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MMP ramblers, So. It’s January. The dawn of a new age. The second ice age by the looks of it. Still, we at MMP have resisted the temptation to hibernate and instead greet 2011 with a knowing wink and a drunken smile. The Christmas and New Year festivities may well have passed quicker than a teleporting leprechaun, but the party is still in our hearts and the alcohol still working its way through our systems.

6-7 Sweet Baboo

To wave in the New Year we met up with Sweet Baboo, fresh from re-locating back to this fair old city, and discussed his breathtaking 2010 LP alongside his masterplan for avoiding work permanently. And we speculated on the effervescent trip-hop, drum ‘n’ bass, dubstep styles of The Word Virus Essay. Also, as is customary within these pages, we still have a load of live and physical reviews, news, listings and our regular columnists are back as well. No great changes, then. We’re still committed to this city, its inhabitants, its culture and even its climate. As Faith No More once said, we care a lot about you all and, whatever happens this year, you can bet your Blarney stone we will be out there watching it. Then telling you straight after.

8 Word Virus Essay

Sweet swirls of swooning, The MMP xx

Cover Artist

Other Cubed: Tom Stockley Tom Stockley is a 20 year old graphic designer living and studying in Cardiff.

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Music News GRUFF RHYS Cover Artist Competition

MUSIC LEGENDS HEAD TO MOUNTAIN ASH! The valleys of South Wales are unarguably a very unusual part of the world. Once the heart of the entire coal industry it’s now home to a unique race of good natured, salt of the earth types, albeit apparently ones hell bent on getting as drunk as possible before catching the last train home. (At least some of them anyway.) Things maybe changing with news that Creation Records boss Alan McGee and Happy Mondays dancing messiah Bez have a new hangout in Mountain Ash! That’s right, the man that gave us Primal Scream, The Jesus and Mary Chain and Oasis plus the wide eyed, maracca wielding madman from up north have been spotted spinning records and enjoying the warm local hospitality of The Mountain Ash Inn. When does the first train for the valleys leave?! Weird but true.

Calling all graphic designers! You all love Gruff Rhys right? Who doesn’t? Well, here’s your chance to immortalise the man as one of our MMP covers to coincide with our interview next month. Your piece of art will be adorned on the February cover, and celebrated throughout the cosmos. Much more than this you’ll get a copy of his spanking new Hotel Shampoo LP and VIP tickets to his next Cardiff show. All you need to do is get in touch with for more info on specs and what not...the deadline for submitting your labours is 14th January...ladies, gentlemen, to battle... Contact:


Win Gold!

In a truly staggering achievement local 25 piece super band Wonderbrass have outfought fierce competition to be commissioned to write and perform at London’s Olympic Games. Designed to show the world the diverse beauty of the music brewing inside the British Isles it’s a mojor coup for the group. The panel of judges included composer Errolyn Wallen MBE, Journalist Kevin Le Gendre, composer Judith Weir and was chaired by BBC radio 3 Controller Roger Wright. In a happy quirk of fate 2012 also sees the 20th anniversary of the fun loving, multi instrumental group from Pontypridd. Gwyn L Williams, Creative Programmer for Wales London 2012 says “Wonderbrass is to be congratulated on gaining this major Cultural Olympiad commission. The ensemble takes its place alongside some of the great names in the British musical scene and it will be a fantastic moment when the new piece is performed as part of the London Games” We say, bravo! ....................................................................... 04 The MMP January 2011

Bethan Elfyn Hands

BBC R1 Torch To Jen Long

After more than a decade of highlighting new Welsh talent on her Radio One slot Bethan Elfyn is moving on to pastures green. She’s graciously accepting the results of another shake up at the beeb which has seen vinyl veterans Jo Whiley and Edith Bowman also make way for new voices to enter the ether. Since getting the job in 1999 her tireless enthusiasm and support for fresh new music has made her many friends and the MMP wishes her well. Taking her place is Jen Long, a keen youngster who earned her stripes working for Cardiff University radio and as an assistant on Elfyns’ show. She’s well placed to continue the noble task of spotting new talent and providing a platform for it to shine. ..................................................................................

NEW YEAR'S GIVEAWAYS WIN MOGWAI TICKETS & More We know it’s tough after Xmas. All the pennies have been senselessly spent on gifts for the loved and familiar. But don’t worry, we at the MMP have teamed up with Push 4 Music to offer you a freebie bonanza, the likes of which have not been seen this side of our laughably shambolic raffles. Please peruse our little store of giveaway goodness... HOSPITALITY @ THE GREAT HALL, 5TH FEB 2011 It’s practically an annual cause for joy and celebration. With rooms containing DJ greats such as High Contrast, London Elektricity, Danny Byrd and MCs Dynamite, Wrec and more - this is a bloody blisterball of blindingness Drop us a line at with the answer to the question... High Contrast is the pseudonym of whuch Cardiff drum ‘n’ bass DJ? OCEAN COLOUR SCENE @ CARDIFF UNIVERSITY, 11TH FEB 2011 The Brummie Brit Pop legends pull on those nostalgia strings and tour their fantastic 1996 Moseley Shoals LP from beginning to end, including some never before attempted tracks, sounds like a storm-frazzle. Answer the question below with an e-mail to What’s the name of OCS’ lead vocalist? MOGWAI @ CARDIFF UNIVERSITY, 18TH FEB 2011 The post-rock legends are an ever-burgeoning acquired taste of authenticity in this grimy old business. The Glaswegians are popping by to tour forthcoming album Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will and we have a pair of tickets. All you need to do is send the answer to the question below to comps@ with Mogwai as the subject header... What is the title of Mogwai’s debut studio album? SHAKIN’ STEVENS @ ST DAVID’S HALL, 21ST FEB 2011 Celebrating 30 years since his initial hit single, the Shakin’ has polished off those hip joints for a joyous career retrospective. Elbow, The Young Knives and Natasha Kaplinsky are fans and you can’t say fairer than that. Answers to with Shakin as the subject header... Which year marked Shakin’ Stevens only appearance at Glastonbury? ROLL DEEP @ MILLENNIUM MUSIC HALL, 21ST FEB 2011 Fresh from no. 1 smash, Green Light, the grime pioneer, London hotshot collective are swinging by the fine Millennium Music Hall to drop their filthy beat bombs all over the shop. All you have to do is direct your answer to the question below over at our wonderful mail account... Name Roll Deep member Wiley’s debut solo LP...

What We’ve Been



His new LP breaks from his more recent material but reverts back to some of the orchestral electro-pop of his earliest work. It is, as ever, challenging, interesting and effortlessly beautiful while remaining unconventional.

PAPERCUTS FUTURE PRIMITIVE San Francisco based, four piece wondermusic that weaves itself into the brain and stays there for days. It’s haunting, gently psychedelic, folk/pop and we like it very much indeed.

GRUFF RHYS SHARK RIDDEN WATERS Further evidence of Gruff Rhys’ butterfly like emergence as a bonafide national treasure. Catchy and clever, it bodes extremely well for his new album out next month. Great video too.

THROATS SELF-TITLED If you like your hardcore fast, no-nonsense, insanely pissed off and bordering on Napalm Death levels of extreme, you need this record in your life.


Sure. He may be a bit of an arrogant sod but his new LP is, annoyingly, something of a peach. No more so than with this King Crimson-sampling, tribal-chanting slice of hip-hop-pop mastery.

The MMP January 2011 05

In a world in which modern culture is in danger of being infected by the global pandemic of anodyne pap-pop and senseless materialism, authenticity is an increasingly rare commodity. And there are few more authentic voices to have graced Cardiff than that of Sweet Baboo. His live shows are obtuse confessionals brimming with drunken humour and intrinsically excellent guitarwork while his recorded output has recently been verging on the transcendentally phenomenal. Last year’s I’m A Dancer / Songs About Sleepin’ LP hit MMP’s ears in soft waves of melancholic folky lo-fi country blues, outlasting some equally excellent releases on the office player with dogged determination. Prior to that Hello Wave, home to the perfectly formed How I’d Live My Life (The Bumblebee Song), landed to overwhelming critical praise. More than this, though, it’s the fondness and reverence with which Steve Black is held by many quarters of the city, that demonstrate his importance to Cardiff music, and to Welsh music on the whole. His contributions to projects such as H. Hawkline, Spencer McGarry Season, Wickes, JT Mouse, Cate Le Bon, Euros Childs and many more over the years mark him out as some form of, potentially accidental, focal point around which remarkable things happen. Thus, it was with unwavering pleasure that MMP caught up with the man, the myth, the legend to ask him how his cider was settling… 06 The MMP January 2011

How in the name of placenta are you? Very well, thanks. I’m eating soup! Congratulations on an incredible release with i’m a dancer / songs about sleepin’ – how are you reflecting on 2010 and all that’s happened? It’s been fantastic, really. I worked out the other day, in all of the bands that I’m in, I’ve done over a 100 gigs. Which is pretty good! And I think the LP’s the best album I’ve done which is the most important thing, I suppose. If you think it’s worse than the one before, that’s not so good. And I’ve got to do some exciting things. Between all of the bands we pretty much did all of the festivals. I went to America for nearly 2 months with Cate Le Bon. Basically, just not getting a job. That’s my whole outlook on life these days. Trying to avoid work. It seems a very personal, multi-layered but cohesive record – tell us a little about its backdrop – where did these songs emerge from? The album’s set up in two EPs. I had a batch of songs from about 6 months ago, and a newer batch of songs. That’s where it came from. Lyrically, I’ve tried to write songs from the third person but it just doesn’t work. So what I try to do is write a song, which is bloody obvious as to what it’s about, and then try and disguise what it’s about by throwing in references that no-one else will understand. Which makes me sound like a twat. But it all makes sense to me (laughs). As for it being cohesive, the band and Rob Jones (The Voluntary Butler Scheme) the producer, we made a decision to record it and mix it in five days so it was all done in one sitting. Plus, there are only certain instruments I can play, and there are only certain keyboards that I own, so there’s a similar sound through it. And I guess all of the things I was listening to were quite cohesive, thematic albums too. There’s a self-deprecating honesty about your songs which marks you out from many other singer-songwriters... Even the absurdist things, in my mind, because I know they are about something personal, then I am being honest. And I hope that comes across. There’s people who can write completely off-the-wall stuff, like Gruff Rhys, but you still believe in them. Whereas people like Bono, no one believes anything Bono says, because his lyrics are just one big cliché or metaphor. How do you see cardiff as changing over the years you’ve spent here as a performer and musician? I was talking about this to a friend yesterday. Cardiff seems to go in waves. When I first moved down here in 2000, it seemed something was happening. I moved to college and within a week

BBC One Live came along and there was a shitload of great gigs. Bands like McClusky and Mohobishopi and knowing that the Gorky’s lived in Cardiff was very exciting. But then in the mid-2000s when I finished college and worked in Barfly for two-and-a-half years, my tolerance level of gigs wavered a lot because I saw so many shitty bands every day. But then in the last couple of years, it seems to be that people are doing more things for themselves and putting on smaller and different gigs. Maybe it’s because I like the bands and I know some of them, but it definitely seems to be more exciting than it has been in a long time. How important is a collaborative spirit in the cultivation of a local scene? In my mind, most people I know play in more than one band. Huw (Evans) plays bass in my band and I play bass in his band. And I play in other bands and he plays for someone else. And that’s just our tiny circle of friends. I don’t know if it’s important. For me, personally, the more music I can play the better. The better I become as a musician as well. I think that attitude is really healthy. You’ve dropped in references to daniel johnston in your material and cite him as a major influence – how big a deal was it for you to perform with him when he came to cardiff? Honestly, it was probably the best gig of my life. I’ve got three people who I truly love in music. There’s Euros Childs who I now play for and got to know, which is a great thing. Then there’s Daniel Johnston and Brian Wilson. You know, I’m never going to meet bloody Brian Wilson, so meeting Daniel Johnston was amazing. Not that I spoke to him. I was too scared. I was awful, I was so nervous. But it was just an amazing, amazing, amazing gig. I’ve got two overriding memories. The first is that when he walked in, he’d just been to Spiller’s and had a massive Spiller’s T-shirt on and as he came past the stage we were playing a song called Funeral Home and he said ‘no, that’s boring that one’. The second was that he kept skipping songs in the set, and his brother took him off stage. We didn’t know what to do, so we all left too. Apparently he has a habit of skipping songs when he wants to go home. But it all turned out bloody amazing! Who are your personal favourite starlets in cardiff right now? I still love Euros Childs, regardless of working with him, I love the fact he just wants to record and record. I love his tunes and his whole attitude on music is fantastic. I’m worried I’m just going to list the bands that I’m in. But I love Cate Le Bon, her voice and songs are amazing, it’s a privilege to get to play with her. H. Hawkline, I love his music. I love Spencer McGarry’s music and his

ambitious plans. If he doesn’t do it, no one will, so it’s great he has these plans. I love Islet and all the things around Shape too. And I’ve just seen this band called Yahay, they live with a couple of Islet and I was really struck by them. Tell Us About The Wickes Project… Rob Jones and I spoke a couple of years ago about doing something together, just for a laugh. And it’s taken us until this summer to bother to do it. So we went up to my mum & dad’s house while they were away on holiday and recorded some songs. Our friend Ryan Owen was there as well and we found out that, because he can’t play guitar, he’s an amazing guitarist. On record, if you want any guitar in the noise sections, give him a guitar and he’s amazing. We’ve talked about it and we genuinely love the songs, and we love hanging out, so hopefully next year we’ll try and finish off an album. But we’ll only do it when there’s no pressure, we just do it when we have time. We’re just concentrating on the recording and when we do gigs, we just have fun. We’ve only played a few gigs to varying degrees of shambles. How are you splitting your time between north wales and the ‘diff – are we to be seeing more of you? I’m actually moving back to Cardiff in December. My friend’s bought a house and I’m going to be a lodger. Woop! When are you next releasing and, without putting any pressure on, how are you going to top 2010? Hopefully, I’m going to do a 5-track EP which I’m going to release early next year. We’re going to do something that looks really nice, and is really limited edition, and put it out without too much care. It’s because I’ve got about 5 songs left of a certain theme and I want to get rid of them and do something else. Then we’re half-planning to do something with the band in March and April. What I’d really like to do, and something I’ve never really done, is go on a proper tour. You know, just one or two weeks. Because I’ve done gigs in a row. But I’d love to support someone really massive. I’d love to play to 50 or 100 people every night for two weeks. That would be amazing. That’s the only thing I think I’ve never achieved - to play to 50 people every night for two weeks (laughs). Interview & Words: Simon M. Read

FREE DOWNLOAD SEE PG 22 The MMP January 2011 07

Word Virus Essay The MMP enjoys few tasks more than sniffing around Cardiff looking for musical truffles. Each month our intrepid reporters are staking out bars and late night dives. They’re shaking down club owners and threatening local promoters. They’re doing all this so you lovely readers can get the heads up, the juicy mojo fruit, the low down on the hoe down, as it were. So when word first got back to us that Cardiff had produced a live trip-hop act, one capable of mobilizing the traditionally static feet of the locals, we investigated like Fleet Street news hounds on heat. Fields Apart, the debut e.p from The Word Virus Essay, captured a mood normally lost amongst late night/early morning dance floors and far off festival fields. Definitely music designed to fuel parties, it was packed to the gills with hypnotic drums, wistful, yearning singing and an overall sense of purpose. 08 The MMP January 2011

So what of the live show? The launch of Fields Apart was one of the Toucan Club’s last great hurrahs. The packed event proved that transmitting tightly composed trip-hop psych-outs from laptop to stage was entirely and eminently achievable. The four piece group features at its heart a powerful vehicle for its more delicate cargo. A frankly remarkable piece of musical engineering made from Casper De Ergste’s electric double bass trickery and Andrew Sanders’ laser controlled drumming technique. Adding the gloss to the impressive work rate of the rhythm section is wave after wave of subtle electric guitar, synths and a veritable floating mountain of ethereal vocals. Multiinstrumentalist producer Daryl Watts and vocalist Rachel Shepherd tastefully engrave ambient sonic patterns into a sturdy wall of impenetrable percussion

and tireless bass. They promise a new release will be available soon. Rumours of a more hip hop/dubstep based affair are backed up by the presence in the studio of Skunkadelic. The New Exhibition of Noise MC is no slouch on the mic and the MMP is looking forward to tracking the progress of this intriguing group. Owing more to Bristol’s rich musical heritage than anything Cardiff has ever produced, they truly dominate a lonely field in their native city. thewordvirusessay Words: Rowan Liggett Photo:


The MMP January 2011 09

Every month we swing the MMP spotlight onto hard working men and women who occupy unique roles in this crazy industry we call the music business. We’ve talked to festival curators, club owners, radio presenters, composers and a whole host of caffeine fueled heroes who, frankly, deserve a pat on the back. Today we talk to a man who has excelled seemingly at everything he’s tried his hand at. He fronted rock’n’rollers The Pocket Devils, produced, wrote and won awards for his television and film work and still found time to become a hero amongst the Cardiff City faithful. Stand up and welcome singer, actor, producer, writer and all round nice guy, Jonny Owen.... Your career is a thing of diverse beauty. Is this intentional!? Is it really? I rather like the sound of, it’s not intentional...although I get bored very easy and have a great love of books, film, music, art...everything that that they tell you NOT to go near at school really. But I couldn’t help myself. I was like a moth to the flame. Been burnt a few times too! (laughs) But it’s been worth it. Svengali is amazing! How on earth did it come about? Haha! Thanks very much, it is a lot of fun to do. It was myself and Dean Cavanagh who came up with the a pub. As most ideas do! We got our good friend Phil John the director involved and it went from there. The original premise was that we’d do a two-hander with another dear friend and superb actor Roger Evans. He was perfect for Horsey..the London Welshman, done good. And people just seemed to like it. Alan McGee getting involved was massive for us and he was a brilliant laugh too. It’s just kind of snowballed from there really. Your new film, A Bit of Tom Jones, has a bizarre premise.... 010 The MMP January 2011

Yeah, it’s me trying to sell someone’s cock. As you do innit? The funny thing with films is you film them ages ago and then they come out a few years later, so I did it in 2008 and it only recently went to DVD. It’s done well though, which is great, you know? I was delighted The Guardian got behind it. Once they do, everyone else tends too as they are still the Media Bible. I was pleased for the film makers and investors as they were really brave in what they did. It put Tredegar on the map too...can’t say fairer than that can you? You’ve been using music to build a statue of cardiff city hero Fred Keenor. How and why did all of this happen? Basically, I did a thing for Cup Final Match of the Day in 2008 and mentioned the song I’ll Be There as it’s unique to Cardiff City fans and has this incredible history. It was suggested that someone record it and the team could run out to it. I was busy filming at the time so couldn’t get involved but then around five months ago the statue people got in touch and asked about raising the profile of what they were trying to do. Some smashing people were involved in that and I thought about maybe

putting together a ‘City’ super-group... Owen, Guto Stuart (originally) and Ryan. We did that and recorded it at Monnow Valley and stuck it out through Acid Jazz which is run by one of my best mates Eddie Piller. What’s more exciting: acting your socks off; or making sweet music with the band? Ah, I’m too old for the music game now! (laughs) I’m happy being picked up, taken to set, sitting in make-up, saying a few lines then home for tea. That’ll suit me these days. The music industry is very much a young man/woman’s game. But I have to say I particularly enjoyed being with the boys. Owen is a real gent, we spent the week together driving around the valleys of South Wales. A top, top guy. I was honoured to play with him too. What’s in the pipeline for 2011? There’s a few films...I’ve formed a film company with a top London Design Agency...Root Films. So I’m looking to do some stuff with them. Interesting stuff. The Svengali Movie is high on our agenda...I’ll keep you informed! Interview & Words By: Rowan Liggett

The MMP January 2011 011

Live Reviews

Napalm Death

Arcade Fire

Having sold out the Barfly a year ago, Napalm Death returned to further enact their campaign for musical destruction upon the people of Cardiff, only in a bigger venue. Beginning tonight’s proceedings were Waking The Cadaver. Extreme to the max, their incomprehensible vocal range wildly ranged from the Cookie Monster’s deranged cousin, to a sound you can only get by kneeing a pig in the testicles. Unfortunately this did nothing to motivate the sleepy few that managed to get to the show on time.

The promise of an evening in which not only the Canadian indie rock saviours Arcade Fire, but also the psych-folkie turned kook-avant-rocker Devendra Banhart were present was almost too much for this MMP reviewer.

Millennium Music Hall, 30th November

Macabre were odd to say the least, although extreme and technical in style, the daft lyrical content and introductions alongside somewhat strange deviations from their extreme sound culminated in a live experience that could only be described as the bastard death metal crackbaby of Dr. Seuss. Immolation followed soon after, keeping banter to a record low in order to blast their way through the set in downright incendiary fashion, shame it was lost on a fairly unprepared audience. Next up were Napalm Death, a band where age is but a number, and the only thing that changes from year to year is Shane Embury’s ever-growing Bald spot. Focusing on old material and forgotten classics such as Greed Killing and their 2-second wonder Suffer, there was nothing subtle about tonight’s ear-shattering assault of pure no-nonsense grind. Despite being around for over 20 years, Napalm Death showed no signs of slowing down tonight, and have once again solidified their status at the forefront of extreme music. JP 012 The MMP January 2011

Cardiff International Arena, 10th December

Banhart’s shift to electric may not be on the scale of Dylan’s turn in the mid-sixties but it is nevertheless striking. The weird plucked acousticism has gone, as has the hippy hair and ramshackle approach to clothing. That said, there was still more than enough quirk and pomp for him to remain engaging. Large, expansive wigouts were accompanied by geek dancing and facial gurning. Seahorse, Long-Haired Child and Shabop Shalom were highlights amidst a set which got trapped somewhere in the massive rafters of the Arena. Arcade Fire’s live reputation is phenomenal and, honestly, it is entirely well deserved. It is hard to imagine a better opening than the magical triptych of Ready To Start, Keep The Car Running and Neighbourhood #2 (Laika). With the visuals kicking in and the crowd in thrall, it barely let up. Drums were held aloft and pounded, there was sweaty dancing and a lot of incredibly talented people multi-tasking to ridiculous levels: Win Butler and Regine Chassagne’s dual presence felt almost cosmically elevated compared to us bare mortals. As they stomped through The Suburbs, No Cars Go, Rebellion (Lies) and Wake Up all the way into the encore of Intervention and Neighbourhood #1 (Tunnels), the MMP was left questioning whether they were the best live band on Earth. We weren’t sure. But this was definitely my gig of the year. SMR

The MMP January 2011 013

Releases OUI MESSY Gelert & Other Stories


The brutal new-wave post-punk of Oui Messy is not unknown to us at MMP, having featured them a number of months ago. So the crusading assault of opening track Gelert sounded joyously familiar with its dual-vocal attacks and razor-sharp riffage, not to mention its pressing percussive pounding. But along the rough edges come some serious party moments both in tempo and delivery - Pop and Bubblegum are both bizarrely anthemic even incorporating pop choruses to varying degrees. The 7-plus minutes of If We Can’t/Help You Out should be more tiring than it is, but somehow manages to remain entertaining and unpredictable through patchworking together various ideas. It is, actually, very impressive - like a manic-gothic version of The Strokes. And Other Stories makes up the second side of this dual release and offers up further curious deviations from expectation. Small Advert particularly sounds like a mental tea party between Syd Barrett and The Stooges while Feel Right and Example 1 are genuinely frightening. Very interesting stuff. SMR

SWITCHBLADE Beautifully Executed


I’m of the point of view that the first song of an album (excluding intro tracks of course) sets the pace for the rest of the album. With Switchblade’s new release, I was worried of what I let myself in for, as the first track could only be summarised, in my head, as the collective effort of a group of hairy bikers imitating Finnish goth-rock posterboys HIM. Luckily for me, this sound did not persist, and the true colours of this record soon shine through with the energy of the 80’s shock/cock rock era, with a slight sprinkle of Southern rock. The vocals can seem out of place at times, with the dark and broody vocals often contrasting with the brash nature of the record, ultimately detracting from the overall energy of the music. Bonus points however for daring to cover Adam & The Ants’ Stand And Deliver, though. JP


3.6 This collection of English tracks marking a deviation from Stevens’ trad-psych-folk Welsh language material. At points it would be fair to say that his lilting, poetic approach to his native tongue is a striking absence, but this LP nevertheless reeks of capability. Kicking off with Deep In My Heart - I Do Believe, he sets a template of hopeful balladry with his Welsh Dylan vocal shining through piano drops and feminine duets. His perfect guitarwork suffuses itself throughout but is particularly notable in the beautiful Bound For The Baltic Sea, as well as Still Waters. Interesting deviations from this acoustic revelry come in the bluesy Big Black Betty, and the rockin’ freakout that is Stargirl and there is an underlying sense of otherworldliness that pops in through Blue Sleep and Talkin’ To Myself. While it sometimes leans towards later-MOR style Van Morrison in sound, that is still no bad thing. And, as always, there are many moments of genuine, undeniable excellence. SMR

HUNTED Welcome The Dead


Hunted’s first demo was a overwhelming mix of many metal sub-genres, resulting in a lot to take on board for just 3 tracks. Their latest effort, however, is far more refined and while baring all the hallmarks of a heavy metal record, throws in a bit power metal to make the end product resonate in your brain for a bit longer. Although Impaled and Scars act as ideal platform for the guitarists to show off their skills like a child would a new toy in the playground, the album comes into its own thanks to the emphatic vocals of the lead singer, who keeps to a clean vocal style through the record that is reminiscent of Rob Halford in his more energetic years. Pure heavy metal to it’s core, Welcome The Dead is an ideal album for those who crave new music, but are reluctant to put their trust in the newer genres of the diverse beast that is metal. JP


4.3 No Thee, No Ess have always treated the MMP with some skillful psych-kraut-folk across their previous releases and with this Winter EP little has changed. Opener Wilderness Road has the scorched highway sound one would normally associate with Mercury Rev but with an expansive instrumentative and vocal tapestry comprising synths, torched guitars and subtle percussion added in, probably just for fun. Downtime, fronted by Paul Battenbough vocally, offers up subtle signifiers of Smog initially but becomes all the more captivating in the Talk Talk-style wig out at the latter end of the track. This is followed by the feedback drenched Replacable Parts which, while perhaps taking some time to adjust to, has entrenched melodies hidden amongst its many cosmic layers. Unravelling Delicately is resplendent in Andy Fung’s soft, high-pitched larynx, some sun-beaten banjo and lilting vocal harmonies. Across these four tracks there are few mistaken steps and many moments of joy, this is something to cherish. SMR



The Gramercy Riffs seem to want to join the old school country-rock bandwagon with obvious debts to The Rolling Stones, The Grateful Dead, The Band and occasionally The Who or Neil Young. It all starts promisingly with Clubfoot Boogie which capably mimics the spirit of Jerry Garcia before folding dispassionately into the toe-tapping but sub-par Stop It. At a production level, there seems to be something holding the LP back, it sounds fairly nice but lacks the oomph which the genre needs to keep stomping on. This is felt particularly palpably on the ending two tracks, Don’t Let Them Waste Your Time and Throw Some Water On The Preacher, which at 5 and 7 minutes stretch even the keenest listener’s endurance. It’s not all bad, the vocals occasionally soar impressively and the instrumentation is technically excellent. It is in Gramercy Riffs’ dependence on those who paved the path they tread where their largest weakness lies. More imagination in songcraft would push this on considerably. SMR

014 The MMP January 2011



Winter on The Moon / Bright Beams of Light

Transexual Healing

Compared to some of their more psychedelic tinged offerings this double A side single from the Bubblewrap Records outfit is a much more downbeat affair than expected. It’s awash with melancholic strings, aloof glockenspiel and a chorus line of apparently broken hearted angels. It’s accomplished work that despite lacking a certain amount of clout makes up for it with its rich sonic tapestry of synths, piano and pitch perfect harmonies. Echoes of Lou Reed’s Velvet Underground can be heard amongst the unmistakeable Delucci esqe approach to producing alternative pop. Perfect for gazing out at the cold, winter sky. RJL

Boasting a line-up consisting of members from well known local bands such as Hey! Tonight, Distance Within and Man Of The Hour, Start! Start! hit the ground running with their first single. Don’t expect a take on the old Marvin Gaye classic; this is a completely new genre – Electro Comedy. Lady Ga Ga is mercilessly lampooned in this eighty second rant. Loud, profane and possibly perplexing, this is essentially a throbbing club classic in the making. It doesn’t take too much to imagine this little song being weaved and remixed into many a dance floor set and leaving revellers slack jawed in astonishment. Very naughty boys, but they might just have a cult on their hands. BB




When curiously peaking at The Secret Faces’ myspace page, we were greeted by what appeared to be a drunken serenade between Nickelback and Stereophonics. Indeed, Wayne Morgan’s throaty vocals do bear comparison to Kelly Jones’ more razor-larynxed moments, coming over all Mark Lanegan at times. In a nice way. The backing for track Heavy Soul is convincing mid-tempo indie-blues but Whiskey Bar considerably ups the ante sounding like an angrier Coral. The guitar effect and riff on Our Generation’s Kids comes worryingly close to Bon Jovi yet on tracks like In My Day, they are imbued with an expansive wanderlust. It’s patchy but, at points, worthy of interest. SMR

The river of the singer-songwriter is one of plentiful leaping salmon. It has increasingly become a game of trying to distinguish between lots of pink salmon bearing very similar markings. With Sam Gardner the emphasis is on winsome folkish melancholy a la Mumford & Sons, an encumberance made obvious by covers of The Cave and Thistles And Weeds. When playing his own material there is, ironically, greater certainty and assuredness, displayed sporadically on Turn The Page with its ramshackle early Bright Eyes vocals and strange but broadly interesting guitarwork. Better are Live And Learn and the downtroddenly beautiful That’s Why I’m With You. Occasionally lovely stuff. SMR

Download Society Christmas may be gone but the spirit of giving lives on all year round in MMP land. Fill your ears with this month’s delicious musical offerings. Sweet Baboo can break the steel hearts of emotional renegades and The Word Virus Essay will make you long for summer again. Its all locally reared and organically grown so don’t feel guilty. Just join our Download Society and prepare to have your faith in the local music scene fully resuscitated

This Month’s Free Tracks: 1. Sweet Baboo - i’m a dancer 2. word virus essay - i’m ok

The MMP January 2011 015

Kaptin’s Column

So here we are! 2011 and damn it looks pretty sweet so far. Can’t believe it’s been a year since I replanted myself back on Welsh concrete after a brief Bristolian hiatus. It feels like a completely new city to the one I left 18 months or so ago. Not that it’s all been sunshine and Quality Street but I have to say this has been a fine year in general and it’s difficult to choose the highlights. Still, in the name of not dithering and giving you all something to actually read this month I shall attempt to separate spectacular from the merely special. Although the first 2 months of the year are pretty blurry thanks to a relatively constant party flux bordering on alcoholism, they nevertheless secured my belief that there was hope in this fair city for both good times and progression and prompted me to move back officially. I still can’t quite pin down specific events of this time but I remember The Toucan featuring fairly heavily, especially their Wednesday Neuropol sessions. It was certainly a loss when the Toucan flew away (again). But then there was the new kid on the block, Cardiff Arts Institute. I think it was Jazzsteppa that first blew me away (along with the speakers) there and many moments since have had me grinning massively. It has been an absolute pleasure to be a part of it and I thank all those who have been involved, especially all you lot who came out. Many acts have said Cardiff is one of their favourite crowds so keep it up everyone! It was certainly a tough slog through the summer mind you, luckily I had festivals such as Glastonbury (with both Monky and Stagga, who have risen from amazing to incredible this year and done much for raising the bar in terms of quality here in Cardiff); and Bestival (with the Astroid Boys who tore the place down and have proceeded to keep tearing down the place in order to rebuild it as a sturdy ship in which to blast off in). Many acts have kept going from strength to strength such as Darkhouse Family, Diddy, Curtamos, Ital Lion, Zwolf and Ming whilst many more seemed to explode out of the woodwork and quickly stake a place in the city’s Bass race. Acts such as Mr Healan, STD, Exotope, Esoterra and Dell. Future Garage found a second home with C.R.S.T. causing massive waves in the scene and Swansea’s Doc Daneeka launching his 10,000 Yen label with killer releases from C.R.S.T, Diverse Concepts and Didz & Chico. We even got a new place for them all to play, with the introduction of Signature to 10 Feet Tall and then Buffalo (and a room for Aperture at Clwb Ifor Bach). Talking of new places, I had some great afternoons / nights at the Boiler House in Llandaff North and the Back Rooms had everyone raving in an old bank vault, just to prove we can think out of the box down here. Theatre seemed to step up a level with great shows from the newly formed National Theatre Wales (various), Greg Cullen (Muscle) and his son Tom Cullen (Straight) and groups such as Designer Violence and Project 10 got me excited about art again. I know I’ve missed people out that have been doing some amazing things too, either by poor memory skills, limited space or simply not knowing enough about them but trust me in the grand scheme of things you’re much appreciated. Now all we have to decide after such a great year is… how do we build on that and make 2011 even better! bigLOVE, Kaptin .... Twitter: @kaptinisdead / Photo by: Paul Roberts 016 The MMP January 2011

Cardiff Rising 2011. Interesting... When I’m not listening to Grafh’s Dark Fantasy freestyle, I’m listening to his Roman’s Revenge freestyle and when I’m not listening to that I’m training for a new theatre project called Freestyle Forums. I’ve spent the last month learning acting and improvisational skills for Kompany Malakhi’s innovative new project which discovers alternative approaches to fusing spoken word, freestyle rap and forum theatre, where audience members can stop and redirect the action by making alternative decisions for the characters. It explores the relationship between the community and young people within it, examining areas of tension for example between young people and the police, social groupings and bullying or post code gang culture and seeks to offer alternative perspectives and solutions. It’s definitely one of the most challenging things I’ve ever done and I’ll keep you posted on the developments. Big shout out to my codies KMT, Kimba, Oneness, Angel, Off Key, Maxwell Golden and a special shout out to Dregz from Sherman Theatre for making it happen. Watch out for the next Higher Learning on Fri Jan 21st at Cardiff Arts Institute featuring Ming, Jugganote, me and b-boying from 2Dynamic, which doubles up with a free screening before it of the new Zeitgeist: Moving Forward documentary at 7pm. Should go off like a rocket. Plus I got word Klashnekoff’s playing over in Swansea with a coach going from Cardiff on Sat 29th Jan at Sigma in Swansea, so look out for that on Facebook and shit. And shout out to Astroid Boys for making moves. Aight then? Aight then. It’s on you, make things happen. ........ .... .... Photo by: Dan Green

JAZZ @ DEMPSEY’S January Listings

Dempsey’s Irish Bar (Upstairs) Castle Street Cardiff Back after CF10 1BS 9pm Start Entrance £5 / £4 Tel: 02920 496802

our winter break

19th January 2011

James Stephenson Quartet Great piano player. Expect new tunes and original interpretations of standards

25th January 2011

John Law

Festival veteran pianist brings his music to Cardiff. A rare treat

26th January 2011

Chris Hyson Trio Hyson on bass leads this fine original trio

established 1851

Top Brands!

Gibson, Fender & Hudson

Your complete One Stop Shop! Instruments Lessons Repairs SWANSEA 9-11 St Davids Centre Swansea, SA1 3LG 01792 720720

CARDIFF 5A High Street Cardiff, CF10 1AW 029 2039 8215

Club Listings

10 Feet Tall


Wu-Tang Clan with Ben Potter, 10pm, £2 * A night of literally nothing but the Wu-Tang Clan, don’t say we didn’t warn you

Every Monday - Late Night Live, 8pm, £TBC * Two-floors of entertainment, with chart hits and the latest favourites at the bar, with Live music upstairs

Every Monday - Buffalo Live, 8pm, Upstairs: Prices vary. Downstairs: FREE * All the latest new music from 29th January - The Funktastic Four: Jen Long and guest DJs DJ Jaffa / Dregz / Marky De Sade / Kaptin, 9pm, £2 * See Clubs of the Every Tuesday - Insider Sound, 10pm, Every Tuesday - Buffalo Sessions, Month £4 / £3 * Old funk meets modern 8pm, Upstairs: Prices vary. Downhip-hop-mash-ups and dancefloor fillers, stairs: FREE * Showcase of the best oh hell yeah ClubOfTheMonth promoters, DJs and bands along with visuals, giveaways and drink offers Every Wednesday - Zouklambada!, 8pm, £6 * Weekly dance class of the Every Wednesday - Blender, 8pm, eclectic variety Upstairs: Prices vary. Downstairs: FREE * A unique cross-breeding of A meeting of some of Every Wednesday - Boom Boom pop culture and fashion Cardiff’s finest funk and Boutique, 10pm, FREE * Bass-blowing hip-hop DJs with Jaffa’s night littered with cocktail deals Every Thursday - Sugardrop, 8pm, Upstairs: Prices vary. Downstairs: FREE excavation of the genre leading the way, Marky Every Thursday - On The Rocks, 10pm, * New live music, jump-up beats, VJs, De Sade of Big Chill, with FREE * Weekly night that’s all about breaks, this night seemingly has it all the classic rock and indie anthems Kaptin and Dregz on Every Friday - Bumper, 8pm, Upstairs: board too - the dancing Every Friday - Hustle, 6pm, FREE b4 Prices vary, Downstairs: FREE * won’t stop til legs are 10 * Enough mo-town and disco to surgically removed, that’s Weekly party anthems and electro adjust the funkometer to 11 the only guarantee... beats from one of the swishier clubs in our fair capital. Cardiff Arts Institute Every Saturday - Me And You Club, 8pm, FREE b4 10 * Mike TV guides 29th January Every Saturday - Beatbox Ballroom, you through your weekend with a 8pm, Upstairs: Prices vary. Downfeelgood assortment of indie and pop stairs: FREE * Weekly dose of soul Cardiff Student’s and hip hop Every Sunday - 10 Feet Tall Sunday Union Social, 8pm, FREE * Alternative Every Sunday - House Party, 8pm, party mash-ups from DJs Greg RamEvery Monday - Fun Factory @ Cardiff Upstairs: Prices vary, Downstairs: shackle and Steve French Student’s Union, 9pm, £4 - FREE * FREE * Guest DJs and promoters The regular crunch of live music and every week to give a variety of the DJs up in Solus latest new music



Cougar Lounge Every Wednesday - Limelight- 9pm, £TBC * All the latest R&B from DJ Raheem and Nezzy Every Friday - 10pm, £TBC * All the best Urban floor-fillers from C.T. and Hilly Every Saturday 9pm, £TBC * DJ’s C.T. and Hilly play their best Anthems and Club classics

Club X Every Friday - 10pm, FREE before 10, £10 After * Mix of funky house, electro and pop, an x-cellent night out (pun intended) Every Saturday - 10pm, FREE before 10, £5 After * All-rounded mix of chart, pop, dance and funky house

Clwb Ifor Bach Every Tuesday - Just Dance - 10pm, £3 * Weekly mix of pop, rock, R&B, and everything in between Every Wednesday - Listen up! 9pm, £3 * All avenues of Indie, Electro and Cheese are covered acrossthree floors Every Thursday - C-Y-N-T, 10.30pm, £4 * The undisputed Welsh kingpin of mid-week raves, featuring guest DJ’s from all over the UK every week

Every Tuesday - FAIL!, 10pm, £4-£3 Every Friday - ?? - 10.30pm, £4.50 * Somewhat ironically named clubnight that goes from Electro to Dubstep - £3.50 * One of the finest ways to 1st January – Buffalo New Year’s shake your Friday quiff around like a Day Red Bull Party. 9pm. FREE * The decadent Teddy Boy Beatbox Ballroom DJs take to the decks Every Wednesday - The Lash - 10pm, £3.50 - £3 * Weekly club night that as Red Bull lays siege to Buffalo for one Every Saturday - So Funked, 9pm, changes its theme more than Madonna ClubOfTheMonth night only FREE before midnight * Mix of reinvents herself smooth grooves and hip hop 19th January – Buffalo Boutique. 7pm. £1 * The Pop-up market appears again Every Friday - Boombox - 10pm, £1.50 * The whole pop spectrum is covered, in Buffalo, selling all kinds of vintage from wonky to synth (and everything A Shot in The Dark home-made and vintage things in between of course) The C-Y-N-T nights have Every Friday - Good Vibrations £TBC 23rd January – National Street Figher Every Saturday - ComePlay - 10pm, * All manner of gorgeous funk-soul Tournament. 7pm. £TBC * Almighty more credibility than a tin tunes constructed there before your all-against-all brawl of button-bashing £4.50 - £4 * The Union’s busiest can full of Nelson Mandela night by far, fuelling all your pop and eyes by live DJs Thumb-bandits effigies. Taking a selection chart tendencies of the finest bass DJs in Every Saturday - Live DJs, 8pm, the UK, every Thursday Specials FREE * Funk and soul cuts all over offers up some level of the Buffalo Lounge the weekend spectacular. But tonight 27th January - Twmpath! 8pm, £5 * should be particularly See Clubs of the Month 6th January – Daft Punk – Tron: banging with a visit from Bar Icon Legacy Playback. 9pm. FREE * Listen prime filthmonger Vaski ClubOfTheMonth to Daft Punk’s latest mind-bending along with Rottun ReEvery Monday - You’re The DJ, 12am- soundscape in full, that is if you cords labelmates Datsik 12pm, FREE * Go nuts on the free haven’t seen the movie already and Excision. Stomping, jukebox available all day stomping stuff 18th January – Doctor Who – The Quiz Billed as a night of fun Clwb Ifor Bach Every Wednesday - Midweek Mayhem, of Rassilon. 7:30pm. FREE * Monthly Welsh folk dancing, 6pm, FREE * Fuel your Wednesday contest to confirm who is indeed the 20th January the MMP suspects that with Bar Icon’s dirt cheap drinks offers biggest vat of Doctor Who knowledge in drinking may well be South Wales Every Saturday - Vinyl Vendettas / involved. And if there are Every Friday - Weekend Warmup., Dirty Pop / Mr Potter’s Proper Disco, any better bed fellows Café Jazz 6pm, FREE * Chart, pop and dance 10pm, £5 * Three Floors of indie, than alcohol and Welsh music, with drink offers aplenty soul, Motown, pop, and everything in folk dancing, then we are Every Saturday - 9pm, £TBC * Every Saturday - The BIG nite-out, between yet to find them. People 6pm, FREE * Mix of offers and music Resident DJs play a selection of the will fall over. Young finest jazz to get you ready for Saturday night Every Friday - So Seductive, 9pm, FREE before midnight * R&B and soul classics




Every Sunday - Sunday Nite Chill-out, 6pm, FREE * Open-jukebox night for Cardiff Specials you to wind down the weekend to 018 The MMP January 2011

Arts Inst.

14th January - All Time Top 100

hearts will be broken. And a sense of merriment will fill the air


27th January


7th January - Aperture, 10pm, £7 / £5 * Aperture are back to business after a relatively quiet Christmas period

John Halt & Maxi Priest 11 February, 8pm

Joe Brown 8 March, 7.30pm

Orquesta Buena Vista Social Club 7 April, 7.30pm

Club Listings 20th January - C-Y-N-T Presents Vaski, 10pm, £4 * See Clubs of the Month 21st January - Aperture, 10pm, £7 / £5 * The Aperture crew is back once more with some banging drum ‘n’ bass

Every Monday - Jagerfest, 10pm, £4 / £3 * Night solely built for getting wasted, you’ll never guess who’s sponsoring this night Every Tuesday - Propaganda, 10pm, £4 / £3 * Nationwide indie night intent on world domination

27th January - C-Y-N-T Presents Russell Chimes, 10pm, £4 * Another Every Wednesday - Uptight, 10pm, £3 top night of C-Y-N-T action with Russell * Weekly night of R&B and hip hop Chimes taking the helm Every Saturday - Vanity, 9pm, £5 * The Crockerton Two floors of R&B, dancefloor anthems and funky house Every Monday - Sunday, 9pm, FREE * Various DJs playing the latest hits and club anthems all through the night The Great Western


Every Thursday - Saturday, 9pm, FREE * In-house DJs playing a mix of party classics through the night

Every Saturday - Twisted By Design, 9pm - 2am. £TBC * Dempsey’s hosts one of Cardiff’s longest running altena- Gwdihw tive nights Specials

Exit Club Every Monday - Monday Madness, 10pm, FREE * All the latest chart hits and favourites from DJ Andy Every Wednesday - Club & Dance, 10pm, FREE * The best club & dance music, featuring guest remixes Every Thursday - Classix Chart, 10pm, FREE * Chart hits and exclusive remixes from DJ Andy Every Friday - Dance Zone, 10pm, FREE * All your favourite club and dance tunes from DJ AL Every Saturday - Sonic Saturdays, 10pm, FREE * Chart hits and Dance classics from a selection of guest DJs Every Sunday - Sunday Sanctuary 10pm, FREE * Resident DJs play the best chart and dance, old and new

Flares Every Tuesday - 10pm, FREE * DJ Jay plays a variety of cheese, party anthems and big hits Every Wednesday - Put On Your Party Pants, 9pm, FREE * The definitive Wednesday night party session in Flare’s Every Thursday - Cocktail Night, 10pm, FREE * 70s music all night long in by far the most creatively named club in Cardiff Every Friday - 9pm, FREE * Kickstart your weekend with Dr INC Every Saturday - 9pm, FREE * Resident DJs take you back to simpler times

The Flora Every Friday and Saturday - 8pm, FREE * Live bands followed by DJ sets until 1am


020 The MMP January 2011

8th January - Funkadelic, 8pm, £2 * Jump the funk up this saturday night, with all the resident funk and northern soul DJs 14th January - Around The Houses with - 8pm, £2 * Sarah Sweeney brings her residency back to Gwdihw after a long deserved rest 15th January - Candela, 8pm, £2 * It’s been away for a while, but now Candela returns with its multi-genre method of forcing you to dance 17th January - Quiz Quest, 8pm, £2 * Test your brain against other vats of knowledge in a war to decide the king of Quiz




The Mise En Bouche, and Gwdihw more broadly, deserve a healthy pat on the back for everincreasing brilliance. The pull and charm of the venue this time has lured in DJ Dom Servini of international and Wah Wah 45s fame brings his expansive knowledge and experience alongside regular DJs Toclifrench and Dave Norton, to gift us a glimmer of greatness - Afro Cluster front up for the live segment of the evening Gwdihw 28th January

King’s Cross Regulars

Every Sunday - Rachel’s Songs Of Praise, 9pm, FREE * Enjoy an all-night happy hour, with Karaoke for those who haven’t shamed themselves enough for the weekend Every Monday - Quiz Night, 8pm, FREE * Get your thinking caps on with the weekly quiz and happy hour from 5-8 Every Tuesday - Karaoke With Rachel, 9pm, FREE * Free karaoke sessions with your host Rachel Every Wednesday - Dr. Beverly Ballcrusher’s Gameshow, 5pm, FREE * Aid your inebriation procedure with the most ludicrously named host in Cardiff. Every Thursday - Therapeutic Thursdays, 5pm, FREE * Weekly cabaret from your host Fanny Dazzle Every Friday - Cwm Camping, 5pm, FREE * Party tunes with DJ J-A-Y and happy hour from 5-8pm Every Saturday - KXS, 5pm, FREE * DJ Lee Briant incites the party across Mill Lane

Koko Gorilaz Every Saturday - 9pm, FREE * Mid-week Rave Juggernaut expands its repertoire with their weekly slot at Koko’s

Lava Lounge

Every Wednesday - Sub Social, 9pm, FREE * Weekly night dedicated to all the various uni societies Every Thursday - Ladies Night, 8pm, FREE * Leave your balls at the door, it’s Ladies Night Every Friday - Fever Friday, 8pm, FREE * Resident DJs play a wide variety of retro and pop classics. Every Saturday - 8pm, FREE * Commercial hits and retro classics for you to make the most of your weekend to. Every Sunday - 8pm, FREE * The hard working barstaff of Cardiff are given their chance to shine on this Industry night

Live Lounge

Every Tuesday - Metropolis, 9pm, £TBC * Electro, trance, dubstep and drum & bass, all wth an alternative edge Every Wednesday - Cheapskates, 9pm, £6 * The archetype of how to get wasted in Cardiff Every Friday - 9pm, £4 * The best place to fuel your need for rock, punk and ska Every Saturday - 9pm, £4 * Weekly fix of alternative goodness, ranging from Indie to nu metal (and everything between)

Milgi’s Every Friday & Saturday - 9pm, FREE * World and dance music from an array of guest DJs

Millennium Music Hall / Code Every Friday - Deal Or No Deal, 10pm, £3 * R&B and dance hits, from this surprisingly non-Edmonds themed night

Minskys Specials

8th January - Pixie Perez, 9.30pm, £3 * Back from a well-deserved break, it’s Pixie Perez 14th January - Tina Sparkle & Pixie Perez, 9.30pm, £3 * Tina Sparkle begins her two night residency at Minskys 15th January - Tina Sparkle, 9.30pm, £3 * Night two of Tina Sparkle as she takes control of Minsky’s weekend schedule 21st January - Tina Sparkle, 9pm, £3 * Going head on against the postChristmas slowdown, it’s Tina Sparkle 22nd January - Pixie Perez, 9pm, £3 * Saturday night floorshow from the Minskys regular 28th January - Jolene Dover, 9pm, £3 * After a prolonged period of absence, Jolene Dover returns to Minskys 29th January - Dr Bev Ballcrusher, £3 * Minskys pull in the big-guns to fight off the post-Christmas recession

Every Monday - Friday - 11pm, FREE Mocka Lounge * As soon as the live music ends, chill out to the wide array of guest DJs that Every Monday - Hangover Cure, 9pm, play every night FREE * Nurse your hangover tonight with this chilled out night Every Tuesday - Salsa Classes, 7pm, FREE * Dance classes surrounded by Every Tuesday - Relax and Unwind, an army of live musicians 9pm, FREE * Midweek tunes to loosen up to

25th January - FarOut 8pm, £3 * The Far Out DJ teams play to you sweet sweet music, as you get get MBargo handy with the various arts and crafts Every Thursday - Fat Penguin - 9pm, workshops going on FREE * Cheap drinks, no flightless birds of the aquatic nature in sight 28th January - Mise En Bouche with Dom Servini + Afro Cluster - 8pm, £3 Metros * See Clubs of the Month

Every Wednesday - Cocktail Heaven, 9pm, FREE * So cocktail friendly, they put it in the name Every Thursday - 9pm, FREE * DJs Styles and Bmore play their selection

Club Listings of chilled House and R&B Every Friday - 9pm, FREE * Live Jazz performances with DJ’s throughout the night Every Saturday - 9pm, FREE * DJ Styles and Sinky force you into party-mode Every Sunday - 9pm, FREE * The Barstaff of Cardiff get given the VIP treatment, with resident DJ Chris Evans

Owain Glyndwr Every Monday - Salsa Classes, 8pm, FREE * Weekly salsa classes for those who wish to brush up on their dancing Every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the Month - Comedy at Tair Pluen, 8pm, £3 * Fortnightly attempt to tickle your funnybone Every Saturday - 9pm, FREE * DJ Yas plays all the party classics until 1am


Specials 8th January - Katie Waissel, 8pm, FREE * Controversial aspiring popstarlet brings her act to Pulse 22nd January - Aiden Grimshaw, 8pm, FREE * Rescheduled performance from the X-factor contestant

Reflex Every Tuesday - Thursday, 8pm, FREE * Deny the past 15 years ever happened with this mid-week nostalgia night Every Friday - Saturday. 7pm. FREE. * Nonstop 80’s classics throughout the weekend Every Sunday, 8pm, FREE. * End the weekend with more retro goodness

Revolution Every Wednesdays - Shotgun Rules, 9pm, £3 * Weekly student night with the sole aim of getting you wasted

Every Friday - 9pm, £3 * Revolution ushers in your weekend with oodles of offers and guest DJs Every Saturday - 9pm, £3 before 11pm, £5 after * Two floors of music ranging from Electro to House to kick off your Saturday night. Every Sunday - 9pm, FREE * A mix of live music and Latin beats played throughout the night

Every Sunday - Sodabar Sunday InWOW Bar dustry Night, 10pm, £2 / FREE * A night dedicated to those who have been Every Wednesday - Rewind, 8pm, working Friday and Saturday night FREE * The best from the 80’s and 90’s spun by DJ Krys

Tiger Tiger

Everyday - Private Karaoke, 6pm, £2.50 * Start the evening in good fashion with Tiger Tiger’s private karaoke booths Every Saturday - 10pm, £TBC * House anthems and Dance classics from the lovely people at KISS 101


Every Friday - The Wow Showgirls. 8pm. FREE. * DJ Kitty and MC Marcia presents a their weekly House sets

Every Wednesday - I Love Wednesday, 9pm, FREE * DJ’s Raheem, Sinky, Undertone Monique, Scarface and Paz set out to make sure you love Wednesdays as Specials much as the club does 7th January – Student Art Exhibit vs. Every Thursday - Pink, 10pm, £TBC Drum n Bass DJs. 9pm. £TBC * Bit of * DJ Warren takes to the decks for a a mouthful in terms of a name, but the night littered with drinks promotions idea seems unique enough

Every Saturday - Ice. 8pm. FREE. * A mix of chart hits from resident DJs Krys and N18El T

Every Friday and Saturday - 10pm, £TBC * DJ Soul Sessions plays the best Dubstep, Electro and Funky House

8th January – System 909. 9pm. £TBC * The System 909’s approach to techno is one of outrageous bombast - marvellous

Y Fuwch Goch

Royal Oak

21st January – Hell’s Bent.9pm. TBC * Gay night for those who like the alternative side of life

Every Thursday - Karaoke, 8pm, FREE * Open platform for you to be embarassed or congratulated, just make sure to keep in tune Every Sunday - Lunchtime Quiz, 12pm, FREE * Prepare your pubammo for all out Quiz warfare

28th January – Sleep When you’re Dead. 9pm. TBC * Pritchard brings back his night of jager-fuelled debauchery

Every Sunday - The Cuckoo Club. 6pm. FREE. * Special Guests and Cabaret performances set to spend what’s left of your weekend party spirit

Every Wednesday - Clwb Coffi, 12pm, FREE * Afternoon tea combined with Welsh Lessons. Genius

Bar Yupi Every Thursday - Discount Night, 8pm, FREE * Night of music and heavily discounted drinks

Every Friday - Socialize, 9pm, £TBC 29th January – Freakin Loco. 9pm. * Mix of club classics and old-school TBC * Underground Electro party from anthems until 3am the seasoned veterans of House Every Saturday - Funked Out, 9pm, Salt Bar Varsity (City Centre) £TBC * Night of electro and funky house until 3am Every Friday - 8pm, FREE * Funky house and all the latest chart hits from Every Friday - 9pm, FREE * DJ Every Sunday - 9pm, FREE * DJ Gigabyte plays his weekly residency 8pm onwards Jamie H plays a selection of chart, funky house and electro Every Saturday - 9pm, FREE * Every Saturday - 8pm, FREE * A mix of cheesy pop and chart hits from Weekly DJ set from DJ Extreme 8pm onwards down in this massive bar Walkabout down in Cardiff Bay - sounds lovely Varsity (Roath) Every Thursday – Bounce, 9pm, £5 / £4 * Leviathan of a student night, SodaBar Every Thursday - Karaoke Night, 8pm, FREE * Weekly karaoke fixture try not to lose your mates amongst the sea of students Every Friday - Flawless - 10pm, to expel those singing demons FREE * DJ Raheem brings his weekly Every Friday, 5pm, FREE * Get the the elegant surrounds Every Friday - 8pm. FREE. * Live Friday feeling with live music and a of Sodabar DJ sets every week from a variety of 4-hour long happy hour guest DJs Every Saturday - 10pm, FREE * Every Saturday, 9pm, £TBC * ThursWeekly set from resident DJ, DJ Jay Every Saturday. 9pm. FREE. * DJ day night atmosphere, but on a SaturVivet Dan plays his weekly residency day, and busier (if that’s possible)


(Deadline: 15th of the month prior to publication)

022 The MMP January 2011

Every Thursday - Connextions, 8pm, FREE * Amber Dextrous’ camp Traffic-light party, with a retro soundtrack to get you in the mood



Live Listings

Saturday 1st

Rowan Liggett’s Open Mic @ North pop covers from one of the city’s most Star, 7pm, FREE * Open platform to wishfully named acts abuse a microphone as much as you can Bass’d in Skadiff & On The Rocks Out & Running @ The Claude, 9pm, New Year’s Day Party @ 10 Feet Tall, in one evening FREE * Good time covers down in 7pm,£TBC * Live music from John Q The Monico @ Buffalo, 8pm, £3 * Roath Public, Sharks Don’t Sleep and Appy Buffalo hosts a local showcase, also Dayz, as well as resident Skadiff and On featuring The Lay-Lows and Lions & Luke Doughty & Friends @ Cafe Jazz, The Rocks DJs Dragons 10pm, £4 * The Blues Dragon sessions kick into 2011 with Luke Doughty spearTom Lewis @ O’Neills (Trinity Street), heading the way 9pm, FREE * Weekly residency for Mr. Lewis and his mammoth-throat Lowri Evans @ Glanfa Stage, Millennium Centre, 1.30pm, FREE * Acoustic Paul Hampson Quartet @ Cafe Jazz, singer-songwriter performance in the 9pm, £4 / £3 * Popular saxophonist Saturday Storytelling - Pete & Gorg Millennium Centre Andrew Fawcett returns with the Paul Chand @ Glanfa Stage, Millennium Hampson trio - standards, bebop and Centre, 11am, FREE * Part of Beyond Acoustic Open Mic Night @ Buffalo The Borders Storytelling Festival, these Lounge (Woodville Road), 7pm, FREE modern Indian narrators light up the Glanfa * The open mic format spreads as Colum Regan @ O’Neills (St Marys), Stage MMP’s Liggett hosts 9pm, FREE * The Irishman’s weekly Wednesday residency continues unaLandsker Singers @ Glanfa Stage, MilColum Regan @ Live Lounge, 7pm, lennium Centre, 1pm, FREE * Choral FREE * The Irishman loads his shotgun bashed into 2011 works on the Glanfa Stage of tunes and fires willingly

Sunday 2nd

Tony Morley’s Open Mic Night @ The Claude, 8.30pm, FREE * The guitar shaped assassin begins training a new army of musical hitmen S & M @ O’Neills (St Marys), 9pm, FREE * Charming Sunday residency for this very accomplished acoustic duo

Monday 3rd

JLS @ Cardiff International Arena, 6.30pm, £22.50 * Visit 1 of 3 to Cardiff this month for the X-Factor runner-ups Contagious @ Pen & Wig, 7.30pm, FREE * Open mic night every Monday in the Pen & Wig Welsh Traditional Folk Session @ Beverley Hotel, 8.30pm, FREE * Another night of flawless Welsh folk Open Mic @ O’Neills (St Marys), 9pm, FREE * The weekly open mic Monday sessions continue through into 2011

Tuesday 4th

Louise Ryan Vocal School @ Glanfa Stage, Millennium Centre, 6pm, FREE * Students of the Louise Ryan Vocal School perform for the WMC crowds Saturday’s Kids @ Buffalo, 8pm, £4 / £3 * Buffalo’s Hometown Heroes season kicks off with Saturday’s Kids curating a night at Buffalo, with Oui Messy as support Tony Morley @ The Royal Oak, 8.30pm, FREE * Live set from the only man to survive the the post-Christmas fallout Festival of the Senses @ Undertone, 8.30pm, £3 * After last month’s most delectable display of music, we can only anticipate what is to be served up Smokin’ Aces @ O’Neills (St Marys), 9pm, FREE * A new start for 2011 for the ever popular Smokin’ Aces Open Mic Night @ O’Neills (Trinity Street), 9pm, FREE * O’Neills longrunning open mic night

Wednesday 5th

Grace Hartrey @ Glanfa Stage, Millennium Centre, 6pm, FREE * The folk-pop musings of Hartrey entertain on the Glanfa Stage

024 The MMP January 2011

Saturday 8th

Thursday 6th

Owain Glyndwr Open Mic @ Owain Glyndwr, 8pm, FREE * Excellently run open mic hosted by Ben & Stuart Harrison

Sam Gardner @ Cardiff Central Library, 1pm, FREE * Alternative folk from Mr. Gardner in the lunchtime library sessions

watches on as his musical army grows ever stronger S & M @ O’Neills (St Marys), 9pm, FREE * The fetish-mocking duo continue their Sunday residency in big O’Neills

Monday 10th

Contagious @ Pen & Wig, 7.30pm, FREE * Open mic night every Monday in the Pen & Wig Don’t Tread On Spiders @ 10 Feet Tall, 8pm, £4 * Don’t Tread On Spiders headline and curate their own night as part of Hometown Heroes Month Welsh Traditional Folk Session @ Cayo Arms, 8.30pm, FREE * The Cayo hosts these lovely weekly Welsh folk nights Open Mic @ O’Neills (St Marys), 9pm, FREE * Free and weekly open mic night in big O’Neills

Tuesday 11th

Dan Curtis & Laura Coyne @ Glanfa Stage, Millennium Centre, 6pm, FREE Jeremy Huw Williams @ St. Davids Jim Jam Open Mic @ The Claude, 8pm, * Easy listening courtesy of Curtis Hall, 1pm, £6.50 / £5.50 * Lunchtime FREE * The vast experience of Sir Jim & Coyne performance from the Welsh Baritone as of Jam ensures smooth progress in part of the Lunchtime Concerts season the Claude Peter Karrie @ Millennium Centre, 8pm, £12 / £8 * Former Phantom of Angharad Morgan @ Glanfa Stage, MilRusty Shackles + The Lay Lows @ The the Opera star performs off the back of lennium Centre, 6pm, FREE * Classical Promised Land, 8.30pm, £3 * Poppy his new album “My Funny Old Lovely opera vocals down in the Millennium bluegrass from Newport plus some Old Wales” Centre talented support Thoby Davis @ Pen & Wig, 8.30pm, The Gentle Good @ 10 Feet Tall, Smokin’ Aces @ O’Neills (Trinity FREE * The loop-pedal maestro contin- 8pm, £4 * Harmless and beautiful Street), 9pm, FREE * Smokin’ Aces ues his comet-like trail of blazing across folk stylings from Gentle Good with set to challenge Tony Morley for most the city’s skyline incredible support from Meilir and performances a band can have in a year Stephen Wheel Ginge & Cello Boi @ O’Neills (TrinEmily Wright Group @ Cafe Jazz, 9pm, ity Street), 8.30pm, FREE * The Phil Wall’s Jazz Cardinals @ Cafe Jazz, £6 / £4 * Guitar and instrumental bluegrass-techno specialists pluck and 8.30pm, £4 / £3.50 * The Preservation vocal stylings from Emily Wright and strum til the cows come home Jazz Society bring Phil Wall back to Jon Hyde open their 2011 season Polar Bears @ O’Neills (St Marys), Goose @ O’Neills (St Marys), 9pm, 9pm, FREE * Another evening of covers Open Mic Night @ O’Neills (Trinity FREE * Covers band for the first time in the O’Neills Music Room Street), 9pm, FREE * O’Neills present of 2011 in big O’Neills their long-running open mic night Archangel @ The Claude, 9pm, FREE * Songs to shout along to in the Claude Smokin’ Aces @ O’Neills (St Marys), 9pm, FREE * Weekly residency for the Smokin’ Aces in big O’Neills Live Music Friday @ Owain Glyndwr, 5pm, FREE * Live music throughout the evening to settle into the weekend Live And Unsigned Auditions @ Coal Wednesday 12th vibe Exchange, 10am, £TBC * The ever expanding Live And Unsigned competi- Afternoon Concert with Howard ShelSteve Collins @ Glanfa Stage, Millen- tion now encompasses our good selves ley @ Millennium Centre, 2pm, £10 / nium Centre, 6pm, FREE * Acoustic giving all local bands the chance to get £7 * Howard Shelly conducts this afterfolk from Mr. Collins taken onto the next level based purely noon performance, featuring the works on the quality of live performance - good of Mozart, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky The Last Broadcast @ Solus, 7pm, luck chaps, we want to see the winners £TBC * Caerphilly metalcore outfit emerge from Wales! Rowan Liggett’s Open Mic @ North headline the venue, with support from Star, 7pm, FREE * North Star’s open an array of Cardiff’s youth movement Con Voce @ Glanfa Stage, Millennium mic back loud and proud in the New Centre, 1pm, FREE * An afternoon Year Trenchfoot Records Presents... @ set of choral works in the Millennium Jazz Attic @ Cafe Jazz, 9pm, £2 * The Globe, 7.30pm, £4 * Part of Centre Long-established improv session backed Twenty4Eleven which celebrates by the house trio the brilliance of Cardiff with lots of Zoopop Folk vs. Funk All-dayer @ independent showcases - this time it’s Buffalo, 2pm, £TBC * Day of Zoopop Tom Lewis @ O’Neills (Trinity Street), Trenchfoot putting the boot in for punk festivities with a slice of funk thrown in 9pm, FREE * Weekly residency for Mr. bands to be confirmed - though rumour Lewis and his mammoth-throat Robert Cross @ O’Neills (Trinity is NEON, The Reinvention Of Mr BamboStreet), 8.30pm, FREE * You might tola and The Sweet Spots are confirmed No Sweat feat. Chris Hicks & Friends know him for his Live Lounge act, well - should be a cracker @ Cardiff Arts Institute, 9pm, FREE now you get to see it at O’Neills * The nights of No Sweatiness recomAcoustic Open Mic Night @ mence for 2011 - expect more beanbags The Tony Breen Band & Guests @ Blue Buffalo Lounge (Woodville Road), 7pm, and tender Cardiff acousticians - this Dragon Hotel, 9pm, FREE * Tony Breen FREE * The MMP’s prolific open mic time it’s Chris Hicks & co hosts another night of country, blues enthusiast, Liggett, spreads his wares and jazz to Buffalo Lounge Colum Regan @ O’Neills (St Marys), 9pm, FREE * Solo acoustic residency Free Beer @ O’Neills (St Marys), Tony Morley’s Open Mic Night @ from the Irish Cardiffianm technically 9pm, FREE * Friday night rock and The Claude, 8.30pm, FREE * Morley exquisite stuff

Friday 7th

Sunday 9th

Open 7 days a week Restaurant: Indian, Mexican and Pub Grub

Venue Available : Promoters Wanted! 2am / 3am Bar on Weekends Tel: 02920 341767

Great Drink Offers!

FREE Function Room Hire Bands/Promoters/Parties Sun-Thu :: 200+ Capacity! NEW PA Installed!


PROCESSED: Progressive House /Trance /Breaks *Now With Chill-out Room* 10pm - 3am £6 on the door ......................................


ULTRA: Metal // Goth // Hard Alternative £4 // 9pm - 2am // ......................................


Rooftop Shisha Lounge

Come and relax in our new rooftop Shisha Lounge // Open Daily: 5pm - Late

C.Y.N.T presents: CAMO & CROOKED Open Til 3am Tickets from ......................................


ZEITGEIST: MOVING FORWARD (film screening) FACEBOOK: Zeitgesit Cardiff

Live Listings

Thursday 13th

Live Music Now! @ Glanfa Stage, Millennium Centre, 1pm, FREE * Classical and opera performance on the Glanfa

Daggers @ The Claude, 9pm, FREE * Cover songs, good times and an honest boozer Goose @ O’Neills (St Marys), 9pm, FREE * Colum Regan’s covers band take to big O’Neills

Claire Hammacott @ Glanfa Stage, Millennium Centre, 6pm, FREE * Popular tunes on the Glanfa Stage in the WMC

Blue Traffic @ Cafe Jazz, 10pm, £4 * The blues rock Friday nights in Cafe Jazz take on the wonders of Blue Traffic

Ragged School @ Buffalo, 7.30pm, £4 / £3 * Recently having their music featured in 90210, Ragged School lead tonight’s showcase alongside Twice My Size and Nicola Jayne Chirnside

Saturday 15th

Lucy Simmonds @ Cardiff Central Library, 1pm, FREE * Cellist Simmonds entertains the lunchtime library scenesters

Owain Glyndwr Open Mic @ Owain Glyndwr, 8pm, FREE * The Harrisons combine to make excellent open mic pie Music In The Vale @ Glanfa Stage, Millennium Centre, 1pm, FREE * The Jim Jam Open Mic @ The Claude, Vale communities pull together for an 8pm, FREE * Like some modern day afternoon of popular music musical Captain Ahab, Jim Jam seeks the beast Helen Morgan Trio @ Glanfa Stage, Millennium Centre, 6pm, FREE * Andrew Fawcett Quartet @ Cafe A jazz trio take to the Millennium Jazz, 9pm, £6 / £5 * Saxophonist Centre’s Glanfa Stage Fawcett returns with standards from post-bop as well as originals backed by Methu Dawnsio Night @ Buffalo, a fine trio 7.30pm, £4 * Welsh-themed night with sets from Mwsog, Mowbird and Smokin’ Aces @ O’Neills (Trinity Breichiau Hir Street), 9pm, FREE * Smokin’ Aces back to O’Neills for more rock covers Philharmonia Orchestra @ St David’s Hall, 7.30pm, £32-£10 * Performance Polar Bears @ O’Neills (St Marys), of Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring as part 9pm, FREE * Thursday night sees the of the International Concert Series return of covers band Polar Bears to big O’Neills Elvis Stole My Car Presents @ The Globe, 7.30pm, £4 * The ESMC peeps pick a corker bunch of acts as part of Twenty4Eleven at The Globe

Friday 14th

Ysgol Lewis School @ Glanfa Stage, Millennium Centre, 1pm, FREE * The school kids perform some popular music tunes for the pleasure of the lunchtime Centre dwellers Strictly Golden Oldies’ Tea Dance @ St David’s Hall, 1.30pm, £5 * Stan Stennett returns for his monthly Tea Dance Live Music Friday @ Owain Glyndwr, 5pm, FREE * Live music to calm your nerves and soothe the soul Deiniol Wyn Rees @ Glanfa Stage, Millennium Centre, 6pm, FREE * Wyn Rees performs some popular music tunes in the Centre foyer Barefoot Dance Of The Sea / Gavin Osborn @ The Pot, 7.30pm, £5 / £4 * One of the city’s finest, if not the finest female folk trios perform in the intimate The Pot with solo Gavin Osborn supporting Broken Vinyl Club @ Buffalo, 7.30pm, £4 * Aberdare’s 60’s pop throwbacks curate another night as part of the Hometown Heroes season The Australian Classic Rock Show @ St David’s Hall, 8pm, £27.50 * The name says it all really...Dire Straits, Steely Dan, Genesis and more will be covered

Live & Pickin @ Pen & Wig, 8.30pm, FREE * The weekly Pen & Wig sessions take on the covers of Live & Pickin The Switch @ The Claude, 8.30pm, FREE * Songs you love in a place that encourages singing along Colum Regan @ O’Neills (Trinity Street), 9pm, FREE * Ear friendly solo-stylings

S & M @ O’Neills (St Marys), 9pm, FREE * The fetish-mocking duo continue their Sunday residency in big O’Neills

Monday 17th GigOfTheMonth


With the bleakness of winter running in parallel to a broader feeling that the ConDem government are trying to slowly erode our sense of dignity, injecting a little sunshine back into life seems a genuinely great idea. Welcome then, the Caribbean style reggae charms of Benji & The Greats followed by some pumping good-time DJ vibes

Cardiff Arts Institute

15th January

Contagious @ Pen & Wig, 7.30pm, FREE * Open mic night every Monday in the Pen & Wig Slow Science @ Buffalo, 8pm, £5 * Ska supergroup featuring former members of Suicide Bid, The Filaments and the King Blues

Sunday 16th

Music In The Vale @ Glanfa Stage, Millennium Centre, 1pm, FREE * The Sunday WMC crowds are treated to the popular music tunes of the Vale communities

Open Mic Night @ O’Neills (Trinity Street), 9pm, FREE * O’Neills present their long-running open mic night Smokin’ Aces @ O’Neills (St Marys), 9pm, FREE * The Tuesday night Smokin’ Aces sessions roll onwards

Wednesday 19th Chamber Winds @ St Andrew’s and St Teilo’s Church, Woodville Road, 1pm, £TBC * Beethoven’s Symphony No 1 in C arranged by Nicholas Reader and put on by the RWCMD RWCMD Students @ Glanfa Stage, Millennium Centre, 1pm, FREE * The RWCMD offers up some of its fine classical students to perform on the Glanfa Dave Jones Trio @ Glanfa Stage, Millennium Centre, 6pm, FREE * Superior jazz trio playing in the WMC foyer Rowan Liggett’s Open Mic @North Star, 7pm, FREE * Open platform to abuse a microphone as much as you can in one evening Intruder Records Night @ Undertone, 8pm, £TBC * London-based Indie label showcases its wares at Undertone James Stephenson Quartet @ Dempsey’s, 9pm, £5 / £4 * Jazz pianist leads the quartet in the upstairs Dempsey’s music room’s first outing of the year No Sweat feat. Ragged Banner / Johnny Alchemist @ Cardiff Arts Institute, 9pm, FREE * Another night of beanbags, this time accompanied by the acoustic madness of Johnny Alchemist and Ragged Banner

Welsh Traditional Folk Session @ Beverley Hotel, 8.30pm, FREE * Another Tom Lewis @ O’Neills (Trinity Street), 9pm, FREE * Weekly resitraditional Welsh folk night out in the dency for Mr. Lewis and his mammothwilds of Pontcanna throat Open Mic @ O’Neills (St Marys), 9pm, FREE * Weekly open mic night running Arek Mazurek Quartet @ Cafe Jazz, 9pm, £3 / £2 * Eclectic mix of arin the O’Neills Music Room rangements of tunes by Metheny, John Scofield, Theolonius Monk and more

Tuesday 18th

Reggae Winter Warmer Featuring Benji & The Greats @ Cardiff Arts Cardiff University Music Department Institute, 9pm, £2 b4 11pm * See Gigs @ Glanfa Stage, Millennium Centre, of the Month 1pm, FREE * Classical recital from the University’s Music department The Switch @ The Claude,9pm, FREE Crossfire Percussion Duo @Glanfa * Snappy covers and guitars you could Stage, Millennium Centre, 6.30pm, kill oxen with FREE * Rhythms and beats from the Smokin’ Aces @ O’Neills (St Marys), percussive pairing 9pm, FREE * The Aces break out of their weekly residency to front the JLS @ Cardiff International Arena, Saturday night in big O’Neills 6.30pm, £22.50 * Visit two this month proves that winning isn’t everything

Acoustic Open Mic Night @ Buffalo Lounge (Woodville Road), 7pm, FREE * Non-threatening weekend wind-down Smokin’ Aces Duo @ O’Neills, (Trinity featuring the MMP’s resident Ginger Street), 8.30pm, FREE * Another Ninja night of raucous rock covers from the Aces posse Tony Morley’s Open Mic Night @ The Claude, 8.30pm, FREE * Unconcerned The Tony Breen Band & Guests @ by the need to sleep or eat Morley Blue Dragon Hotel, 9pm, FREE * fights on Breen and co entertain down on Newport Road Sunday Jazz @ Chapter, 9pm, FREE * Lovely, melodic, acoustic jazz with alto

026 The MMP January 2011

sax, piano, bass and drums

Roots Unearthed - Sian James @ St David’s Hall, 8pm, £13 / £12 * Welsh-folk virtuoso brings her harp to St David’s Electric Furnace @ Buffalo, 8pm, £4 / £3 * Another Buffalo showcase of local talent, with support from Kyshera and more New Orleans Hula @ Cafe Jazz, 8.30pm, £4 / £3.50 * Another Preservation Jazz Society show this time featuring the rootsy New Orleans Hula Flux=Rad Blue Monday Party @ Undertone, 9pm, £TBC * Live set from Spark, as well as other acts to be confirmed, and Flux=Rad DJs

Colum Regan @ O’Neills (St Marys), 9pm, FREE * Ongoing solo acoustic weekly residency for the well-sheened Irishman

Thursday 20th

Cardiff University Music Department @ Glanfa Stage, Millennium Centre, 1pm, FREE * The CU Music Department return to the Glanfa to perform some classical works Pete Lashley @ Glanfa Stage, Millennium Centre, 6pm, FREE * Pleasant acousticism on the WMC’s Glanfa Stage Dirty Revolution @ Undertone, 7pm, £TBC * Sonic Boom Six-approved ska mob with Sharks Don’t Sleep in support Jim Jam Open Mic @ The Claude, 8pm, FREE * Jim entices local musicians into his lair by playing a magic fiddle full of booze Owain Glyndwr Open Mic @ Owain Glyndwr, 8pm, FREE * Smoothly run open mic hosted by father/son duo Captain Fantastic And His Three Funky Beans + support @ The Promised Land, 8.30pm, £3 * Foot tapping

rock/pop in the kooky Promised Land Smokin’ Aces @ O’Neills (Trinity Street), 9pm, FREE * Smokin’ Aces back again with their rock covers Teddy’s Open Mic @ Shot In The Dark, 9pm, FREE * The relaxing confines of Shot host this friendly open mic Alex Haines Trio @ Cafe Jazz, 9pm, £6 / £4 * Interpretations of the standard repertoire with Haines on guitar accompanied by bass and drums Blades @ O’Neills (St Marys), 9pm, FREE * Rather scary sounding covers band in big O’Neills

Friday 21st

Michael Cox @ Weston Gallery, RWCMD, 1pm, £6 / £5 * One of Britain’s top flautists, having appeared with leading chamber ensembles and BBC Symphony Orchestra Live Music Friday @ Owain Glyndwr, 5pm, FREE * Live music to relax to and unwind after a hard day

RWCMD Junior Music Department @ Glanfa Stage, Millennium Centre, 1.30pm, FREE * The RWCMD Juniors perform some classical works on the Glanfa



White Noise Sound are undoubtedly one of the local bands to watch in 2011 - their dreamy shoegaze psych-noise LP was reviewed by us with feverish excitement and here they launch it formally in Clwb. Released through Alive Records and boasting all of the might of a million thunder storms, this should be one hell of a barnstorming show pony

Clwb 21st January

Solarference @ Glanfa Stage, Millennium Centre, 6pm, FREE * Folktronica on offer at the Millennium Centre’s Glanfa

Word Virus Essay @ Pen & Wig, 8.30pm, FREE * The MMP featurees take their magnificently pumping set to Pen & Wig

Drum Eyes @ Buffalo, 7pm, £6 * Joy Collective present an experiment where they try and cross-breed the synths of Gary Numan’s Tubeway Army with the unpredictability of the Dillinger Escape Plan - H. Hawkline supports

Gaudy Orde @ Glanfa Stage, Millennium Centre, 6pm, FREE * All the serene, cerebral scatology of skiffle on the Glanfa Stage

Rumney Folk Club @ St Augustine’s Church Hall, Rumney, 7pm, FREE * The monthly folk club setting of St. Augustine’s offers a fine, tranquil ambience for performers and listeners alike, well done folks... White Noise Sound @ Clwb Ifor Bach, 7.30pm, £5 * See Gigs of the Month Starving Artists Present @ The Globe, 8pm, £4 * The local hip-hop mega-men take their crew down to Albany Road for Twenty4Eleven The Tony Breen Band & Guests @ Blue Dragon Hotel, 9pm, FREE * The Blue Dragon takes Tony Breen and co’s country, blues, jazz session onwards Zepher @ O’Neills (Trinity Street), 9pm, FREE * Rock and roll stylings from the local 4-piece Vegas @ The Claude, 9pm, FREE * Covers played with conviction and purpose in the Claude The Undecided @ O’Neills (St Marys), 9pm, FREE * Friday night live covers in big O’Neills Zeitgeist: Moving Forwards @ Cardiff Arts Institute, 9pm, £2 b4 11pm * See Gigs of the Month The Fugitives @ Cafe Jazz, 10pm, £4 * Late night blues rock sessions in the St Mary Street jazz hotspot

Saturday 22nd

Kristina Bitina, John Sadler, Gareth Blake @ Cardiff Central Library, 1pm, FREE * A set of opera singers light up the lunchtime library

Social Dance Spectacular w/ The Sweet Spots @ Cardiff Arts Institute, 9pm, £2 b4 11pm * Live funk and classic soul manoeuvres from The Sweet Spots ahead of one of Cardiff’s premier club nights with the Ba Ba Boom DJs bringing on the disco-funk til dawn... almost Live Music @ The Claude, 9pm, FREE * Foot tapping bands and good time folk in the Claude Goose @ O’Neills (St Marys), 9pm, FREE * Another night of covers fronted by regular O’Neills troupe Goose

Sunday 23rd Cardiff Coffee Concert @ National Museum of Cardiff, 11.30am, £10 / £8 * The Navarra String Quartet perform this special concert at the National Museum Alison Turriff @ Glanfa Stage, Millennium Centre, 1pm, FREE * Classical clarinet performance in the WMC Acoustic Open Mic Night @ Buffalo Lounge (Woodville Road), 7pm, FREE * In between both fighting and provoking crime, Rowan Liggett hosts another one of his open mic nights The Richard Thompson Band @ St David’s Hall, 7.30pm, £22 / £17.50 * Distinctive guitar virtuoso and legendary songwriter brings his band back to the UK

Black Dyke Band @ St David’s Hall, 7.30pm, £20 / £14 * Legendary band make their eight bi-annual visit to Cardiff’s St. David’s Hall

John Farah @ 10 Feet Tall, 7.30pm, £5 / £4 * Crazy experimental music-man

Mancub Presents @ The Globe, 8pm, £4 * The Death Of Her Money, Battle Of Santiago and A Thousand Arrows

Tony Morley’s Open Mic Night @ The Claude, 8.30pm, FREE * Once again Morley has all the answers. What was the question though?



The Zeitgeist Movement, initially set into motion by Peter Joseph, builds momentum in its quest to interrogate modern society’s systemic foibles. The third in the sequence of movies will apparently focus on human behaviour, technology and rationality following its theorising on monetary matters and the media previously. MMP columnists Kaptin and Ruffstylz will perform alongside DJs and dancers and a sense of people thinking about important stuff Cardiff Arts Institute

21st January

fill out this hardcore-punk evening of decadence 2 Tickets 2 The Gunshow @ O’Neills (Trinity Street), 8.30pm, FREE * Live set from the frontrunners to win the most misleading band name award. Ba Ba Boom Presents Funk Supreme

brings his classical/gabba hybrid to Cardiff

S & M @ O’Neills (St Marys), 9pm, FREE * Acoustic pairing light up O’Neills every Sunday

Monday 24th

JLS @ Cardiff International Arena, 6.30pm, £22.50 * JLS round off their January hat-trick at the CIA Contagious @ Pen & Wig, 7.30pm, FREE * Open mic night every Monday in the Pen & Wig Welsh Traditional Folk Session @ Cayo Arms, 8.30pm, FREE * Always splendid Welsh folk sessions on Cathedral Road Open Mic @ O’Neills (St Marys), 9pm, FREE * The big O’Neills hosts this weekly open mic night

Tuesday 25th Lunchtime Concert @ St David’s Hall, 1pm, £5.50 / £5.50 * Three young musicians band together for today’s Lunchtime recital OK Acoustic Teatime Free Show @ Buffalo Lounge (Woodville Road), 6pm, FREE * OK front the first of, hopefully, many acoustic teatime shows on Woodville Road - spanking indie pop all toned down Trenchfoot Records Presents @ The Globe, 7.30pm, £4 * A second show

of the month for the Trenchfoot punk forward-thinkers OK @ Buffalo, 8pm, £TBC * Having already played an acoustic Teatime set in Buffalo Lounge, OK have another bite at the cherry as they curate their own night at Buffalo Jazz Cafe @ The Gate, 8pm, £3 / £2 * Invitational with the house trio pulling together a blend of professional and amateur contributors to assist in their endeavours An Evening Of New Orleans Jazz @

Cafe Jazz, 8.30pm, £4 / £3.50 * The show’s title rather does the job for us here, lovely New Orleans jazz on St. Mary Street John Law @ Dempsey’s, 9pm, £5 / £4 * See Gigs of the Month Smokin’ Aces @ O’Neills (St Marys), 9pm, FREE * Rock covers from Smokin’ Aces in big O’Neills Open Mic Night @ O’Neills (Trinity Street), 9pm, FREE * O’Neills present their long-running open mic night

Wednesday 26th Operatic Arias I @ Weston Gallery, RWCMD, 1pm, £TBC * Students from the MA Opera course perform a selection of arias RWCMD Students @ Glanfa Stage, Millennium Centre, 1pm, FREE * The fine students of the Royal Welsh College perform a classical recital in the WMC Rowan Liggett’s Open Mic @ North Star, 7pm, FREE * Another Liggett hosted open mic at North Star Giggle Magazine Presents @ The Globe, 7.30pm, £4 * Jolly night from the Giggle crew featuring Regime and Threshold with guest DJs Rumours Of Fleetwood Mac @ St



The return of Dempsey’s Jazz sessions after a well earned Xmas break is an annual treat and it, as always, promises top notch local and touring talent. John Law is the pick of the three dates on offer this month. With over 50 festival appearances accumulated over a splendid, and critically lauded, career, his performance will be nothing less than astounding.

Dempsey’s 25th January David’s Hall, 8pm, £22.50 / £19.50 * A tribute to the many incarnations of Fleetwood Mac No Sweat feat. Ffred Jones / Jon Fazal / Ned Rundell @ Cardiff Arts Institute, 9pm, FREE * Three premier grassroots stars turning into magnificent acoustic shire horses

The MMP January 2011 027

Live Listings Colum Regan @ O’Neills (St Marys), 9pm, FREE * The Irish tunesmith carves out another fine set in big O’Neills Jazz Attic Jam Session @ Cafe Jazz, 9pm, £2 * Another of the splendid house trio, open invite jams for budding improvvers Tom Lewis @ O’Neills (Trinity Street), 9pm, FREE * Weekly residency for Mr. Lewis and his mammoth-throat Zed Bias @ Buffalo, 9pm, £TBC * Live set from the Dub/2-step hotprospect

Thursday 27th

Oystein Baadsvik - Masterclass @ Weston Gallery, RWCMD, 4pm, £6 / £5 * A rare exclusive tuba soloist virtuoso holding a two day masterclass and recital, here is instalment one After An Alibi @ Buffalo, 7pm, £4 / £3 * Anthemic Welsh-rock in the vein of Lostprophets and The Blackout Walter Schriefels @ Clwb Ifor Bach, 7.30pm, £9.50 / £7.50 * Former Rival Schools/Gorilla Biscuits/Youth Of Today/CIV frontman goes solo for this intimate show No Sweat Presents... @ The Globe, 7.30pm, £4 * The CAI night stretches its legs and heads on down to Roath for special chilled acoustica Paul Carrack @ St David’s Hall, 7.30pm, £27.50 * Former Mike & The Mechanics and Squeeze frontman goes solo Y Harri-Parris @ Chapter, 8pm, FREE * An evening of comedy, drama and song in both English and Welsh based on the experience of living in rural West Wales Jim Jam Open Mic @ The Claude, 8pm, FREE * If music were a mountain Jim would have tunnelled through it by now Owain Glyndwr Open Mic @ Owain Glyndwr, 8pm, FREE * Open mic fun warmly hosted by Ben & Stuart Harrison



These Neil Cowley endorsed, London based trio play the sort of smooth jazz you could slide a baby down safely. With mounting critical acclaim, innumerate festival shows and two excellent releases, jazz-heads should be on warning

Cafe Jazz 27th January

Mysto Junior @ The Promised Land, 8.30pm, £3 * Eighties leaning guitar pop with a glossy sheen and some great drumming The Swiss @ Cafe Jazz, 9pm, £6 / £5 * See Gigs of the Month 028 The MMP January 2011

Tle Lazy Mojo Band @ O’Neills (St Marys), 9pm, FREE * The build up to the weekend begins in O’Neills with The Lazy Mojo Band and their selection of covers Smokin’ Aces @ O’Neills (Trinity Street), 9pm, FREE * Smokin’ Aces bring their covers show to Trinity Street

Friday 28th

Oystein Baadsvik - Recital @ St Andrew’s and St Teilo’s Church, Woodville Road, 1pm, £6 / £5 * The second day of Baadsvik’s visit to Cardiff sees the Telegraph-endorsed tuba hotshot perform a lunchtime recital with Chris Williams on piano - expect Grieg, Piazzolla and more Live Music Friday @ Owain Glyndwr, 5pm, FREE * Relax to the sweet sounds of live music A Foreigner’s Journey @ Millennium Music Hall, 6.30pm, £12 / £10 * Tribute band that combines the ultimate cheesy forces that are Journey and Foreigner Alexandra Burke @ Cardiff International Arena, 6.30pm, £30 * X-Factor fans are spoilt for choice as the fourth X-factor show to hit town this month rolls in National Opera Studio @ Millennium Centre, 7pm, £10 * See the opera singers of the future in concert with the Welsh National Opera’s full Orchestra BBC National Orchestra Of Wales @ St David’s Hall, 7pm, £25 / £10 * Thierry Fischer conducts the National Orchestra of Wales through the works of Brahms and Adams Goodtime Boys @ Clwb Ifor Bach, 7.30pm, £TBC * Former Automatic member sets off an atom bomb with his new hardcore band Real Big Promotions Present @ Buffalo, 8pm, £TBC * Elusive night that has yet to confirm any bands Y Harri-Parris @ Chapter, 8pm, FREE * As the 27th January Robert Cross @ O’Neills (Trinity Street), 8.30pm, FREE * The Live Lounge conspiracy rages on, as another regular to Live Lounge finds his way into O’Neills

Newport Road Built For Comfort @ Cafe Jazz, 10pm, £4 * The Comfort boys take their brand of blues rock to Cafe Jazz

Saturday 29th

Cavatina Singers @ Glanfa Stage, Millennium Centre, 1pm, FREE * Choral performance from the Cavatina Singers in WMC Blind River Scare @ Cardiff Central Library, 1pm, FREE * Americana bitter-sweetness from Newport in the library sessions I Am Kloot @ Millennium Music Hall, 7pm, £14 * See Gigs of the Month


I AM KLOOT The cult indie-folkers turned Mercury Music Prize nominees bring their increasingly weighty and effervescently fruity back catalogue to Millennium Music Hall. Strap on your tartar helmets, this one is going to be blissful Millennium Music Hall

29th January

Peski Records Night @ Buffalo, 7pm, £TBC * The rather excellent Peski Records label put on a showcase as part of the Hometown Heroes season Evening Mouse / Scott Rudd @ The Pot, 7.30pm, £5 / £4 * See Gigs of the Month For Those About to Rock @ St Davids Hall, 8pm, £16.50 / £17.50 * A tribute to ACDC and Thin Lizzy through tribute acts Livewire and Limehouse Lizzy Y Harri-Parris @ Chapter, 8pm, FREE * As the 27th January Skank Tank @ Pen & Wig, 8.30pm, FREE * The ska specialists take their tunes over to Pen & Wig

Luke Doherty @ The Royal Oak, 8.30pm, FREE * Solo performance for you to lend your ears to

The Big What?! Band @ O’Neills (St Marys), 9pm, FREE * Soul-style covers in the bigger of the two O’Neills

The Blades @ The Claude, 9pm, FREE * A professional covers wagon rolls into town

The Underdogs @ The Claude, 9pm, FREE * Tighter than a drum and at least five times louder

Traffic Presents Gypsy Riot! Feat. Dakhla @ Cardiff Arts Institute, 9pm, £TBC * Dakhla bring the gypsybalkan sounds, the Traffic DJs bring their world tunes and Das Kapital bass lines

The MMP & See Monkey Do Monkey Present... @ The Globe, 10pm, £4 * We build bridges to our friends over at See Monkey Do Monkey and combine our lethal powers to concoct a bill only the most devilish minds could counter - expect the likes of Colorama, The Method, Houdini Dax et al - oh me, oh my, please swing from our delight

Graffiti @ O’Neills (St Marys), 9pm, FREE * A Friday night positively brimming with familiar tuneage down in big O’Neills The Tony Breen Band & Guests @ Blue Dragon Hotel, 9pm, FREE * Another night of blues, country and all manner of other things on

Sunday 30th

Zoo Pop Anniversay All Dayer @ Buffalo, 2pm, £TBC * Wish a Happy

Birthday to Zoo Pop with this all day event. Bands to be confirmed. Cwmbran Brass @ Glanfa Stage, Millennium Centre, 3pm, FREE * Some say there is no brass finer than that from Cwmbran, this evidence suggests so The Welsh Sinfonia Season @ Cardiff University Concert Hall, 4.30pm, £12 * The third concert in the “Time and Place” series that spans from Bach to Mendelssohn Acoustic Open Mic Night @ Buffalo Lounge (Woodville Road), 7pm, FREE * Acoustic free-for-all hosted by Rowan Liggett Attack! Attack! @ Clwb Ifor Bach, 7pm, £8 * Rescheduled show from the US metalcore merchants, with equal proportion of breakdowns and crab poses Tony Morley’s Open Mic Night @ The Claude, 8.30pm, FREE * With the month at an end Morley is satisfied. But for how long? S & M @ O’Neills (St Marys), 9pm, FREE * Two men and a hell of a lot of acousticism every Sunday in big O’Neills

Monday 31st

Allo Darlin’ Acoustic Teatime Show @ Buffalo Lounge (Woodville Road), 5.30pm, FREE * See Gigs of the Month



These rather wonderful acoustic just-after-work shows kicked off earlier in the month with OK. Now the rather quaint brushed folk-indie-pop of Allo Darlin’ comes a calling ahead of their equally splendid sounding gig later on in 10 Feet Tall. The newly transformed Buffalo Lounge is plushly making Woodville Road a place to be around 6pm on a week day

Buffalo Lounge 31st January Allo Darlin’ @ 10 Feet Tall, 7.30pm, £7 / £5 * Incredibly accomplished sleight-of-hand folk-pop with Cardiff-based heavyweight Sweet Baboo supporting - and Ivan Moult, you say? My golly! Contagious @ Pen & Wig, 7.30pm, FREE * Open mic night every Monday in the Pen & Wig Welsh Traditional Folk Session @ Cayo Arms, 8.30pm, FREE * Timeless and lovely folk sessions over in Pontcanna Open Mic @ O’Neills (St Marys), 9pm, FREE * Long-running open mic night on St. Mary’s Street

January 2011


Wednesday 5th - Open Mic with Rowan Liggett Friday 7th – Under The Driftwood Tree Saturday 8th – Smokin Aces Sunday 9th -– Thoby Davis Wednesday 12th – Open Mic with Rowan Liggett Friday 14th – Salvation Saturday 15th – The Journeymen Sunday 16th – Thoby Davis Wednesday 19th – Open Mic with Rowan Liggett Friday 21st – Under The Driftwood Tree Saturday 22nd – Smokin Aces Sunday 23rd – Thoby Davis Wednesday 26th – Open Mic with Rowan Liggett Friday 28TH – Smokin Aces Saturday 29th – Salvation Sunday 30th – Thoby Davis

w w w . c h a m e l e o n g r o u p c a r d i f f . c o m SIZELESS SATURDAYS & BATTLE OF THE BANDS BACK AT THE VULCAN LOUNGE FOR FEBRUARY Entries to: The MMP January 2011 029

A New Year, A New Arch Enemy To Deal With… It’s become a tradition of sorts that I can look forward to; awaking bleary eyed and bruised on January first, my memory of the past night as missing as my trousers, my hands still stinging from the lime juice that I sweat for reasons the doctors simply cannot figure out… and be met, almost instantly with a new challenger, a new nemesis, another personal Moriarty looking to mount my majestic head above his fireplace….or maybe fuck the bloody stump… that’s what I’d do if I cut of my head…good thick neck. Last year I found myself gagged and bound to the rail road tracks at central station, head pounding, heart racing, every muscle aching, face looking all handsome ‘n’ shit. My captor, a moustache twirling cliché, danced a sadistic jig that was pretty badass on the platform above me…I remember thinking “make 030 The MMP January 2011

a mental note, will use to dance on enemies graves/seduce bereaved siblings of enemy with”. The train hurtling towards me, I struggled to get free of my bonds, the Dickensian fiend prancing like an absolute motherfucker right above me, I thought this might be the end…the previous year’s adversary had simply been a short fan man named Craig, who’d show up at my door step from time to time and loudly BOO me….i just shot him…. he was easy….this guy was an asshole. And just as the train was about to strike…I blacked out When I woke up I was sitting at a craps table, wearing my adversary’s moustache, the chair beside me was occupied by a tiger…which was really pretty awesome, a pile of chips the size of a Datsun Orgy covered the table before me, the

croupier…who was MC Hammer…politely informing me that they could not accept a jar containing Billy Bragg’s pickled left eye as ”a legitimate bet”…and that since I’d cleaned out the casino and won gambling in general…I may as well just leave. So I activated my jet pack and soared away majestically into the night. To this day I have absolutely no recollection of what happened in that extremely convenient situation resolving blackout…but I have thanks for whatever unseen Deus Ex Machina saved me from an adversary who was slightly more crafty than I’d been used to in the past…the slew of easier arch enemies of recent years had left me soft, complacent and out of practice. Which is why it was with great worry that I awoke on January first

this year and found, amidst the rubble of the night’s New Year’s llama boxing celebration, no sign of a foe looking to end J.M Strange quickly and silently before the year got underway. There was simply an envelope, written in the most elegant (read: gay) handwriting I’d ever seen, the inside containing nothing more than a picture of my first true love getting boned all to shit by a masked stranger…and a note “To J.M Strange… F.U.C.K….Y.O.U…… signed Mr.Sideways” “Well….that’s annoying and cruel”…I sighed to no one in particular. A new year, a new arch enemy….and this one seems like a real… dick. THE VIEWS OF J.M. STRANGE DO NOT REFLECT THE VIEWS OF THE MMP.

The MMP January 2011 031


iff Live d Music ma p r a W










dvi lle


Cathays Tce

1. Clwb I fo 2 . Gate Th r Bach 35 eatre 3. Pulse Cr wy 9 4 . 10Ft Ta s Rd 5. Buffa ll / Undertone Rd lo ny 6. The C 22 REPUBLIC ba Al o 2 7. O'Neil al Exchange 16 OF St ls h 8. The T (Little) 25 ROATH 12 eppoc oucan K 9. The G lo 10. O’Ne be 13 ill‘ 31 11. Shot s in 21 34 12. Milgis the Dark CIVIC 13. Stude CENTRE nt 14 . Tommy s Union 11 BUTE 15. The P 's Bar ntes ulevard de Na Bo 16 PARK . Koko G romised Land 5 32 17. Gwdih orilaz Rd 15 ewport N 18. Demp w Queen St 14 18 19. Owain seys Castle St THE 3 20. Mille Glyndwr 1 19 HAYES n 24 4 21. Cardif nium Music Ha 8 38 30 ll f Arts In 22. The 7 stitute V u lc an L 23. St. D 23 avid’s H ounge all/L 2 4 . Tafarn CITY 26 @ Nos D 3 Lounge 2 5 17 . The N a 28 36 CENTRE 26. Café orth Star RIVERSIDE 20 10 33 37 27. The Jazz Lane Wood St Mill P 28. Roco ot c 29. Tony o ’s Kitch en Galle 30. Funk ry y 31. Bar 14 Buddha 32. The 7 33. Mock live lounge a 34. Pen & & Zinc 6 35. The Wig C 36. Card laude iff Cent ral Libra 37. CIA ry 38. The Old Libr ary h

d yd en

h ng Se

rk Pa


c Pla

th Nor








l Way


y St St. Mar t ate S Westg


l Rd Lwr Cathedra

eorge Lloyd G


032 The MMP January 2011

If your venue isn’t listed please contact us

The Miniature Music Press January 2011  

So. It’s January. The dawn of a new age. To wave in the New Year we met up with Sweet Baboo, fresh from re-locating back to this fair old ci...

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