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In His Own Words

Brother Chase Wilhelm had so many stories to share. Here’s one more story from Chase Wilhelm in his own words:

I was sitting in the parking lot of basically what was a rally point, a collection Center for refugees that were coming in. A little boy, eight years old, comes up to me and he shows me a piece of paper. And on that piece of paper is his name, his address, his phone number. And in the background in the parking lot, I see a mother who has a hawk’s eye on this son, and I realized I had no idea what it means to write the name of my child on a piece of paper knowing that that could be the only identifying factor. And after spending some time with this young boy, it turns out that he was actually part of a familial group that was needing to get to a location that I was able to take them to.

It was two women. One of them was pregnant. They were sisters. Between the two of them, they had seven, eight kids in tow, all of various ages and sizes. I think the oldest was 13 or 14. And we started loading the vehicle up, and I was excited and hopeful about what it meant to take this entire family unit. And we start stacking these kids in the car, and we start loading luggage, and we start running out of space.

And I’m looking at the seats, I’m looking at the car, I’m looking at these kids, and I'm looking into the eyes of a pregnant woman that is quickly realizing that she has the option to sit down in that seat or put two of her daughters in that seat.

Quickly realizing that what I’m witnessing is something that I would wish upon no man or woman, I watched a young pregnant mother make the decision to safeguard the safety of her three daughters over and above her own. And I put her three daughters in that seat and I shook her hand and I promised her that they would be safe.

I didn’t have time to question my decision or hers. It wasn’t my place.

I didn’t have time to wail and moan and to gnash teeth over what we did. We had to get these kids in this car and we had to get out. And I’ll never be able to tell you what it feels like to look in your rearview mirror and watch a pregnant woman turn her daughters over to a stranger and drive away....

View the full interview by visiting: https://srnmj.us/chase-wilhelm-video or by scanning the QR code below.

View the full interview by visiting: https://srnmj.us/chase-wilhelm-video or by scanning the QR code.