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Owners Illustrated Magazine The Official Guide for the Urban entrepreneur

Welcome We would like to introduce you to Owners Illustrated Magazine, which is an urban business publication that features the achievements and lifestyles of enterprising entertainers, independent entertainment company owners and small business owners. Over the past few years, there has been a meteoric rise in the number of successful urban entrepreneurs. In particular, urban recording artists have leveraged their popularity by using their music, raw street narratives and videos as 3-minute commercials for goods and services. The branding power of urban culture in unmistakable. Similarly, in the more traditional business sector, young urban entrepreneurs have made significant strides in marketing, management, legal, fashion, media and other business segments. We are in a golden age for urban culture and the momentum continues to build. Owners Illustrated Magazine serves as a valuable resource for information, insight and tips from experts and successful entrepreneurs on starting and operating an enterprise. It features in depth interviews with emerging small business owners, CEOs, entertainers and athletes. Our hot topics include Fashion, Urban Lifestyle, International Business, Urban Enterprise, Entertainment, Small Business, Money, and a feature article on an Urban Entrepreneur. Owners Illustrated Magazine will be published quarterly with national print circulation and international internet publication.


Owners Illustrated Magazine

Contents Cover Feature:

50 Cent - The Future of Hip Hop Speaks on Breaking Through and Changing the Game


The Clipse - Legally Grinding Lil Jon & The Eastside Boyz - Crunk, Inc. Jam Master Jay - The Loss of a Legend The Lighty Dynasty - Hip Hop’s Royal Family

Owners Illustrated Magazine Preview Issue Editor-in-Chief/Publisher Damola Idowu Executive Editor Reginald A. Greene, Esq. Deputy Editor Travis A. Alford Graphic & Web Design Travis A. Alford

Fashion: The Magic International Conference

Money: Master P and P. Diddy - Who Will Be Rap’s First Billionaire

Photography Wil David Damola Idowu Travis A. Alford Advertising Stacey Douglas Damola Idowu

Small Business: Every Business Needs Insurance Vernon Forrest - Champion Limo Service

Urban Enterprise:

Sales Damola Idowu

Real Estate:

Publicist Kathy Londry

DJ Whoo Kid - Not Just A DJ

Buying A Home With Help From Uncle Sam The Art of the Deal

Staff Writers Da Great Deity Dah Maiya Norton Tiffani Diggs D.B.I.

International Business: Roc-a-fella Buys Scottish Armadale

Street Buzz: Comcast and Radio One Unite To Create New Urban Cable Network

Lifestyle: Automotive - The New Bentley Luxury Lodging - The St. Gregory Luxury Hotel & Suites Business Travel - Jet Blue Offers Leather Seats and Satellite TV In The Headrests For As Low As $19 Mansions - Dream Homes Events - Live From The Funk Master Flex Car Show

Marketing & Promotions Damola Idowu The RW Collection Models Dawoud Shaheidu Wil David Reginald A. Greene, Esq. Travis A. Alford Legal Counsel Reginald A. Greene, Esq.

Giving Back: The Ludacris Foundation...Beyond Bling, Bling Fan 4 Life...Celebrities Making A Difference Urban Ed...Training Our Youth

OWNERS ILLUSTRATED MAGAZINE is published quarterly by Royal Alchemist Productions, LLC. Copyright 2003 Royal Alchemist Productions, LLC P.O. Box 65484 Washington, D.C. 20035 Sub. rates: 1 Year - US$13.99, 2 Years - US$26.99 All Rights Reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission of the publisher is strictly prohibited. E-mail us @ Phone: 202.610.0038, Fax: 202.610.0225

Modeling & Endorsements: Jewels Of The Earth Modeling

Enterprise On The Rise: 730 Entertainment - The Spoils of War

Contributing Writers Vanessa Warrick

Photo by Wil David Styling by Isabel Outfit by RW Collection

Owners Illustrated Magazine

Letter From The Editor I remember like it was yesterday. I was working for a bank researching deeds of homes and creating a database of potential customers for refinancing. It wasn't my dream, but it paid the rent, kept a roof over my head and gave me freedom. I would go to the courthouse, do my research and enter the information into the computer at work once a week. One Friday, our supervisor told us we had been doing a great job and told me personally "see you on Monday." By the time I got home, I had a voice message saying don't bother coming on Monday, we would no longer be needing your services. I was devastated. I needed that check on Friday to keep a roof over my head. In my frustration, two things occurred to me. First, I would have to create my own wealth without depending on an employer who could lay me off at any time. Second, the Million Man March was coming to town, so there was opportunity. I had no money. I was living check to check like everybody, but I had talent. I could rhyme with the best and freestyling was my forte. With that, I was unstoppable. I had an idea to rhyme along with my roommate, Manuwva, and make an album. We had no money for studio time and the deadline was short. The only option we had was to do the whole album in one take – freestyle. We had just two hours in a basement studio. We made an album of songs on topics that surrounded the Million Man March and called the album "Awakening Phenomenon." We completed the album on Saturday. The March was on Monday. We had only one tape and we knew that one tape was not going to sell for the $400 that I needed. I asked a favor of a great friend, Travis Alford, who is now the Deputy Editor of Owners Illustrated Magazine. He bought 40 blank tapes for me for $33 and I made 40 copies of "Awakening Phenomenon." I also asked him for a ride to the Convention Center where pre-March activities were taking place. Travis was puzzled because I had made such a modest request. I sold the first three tapes that night. I used some of the money to buy batteries for my radio, get something to eat and a pass to come back the next day. By 12 noon on the day of the Million Man March, I had sold the remaining tapes. That is where my odyssey began. My story is not greater than those you will read in the pages of this publication. You will read similar stories. People with limited resources, harsh environments, grand dreams, an unyielding spirit and the courage to seize opportunity when it arises. We can all learn for our experiences and those of others. From Ludacris giving back through his foundation to 50 Cent getting $1 million from two of the biggest names in the business without an album or a single, the Premier Issue of Owners Illustrated Magazine gives you the inside story. You will learn how Chris Lighty, CEO of Violator and DJ Whoo Kid, a DJ/Business Man helped make Fifty Cent a million dollar man. You will read how Chris Lighty shaped the game with his multi-media management empire and how the entire Light Family gets the job done – Mike books the shows, David is Director of A&R at Jive, John is making beats, Nicole is giving new life to celebrity fashion and making a difference in the community with Fan 4 Life Foundation and Fufua, Inc., celebrity consignment clothier. You think you can make it like the Clipse? They are Grindin' while you are whining. So, who's winning? Owners Illustrated Magazine highlights Nancy Edwards, CEO of American Advantage Holdings. She builds housing communities, owns a mortgage company and does it all for her son. It features Vanessa Warrick, a certified State Farm agent gives tips to help your business. The Style section features exclusive photos of the rich and famous, but also gives you strategies to build wealth because building wealth is not a spectator sport. In closing, I would like to thank the dedicated OIM Staff whose tireless efforts made my dream a reality. Reginald A. Greene, Esq., Executive Editor and Senior Legal Advisor, edits the articles and offers invaluable insight and guidance. Travis Alford, Deputy Editor, designs the website and the magazine layout. Maiya Norton, Tiffani Diggs and Danielle write many of the articles. Stacy Douglas made me believe and handles advertising. Wil David our photographer, and Dawoud Shaheed our advocate and promoter, and all the beautiful models fro RW Collection who promote this publication and host our events. Special thanks also goes out to Nicole Lighty of Fan 4 Life & Fufua, Inc., and Laurie Dobbins of Violator who made a lot these interview happen. And last, but not least, a great mother who supports and believes in her children. She set the example of a strong work ethic, and having the faith to follow through on anything you start. With that, I present to you, Owners Illustrated Magazine. Damola “Da Great Deity Dah” Idowu Publisher/Editor-in-chief


Owners Illustrated Magazine

Cover Feature

50 Cent: Change in the Game

by Maiya Norton

“Nastradamus said 50’s the future.” -50 Cent

Universal Music & Video Distribution, which controlled 48% of the Hip Hop market in 2002 and also owns Def Jam. In the midst of his own fan-fare, Eminem (with the help of super producer, Dr. Dre) kept his ear to the street and signed Fifty Cent to a million dollar record deal on Eminem's Shady/Aftermath Label (an Interscope subsidiary).

In the here today gone tomorrow world of Hip Hop, only the strong survive. In the competition for the For Fifty Cent, a relative attention of the fickle connew comer without so He just got shot and he's back running sumer, fierce legends are much as an official record made by artists who inno- around. He's the same way he was before." release, a deal of this vate the game by building magnitude with Eminem is business models that surphenomenal. The question on everyone's mind is: How pass the norm and provide a blueprint for future artists. Jay-Z once said: "You'd be hard pressed to find did Fifty pull it off? Through guerrilla marketing, street hustle, shrewd business tactics and powerful manageanother rapper as hot as me." Well, we definitely found a hot one...and the heat is rising. ment, Fifty's name spread like wildfire from New York, down the coast and across the Nation. Critical in his ifty Cent, born Curtis Jackson from Queens, marketing strategy was to do "freestyles" on "mix N.Y., has created a buzz like a million bees tapes." Mix tapes are usually produced by popular swarming. To put his hype in perspective, con- local or regional DJ's and distributed by a network of sider his relationship with Eminem. Eminem is arguably bootleggers across the Nation. In some cases, local the hottest artist in Hip Hop right now. His semi-auto- mix tapes reach international markets. According to biographical movie, 8 Mile, made over $100 Million at Fifty, "Once the tape is out and its hot, or you have a the box office. Sales of his album, The Eminem Show, buzz around you big enough, every bootlegger will

“They had this perception of me like 'Oh this guy's crazy.


have topped all recording artists for 2002 and account have it. for 10% of Hip Hop sales for the industry leader,

To Be Continued In Our Premier Issue 5

Owners Illustrated Magazine


“Ya'll truly ain't ready for this Dynasty thing.” - Jay-Z

The Entertainment section will feature articles on entrepreneurs in the entertainment business, which includes finding unconventional ways to break into the business, and how to maintain ownership of your artistic commodity and still make large amounts of capital. We will explore such topics as: • Entertainment opportunities; • How mergers or deals with the major distribution corporations affect the overall landscape of the business • Interviews with artists who display a good acumen for business and entrepreneurship • Black independent films; • Information for aspiring directors, writers, cinematographers, actors, actresses, etc. • Maintaining integrity while finding top dollar for your talents; • Distribute your material independently (i.e. Master P's Bout It, Bout It distribution straight to video); • Merchandising • Financing your project; • Advice Column This section is a "must read" for anyone trying to break into the Entertainment industry!

Legally Grinding

The Clipse

by Reginald Greene, Esq. and Maiya Norton

The Clipse are the latest artists to represent the "Tidewater Area" of Virginia also called the "757." Malice and Pusha T, better known as the Clipse, burst on the music scene with their debut single, "Grindin'," which was a certified club banger. Grindin' became a street anthem with its unofficial tribute to hustlers who find a way to "grind" legally by using their street hustle to succeed in legitimate business. "No one has come out of Virginia representing that side of hiphop," said Terrence ("Pusha T") Thorton in an exclusive interview with OIM. The Clipse are two brothers (by blood) who have a lot of VA pride and they say the network of Virginia artists is tight. Virginia artists like Missy Elliot and super producers, Timbaland and the Neptunes all show each other love.

To Be Continued In Our Premier Issue


Owners Illustrated Magazine

Entertainment Lil John and The Eastside Boys Crunk Inc. by Maiya Norton The South is hot right now. Thanks to Rap Artists like Lil' Jon and the Eastside Boys, who hail from Atlanta, GA, people all across the Nation can be found getting "Crunk" in the clubs to the sounds of the South. I asked Lil'' Jon to elaborate on the word Crunk and he explained, "Crunk is when the club is packed, and n****s look like they fightin' but they're really not. They just got that much energy pushing and getting super hype. If the club isn't playing music to get n****s rowdy, then it ain't Crunk!" Lil'' Jon compared Crunkness to the raw energy displayed at punk rock and rock n roll concerts, but in a black form. Atlanta is the birthplace of many of Hip Hop's most talented artists and entrepreneurs. It has been, unofficially dubbed, the "New Motown."

To Be Continued In Our Premier Issue Jam Master Jay The Loss of a Legend by Deity Dah

Hip Hop was just a means of recreation when it started. MCs, DJs and spectators would get together in a neighborhood for an outdoor party. One problem. No electricity meant no sound. But, being the creative people that we are, we just plugged the set into the street lights. Most urban youth didn't have enough money for musical instruments, so they got two turn tables, brought out their parents old records, found the instrumental break downs and kept bringing the beat back, scratching (i.e., moving the turntable back and forth with the needle in the groove to create a unique sound effect) or mixing the break with another one to create a new rhythm for the MCs to rhyme to. This was the work of the DJ. In a sense, they provided the sound track for the Hip Hop movement. The MC's role was originally to hype up the DJs who kept the blocks hot and the parties packed. The DJs were the backbone of the music.

To Be Continued In Our Premier Issue The Lighty Dynasty

You will read how Chris Lighty shaped the game with his multi-media management empire and how the entire Light Family gets the job done – Mike books the shows, David is Director of A&R at Jive, John is making beats, Nicole is giving new life to celebrity fashion and making a difference in the community with Fan 4 Life Foundation and Fufua, Inc., celebrity consignment clothier.

To Be Continued In Our Premier Issue 7

Owners Illustrated Magazine


“It's necessary we style in Burberry...” - Foxy Brown

The Fashion section dives into the world of fashion, upcoming news and events in fashion, and Branding. We will discuss such topics as "How to start your own clothing line," "Marketing Trends," "Finding Retailers," along with interviews from Top Hip-Hop and urban clothing line designers.

The Magic International Conference article and photos by Deity Dah

The second leg of the biannual Magic International Conference (the "Magic Show") was held in Las Vegas, NV this past August. The Las Vegas Convention center hosted the men's, children, urban wear and the Edge expos. The Sands played host for the women's wear expo. Held every August and February, the Magic Show is a four-day expo, which features nearly every aspect of the fashion industry - - buyers, designers, manufacturers, licensing companies, retailers, wholesalers and, of course, celebrities who were on hand to promote their own clothing lines. The August Magic Show focuses on spring lines and gives attendees a chance to see the latest trends and experience the newest fashions. Owners Illustrated Magazine was on hand to cover the event and document it's impact on the urban fashion industry. The "Designer" exhibits featured industry giants such as Guess, Ralph Lauren and Perry Ellis each presenting collections assured to fly off the rack this Spring. Shoe designers, Sergio Brutini and Stacy Adams, had exotic colors and quality material combinations that players worldwide are going to love and that aspiring players will crave for their wardrobe. The "Licensing" and "Active" exhibits featured hot Marvel Comic's heroes, such as Spiderman, Daredevil, the Hulk, and the X-men, all capitalizing on the current popularity of recent and upcoming film projects. Kings of the "Throwback Jersey," Mitchell & Ness, were also on hand featuring the "NBA Hardwood" series. The NBA, as evidenced in their media kit, is catching up to the Throwback Jersey phenomenon, expanding their collection to feature women's and children's lines. In addition, they introduced more hot jerseys that are bound to be in the next Fabolous video. The Julius Ervin, Virginia Squires' # 32 Jersey, is my personal favorite. The NBA also partnered with Source Magazine to create a "Hardwood Lounge" in the "Street Wear" exhibit that featured their product offering on mannequins in a street basketball set design. Prizes and giveaways were awarded to attendees who were able to make baskets.

To Be Continued In Our Premier Issue


Owners Illustrated Magazine

“Don't worry if I write rhymes, I write checks.” - P. Diddy


This section focuses on making and keeping your money. Topics such as: • Creating Capital • Money Management • Supplement Your Income • How Much Are You Worth…Now Maximize on it • Accounting Practices and Tax Laws • Establish Your own Corporation • Purchase A Franchise • Investing, home ownership and automobile purchase tips • Corporate Mergers and how it affects you • Retirement…can you still afford to

Who Will Be Rap’s First Billionaire? Master P and P. Diddy — Two of the Top 40 Richest Americans Under 40 by Deity Dah The race begins. Who will be the first to earn that next $700 million? Will it be Sean Combs with his fashion, record label, music publishing, music production, restaurants, marketing, and talent management empire? Or, will Percy Miller's fashion, sports management, film, record label, music publishing, retail, and real estate empire catapult him to the top ranks? Both entrepreneurs are reportedly worth approximately $300 million, according to Fortune Magazine. Amazingly, Percy Miller (pka Master P) who first made the list in 1999, toping Michael Jordan's estimated net worth of $358 million with a jaw dropping fortune of $361 million, made number 20 on the list a second time in 2001, with an estimated net worth of $250 million, and a third time this year, cha-chinging in at number 11 with an estimated net worth of $294 million. Sean (P Diddy) Combs made his debut to this elite club last year at number 22, reportedly worth approximately $231 million. Who in the Bronx nearly 30 years ago could have imagined that, in 2002, three hip-hop artists (Will Smith also made this year's list with a net worth of $113 million) would be on the list of the Forty Richest Americans Under forty?

To Be Continued In Our Premier Issue 9

Owners Illustrated Magazine

Small Business

“We're young black entrepreneurs...” - Prodigy

This section highlights the "how to's" of starting, owning and operation your own business. Featuring articles such as Starting your own small business, Financing your business, writing a business plan, getting help from the Small Business Association (SBA); Website Design; Filing a Schedule C and other small business related tax issues. The Small Business section will also capture the business etiquette and tips from small businesses throughout the U.S.

All Businesses Need Insurance

by Vanessa Warrick

Each year thousands of entrepreneurs establish small businesses. Many of these future captains of industry begin their business ventures with limited resources and try to keep expenses to a minimum. One area in which some unwitting new business owners with limited resources "trim fat" is business insurance. Contrary to a popular misconception, however, business insurance is a necessity. As a new company, your enterprise may be in jeopardy if you don't carry appropriate business insurance.

Vanessa Warrick Registered State Farm Agent 301.654.7373

Small businesses need business insurance because most budding entrepreneurs don't have the financial resources to handle adversity if it should come. Adversity can happen in many ways. Inventory can be destroyed by fire, a power outage could ruin a food supply or a customer could be injured in accident on your business premises. Business insurance can protect you from these hazards and others.

To Be Continued In Our Premier Issue

Ride Like A Champ by Deity Dah

To be a champion takes tremendous determination. A champion has to be passionate disciplined and relentless in their pursuit of perfection. All these qualities and more are found in former welter weight champion and Georgia native Vernon Forrest. I sat down recently with his right hand man Deon Stanford Who runs Champion Limousine Service and was amazed by his story and their vision for CLS which got started in October of 2002. "he (Vernon) had always had the vision of owning a limousine company and early 2002 we started really doing a lot of physical homework on it" Their home work has paid off as the have already gained the support of Atlanta's mayor Shirley Franklin and Justins restaurant in Atlanta (owned by P.Diddy).

To Be Continued In Our Premier Issue 10 • OWNERS ILLUSTRATED • FIRST QUARTER 2003

Owners Illustrated Magazine

“We are the streets.� - The Lox

Urban Enterprise

This section will feature articles on issues concerning street related enterprise, it will feature "shoe string" budgeting and guerrilla marketing tactics and how to transform street ventures into legal businesses. This section will highlight the achievement, illustrate the rules and regulations of the "game", and break down the dynamics in layman's terms, from street vending, to mix tapes, to party promotions, to strip clubs, to night clubs, to hustling. In essence, this section will illustrate how people make it from poverty and the underbelly of American society.

DJ Whoo Kid — Not Just A DJ

by Maiya Norton

How did you get started as a dj? W: I lived in Queens and I did it as a hobby in my attic at my mom and pop's house. I lived two blocs from Clue and a block away from Envy, and there were some other DJs in the neighborhood. I saw Clue making money so I just started getting into it. If he could do it, I could do it you know? That's what made me become a mixtape DJ, instead of doing this at home. How many years have you been a DJ? W: Seven years professionally, four years, so eleven years all together. What is your relationship with W: I co-own it with two other partners and we do web marketing. I put exclusives on there; we do online interviews, digital interviews where you can see everything. Every time an album comes out, a label calls us because we get like 1 point something million hits a month. So they call us and we promote the artist before the album comes out. Tell me about your website, What can we find on the site? W: is currently in construction and should be ready in about four more weeks. Its gonna be more into the business side because Rap Network is all about entertainment and basic marketing. But this one's gonna be more like if you need special services to market your products you can get it there. You can book artists there. I combined with Violator, so I'm booking like all the labels. I'm booking it on there. There is like a radio show with unlimited exclusives, and we're gonna be selling specialized mix tapes for artists that I will develop. There's going to be a lot of things you can do on there. We're going to be selling products and services for the hip-hop world. How are you compensated for your work and input with the website? W: They pay me a good deal for whatever they need to get done. Rap Network is really favor for a favor. Artists will come and do something for my tape or whatever we need them to do. The people pay me for advertisement and is going to be for advertisement also. There's a certain fee for everything. How did you get started working for Dj Spinbad at Power 105.1? W: A long time ago he called me and he wanted me to do something for the streets. My mixtape was real big, so we just combined. We did a mixtape called "Planet Neptune," with Pharell and the whole Neptunes camp. I provided him with all the music, he hooked it up cus he's like a well known cutting DJ with tricks and techniques and stuff. We just did a crazy cd. At that time he wasn't at 105.1, but he wanted to get on the radio. I get all the songs 2-3 months in advance before they come out.

To Be Continued In Our Premier Issue 11

Owners Illustrated Magazine

Real Estate

“No more props, I want property...” - Rakim

This section will feature Entrepreneurs who are focused on the real estate market. We will provide you with tips on how you can begin, how to finance, and places where you can get help that you wouldn't have thought of.

Home Buying Made Easy

by D.B.I. For many people, buying a home is only a dream. For the first time home-buyer, it can become a reality with help from government-funded programs and incentives. As a first-time home-buyer, there are many resources to guide you in the home-buying process. A good first step is to request information from the Fannie Mae Foundation ( or 1-800-732-6643). They will mail you a list of community-development organizations in your area that assist first-time home-buyers, a list of Fannie Mae lenders and helpful booklets on home-buying, mortgages, credit, etc. You may also want to attend a session on home-buying at a community development center in your area. There, you may be assigned a counselor who will generally be able to meet with you right away.

To Be Continued In Our Premier Issue

The Art of the Deal

Interviewed by Deity Dah - Written by D.B.I. What elevates Nancy Edwards above other real estate brokers is knowing how to structure deals. Nancy Edwards is CEO of American Advantage Holdings, powering American Advantage Mortgage, which provides financing for real estate projects; American Advantage Development Corporation, which focuses on raw land development; and American Advantage Home Builders.

To Be Continued In Our Premier Issue 12 • OWNERS ILLUSTRATED • FIRST QUARTER 2003

Owners Illustrated Magazine

“ Got a master plan, open shop in Amsterdam.� - Deity Dah

International Business

This section will be an occasional feature with the primary goal to provide information on the changing global business climate and how you can be involved in the global market and all international business opportunities. Roc-a-fella buys Scottish Armadale Jay-Z and Dame Dash announced that they have purchased imported Scottish liquor brand, Armadale Vodka. While the terms of the deal were not disclosed, the CEO of Roc-A-Fella was excited about the acquisition. "Roc-A-Fella has always respected quality vodkas, such as Belvedere and Grey Goose. Just like we do with all of our businesses we wanted to present a vodka that represented the best and we feel Armadale is of elite quality," Dame Dash said.

Street Buzz We will provide you with new developments in the Urban business market, new deals, endorsements by Celebrities, and other activity that have an impact in the marketplace. Comcast and Radio One Announce New Television Network Serving The African-American Audience Philadelphia and Washington, DC (Monday, January 13, 2003) - Comcast Corporation (NASDAQ: CMCSA, CMCSK) and Radio One, Inc. (NASDAQ: ROIAK, ROIA): today

announced an agreement in principle to launch a new television network featuring entertainment, news, opinion and sports-related programming targeted primarily towards 25-54 year old AfricanAmerican viewers. The network, which has not yet been named, is expected to launch in mid-2003. 13

Owners Illustrated Magazine


Bling, Bling...pinky ring costs about fifty... - Lil' Wayne

The Lifestyle section will illustrate the lavish lifestyle of musicians, athletes, entertainers and other celebrities who uphold The Owner's mindset and represent the lifestyle to the fullest. Topics to highlight: • Music reviews • Tips on purchasing and leasing luxury cars • Accessorizing your home and car • Custom jewelry…what's the scoop? • Planning your vacation • Business Travel • Best Casinos; • And Major upcoming events that you wouldn't want to miss.

This section will also provide a calendar of upcoming events, allowing our viewers to participate in the Lifestyle.


Owners Illustrated Magazine

Lifestyle The New Bentley St. Gregory Luxury Inn & Suites Mansions Jet Blue... TV’s in the Headrests Funk Master Flex Celebrity Car Show 15

Owners Illustrated Magazine

Giving Back

Trick loves the kids. — Trick Daddy

The Giving Back section will feature charity and non profit foundations. This section will also highlight business development organizations. Fan 4 Life FAN 4 Life is a charitable program managed by Fufúa. Celebrities provide clothing, Fufúa sells the clothing, and half of merchandise sales are donated to charitable organizations that you select. Also choose from the FAN 4 Life Charity Listing.

To Be Continued In Our Premier Issue

Urban Ed, Inc. by Roxanne J. Williams

Out-of-school and unemployed. Ex-offender, truant, loiter. Drop out with very little, if any skills. Sounds grim, right? Well for one nonprofit in the District of Columbia (DC), this reality is seen all too often, but for Urban Ed, Inc., it's their calling. Based in southeast DC, this progressive community-based organization has taken by the horns the grim realities faced by many low-income and at-risk working age youth, giving them hope for a sustained future.

To Be Continued In Our Premier Issue

Beyond Bling-Bling Ludacris Gives Back to Charity written by Tiffani Diggs interviewed by Deity Dah While its obvious that Ludacris likes to sometimes yell at the top of his lungs, wear the "bling bling," and have as much fun as the next rapper, he also knows when it's time to be serious. He has The Ludacris Foundation under his belt, a non-profit organization created to help young people achieve their dreams through the encouragement of "Principles of Success": Self Esteem, Spirituality, Communication, Education, Leadership, Goal Setting, Physical Activity, and Community Service.

To Be Continued In Our Premier Issue 16 • OWNERS ILLUSTRATED • FIRST QUARTER 2003

Owners Illustrated Magazine

Modeling & Endorsements The Modeling & Endorsements section features models, athletes and other celebrities with a photo spread and interview on the business aspect of their career. Our "Top Draft Pick" photo shoot and profile exposes our readers to emerging modeling talent.

Jewels of the Earth Modeling Agency

Sophistication, class, regal, elegance With a vision to see a more diverse representation of women of color in media, Lanre' set out with the mission to create his own modeling agency. “This modeling agency is devoted to finding the best matches between companies and models for various projects. Our mission is to take every one of our models mainstream and make each model a brand unto herself. The Romantic Warrior Project with it's Love Letters Product Line will serve a long way toward reaching our goal with diverse job placement in music videos, feature length movies, calendars, web sites, literature and other media outlets.�

To Be Continued In Our Premier Issue

Enterprise on the Rise The Enterprise on the Rise section will feature companies rising rapidly yet not to the top yet, they bubbling about to make that break to the top.

The Spoils of War 7:30 entertainment and Rooftop Productions have become one of the largest mixtape producers on the East coast. With ingenious marketing and promotion techniques "P-Cutta Presents Streetwars", has become their number one selling mixtape album.

To Be Continued In Our Premier Issue 17

Owners Illustrated Magazine

Your Ad Here - Advertise Owners Illustrated Magazine is an effective tool to reach urban consumers ages 21-39. We offer a wide range of advertising options for your company. Our advertising options include: branding opportunities, sponsorships, direct and mobile marketing, street promotions, product placement, banner ads, or naturally print ads. Whichever option you choose, your products will be presented to an upwardly mobile urban demographic with varied interests. Contact us today about special rates and other advertising opportunities in our premier issue at (202) 610-0038, or via e-mail at

Subscribe Save 30% off the cover price! 1Year - $13.99 — 2 Years - $26.99 Subscribe online at, or fill out the information requested below and send a check or money order to: Owners Illustrated Magazine P.O. Box 65484 Washington, DC 20035

E-Mail: ________________________________ Name: _________________________________ Address: _______________________________ _______________________________Apt No. _________ City: ____________________State _____ Zip _______ Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery. 18 • OWNERS ILLUSTRATED • FIRST QUARTER 2003

Owners Illustrated Magazine

The Owners Representing

Royal Alchemist Productions (RAP) Marketing

“Leading the Urban Lifestyle Revolution”

RAP Marketing, is a full-service marketing firm, focuses on the urban demographic and offers target marketing campaigns utilizing the following services: Promotional Models Merchandising

Mobile Marketing Street Promotions

• Event Planning • Market Research • Consulting • Graphic and Web Design • Technology Contact our experienced staff today at: phone: 202.610.0038 e-mail: web:


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