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41 Product Review: Dell Latitude D830 Lenovo Ideapad Y730, HP Mini 1000 Vivienne Tam Edition

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47 P  RODUCT REVIEW: Samsung Instinct, Jawbone, Energizer 15 Minute Battery Charger


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othing in life can surpass the exhilaration of accomplishing a dream, save for accomplishing it with loved ones. For over 5 years we have been grinding making the impossible probable, then possible, yet the journey has just begun. The world has changed overnight yet the dynamics remain the same, a lack of opportunity, and a dearth of diversity. I started the Owners movement for one reason, to spearhead ownership of one’s dream. A dream is a powerful thing that is personal yet most intimate when it’s shared. In these tough times we are lead to believe we cant dream, but that is false, we can dream more than ever and in fact we can soar even further. One flyer at the Funkmaster Flex car show has turned into a multi-media publishing company, without the aid of the financial system, just the efforts and support of people who belive in the Dream of Ownership. The doors are open, the task is great, yet the spirit is strong, we have a righteous wind on our backs, the dark preceeds the light, and might overcomes freight. Lets Get It! Owners Till Infinity

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Courtesy of Rolls Royce

ecessity breeds ingenuity for most, while others can perceive an opportunity and voyage towards it before the masses are in tow. Such is the case of distinguished automotive designer Henry Fisker whose work with BMW and Aston Martin are of legend and his coach build work has undisputedly been regarded as second to none. Henry Fisker has now embarked on a ground breaking venture, an entire green luxury car company and if the first product the Karma is an indication his approach may change the automotive industry. Fisker Automotive is truly a global car company with headquarters in Irvine, CA, a development studio in Detroit, an engine building alliance with GM for their global Echotec I-4 engine, and a manufacturing agreement with Valmet Automotive in Finland. Of the overall strategy of the company Henry stated "green cars can be good looking sexy, fast, and big… its important to make a statement about getting a green car that's exciting enough that you want to own this car, that you want to buy it" and one glance at the Karma and you would concur with his vision. Simply stunning to look at the Karma features flowing lines, an extended front end, 22 in wheels, solar roof, multimedia integration of the design Henry said opined it was like "a stylish New York Apartment…with 4 single seats, with a long battery from front to rear." Of the structure Henry told us its an " aluminum body, lighter material to make cars as light as possible" This light frame paired with a combination of 2 electric engines and the GM sourced Echotec produces a top speed of 125 mph and 0-60 time of 5.8 seconds. The specs on the electric powertrain are just mind numbing a 408hp combined output with 959 ft-lb of torque. The Karma works on a proprietary Q drive which operates as a plug in electric car and powers the first 50 miles on electric power then switches to hybrid mode. There are 3 modes HEV, Stealth, and Sport. Stealth mode is the default and essentially automatically conservers power limiting top speed to 95 mph, and reducing acceleration while as charging the battery automatically, HEV mode serves to charge the battery,

6 •

with auto shutoff and other energy saving measures, Sport mode opens the full performance possibilities offering peak power and torque, all at a tock of a button. Priced at $87,000 the Karma is very competitive with other ultra luxury sedans such as the S550 and Lexus LS460 among others. Manufacturer Valmet assembled the Porshe Cayman, and Boxster at the plant prior to the deal with Fisker so build quality should be high. In addition it doesn't hurt to have a Nobel prize winning, former Vice President as an investor, AL Gore a partner in Kleiner an green initiative venture capital firm, helped close the deal for the second round of financing for Fisker. Fisker plans to sell 15,000 Karma's a year beginning in the 4th quarter of 2009, there are also plans for other product lines with Karma derivates to follow after launch. In conclusion a statement by Henry Fisker sums it up the best "Karma means whatever you do in this life you gonna either be rewarded or punished for in your next life" With the superb effort with the "Karma" we expect nothing but great Karma for Fisker. For more information visit

Watch video and extra footage at • 7


Watch video and extra footage at 8 •

INTERVIEW » DR. DEITER ZETSCHE For the past 5 years I have had the fortune of having drinks and wings at the Firehouse at the Detroit auto show. I remember meeting Dr Deiter Zetsche at the launch of the then global rave the 300C and he was and has always been very approachable and kind with his time. Dr. Dieter Zetsche has been a member of the Board of Management of Daimler AG since December 16, 1998, and was CEO of the Chrysler group from 2000 till Dec 2005. While he served as CEO of Chrysler Group he brought the brands to profitability with tough cost cutting and integration of Daimler technology into the Chrysler group products the best example being the LX rear wheel drive platform that at its’ height combined to sell over 300,000 units with the 300, Magnum, and Charger. In 2006 I remember Mercedes Benz was undergoing losses and had quality issues. On January 1st 2006 he became Chairman of the Board of Management of Daimler AG and also took over as Head of Mercedes-Benz Cars Division which includes passenger cars of the brands Mercedes-Benz, Maybach and smart as well as Mercedes-Benz AMG and Mercedes-Benz McLaren. Once back in Stuttgart Germany he announced 8500 job cuts at Mercedes to boost productivity and efficiency similar to what he did at Chrysler which returned the brand to profitability as he eliminated 26,000 jobs there and won major concessions from suppliers over his management tenure. In his last year of managing the Chrysler Group directly he lead 5 % overall sales increase with 11% sales increase at the Chrysler Brand and a 34% percent sales increase of the Magnum, a product that has now been discontinued after his departure. In his first year back in Germany he turned around Mercedes Benz from a 500 billion Euro loss to a 2.4 billion Euro profit and was named one of Time’s magazines’ 100 most influential persons of the year 2006. The Chrysler group eventually would be sold in 2007 to Cerebus, with Daimler retaining a 20% stake and sharing some of Chrysler’s legacy cost for health care and pensions. It is hard to fathom one man can mean so much to a company but the results are clear, while Chrysler was under his management not only were the brands profitable there was a bustling aftermarket industry with OEM parts for 300’s, Chargers, and Magnums. I got a chance this past year to speak with “Dr Z” about whats new at Mercedes and what the future holds. Our dialogue is below and also available in Video at So Dr. Z tell us about this new vehicle here and what’s going on at this Detroit Auto Show That is the appearance of Mercedes Benz in the compact SUV segment (The GLK). Obviously as you can see this is not a plain vanilla vehicle but a very unique design, edgy and

state-of-the-art modern. At the same time we have great technology with this vehicle with all the capabilities of the Mercedes SUV’s in other segments so that is a very, very promising new product for Mercedes. So now where would this slot because it seems like it has some styling cues from the GL which was launched last year? You’re very right. It has cues from the GL as well from the G wagon which is kind of an icon, the first premium manufactured SUV of the world going back thirty years and some of those styling cues you’ll find here as well which makes us very excited and obviously the customers as well. Now, obviously technology, fuel, being more efficient, there are new technologies that Mercedes has developed and of course there’s new advancements to the Bluetec. Can you talk to us a little bit about that? We do believe that America is ready for the diesel. Diesel which are extremely clean. Bluetec is the keyword. We have developed a totally new diesel technology which allows us to meet the most stringent, legal requirements for emissions in California for instance and with those we’ll be able to offer 20 to 30% fuel consumption reduction and at the same time various strong torque, very powerful engines, smoothrunning. It’s a whole new world. Now talk to us about the F700 and the technology in that vehicle. Ultimately our objective was to make the diesel as clean as the gasoline engine and the gasoline engine as fuel efficient as the diesel and then we said why don’t we take it just a step further by merging the two engines and building a, developing a dieseloto which is a combination of a gasoline and diesel engine. That’s exactly what’s propelling the F700 in combination with the hybrid we get unheard of fuel economy with this relatively large vehicle which on top has a new comfort technology. We call it flying copper because that’s kind of the feel you get inside of this vehicle because it’s looking forward to detect bumps in the road and then react before the bump really comes with it’s active suspension to provide for a totally smooth ride. In summation what can we expect new moving forward with Mercedes. Mercedes has invented the automobile and you can expect from Mercedes always to lead the industry to come up with the latest technology, the latest innovation and therefore ultimately help the customer and the auto industry all across the board when step by step this technology is trickling down the different segments. For more information visit • 9




n a beautiful spring day in NYC I got an opportunity to get behind the wheel of a vehicle that will change it's segment like the Taurus did in 1986. Based on the Fairlane concept that itself was inspired by the Woodie. The Flex is a different twist on the crossover SUV. For one though it is boxy in shape the Flex is actually more aerodynamic than it's competitors and it's styling drew rave reviews as we pulled back into the Gramercy Park Hotel in Midtown, Manhattan. We drove north on the Sawmill and into towns in Connecticut and I got a chance to experience the 3.5 L V6 which was true to its promise of 262HP and 248 lb-ft of torque. It's six speed transmission helps it get up to 24 mpg on the highway in the FWD but the AWD version I drove gets 22 on the highway and 16 in the city. A new eco boost engine arrives next year which is supposed to get more power and

10 •

better efficiency. As you sit in the Flex you would observe high quality materials and a premium finish in a multi-media haven that includes a Sony sound system, Microsoft Sync technology and the all new Sirius travel link. Travel link is truly awesome as it provides you the prices at he nearest gas station and can event show you upcoming movie times. Of course you also get real time traffic, which is a great feature making into the increasingly gadget oriented vehicles on the market today. 5in longer that the Taurus X with which it shares a platform, the Flex has room to seat seven adults comfortably. There is an potion for Vista roof which provided an openness to the cabin as you have three glass roof's with one being a sunroof that slides back. There are other options like a dealer installed TV in the Headrest and refrigerator which both come in handy for family trips, and there is also a standard 115 V plug so you can even bring your gaming systems. Coming in slightly north of $41,000 fully loaded the Flex is very competitive with competitors in the premium crossover segment and none compare to the features list. Very important to Fords bottom line the Flex is just the right vehicle to place a bet on. For more information visit



t is impossible to avoid the endless stream of negative attention the Detroit automobile manufacturers have been getting lately. Everyone from money managers, to economist, to politicians, to pundits, to simply anyone with a pie hole, and another one that will be impolite to say has suddenly turned expert on why the auto industry is ailing. What is lost within nearly all discussion is the reality of dire consequences of unregulated financial markets that have wreaked havoc on the general economy, and more on housing and automotive industries because they constitute big ticket items and are generally financed and have to be secured by insurance against default over a period of time. When employment and business revenues are unstable its difficult to take the risk in extending credit to otherwise credit worthy persons talk less of more riskier parties who’s income can overcome a bumpy credit history. The government being the source of last resort for capital has more of an ability than any individual or corporation to stabilize the system temporarily till private sources are capitalized enough to be able to take necessary risks for a healthy free market. Hence we have entered this cycle which has wiped out 6 million sales in the market over night and one of the unfortunate casualties might be the newly launched Pontiac G8. On a sunny day in San Diego I had the fortune of riding with GM Vehicle chief engineer for Rear Wheel Drive Platforms, AL Oppenheiser. As we navigated thru the winding course I could appreciate the handling and the athletic nature of the suspension on the 6L V8 GT model that delivers 361HP with a six speed sport tuned transmission. Cylinder deactivation is available allowing the G8 to

run on 4 cylinders and conserve energy. The result is an impressive 24mpg on the highway. The G8 was developed with a new global vision in mind and the standard bearer for sport sedans the BMW 5 series served as a bench mark. I have nothing but raves in the power, refinement, and performance department, as GM utilized expertise from Corvette in developing the small block V8 engine dubbed L76 in the G8 and actually is sharing a power train in the 6.2 L GXP with the Vette sourced LS3. The GT matches the 5 series in performance, and even the base V6 is a worthy competitor with a 3.6 L engine that develops 256hp. 0-60 is promised just north of 5 seconds. Developed along with the Holden brand in Australia the G8 is truly a world class sedan that has plenty or head room and leg room for rear passengers, along with comfortable bucket seats, an attractive instrument cluster, and quality materials. At a price point of $27,000 plus for the V6 and $29,000 plus for the V8 there are few competitor in regard to overall package. The knowledge gained developing the G8 has already benefited the new Camaro with which it shares a rear wheel drive platform. If in fact the G8 dies in the proposed shut down of Pontiac I would love to see it back in some form as the next generation Impala which would make sense since the Camaro would share components and would be built in North America. It would truly be a shame to see such a great engineering effort disappear before enjoying a full year to build consumer awareness. For more information on the G8 visit and as the saying goes get it while supplies last. • 11



f there is a product to blame for the glut of SUV’s on the streets one can make a case for the Escalade. There has been no vehicle since and probably none after that has provided a healthy business mix of a huge profit margin and volume and asuch single handedly rescued the Cadillac brand. The Escalade has grown up now and not only is it the standard for full size luxury SUV’s it is socially responsible with a 2 model Hybrid powetrain that improves fuel economy by 50%. Using a 6.0L V8 paired with cylinder deactivation, along with battery power, one can actually drive up to 30 mph without using gas with a gentle foot. There is still tons of available power with over 330hp and more when you factor in the electric powertrain. I had a short visit with he Escalade Hybrid and came away impressed if only this could have came out 2 years ago one may wonder because this is the Escalade to drive if you want one. Tow capacity is 5600 which is more than adequate for a nice sized boat. Starting at $73,000 the Hybrid bears a $10,000 premium over the Escalade. For more information visit

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Courtesy of GM


Courtesy of Hyundai




ne must admit it is not your fathers Hyundai anymore and you can't help but marvel at how much the company has grown. Long known for their small cars over the past decade Hyundai has been developing larger platforms and bigger power trains and none have carried the ambition of the foray into the luxury sedan market, the Genesis. To sum the engineering up in one word impressive. Every aspect of the Genesis displays a drive to become a serious player in the luxury market with an engineering effort that targeted very high benchmarks and an execution that provides a very credible entry, dare I say a rookie of the year effort. Over a two day period in Santa Barbara, CA I had a chance to spend time with the Hyundai team and had a truly fabulous time with everyone from Justin, to Chris, to Miles, Wendell, John, James, to Hanna, .The Genesis is a technological marvel with the same dolby 7.1 system found in the Rolls Royce Phantom, thru a partnership with lexicon they are the only mass market car that share that sound system. I was also able to take the Genesis out to the race track where I went head up with a BMW 750i, and won with video to prove it, Hyundai is also running an online campaign with their own tests against the 750i in 0-60mph competition. Fit and finish is excellent, as is driver comfort, and safety. There are back up camera's heated and cooled seats, and a long list of options available in this luxury effort. Underlying the sheet metal however is a rear wheel drive platform that rides smooth and has two very competent power trains. The base engine is a 3.8 L V6 that develops 290 hp with27mpg on highway, but the rave is the new Tau powertrain that gets 375hp out of a 4.6L V8 yet still getting 25mpg on the highway. Both engines are matched to a six speed transmission though the V6 is sourced from Aisin and the V8 comes from ZF. Starting at $33,000 and topping out shy of $40,000 fully loaded the Genesis is a very credible effort that should provide strong value alternative in the full size luxury segment. For more information visit • 13



have to confess to a long love affair with the Aston Martin. Since I saw James Bond in a DB5 in gold finger, I have craved ownership of an Aston Martin, so I was beyond myself when I was presented an opportunity to hang out with the Aston Martin team in San Francisco and test drive the new V8 Vantage. Now under new ownership after the acquisition from Ford Motor Company the new company structure allow a singular focus on the quintessential gentleman’s sports car which before this financial market collapse was on pace for a record 8000 plus in sales for this year. Instrumental in record growth and sales is the Vantage which now has a new power train with a 4.7 LV8 that develops 420 hp, and reaches 0-60 in 4.7 seconds. For the new model year new enhancements have been made especially in the interior department. A new key which resembles a piece of jewelry has been created and fits into the center stack. A new30 gig hard drive based navigator system also exists and now you can integrate your ipod into the sound system, but you don’t buy an Aston because of the navigation and ipod you buy an Aston for the drive and the Vantage is superior in that aspect as I drove the sportshift automated manual with a mix of urban driving and highway thru the hills of Northern California and if you can just hear the rumble note you are certain to “soil your knickers” as they will say. The new sportshift mode makes the Vantage a great daily driver and you can still shift gears with the steering mounted paddle shifters. The stitching on the seat also were a favorite of mine as the yellow vantage I drove matched yellow with black in and elegant manner. Pricing starts north of $123,000 for the coupe and $136,000 for the convertible. Visit for more information.

14 •


DRIVE » GM Northeast drive event

On a balmy fall day shortly before the bottom fell out of the market, you know back when the discussion was of if GM would merge with Chrysler, I had the pleasure of joining my colleagues in New York to drive and get a look at new product offerings by GM. I was utterly floored by the masterpiece that is the Camaro which was on hand in RS form with a V6 engine that develops 300hp from 3.6L. What is equally shocking is the price point which begins at slightly north of $22,000 with the RS package I saw going for $27,000. If I had a dollar for everyone who has been anticipating the arrival of the Camaro, GM would need government assistance as the Camaro, also overseen by AL Oppenhieser is a peerless coupe that showcases the best in American automotive engineering. The Camaro wasn’t the only beauty on hand as the Volt which I have been following since the project was announced years ago as a partnership with GE and born design wise of design inspirations of students. The Volt looks bright and almost space age on the interior with quality materials. I would love to drive one and get a feel for gauges, and driver ergonomics but from what I see thus far its going the right direction and hopefully by 2010 the economy and market should change to give the technology a chance. I also drove the Equnox hydrogen fuel cell which was an exciting experience to see the gauges display the energy usage and the actuality of having no carbon emissions. The CTS-V however truly impressed me as fit and finish, technology, power, handling, design, par none on the planet. Where can you get a 550 hp sedan with real time traffic, 40gig hard drive, ipod connectivity, brembo brakes, 6 speed manual, for roughly $60,000? Sharing a power train with the insane Corvette ZR1 the detuned 6.2 L V8 out performs cars 3 times it’s price. I also had an opportunity to dive Saabs all new X wheel drive which now independently distributes power to individual wheels and provides even better control. Saturn Vue 2 mode is truly the future of GM’s crossover powertrain as the venerable high out put 3.6L V6 with a 2 model system giving it a range of 500 miles. I can see this powertrain make its way into the Acadia, Traverse, and Enclave and the crossover is still able to tow 3500lbs! I have always had the philosophy that an opinion should be informed and I find it hard for anyone who has seen the new technology, and products ready to go, having an impression consumers wouldn’t want what GM has to offer. For more information visit • 15



the premium sound system and the available Sirius satellite radio. There was also an auxiliary input in the glove box for iPods, and Mp3 players, but that was unnecessary as I enjoyed the variety of stations on Sirius which sounded great on the Harmon/Kardon sound system. Minor cosmetic changes exist with the E350 Sports

Though the model is due for a redesign which will probably arrive in the 2010 model year, the recently upgraded powertrain with a 3.5L V6 develops 268 hp and 258 lb-ft. of torque, was more than adequate for my voyage and has been a benchmark for other manufacturers. I remember when the panoramic roof was introduced at the product launch a number of years ago and I can still appreciate the feature as I cruised on a sunny afternoon down I- 95 listening to

package like a chrome tipped exhaust, a recently refreshed front fascia, 18in sport wheels, and a rear sports bumper. The E350 remains a classic with the revolution upcoming next year with the introduction of an all-new 2010 model. For more information, visit

Courtesy of Daimler Benz

With over 100 years of engineering prowess, Mercedes Benz has brought new innovation and engineering through its history. The E Class sedan has been a staple of its engineering prowess and the definition of a luxury sedan with tremendous sales and importance to parent company Daimler’s profitability. I got an opportunity to drive the E350 4-Matic through the Washington Metropolitan Area and Virginia and was thrilled to experience the standard bearer.

TEST DRIVE » JAGUAR XJ SUPER V8 biggest difference is observed with new front fascia and a chrome side vent with Jaguar embellishments that was introduced on the new XK. There is also a new power train with a new 4.2 L V8 that develops 400 HP supercharged. It also hauls the lightweight cruiser with 413 lb-ft of torque with 0-60 mph times of 5.4 seconds. Now under new ownership with Tata of India, the Jaguar brand may now have more resources financially at its disposal. A new XJ based on the XF concept has been rumored to have been in development prior to the sale and should debut in 2009 as a concept and 2010 as an all-new model. Until then, the $94,000 plus spent on the Super V8 is well worth it for a superior luxury and technology cruiser for those with the most discerning taste. For more information, visit

Courtesy of Jaguar

I have always loved the new XJ since its redesign to an all-aluminum body during the 2004 model year. So, it should come to no surprise that the newly refreshed 2008 Super V8 is beautiful and no different in what has become an annual ritual behind the wheel of this superior luxury Sedan. Continuously, it has led its competitors in room and comfort especially for rear seat occupants who have enjoyed a multimedia system, since I have been driving the XJ. For 2008, you still get TV monitors in the head rest with controls for a DVD player located in the rear along with rear reclining seats. Also, you get a new HD Radio system, and a bluetooth system that can connect up to five phones. There are new refinements in seats with the option of adding an advanced air-cooling system to their heated front seats. The exterior, however, is where the

16 •


TEST DRIVE » LEXUS IS 350 Surround System. There is also DVD playback capability with the Navigation monitor while the vehicle is in park. There is a multimedia interface that provides details on maintenance along with Bluetooth and other technology. The great part, however, is the driving experience. The IS 350 hugs the road and has exemplary driving manners. There is a manual shift mode which was fun driving around the Washington metropolitan area on Indian Head Hwy, GW Parkway, and I-295. Starting with a base of $36,305, the loaded model I drove topped $48,000 which is competitive with similarly equipped competitors in the small luxury category. For more information, visit

Courtesy of Lexus

The Lexus IS has been a worthy competitor to the BMW 3 series since its debut of the second generation in 2005. The IS 350 I drove boasts a plethora of technology and high efficiency with stunning performance, best exemplified by the stunning IS-F which has a 416 hp engine matted to an 8-speed transmission with a blistering 0-60 time of 4.6 seconds. The IS-F, however, is not the story today, rather the impressive IS 350 which has a thrilling 3.5L V6 that makes 306 hp and 277 lb-ft. of torque from a six-speed sequential shift transmission. The model I drove had the optional 18in wheels with a back-up camera that comes along with the voice activated DVD navigation system, and Mark Levinson 14 speaker Dolby 7.1

TEST DRIVE » HONDA ACCORD COUPE V6 18in sport wheels also complemented the design language and gave great handling response during my drive. There was also XM Satellite Radio and dual chrome tipped exhausts. Fuel economy was great giving 19 city/ 28 highway. Another interesting feature that the Accord Coupe has is a satellite based navigation system with a Zagat guide. Often one of the top selling cars annually, the new Accord coupe doesn’t disappoint and in fact, impresses with a spirited design and great performance. For more information, visit

Courtesy of Honda

Honda once again wins with the new Honda Accord Coupe. Getting behind the wheel of the all-new Honda Accord Coupe, I could only feel euphoria as the all-new redesigned vehicle truly delights. The cabin features a rich array of materials including sumptuous leather and the feel of driving a luxury coupe twice the price. The design signature of the new coupe can only be summed up as awesome. The V6 model I drove had navigation and satellite radio in addition to a six disc in-dash CD changer. The 3.5L V6 was smooth running with 268 hp and developed 248 lb-ft of torque. The five-speed automatic shifted nice, though I would have preferred a six-speed. The • 17


TEST DRIVE » MAZDA 3S TOURING available DVD navigation and a six disc in-dash changer. It also had a sporty performance look with clear lights and 17in alloys. There is considerable power in the Mazda 3 with 156 hp and 150 lb-ft. of torque delivered from a 5-speed automatic that gets 22 mpg in the city and 29 mpg on the highway. At a price north of $21,000 as delivered, the Mazda 3 is a must drive for any car shopper looking for style, a fun drive, and an affordable price. Visit www.mazdausa. com for more information.

Courtesy of Mazda

Since the fun Zoom Zoom Zoom moniker has defined the Mazda brand, there has been a strong emphasis on performance on Mazda’s behalf which has filtered through all their product lines, most especially the Mazda 3. This car has garnered heavy praise for the Mazda speed edition, which is a true performance sedan at a favorable price. I had the pleasure of driving the mid-trim 3s Touring edition and was utterly trilled with the experience. The Copper Red Mica 3 color I drove through Washington, DC was truly fun to drive and had all the amenities you could want from Satellite radio to

TEST DRIVE » SUZUKI SX4 CROSSOVER out to $16,870 for the Touring and slightly over $16,000 for the SX4 sport. A 2.0L I4 powers the SX4 making 143 hp and 136 lb-ft of torque all matted to a 5-speed manual transmission. The models I drove arrived XM ready and the Touring had a six disc in-dash CD changer. There were also steering wheel mounted controls which were handy especially with a manual. Both SX4 models also come with an available automatic transmission which would be great for younger drivers who love to multi-task while on the go. The SX4 is definitely a must drive for anyone in the entry car market. For more information, visit

Courtesy of Suzuki

Having built a tremendous reputation for building motorcycles, Suzuki is now taking an aggressive strategy to reintroduce its cars with a new midsize sedan coming to market in 2010. Currently, Suzuki has some of the best small cars on the market and I had fun flogging both the SX4 and the SX4 crossover around and on the highway with trips north to New Jersey and back. Both models I drove were manuals so I was especially attentive to ease of drive, comfort, fun, and handling. Billed the most affordable AWD on the market, I must say I was impressed by the handling of the SX4 Crossover as I experienced some rain during my drive and it handled pretty well. Starting with a base price of $14,889, the model I drove came

18 •



20 •




raveling from as far as New England territory Hartford Connecticut to the swamps of Gainesville Florida, the Toyz Nation Road Show and Expo was a successful series of Madden 09 Tournaments and video gaming experience in partnership with Gamestop that highlighted the best in humanity and illustrated the impact gaming can have on human life. Several touching storylines developed like one of a father and Son who both entered a tournament and the father not wanting to play against his son forfeiting before he realized that to have his son win he had to defeat the other opponent, the son wound up redeeming the father and doing the family proud. People from various races and ethnicities also competed as Latino's, Blacks, Whites, and Asians, Old, young, children, parents, friends all came and played video games. Pictures could tell the words, but behind the images are stories of cross town rivalries, passionate gamers, strategies, and the "unfair" advantage of using Brady and Moss with the New England Patriots. There was tons of fun and excitement and great prizes including premium head phones by Skull Candy, gift cards from Gamestop and Footlocker, opportunities to be immortalized in print and even animated in a comic book. At the expo at the Georgia International Convention Center, we

22 •

had a mother bring her four adorable daughters to play Guitar Hero, and Rock Band, which also was played by Candace Cabrera of Flavor of Love 3 Fame. We had fathers bring their sons, we had passionate madden gamers camp out before the doors opened eager to get into the competition. Gaming is more that just recreation for "kids" It's a social experience that encourages friendship and fellowship between people from all backgrounds, and provides an outlet to let creativity foster. We had a distinguished panel of interactive media developers, Game developers and a state of Georgia representative, the panel included: Joseph Saulter, Danny Miller, Asante Bradford, Kevin O' Gorman, and Andrew Greenberg who spoke about opportunities for careers in gaming, and new developments in the gaming world and how the stage of Georgia is poised to become a big player with a big 30% tax incentive created to lure companies to set up studios there. We had tremendous support from Gamestop management and look forward to taking the expo on the road with our college tour, DC Holiday event, and massive Superbowl event at the GLCcomplex in Ybor city in Tampa, Florida . Keep checking for more information.




n a nice autumn evening in Raleigh, NC hundreds of Gears fans descended on Ess Lounge in downtown Raleigh, and enjoyed an experience of a lifetime as they got to enjoy the fruits of a partnership between, The International Game Developers Association, Toyz Nation and Epic Game Studios.Starting at 7pm the event feature a distinguished panel with Mike President of Epic Games, Colin Dwan Project Manager of Icarus Studios, and Alexander Marcus CEO of Themis Group all providing local students from area colleges like Wake Tech, NCSU, UNC, Duke, and other on the in’s and outs of the gaming industry. Topics of the panel included portfolio submission, to courses to take, to current climate in the industry, to even how to form their own game development company. Students were very attentive and asked great questions which will be helpful for their careers. After the panel the student gamers became the envy of Gears fans worldwide they got to play Gears 2 with members of the development team at Epic before the worldwide release. How Cool!! Dana Cowley from Epic was also on hand to give away really cool prizes like autographed copies of the limited edition Gears comic book, novel and posters. After giving everyone a chance to get some practice the real fun began with the first ever official Gears 2 tournament in the Triangle area. 5 teams of 5 played in Horde mode beginning in Wave 10 with the objective to get thru as many waves as possible. Only one group got thru to Wave 11. I got a tip from a source who had informed me that if everyone had begun on wave one and got thru the level then on Wave 8 you could have got the grinder which would have made Wave 10 easier. But screw easy Toyz Nation was giving away a $100 footlocker gift certificate, Skull Candy Headphones, Marvel Comics T-Shirts, and Dana was giving away the Gears Branded Zune Player, a collectors edition of gears, and autographed posters. Everyone had a blast and played and partied beyond 2AM. In term of Gameplay by the way look forward to my review but the graphic and the improvement on the Unreal 3 engine are outstanding. The event went so great we are now going to do a weekly night with Ess lounge centered around gaming and music so stay tuned. Thanks to all event partners including Nick from Ess lounge who was more that a gracious host. Also check, and to catch more pictures from the event than whats below.

24 •


26 •




aving done 3 previous cover features with Lil Wayne I take tremendous pride in his success at the best selling album of the year level. I have never met an artist who is so engaged with recording and his craft and the results show in an onslaught on the music industry and the massive success he enjoyed this past year. Lil Wayne and his product The Carter III, have propelled the movement to the new height of King of the Music Industry. SO what is Wayne thinking? How is he going to change? Whats going to happen with Young Money Entertainment? How about the Hot boys? How about Mannie Fresh? We spoke about that and many other topics as I caught up with him at a non descript studio in Atlanta, working as usual on more material. Somehow that doesn’t surprise me but his dialogue may surprise you.

Now as far as your maturity from doing The Carter II to The Carter III what are some of the things businesswise that you’re doing now to set up theCarter III? I just do the music part to tell you the truth, the God-given truth...I let all that setting up and planning, leave all that to the people that got hired to set up and plan. I just do the music part, man and as long as I keep that part intact we can’t lose. So are you still taking on the role as president of Cash Money? I wouldn’t have been given the role if I wasn’t going to be taking on the role...I wasn’t impeached. I call myself the new age business man...being the leader, instead of leading by instructions and directions, I lead by example. That’s the new age business man. I don’t sit behind no desk because I don’t have that much time in the world to even pay attention to what desk you want me to sit behind but i make a lot of money and I represent the company and I represent it well. And what I mean by that is, wherever I go, the company goes. However you look at me, you look-



ing at the company that way. Whatever I do, the company did. So I’m a great president in that manner. Like I said, a new age business man... You’ve had a phenomenal work ethic. Your biggest marketing strategy has been the amount of material that you have put into the market. You said, ‘I am the greatest rapper alive,’ and it’s like you materialized that thought into reality. It was a thought to y’ became a reality to y’all but it been a reality for me because if it was just a thought for me then I wouldn’t even have pursued it because if it’s just a thought, it’s a thought. I mean more than that it’s a belief for me...It been a reality for me. It’s just now becoming something to them...I been saying it. I wasn’t just saying it. I mean what I say. I say what I mean. You could die one day so why waste my breath lying to you. You might never see me again so therefore I hope you get from me something that I meant and I meant I’m the best. So therefore whenever you think or talk anything about me you’ll remember I said and meant I’m the best. Why do you feel like you’ve been the most effective at reaching the audience as far as, as a lyricist over the past three years? What has made you separate yourself from the rest of the competitors? I don’t know, me. Just doing me ‘cause I don’t know what the rest of the competitors do for me to be like I do this and they do that ‘cause I don’t even know what they do. So I guess just me, me being me. I guess I’m that much different from them. That’s all I can say ‘cause I really don’t sit there and be like, ‘okay, this how we gonna do, we not gonna do what they do.’ We don’t know what they do. I don’t pay attention to nothing but me. So speak about the mixtape audience cause you also got where you also have videos. • 27

You have music. You have a multimedia approach to marketing which is different. How long have you had that approach? I’ve had that for a few years now, about four or five years now.

So can we anticipate, Can’t Feel My Face, can we still look forward to that with you and Juelz? Yeah, definitely, sometime probably next year. El is getting his situation right. By time he get it right we gonna bang it out.

So what was it that you saw as far as the audience desires or tastes that made you say okay here is how I’m going to get my material out to the people. People like more of you...Like I was telling someone today, when I started a mixtape, when I started doing mixtapes, it was when it was no such thing as a mixtape. It was an outlet to hear more of the artist you love instead of having to wait ‘til their album come out or listen to their old s**t or wait till their new video come out. So now I mean that’s the same way I looked at it. I was like it’s a way to get, a piece of the artist that they can’t get everyday... that the label can’t make the artist do. This is something that the artist does that we don’t even know why we do it so good. ‘Cause just like everybody always ask me why your mixtapes so great but why, such and such mixtape is great too. I mean, but, like I said it’s a channel for you to view the artist from a different point of view, from other angles I guess.

Now how about your artists, because now you got a different Young Money or Young Money talent. What can we anticipate from them like Nikki Menage? I’ma go and drop a compilation CD with everybody on there, just a catalog where you can just likea museum view my artist, view Young Money but its a disc. You see what everybody could do and we gonna go after fans’ feedback and see who need to drop a solo album. That’s how we gonna do that.

What mixtapes actually was your official executive producing like okay these ten songs, these fifteen songs, these twenty songs, this is what I want them to have? Before all my underground s**t, I did my real underground s**t that...other than that, it’s the Drought 1, Drought 2, Drought 3; I put all those out. Dedication 1, Dedication 2; I put those out. And I think Khalid got a few of them... anything Khalid had to do with, that was me; that was us. And uh…other than that that’s it.

So now for the next generation, ‘cause you influencing so many, so many people in the rhyme game, even with just your approach and your tenacity, what advice do you have because last time we spoke you said people need to be themselves? That’s the same advice I’ma give right now. People need to be themselves. I mean other advice I could give, if you one of those people out there worrying about anything I do, I ain’t about to tell you, you’re stupid or nothing like that but you’re stupid. ‘Cause I ain’t worried about nothing you worried about. So you need to stop worrying about me. Them people who I’m talking about you need to stop watching television and stop listening to the radio and start looking into the mirror and paying attention about what you pray about every night because worrying about Lil Wayne and what Lil Wayne drinking, doing, smoking, f**king, saying, meaning ain’t gonna help you cause guess what, I’m richer than a mother…and you over there worrying about what I’ma do you better get you a f**kin’ mirror and talk to his stupid ass all day. Holla.

How about like the Lil Weeziana? Hever heard of none of those. I didn’t have nothing to do with none of them. Nothing. Wow!!! So now speaking of the future, so you got touring. You also gonna be doing jeans and merchandising. Can we anticipate any of those things or what are some of the other things you gonna tie in with this brand, the Carter III? I don’t try to tie nothing into nothing. It’s gonna be just that album and that’s that. Good music to listen to. You should like every song. Beat down Universal’s door, shoot a video to every cut on there. Other than that I ain’t trying to sell no Carter III lifestyles, no Carter III hats. Naw, that’s not my thing. I never been that, it’s never, naw. I’m trying to sell my album. That’s about it. I don’t want you to buy nothing else other than that...Carter III gonna be the only thing, the album. 28 •

How about the Hot Boyz? What can we anticipate from the Hot Boyz? I don’t know. I don’t know what’s up with the Hot Boyz. I rap for Young Money, Cash Money. They come back then I’ma hop in here, I been here. Let’s do it. Did you do anything with Mannie on the Carter III? No I didn’t...I got some Mannie music. We just ain’t put it on the III. I’m saving it for better and bigger things.

So any endorsements? Yeah I just signed a big deal with Nike since I’m ‘bout to get drafted second in the draft next year. Naw...I got a champagne coming out called D’Orleans. That’s D-’O-R-L-E-A-N-S. It’s featured, you can see it in my new video, “Lollipop.” [Editors Note: He did do a deal with Nike and appear in a Lebron James commercial.] •29


Nuclear Fallout is here again and the gameplay doesn’t disappoint as your favorite RPG returns for a third run in Fallout 3. I had 30 minutes to get into the action this E3 and my play picked up inside a vault 101 where I had to get out and explore the wasteland to determine what happened. I have a message left by my father, and I encounter the local Sheriff who simply informs me to stay out of his way and he would mine, but he offers little in terms of information as to what happened and why he did little to prevent the detonation of the bomb. Now, as always, you can determine your characters personality anywhere from him being a mean person or a Good Samaritan who is understanding of how the events came to be. Obviously, thirty minutes is not enough time, but I will tell you that the graphics look amazing. I played it on the 360, but it is also available on the PS3 and PC. Go to http://fallout. for more info.

Resistance 2

Starting off where Resistance ends, Resistance 2 has the ridiculous capability of having up to 60 players compete at a single time. Promoting the multi-play community is the website where gamers can measure their skills against others and socially network and invite others into the breathtaking action. Nathan Hale has never been better. Visit com for more information.

30 •

Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment Developer: Insomniac Games Platform: Playstation 3

Image courtesy of Bethesda Softworks

Genre: RPG Rating: M Release Date: Oct. 28, 2008

Genre: FPS Rating: M Release Date: Nov. 4, 2008

Image courtesy of SCEA

Fallout 3

Publisher: Bethesda Softworks Developer: Bethesda Game Studios Platform: XBox360, PS3, PC


This Is Vegas

Genre: Action Rating: M Release Date: Q2 2009

Image courtesy of Midway

This Is Vegas is actually a fun open-world adventure game that I also played at this year’s E3. Based around famous landmarks of the Vegas strip, you start out from the bottom at a sleazy off-strip location and work your way up, promoting partying, kicking ass, seducing women, and scheming your way to the top. There are some really cool looking cars and environments. I got a chance to play in the club where you help a friend throw a party and as the party gets hotter, you gain points. There is even a mini game with a wet t-shirt contest. You also can get your knuckle game up by fighting the henchmen for a notoriously egotistical casino owner. You can gamble and there are even cheats at the blackjack table, however, you have to be careful not to be detected or you will get kicked out of the casino. The sad new is that it doesn’t come out until Q2 2009 which could be an asset because by that time, there could be even cooler things added to the game play. Keep up with This Is Vegas at www.


Image courtesy of Midway

Publisher: Midway Games Developer: Surreal Software Platform: XBox360, PS3, PC

Publisher: Midway Games Developer: Midway Games Platform: XBox360, PS3, PC

Genre: Action Rating: M Release Date: March 20, 2009

Wheelman is sure to be a best-seller when it debuts this fall on the Xbox 360, PS3, and on the PC. At this past E3, I got a chance to play it and I love the driving and the world environment. You can knock other cars over, and the objective is to get away without too much damage occurring to render the car un-drivable. I can’t wait to follow the storyline which I can remember fondly from the first trailer I saw at E3 ‘06 when he was driving a BMW (He is now driving a Pontiac G8). Check for more news and updates on Wheelman including release dates. We also have some cool trailers on this site. • 31

TOYZ GUIDE VIDEOGAMES Let’s be clear, Mortal Kombat will always remain the greatest fighting game ever and I’m more than delighted to see it on the next gen platforms. And to make things even sweeter, you now get to battle the DC Universe. Scorpion vs. Batman - who is your money on? Well, there is only one way to find out and now you can also pick from a variety of characters and follow an intertwined storyline with two perspectives. By the way, Sonya is back along with Sub-Zero. And, Batman and Superman naturally are possible characters to use from the DC Universe. There is a new fighting system including Freefall Kombat and Klose Kombat along with dynamic multitiered environments. I had a chance to watch gameplay with Sonya, Subzero and Batman and the fighting rules. This Holiday, Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe should be a must on your wish list when it debuts for both Xbox 360 and the PS3. Visit for more info.

Saints Row 2

Publisher: THQ Developer: Volition Platform: XBox360, PS3, PC

The most worthy challenger to GTA is back and with a vengeance with a greater promise of gamer interaction and the ability to alter your environment and alter your characters. What is great is that you can even alter your vehicles and make them a true pimp mobile. Your crib can also be altered taking you from the outhouse to the penthouse with ease. The game also allows you to change the sexuality of the player with the trailer featuring a tranny and showing how you take him from a male into a cross dressing she-male. Saints Row 2 picks up where SR1 left of with Stillwater leaving you for dead and thirsty for revenge. Due out this fall, Saints Row 2 is bound to grant hours of fun and infinite possibilities for perverted and demented minds to mold Stillwater in their image. For more information, visit

32 •

Image courtesy of Midway

Publisher: Midway Genre: Fighting Developer: Midway Amusement Games Rating: T Platform: XBox360, PS3, PC Release Date: Nov. 16, 2008

Genre: Action Rating: M Release Date: Oct. 14, 2008

Image courtesy of THQ

Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe


Image courtesy of THQ

50 Cent: Blood on the Sand

Following up with the success of his multi-million selling Bulletproof, 50 Cent is ready to conquer the next gen consoles with his new video game Blood on the Sand. It is primed for a holiday release to coincide with the release of his next album “Before I Self Destruct.” Blood on the Sand published by THQ takes him to the Middle East where he battles terrorists and reprises his role as video game hero. 50 Cent and G Unit’s Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo and DJ Whoo Kid will star and provide their voice and likeness in the upcoming video game this fall on Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system, and PLAYSTATION®3 computer entertainment system. In this fictional story, players will be able to play as one of the world’s biggest hip-hop stars in an

Genre: Action Rating: M Release Date: Feb. 24, 2009

all out battle to protect 50 Cent’s assets and to collect payment from a crooked overlord. “We are taking this sequel to the next level with exciting combat and gunplay, new original music, great graphics and a new story,” said 50 Cent. “50 Cent: Blood on the Sand will have everything my fans are looking for in a 50 Cent game.” The 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand video game will feature multi-player drop-in and drop-out co-op, interactive counter-kills, driving, and aerial combat. The game also features original music from 50 Cent and you can anticipate product integration similar to the Vitamin Water and G-Unit clothing branding in Bulletproof. For more information, please visit the game’s official website at

Alpha Protocol

Image courtesy of Sega

Publisher: THQ Developer: Swordfish Studios Platform: XBox360, PS3

In what has to be one of the most intuitive RPG’s on the market, Alpha Protocol was one of my favorite games that I experienced at E3. Set in a world of espionage, crime, and action, Alpha protocol features you as main character Michael Thorton in an international conspiracy with the objective to avert a massive catastrophe. In the game, playing the main character has many options with the choices given and subsequent actions occurring based on gamer input. The A.I. is intuitive

Publisher: SEGA Developer: Obsidian Ent. Platform: XBox360, PS3, PC

Genre: Action/RPG Rating: M Release Date: Q2 2009

and as you go on, your character takes on characteristics based on your input along the game. You can also change the appearance of the character by wearing costumes and playing roles to avert blowing your cover. Another cool feature was the ability to watch how the world events have changed by your action on the news. Still a ways out with a debut in February of 2009, Alpha Protocol is one cool game to keep a watch on. For more information, visit • 33


Killzone 2

Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment Developer: Guerrilla Games / SCEE Platform: PS3, PSP Genre: First person shooter

Rating: M Release Date: Feb. 27, 2009

Publisher: Microsoft Developer: iNiS Platform: XBox 360

Genre: Music Rating: T Release Date: Nov. 19, 2008


Image courtesy of SCEA

To say Killzone 2 is highly anticipated will be like saying the sun will shine. From Killzone 2, you can expect the same stunning graphics, and game play is sure to impress the hard core legions of fans that have made the first one a smashing success. Due out in February 2009, you can keep up with Killzone 2 at

Image courtesy of Microsoft

In what is sure to be one of the most exciting games this year, Lips delivers on its promise of family fun for everyone. I had a chance to play lips in the Microsoft booth this E3 and was truly blown away by the experience. I have to make a confession, I truly dislike karaoke, yet, here I was playing with these led interactive wireless mics performing Young MC’s Bust a Move! Lame-O, I know, but I couldn’t help myself. There are endless options of songs you can do and limitless genre’s. You can sync your Zune or iPod and begin embarrassing yourself with your singer dreams. Lips is due out this holiday season and it is a must for families and a great stocking stuffer. Follow up on Lips at Xbox Live

34 •


NBA ‘09 The Inside

Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment Developer: SCE Studios San Diego Platform: PS2, PS3, PSP Genre: Sports

Rating: RP Release Date: Oct. 7, 2008

Image courtesy of SCEA

This has got to be the best of NBA series. This new NBA 09 is sure to captivate with a new play experience that takes you inside the world of a self-made hoop star that has to climb up from the D League to ride the pine in the NBA. There are three storyline options in The Life with choices of Guard, Wing player, or Bigman and you can make a name for your- self and lead your team to victory. There are also real life broadcasters from TNT which adds onto the realism of the game play; not to mention, a great online component where you can show off your specially created players and climb up leader boards. The character creation is also great with the ability to dictate facial features and size. NBA 09 is sure to satisfy the most critical of fans. My only gripe would be that you don’t have the option to play as legends on the PS3. Visit to get hyped up.

Image courtesy of Electronic Arts

NBA Live 09

Publisher: Electronic Arts Developer: EA Canada Platform: XBox360, PS3, Wii, PSP

Genre: Sports Rating: E Release Date: Oct. 7, 2008

Let me be the first to tell you, EA has officially gone in. In other words, they have upped the stakes to the point that the only way you can have more options is to make the league and play yourself and even then, you still won’t be on one of 24 available FIBA teams. And, oh, by the way, your players are no longer rated by last year’s stats. You get rated daily so, if your player balled for the contract and is now stealing money on his new team you are going to feel it. Player rating aside, how about basketball fundamentalsYou can now choose to play the pick and roll, lock down D and even work on your skills in the NBA Academy. Once you sharpen your skills, you can go online and play 5-on-5 ball with up to 10 people, as each person controls their own player. Of course you can still free-style and give ankle breakers galore. Be advised that you need to save up $180 to get all three. NBA Live 09 is definitely the place to be. For more info, visit • 35


Spore Origins

Publisher: Electronic Arts Developer: Tricky Software Platform: iPhone Genre: Simulation

Rating: RP Release Date: Sept. 5, 2008

Image courtesy of Electronic Arts

In what is just the tip of the iceberg in regards to the game play ability of the new 3g iPhone, Spore™ Origins debuts among 500 other applications on the iPhone as a game that takes advantage of the iPhones unique interface. Created by EA Mobile, you get to devour smaller creatures and grow your spore from one to 18 interactive cells. You can also take advantage of the iPhones free Wi-Fi connectivity and challenge others in the community in building spores. For more information, visit

Let the battle begin, as the veritable fighting game returns with a debut on the next gen consoles. After animated series, and live action movies, it’s time to “burn some muscle” as your favorite character returns with new comrades and enemies. Little has been revealed gameplay wise, but just know that you have been promised that, “everything that made the legendary Street Fighter II a hit in the arcades, living rooms and dormitories across the globe, has been brought back in Street Fighter IV.” I have to admit that I ripped those words from a press release, but I couldn’t say it better because little is known and shown. But, I share the same childhood promise of many that we will not be disappointed when SFIV debuts on the 360, PS3 and PC sometime next year. For more information, visit

36 •

Genre: Fighting Rating: T Release Date: Feb. 17, 2009

Image courtesy of Capcom

Street Fighter IV

Publisher: Capcom Developer: Capcom Platform: XBox360, PS3, PC


DC Universe Online

Publisher: Sony Online Entertainment Developer: SOE Austin Platform: PS3, PC Genre: RPG

Rating: RP Release Date: TBA 2009

Image courtesy of Sony Online Entertainment

Sony online and DC comics have created an amazing game that is sure to wow DC Comics fans worldwide. During E3, I was treated to a presentation that delved into the character creation and the game play, which was great. You can pick up any physical object and use it as a weapon. The artwork was phenomenal and I had the opportunity to look in the sketchbook and see the character concepts. The game is still in development and should be debuting soon, but what I saw was impressive. You can keep up with DC Universe Online at www.

Image courtesy of Microsoft

Fable II

Publisher: Microsoft Developer: Lionhead Studios Platform: XBox360

Genre: Action RPG Rating: M Release Date: Oct. 21, 2008

Let the battle begin, as the veritable fighting game returns with a debut on the next gen consoles. After animated series, and live action movies, it’s time to “burn some muscle” as your favorite character returns with new comrades and enemies. Little has been revealed gameplay wise, but just know that you have been promised that, “everything that made the legendary Street Fighter II a hit in the arcades, living rooms and dormitories across the globe, has been brought back in Street Fighter IV.” I have to admit that I ripped those words from a press release, but I couldn’t say it better because little is known and shown. But, I share the same childhood promise of many that we will not be disappointed when SFIV debuts on the 360, PS3 and PC sometime next year. For more information, visit • 37

TOYZ GUIDE VIDEOGAMES Genre: Real-Time Strategy Rating: T Release Date: March 3, 2009

Image courtesy of Microsoft

Halo Wars

Publisher: Microsoft Developer: Ensemble Studios Platform: XBox 360

Genre: Action Rating: M Release Date: April 7, 2009

Image courtesy of EA

The Godfather II

Publisher: Electronic Arts Developer: EA Redwood Shores Platform: XBox360, PS3, PC

38 •


Sony Playstation 3 (80 GB)

Image courtesy of Sony

Communication: • Ethernet (10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX, 1000BASE-T) IEEE 802.11 b/g Wi-Fi* • Bluetooth 2.0 (EDR) • Wireless Controller Bluetooth (up to 7) A/V Output: • Screen size: 480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i,1080p • HDMI out - (x1 / HDMI) • 1 Analog: AV multi out, 1optical digital out • Blu-ray/DVD/CD DRIVE “read only” • USB 2.0 X 2

XBox 360 (60 GB)

Image courtesy of Microsoft

• New XBox experience • XBox Live • Stream NetFlix movies and TV shows • 1 AV cable port , 3 USB 2.0 , 1Ethernet ( RJ-45 ) , 1 HDMI output, 2 USB ports • 16-bit / Surround Sound • 60GB hard drive • Xbox Live headset • Wireless controller • 39


Product Review: Playstation PSP 3000 The PlayStation portable is truly an underrated device that has personally been a companion of mine for the past 3 years. I have owned the 1000 series, the red God of War 2000 series, and now possess the Ratchet and Clank entertainment pack with National Treasure 2 and the bonus 1G pro stick, silver 3000 series. Beyond the multimedia capabilities from web surfing,to watching movies, to playing music, to talking on Skype, to even internet radio stations. The 3000 is a little lighter than the 2000 and has a longer lasting battery. New features to come to the 3000 series also includes a GPS system, video downloading via the Playstation Store, a more integrated remoteplay system with the PS3, a camera, and photo sharing. For more information on the PSP visit

HP Gaming Mouse with Voodoodna

Featuring up to 3200 dpi resolution, and acceleration up to 20G, the HP gaming mouse is a must have for any PC gamer. It has a sleek graphite inspired design, and has 5 programmable buttons. These buttons come in handy when you want to set up 5 different profiles. Great looking, fast and responsive, and a $ 59 price, the HP Laser Gaming Mouse is a must buy. for more information visit

40 •

TOYZ GUIDE LAPTOPS Product Review: Dell LatitudeD830

My how the times have changed. I remember working on an Apple IIe in Junior high school and even as recently as a decade I marveled at having a computer with a 4GB hard drive so I was in for a new experience with the Dell D830 featuring Samsung’s SSD with 64GB of memory. I was amazed with the speed the laptop loaded up, I am used to spending at least 3 minutes waiting for the computer to load and was delighted to see the laptop load almost instantly. Running on Windows XP I tried a variety of word processing tasks, created PDF files, power point presentations, I would have loved to have tried some media editing but that is more than would be typically done on the laptop I tested. Windows XP ran great, and still serves as the operating system I use the most with my own computers so files I transferred worked great and to be frank I regretted returning the laptop. According to Samsung the SSD short for Solid State Drive is more energy efficient, and I noticed it went into sleep mode and would awaken pretty rapidly. With new developments with SSD technology the future is here as SSD drives are in ever consumer electronic products from camera and camcorders, to mobile devices, to TV’s to personal computers, to MP3’s, even digital pens! Overall my experience with the Dell D830 featuring the Samsung SSD was great. For more information on Samsung’s SSD and SSD technology visit

Lenovo Ideapad Y730 (Orange)

•Intel® Core™ 2 Duo Processor • Windows Vista Home Premium • 4 GB SDRAM • 17” TFT Display w/integrated camera • 320 GB Hard Drive • Blu-Ray/DVD Combo Drive • 6 Cell Lithium-Ion battery • Bluetooth 2.0 • Intel Wireless Wi-Fi Link 5100

HP Mini 1000 Vivienne Tam Edition (Netbook)

• Intel’s new Atom processor • Windows XP Home Edition (SP3) • Internet Explorer 7 • Your favorite digital music and photos close at hand • Built-in webcam/microphone, wireless-G •1GB of system memory •16GB SSD or 60GB HDD • Bluetooth (optional) • 3G Broadband connection without the need to find a hotspot (optional; service activation required) • 41



• Newly designed Nikon DX-format CMOS image sensor with 12.3 effective megapixels and Integrated Dust Reduction System • Incorporates Nikon’s comprehensive digital image processing EXPEED concept • The world’s first D-SLR movie function: D-Movie, selectable from 320 x 216 pixels, 640 x 424 pixels or 1,280 x 720 pixels in AVI format • Scene Recognition System • Picture Control System offers new Portrait and Landscape options for more vibrant customized colors • Extensive palette of in-camera Retouch Menus including several new retouch options such as Distortion Control, Straighten and Fisheye • Versatile Pictmotion menu that creates slideshows combining five choices of both background music Compatible with HDMI output • Lightweight compact body

»»»»»»» Canon PowerShot SD990IS


• 14,7 megapixels  • 2.5-inch PureColor LCD II • 3.7x optical zoom • Optical image stabilization • DIGIC 4 Advanced Face Detection Technology Advanced Motion Detection Technology Face-Detection Self-Timer Servo AF Intelligent Contrast Correction

42 •

Nikon Coolpix 6000

3.5-inch wide touch screen high-resolution LCD 10.0 effective megapixels for high-precision image quality 5x Zoom-NIKKOR lens Touch your subject to lock autofocus and exposure Portrait One-touch Zoom for automatic zoom Paint Function to personalize photos HDMI connectivity Nikon’s new Scene Auto Selector HD Pictmotion slideshow with HDTV Smile Timer – automatically releases the shutter when the subject smiles Three Unique Nikon Image Innovations for high performance

Canon G10 • 14,7 megapixels  • 3-inch PureColor LCD II • 5x optical zoom • DIGIC 4 Advanced Face Detection Technology Advanced Motion Detection Technology Face-Detection Self-Timer Servo AF Intelligent Contrast Correction




Kodak EASYSHARE Z1015 IS •15X SCHNEIDER-KREUZNACH VARIOGON Optical Zoom • Lens with image stabilization • 28 mm wide-angle lens • Smart Capture feature • Best-in-class click-to-capture speed (<0.20 sec.) • RAW file format • HD pictures and videos and optional KODAK Theatre HD Player

Kodak Zi6 Pocket Video Camera

• 3 in. (7.6 cm) touch screen LCD • Smart capture mode • HD pictures and videos and optional KODAK EASYSHARE • HDTV Dock • 10.0 MP for prints up to 30 × 40 in. • Optical image stabilization • Multimedia slide show • Face detection technology

• Take stunning HD videos (720p at 60 fps) • Easy upload to YouTube™ with built-in USB • Record hours of video—up to 32 GB worth • View on any HDTV with the included cables • Edit and share videos • Rechargeable batteries and charger included


Kodak EasyShare V1073 • 43


Pioneer PDP-6020FD Plasma Television • High-Definition 1080p Resolution (1920x1080p) • 5x Deeper Black for Unmatched Contrast* • Home Media Gallery Network Connectivity • 4 Independent HDMI 1.3 Inputs


Samsung LN52A850 High Definition LCD Television

• Touch of Color™ design • InfoLink™ RSS feature provides up-tothe-minute content from USA Today and displays it on your screen. • Content Library™ provides pre-loaded high definition content • 1920x1080p resolution • 1.9 “ thin • Auto Motion Plus 120Hz™ technology


Panasonic TC-37LZ85 High Definition LCD Television • 37” Class (37.0” Diagonal) Widescreen VIERA LCD 1080p HDTV with Game Mode • Built-In SD Card Slot, 178° Wide Viewing Angle • Intelligent Scene Controller • 3 HDMI Inputs and VIERA Link® HDAVI Control


Westinghouse VK-47F140S High Definition LCD Television

• 47.0” viewable HDTV • ATSC/NTSC/CATV/Clear QAM • 1080p; 1920 x 1080 resolution • DayBright™ panel technology for stunning daytime or nighttime viewing • 3 HDMI

44 •

TOYZ GUIDE MOBILE Palm Treo Pro Carrier: Sprint

• Palm® webOS™ •3G EVDO Rev A • 3.1-inch HVGA touch screen • Physical QWERTY keyboard • 3 megapixel camera • Integrated IM, SMS, and MMS • Built-in GPS • Microsoft Outlook® email with Microsoft® Direct Push Technology POP3/ IMAP (Yahoo, Gmail, AOL, etc) • Ambient light, accelerometer, and proximity • Wi-Fi 802.11b/g, Bluetooth® 2.1w/ A2DP stereo Bluetooth support • 8GB of user storage

• Microsoft® Windows Mobile® 6.1 Professional Edition •320x320 TFT Touch Screen • 2 megapixel camera & camcorder • Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS • 256 MB memory, supports up to 32 GB microSD card • Windows Media Player® Mobile • Internet Explorer® Mobile • Outlook® E-mail, IM, Text Messaging


Palm Pre Carrier: Sprint



T-Mobile G1 Carrier: T-Mobile • Easy access to Google applications • IM/Text/Email* • 3MP Camera • Media player • Touch Screen • QWERTY keyboard • Bluetooth® • One-click Google Search* • Real web browsing capabilities* • Wi-Fi access • Android Market • 45

TOYZ GUIDE MOBILE »»»»»»»»»»»»

Blackberry® Storm™ Carrier: Verizon Wireless

• 3.25” LCD HVGA+Color Display (480x360) • Surepress™ Touch Screen • 3.2 megapixel camera & camcorder • Media Player • Global Capabilities • Full HTML Web Browser • E-mail • Social Tools (Mobile IM, Facebook, Flickr, etc.) • Edit Word, Powerpoint & Excel files • Bluetooth 2.0 • 1 GB embedded flash memory • Supports up to 16 GB microSD card


Blackberry® Pearl Flip™ Carrier: T-Mobile • Suretype Qwerty Keyboard • 2 megapixel camera & camcorder • Media Player • Bluetooth 2.0 & WiFi • Text & Instant Messaging, E-mail • Web Browser • 128 MB flash memory • microSD card expansion


Blackberry® Bold™ Carrier: AT&T

• Qwerty Keyboard • VGA Display (480x320) • 2 megapixel camera & camcorder • Media Player • Bluetooth 2.0 & WiFi • Text & Instant Messaging, E-mail • Full HTML Web Browser • Edit Word, PowerPoint & Excel files • 1 GB embedded flash memory • Supports up to 32 GB microSD card

46 •


Blackberry® Curve 8900 Carrier: T-Mobile

• Suretype Qwerty Keyboard • 3.2 megapixel camera & camcorder • Media Player • Bluetooth 2.0 & WiFi • Text & Instant Messaging, E-mail • Web Browser • Built-in GPS

TOYZ GUIDE MOBILE Product Review: Samsung Instinct

Off the heels of the highly successful Apple i Phone many competitors have entered the fray to contend for the number one smart phone distinction. While not the best, the Samsung Instinct proved itself a capable competitor during my month long test. Underlying any phone is its network and the Sprint Network is a lot better than it gets credit for. No other network can compete with the multi media capabilities of Sprint, including exclusive Nascar and NFL content, live TV, visual voice mail, unlimited chat, web, voice, all for $99. The Instinct is the first phone Sprint introduced that utilizes their entire breadth of Sprints 3G network and I was pleasantly surprised to be able to record and email video, listen to music, watch TV, check email, basically use my phone as a mini computer on the go. The Instict now on sale for $99 with a 2 year comitment is one of the best values on the market and now is availible in a hot pink color. for more info visit

Product Review: Jawbone Bluetooth Headset Award winning since itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s launch in 2006, the new jawbone earpiece I tested was a great experience. I have to admit the new fashionable design gels well with me, if you have seen my test drive videos, I tend to favor bluetooth devices so I like the textured feel and look of the jawbone. Fashion taste notwithstanding the jawbone is highly capable, it has over 4 hours of talk time and is compatible with bluetooth 1.1, 1.2, and 2.0. The noise reduction feature was great in fact sometimes it was too effective, and dramatically reduced background noise. I also loved the additional provided accesories like an additional ear buds, and leather band to tailor the fit. The Jawbone is availible in Black, Silver, and Rose Gold and retails for $139. For more information visit

Product Review:

Energizer 15 Minute Battery Charger If you are like me and travel with a lot of consumer electronics the Energizer 15 minute charger can be a must have travel companion. Able to charge 4 AA, and 4 AAA batteries simultaneously in 15 minutes the chargers is very convenient. i was able to charge it to full strength both in the car, and at home with the supplied power kit. Retail pricing is $32.99 and comes with 2 AA, and 2 AA batteries. For more information visit â&#x20AC;˘ 47



• 3.5 inch widescreen Multi-Touch display • 8 GB, 16GB, or 32 GB capacity flash drive • Safari web b rowser • WiFi • H.264 and MPEG-4 video • Supports AAC (16 to 320 Kbps), Protected AAC (from iTunes Store), MP3 (16 to 320 Kbps), MP3 VBR, Audible (formats 2, 3, and 4), Apple Lossless, AIFF, and WAV audio formats • Games and other applications available from App Store

Apple iPod Nano • 2 inch widescreen LCD display w/blue white LED backlight • 8 GB or 16GB capacity flash drive ��� Supports AAC (16 to 320 Kbps), Protected AAC (from iTunes Store), MP3 (16 to 320 Kbps), MP3 VBR, Audible

48 •

(formats 2, 3, and 4), Apple Lossless, AIFF, and WAV audio formats • H.264 and MPEG-4 video • Games and other applications available from App Store



• 1.8” TFT display and lighted touchpad navigation • Supports MP3, WMA, MPEG4, Ogg, JPEG and TXT • FM Tuner with auto presets and recorder • DNSe 2.0 w/ customizable 7-band EQ settings • 4 GB and 8 GB flash memory

Samsung S2 Pebble


• 1 GB internal flash memory (approx. 13 hours of audio • MP3, WMA, Ogg support • LED light effect • DNSe sound engine • 49

TOYZ GUIDE CAR NAVIGATION TomTom Go 730 • IQ Routes™ technology • Advanced Lane Guidance • TomTom Map Share™ technology • Complete maps of the US and Canada • Voice address input • Handsfree calling • FM transmitter • Media player

Navigon 7200T • 4.3” Flat Panel Touchscreen • Landmark View 3D • Free Real-Time Traffic Updates for Life • Voice Destination Entry • Reality View™ Pro • NAVIGON Sync • Bluetooth® Hands-Free • Advanced Text-to-Speech • ZAGAT® Ratings and Reviews • Millions of pre-loaded POIs • Multi-Destination Trip Planning

Pioneer AVIC-F90BT In-Dash Navigation System • Premier In-Dash Navigation AV Receiver with DVD Playback and Built-In Bluetooth • Use your voice to control your iPod® and phone calls • Hi-Volt Pre-Outs x3 (4.0V)

50 •




ore than just a record breaking receiver who now holds the single season record for touchdowns in a season, Randy Moss is a preeminent business man with diverse interests in several fields. This year alone Randy Moss has expanded his holdings to include ownership in a Nascar Craftsman Truck Series team in a partnership with David Dollar to create Randy Moss Motorsports and field the 81 Truck in the series. In a recent press release Randy Moss stated “”I’ve been a NASCAR fan for a long time and now to be involved first-hand has been a great experience,….I took my time researching and did my homework before jumping into ownership and feel like I have found the perfect home with David Dollar and the RMM team. I’m real pleased with how things have turned out. The team has performed extremely well with a number of different drivers and showed each week they were a top-10 team, but in 2009 we’re looking to compete for a championship.” Contending for championships is something that is very familiar to Randy Moss. In his

rookie season he was part of a team that went 15-1 on the verge of making the Superbowl, he made another conference championship game 2 years later and just last year was part of the New England Patriots record breaking near perfect season that fell an improbable reception short of glory. This year Randy had to deal with the setback of loosing reigning league MVP Tom Brady, but not to worry, he and backup Matt Cassel have found magic and are still contending for a championship. During the season he launched a new line of shoes under his partnership with Pony. Of his partnership with Pony Randy Moss had stated “I get approached to endorse a ton of stuff each year that really doesn’t mesh with who I am or what is important in my life, this agreement with Pony lets me help to give back and help the next wave of young players coming up…I really appreciated the way Pony presented their concepts for my signature brand and wanted to make a great performance line of clothes and shoes for the serious competitor to the weekend warrior.” Coming from humble beginnings in small town called Rand in West Virginia, Moss never forgets his roots and continues to give back to local boys and girls clubs even taking kids to games and raising money in his annual fishing fundraiser. Blessed with freakish athletic gifts and a kind and giving heart Randy Moss is creating a proud legacy for citizens of West Virginia to follow. For more information visit,, or • 51




year ago I had a chance to spend time with the Three Kings of the Washington Redskins: Santana Moss, Clinton Portis, and Sean Taylor. In honor of the charity work they were doing and the memory of Sean Taylor I am publishing this Clinton Portis Interview which didn’t get published last year. Portis has been enjoying a MVP Type season this year under new head coach Jim Zorn. Clinton is also leading the league in rushing and is the backbone of the young team. Always fun to talk to our dialogue is below. So speak about what you guys are doing here today. Me, Santana, and Sean are a big part in this community. Washington Redskins come out here to inspire kids Now you guys from Miami seem to have a real strong fraternity. What is it about the University of Miami, more than any other college alumni group you seem to stick together real strong? I mean It’s knowing everything it took for us to get here…become brothers with 52 other guys I mean 70 other guys just being able to vibe being able to get along and having so many people successful. Not only do we have athletes we have some of our teammates most of our financial advisors and everything. So it’s a lot of success coming out of University of Miami. Now talking about your financial advisors you played two years in Denver, second round draft pick then you got to Washington. It was a nice contract. Talk about what are some of the things you are able to do with your money to be

52 •

able to set yourself up for after the football career? Invest, I’m just twenty-five now six years in the league so At twenty years old most people ain’t thinking money I’m a have this money forever luckily for me I had the opportunity of being blessed by coming to the Washington Redskins getting the money that I got successful. Buying Ferraris big houses here, big houses there, I done did that. For me success is don’t spend all your money plan for when you thirty-five to still have some. So now the characters this year, man who’s new? Who you gonna bring out this year for us, man? We’ll find something, man. My characters come out of the woodwork. With anything you gotta enjoy it. It seems like you love it, you bring that excitement, every time you carrying that rock(football) You got to enjoy it. When you on the field the stress and all that (I ignore it) what I do I do for fun…life experience…it don’t change my life it don’t make my life. If I can get ten years damn I still got a long life to live so after those ten years I gotta find something else to do So what advice do you have for these young kids who might wanna one day be a Clinton Portis, a star running back for a legendary team. Don’t shy away from competition Always be yourself and keep your money.




ast Year we had a chance to spend time with Santana Moss in the off season as he was signing autographs, and creating activities for some less fortunate children. I was touch by his joint effort with teammates Clinton Portis, and the late great Sean Taylor. This past off season We again spent some time with Santana, and his friends across the league, as always it was an entertaining experience.

So what’s the name of your foundation? My foundation is called the Santana Moss Foundation. Beyond the foundation I have another foundation with my brother (Senorice Moss NY Giants) called the Moss Brothers Foundation and together we just try to give back when we have the time to in the communities of the underprivileged kids or kids period that just seeking for attention that we have. [By] attention what I mean is that just showing them the love that they missing at home or missing anywhere when it comes to schools or whatever and we try to make sure that we show them that we were once like them when it comes to how they growing up they can make it out of this place... So now last year you were doing the three kings what changed to this year One of our fallen soldiers, Sean Taylor passed away and I got caught up into a lot of stuff getting married and everything and a lot of other stuff happened so I said to myself, ‘why not still have something for my birthday and we representing for Sean.

So now who are some of your friends that came out to support you out here today? You name it, Reggie Wayne, Clinton Portis. Edgerrin James, we got EJ, you know, we got all the boys. You know Andre, all the boys came out to show us love. That’s how we do it from the U (University of Miami). You know regardless of what we do where we do it at those guys from the U gonna be there for me that’s a family that’s a brotherhood

Now talk about the team this year. You got new coaches. You got more wide receivers competing, Joe Gibbs gone. Talk about the season and the changes you guys have had in the off-season. Honestly, I’m not one of those guys that don’t talk much. I mean everything speak for itself. We got a couple of new little weapons here, I mean we looking forward to doing what we did last year or even better, you know, playoff bound, [that’s] where we want to be that’s where our heads at right now. My head’s is always being a winner so when I step on the field I’m trying to do the best I can to make sure that we go on that straight line and that’s trying to go to the championship. So talk about Jason. How has Jason been looking in the OTA’s? That’s our secret, man. Everybody worrying about Jason, don’t worry about him. He gonna be alright. gonna put up some big numbers. • 53




ndre Johnson simply put is the best receiver in the NFL right now. His unique blend of speed, power, hands, and route running has no match and as we went to press he was leading the league in yards and catches with another 100 reception season. To watch Andre play is a treat as his team, the Texans, rarely get primetime exposure. We caught up with Andre Johnson this past offseason at Santana Moss’s weekend and spoke about last season, the drafting of rookies like Steve Slaton, and being a leader on the young Texans team here is what Andre had to say So we sat down with you last year. What’s changed since last year to this year? Ain’t nothing really changed, man. It’s still the same old thing, you know, just taking it day by day, man, same-o, same-o. Now the Texans had a good year last year, It was the best year the Texans ever had in their history. What do you see coming up in the upcoming season? I just see big things, man. You know, we working hard to be one of the elite teams in the NFL so we’re gonna try to make that happen. Obviously this is your second year coming back to support Santana why’d you come back? Santana that’s my guy. We grew up in the same neighborhood but I didn’t go to the same high school he went to so me and Santana ain’t really meet until we got to college. We always heard of each other but we ain’t really meet ‘til we got to college. You know, once we got to college and met, man, you know

54 •

it’s always that connection. You know his younger brother and my younger brother went to middle school together and it’s always been a connection there so we always, just kept in touch and stayed close Now you also have your own foundation talk about that. Well, I have the Andre Johnson Foundation, it supports single moms. I’m just doing some different things, around the community of Miami...just doing a lot of stuff in Houston and Miami as far as working with single parent homes, working with different elementary schools, things like that. Now you were having a phenomenal year, first four games you was tearing up the league. Hundred and seventy yards, you were killing ‘em and then you got injured. it possible to even avoid injuries like what happened with you last year? I mean everything happens for a reason...that’s the way I have to look at it. You know I just have to bounce back, you know I’m not really worried about it. I had a injury. I’m just going to bounce back... Now you guys (Texans) also drafted some players, and got a lot of new talent. So, how has it been in the OTA’s planning the chemistry of all players on the Texans? It’s been great. You know we have a lot of young guys that can come in and help our team and make our team better. So, you know, the young guys are doing well and hopefully we’re gonna expect a lot of big things, a lot of things from the young guys. I’m hoping they can help our team win more games.




tlanta Falcons FB Ovie Mughelli is the quintessential pro and a fine example of what the NFL is about. A Wake Forest Graduate he Made the NFL as a sixth round draft pick of the Baltimore Ravens and worked his way up to being the highest paid Full Back in NFL history when he signed a 5 year $18 million deal with the Atlanta Falcons last year. Ovie is a true model of character who is taking advantage of numerous programs the NFL offers for player development. He has taken courses at Stanford and Wharton School of Business all courtesy of the NFL and he has even rang the bell at NASDAQ. I had a chance to follow his rise from Baltimore to Atlanta, where he is now opening up holes for Michael Turner who is in contention to be the leagues leading rusher. We caught up with him last year at his beautiful new home in a gated community south of Atlanta, and spoke about his transition into new wealth and his plans to secure his financial future. Below is our dialogue A real moronic question: what has changed in your life since we last saw you in Baltimore? A whole lot has changed. I became a homeowner, first time, real househomeowner. Obviously, I’m with a new team, the Falcons. You know. I got a couple things going on so I can’t complain. I really can’t complain. I been blessed. God’s been good. I’ve been loving life, trying to get ready for this season. So we talked about a lot of things. At that time you were in negotiations to complete the contract and now you are the highest paid fullback in the history of the NFL. How does that feel? It’s hard to describe. I would say it still hasn’t hit me, but being able to get this house, being able to get my mom a car, paying off my sister’s med school loans, being able to do a couple of things that I’ve always wanted to, it’s kinda hit me that, you know I’ve come a long

way from when I first got in the NFL. You know. I’m still trying to get even higher. Now you had spoke about actually going to the Wharton School of Business programs the NFL had in their business development programs and you were active in that. So you now have more resources to apply some of the lessons that you learned. What are some of the things you’re thinking about? Well I have started my own title insurance company with Terry Kirby from the 49ers. Me and him are doing something down in Florida. I also invested into a mortgage company and I’m invested into a private bank. So I got a couple of things in the works. Everything is on hold ‘til the off-season because I can’t have any distractions ‘cause I need a superbowl ring. I’m not getting married. I need a ring on my finger so I gotta do something. So what made you choose this community out in Atlanta, outside of Atlanta actually? It was a long process. I didn’t know where I wanted to live. Everybody in Atlanta is a real estate agent. Everybody. So everybody wanted to work with me. I went out to see a whole bunch of houses but I ran into Brian Finneran, one of the players with the Falcons, wide receiver, and he told me Sugarloaf is nice. A lot of people told me Sugarloaf is a nice area. Everybody really is such a family around here. People don’t bother each other; don’t go for autographs; knock on each other’s door but if you see each other it’s always like, ‘hey how you doing, come over to the house,’ you know, ‘play some golf.’ baseball players, you know, [have] batting cages, invite us over there. You know, some of the basketball players who have courts in their houses invite people over there. It’s just a real friendly atmosphere. And plus this house is gorgeous. It’s everything I want. And, you know, it just all came together.




ver the past 3 years Reggie Wayne has studied under future Hall of Famer Marvin Harrison and developed into Payton Manning’s favorite target and one of the best receivers in the league. Last year he lead the league in yards and receptions and this year he remains among the leaders and has made spectacular play after another in the turnaround of the Colt’s season that has them poised for a strong run at another Championship this year. We caught up with him at Santana Moss’s birthday weekend/Charity event. Where he spoke to us about the “brotherhood of he U” “I’m in here representing in DC for my man, Tana, man, it’s his birthday. I’m out here showing love ‘cause that’s my dog. We are out here just having fun…..It’s a brotherhood, man. That’s all you got to say. Once you say the U, you put that U up, it’s a brotherhood. We live by, die by that, all day, everyday. Whenever somebody from the U is doing something we all show him love and support.” Well said.

56 •




ince becoming the sixth draft pick of the San Francisco 49ers 3 years ago Vernon Davis has shown amazing potential to become one of the leagues elite tight ends. His physical gifts are unbelievable as he has 4.3 speed paired with his size which poses a match up problem for any line backer or safety. Great genes also run in the family his younger brother Vontae Davis plays cornerback for the Fighting Illini of the University of Illinois and he is projected to be an even bigger prospect in the NFL. Vernon this summer put together an All star charity weekend which brought people like Nicey Nash, and Melissa Ford, Too Short, and Candace “Black” Cabrera to support “I reached out to a lot of people. I told them I’m having a charity weekend. They all decided to come out and support. I like giving back.” Vernon had told us. What was most impressive to me however was the brunch he hosted along with members of DC Sports Commission, and Council persons from the various DC wards, who came and presented an award to Vernon for his service, and would partner with him on future endeavors to encourage at risk DC youth. We wish Vernon the best in his out reach endeavors. • 57


58 •






Stone World Music Group Artist and Albany, NY native Five is poised to take the mantle for the East Coast Hip-Hop Sound. Named in reverence to his character while serving time in an upstate New York, Correctional Facility, his gift is stunningly visible when you listen to his intricately crafted stories, and brutal punch lines as he demolishes instrumental on his various mixtapes available for download via the web. Currently getting spins for his record Show Stoppers which features Slim from 112, he is amassing momentum on a career that can already boast songs with Grammy winning artist Akon on the song "Down Under". He has also worked with notable producer Ski who crafted many of Jay-Z early tunes on his seminal "Reasonable Doubt", and Life and Times.." albums. Look out for his music video for Show Stoppers which will include scenes shot at his party with Hustlenomics magazine party in Tampa during Super Bowl week. Candace "Black" Cabrera and Slim both made cameo's along with a cadry of models who gyrated to the infectious tune. For more information visit 60 â&#x20AC;˘



Introduce yourself Hello, I’m Makia Downing I’m working with my manager Mike Ernest The CEO of Allshowbiz Social Network and Grammy award winning song writer producer Quincy Patrick. Im being sponsored by Stevelle Luxury Sunglasses, Dyme Wear clothing and The Bureau Clothing. My manager has brought a lot into my life in a short time. I’ve worked with a lot of big named producers recently namely Ace21 From Track Masters who just did a track with Jamie Foxx, and the Bonus track on the Game's Album, and Brian Denual (B-Nasty) who recently won a grammy for production on Neo's album but the first track I completed is from a producer named Osinachi who just recently signed to Dark Child Entertainment. Mike and Q...brought a lot to the table Im very excited about it.. What made you want to sign with Mike Ernest? His work ethic, his motivation, and his loyalty, he's one of the most connected people in the industry. So from I understand you have something going on at Magic... I'll actually be modeling Trina's new Clothing line called Pink Diamond Couture And i'll be on appearing on a reality tv show called Rock Your Fashion so be sure to check me out on E! Entertainment Television and VH1 when it comes out. Then name of your song is called “Hammer” why Hammer of all names? Well basically ive been hurt by this guy I won't mention any names but every time he did me wrong it felt like a nail going through my heart and he used always apologize and every time he apologized the nail was gone but the pain was still there. So it just felt like someone holding a nail to my heart and Hammering till i couldn't take it anymore...that's pretty much it. I wanted it to be deep but at the same time relatable. This was the first song that Mike and I wrote to go along with Track Masters Producer Ace 21 the final ingredient to this hit song was of course Quincy Patrick and the added flair he gave it. What other songs have you worked on together? Well we just finished two more songs called "I Want Him" and "Haters". Im gonna keep those under wraps for right now though the best thing to do is to stay tuned to my myspace page and check for me on iTunes. For more of the interview visit • 61


A Minute With DJ GSpot Q&A

How did you get started in DJ'n? Basically at the age of 12, I was a chubby lil kid and saw that girls liked dj's, so i begged my mother to get me some turntables and by the age of 14, it was all she wrote. lol

With over 100 mixcd titles, Do you remember the first Mixcd you made and Why? Oh yeah, the first mixtape was called Reggae Rude Boy Vol 1. It was basically because my radio audience wanted to get my reggae mixes on cd. I obliged and that's how the story goes. Thanks Cleveland!!!! With 2009 being over 5 years of Owners, I remember our first article... Well, i've gotten a lil more notoriety in the game. People outside of Cleveland know my name a lil better. I've hooked up with some pretty powerful people like Whoo Kid (Shadyville DJ's), Tony Neal (Core DJ's) & started my own crew (Da Entourage DJ's). Now I don't have as many problems hooking up with allstar names like Busta Rhymes, 50 Cent, Tony Yayo, Rick Ross, etc. I actually travel more doing gigs, which is always fun and my mom is proud of what i do :-) I use to get some merchandise from Global is now an online printing company. I don't know if it'll ever return to that type of site. You never know, I may try something else though. I'm looking into a lot of different possibilities and opportunities. You seem to have a great balance of Radio Dj, Club Dj, Mixtape Dj? Well, I started as a club dj. that's first and foremost to me. That keeps me in front of people and I will always be able to know and understand the likes and dislikes of the public by staying in front of them. If i dont do clubs, the mixtape game and the radio game becomes like a chore and it becomes more and more difficult, cuz i'm not seeing or hearing what the people want. Man do I live for the clubs!!!! Justo's Mixtape Awards are rapidly approaching, How do you remember Justo? Well, I hung out with Justo like a week before the accident so it hit me hard. Matter of fact, we had a long conversation days before he died about the Globalmixtapes name. We had really become friends and I loved that brother like he was my own brother. Its good people are keeping it alive. I hope its being done for the legacy and not just for economic gain though cuz this is too important of a movement for the DJ. I believe in my heart of hearts that its being done the right way. We have noticed that there is a new piece to your portolio, Da Entourage Djs... Its quite a few of us. We don't have ridiculous numbers, but the 29 we have are strong as a unit. Its way too many to name but some of the stand-outs include, DJ E-V, Brother Jules, Dommystyles, DJ Mickey Calvin, Harley Hustle, The Legendary DJ Showtime, Sam Sylk, DJ KNyce, Mike Feva, DJ Mr King and many others. All of our members 62 â&#x20AC;˘

contribute heavy in the game and to our team. Thanks to every member of Da Entourage DJ's. Whats Are other Plans for 2009 for Dj G Spot? Drop this Midwest Invasion LP, push my name and my brand even further, watch my daughter excel in school, be a great husband and live life like I've never lived it before. That's the goal for 2009. Any last words and shout outs? Shout to God & The Haters. They make me stronger by the day. Thanks to my wife Marlo (Double M), Shadyville, Core, Da Entourage, Mixtape Militia and everyone that's on the team. Big Heff, you the man!!! Mom for buying me those turntables (even though i didn't like my first pair). All my DJ's that keep pushing music, this is what we are here for and shouts to P Jones, Twizted Mind, Jus Mic, Chip Tha Ripper, Team Tuck, Mikkey Halsted, Mick Luter, Streetz N Young Deuces, C-Gizzle, Proph The Problem, Drastic, Cali Miles and all the other midwest artists that made this Midwest Invasion movement possible. For more information on Dj G Spot check out these websites: www.

Cali Miles




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