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Digital recruitment bringstransparency and control

Recruitment is a hot topic. Logistics has been struggling for talent for a long time and companies are hungry for people who can bring value.

Additionally, the industry needs more drivers, but the job is not only seen as too demanding, but also unfashionable.


Could digital recruitment platforms bring more people to the sector and improve control and transparency?

‘Traditional recruitment agencies have operated the same way for decades with hugely inefficient operational procedures, paper processes and high levels of duplication,’ says Simon Crick, CEO at Connected2, a digital recruitment platform.

He believes the model provides little to no transparency or control on which candidate is supplied to complete the work. For some digital platforms are seen as far more efficient, provide transparency and can easily be controlled by the hirer directly. This helps companies to form stronger working relationships with their flexible workforce so they are more willing to work when they are needed.

Catching up According to Crick the logistics sector has some catching up to do in terms of recruitment digitisation. He says the recruitment and engagement side of the market would be run on spreadsheets, with driver allocation being largely controlled by a recruitment agency intermediary.

Connected2 ran a case study where the client was able to save 2p per mile just by allocating the drivers to shifts themselves. Drivers shortage ‘Many people with a HGV driving licence choose not to use it, as they find the process of recruitment not flexible enough,’ thinks Crick.

Planners are able to upload their contract driver requirements in a few simple clicks using templates. The platform uses algorithms to smartly match the appropriately qualified drivers to these shifts.

The drivers can review all the shifts they have been matched with, applying for the ones that suit them. Timesheets are automated within the platform and invoices are generated automatically. The drivers are also able to track all the money they have made throughout the week.

Covid effect Because of the coronavirus Crick says demand for contractors has dropped significantly. There are many companies stranding trucks and furloughing drivers. Work is therefore prioritised towards the employees.

The company has seen a rise in clients in recent months, despite Covid-19. ‘As soon as contractor volumes start to return to the market we are expecting to see more widespread adoption of our platform,’ he finishes.