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LOCAL ARTISTS NEEDED FOR ‘ART IN THE MARKET’ Young people in Sheffield have more opportunities to have their talents recognised, thanks to Art in the Market, the new art gallery space at Castle Market, and the Sheffield Showcase project. People of all ages are encouraged to show off their creative talents, and get involved in these projects that mean their work will be put on show for the people of Sheffield to see. ‘Art in the Market’ was an idea born out of Castle Market’s 50th anniversary in July. Promoting local artists was a good way to help celebrate the market’s birthday and provide a much needed outlet for artists to exhibit their work. The project also injects colour and life to the normal market scene. The latest local person to showcase her talents is Stevie Rockcliffe, aged 17. Stevie is studying Performing Arts and Technical Theatre at Rotherham College of Arts and Technology. Her work is on display for in Castle Market’s lower

ground floor gallery until the end of October. Stevie’s work will also be part of the Sheffield Showcase in October. Her window on Furnival Gate will include an image of a Geisha, and is dressed with props that create a Japanese Geisha’s boudoir. Cllr Colin Ross, Cabinet Member for Employment, Enterprise and Development, said: “Stevie’s unique style of digital photography is fresh and vibrant. Her work rivals that of professionals and at such an early stage in her career is a credit to her. “We’re keen to nurture talent such as Stevie’s and do what we can to give her a helping hand to success. Her work being on show for the next few weeks in the city centre will mean that hundreds of Sheffielders can see it. This will no doubt help Stevie to pursue a successful creative career.” Stevie takes the photographs herself, then digitally alters them, creating stunning





07932 661994


effects. The images are then mounted and framed or printed onto canvas. Many of the photographs feature Stevie herself. Stevie said: “I’ve always been interested in arts and craft. I see myself as a photographer and digital artist, and would really like to develop a career in digital art, by selling pieces of my work and being commissioned to photograph on location.” Yvonne, Stevie’s Mum, catapulted her daughter into the art and retail scene by accident, while looking on the internet for images of a Sheffield Road where a family member used to live. She found out about the exhibitions, and suggested that Stevie’s work may be suitable. To see more of Stevie’s work, people can visit www.midoripunk. There is space for more people to exhibit their work. Anybody interested in finding out more should contact Dave Parker on 205 3232.

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GAMING AROUND AT CRYSTAL PEAKS These days there is a games console and game out there to suit everyone’s tastes and GAME at Crystal Peaks is the place that can meet all your gaming needs. Whether you’re a hard core gamer who likes the Xbox and action adventure games such as Ghostbusters The Video Game or a Wii fan who likes more

active games like Wii Sports Resort, GAME is the next level for you. GAME is Europe’s leading video and PC retailer currently with an amazing 1,348 stores. GAME stock both new and pre-owned games for PC’s, PS2, PS3, PSP, Wii, Xbox and the DS. As well as a wide range of the latest games, GAME also sells consoles and

console accessories. Once you have completed your game or if you have found it too much of a challenge, GAME offers a fantastic money saving service allowing you to trade in your old games in exchange for money off or to swap with anything in store. GAME believes that the games they sell don’t simply entertain. In addition to the enjoyment they provide they can educate through games such as Nintendo DS Brain Training and My Word Coach for the Nintendo Wii and provide exercise


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through Wii Fit and interactive games. They also realise that games played by children can have a great effect on them, therefore all their staff are trained to ensure that games with violence or anything of an unsuitable nature are not sold to anyone under the age of the games

age classification. So parents can rest assured that their children can shop safely. GAME prides itself on looking out for the environment and fits all new stores with energy saving technology. Plus it is a member of the ‘recycle more’ initiative and has so far recycled 321 tonnes

of cardboard and 13 tonnes of plastic. As if the wide range of games available wasn’t enough to tempt you into the store, the fact that you can get fit and educated at the same time is sure to get you through the door. So start gaming with GAME!

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THE VELVET BURLESQUE HALLOW`EEN HORROR PARTY & CABARET SHOW Our CABARET-PARTY EVENTS give YOU the audience not only the chance to Dance, Socialise and Party, but also experience an EXTRAVAGANZA of fabulous Burlesque & Vaudeville style Cabaret acts hosted at intervals throughout the evening. Presented in a classy “Art-Deco” style Club venue, let us welcome you into an exciting, glamorous atmosphere for a night of unique variety entertainment! All guests welcome! Please dress to impress! A chance to wear your finery, flash your gems and put on your dancing shoes! We`d like guests to dress-up in a “Rocky Horror” / Hallow`een style theme, and generally, most people (men!) don`t need any encouragement to dress up in Ladies lingerie! :) You are more than welcome to bring your own buffet/ party food/picnic if you wish. Full act/performer details to be updated asap! To date - confirmed acts include (in no particular order!): * Hells Belle * The Velvet Burlesque * Vaudeville Vixens * Mr Meredith * Lottie L`Etoile * Dave The WereBear * Ms Perversity Lurks * Starla Bright * Scarlett D’Lyte * Audrey Hepkat * Mummies Boys *Compere: Serena Sunrise Plus more acts yet to confirm!

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Saturday 31st October 2009 7.30pm - 1.30am Tickets/Admission: £15.00 (Doors open at 7.30pm - first act/ Tickets are performance 8.30pm) available in advance. Tickets/admission will still be available on the door on the evening up to venue capacity Tables/seating will be on a “first come, first served” basis.

The Embassy Mansfield Road Intake Sheffield S12 2AG

WHAT RECESSION? Russell Cavanagh’s money news round-up A lobbyist on his way home from Parliament is stuck in traffic. Noticing a police officer, he winds down his window and asks: ‘What’s the hold-up?’ The policeman replies: ‘The Prime Minister is so depressed he’s stopped his motorcade and is threatening to douse himself with petrol and set himself on fire. He says no one believes he can get us through the credit crunch. So we’re taking up a collection for him.’ The lobbyist asks: ‘How much have you got so far?’ The officer replies: ‘About 40 gallons, but a lot of people are still siphoning.’ The average Brit is just £155 away from financial meltdown, according to recent research. An Opinium survey reveals 12 million of us currently struggle to cope with monthly bills, and 39% of us would be in trouble if we had to find just £50 extra each month. Essential bills now account for over two thirds of household income, which equates to £1,378 on average each month per person and £2,001 for families. Research elsewhere found we spend £1,000 a year average on clothes. Recession hasn’t impacted

on clothing budgets for those 56% of people who admit they spent the same over the past year as they would do normally. On average people buy three designer items each year. More than half of people living in Britain are so scared of losing their job in the current climate that they risk their health by working through illness. Medical insurers Simply Health found 43% of employees haven’t taken any days off in the last 12 months (a 20% increase over 2008). One in five complain they are not believed when calling in sick. And one in five UK 16-24 year olds are now unemployed, according to the Office for National Statistics. Official unemployment has reached a 14 year peak at 2.47m - the highest since May 1997. Indeed, almost one in four working Brits are contemplating jobs overseas within the next two years, says Foreign Currency Direct. Men are twice as likely as women to opt for a job abroad. A fifth of those asked would look to Australia, whilst one in six would choose the USA. New Zealand and Canada are also popular choices. Uncertainty has now

reached Japan. In the last seven days, Origami bank has folded, Sumo Bank has gone belly up and Bonsai Bank has announced plans to cut some of its branches. Yesterday, it was also announced that Karaoke Bank will go up for sale and will likely go for a song, while shares in Kamikaze Bank were suspended today after they nose-dived. While Samurai Bank is soldiering on after sharp cutbacks, 500 staff at Karate Bank got the chop and analysts report that there is something fishy going on at Sushi Bank, where it is feared that staff may get a raw deal. Read Russell’s blog: russellcavanagh.

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HOW DO YOU PLEASE THE JUDGES? to be manufactured? their own. XFactor Following on from my last article that explained exactly how the audition process works within XFactor I have had a great response from you, many with the same outlook as me. It seems XFactor is not about finding talent, it’s about making good TV. Didn’t we already know that anyway? Then why is it, so many of the competitors on the show, have been quoted saying ‘It’s my last chance”, ‘I will be devastated, if i don’t get through.’ Is it indeed them that really said that or were they told what to say? I can assure you they have been coached on their answers. Why on earth do people think X factor is their last chance anyway? Isn’t singing about expressing yourself, and enjoying it. This can happen whether or not they have a million pound recording contract. These people really do need to assess their priorities. If they were to work hard enough, studying singing and performance, and learning the business, they could make it on

showcases those that are true ‘wannabe’s’ who don’t know how to make it on their own. Why have they not looked for help earlier? Laziness or is it lack of self belief. Earlier this year I sat on a judging panel for Live & Unsigned with several industry professionals including Malcolm McLaren (the manager of and who discovered The Sex Pistols). I found Malcolm fascinating. Admittedly he did not come over as the best judge in the world, but I completely understood his outlook. He believes most music now is what he calls karaoke. By karaoke he means the music has no integrity. I have to agree. What happened to those artists who wrote music because they had something to say? Kate Bush, Bob Dylan, The Smiths, I could go on and on. Those artists who knew about the theory of music, but not to such a level that the soul and heart of the music was missing. You know the artists I am talking about. Where are they now? Does all music nowadays have

This brings me to my initial question? If you are in competing within a competition like this, how do you please the judges? You need to understand what the judges are looking for and their own ideas on music. For example...The annoying twins currently on XFactor and Louis Walsh. Why does Louis like them? Because annoying can sell. Remember the Cheeky Girls and Chico? What some see as annoying can be entertaining someone else. The ‘marmite’ effect. You either love them or hate them. That perspective sells newspapers. In my next column i will offer tips of how to please the judges, yet still be true to yourself. Till next week, Georgina. Feel free to write to me here or e-mail me Or go to my blog for more news, competitions and debate.

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IT’S THE LITTLE THINGS THAT THE BEST OF ORDER MAKE THE DIFFERENCE When I write these editorials I get responses from different sources and they have one thing in common; they all have the interest of our clubs at heart. We recognise that a vibrant healthy clubland can bring all manner of benefits to a community generating trade, employment and being a place of entertainment. If the club is fortunate enough to generate sufficient profit it can pass on the benefits by way of a club trip in the summer and other events like a senior citizens Christmas party etc. Further down the commercial line it provides employment for entertainers and commissions for agents. A healthy club will have football and cricket teams, darts teams, fishing sections and other social pastimes. A good club is a fantastic and valuable organisation and I have written hundreds of words in this column

hopefully encouraging everyone to believe in our clubs and recognise the important role they play in our communities. This weekend I have been in 3 clubs in 3 different towns and each was entirely different to the other. One was a jaded big club seriously in need of decoration, one was a much smaller club however it was bright, clean and well looked after and the other was a relatively new club, in West Yorkshire, with a concert room that would easily hold 500 people. I was particularly struck by the bigger new club. It was in a similar demographic postion to many of our local clubs and by that I mean close to social housing and in a working class district of the town. It was clean, bright, had a top act on a Sunday night and it was full. By 7:15pm there were around 150 people in the concert room and by 8pm

it was full. It remained full until the end of the evening. As a consequence the bingo was well worth winning. I keep on speaking to people who tell me that clubland is a failing concept yet I keep going to full clubs with plenty of money and top entertainment so logic tells us that the negative argument has no legitimacy. There is a single consistent theme in every full, prosperous club I go in and it’s a nice environment. They are bright, clean, well decorated, cool in summer warm in winter and the toilets are also bright and clean with good hand washing and drying facilites. It seems to be that good clubs concentrate on the basics and make the club a pleasant place to be in. This has to be a good starting point. If you want people to come in your club get it sorted.

THE UNACCEPTABLE FACE OF COMEDY I have seen many changes in clubland over many years. Obviously the unwelcome change that directly affects us close to home is the diminishing amount of people going into social clubs and WMCs for their entertainment. There will be many theories as to why this is however having observed the decline the reasons can easily be seen when you visit some clubs as they simply have not adapted to change. On Friday night I was at Smithywood WMC and on the bill was a comedian I had not seen called ‘Joe King’. A great many of the audience were there there for a private party and there were children in the club. When Joe came on stage I was a little uncomfortable with the fact that he asked if it was OK if he used ‘industrial language’ due to the fact that there were ‘kids’ in the club. The language he used throughout his act would have not been out of place for the most adult of audience and no word seemed to be unavailable to him. Now, I am by no means prudish and I have worked with many comedians who use bad language however on this occassion the context and content was sometime startling and uncomfortable even to an adult ear. Thankfully

I suspect it passed over the heads of the children at times however this was not the end of the surprises in store. Our entertainer then dropped his trousers to reveal a large ‘comedy’ rubber penis complete with pubic hair and scrotum using the prop to support a joke a first heard over 30 years ago. In addition to this most of his material was not in the least bit original. He then proceeded to crown his act with Irish jokes, Asian jokes and finally his moment of true disgrace came when he put on a rubber monkey mask and a boxing glove and performed a poor impression using a voice that was, I believe, supposed to be Chris Eubank. This was not only crass and tasteless but quite probably illegal. Did the audience find him funny? At times they did and some of his material was amusing. Did he shock? Most certainly. Was he original? Not at all but probably unique these days. There is no such thing as bad art it’s only a matter of opinion and over the years many comedians have pushed the boundaries of taste and content in the pursuit of their ‘art’. Had we not been liberal in our tastes we would never had seen some wonderfully skilled and talented comedians. Smutty and sexual content has the potential to be very

funny when delivered to an appropriate audience however it has to be said to be dubious when race is used to extract a cheap laugh. Sexual content delivered with the most graphic of language is never acceptable in front of children. Racist language, content and imagery is distasteful, lacking in intelligence and judgement and has no place in our clubs. Personally, despite the fact that the comedian managed some laughs, I despair that any club would find this kind of act suitable or appropriate. I thought we had moved on, I thought we had made progress, I thought we were looking to attract new audiences. Anyone that had never been in a WMC looking in on Friday night would not have thought so. On another and much brighter note the band ‘Big Business’ provided great live music and made the evening with their professionalism and obvious talent. What a great band and I have to compliment the front man and singer Paul David. Paul was for many years one half of the excellent duo Kukuyu and to see him fronting a ‘live’ soul band complete with brass made the journey to Smithywood worthwhile. We need to pursue excellence if we are to fill our clubs. Name Supplied

While visiting clubs people are asked to give the best of order whilst the bingo is been played and in some clubs I’ve even seen it were the bingo as stopped whilst total silence is maintained but when an artiste goes on stage in some cases the talking is as loud as the artiste. So whats it all about? Yes we know bingo is a revenue to a lot of clubs but does it actually make clubs a lot of money once you’ve paid for tickets etc. One club I visited had a ten question quiz in between the artiste going back on stage and they told me they probably made more money than when they played bingo and it wasn’t played in total silence. Some people argue it is bingo what is keeping younger people away from clubs and some times I tend to agree as I went in one club recently and they played at least 6 games of bingo before and in between the artistes and were insisting that people be quiet but people come out to socialise so talking is part of that. Should clubs revert back to artistes doing 3 spots? That way you haven’t got such a big break in between. Who knows, but for me clubs should give the same order to the artistes as they do the bingo as there must nothing more frustrating than having to sing above the audience noise. Well, on our travels this week was Thursday to see Dee Dowling at Wickersley. I’ve written about this band before but at times I feel they don’t get the credit they deserve as these guys are tops amongst club bands . Friday, well I finally got to see Foxy at Albion Road and I wasn’t disappointed. This show is very good with two of the best vocalists in clubland, the light show and presentation was very professional so if you haven’t seen them get along to see them and clubs get them booked for a good evenings entertainment. Yes they are new as a band

but in time I would say are guaranteed club fillers and I believe you can book these guys as solo /duos bands etc and for all occasions through ‘Showtime Entertainments’ who are a small agency with good artistes so give them a look up. On Saturday we went to see Stone Idols at New Lodge in Barnsley but they didn’t turn up so went to plan B and of to Gawber Road a club. I’ve not visited before and I must say I was surprised, a nice smart club which was very busy and we saw Black Pearl who had to keep the sound down due to the neighbours but for me sounded very good on the night. On Sunday we were off to see Leroy Johnson and the Flicks a band we’ve not seen in a while and they were very entertaining doing songs from Elvis to Kaiser Chiefs and it was a busy club.

THANKS FOR THE INFO Dear Mercury, Many, many thanks to you for at last publishing the postcodes for all of the clubs. I used you info last Sunday evening to visit Firth Park Club without my navigator but by using my ‘Sat Nav’ - this is a first for me. What a nice club Firth Park is, and what a stonking band - Guitar Heroes. I told you week’s ago this was a good idea (John did write in a few weeks ago to suggest we print the postcodes). I can now by a regular visitor to clubs of my choice in the ‘BIG CITY’. Regards John Scott (OAP who should know better) Thanks John for you kind words and for the initial idea, we hope more readers will now be able to find their way round to neighbouring venues. Just don’t blame us if your ‘Sat Nav’ leads you to a cliff edge or otherwise.



Open Monday - Saturday We provide guitar & drum lessons We take your old drums for cash We take all major credit cards 1 Smawthorne Lane, Castleford WF10 4EJ

01977 520101




A charity night was held on Tuesday the 30th June in the Woodhouse West End WMC, a night of entertainment from a local duo TCB (taking care of business) a fantastic up and coming young lady to watch out for Naomi Jo only 14 years old with a fantastic voice and compare comedian for the night Craig Anthony. A great night was ad by all. Mr John Thompson along with the club secretary Mrs Lilian Bower did a fantastic job of arranging an evening of fun and entertainment and including

a great buffet for everyone. A fantastic sum of £1,314.30 was raised for Cancer Research UK, again

showing how generous the people of Sheffield are for a worthwhile cause.

Left to Right, Mrs Lilian Bower, Mr John Thompson, Mrs Karen Smith and Mr Arthur Wheatley Cheque presentation to Cancer Research UK Representative Mrs Karen Smith.

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817 30/09/09

Sheffield 50+ - The Voice of Older People Heard Nationally INTERGENERATIONAL CLEANUP WOMEN HAVE THEIR SAY ON Last weekend the Urban Rangers, South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue, Sheffield 50 Plus, Sheffield City Council, Sheffield Wednesday Football Club, Sheffield Homes Wardens and local people are held a joint “Community Litter Pick” in the Stocksbridge area, along with South Yorkshire Police from the local Safer Neighbourhood Team as part of “A Week of Action”. Police Inspector Rob Blake said “The week of action was aimed at promoting Community Safety, tackling Anti Social Behaviour and making a visible difference in communities. We have listened to what people have told us and we will address their concerns by targeted police and

partner activity in the areas they have highlighted” Bradley Berry from the Urban Rangers said “We are really keen to get people working together in local communities and litter picks are a fantastic way of improving intergenerational working and community cohesion “. This event is another good example of close working relationships between Urban Rangers, South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue, South Yorkshire Police, Sheffield 50 plus, Sheffield Wednesday Football Club, Sheffield Homes, Sheffield City Council and local people. It will also be an excellent opportunity to provide crime reduction and fire safety advice to residents and the Business community.

POLICING IN SOUTH YORKSHIRE Women in South Yorkshire are being offered more opportunity to have their say on local policing thanks to a new community consultation questionnaire. South Yorkshire Police Authority and South Yorkshire Police have launched a campaign targeted at women only to get their views on crime prevention in the local community. The questionnaire covers topics including what areas of crime they feel should be dealt with as a priority and how the local police are dealing with crime and anti-social behaviour. Diane Wall, senior policy officer at South Yorkshire Police Authority, said: “It is the Police Authority’s job to make sure that people living or working in South Yorkshire have an

efficient and effective local police force. This is part of a wider consultation plan to communicate with a variety of people from different backgrounds throughout the local community. To download a copy of the questionnaire use the following: www.southyorks. asp?id=2675 The Police and Authority also want to hear from women who would be willing to attend a meeting to discuss any policing, crime or community safety issues in more detail.  For more information please contact Diane Wall from on 01226 772807 or email dwall@  or Deborah Pickering from on 0114 296 4180 or email Deborah.Pickering@southyorks.


SHEFFIELD CITY COUNCIL MAJOR INCIDENT RESPONSE CARE AND SUPPORT – RECEPTION CENTRE EXERCISE When there is an emergency in Sheffield such as the flooding in June 2007, people involved need to be taken to a place of safety. The Major Incident Response Group (MIRG) from Sheffield City Council will provide care and support to the people involved. People who have been evacuated from their homes because of the emergency will be accommodated until they can return home, or be found an alternative. Those who have been involved in an incident but are not injured will be taken to a place of safety and provided with shelter, food and other help. SCC is planning to hold an exercise in October to test these arrangements. We need members of the public, faith groups,

churches, community and amateur dramatic groups, who would like to be involved in the exercise, and would be willing to volunteer to act as people who have been evacuated, or involved in the emergency. Are you available on Wednesday, 28 October, to go to a centre at Meadowhead in Sheffield for 9.30 am – 1.30 pm, noon – 4.00 pm, or 9.30 am – 4.00 pm? Volunteers will be given a brief script of the role to act out; and then use their imagination to develop it! Lunch and refreshments will be provided free of charge. For further information, contact Philip Horton on 0114 2734504; 9.00 am - 4.30 pm, Monday – Friday, or email:

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DOLCE VITA Singles Social and Dinner Club Why Not Enjoy Good Company and Meet New Friends For Free Information Pack Ring Rita Now On

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DO you long for love? Is your world filled with wonderful people; friends, family, colleagues, but there’s still room for that special someone? It isn’t always easy to find them. With the stresses of everyday life, do we really have enough time to socialise and meet new people? And do we have the energy, even if we have the time? Well, there’s one safe way you can be guaranteed to meet a host of likeminded people, and potentially a partner for life. Link Introductions is Yorkshire’s foremost introduction agency and is currently signing up a record number of local singles. Area director, Neil Bramma, thinks he knows why: “Now that summer is over it is the perfect time to start looking after yourself and start a new romance. If you didn’t find a new love on your summer holidays, that doesn’t have to dampen your spirits. And it makes life so much more fun when you can look forward to dating and meeting other single people with help and direction. Creating opportunities “A lot of dating experiences can be very up and down and dangerous,” continued Neil “our aim is to help people find real love and companionship. “It can be difficult trying to meet someone new through work or friends, especially as you get older and your social circle becomes quite narrow. So Link Introductions are determined to take care of all those problems. “Our team of consultants meet everyone personally in their own home to guarantee your safety and then they are hand-matched to potential new partners. “Because we have members throughout Yorkshire we can introduce local people, who are sincere about finding a relationship, to each other.” Link Introductions has had a huge amount of success over the years and many of their clients have found a lasting relationship. Above and beyond The time and effort Link puts in with each client goes above and beyond the normal service of an introduction agency, and they are always on hand with help and advice. To speak to Link Introductions about searching for your perfect partner call 0800 043 1507. Or visit

Community Assembly Meetings

month, at Hatfield Primary school, Hatfield Sheffield 50+ Elder’s 1940s Night House Lane, from 6pm South East 8 October Congress Dancing to the sounds Ecclesfield 2009 at 7pm (Springwaof Glen Miller and other Thursday, 8 October at ter Community Centre, Southey & Owlerton 1.15 pm in the Council big band greats played by the Take 2 Big Band Chamber. All welcome. Springwater Avenue) 6 Oct 2009 in the OxSpeaker Richard Webb, authentic sounds and spring Bank Community PACT (Partners and Executive Director of video provided by our Communities Together) Centre, Oxspring Bank Communities MC Squadron Leader Meetings from 6 to 7pm. Barrington Braveheart. 1940s dress encouraged Volunteering Together Burngreave, Firth High Green & Encouraging younger and bring your dancing Park & Shiregreen Chapeltown and older people to work Burngreave shoes. 7 Oct 2009 in the Ectogether in volunteering First Wednesday of the Wadsley Bridge WMC on Friday, 6 November – Would you like to month, at Sorby House, clesfield Parish Offices, become more involved doors open at 7 pm Spital Hill, from 6pm Mortomley Lane, High in what’s happening in Tickets £5 available Firth Park & Fir Vale Green, from 6 to 7pm. from the venue or credit Sheffield? First Thursday of the Ecclesfield, Parson Are you interested in try- month, at Pakistani card hotline ing out new activities? The Mercury on 0114 advice centre, Page Hall Cross & Grenoside Join us to find out more: road, from 6pm 276 3701. 7 Oct 2009 in Eccles10am – 2pm on 10 Event organised by the Shiregreen and Wincofield Library from 1800 October at Barkers Pool, bank Mercury in support to 1900 First Tuesday of the Sheffield of Sheffield 50+

CORRESPONDENCE Send comments and letters, or relevant articles either for the Mercury page or the next Newsletter to:

Sheffield 50+, Room LG27, The Town Hall, Sheffield, S1 2HH Tel: 2735426 sheffield50plus@yahoo. www.sheffield50plus.

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Saturday 3rd October 2009 BBC ONE 7:30 Breakfast 10:00 Saturday Kitchen Live 11:30 The Hairy Bakers 12:00 BBC News 12:15 Football Focus 1:00 Formula 1: The Japanese Grand Prix 2:15 Snooker: Grand Prix 4:30 Final Score 5:25 BBC News 5:35 Regional News/Weather 5:45 Hole in the Wall 6:15 Merlin - The Nightmare Begins. Colin Salmon, Colin Morgan, Anthony Head, Richard Wilson, John Hurt, Bradley James. Dir: Jeremy Webb. When Morgana’s nightmares spill into waking hours, she becomes terrified that she has magic. Gaius is determined to keep her in the dark for her own good but Merlin won’t stand by and watch his friend suffer. He knows exactly what she’s going through and he knows she needs the truth. Is Merlin about to reveal his secret at last? 7:00 Strictly Come Dancing 9:15 The National Lottery Draw 9:25 Casualty. - Ruth and Jay go from strength to strength but a shock for Ruth turns her world upside down. Jordan’s convinced he’s lost his mind - only Zoe holds the key. The F2s are disillusioned by Adam and vow to go it alone 10:15 BBC News 10:30 Match of the Day - Gary Lineker presents highlights from five Premier League games. Champions Manchester United host Sunderland, looking for a fifth consecutive victory against the Black Cats, while Spurs are at Bolton. Wolverhampton Wanderers host Portsmouth at Molineux in a fixture with a recent history of draws, Wigan Athletic travel to Hull City’s KC Stadium where they won 5-0 last season, and the day’s other game sees Burnley and Birmingham, two of the sides promoted from the Championship 1:30 The Football League Show

BBC TWO 6:00 Me Too! 6:20 Big Cook Little Cook 6:40 Bits and Bobs 7:00 Dennis & Gnasher 7:15 Dennis & Gnasher 7:25 Sportsround 7:40 What’s New Scooby Doo? 8:00 Gimme a Break 8:30 TMi 10:00 My Almost Famous Family 10:30 Ed and Oucho’s Excellent Inventions 11:00 The Story of Tracy Beaker 11:30 Animals at Work 12:00 The Cut 12:25 Off the Hook 12:55 The 5:19 Show 1:10 Chart Jackers. 1:15 Kyle XY 2:00 Revealed 2:15 Animal Park 2:45 FILM: The First Great Train Robbery 4:30 Sacred Music 5:30 Flog It! 6:15 Autumnwatch 7:15 Autumnwatch Unsprung 7:45 Dad’s Army 8:15 Three Lives of Gandhi 9:15 Monty Python: Almost The Truth 10:15 FILM: And Now for Something Completely Different - The first film version of classic sketches and memorable moments from the Monty Python gang’s long-running television series, including Dead Parrot, The World’s Deadliest Joke and the famous Lumberjack Song. Starring Graham Chapman, John Cleese, Eric Idle, Terry Gilliam, Michael Palin, Terry Jones. Dir: Ian McNaughton 11:40 Movie Connections - Holy Grail With Ashley Jensen. Documentary series about the development of some of Britain’s biggest movies. In 1974, the Monty Python team, buoyed by the success of their television series, decided to try their hand at making a feature film. The result, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, has become a cult classic and has even inspired a West End musical. 12:20 Shooting Stars


8:10 Match of the Day 9:00 The Andrew Marr Show 10:00 The Big Questions 11:00 Country Tracks 12:00 The Politics Show 1:00 EastEnders 2:00 Formula 1: The Japanese Grand Prix 4:15 EastEnders 5:15 Songs of Praise 5:50 BBC News 6:05 Regional News 6:15 Land Girls 7:00 Countryfile 8:00 Antiques Roadshow 9:00 Emma - Four-part adaptation of the Jane Austen classic by BAFTA award-winning writer Sandy Welch. Rich, independent and kind-spirited, Emma Woodhouse delights in matchmaking those around her. Once she has married off her close companions, she alights upon the pretty Harriet Smith to fashion into her new playmate and ally. Against the warnings of family friend Mr Knightley, Emma persuades Harriet that she is too good for her suitor, the farmer Robert Martin, and encourages her to set her sights higher 10:00 BBC News 10:20 Michael McIntyre’s Comedy Roadshow - Edinburgh. Michael McIntyre visits some of the UK’s most prestigious and iconic stand-up comedy venues, unearthing a raft of comedy’s brightest new talent and finest comedians en route. Rhod Gilbert headlines at the Edinburgh Playhouse, with cutting-edge stand-up from Kevin Bridges, Stewart Francis and Mark Watson 11:05 Friday Night with Streisand and Ross 12:05 The Sky at Night 12:25 Weatherview

BBC TWO 6:00 Me Too! 6:20 Big Cook Little Cook 6:40 Bits and Bobs 7:00 Uncle Max 7:15 OOglies 7:30 Prank Patrol 8:00 Da Dick and Dom Dairies 8:30 M.I. High 9:00 Undercover Dads 10:00 Something for the Weekend 11:30 Animal Park 12:30 MotoGP 2009: Round 14 - Estoril 2:00 Racing from Longchamp 3:50 Snooker: Grand Prix 5:30 Rugby League: Super League Play-offs 6:35 Meerkat Manor 7:00 Top Gear - Motoring magazine. The presenters compete in an epic race across London: Jeremy in a speed boat, James in a car, Richard on his push bike and the Stig on public transport. Richard races the new Aston Martin V8 Vantage convertible against a jet powered roller skater and Jeremy track tests the incredibly fast Caparo T1 road racer. The star in a reasonably priced car is Simon Cowell. 8:00 Last Chance to See 9:00 Charley Boorman: Sydney to Tokyo By Any Means - Charley Boorman embarks on his second series of By Any Means, this time starting his adventure in Sydney and travelling to Tokyo. The first episode sees Charley leaving Sydney with a huge biker convoy in tow as he travels up the east coast of Australia. He travels in a replica spitfire, tries his hand at cattle mustering on horseback, and even gets bitten by a snake 10:00 Match of the Day 2 11:10 Never Mind the Buzzcocks - The anarchic, award-winning pop quiz returns with new team captain Noel Fielding opposite regular Phill Jupitus and guest host James Corden. Guest panellists include Tom Clarke, Ben Miller and Paloma Faith. 11:40 Monty Python: Almost The Truth - The BBC Lawyers Cut 12:40 Snooker: Grand Prix Highlights


6.00 The Fluffy Club 7.25 Toonattik 9.25 Horrid Henry 9.40 Scratch ‘n’ Sniff’s Den of Doom 10.10 Tricky Quickies 10.15 FILM: Help! I’m a Fish 11.45 The Crocodile Hunter Diaries 12.15 ITV News/Weather 12.20 FILM: Agatha Christie’s A Caribbean Mystery 2.05 The X Factor 3.35 FILM: Wild Wild West 5.30 Calendar News/Weather 5.45 ITV News/Weather 6.00 Britain Does the Funniest Things 7.00 The Cube 8.00 The X Factor - The X Factor goes global, as the 24 remaining acts jet off around the world to the judges’ houses. Simon is at his home in Los Angeles, while Cheryl is in Marrakech, Louis is in Italy and Dannii is in Dubai. The judges are joined by Kylie Minogue, Will Young, Ronan Keating and Sinitta, who will be helping them make the tough decisions needed to whittle down the contestants to the final 12. Host Dermot O’Leary is on hand to support the singers as they face their biggest performance so far 9.30 FILM: You, Me and Dupree - Owen Wilson, Matt Dillon, Kate Hudson. Chaotic comedy. Newlyweds Carl and Molly are settling in to enjoy their lives together when their marital bliss is shattered by the arrival of Carl’s freewheeling best friend Dupree. Dupree lost his job and his home for attending their wedding, and Carl agrees to let him stay in their house until he gets back on his feet. But neither Carl nor Molly expect the trail of havoc that follows in Dupree’s wake 11.35 ITV News/Weather 11.50 FILM: The Jerk

Sunday 4th October 2009 BBC ONE

Birthdays: Gwen Stefani (40) - Jimmy Saville (83) - Tommy Lee (47) - Fred Couples (50) - Clive Owen (45) On this Day: East & West Germany officially reunified (1990) - O.J. Simpson found not guilty of murdering ex-wife (1995)

6:05 Sali Mali 6:10 The Hoobs 6:35 The Hoobs 7:00 Gillette World Sport 7:30 Avon Tyres British Gt Championship 8:00 The Morning Line 8:55 Friends 9:30 Rimmel London Presents The World’s Greatest Pop Star: Eminem 10:30 Friends: 11:00 Mika 11:10 P. Diddy’s Starmaker 12:05 Scrubs 12:40 4music Favourites: Shakira 1:10 Scrubs 1:45 Channel 4 Racing Newmarket, Redcar And Epsom Downs 4:00 The Tv Show 4:30 Come Dine With Me 5:00 Come Dine With Me 5:30 Come Dine With Me 6:00 Come Dine With Me 6:35 Channel 4 News/Weather 7:05 Film: The Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King - Peter Jackson’s MultiOscar-Winning Epic Fantasy Trilogy, Based On J.R.R. Tolkien’s Books, Reaches Its Conclusion. Frodo (Elijah Wood) The Ring-Bearer And His Faithful Companion Sam (Sean Astin) Are Within Sight Of Mordor, Guided By Gollum (Andy Serkis). Gollum Was Once A Hobbit But Now, Because He Took Possession Of The Ring Aeons Ago, He Is A Twisted, Duplicitous Creature With Plans To Regain It. Meanwhile, The Remainder Of The Fellowship, Led By Gandalf (Sir Ian Mckellen) And AragorN (Viggo Mortensen), Must Defend The Last Stronghold Of Man, Minas Tirith, Against Sauron’s Might. And Then, To Buy Frodo And Sam Time, They Must March To The Very Gates Of Mordor To Distract Sauron’s Gaze From The Ring-Bearer As He Gets Ever Closer To Mount Doom, Into Whose Fiery Depths The Ring Must Be Cast 10:50 Ricky Gervais: Politics 12:30 4music: 4play: Zero 7

FIVE 6.00 Sunrise 7.00 Angels of Jarm 7.05 Milkshake! Bop Box 7.10 Elmo’s World 7.30 The Milkshake! Show 7.55 Noddy in Toyland 8.10 The Adventures of Bottle Top Bill and His Best Friend Corky 8.30 Rupert Bear 8.45 Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs 8.55 Olivia 9.10 Little Princess 9.25 The Milky and Shake Show 9.30 The Mr. Men Show 9.45 Mist: Sheepdog Tales 10.00 NFL UK 11.00 Everybody Hates Chris 11.25 Fifth Gear 11.30 The Gadget Show 12.30 Megastructures: Built from Disaster 1.30 Film: Madron 3.20 Film: Hanover Street 5.20 Five News 5.30 Film: Rooster Cogburn - Western sequel to the Oscar-winning True Grit which finds the trigger-happy Rooster trying to win back his law badge by hunting a gang of bandits and a stolen shipment of explosives. His job is not made any easier by the daughter of one of the gang’s victims, who insists on coming along for the ride 7.20 NCIS 8.20 NCIS 9.15 CSI: NY - New York-based spin-off of the crime drama series. Danny and Lindsay investigate the death of a vodka spokeswoman dressed as an ice queen who was murdered with her sceptre at a promotional event. Mac and Stella take to the streets where they find a marathon runner murdered on the track by what appears to be carbon monoxide 10.15 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation - Drama series about a team of forensic investigators in Las Vegas. The murder trial of a prominent congressman is interrupted by a violent suicide. The CSIs have until the following morning to re-examine the new evidence 11.15 Law and Order: SVU

TV Highlights

Monty Python - Almost the Truth BBC Two - 9:15pm The BBC Lawyers Cut To commemorate the “Ruby Jubilee” of Monty Python this week (first week in October), this film takes us on a journey telling the story of the Pythons from start to finish

Ricky Gervais - Politics Live Channel 4 - 10:50pm Multiple-Award-Winning Comedian Ricky Gervais Delivers His Politics Live Show. This Specially Edited Film For Channel 4 Shows The Entire PerformaNce Of Politics On The Sell-Out Uk Tour

Birthdays: Charlton Heston (85) - Susan Sarandon (63) - Anneka Rice (51) - Alicia Silverstone (33) On this Day: World’s first satellite, Sputnik, was launched (1957) - Richard Noble set a new land speed record of 663.5mph (1983)

ITV 1 6:00 The Fluffy Club 7.25 Toonattik 9.25 Paz 9.35 Captain Mack 9.50 Emu 10.05 Tricky Quickies 10.10 Coronation Street Omnibus 12.25 ITV News/Weather 12.30 Columbo: Etude in Black 2.30 The X Factor 4.00 FILM: You Only Live Twice 6.15 Calendar News/Weather 6.30 ITV News/ Weather 6.45 You’ve Been Framed! 7.15 All Star Family Fortunes 8.00 The X Factor 9.00 Doc Martin. Perish Together As Fools Gentle comedy drama. PC Penhale is delighted when his beloved older brother Sam comes to visit. When Sam offers to re-paint the surgery, Martin observes him and concludes that he may have a rare genetic disease. But a blood test discloses something unexpected which could alter the brothers’ bond forever. Meanwhile, Al acts on some relationship advice from Bert but things go from bad to worse with Pauline. And Louisa reveals some embarrassing personal information about Martin to Edith. With Martin Clunes, Caroline Catz, Lia Williams, John Marquez, Martin Marquez, Joe Absolom. 10.00 ITV News/Weather 10.15 Alison Jackson on Andy Warhol: The South Bank Show 11.15 Crossing Jordan 12.10 Guinness Premiership Rugby

CHANNEL 4 6:00 The Hoobs 6:25 Avp Pro Beach Volleyball Tour 7:20 Ironman Uk 8:15 The Mccain Track And Field Show 8:45 Friends 9:15 Hollyoaks Omnibus 11:45 90210 12:45 Rimmel London Presents The World’s Greatest Pop Star: Justin Timberlake 1:50 Ugly Betty: Kissed Off 2:45 Ugly Betty 3:45 The Simpsons 4:15 The Simpsons 4:45 Deal Or No Deal 5:35 Scrapheap Challenge 6:30 Channel 4 News/Weather 7:00 The Genius Of Charles Darwin 8:00 Come Dine With Me 9:00 Kevin Mccloud’s Grand Tour - Kevin Mccloud Continues His Journey Across Europe Exploring The Lasting Legacy Of The Grand Tour On Britain. In This Film, Kevin Follows In The Footsteps Of Robert Adam, The Most Influential Neoclassical Architect Of The 18th Century. The Journey Starts In Rome Where Kevin Focuses On The Buildings Of Ancient Rome, Including The Forum, Hadrian’s Villa And The Colosseum. Here, Amidst The Ruins, Grand Tourists Would Study By Day, And Then At Night Have Sex With The Multitude Of Prostitutes Who Were Actually Licensed By The Pope. Kevin Continues On To Naples, Where In The Manner Of Grand Tourists He Climbs To The Top Of Vesuvius, Before Exploring The City’s Most Famous Legacy: The Archaeological Sites Of Pompeii And Herculaneum. Prod: Hugo Macgregor 10:00 Film: The 51st State 11:45 My Name Is Earl - Catalina Helps Earl Atone For Number 75 On His List: “Used The Mailbox As A Trashcan”. Clearing Out The Mailbox, They Find Two Undelivered Letters: One That Reveals Secrets Of Darnell’s Mysterious Past To A Shocked Joy, And A Love Letter That Never Reached Its Intended Recipient, Leading To Humiliation For The Sender

FIVE 6.00 Sunrise 7.00 Angels of Jarm 7.05 Milk-

TV Highlights

shake! Bop Box 7.10 Elmo’s World 7.25 Bert and Ernie’s Great Adventures 7.35 The Milkshake! Show 7.55 Noddy in Toyland 8.15 The Adventures of Bottle Top Bill and His Best Friend Corky 8.30 Rupert Bear 8.45 Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs 9.00 Olivia 9.10 Little Princess 9.30 The Mr. Men Show 9.45 Mist: Sheepdog Tales 10.00 Snobs 10.30 Wizards of Waverly Place 11.00 Hannah Montana 11.35 The Tribe 12.05 Zoo Days 12.15 Farmer Wants a Wife 1.15 Brighton Beach Patrol 2.20 Film: Murder at the Gallop 3.55 Film: Fly Away Home 6.00 Five News 6.05 Film: Mike’s New Car - John

Monsters Inc. five - 6:15pm

Animated comedy from the creators of ‘Toy Story’ and ‘Finding Nemo’. Sulley the ogre and Mike, his lime green, one-eyed friend, work for Monsters Inc - a screamprocessing factory that converts children’s fear into energy.

Goodman, Billy Crystal. Short animated film starring Mike and Sulley, the friendly ogres from ‘Monsters Inc’. Mike has bought a new car, but has yet to master the controls 6.15 Film: Monsters, Inc 8.05 Man-Eating Leopards: Austin Stevens Adventures - Wildlife documentary series with photographer Austin Stevens. Austin heads to South Africa for a close encounter with the most elusive big cat on the continent - the leopard. The ultimate goal of his mission is to photograph a mother and cub together 9.00 Film: xXx2: The Next Level 10.55 FlashForward 12.00 UFC 103: Main Event - Action from a top Ultimate Fighting Championship bout

xXx 2 - The Next Level five 9pm Action movie sequel. An internal military threat to overthrow the government leads US intelligence to recruit a dangerous renegade from the ghetto to be the new secret agent XXX

7 Day Soapwatch

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Eastenders Mon: Syed has the opportunity to come clean, but will he take it? Stacey’s condition worsens, while Max sinks deeper into his pit of deception. And Roxy stops worrying about Ronnie - but is that a mistake? Tues: Stacey’s paranoia reaches crisis levels, while Ronnie has some shocking news for Peggy. Meanwhile, Syed’s lie threatens to tear the Masoods apart, and Sam and Ricky make an unfortunate fashion choice Thurs: Stacey’s condition forces Jean to make an awful decision. Meanwhile, Max struggles to keep his head above water, and Sam faces an embarrassing reality Fri: Stacey falls apart and noone can pick up the pieces Emmerdale Mon: Laurel is frustrated when it is clear that Sally is not going anywhere. Diane is furious when Marlon goes too far with Moira. Cain is not happy to find that he and Debbie have a new lodger Tues: Charity is forced to make a major decision when the hostility with Cain reaches breaking point. Paddy is anxious about how Aaron will react to Chas and Carl’s return. Marlon takes action when he is made a pariah for forcing Moira to resign Wed:Debbie is forced to choose between her parents, and is devastated by the consequences. Laurel is wary that Sally has no intention of leaving the vicarage. Chas and Carl make an unwelcome return from Italy

Thurs:Adam is horrified when Aaron reveals that he sabotaged the brakes in Carl’s car. Leyla is impressed when she sees a softer side to Nathan. Cracks start to show in Nikhil and Jai’s relationship Fri:Tensions boil over when Chas confronts Aaron about his actions. Mark tries to convince Natasha that he does not care about Faye. Terry is frustrated that Pollard is not pulling his weight at the bed and breakfast

Coronation Street Mon: Kevin has an intriguing proposition for Molly. John has a request for the entire street. Ashley’s frustration finally breaks him. Will Sally be able to stop John from returning to the Street? Molly and Kevin get a taste of what life could be like. Peter is angry when Leanne lets him down Thurs: Kevin and Molly’s trip takes an unexpected twist. Peter’s paranoia causes a rift with Leanne. Darryl sends Teresa packing Fri: eter shocks Leanne by announcing the biggest challenge of their lives. Will Sally and Sophie uncover Kevin’s lies? Norris is struggling to cope with his new assistant. Ken attacks Leanne over Peter’s plan. Sally demands the truth from Kevin. Tony is shocked when he realises the date of Liam’s christening Neighbours Mon: Declan turns to Paul for help in suing Steph. Ringo dreams of a career as a paramedic. Zeke is indecisive about his future

Tues: Declan alienates his friends in his quest for revenge. Steph is rattled by the lawsuit. Ringo rides along with an ambulance crew Wed: Dan learns a shocking truth about the car crash. Paul withdraws his support of the lawsuit. Will Declan sell Bridget’s ring? Thurs: Dan reveals the truth of the car accident to Lucas, who considers going on the run. Does Callum have a crush on Kate? Fri: Can Steph forgive Lucas? Something is missing in Callum’s life. Donna considers looking for her biological father Home and Away Mon: Ruby and Geoff arrive home. Ross makes a decision about his future. Nicole’s attraction to Sid increases Tues: Nicole’s feelings for Sid intensify. Ruby attempts to contact her father. Aden gets a new housemate Wed: icole gets the wrong idea about Sid. Xavier’s jealousy over Geoff increases. Brendan has a party. Angelo reveals his real target in Summer Bay Thurs: Gina receives a visit from a mystery man. Angelo’s attempt to trap Hugo ends in disaster. What is Kirsty’s secret? Fri: Can Steph forgive Lucas? Something is missing in Callum’s life. Donna considers looking for her biological father

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