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Empowering Widows Through Microfinance

Ms. Elizabeth Yost April 24, 2010

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What is Microfinance?     

Business Training- Differentiate, Accounting Loan- Fee, Operationally Sustainable Launch Business Loan Expand Business- Add Products, Hire Others

Packing Nuts

YGRO-HEED Results 

   

Number of Active Clients- 780 429 Women Average Loan Size- $261= Rs 29,085 Loan Repayment Rate- 89% Number of Loans since Inception- 3071 Amount of Loans since Inception- $705,668 Rs 78,710,200

Empowering Widows in Jaffna 

Purpose: Reaching widows through the special loan product in order to empower them in society.

Loan Value Period of Repayment Service fee Targeted area

  

 

: Rs.25,000 (Max) : 12 months : 10% (Flat per year) : Uduvil and Kopay Area

Repayment Type: Office once a month Repayment Rate: 78% (as of 10/31/09)

Widow Arul Rathy’s Background   

  

Arul Rathy’s family displaced from Palai Lost her husband in 2000 Looked after her four children through tailoring business 2007 kidney problems, advised not to sew Depressed at that time Most people reluctant to help

Rathy Rajendram ď Ź

Growth of Poultry Business Loan Cycle


Net Income



Rs 8,000



Rs 20,00025,000

Widows program in Jaffna 

Purpose: Reaching widows through the special loan product in order to empower them in society.

Arul Rathy- Rajendram Ref. No: J/ 09/Chu/R2/G6/ 27

   

NAME Juvendran Kubendran Rajendini Rajendran

AGE 19 18 15 11

OCCUPATION Student Student Student Student

The Reasons For Her Success 

1) Partnership with Local NGOs

2) Her entrepreneurship skills     

Very responsible and a keen worker Efficient client Maintains good records Socially minded Determined to bring her children to a higher level of education.

Thanks 

 

Staff Worker Uthayakumar whom God used to assist such people Coordinator of the program J. Ramanan YGRO Ltd. (Central Office) 14A, Costa Mawatha, Off Kadawatha Road, Kalubowila, Sri Lanka

Elizabeth Yost Presentation Microcredit Sri Lanka Boston 2010  

7th Annual IMHO Convention PowerPoint Presentation by Elizabeth Yost PEER Servants Boston 2010 Microcredit for Women

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