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ARTS and Crafts: All Dogs Need a Home

Emily Mailhot Reporter – Vegreville News Advertiser

Wednesday, May 29 was dedicated to ARTS and crafts at the Lamont Boarding Kennels, with a sign night fundraiser evening hosted by Laura Pryatel. The event saw a good turnout of about 15 participants, and was also accompanied with an online silent auction ending June 10.

ARTS Senior Animal Rescue is a rescue dedicated to helping senior animals in need - 8 years old plus for dogs and 10 years old plus for cats. It is a program under Animal Rescue Transfer Society (ARTS), who operates under the Province of Alberta. “(It all) started with transferring animals in need to other rescue organizations. ARTS Seniors was ultimately founded when we noticed seniors had the most difficult time finding placement,” reads the website.

Myles Faragini, owner of Lamont Boarding Kennels, says he chose to pursue a fundraiser for ARTS after a recent experience with them. “I had an experience where I fostered a small dog for them, and it was transforming to have that little guy,” he explained. “So I wanted to give back.”

He further explained that older animals often find it hard to find a forever home, and there can be a lot of health concerns that come along with having them. “The rescue finds it hard to have enough funds to pay for vet bills. I just found that they needed the help and we had the opportunity to do something.”

The fundraiser was brought forth by Heather Jacobs, a kennel assistant with managerial components at Lamont Boarding Kennels. “She looks after a lot of the promotional performance,” said Faragini, “Heather had experience with the sign night kind of fundraiser, and we both have dealt with ARTS in the past.”

After each person had payed for their participation for the event, 10 dollars from each registration fee was donated to ARTS. The rest went towards the supplies and everything Laura needed for the supplies, for a total $100.