they’re the coordinators and middlemen for almost everything.” Long put a lot of thought and effort into his act. “I was going to sing a Justin Timberlake song, but I felt singing was cliche,” said Long. “One day during rehearsal of ‘Pride and Prejudice’ a character backstage had a cane. I used the cane and started to reenact a grandmother. Everyone backstage loved it and found it really funny.” Switzer spent many hours practicing for Mr. Emmaus. “For my talent I juggled a lot in the past 3 months,” said Switzer. “I practiced everyday and prepared myself for the pressure of being on stage.” Long was pleased with the results. “I’m happy with being the runner up, it was a great competition,” said Long. “The competition was very hard and honestly anyone could have won. I’m very proud of Drew, we’ve been best friends since middle school, and I’m really happy for him.” The pageant launched with an entertaining video introducing the contestants that answered various questions and explained why they should take the crown. Mike Kashuba amused the crowd when

Pictured: Above Left: Mike Kashuba and Jack Melnick look longingly into each other’s eyes. Above right: Juniors Daria Gbor and Lindsay Ortwein plant kisses on Nate Feiertag’s cheeks. Below: Quantre Menzel points to the crowd during his performance. Photos by Zoie Kassis asked his favorite EHS memory, with the response “Well, we’re the bomb.” The boys took the stage with a dance number, choreobody puts baby in the corner. Stephen graphed by dance team seniors, to “Sexy Back” by Justin Wimble belted a song about dumb ways Timberlake. Within the performance the to die. From the talent portion, the judges contestants twerked and brought their own selected four students to move on to the sense of style. Following the opening number, the question part of the competition includcontestants took the stage with their es- ing Sawyer Long, Drew Switzer, Mike Kashuba, and corts in formal Fergus Watkins. I’m very proud of the amount wear. Andrew The contesMantone gave of people that came to support. tants thoughtfula heartwarming ly answered their entrance when -Nick Quinn questions but the his grandmothtie-breaker was er escorted him between Long onto the stage. The dance team performed an upbeat and Switzer. When asked if social networks have a hip-hop number that brought energy to the positive effect on teenagers, crowd. Switzer replied saying they do because Next, the boys put on their best swimthe only way he can talk and have a rewear attire and took the stage. Mantone brought a summer breeze lationship with his sister is through Facewith his “windsurfing” act. Long took the book. After a long discussion between the crowd to “Bikini Bottom” with a bright judges, Switzer ended up claiming the title yellow Spongebob of Mr. Emmaus. Switzer shared his thoughts on winning costume. The talent portion the crown. “To be the winner of Mr. Emmaus is inmarked the highlight credible, I honestly didn’t expect it,” said of the night. Quantre Menzel put on his Switzer. “Winning the competition was a silver glove and fantastic ending to the evening.” Mihalik felt satisfied with the competi“thrilled” the crowd tion. with a Michael Jack“I thought the competition was aweson mash-up. Fergus Watkins, some,” said Mihalik. “The guys did great aka Fergalicious, performances and brought a lot of talent.” Sophomore Nick Quinn was happy with drummed to the beat of “Fergalicious” by the ending results. “I’m very proud of the amount of peoFergie. Jack Melnick ple that came to support,” said Quinn. and Mike Kashuba Andrew Mantone struts down the stage with his grandmother at reenacted the famous “The guys were all committed to the comhis side. scene from “Dirty petition. Photo by Zoie Kassis Dancing” where no-

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