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THE WOOLY MAMMOTH With debate raging on about the proposed Fortis development on Water Street, an 11-storey proposal for further up the road may just be something people on both sides of the height restriction debate can agree on. With six levels of office, two levels of building parking and four levels of city public parking, the project has the approval of some of the most strict followers of the Municipal Plan, including the oft(unfairly)-called-anti-development councillor Shannie Duff. Councillor Wally Collins joked that with her approval they might as well go ahead and order the lumber. People on our website have plenty to say about the project. Here’s a selection of what was said: Comment by Jordan: That whole block is absolutely horrible looking. Hopefully city council can try to hurry this proposal along, the quicker it goes up the better. I think the building looks great and maybe the other buildings and the land around it will either be redeveloped or developed soon.

Comment by Jackie: Do

it up. That whole block is an embarrassment and a dump. Comment by davelane: I’m all for it. I also understand the design is not finalized, which means we can have some say. But here are the benefits: it is not altering a heritage area; it is not demolishing existing businesses; it is near widelane traffic and highway turnoffs, keeping congestion out of the core; it’s still downtown; it’s livening up a “dead zone”; it will have PARKING for both tenants AND the public; it will have street-level merchant space; it respects the intent of the Municipal Plan. This is the type of development that is a win-win for everyone involved. Except maybe a couple of families of mice and pigeons :( THINK OF THE MICE AND PIGEONS, PEOPLE!) Comment by Kevin: This won’t even kill my view of the cranes... Comment by Dave H: I like the proposed development on the corner of Water and Prescott Streets better, however this proposal is probably more palatable to St.


John’s city council. I hope they just get on with it, and not debate it ad nauseam. Comment by HBeez: How fast can this be built?? Comment by George: Now build the Fortis project and we really have a booming downtown area. I hope that people realize that there is also a 75 million dollar project waiting on the opposite corner. Build them both and revive the downtown area. I hope the protesters keep away from both projects. It seems whatever Shannie says the masses of protesters will follow even though it’s over four levels... Comment by Jack: This design is UGLY and lacks imagination, other than that I am in favor of redeveoping this site. The whole block as far as Templeton’s should be developed as one comprehensive “landmark” site, all it takes is to get the other parties to work together to develop a concept that will make a statement. Join the fray online at

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turned to a new chapter, it is still the beginning of our beautiful story. i love you very Cover photo of Owen Pallett by Ryan Pfluger (

much. ♥ ♥ MIKE

♥ The Coldest Room in the House

♥ FEBRUARY 11 - 25, 2010

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local business news business trends

Booming Baby Business A bump in the provincial birthrate is spawning new baby businesses. Will the boom last? Our province’s birth rate, declining since the mid-sixties, is on the rebound. Some 4,905 babies were born in Newfoundland and Labrador last year, a seven per cent—or 300 baby—increase over 2007. It seems Bellies and Bundles Maternity and Baby Boutique, among a handful of other newish St. John’s baby shops, picked a good time to be born. The 700-square foot store specializes in natural baby products and comfortable, stylish office wear for moms-to-be, explains Ashley Russell, who co-opened the store in November with her best friend and cousin Lesley Reid. “No one wants to wear a muumuu to work,” Russell laughs. “They’re professional employees and definitely want to be able to wear something they’ve been wearing all along, from pants to dresses to blouses.” Neither of the pair have children of their own, but they were inspired by some of their pregnant friends who were having a hard time finding work clothing around town, Russell said.

They sell locally made items including baby slings, skincare products, hats and soon, baby booties. Russell says they are always looking for more local and Canadian items. They also offer environmentally friendly products for babies, like natural teething toys, and maternity accessories. The buzz started while the bun was still in the oven. The Bellies and Bundles Facebook group had over 400 members long before the store opened. So far, business is living up to the anticipation. “We’ve been doing really well, we had a great month leading up to Christmas and we’re still going strong through the slow retail season, so that’s positive for sure,” Russell says. But will the baby boom last—and will it be strong enough to keep the baby business booming? The provincial government’s most generous projection is that the total fertility rate will increase from 1.35 in 2008 to 1.49 in 2025 “as economic conditions in the province continue to improve.” Its worst projection is that the provincial fertility rate will decline to 1.11, which is more consistent with the longterm birthrate trend. The province’s retail sales in clothing and accessories grew by more than $5 million from 2008 to 2009.

The shop—wheelchair and stroller friendly—is located in Coaker’s Meadow Plaza, Torbay Road. —KERRI BREEN

business trends

Will St. John’s Pass Go? Is St. John’s the next Baltic Avenue? Fans of St. John’s are sending a familiar message to the makers of Monopoly and the rest of the country: Canada doesn’t stop at Halifax. The “Get St. John’s, N.L. on Monopoly Canada” Facebook group had over 5,400 members as of press time. Hasbro, maker of the legendary real estate game, is having a nationwide contest to determine which 22 cities will make it onto its new Canadian Monopoly board. Out of a list of pre-selected cities, including St. John’s, the 20 with the highest number of votes will make it onto the board. Voting closed on




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FEBRUARY 11 - 25, 2010


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Feb. 7, but Hasbro took down the leader board in the final stretch of the contest to add some suspense. The other two cities are wildcards, selected from the top nominated cities not on the pre-selected list. From Feb. 8 to 21 you can vote for these cities, one of which is Corner Brook. Vote at Since voting opened, interest peaked, then waned. St. John’s has fluctuated between fourth and fourteenth places, the latter more recently. The placement of the cities on the board is based on the number of votes it receives, so if St. John’s does win a spot, it may be a cheap one. One commenter on the Facebook group wrote that she wants this edition to have a hunk of salt beef as a playing piece. Here’s hoping. The winners will be announced later this year when the game comes out. —KERRI BREEN Get your salt beef at

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ISSUE 99, VOL 5, NUM 3, FEB 11 - FEB 25, 2010

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Playing to please


eartland is the third full length album from Toronto based musician and composer Owen Pallett—but the first to have his own name on the cover. Hitherto, Pallett had released his albums (Has a Good Home, 2005 and He Poos Clouds, 2006 ) and numerous EPs and singles under the bandonym Final Fantasy. But with his audience expanding internationally and the prospect of legal hassles from the company that created and owns the rights to the RPG game Final Fantasy, he now records and perform under his real name.

The album is a finely folded satire of religious obedience presented in a suite of 12 songs. It was recorded over nine months in Reykjavik, Prague and Toronto and is, not surprisingly, a dense listen. It features the Czech Philharmonic but is as modern as the electronics used to execute it. You can even dance to it. For some of the Canadian dates, he’ll have Alex Lukashevsky playing an opening set. In 2008 Pallett released Plays to Please, a tribute album to the songs of Lukashevsky and his band Deep Dark United where he also worked with an orchestra.

Kevin Hehir reached him on his cell phone while he was running errands during a break from the Heartland tour.

Hello, is this Owen? Speaking. This is Kevin Hehir calling from St. John’s. Hi, how’s it going? I understand that you just returned from

Europe. Yeah. I played three shows over there. Just London, Paris and Hamburg. They were kind of like little CD release party events. So how did they go? They went really well. I mean, the shows were all really wildly different. For the Hamburg

FEBRUARY 11 - 25, 2010

thescope 5

show I was opening for Tokotronic, which is kind of the German equivalent of The National, and it was perhaps the worst show I’ve ever played. The audience was not interested and I was not interested in the audience, I guess. Had you played there before? Hamburg? Yep, but not since 2005, so it had been a while. But after that, I had some really good shows. In Paris at La Maroquinerie, which is sort of this black box club, and then a really good show in London at Union Chapel, which is the best live venue I’ve ever played at. Is it actually a chapel? Yeah, it’s really gigantic and has beautiful, high ceilings. It’s a pretty auspicious venue. Bjork did a concert there with a string quartet for the Post release. Antony [Hegarty, of Antony and the Johnsons] plays there, lots of people play there. I noticed that you’re playing three churches on this tour, including here in St. John’s. Do you have any control over the venues you play at? No. It always changes, and I find that the show is somewhat flexible. When you do a show in a bar, you play things a little quicker and when you do a show in a church, you play things a little slower. It’s more of a sonic consideration than anything, depending on how much reverb is going on in the room. Because of the high ceilings and the wood? Yes, exactly. But yeah, it’s nice to have a nice, spiritual show in a church and then contrast that with a raucous, booze-soaked club show. I was wondering because of the story in Heartland. Lewis rises up to go after his creator. Do you ever worry that you’ll be smote down in a church? No, I don’t believe in any of that stuff ... I think the only good thing to come of that was good architecture. Nice buildings. Good work, believers! So, about the album itself. Heartland was recorded in at least three places. Were you there for all of the recordings? Yeah, I was there for all of the re-

cordings. I was executing the whole thing. How do you keep track of how all the different sounds are going sound together? It actually drove me crazy a few times, especially after we had tracked the orchestra. I just had so much information, so many takes of strings and winds and percussion and everything to process. It got simpler as it went on because you just have to start small and take care of every placement of all the strings here, and placement of all the winds there, and balance it out. By the end, we just had a nice, 16-channel mixer and we were just sliding the faders up and down and mixing that way. So it was really kind But yeah, of nice.

gets really quite localized on the first violin. It was both an aesthetic decision and also one just to cut out the shuffling of the people’s feet going on in the cello parts when the violins were taking their solos because I didn’t want to have the spell to be broken. (laughs)

I actually wanted to ask you about your EP Plays to Please, on which you cover six songs by Toronto’s Alex Lukashevsky, who is your opener for a few shows on this tour. How did that record come about? When we were on tour together [years ago], it was really interesting because he’d be playing all these sets that were totally beautiful, but all these it’s nice to people who have a nice, spiritual didn’t know show in a church and the songs and So you were learning and didn’t know then contrast that getting better what he was with a raucous, boozeat it as went about, didn’t soaked club show. on? react all that Well, with positively to [2008’s Plays it. They were to Please], I like, “Who’s had kind of this old pervert already learned a little bit of what with a guitar?” When I say old, he’s I was getting into, but this one was actually not that old, I think he just quite a bit more complicated. Like turned 39 last week. So, I developed with the strings themselves, you’re the idea that I was going to cover talking about 18 different channels a whole bunch of his songs in this of strings, and there are all these sort of old Van Dyke Parks-ian style close mics and they’re all over difwhich would almost be both a tribferent parts of the room ... It was ute and a bit of a sabotage (laughs) mostly contrasting different micing because I would be presenting his techniques on different songs when songs in a traditionalist way, which it was appropriate. Because I had is opposite of how he was typically so much flexibility with the string presenting his own songs. ensemble, I really just went for it and took the time to ensure that I I don’t know anything about was going to get the best sound for him. Can you tell me who he is? every song. He’s one of my favourite song writers, if not my favourite songwriter. What do you mean by more He’s in this band called Deep Dark flexibility? United who’ve put out several We had 50 players in a room and records on several different labels, 18 mics on them. So there were all one of them being Blocks, the sorts of different ways I could mix it, label that put out my Final Fantasy afterwards. On certain songs, I had records. all the stings panned to one side Alex has been on that label for and then I ran them all through ena while, making these amazing velope filters to make them sound records that are kind of like… I extremely percussive. With “E is for don’t know, I can’t really describe Estranged” for example, that song him and do him justice. He kind of goes through about three different sounds like an extremely talented mic treatments. It starts off with poet crossed with a really dirty really distant roomy sound and then

VANDALISM is against the law

6 thescope

FEBRUARY 11 - 25, 2010

uncle. But his music never sounds forcedly perverse, it just sounds beautifully … it just sounds beautiful. It’s the way he presents his songs, too. The songs can be, and sometimes are, performed just by him solo, with a guitar. He kind of half improvises around them in this sort of sloppy, awesome fashion. He just stands up with a nylon string guitar in front of a mic and just plays for rooms of 20 people. And then he has a band which is a whole bunch of heavy, free jazz people, and they will just kind of improvise too, with these really bizarre takes on these songs ... So the sensation of listening to any one of his albums, or going to see any one of his shows, is inherently incomplete because you really have to see it five times. Then you realize that you’ve heard five completely different versions of the same beautiful song. I resisted going online to listen to him before I talked to you. Well, he’s the sort of person who you really can’t sit down and breeze through. You really have to sit down and absorb what he’s doing and what he’s trying to do and understand that there are going to be a lot of moments where he’s going to piss you off a lot. Are you happy about how Heartland has been received? Well, I’ve kind of had no expectations about it. In fact, I feel kind of so far removed from it that any positive or negative response would have been absolutely A-OK. Do you mean removed timewise? No, like emotionally. I don’t feel anything. I’ve been just as entertained by people giving it zero stars and saying, “this guy is a fucking asshole,” as I have been by people who give it ten stars and lavish it with effusive praise. I don’t know. I keep calling it an “it” because that’s what I feel like it is, it’s just an “it”. I don’t think it has actually anything to do with me, it’s just something I spent a year working on, you know? (laughs) The one thing that I’m kind of sad about … (long pause)… I haven’t read a lot of good writing. (laughs again)

About the record? Yeah. There have been a couple of good zingers I guess, but I haven’t read a lot of good writing about it. The first thing that came into my head when I first put it on was “bleepy bloopy.” So you’re guy who wrote that! No, I haven’t written anything yet. Oh well, because Thomas Gill (guitarist) was checking his Twitter and someone apparently had said it was “bleepy bloopy”. It must have been somebody else. I love “bleep bloop.” That’s wonderful. Have you ever been to Newfoundland before? No, never. Any expectations? None. I’ve seen photos, that’s about it. But, I am really looking forward to coming ... I hear there’s a fantastic free jazz scene in St. John’s. My friend Jeremy Strachan (Hylozoists – Feuermusik) was there doing an ethnomusicology degree and he said it was very wonderful. Do you ever play any fiddle music or folk music or what might be considered traditional music? A little bit. I did it mostly for money. Which is going to sound really harsh, but it’s kind of how I put myself through university. I was playing mostly Sligo style Irish fiddle but I never really developed a taste for it outside of an occupation. I’m not trying to be belittling, I’m just trying to be honest. So, I’m going to let you go because it sounds like you’re busy there. I’m just lining up in a bank. Owen Pallett plays an all ages show the Cochrane Street United Church on Friday, Febrary 12th. Tickets are 15$, available at Folly and O’Brien’s Music, cash only. Show starts at 8pm.


YOURCITY notes from st. john's city hall


“on an island in the sea a girl waits by a tree right there we will be forever you and me” I love you, [your name

J’ai loupé le coche à


Your name is Steve.

here]. ♥ ♥ That boy/girl

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love is real.tehe <3 ♥ ♥


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brown and smell good.

Catch Andrew live-blogging city council meetings every Monday at





great one. Happy V

ich liebe dich ♥ ♥ KRIS-

florists and greeting



card companies, I love

lovelove b love love

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love love love love love

the best. <3 ♥ ♥ JEN

What’s not to love? ♥ ♥ MITTEN

the city should be proud of its recent massive improvements to waste management in the last several years, but although these improvements are decades overdue, they are huge steps in the right direction. As far as enforcement, I think we should do the whole thing like a band-aid, off in one go, and before you know it, the pain is gone. That way we could have spent our $750,000 to let people know they are going to have to recycle May 17th, instead of telling people they can recycle May 17th. If they want. Maybe. Kinda.

Even though this is a

home with kitty is a You

diverting waste from the landfills and getting people to think about garbage as it is about actual recycling. So, now that we finally have this fantastic recycling program all of St. John’s will be recycling, right? Probably not. There is no provision in the waste diversion plan to enforce the new recycling program. This means that in theory, on May 17th, we could send out a whole slew of recycling trucks, and they could come back empty. The issue came up at the January 26th meeting of the Public Works standing committee. Ward 1 councillor Danny Breen said no changes were proposed because the committee felt it would be too difficult to enforce any necessary by-laws. “We can’t enforce the ones we have on the books now,” he says. Breen is hopeful though that with the huge public education campaign that will be launched—to the tune of $750,000 no less—we should see a big uptake on the new program. He thinks we will see 50-60 per cent participation right off the bat, with more coming as a result of good communication from the city and from continued public education. There is no denying that

in a sleet storm, going

“What a beautiful face

’round the sun.” Stay

Put it in the books folks, Monday, May 17th, 2010 will be the start date for the curbside recycling program for St. John’s. And only a dozen or so years behind the rest of Canada. For the first phase there will be bi-weekly pickup of recyclable containers (plastic, aluminum, tin), and paper. In 2011, they’ll be carting away your compostables. But when the start date for the new program was announced in a council meeting earlier this month, it was not all applause and cheers. Who could possibly be raining on this eco-parade? Ward 5 councillor Wally Collins said that he’s not sure about the whole [recycling] thing. The cost of shipping our recyclables off Andrew Harvey the island will prove costly, he says, and he also questioned any potential environmental benefits gained by shipping recyclables away—some going as far as Boston. Deputy-mayor Shannie Duff admitted the CO2-cutting benefits are debatable if the recyclables are shipped off the island, but “there is great benefit in making people aware of their waste,” she says. Duff is right about this. The recycling program is arguably as much about preventing, and

you with all my heart. ♥

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We love you Bryh and


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Happy Valentine’s Day

Grecian Goddess ♥ ♥



2 1 6 W AT E R S T R E E T



ambition on rye


when i grow up, i want to be a sandwich



no, wait--i meant firefighter


d FEBRUARY 11 - 25, 2010

thescope 7

Lover-Bunny Darling…I you



serving romantic.



5408 days with you,


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happy valentines day

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peanut butter noodles

all my heart. Forever

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naventures college and

burgs have melted, but

Valentine’s Day.


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Willow & Superinten-


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Nobody loves me but


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Three words… Three

me and I love that. ♥ ♥


“Listening and growing” is the only information provided on this band’s page. Guess they’re a missed her eee.

words, Eight Letters <3


Runner Up: The Uke of Duckworth, aka Jordan Young. He also happens to give ukulele lessons, so maybe uke-an play too.

taking 3 years for us

No worries! Sarah Smellie has all the information to make sense of it all. Maybe.

housemates, no better



We lubs you. ♥ ♥ H$; I love you almost as much as the 20 McNug-


So they’re a band of gypsies playing neo-indie power pop and “hopefilled, uplifting, big band fun.” Luckily there are eight of them. And make-up. And costumes. And fire spinning. yeoe3mb



This stand-up comedy troupe—and devotees to some dude’s hairy upper lip—are making an album in hopes of earning themselves unlimited glory and “tens of ones of dollars.”



This is Mr. Matthew B’s second year slutting up the challenge with his noise/drums/noise combo. Does that make this Sluts on Sluts on

RPM DETAILS  It's not too late to sign up—even if February is almost over.

Record 10 songs or 35 minutes of  original music in 28 days. Just because you can.

8 thescope

FEBRUARY 11 - 25, 2010


It’s true—but these two guitarists may sing you a tune if they can muster up the confidence. www.



In addition to his solo entry, contender for St. John’s sweetest bike mechanic Jake Nicoll has collected a few soundscape-making friends to “make a record that will enable more people to have new, unique experiences.” The group promises not to prorogue anytime soon.



These Wizzards are bringin’ their doom ambience all the way from Portugal Cove-St. Philips, and not even conventional spelling is safe! Featuring Ritche Perez, who you my remember from RPM 2008’s Ohio Scream. The Wizzards also pick up a nod in the Most Gratuitous Use of The Letter “Z” category, along with the group Cougarz in Legwarmerz.



fect than the last, and i

Almost. ♥ ♥ KILLAHBEE

♥ ♥ JESSICA ETHERIDGE Morgaine I love you

carry it in my heart. ♥ ♥

and want babies. Im


Recording can only be done in the month of February—no prerecorded songs.

nie ♥ ♥ Cleo

♥ ♥ F.I.T.S ALIEN everyone in town has a Baby,





the little

crush on kym greeley. us especially! ♥ ♥ HJ

to mature and then

I love you more than 40

family. It’s been the


word limits can say… ♥

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has been way too long.






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I’m so glad I found my 1 year, 2 months and

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29 days ago the best

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Mexican soda. Clothes


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By a casual, unscientific scan of the list, about a third of all of this year’s entrants are solo man acts. A third! What’s with that? Runner Up(s): heart to mouth (Aww), Options (You got ‘em!), SUPERGOD! (You’ll feel like one when you’re done) Ubiquitous Gazelle (Augh! They’re everywhere!)


THE ULTRAMAMMOTH LOGO It is pretty sweet. ycjukpe

 This is not a contest!  This will be fun!  There is no fee! Record 10 songs or 35 minutes  material, and burn it to CD.

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They’re a group of actors on a tour across rural Manitoba who are also recording an RPM album. You can follow their progress on the road here ( and on their album here (www.

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Since we have almost no idea what’s going on inside those 150 makeshift basement, bedroom, and/or kitchen recording studios, we’re left with only a handful of clues about what they’re up to.



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We’re only a few weeks in, and more than 150 local bands have signed up to record an entire album in one month for this year’s RPM challenge.

Sluts on Sluts? Hm. www.tinyurl. com/yeaop4b

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RPM Challenge NL c/o The Scope PO Box 1044 St. John’s, NL A1C 5M3

All material must be previously unreleased, and we encourage you to write the material during February too. Registered participating bands  and musicians get their own page at

All the completed albums may be  put up in the jukebox on the website. where you can blog as much as you want. You also get access to the discussion board, where you can swap ideas, resources, etc., and the ability to e-mail and private message with other participants.

If you’d rather not share your work with the public, then no one needs to hear it but you. But what’s the fun in that?

When it’s finished, mail your disc to us (postmarked by March 1) at:

You can also drop it off in person at our drop-off box inside Fred’s Records, 198 Duckworth Street, by noon on March 1.

When the month is over, there will be local listening parties where at least one track from each completed album from NL will be played.

For information or to sign up, visit

HOTTICKETS Chinese Therapy Centre Classical Chinese acupuncture / herbal medicine Dr. X Hong Liu MD (China) R.Ac. CAFC, ND.

Feb 11 - Feb 25, 2010 music

Mary Barry CD release

20 Years of Experience. Most insurance accepted. 49-55 Elizabeth Avenue, Suite 201 E-mail: 753-1150

Mary Barry will have you whispering “Je t’aime” all Serge GainsbourgSAT FEB 13 like with her newest album Chanson Irisees. Featuring both her own compositions and covers of songs by Christine Bernard and the legendary Edith Piaf, the album debuts at her Chansons D’Amour Concert, 8pm, at the D.F. Cook Recital Hall. Tickets are 20 dollars.

fair trade recycled materials biodegradable substances


CBC Pancake Breakfast

Your early morning incoherence supports a good cause at the 6th Annual CBC Pancake Breakfast. The 5 bucks you fork over for a plate of pancakes TUE FEB 16 goes to partners of the NL Housing and Homelessness Network. Get all sticky at the buttery Battery Hotel from 6am until 10am. Mount Pearl residents can feast at Smitty’s, 26 Gibson Drive, from 7am until 10am.

175 water street. st john’s, nl 709 722 6004

Murray Premises • 739-8444 Open Tuesday to Saturday

monday - saturday 10-6 sunday 12-5


Matthew Hornell and the Diamond Minds CD release

The Scope’s Best of St. John’s 2009’s Best New Band Matthew Hornell and the Diamond Minds are at The Ship FRI to celebrate the release of their FEB 19 gorgeous-looking debut album. No worries, they’re gorgeoussounding, too. Cover for the show will be 10 dollars or 20 dollars with a CD. With the Subtitles, Andrew James O’Brien and other gorgeous guests. film/music

Pathological Lovers video launch

The Pathological Lovers unveil their Bride of Frankenstein-inspired, SAT FEB 20 Jordan Canning-directed video for “Best Served” at the Rockhouse amidst a signature kickass show. Kujo’s on opening duties. And there’s no cover. theatre

Monarita opens

Your best friend’s on Planet Motherhood. You’re not. Now what? Local virtuosic polymaths WED FEB 24 Sarah Tilley and Ruth Lawrence star in Monarita, a poignant picture of female friendship. Directed by Sherry White, recently acclaimed for her award-winning film Crackie. Preview at the Arts and Culture Centre Basement Theatre, 10 bucks.

FEBRUARY 11 - 25, 2010

thescope 9

MUSIC Sleeves


DES GAMBIN, 7pm, West Side Charlie’s-


Kenmount Rd

(5pm); Barry Kenny & Glen Harvey (8pm); Tarahan (11pm), Shamrock City Pub

CRAIG YOUNG (solo acoustic) no cover, Fat Cat

DJ BIG FRANK, Konfusion DJ MARK POWER, no cover, Martini Bar DJ NU ROCK, The Breezeway DJ SINA, Loft 709 EVEN KEEL, Acura, Bridie Molloy’s FERGUS O’BYRNE (7pm); Acoustic Punters

DAVE REARDON, 5pm, Station Lounge

DJ FABIAN, no cover, 11am, Zone 216

nell, 9pm, no cover, Rose & Thistle

shevsky, 8pm, $15adv, Cochrane St United Church


SLAMFEST (709 punk/hardcore CD release) Ru-


UNLISTED, Green Sleeves Pub

mours, Breakaway, Severed Tongues, Tied Down, Kick Gut, 11pm, $5, Rose & Thistle


Raycocks, Dead of Winter, First Offence, RocketRocketship, Patrick Swayze & The Dirty Dancers, Options, 10pm, $5, The Levee

midnight, no cover, Bull & Barrel

STIXX & STONES, The Dock THE CROOKS (rock), Lee Fitz (hip hop), Dave Whitty, La Malediction (garage), Peter Mills, 10pm, $5, CBTGs

FEB 12 BELOW XERO, Junctions CHRIS HENNESSEY (5pm); Bill Kelly (8:15pm), The Masterless Men (11pm), O’Reilly’s Irish Pub



FEB 13

BOB TAYLOR, Carl Peters & Pat Moran (8pm); Tarahan (11pm), Shamrock City Pub

CATCHER (rock), Repartee (rock), Matthew Hornell & The Diamond Minds (folk), Rock House

CHANSONS D’AMOUR: Mary Barry (CD release of Chansons Irisées) Accompanied by Brian Way, Charlie Barfoot, Susan Evoy, Kate Bevanbaker, Jack Daw & Rob Lee, $20, DF Cook Recital Hall

THE EARLY SHOW: Ian Foster, Matthew Hor-

JERRY STAMP, Joey Bennett, Grant Kingston,

(punk-metal-hardcore-hip hop), Dead Peasants Revolt, 10pm, $5, The Levee



DJ MAYEHEM, Loft 709 DJ SINA, Konfusion FILTHY FRIDAYS: DJ Lex, Turkey Joe’s IDLERS (reggae), $10, The Ship MATT BYRNE, Stone Rogues, Bridie Molloy’s MILITARY ROAD, Erin’s Pub MISSCONDUCT, 10pm, Martini Bar OWEN PALLETT (Final Fantasy), Alex Luka-

(10:30pm), O’Reilly’s Irish Pub

Terry Reilly, Pete Mills, Kaitlyn Brace, David Maher, Chelsea Parsons, Ashley Bradley, Kerri Ivany, Mellyssa Vey & Kayla Pollard, Jordan Chafe, Morgan Anderson, Jessica Durling, 7pm, no cover,Coffee & Co-Water St

Red Party with DJ Dough Low Rock (Toronto), Lakeside, Young Blood, The Rit, Lee Fitz, Smooth Poet, $5, Distortion

Blues Bar

Tickle (11pm), Shamrock City Pub

Rock House


by Kurt Hull, Jeff Patey, Sarah Walsh, Shawn Walsh, Pete Heath, Shaun Burton, Blaine Edwards, Steve Coombs, Matthew Esteves & Paul Warford (7pm-9:30pm); Music by Steve Green, Andrew Ledrew, Scott Conway, Janeil Lynch, Danielle Hann, 9:45pm start, Whalen’s Pub




Cat Blues Bar

Listings deadline for our next print edition is 5pm Sunday, February 21st.

FEB 11

Ensemble, 10pm, The Ship

THE NOVAKS (rock), Jigger (rock), no cover, THE RON HYNES BAND (folk/country) $10, Fat

Submit your show information by e-mail to or click “Submit a Listing” online at Event listings are free, and hi-res photos are welcome and encouraged.


Wolves, Adam Baxter Trio (rock), CBTGs

SLAMFEST (709 punk/hardcore CD release) The


THE FRENCH CONNECTION: With solo clarinetist, Hubert Tanguay-Labrosse. An all French music evening conducted by Marc David, 8pm, $18-$34, Arts & Culture Centre


Green Sleeves


VJ ERIC, DJ Fabian, 11pm, $5/$7 after 1:30pm,

by Gilles Tremblay (QC), Daniel Peter Biro (BC), Michael Matthews (MN), Piotr Grella-Mozejko (AB) & Iannis Xenakis (Greece), 8pm, $7/$10/$15, DF Cook Recital Hall 753-4630

Zone 216

THOM, Danielle & Friends, CBTGs



80S NIGHT: With DJ Frosty, CBTGs BACH ON THE ROCK: The complete organ


works in 18 concerts by David Drinkell & Jenny Vincent Anglican Cathedral, 8pm, freewill offering, Anglican Cathedral

DES GAMBIN, 7pm, West Side Charlie’s-

FEB 14 CHRIS HENESSEY (7pm); Con & Arthur O’Brien (10pm), Shamrock City Pub

DAMIAN FOLLETT, Green Sleeves Pub MIKE HANRAHAN, Irish Session, Bridie Molloy’s

RETRO SUNDAY: DJ Lex, Turkey Joe’s SONG SESSION: Allan Byrne, 7pm, O’Reilly’s Irish Pub


LOCAL TOUGH (rock) CBTGs LUST FOR LOVE: Tow rooms with

Deko-ze (Toronto), DJ Batty, Moxxy, Mike the Tailor, Leo Van Ulden, Kid Cue, Loft 709

MC FLIPSIDE (Toronto), DJ Electro, Steve Murray & Dr Drake, Liquid Night Club

MISSCONDUCT, 10pm, Martini Bar ROB COOK (4:30pm); Fergus O’Byrne (8pm); The Masterless Men (11:30pm), O’Reilly’s Irish Pub

SEXY SATURDAY: DJ Jaycee, Turkey Joe’s SLAMFEST (709 punk/hardcore CD release) Dig up the Dead, Once Loved, Skywalker, Dead Peasants Revolt, Frontier, Clocked In, 10pm, $5, The Levee

STONE ROGUES (alt celtic rock), Acura, Bridie Molloy’s


THE RON HYNES BAND (folk/country) $10, Fat Cat Blues Bar

UNITED STEEL WORKERS OF MONTREAL (Montreal roots / bluegrass), The Newish Klezmer


FEB 15 ANTHONY MACDONALD & RONNIE POWER, 10pm, Shamrock City Pub DAMIAN FOLLETT, Green Sleeves Pub LARRY FOLEY & PATRICK MORAN, 9pm, O’Reilly’s Irish Pub



FEB 16 CARL PETERS & DAVE WHITE, Turkey Joe’s CHRIS HENNESSEY(5pm); Rob Cook & Larry Foley (12am), O’Reilly’s Irish Pub

CONNEMARA, 10pm, Shamrock City Pub DAMIAN FOLLETT & GARY GAMBIN, Green Sleeves Pub

DT, Mast & Friends, CBTGs GET TWISTED: DJ Ayuba, no cover, Loft 709 HOT TUESDAY: Dave Walsh (acoustic), Stephen Green & The Faded Yellow Line. Hot chocolate, hot candles & hot music, 9pm, no cover, The Levee

Rock House The

on George Street



PAUL O’TOOLE, The Grapevine SHAWN BERESFORD (solo acoustic) no cover, Fat Cat Blues Bar


FEB 17

ANDREW PIKE (solo acoustic) no cover, Fat Cat Blues Bar

BLACKIE O’LEARY (7pm); The Navigators (10pm), Shamrock City Pub CHRIS HENNESSEY (7pm); The Bishops (10:30pm), O’Reilly’s Irish Pub

DAVE WHITE, 10pm, Turkey Joe’s EPIC WEDNESDAYS: Adam Baxter, 10pm, $5, Distortion

AT SHIPS END 10 thescope

FEBRUARY 11 - 25, 2010

FEB 18

Tickle (11pm), Shamrock City Pub Kenmount Rd

DJ BIG FRANK, Konfusion DJ MARK POWER, no cover, Martini Bar DJ NU ROCK, The Breezeway DJ SINA, Loft 709 DR ZOO (afro-celtic reggae), 9pm, Fat Cat Blues Bar

FERGUS O’BYRNE (7pm); Acoustic Punters (10:30pm), O’Reilly’s Irish Pub

JERRY STAMP, midnight, no cover, Bull & Barrel JIMMY FEEHAN, Bridie Molloy’s MUN OPERA WORKSHOP (MUN Music) MUN Opera & Chamber Orchestra join forces to present Mozart’s The Magic Flute. Sung in German with English dialogue, 7:30pm, Reid Theatre

NIGHT MUSIC (Sound Symposium) w/ anchor band Spanner. Improvisers welcome, 9:30pm, $4, The Ship

STIXX & STONES, The Dock THE EARLY SHOW: Ian Foster, Maggie Meyer, 9pm, no cover, Rose & Thistle


UNLISTED, Green Sleeves Pub


FEB 19 16TH ANNUAL TOMMY SEXTON BENEFIT: Music by The 8-Track Favorites, Stixx & Stones, Liz Solo, Colleen Power, hosted by Greg Malone plus live auction, 8pm, $20, The Bella Vista

AT SHIPS END (folk) 10:30pm, $7, Rock House BARCODE, Darnell’s Pub BEN RIGBY, Fat Cat Blues Bar CARL PETERS & DAVE WHITE, Green Sleeves CHRIS HENNESSEY (5pm); Bill Kelly (8:15pm), The Bishops (11pm), O’Reilly’s Irish Pub

D’ARCY BRODERICK & RON KELLY (5pm); Barry Kenny & Glen Harvey (8pm); Sons of Erin (11pm), Shamrock City Pub

DAVE REARDON, 5pm, Station Lounge DJ FABIAN, no cover, 11am, Zone 216 DJ MAYEHEM, Loft 709 DJ SINA, Konfusion FILTHY FRIDAYS: DJ Lex, Turkey Joe’s HAT TRICK, Trapper John’s Pub JACKIE N, Siochana, Bridie Molloy’s KELLY ANN EVANS, 10pm, Martini Bar MATTHEW HORNELL & THE DIAMOND MINDS (folk CD release), The Subtitles (pop), Andrew James O’Brien, The Ship


$5, The Ship

Opera & Chamber Orchestra join forces to present Mozart’s The Magic Flute. Sung in German with English dialogue, 7:30pm, Reid Theatre

JASON LACOUR, Trapper John’s Pub KRONIK, Green Sleeves Pub

OPTIONS, Distortion TEXAS CHAINSAW (rockabilly) CBTGs

FOLK NIGHT: Scott Goudie & Paul Smith, 9pm,





101, Green Sleeves BOB TAYLOR, Carl Peters & Pat Moran (8pm);

ANDY BROWN (New Brunswick singer-song-

FEB 20

FEB 25 writer) Bull & Barrell

Sons of Erin (11pm), Shamrock City Pub

BELLY (Stylus Club DJ 09), Ill Kidz (Montreal hip

CHRIS RYAN, Trapper John’s Pub DAVE WALSH, no cover, Trinity Pub DJ BIG FRANK, Konfusion DJ NU ROCK, Loft 709 JOLLY ROGER, Fat Cat Blues Bar KELLY ANN EVANS, 10pm, Martini Bar PATHOLOGICAL LOVERS (rock), Kujo (rock),

hop), DJ Sina, Large Live N Direct, 9pm, $12/$15, The Breezeway

no cover, Rock House

Kenmount Rd

ROB COOK (4:30pm); Fergus O’Byrne (8pm); The Bishops (11:30pm), O’Reilly’s Irish Pub

SEXY SATURDAY: DJ Jaycee, Turkey Joe’s SIOCHANA, Bridie Molloy’s THE MOUNTAINS & THE TREES (folk) CBTGs THE SALON: Where poets, authors & songwriters get to share their work. Featuring Sharona Clark & Mike Heffernan, 8pm, free, Coffee & Co-Water St

THE SELLOUTS (rock) Junctions WEAK LINK (hardcore), Corridor 18 (Marystown hardcore), Dig up the Dead (punk), Frontier (hardcore), Polina (punk), 11pm, $5, Distortion

CARL PETERS & BOB TAYLOR (7pm), Middle Tickle (11pm), Shamrock City Pub


FEB 21

80S NIGHT: With DJ Frosty, CBTGs BACH ON THE ROCK: The complete organ works in 18 concerts by David Drinkell & Jenny Vincent Anglican Cathedral, 8pm, freewill offering, Anglican Cathedral

CHRIS HENESSEY (7pm); Con & Arthur O’Brien (10pm), Shamrock City Pub

DAMIAN FOLLETT, Green Sleeves Pub MIKE HANRAHAN, Irish Session, Bridie Molloy’s

RETRO SUNDAY: DJ Lex, Turkey Joe’s SONG SESSION: Allan Byrne, 7pm, O’Reilly’s Irish Pub


DIRECTORY ARTS & CULTURE CENTRE, Prince Philip Dr, 729-3900 THE ATTIC, 2 George St, 579-9632 BAR NONE, 164 Water St, 579-2110 BELLA VISTA, 26 Torbay Rd, 753-2352 BIG BEN’S, 55 Rowan St, 753-8212 BLACK DOG PUB, 318 Water St, 726-6015 BULL & BARREL, Holdsworth Court, 579-7077 BULL

CRAIG YOUNG (solo acoustic) no cover, Fat Cat

& FINCH, Torbay Rd, 738-7007 THE BREEZEWAY, MUN Campus, 737-4743 BRIDIE MOLLOY’S, 5

Blues Bar

George St, 576-5990 BROWNINGS PUB, Hotel Mount Pearl, 364-7725 CBTG’S, Holdsworth Court, 722-

DAVE WHITTY, Simon Hiscock, Bridie Molloy’s DES GAMBIN, 7pm, West Side Charlie’s-

2284 CHRISTINE’S PLACE, 210 Lemarchant Rd, 722-6400 CLUB ONE, George St, 753-7822 CROW’S

DJ BIG FRANK, Konfusion DJ MARK POWER, no cover, Martini Bar DJ SINA, Loft 709 FERGUS O’BYRNE (7pm); Acoustic Punters (10:30pm), O’Reilly’s Irish Pub

JERRY STAMP, midnight, no cover, Bull & Barrel STIXX & STONES, The Dock THE EARLY SHOW: Ian Foster, 9pm, no cover,

NEST (OFFICER’S CLUB), 88 Water St (by War Memorial), 753-6927 D.F. COOK RECITAL HALL, Memorial University 737-4700 CORNER STONE SPORTS BAR, 16 Queen St, 754-4263 DARNELL’S PUB, 1570 Topsail Rd 782-2440 DISTORTION, Holdsworth Court, 738-8833 THE DOCK, 17 George St, 726-0353 DUSK ULTRA LOUNGE, George St ERIN’S PUB, 186 Water St, 722-1916 FAT CAT BLUES BAR, George St 739-5554 GEORGE STREET BEER MARKET, George St, 753-7822 GEORGETOWN PUB, 754-6151 GREEN SLEEVES PUB, 14 George St, 579-1070 THE GRAPEVINE, Water St, 754-8463 GRUMPY STUMP, Torbay Rd, 753-2337 HOLY HEART THEATRE, 55 Bonaventure Ave, 579-4424 JUNCTIONS, 208 Water St, 579-2557 KARAOKE KOPS PARTY BAR, 10 George St, 726-8202 KELLY’S

Rose & Thistle

PUB, 25 George St, 753-5300 KONFUSION, George St, 753-4884 KRUGER’S BAR, 986 Conception


Bay Hwy, Kelligrews THE LAST DROP, 193 Water St, 726-3767 THE LEVEE, Holdsworth Court LIQUID


NIGHT CLUB, 186B Water St, 754-5455 LOFT 709, 371 Duckworth St 351-2183 LOTTIE’S PLACE, 3

UNLISTED, Green Sleeves Pub

VJ ERIC, DJ Fabian, 11pm, $5/$7 after 1:30pm, Zone 216

music venue

George St, 754-3020 LOWER PATH GRILL & BAR, 312 Water St 579-1717 LSPU HALL, 3 Victoria St, 753-4531 MAJESTIC THEATRE, 390 Duckworth St MARG’S PLACE, Kelligrews MARTINI BAR (Above


Peddler’s On George) 739-9180 MASONIC TEMPLE, 6 Cathedral St, 579-3023 MICKEY QUINN’S,


4455 MRS LIDDY’S, Torbay 437-6005 THE OLD MILL, 271 Brookfield Rd, 368-1334 O’REILLY’S IRISH

Lukashevsky, $15adv, Cochrane St United Church

SATURDAY FEB 13 FROM 2:30PM-9PM SLAMFEST (709 punk/hardcore CD release) RocketRocketShip, Black Mask Brigade, All Memories Aside, Breakaway, Houston We Have a Problem, Villains in Power, Patrick Swayze & The Dirty Dancers, $6, Junctions

FRIDAY FEB 19 AT 8:30PM DAWN AWAKENING (CD release), Jefford, Weapon, Catalypses, $5, Paradise Rec Centre

OPENMIC/JAM TUESDAYS: Gary Foley & Rob Moran at O’Reilly’s

120 New Gower St, 739-6404 MILE ONE CENTRE, 50 New Gower St, 576-7657 MUN MUSIC, 737PUB, 15 George St, 722-3735 PEDDLER’S ON GEORGE, George St, 739-9180 PETER EASTON PUB, Cookstown Road PETRO-CANADA HALL, Memorial University PLAYERS CUE, 50 Commonwealth

fair trade recycled materials biodegradable substances

Ave-Mt Pearl 368-2500 REPUBLIC, Duckworth St, 753-1012 ROB ROY PUB, George St, 739-6270 THE ROCKHOUSE, George St, 579-6832 ROSE & THISTLE, 208 Water St, 579-6662 SHAMROCK CITY PUB, 340 Water St, 758-5483 SHIP PUB, 265 Duckworth St, 753-3870 SPIN, 2 George St SHARKY’S PUB, Manuels 834-5636 THE SPROUT, 364 Duckworth St, 579-5485 SS MEIGLE LOUNGE, Seal Cove 744-1212 STANLEY’S PUB, 26 Torbay Rd, 754-0930 STATION LOUNGE, 7 Hutchings St STELLER CLUB, Henry St, 753-8222 STETSON LOUNGE, 260 Water St, 753-8138 SUNDANCE, George St, 753-7822 TOL'S TIME-OUT LOUNGE, 74 Old Placentia Rd 745-8657 TOPSAIL BREEZE TAVERN, Topsail 781-

0010 TRAPPER JOHN’S PUB, 2 George St, 579-9630 TRINITY PUB, George St, 579-5558 TRIP IN

175 water street. st john’s, nl 709 722 6004

LOUNGE, Kelligrews 834-4002 THE WELL, 14 George St - 2nd level Green Sleeves WHALEN’S PUB,

monday - saturday 10-6 sunday 12-5

32 George St 722-4900 ZONE 216, 216 Water St, 754-2492 Do you host live music or DJs? Joining our directory is free. E-mail:

Irish Pub (10pm)

WEDNESDAYS: Chris Ryan & Ronnie Power at


FEB 22 ANTHONY MACDONALD & RONNIE POWER, 10pm, Shamrock City Pub DAMIAN FOLLETT, Green Sleeves Pub LARRY FOLEY & PATRICK MORAN, 9pm, O’Reilly’s Irish Pub



FEB 23 ANDY BROWN (New Brunswick) The Grapevine CARL PETERS & DAVE WHITE, Turkey Joe’s CHRIS HENNESSEY(5pm); Rob Cook & Larry

THURSDAYS: The Levee (9pm) SUNDAYS: Shawn Beresford at Fat Cat Blues Bar; Young Musicians at Shamrock City Pub (2pm); Young Performers at O’Reilly’s Irish Pub (3pm)

KARAOKE WEDNESDAY: Karaoke Kops Party Bar THURSDAY: Karaoke Kops Party Bar; West Side Charlie’s-Torbay Rd

FRIDAY: Karaoke Kops Party Bar SATURDAY: Karaoke Kops Party Bar; Murf at Darnell’s Pub

Find the most up-to-date listings at

Foley (12am), O’Reilly’s Irish Pub

CONNEMARA, 10pm, Shamrock City Pub DAMIAN FOLLETT & GARY GAMBIN, Green Sleeves Pub

Shamrock City Pub (9:30pm)

SHAWN BERESFORD (solo acoustic) no cover, Fat Cat Blues Bar


FEB 24

BLACKIE O’LEARY (7pm); The Navigators (10pm), Shamrock City Pub

CHRIS HENNESSEY (7pm); The Bishops (10:30pm), O’Reilly’s Irish Pub

CHRIS KIRBY (solo acoustic) no cover, Fat Cat Blues Bar

DAVE WHITE, 10pm, Turkey Joe’s EPIC WEDNESDAYS: Adam Baxter, Andy Brown (New Brunswick singer-songwriter), 10pm, $5, Distortion

FOLK NIGHT: Lisa Gillam, 9pm, $5, The Ship JASON LACOUR, Trapper John’s Pub KRONIK, Green Sleeves Pub SONGWRITER SHOWCASE: Hosted by John Feltham, 9:30pm, no cover, The Levee

FEBRUARY 11 - 25, 2010

thescope 11


Documenting a scene A new punk and hardcore compilation is attempting to pin down that section of the local music scene. Martin Connolley has a listen.


avey Zegarac is smiling, triumphant even. He just finished putting together 709 Punk/Hardcore, a 32-track compilation from the St. John’s punk and hardcore scene. “We didn’t even look at Corner Brook or Labrador,” he smirks. Zegarac, originally from Winnipeg, first came to St. John’s on tour with his band Brat Attack. Two years ago, after the third or forth visit, he came for good. At that time, St. John’s had a big punk/ hardcore scene, but it was fairly fragmented - groups were divided by where they played as much as by what they played. Now that’s mostly changed. “It’s really cool now,” he says. “Everyone’s really unified.” In other words, it’s a perfect time to put out a compilation. It’s something that music scene veteran and project funder Ian Newton, owner of the punk/ hardcore mainstay Distortion, has wanted to do for a long time. “It started off with [tireless promoter, musician, and founding member of Giver] Fred Gamberg, when he put together the compilation Danger of Falling Rock back in 1994, just before he died,” says Newton. “Fred

got me into this, and I’ve been doing different things to stay in the scene since then.” The idea is to honor what Gamberg was doing while giving the

underground St. John’s scene some above-ground attention, in hopes of attracting more bands to play here. “It’s about cross promotion,” Newton explains. “About getting more and more bands here, about bringing business and record contracts. [Funding] this compilation was the best way to do it.” Zegarac doesn’t see himself as any kind of keystone in the music community, but he plays pretty

much every week with at least one of the four local groups he’s part of. And he’s done this sort of thing before. “I put together three compilations back in Winnipeg,” he shrugs. “I just really love organizing this stuff.” Zegarac also has experience with the distribution side of things, something that’s important if this CD is going to bring people to Newfoundland. The project came together in under two months. Zegarac and fellow band mate, Kyle Molotov, from the Class War Kids, put together a list of potential tracks. Newton put up the money, and Molotov helped put the word out. Bands had a few weeks to get a track submitted, and almost all of them made the deadline. After that, Newton was hands-off. “I let Davey do all the work,” he says. “I just passed him the money when he needed it.” Zegarac opted to leave out a curatorial process and left it up to individual bands to submit something good. He also opted to avoid arranging the tracks by categorizing them. “I like my mix tapes to be all broken up,” says Zegarac. “So they don’t have a metal section or anything, I try to keep it so every song sounds different.” 709 Punk/Hardcore will be released at SLAMFEST, which runs from February 12th to February 14th, featuring 20 bands from the punk/ hardcore scene over three nights at four venues. Check music listings on Pages 10 and 11 for details.


he 709 Punk/Hardcore CD is really meant as a celebration and a showcase for local bands, and as such, it makes for a pretty good map of the scene. Here’s a brief, annotated track list, courtesy of Davey Zegarac...

1. I WAS A SKYWALKER — “BLOW” These guys are really positive hardcore. They’re 17, 18, and 19, only been together for six months or so. The song is anti-coke.

2. DE-MONS — “HORSESHOES AND HANDGRENADES: FGD” They’ve from Mount Pearl and they’ve been around for a long time. The singer has a crazy voice. This track was recorded just for the compilation.

comes to town.

11. ONCE LOVED — “LOST AND FOUND” These guys think they’re old*—the name is supposed to mean they were in bands people once loved. They basically represent the St. John’s punk scene five years ago. The track is about all the people who used to go to shows and don’t anymore...


22. ROCKET ROCKETSHIP — “LOST AT SEA” Super poppy punk. Really popular right now.

23. UNEEDA — “AFRAID TO FALL” Used to be a NOFX cover band, but has branched out. Joe from Devastator and a bunch of metal dudes playing punk rock. Girl fronted.


Really fast skate punk, very political. They used to be called Too Stoned To Study.


Zegarac plays drums with Michael Phillips (from Judge Dread) and Rob Rotten (formerly of Regiment and a ton of other bands).




5. CIDER SQUADRON 666 — “POPE OF THRASH” Probably the crustiest band. Sort of a crust, drunk punk style with Kyle and Jeff Rose. Jeff is a local character, everyone knows him.


It’s the only celtic band on the CD – the guys are old punk rockers.

15. KING SIZED KIDS — “ATOMIC CHRONIC” From Mt. Pearl. Super positive, super awesome.

6. THE SATANS — “MISSIONARY” These guys play psychobilly, with makeup. Sort of an evil KISS.

7. DIG UP THE DEAD — “D.O.W.” Hardcore thrash – just awesome.

8. PATRICK SWAYZE AND THE DIRTY DANCERS — “BLEED TONIGHT” Newschool punk meeds hardcore. They’ve been together less than a year (but named themselves before Swayze west to the Berkshires in the Sky), super funny on stage. Amazing guitars.

9. ARE YOU PHOBIC? — “I HATE THE KIDS” Supposed to be the local answer to Limp Wrist. They sing about people’s insecurities with sexuality and dealing with homophobia. They don’t play too often, but pop up once in a while.

10. DAYTIME GHOST — “ZOMBIE ARM” Weird mix of electric punk and psychobilly – they have keyboards, and play whenever the drummer

FEBRUARY 11 - 25, 2010

An Old, straight-edge hardcore band.

3. RUMOURS — “THE CHAIN” A two piece: Steven Dejected and Juls (formerly of Margaret Thrasher). Leaning toward Metal.

A really new band (featuring Zegarac). The track was the only one they finished in time.

12 thescope


16. THE RAYCOCKS — “MY DAD BEAT UP A BEAR” This is Bob Parsons. His dad really did beat up a bear, in Labrador.

17. FRONTIER — “VULTURE” New York hardcore. It sounds like tough guy hardcore, like Hate Breed, but not so metal. They’re nice guys though, they just sound tough.

18. 3 CHORD REVOLUTION — “LIFE’S LIKE AN ASS CRACK” Old Mt. Pearl band. They play once or twice a year.

19. THE FAWKS — “GIRL FRIGHT” They’re kind on obnoxious. But on purpose.

20. TWO GUITARS CLASH — “THE GREAT ESCAPE” They have really well crafted songs, sound kind of like Social Distortion. Another old singer.

Hardcore. They’ve been around for a while, and play when the bass player comes to visit from Corner Brook.

The same guy whose dad beat up that bear...

Zegarac’s other band. They tour a lot and are headed to Europe this spring to spread the word about St. John’s.

27. OVER THE TOP — “THEY MUST BE NINJA’S (CAUSE THIS SONG KICKS ASS)” Really big right now. Happy, positive hardcore.

28. ICEBREAKER — “SEXES” A darker kind of hardcore – also very popular these days.

29. MOLOTOV SMILE — “PEDESTRIAN” They’re all from here, but they live in Calgary.

30. MOPEY MUMBLE MOUSE — “FOOD FAIR” Curtis used to be in Skull Face. They play a lot.

31. DEAD OF WINTER — “ALIEN SONG” Really awesome three chord pop punk (think The Ramones).

32. THE BLACK MASK BRIGADE — “SHOTGUNS” Ska Punk. * ”Old” is anyone over 22.


chocolate cake, and so can you!


t’s been over a year now since I switched this column over to the all gluten-free network of foodnerdery, and look, you hardly even noticed. Same tasty treats, same snarky remarks… nothing’s changed, right? Well, maybe not at your house, but it has at mine. Just to recap, in case you’ve forgotten, about 14 months ago I put my daughter, who was in kindergarten at the time, on a no-gluten diet to deal with some health issues she was having. Which meant that we had to re-think, in a pretty serious way, everything we eat. Gluten Andreae (just to refresh Callanan you) is a protein found in many grains, primarily wheat, spelt, kamut, rye, barley, and (through processing), oats. It’s not, you know, evil, but for people with sensitivities to it, the effects can be anywhere from mildly irritating (congestion, bloating) to debilitating (malnutrition, depression, reproductive disorders, you name it). Some people with gluten issues can pick the cheese off the top of a piece of pizza and eat it without any ill effects; others, especially people whose systems have been damaged by Celiac disease, can have their symptoms triggered if their food is so much as prepared with a wooden spoon that had been used to stir a pot of beef and barley soup last week. Those little gluten molecules are sneaky shaggers. Changing your diet, and especially changing your child’s diet, is difficult. As is always the case in my life, when faced with difficulties, I deal in one way: I bake. I bake cookies, I bake cakes, I bake squares and cinnamon buns and scones. It’s my coping mechanism. I drown my troubles in butter. I am lucky to have very few troubles to drown, else my butter intake would far exceed the recommended amount for any human. Who am I kidding? I’m sure it already does. When you have to put your kid on a special diet, you worry about them being labeled “weird.” Suddenly, you desperately want them to be able to eat all the cookies at the school Valentine’s party. Which is funny, because under normal circumstances, you would be begging them not to eat all the cookies at the school Valentine’s party. But there you have it. Parenting makes you do irrational things. So, when there’s a party, I send cupcakes to share with the class, so my youngster isn’t the only one with a non-matching cupcake. When she gets together with friends, I usually send along cookies to share, partly because that’s just nice, and partly because I don’t want her friends’ parents to be standing there, looking through their cupboards, reading every ingredient and getting all stressed out about it. If I can whip up some cookies in half an hour and save someone else an afternoon of

Old Reliable Chocolate Cake


Alyssa Joy Spence, RMT Matthew Moore, B.Sc., CAT(c), RMT We treat injuries related to: sports, work, motor vehicle accidents and neck or back pain. Get the help you need! 173 Elizabeth Avenue (Churchill Sq.)


You can bake this in two 8” round pans and make a layer cake, or you can pour it into a Bundt pan for a ring cake, or you can always go with cupcakes. Most recently, I used this recipe to make a dozen mini-cupcakes for my daughter and her friend, and there was enough batter left over to make a small loaf cake for the grown-ups. A note on flour: if gluten is not a concern for you, just use all-purpose flour, preferably unbleached. I developed the recipe using El Peto brand gluten-free flour mix, so that’s what I’ve listed, but I’ve also used Glutino brand, and it’s fine. If you don’t want to use a flour mix, I would suggest ¾ cup sorghum flour, ¼ cup sweet rice flour, ¼ cup tapioca starch, and ½ teaspoon xanthan gum, whisked together. 1 1/2 CUPS BROWN SUGAR 1/2 CUP BUTTER, ROOM TEMPERATURE 1/3 APPLESAUCE 2 EGGS 1/2 CUP COCOA 1/2 CUP BOILING WATER 1/2 CUP BUTTERMILK 1 1/4 CUPS EL PETO GLUTEN-FREE ALL-PURPOSE FLOUR (OR OTHER FLOUR: SEE NOTE ABOVE) 1 TEASPOON BAKING SODA ½ TEASPOON SALT

1. Preheat oven to 350F. Butter pan(s) and dust with flour or with cocoa powder, or, if you are making cupcakes, line a 12-cup muffin tin with papers. 2. Cream together butter and sugar (about 5 minutes). Add applesauce and blend well. Add eggs, one at a time, beating well between additions. 3. In a small bowl, dissolve cocoa in boiling water. Stir in buttermilk. Set side. 4. Sift together flour, baking soda, and salt. Add to sugar-butter mixture, beating well. 5. Beat cocoa mixture into the batter. 6. Pour batter into prepared pans. Baking time will depend on the size of pan(s) used. Check cupcakes after about 15 minutes, 8” pans after about 25 minutes, and Bundtstyle pans after about 40 minutes. Cake is done when a tester comes out clean, or when surface springs back slightly when touched. 7. Allow cakes to sit in pans 5 minutes before turning onto wire racks to cool completely. Top with your favourite frosting (I, sadly, never measure when I make frosting, so I have no recipe to give you). If you have made cupcakes or a Bundt cake, you may want to top them with:


Melt together in a double boiler. Stir until smooth. Cool slightly before spreading. Will harden to a truffle-like consistency overnight. Be warned: if you use this right away, they will be messy. Deliciously messy.

freaking out about what’s going to happen if my kid gets into the multigrain tortilla chips, it seems like a batch of cookies is the way to go. I won’t go into the crazy science of gluten-free baking right now, because, frankly, it’s a book-length discussion of wacky flours (quinoa? sorghum? millet?) and starches and xanthan gum. Not to scare you if you’re considering going glutenfree: it’s a little complicated, but once you get the hang of what does what, you’re fine. Better than fine, sometimes, like in the case of the chocolate cake recipe below. I know that this is the third choc-

olate cake recipe I’ve run during the life of this column – the fourth, if you’ve ever baked the Fudgy, Sludgy Brownies in a cake pan and called it a cake – but all those other ones had vegetables in them, so they hardly count. Besides, it’s February, the Season of the Cake. If you pick this up early enough, you can make one for Valentine’s Day. If you don’t, well, what odds? I’ve never felt that chocolate cake was something that required excuses. Comment online at

FEBRUARY 11 - 25, 2010

thescope 13

MOVIES LIMITED RUN THURSDAY FEB 11 AT 7PM A SERIOUS MAN (MUN Cinema) The latest award-winning film from Joel & Ethan Coen depicts a string of bad luck for a button-down, Midwestern Professor. What more do you need? It’s the Coen brothers, dammit! Directed by Joel Coen, Ethan Coen (USA 2009) Empire TheatresAvalon Mall

TUES FEB 16 AT 7PM & WED FEB 24 AT 2PM 1981 (French Cinema) In this autobiographical

values! Directed by Lorne Schorfig (UK 2009) Empire Theatres-Avalon Mall



tale from the director Quebec-Montreal, a young boy moves into a new suburb with his parents. How will he impress his new peers at school? By lying! Directed by Ricardo Trogi (QUE 2009) Centre des Grands-Vents-65 Ridge Rd 726-4900

ALVIN & THE CHIPMUNKS: The Squeakquel:

WEDNESDAY FEB 17 AT 7PM SOY CUBA (Global Cinema) Get ready for the

AVATAR: In search of a mineral called Hardtoget-

greatest tracking shot you’ve ever seen. Yes, the famous 1964 Soviet/Cuban co-production I Am Cuba is here to trumpet Castro’s prosperous vision for the future. Directed by Mikhail Kalatozov (CUB 1964) $8, Inco Innovation Center auditorium


The trio of singing vermin are back. Sure to be remembered as the most important sequel subtitle since Higlander 2 The Quickening and Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo. (Mt Pearl) mium, the military threatens to eradicate the offspring of the Blue Man Group. Loosely based on The Smurfs with the military standing in for Gargamel. (Avalon Mall)

BLIND SIDE: The story of Michael Other and Other’s other mother (played by queen of Oscar baiting, Sandra Bullock), a boy who’d grow up to play football thanks to his mother’s encouragement and Hallmark cliché bon mots. (Mt Pearl)

Cinema) Robin Wright Penn plays Pippa Lee, a woman who lives a multi-faceted life only to end up dating Keanu Reeves. Sophocles has got nothing on that kind of tragedy! Based on the novel of the same name. Directed by Rebecca Miller (USA 2009) Empire Theatres-Avalon Mall

CRAZY HEART: You’ve known him as Dude, Clu


action hero: Charles Darwin! Marvel as he puts a cap in creationism with The Origin Of Species. Thrill as he outruns an explosion of intolerance. (Mt Pearl)

a large, beautiful forest, a young girl approaches a wild fox. Rather than a meditation on rabies, the film depicts a sweet friendship between the animal and the girl. Directed by Luc Jacquet (FRA 2008) Centre des Grands-Vents-65 Ridge Rd 726-4900

THURSDAY FEB 25 AT 7PM AN EDUCATION (MUN Cinema) It’s the preswinging sixties in England. When an aspiring young music student falls for a lower-class older man, drama ensues. Take that, suburban London


and Obadiah. Now Jeff Bridges adds Bad Blake to his list of improbable character names in this well-received drama about a hard-living country singer. (Avalon Mall)

Actors Tatiana Maslany and Shawn Doyle in Grown Up Movie Star

CREATIONS: This winter, audiences have a new

DEAR JOHN: When a teutonic soldier re-enlists following after September 11th, will his love life suffer? Will there be a heartfelt scene in pouring rain because fans of The Notebook demanded it? (Avalon Mall)

EDGE OF DARKNESS: Based on the acclaimed BBC mini-series of the same name, Mel Gibson uncovers a government conspiracy when investigating the murder of his daughter. One assumes that, this time, it’s personal. (Avalon Mall)

Little girl lost Grown Up Movie Star review by Jillian Butler


ecent onscreen treatments of teenage sexuality always seems more than a little unbalanced, with male preoccupations taking up the most space. In teen-centric movies like 2007’s Superbad or even 1983’s Risky Business, the girls emerge as fullyformed nymphets, relegated to an afterthought. Thankfully, films like Grown Up Movie Star can fill that void, creating a bold, unflinching examination of a teenage girl’s tentative steps away from childhood. Ruby (Tatiana Maslany) lives in a small town in Newfoundland with her father Ray (Shawn Doyle) and younger sister Rose (Julia Kennedy), a place where winters are long and words travel fast. The mother is gone, having left for Los Angeles to pursue implausible dreams of stardom, dreams which Ruby has unfortunately inherited. Ruby is a little girl almost lost. Her wardrobe is the piecemeal accumulation of a teenager’s developing

sense of style: oversized sunglasses, leopard print boots and a lumpy outdated fur-lined coat. The clothes, never quite fitting her small frame, hint that they were culled from her mother’s leftovers. But she’s a child playing at grown up games, testing the boundaries of her blossoming sexual power with nearly every available male. Girlhood is presented in all its mundane, thrilling glory, as Ruby endlessly goads those around her into a reaction, any reaction, desperate to make up for a half-hearted childhood. In its bones, Grown Up Movie Star is the story of a father finding a way to talk to a daughter he doesn’t trust or understand. Their stories unravel simultaneously—Ruby testing the limits of her behaviour, and Ray struggling against years of hardened repression of his own desires and his own family. (As Ruby yells at her father, “You just want us to stay six years old for the rest of our lives, so you can ignore us better!”)

FROM PARIS WITH LOVE: John Travolta is do-

Is Rising and The Golden Compass, comes the next Harry Potter-esque franchise attempt. The premise? Kid discovers his kinship with Greek gods and superpowers. (Avalon Mall)

ing what he does best, embarrassing his fans with his mid-life crisis antics. Travolta plays a hammy spy who doesn’t play by the rules in this buddy movie. (Mt Pearl)

GROWN UP MOVIE STAR: A former NHL star’s life is turned upside down when his wife takes off to pursue ill-gotten dreams of stardom in Hollywood, leaving him behind to look after their two precocious daughters – teenager Ruby and younger sister. Shot on location in Flat Rock and St. John’s. (Avalon Mall)

IT’S COMPLICATED: Will Meryl Streep sleep with Alec Baldwin? Only time will tell. Actually, the poster kind of gives that one away. Nonetheless, there are other plot twists, right? (Mt Pearl)

LEGION: When Jeebus loses his faith in mankind, he sends the most deadly beings to exterminate them: angels! Also, one is dressed as an ice cream man for some reason. (Mt Pearl)


14 thescope

FEBRUARY 11 - 25, 2010

PRECIOUS: If you’re looking for a heartwarming film about poverty, mental illness, Mariah Carey, obesity and incest, you’ll love this story about an obese girl who gives birth to two children! (Mt Pearl)

THE BOOK OF ELI: Denzel Washington stars as a rugged loner, destined to protect a sacred book. And that book’s name? Hamster Huey And The Gooey Kablooie by Bill Watterson. Available at your local library. (Mt Pearl)

THE LOVELY BONES: Peter Jackson spent years crafting this follow-up to Lord of the Rings and, um, King Kong. The result? A girl floats around an afterlife resembling an Activa commercial. (Mt Pearl)

THE WOLFMAN: Benicio Del Toro is Lawrence Talbot, the most doomed character in the history of cinema, in this remake of the 1941 werewolf

Maslany is a delight to watch. Her Ruby is a careful mixture of the impish bravado and coltish posture of a would-be nymphet, and it’s no surprise her performance in the film earned her a special jury prize for breakout performance at Sundance. Shawn Doyle (of HBO’s Big Love) is equal parts poignant and maddening as Ray, the girls’ father, who is caught up in a sexual tangle of his own. But the film marks a brave turn by Jonny Harris as Stuart, Ray’s best friend and the girl’s de facto “Uncle.” Harris takes what could have been a moment of repulsion and finds a moment of fragile ego and desperate loneliness. Grown Up Movie Star isn’t faultless, leaving a rough surface and a handful of open questions in its wake, but writer/director Adriana Maggs has coined the language of its universe, producing a story that’s messy and raw and engrossing, courting the dizzy highs of teenage firsts—first kiss, first time, and first regrets. Grown Up Movie Star will begin playing at Empire Studio 12 Avalon Mall on February 19th. Call 722-5775 for times and prices.

classic. Not, as initially believed, a biopic about Wolfman Jack. (Avalon Mall)

TOOTH FAIRY: Can you smell what The Rock is cookin’? It smells like excrement to me, but your kids may want to see him as the tooth fairy. No, actually, they won’t. (Avalon Mall)

UP IN THE AIR: George Clooney returns in this gloomy comedy drama about a man whose job is to fire people. Clooney’s probably the only guy who could pull that off without making you hate him. (Mt Pearl)

VALENTINE’S DAY: Presumably inspired by the low-hanging fruit of “Love, American Style!”, a star-studded cast enact multiple vignettes relating to the holiday known to the Wookies as Love Day. (Avalon Mall)

WHEN IN ROME: From the director of such classics as Simon Birch, Ghostrider and Daredevil, comes this story of a woman reluctantly pursued by aggressively determined bachelors. It’s Pepe Le Pew: The Movie! (Avalon Mall)



theatre • dance & burlesque spoken & written • comedy

THEATRE ANTIGONE (Rabbittown Theatre Co & MUN Drama) Antigone tells the tragic story of the title character, daughter of Oedipus, former King of Thebes. When both her brothers inherit they throne the kill one another. When uncle Creon refuses a proper burial for one of them Antigone is devastated by her uncle’s disrespect and fights to bury her brother to preserve his honor. Directed by Aiden Flynn, $20, MUN Reid Theatre 739-8220 (Sat Feb 27 - Sun Feb 28 at 8pm / PWYC matinee Sun Feb 13 at 2pm)

Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan in You’ve Got Mail

Hollywood’s rules of love Adam Clarke teaches you the secrets of true love, as revealed by rom-com blockbusters!

JUST SIT THERE AND LOOK PRETTY Within the probing psychological depths of his series, The Love Boat, Gavin MacLeod assured us that love would be exciting and new. Also, it would probably involve a boat and special guest stars like Don Adams and Robert Vaughn. The message of each episode was simple: True Wuv is delivered by external forces and it’s completely out of your hands. Be it coincidence or bad screenwriting, rom-coms urge viewers not to work for anything. Serendipity takes this to its idiotic extreme, as John Cusack writes his phone number on a dollar bill and, should that bill ever reach Kate Beckinsale, it was fated to be. Yes, fate will provide love without the mess of flirting, dating or any kind of emotional investment.

YOU NEED A GIMMICK Don’t believe in fate? Take responsibility for your love life with a magical gimmick. Be it the magical hypnosis of Shallow Hal or the magical fountain of When In Rome, rom-coms are all about straining credibility. My favourite example is You’ve Got Mail. Yes, if you had an AOL account in 1998, they had the technology to bring you love. I’m sure you could check in to the Flibbertigibbet chat room and hook up with a Tom Hanks-type as soon as all the requisite “A/S/L?” and “do u cyber?” questions are put to bed. (A follow-up movie with Hanks and Meg Ryan as rivals who fall in love by leaving messages in the guestbooks of each other’s Tripod pages was planned, but never filmed.)

fiancé. Instead of any conflict, she gives him the “it’s not you, it’s me” routine and Pullman kindly accepts everything, resulting in a consequence-free breakup. The real lesson here is, if you’re dating Meg Ryan, run away and don’t look back lest you be turned into a pillar of salt. Which brings us to...

BE YOURSELF. YOUR HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE SELF Before malevolent Troll-God Meg Ryan was a star, rom-coms were

once home to genuinely charming films like Roman Holiday and Adam’s Rib. Nowadays, we have Bride Wars, in which the two friends sabotage each other’s weddings through a series of sub-Home Alone pranks. Blarf. Yes, rom-coms are full of deeply unlikeable people, but the Sandra Bullock vehicle All About Steve deserves a special mention for condoning stalking someone crosscountry and molesting them in the name of Wuv. Follow these rules and you can have the pleasure of staying home every night, bitter and alone. Happy Valentine’s everyone!

MONARITA (White Rooster Theatre, She Said Yes! & RCA Theatre) Debut play by Toronto poet Shannon Bramer. Mona and Rita have always been like sisters, best friends, girlfriends, to each other. But as Mona struggles with her introduction to motherhood, Rita carries on her single life of good shoes and fabulous haircuts. What happens when they get to the edge of their relationship? Starring Ruth Lawrence and Sara Tilley, $15/$20, Basement Theatre-Arts & Culture Centre 729-3900 (Thu Feb 25 - Sun Feb 28 at 8pm / PWYC matinee Sun Feb 28 at 2pm)

MY NAME IS RACHEL CORRIE (Forest Productions) A one woman show taken from the writings of Rachel Corrie, a 23-year-old killed by an Israeli bulldozer in the Gaza Strip as she was trying to prevent the demolition of Palestinian homes. Featuring Mikaela Dyke & directed by Jessie Fraser, $20, Rabbittown Theatre-106 Freshwater Rd 739-8220 (Wed Feb 10 – Sat Feb 13 at 8pm / Pay-what-you-can matinee Sat Feb 13)

THE WIZARD OF OZ (O’Donel High School ) Big musical numbers by the enormous cast of more than seventy Munchkins, Ozians, and Jitterbugs, $20/$22, Arts & Culture Centre 729-3900 (Thu Feb 18 -Sat Feb 20 at 7:30pm)

SPOKEN &WRITTEN AIN’T POETRY GRAND 3 (Writers’ Alliance NL) Featuring Agnes Walsh, Carmelita McGrath, Gemma Schlamp-Hickey, George Murray, Mary Dalton, Randy Drover, Stan Dragland with hosts Ruth Lawrence & Lois Brown, $12/$15, The Ship (Sun Feb 14 at 8pm)

BOOK SIGNING (Breakwater Books) Author Trudy Morgan-Cole signs copies of her novel By the Rivers of Brooklyn (Sat Feb 13 from 2pm-4pm at Chapters)

CELTIC TALES OF LOVE (Coffee & Culture) Join visiting storyteller Mary Gavan for a Valentine’s Day treat as she weaves traditional tales of love and discusses their Celtic significance, The Rooms-9 Bonaventure Ave 757-8000 (Thu Feb 11 at 2:30pm)

FAMILY LITERACY CELEBRATION (Refugee & Immigrant Advisory Council) Featuring storytelling with Andy Jones, book-making workshop with Erin Power, music with Terry Reilly, freesuggested donation of a new or used book for our library, Centre for Social Justice-204 Water St (Sat Feb 20 from 1pm-4pm)

POETRY READING: Governor General’s Award winner Anne Compton will read from Asking questions indoors and out, free, Junior Common Room, MUN Gushue Hall (Wed Feb 17 at 7:30pm)

LOVE LUST AND LEGENDS: St John’s Storytelling Circle presents tales of love, or love gone terribly wrong with host Dale Jarvis & Mary Gavan (BC), $3, Crow’s Nest Officer’s Club (Thu Feb 11 at 7:30pm)

THE SALON: Where poets, authors & songwriters get to share their work. Featuring Sharona Clark & Mike Heffernan, free, Coffee & Co-Water St 739-5215 (Sat Feb 20 from 8pm-10pm)

PERFORMANCE &DANCE COMEDY APHOTIC FASHION EVENT: Even in the darkest of places on earth fashion & life still exists. A night of light hearted fun with two new lines of clothing in the JayRan Collection including a Valentine Dress Line, Martini Bar (Sat Feb 13 from 7pm-9pm)

FIRE & ICE: Freestyle BMX, Motocross and Snowcross perform aerial acrobatics, $10/$20/$30, Mile One Centre 576-7657 (Sat Feb 13)

LATIN TUESDAYS, 8pm, $5, The Bella Vista LAVISH FASHION SHOWCASE: Celebrities are often idolized for their extreme way of life. Experience this fast paced scene of unparalleled riches as we delivery to you the most lavish services and material items you can find, Dusk Ultra Lounge (Sat Feb 20 from 6pm-10pm)

TANGO ON THE EDGE: A social gathering to dance Argentine Tango, $5, RCA Club-10 Bennett Ave (Thursdays at 8:30pm)

SING FOR YOUR SUPPER 2: Songs & stories by Maureen Ennis, Mark Murphy & Jerry Stamp, 6pm & 8:30pm, $50+ (dinner & show), Get Stuffed-190 Duckworth St 757-2480

SPIRIT OF NEWFOUNDLAND SEES RED: Four-course meal with entertainment provided by Peter Halley & Shelley Neville, $69+, Masonic Temple-6 Cathedral St 579-3023 (Sat Feb 13 at 6:30pm)

COMICS & MUSICIANS FOR HAITI: Comedy by Kurt Hull, Jeff Patey, Sarah Walsh, Shawn Walsh, Pete Heath, Shaun Burton, Blaine Edwards, Steve Coombs, Matthew Esteves & Paul Warford; Music by Steve Green, Andrew Ledrew, Scott Conway, Janeil Lynch, Danielle Hann, Whalen’s Pub (Fri Feb 12 at 7pm)

ON THE SUNNY SIDE: Stand up comedy with host George Price, $2, The Levee-Holdsworth Crt (Sundays 8pm-11pm)

SHAWN WALSH’S MUSTACHE: Open mic comedy troupe , no cover, Whalen’s Pub (Thursdays at 8pm)

MATT BILLON: Stand up comedy, Yuk Yuk’s-193 Kenmount Rd 726-9857 (Thu Feb 11 at 8pm $12+/$14+/$18+; Fri Feb 12 & Sat Feb 13 at 8pm & 10:30pm $18+/$20+/$24+ w/ dinner at 6pm $47.99-$53.99)

DAVID PRYDE & MARTHA CHAVES: Stand up comedy, Yuk Yuk’s-193 Kenmount Rd 726-9857 (Thu Feb 18 at 8pm $12+/$14+/$18+; Fri Feb 19 & Sat Feb 20 at 8pm & 10:30pm $18+/$20+/$24+ w/ dinner at 6pm $47.99-$53.99)

THE GREAT CANADIAN LAUGH OFF, $5+/$7+/$11+, Yuk Yuk’s-193 Kenmount Rd 7269857 (Wednesdays at 8pm)

YOU WIN FASTER WHEN YOU CHEAT You always meet The One when you’re in another relationship. This plot thread appears in many films, but the most obnoxious case is Sleepless In Seattle where the man standing in the way of Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks’ True Wuv is Ryan’s

FEBRUARY 11 - 25, 2010

thescope 15



COMIC SANS by Andrew Power


AQUARIUS (Jan 20 – Feb 18)

PISCES (Feb 19 – Mar 20)

Happy Valentine Daze, Aquarius! In my search for the counsel that would be of greatest help to your love life in the coming months, I decided on this observation by psychologist Albert Ellis: “The art of love is largely the art of persistence.” I hope you take that in the spirit in which I’m offering it. It’s not meant to suggest that you will be deprived of love’s burning, churning pleasures; I just want to make sure you know that your best bet for experiencing burning, churning pleasures is to be dogged and devoted and disciplined in your cultivation of burning, churning pleasures. Happy birthday to Mark Wilson, Kerri Breen, Davey Zegarac, and Michael Collins.

In 2010, you will have more cosmic assistance than you’ve had in a long time whenever you seek to increase your experience of pleasure. Do you want to get more sensual joy out of eating and drinking and dancing and listening to music? This is your year. Do you want to heighten your perceptiveness and find more beauty in the world and cultivate new ways to stimulate positive feelings and liberating emotions? This is your year. Do you want to intensify your orgasms and have more of them and learn how to use them to enhance your spiritual power? This is your year. And the coming weeks will be one of the best times in 2010 to move from charging up your pleasure to supercharging it. Happy Valentine Daze, Pisces! Happy birthday to Emilie Bourque, Sherri Levesque, Kevin Hehir, and Dan Murray.


ARIES (Mar 21 – Apr 19)

TAURUS (Apr 20 – May 20)

“Hate leaves ugly scars,” wrote author Mignon McLaughlin, but “love leaves beautiful ones.” If I’m reading the astrological omens correctly, Aries, you’re scheduled to receive at least one of the beautiful kind of scars in the coming months -- maybe even two or three. In fact, I think they’ll be such lovely booboos that they will markedly add to your overall attractiveness. Rarely if ever have you been privileged to hurt as good as you will in 2010 -- thanks to the benevolent jolts of love. Happy Valentine Daze!


GEMINI (May 21 – Jun 20)

CANCER (Jun 21 – Jul 22)

LEO (Jul 23 – Aug 22)

Happy Valentine Daze, Cancerian! After meditating about what advice would be most valuable for your love life in the coming months, I decided on this challenge from poet William Butler Yeats: “True love is a discipline in which each divines the secret self of the other and refuses to believe in the mere daily self.” In other words, create in your imagination a detailed picture of your loved ones at their best. Each day, make it a point to feel joy and gratitude for their most excellent beauty and power -- as well as the beauty and power that are still ripening and will one day appear in full bloom.

MS. QUOTE by T.L. Fleming

A friend of mine has woven her life together with a Leo who doesn’t fully appreciate the ways she expresses her adoration. She asked me to use my bully pulpit as a horoscope writer to convey a message to her lover, and I agreed, because I think it’s excellent advice for all of the Leo tribe this Valentine season. Here’s what she said: “Just because somebody doesn’t always love you the way you wish they would, doesn’t mean they don’t love you the best they can and with all they have.” Are you willing to consider the possibility that maybe you should take that plea to heart, Leo? I hope so, because then you’ll be able to get some of the good loving you’ve closed yourself off from.

16 thescope


LIBRA (Sep 23 – Oct 22)

Happy Valentine Daze, Virgo! I meditated on what message might best energize your love life, and what I came up with is a declaration by author Mignon McLaughlin: “Love unlocks doors and opens windows that weren’t even there before.” In other words, the love you should be most interested in during the coming months is the kind that opens your eyes to sights that were previously invisible and that creates new possibilities you’ve barely imagined.

Of all the signs of the zodiac, you Geminis are most likely to thrive if you experiment with new approaches to kissing in the coming weeks. To whip up your fervor, read incendiary texts like William Cane’s The Art of Kissing. Conspire with an imaginative partner to conjure up a new kissing game or even a sacred kissing ritual. And come up with your own interpretations of the following kiss techniques: the throbbing kiss, the sip kiss, the butterfly kiss, the tiger kiss, the whispering kiss. Happy Valentine Daze!


VIRGO (Aug 23 – Sep 22)

Happy Valentine Daze, Libra! My In my view, 2010 is the year you astrological hunch is that you’d benefit from should expand your world. That could mean the specific teaching that would come from enlarging your circle of allies or building a exploring a three-way relationship. But wait. bigger web of connections. It might mean Don’t jump to conclusions. Here’s the form broadening your appeal or widening I think it should take: Fantasize that your frame of reference or opening the merger of you and your lover or your mind to possibilities you’ve ally has created a third thing that been closed to. It may even inhovers near you, protecting and HOMEWORK volve extending your territory guiding the two of you. Call this Want some inspiration as you compose your or increasing the range of your third thing an angel. Or call it romantic invitations? Go travels. However you choose the soul of your connection or here: to expand, Taurus, I urge you to the inspirational force of your put love at the heart of your efrelationship. Or call it the special forts. Love should be the fuel that work the two of you can accomplish motivates you and the reference point together. And let this magical presence that ensures you’re always making smart be the third point of your love triangle. moves. For inspiration, memorize this line by poet Elizabeth Barrett Browning: “I love SCORPIO (Oct 23 - Nov 21) thee to the depth and breadth and height Happy Valentine Daze, Scorpio! my soul can reach.” In your case, Taurus, After meditating on what advice would best “thee” should mean the whole world. serve your love life, I decided to offer you the

EVERYBODY CHEER UP by Bryan Melanson



words of psychologist Carl Jung: “The creation of something new is not accomplished by the intellect but by the play instinct acting from inner necessity. The creative mind plays with the objects it loves.” As I see it, my dear, acting on Jung’s wisdom will help you carry out your primary task in the coming months, which is to bring novel experiences and fresh perspectives to your most engaging relationship. The best way to accomplish that is not with non-stop serious talk and intense analysis, but with a generous dose of playful improvisation and experimental fun.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov 22 – Dec 21)

CAPRICORN (Dec 22 – Jan 19)

To prepare your Valentine horoscope, I did a lengthy meditation on your love life. I wish I could offer you a 20-page treatise on my conclusions, but there’s not enough room. So instead I’ll give you the single most important piece of advice I came up with: The coming week will be an excellent time for you to survey the history of your love life, starting with the first moment you ever fell in love. I mean you should actually stream the memories across your mind’s eye as if you were watching a movie. Feel all the feelings roused by each scene, but also try to maintain some objectivity about it all. Watch for recurring themes. Be especially alert for unexpected insights that emerge about the past. And through it all, be wildly compassionate toward yourself and your co-stars.

“If I love you, what business is it of yours?” wrote Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. Now I’m offering his words for you to use as your mantra in the coming months. Your main job, as I see it, is simply to be a lover of pretty much everything -- to generate, cultivate, and express love in abundance -- and not to worry about whether your love is reciprocated or how it’s regarded. It’s a tall order, I know -- one of the most difficult assignments I’ve ever suggested. And yet I think you have the soul power and the crafty intelligence necessary to accomplish it. Happy Valentine Daze, Capricorn!

n Aries

z Taurus

h Gemini

f Cancer

 Leo

x Virgo


(January 20 – February 18)

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I love you, Alice B. Toklas

Your princess is in another castle

Batteries not included

Fear the death grip

Keep the dentagrip

Your love is like a pot of Jiggs

Stephan Urquel

Radar love does not rock

Heal the chrome

J Aquarius

FEBRUARY 11 - 25, 2010

p Pisces

Welcome the love grip



j Sagittarius

L Capricorn

(November 22 – Dec 21)

(December 22 – January 19)

Sex in PETA costumes

You still have Zoidberg



16TH ANNUAL TOMMY SEXTON BENEFIT: Music by The 8-Track Favorites, Stixx & Stones, Liz Solo, Colleen Power, hosted by Greg Malone plus live auction, $20, The Bella Vista (Fri Feb 19 at 8pm)

CBC PANCAKE BREAKFAST FUNDRAISER: Jeff Gilhooly & the St John’s Morning Show will serving up breakfast. Proceeds are in aid of fighting homelessness and supporting affordable housing in our province, $5 suggested donation 746-6080 (Tue Feb 16 at Battery Hotel, Smitty’s-Mt Pearl & Community Care Centre-Long Pond from 7am-10am)

CELEBRATING OUR HERITAGE: The Heritage Foundation NL invites you to the Youth Heritage Poster Contest Awards Presentation & Reception, Basilica Cathedral Museum-200 Military Rd (Mon Feb 15 at 10am)

IN THE NAME OF LOVE: Cake Walk: Listen carefully to the honeyed voices of pop music’s best crooners, heartthrobs, and dreamboats. When the music stops you stop and if your number is called you win a scrumptious cake, $10, Eastern Edge Gallery-72 Harbour Dr 739-1882 (Sat Feb 13 at 2pm)

TREAT YOUR SWEETIE (Topsail United Church Men’s Club) Valentine’s Breakfast with face painting and colouring for kids, $3/$7, Topsail United Church (Sat Feb 13 from 8am-11am)

VALENTINE (public reception) free, Centre des Grands-Vents-65 Ridge Rd 726-4900 (Thu Feb 11 at 5pm)

Imperial Defence, National Degeneration and the Campaign for Compulsory Military Training in Britain, 1902-1914 with Mike O’Brien, MUN Arts & Admin-4004 (Thu Feb 18 at 12pm)



COMIC JAM: Drop in comic-making, free, Anna

Classics) Re-reading Images of Apotropaism in Ancient Art with Lisa Trentin, MUN A-1045 (Thu Feb 18 at 3:30pm)

DAYTIME MUSIC AUNTIE CRAE’S BAND, free-no purchase necessary, Auntie Crae’s (Tuesdays at 12pm)

BACH ON THE ROCK: The complete organ works of Johann Sebastian Bach in 18 concerts by David Drinkell & Jenny Vincent, St Andrew’s Kirk (Saturdays at 3pm)

LECTURES& FORUMS ARCHAEOLOGY UNDER THE STREET: All that digging downtown has uncovered more than the sewer lines. Archaeologist Gerry Penney shares some of his findings., The Rooms-9 Bonaventure Ave 757-8000 (Wed Feb 24 at 7pm)

ARTIST TALK ON DARK HORSE: Join Greg Bennett as he discusses his new exhibition Dark Horse, The Rooms-9 Bonaventure Ave 757-8000 (Wed Feb 17 at 7pm)

BEHIND THE SCENES AT THE ARCHIVES (Coffee & Culture) Melanie Tucker will take you on a tour through our province’s proud archival history, The Rooms-9 Bonaventure Ave 757-8000 (Thu Feb 25 at 2:30pm)

BLACK HISTORY MONTH PRESENTATION: Craig Marshall Smith, a Diversity Policing Analyst with the RCMP and author, to deliver a lecture on Black Achievement and Accomplishments, MUN The Landing, UC-3018 (Thu Feb 11 at 5pm)

GLOBAL WARMING: The Scale of the Problem and The Path to the Solution with Andrew Weaver (School of Earth & Ocean Sciences University of Victoria), MUN IIC-2001 / free parking Lot 15 (Tue Feb 16 at 7:30pm)

IMAGINED CONTINENTS (MUN Women’s Studies) Sexuality, Print Culture and Early Colonialism with Daphne Taylor-García, MUN ED2030B (Thu Feb 11 at 4pm)

Templeton Centre-278 Duckworth St (First Friday of month from 7pm-9pm)

kell plays varied programs of sacred and secular works, free, Anglican Cathedral (Wednesdays at 1:15pm)

KIDS& TEENS DID YOU SNOW? LEARN ALL ABOUT ANIMAL ADAPTATIONS TO SNOW PLUS OUTDOOR GAME, story-time, arts & crafts, The Fluvarium-5 Nagle’s Pl 754-3474 (Weekends at 1:30pm)


informal environment for women of all ages to perform, experiment & share stories about making music, Arts & Culture Centre-2nd Fl, Old Gallery 746-2399 (Mondays at 7:30pm)

Meditation helps us appreciate ourselves, others, and our world, free, Billy Rahl Fieldhouse-rear Elizabeth Towers 576-4727 (Wednesdays 7:30pm & Sundays 10am)

Send your community listings to

ST JOHN’S CITY COUNCIL MEETING: Refer to Council Agenda at (posted Friday afternoon), Public welcome, City Hall-Council Chambers, 4th fl (Mondays at 4:30pm)

SUPER TRIVIA NIGHT, Bitter’s Pub (Thursdays from 8pm-11pm)

THE POTTLE CENTRE: A social & recreation centre for consumers of mental health services. New members welcome, 323 Hamilton Ave 753-2143

FRIENDS OF ST. John’s Farmers’ Market:

THE ROOMS: Free admission, 9 Bonaventure

Discuss the formation of a Co-operative to own and operate the Market. If you are a farmer, a craft vendor, or a consumer interested in buying and promoting fresh local food come contribute your thoughts, Gower St United Church Hall (Sat Feb 20 at 2pm)

Ave 757-8000 (Wednesdays 6pm-9pm)

GREEN DRINKS: An informal get together for

KNIT WITS: Drop in knitting circle, free, Anna



shops in art, writing, theatre, journalism, yoga and Aikido for anyone aged 15-35, Gower St United Church-basement 722-8848 (Weekdays from 12pm-6pm)

LOVE SONGS FOR SENIORS: Newman Sound Men’s Choir performs free concerts at three seniors’ homes to celebrate Valentine’s Day (Sat Feb 13 at Cambridge Estates at 10:30am / Caribou Veterans’ Pavilion-Miller Centre at 1pm / HoylesEscasoni at 2:30pm)



can Cathedral (Sundays at 6:30pm)

VALENTINE’S LASAGNA DINNER (Trinity United Church fundraiser) $15, Church of the Good Shepherd, Richard Nolan Dr-Mt Pearl 8343558 (Fri Feb 12 at 6:30pm)

Group for Unpaid Caregivers, Community Room, Sobeys-Merrymeeting Rd 726-2370 (Every third Monday)

those who work, volunteer or have an interest in environment & conservation related issues, 7pm-9pm, no cover, The Ship (Last Wednesday of month)

CHORAL EVENSONG, free-will offering, Angli-

free, Auntie Crae’s (Saturdays at 10am, rain or shine)

anyone interested in learning more about sexual violence, free, CNA Prince Philip Dr-Rm F206 (Mon Feb 15 & 22 at 7pm)

community events • lectures & forums • daytime music • kids & teens • meetings & classes


source Centre 737-2333 (Fridays at 2pm)


TRIVIA NIGHT, Rose & Thistle (Tuesdays) WALK ON WATER: Get fit, meet people & learn the history of downtown, everyone welcome,

Templeton Centre-278 Duckworth St (Last Sunday of month from 7pm-9pm)

LOOK AND FEEL YOUR BEST : Makeup Tips and Techniques with Mary Kay Beauty Consultants Fern McNeil and Mary Ogunyemi, free but must register at 737-3950, Children’s Library-Arts & Culture Centre (Wed Feb 24 at 7pm)

NAR-ANON FAMILY GROUP: For those who know or have known a feeling of desperation due to the addiction problem of someone close to them. Weekly meetings in St John’s area. For more info call 726-6191

NEWFOUNDLAND HORTICULTURAL SOCIETY: Monthly meet up, St David’s Church Hall-Elizabeth Av (First Tuesday of month at 8pm)

OVEREATERS ANONYMOUS: Weekly meetings in St John’s area, call 738-1742 for more info

SENIORS BRIDGING CULTURES: Tea, guest speakers & conversation, Seniors Resource Centre 737-2333 (Thursdays at 2pm)

FAMILY STORYTIME: Interactive stories, rhymes and music for children of all ages and the grow-ups that care for them, free but must register at 737-2621, Michael Donovan Library (Wednesday at 9:30am)

FLOWERS FOR VALENTINE’S DAY: Everyone needs some flowers to brighten up their February! Create beautiful blooming works of art to keep for yourself or give away to someone special, The Rooms-9 Bonaventure Ave 757-8000 (Sun Feb 14 at 2pm)

MAKING STONE TOOLS: Tim Rast is a flint knapper. He can take almost any old rock and turn it into razor-sharp hunting tool. Come by and see how he does it, The Rooms-9 Bonaventure Ave 757-8000 (Sun Feb 21 at 2pm)

YOUNG CINEMA: Le renard et l’enfant In a large, beautiful forest, a young girl approaches a wild fox. Rather than a meditation on rabies, the film depicts a sweet friendship between the animal and the girl. Directed by Luc Jacquet (FRA 2008) Centre des Grands-Vents-65 Ridge Rd 7264900 (Sat Feb 20 at 10am)

YOUNG MUSICIANS, Open mic at Shamrock City Pub (Sundays at 2pm)

YOUNG PERFORMERS: Open mic with Denielle Hann, O’Reilly’s Irish Pub (Sundays at 3pm)

OFF THE BEATEN PATH (MUN History Seminar Series) The Relations between the Protestant Community of Loudun and the Commanderie of St. John of Jerusalem, 1562-1610 with Edwin Bezzina, MUN Arts & Admin-4004 (Thu Feb 11 at 12pm)

OUT OF THE VAULTS CURATOR TOUR (Coffee & Culture) Take a stroll with History Curator Maureen Power as she explains what’s come out of our vaults, The Rooms-9 Bonaventure Ave 7578000 (Thu Feb 18 at 2:30pm)

POLYGAMY, Niqabs, and Hijabs (MUN Religious Studies) Negotiating the Boundaries of Religious Freedom in Canada with Lori Beaman of Canada Research Chair in the Contextualization of Religion in a Diverse Canada, Inco Innovation Centre (Thu Feb 18 at 7pm)

REASON (MUN Philosophy) Is Imagination that has Become Nature with Peter Trnka, MUN Science-2098 (Tue Feb 16 at 2pm)

TEKENI --TWO WORLDS: A Look at Classical Native Music through Indigenous Eyes with Dawn Avery of Montgomery College, MMaP Gallery-Arts & Culture Centre (Tue Feb 16 at 7:30pm)

THE ATLANTIC ACCORD: A New-Found Vision? Presentations on one of the most important documents in NL history with Richard Cullen (U of Hong Kong) & Wade Locke (MUN Economics). Discussion session, Inco Innovation Centre-Lecture Theatre (Thu Feb 11 at 7:30pm)


free classes & workshops • clubs • groups AVALON WESLEYAN CHURCH: Weekly meet up in a casual atmosphere with coffee & contemporary music, free, Rabbittown Theatre-106 Freshwater Rd 576-6937 (Sundays at 10am)

BUSINESS INFO SESSIONS (NLOWE) Learn why your accounting system, or lack of one, can cost you your business. Free for women but must register 754-5555 (Thu Feb 11 at 9am)

BUSINESS INFO SESSIONS (NLOWE) What to consider before starting a business & Setting set a vision for growth, Free for women but must register 754-5555 (Wed Feb 17 at 9am & 9:30am)

BUSINESS INFO SESSIONS (NLOWE) Understanding the Money Words, Free for women but must register 754-5555 (Thu Feb 18 at 9am)

CAPITAL TOASTMASTERS: Improve selfconfidence and overall leadership abilities for career and life, free, MUN Inco Centre-2014 6871031 (Tue Feb 16 at 7pm)


FEBRUARY 11 - 25, 2010

thescope 17




CLASSIFIEDS Q To see more ads, visit Bulletin Board

Parking. To view call 237-2673 or email. contact

FRIENDS OF ST. JOHN’S FARMERS’ MARKET will be holding a Public Information

ROOM in music-friendly house: Small room in 3

and Discussion Session at the Gower Street United

bdrm house avail immed. to share with easygoing,

Church Hall from 2pm – 4pm on Saturday, Fe-

conscientious musicians (male, 23 and 31); rent

burary 20. The meeting will discuss the formation

is $260 p.o.u. Located on Pennywell Rd close to

of a Co-operative to own and operate the Market.

downtown, MUN, mall. Great place, great rent. Call

If you are a farmer, a craft vendor, or someone

Adrian at 631-0595 to view!

interested in buying and promoting fresh local food, please come and contribute your thoughts.


If you wish to learn more visit www.stjohnsfarm-

a retail space available for rent for $400. Ideal for

esthetician, make-up, photography, etc. You will be able to use our waiting area, washroom & kitchen


facilities. Call to view 753 2662

EXHALE YOGA at The Lantern-35 Barnes Road.

For Sale

Gentle Flow and Yoga Re-Boot classes Mondays & Wednesdays 9:30-10:45am, Thursdays 7:30-

1988 33’ WINNEBAGO SuperChief

8:45pm. All levels and drop-ins welcome.

Motorhome. US model, has basement storage, walk-thru shower, great shape. Price range on-line is $18K to $24K but I need it gone now. Asking


$7,900. Pictures for serious buyers. Cell - 740-7659

FRESHLY RENOVATED ROOM, in a beautiful DT house for rent for $550 everything included. Heat/hot water/light, phone(long distance), high speed internet, laundry and lots of parking with new double bed. Lots of room. Musician and Artist friendly environment. No damage deposit

A few years before my wife and I met, she made porn with her boyfriend at the time. He intended to start a pay-perview website but never launched it. I was a bit upset when she told me, but then I remembered that I enjoy porn, and the idea of seeing the hottest woman I’ve ever met— and am now married to—doing porn might be really enjoyable, even though I wouldn’t want her sleeping with anyone else now. I realize that to get these tapes I’d have to contact the ex and that might be a bad idea. What do you think? TORN OVER PORN


Um… what does she think? The wife? Have you asked her? Does she want you to see the porn she made with her ex? Does she want to have any contact—even if you handle the negotiations—with her ex? If she’s cool with it, and thinks the ex will be cool with it, by all means ask for the tapes. But hold on to my e-mail address, TOP, just in case her ex is bigger than you, appears to be better in bed, clearly Dan Savage provided your girlfriend with more shattering orgasms, etc., and you have a careful-whatyou-wish-for/no-one-could’ve-predicted meltdown and need someone to talk you off the ledge.

required. 709-576-0740


ROOM FOR RENT in large Victorian house. $300 plus 1/3 of utilities. Downtown, 20 min walk to MUN. On bus routes #10 & #15 to MUN & the malls. Room is furnished and is very large with high ceilings, cable and high-speed internet.

To place an ad, visit


I see women prostitutes who are over 30 and independent. Twice in the last five years, the woman I was seeing turned out to be a post-op transsexual. They were both

Great love affairs start with Champagne and end with tisane.

~ HonorŽ de Balzac

Wishing you a Happy ValentineÕs Day!

Are you a GAY, LESBIAN, BISEXUAL, TRANSGENDERED, QUEER or QUESTIONING YOUTH? Looking to meet other queer folk? We offer social events and activities that you might be interested in! Check out our Facebook page @ "LBGTQ Youth Group" St. John's Network or visit


579-1009 or 1-877 NO MYTHS (666-9847) | 203 Merrymeeting Road, St. John's


SPCA St. John’s - 726-0301 - Shelter location: R.C.A.F. Road off Torbay Rd. Hours: Mon-Fri 9am-4pm / Sat & Sun 2:30pm-4:30pm / holidays 2pm-4pm. Looking for a feline friend to keep you warm during these cold February nights? This beautiful SPAYED and declawed four year old is an indoor cat who loves affection. Mild mannered and very loving.

A very sweet young fem ale found in Clarkes Beach.




St. John’s


Lady Dunfield Memorial Shelter Who could resist this face? Chance is approximately one year old; good with other dogs and has lived with a small child. If you are looking for a fun loving boy who loves to play, please drop by today.

nice people, and I wish them well. But I prefer nature’s own vaginas. Some TSs disclose; some don’t. Some wind up getting outed on bulletin boards and trashed. I am sure it limits their income. What are the rules? PREFERS REALLY ORIGINAL SEX


There are no rules in an illegal and unregulated marketplace, PROS, although I’m not sure how “truth in packaging” provisions could be enforced if prostitution were legal and regulated. So caveat emptor, boys, and try to mix a little empathy in with your emptoring. Many TS sex workers are engaged in what social workers call “survival prostitution”— they’re marginalized, they don’t have familial or societal support, and they’re selling sex to keep roofs over their heads—so they’re not duping you for shits and giggles. And there are worse things than accidentally sticking your dick in a woman who was born into a man’s body, PROS. Did you catch Charlize Theron’s Academy Award– winning performance in Monster? •••


I have been in a nonmonogamous marriage for several years. We’ve had a lot of fun. My only gripe is that she is allowed to have solo adventures and I am not. When I protest, she says that she would rather stop having solo experiences than allow me to as well. This is little comfort, as I enjoy her having her own experiences. My wife is a lovely woman, and I don’t want to risk any damage to my marriage or family life (we have two wonderful kids). But it is clear to me now that I require a little safe, NSA exploration on my own every once in a while. What’s a boy to do? EQUAL RIGHTS IN COITUS


Hearing about the wife’s solo adventures gives you a boner— that is what you meant by “I enjoy her having her own experiences,” right?—while the prospect of your solo adventures has the opposite effect on the wife, i.e., the thought doesn’t give her a girl boner. So while you rightly perceive her solo adventuring as unfair, ERIC, there’s something in those solo adventures for you, i.e., lots of boy boners, while there’s nothing in your proposed solo adventures for her, i.e., no girl boners. Now life isn’t fair, as I hope your mama warned you, and in an open relationship, life’s unfairness can manifest itself in one partner agreeing to less freedom of action in order to accommodate the other’s insecurities, irrationalities, insanities, etc. If the unfairness of it all is unacceptable to you, ERIC, accept your wife’s offer to terminate her solo adventures. Hopefully she’ll miss them as much as you will, and in short order she’ll agree to your having solo adventures in order


to start having her own again. •••


I’m a longtime fan of your column and agree with you 99 percent of the time, and I’m usually annoyed when you run counterarguments from angry readers. Alas, I think I’m one of those folks today. Your advice to Horny Homo two weeks ago was kind of messed up. While I agree that some careful wording is needed when suggesting a threesome for the first time, a closeted bi guy pretending to go into a MMF situation solely for his girlfriend’s pleasure is a recipe for disaster. As a bisexual woman myself, I find it pathetic that this guy can’t suck it up and tell his girlfriend that he’s interested in having sex with men. As you’ve said to other people in similar situations, he’s better off telling his girlfriend the truth and seeing if she’s into the idea of threesomes or polyamory or what have you. Maybe she’s completely GGG for the whole thing—or maybe she’d rather not be used by two liars looking to scratch an itch. FLIPPANT ANSWER ISN’T LEGIT


They can’t all be gems, FAIL, and that response sucked balls. Consider it withdrawn. And for the record: Yes to honesty, yes to the dude telling his girlfriend he’s bi, and yes to angry readers calling me on my fails, FAIL. My response was intended to be tongue-in-cheek, but it was head-in-ass. My apologies. •••


So the Oscar nominations just came out. The same question plagues me every year—both at nomination time and when the awards roll around. How many people do you think have been fucked with an Oscar? I mean, it’s shaped just right and so associated with power, fantasy, etc. that it’s just gotta happen, and I’m betting pretty often. Have you heard any news along these lines? Do you think I’m off base? HOPING EVERY LOVELY LITTLE OSCAR GETS OILED REALLY GOOD EVOKING ORGASMS UP STARBUTTS


First, a programming note: When Savage Love readers noticed that I was turning sign-offs into acronyms to save space, they began crafting sign-offs that resulted in amusing and/or revealing acronyms, e.g., PROS, ERIC, FAIL. But long sign-offs, even if they make for terrific acronyms, don’t save space. So limit your creative sign-off to no more than five or six words, dear readers, if you want to see it in print. (I’m making an exception for HELLOGORGEOUS...) Okay, HELLOGORGEOUS, your letter arrived on the day I had the distinct pleasure/honor of hanging out with a couple of people who just so happen to have four—four!—Oscars on a shelf in their offices. Spooky! They laughed when I showed them your letter. Not because they had fucked themselves with their Oscars, HELLOGORGEOUS, but because the first thing they observed about their Oscars was that they were, indeed, “shaped just right.” (I thought the shoulders were a bit wide, personally, but the base was flared, which is what you want with an insertion toy.) I didn’t press them on whether they had confirmed their suspicions—we’d only just met—but rest assured, if it can be stuffed in someone’s ass and/or twat, however inadvisable said stuffing might be, someone somewhere has shoved the thing—Coke bottle, Oscar statuette, Scott Brown action figure—in there.

Listen to Dan Savage's podcast online at REESE


18 thescope

FEBRUARY 11 - 25, 2010



geeks of the world

galleries • museums


Ochre Gallery-96 Duckworth St 726-6422


OPENING GET BAKED! Art for your sweet tooth: Local artists display and sell a visual feast of mixed media art inspired by the cupcake, Arts & Culture Centre 729-3900 (Rescheduled for Fri Feb 12 - Sun Feb 14)

ONGOING CHANGING TIDES: An exhibition of artwork by young Newfoundland artists, curated by Stephanie Williams, First Space Gallery-QEII Library

DARK HORSE:Greg Bennett explores the imagery and symbolic value of horses. Paintings -full of doubled and mirrored images, overlapping planes and repeating motifs- offer surfaces where the material and the dreamlike meet, The Rooms-9 Bonaventure Ave 757-8000

DOWNTOWN CHARCOALS: Peter Lewis’ city-scape charcoals capture the colourful spirit of St John’s in black & white, Peter Lewis Gallery-5 Church Hill 722-6009

ICE FLOWS AND SOUND RETREATS, Jan Kabatoff: A multi-media installation combining painting, mould impressions, hand-dyed textiles, photography and sound recordings of glacial ‘voices’; an experience linking science and human wonder with a shared, growing concern, The Rooms-9 Bonaventure Ave 757-8000

LEVITATIONS: Sculpture by artist-in-residence Ben Rigby (UK), free, A1C Gallery-8 Clift’s-Baird’s Cove 237-0427

MADE FOR EACH OTHER: It’s all about relationships: The teacup and saucer, the table and chair…fine craft and art is filled with dynamic duos. This show explores functional and fanciful interpretations of the theme “made for each other,” Craft Council-59 Duckworth St 753-2749

NEW WORKS: By Gerald Squires, Esther Squires, George Horan, Julia Pickard, Sharon Puddester, Gerald Squires Gallery-52 Prescott St 722-2207

NIGHT LIGHTS OF ST. John’s: Brenda McClellan explores how night lights highlight our streets and structures, showing them with fewer imperfections and creating a mysterious ambiance, Red

sculpture and images from Saskatchewan that take risks, show innovation and surpass expectations, Craft Council-59 Duckworth St 753-2749

UNREQUITED DEATH: Helen Gregory: Death, decay, beauty, and sensuality; the artist investigates the act of collecting by focusing on organic forms such as skulls, bones, desiccated birds and dead flowers. Curated by Lisa Moore, The Rooms-9 Bonaventure Ave 757-8000

LAST CHANCE AFTERBLAST: Jason Penney (NL/UK) presents survival packs for drag queens and queers for the post-apocalypse. Each purse contains a home adorned with found objects and reclaimed materials, Eastern Edge Gallery-72 Harbour Dr 739-1882 (Ends Feb 20)

LYNDON KEATING: Photographed cityscapes, landscapes and places of interest, Peter Lewis Gallery-5 Church Hill 722-6009 (Ends Feb 15)

RAE PERLIN: An exhibition of work by the beloved Newfoundland artist, writer and nurse who would have been 100 this year, Leyton GalleryClift’s-Baird’s Cove 722-7177 (Ends Feb 20)

SAGSRI: The Suitcase Art Gallery Space Research Institute’s Michael McCormack (NS) launches an installation of the mission’s work to date - its continuing struggle to compete in the ‘space race’ - and the story of exploration and its affects, Eastern Edge Gallery-72 Harbour Dr 739-1882 (Ends Feb 20)

YOOHOON KIM, Eastern Edge Gallery-72 Harbour Dr 739-1882 (Ends Feb 20)

unidentified photos from the archives which remain a mystery in terms of their geographical location within NL, The Rooms-9 Bonaventure Ave 757-8000

COLLECTING BIRDS: A Beak Behind the Scenes: Use bird specimens to learn lots of fascinating facts about the diversity of our feathered friends, The Rooms-9 Bonaventure Ave 757-8000

CONNECTIONS: This Place and Its Early Peoples: Polar bears on tundra, carnivorous plants in a bog, seabirds, sea mammals, sea life plus the people who made their lives here, The Rooms-9 Bonaventure Ave 757-8000

DISCOVERING BARTLETT: An Archival Exploration: Marking the 100th anniversary of the 1909 expedition to the North Pole, this exhibition of archival records relates to the life and career of Captain Bartlett, The Rooms-9 Bonaventure Ave 757-8000


you have nothing to lose but your shame!!


timemasters 33 kenmouNT RD, 2ND FL, 754-3654


ENCOUNTERING GRENFELL: A Life and Legacy: Providing medical care, education & skills in craft, agriculture & animal husbandry Wilfred Grenfell sought to improve conditions in NF, The Rooms-9 Bonaventure Ave 757-8000

[HERE]SAY: 26 signs on light poles, each featuring an audio story about that particular spot. Stand on the sidewalk, use your cellphone to dial the number on the sign, and hear the voices, Water St

INCREDIBLE INSECTS: Come face to face with bugs in live insect exhibit, Johnson Geo Centre-175 Signal Hill Rd 737-7880

JOHNSON GEO CENTRE & PARK: See Signal Hill’s 550 million year old geology & specimens of NF rocks, minerals & botanical park, 175 Signal Hill Rd 737-7880



Dockyard exhibit of model ship hulls, shipbuilding, dockyard history plus the story of Newfoundland’s railway boat service & 1940’s train diorama, 495 Water St W 724-5929

A TOUR DE FORT: Interpretive panels tell the


story of Fort Townsend, the 18th century symbol of England’s domination over the fishery, The Rooms-9 Bonaventure Ave 757-8000

ADMIRALTY HOUSE MUSEUM: 1915 navy wireless station now communications museum, 23 Old Placentia Rd-Mt Pearl 748-1124

ARCHIVAL MYSTERIES: Where Is It? Featuring

Military & communications history, meet Signalman, watch film, interactive exhibits, Visitor Centre 772-5367

THE FLUVARIUM: A panoramic water view under the surface of Nagle’s Hill Brook. Spot fish, insects & plants in natural habitat plus interactive exhibits, 5 Nagle’s Place 754-3474

cute but sophisticated


“I’m so glad we finally live together in the same house. ”

Matthew, you are my

I am straight up men-

I love you sparkles!!!

I lobster you! Even

Next year won’t be as

To Megan, you are the



tally ill—for YOU. And


though you’re a sheet

crazy and I wouldn’t

best part of my life. I

the whole world. I’m

I want to argue with



want to go through it

love you. ♥ ♥ Kyle

so happy you came

you for the rest of my

We have less than four

you’re still the most

with anyone but you.

back to Newfoundland.

life, so don’t get me off

years till the end of the

loving, wonderful and

♥ ♥ Lesley

Happy Valentine’s Day

this crazy thing called

world. I want to spend


♥ ♥ Alison

love. ♥ ♥

that time with you and

ever. Thanks for mak-

Lady Dianna, I will love

way you kiss me, the

I can’t imagine doing

ing me smile each day.

you till the zombies

way you handle my

anything else ♥ ♥ J

♥ ♥ LS

come and we have to

frigid body tempera-

bash out their brains.

ture, all reasons I love


you. ♥ ♥ Little Spoon


Happy 30th Anniversa-

Meat Master. Take me

ry mom and dad! From

out for dinner, won’t

your son on this special

cha? ♥ ♥

day. ♥ ♥




rinths. Love and Jour-


I won. I won and you

Dear Big Spoon, the way you hold me, the

know it. ♥ ♥ BR

neys ♥ ♥ E

FEBRUARY 11 - 25, 2010

thescope 19

The Scope issue 99  

February 11 - 25, 2010

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