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What's the best way to diet? If you ask this to different people, chances are you'll get different answers. People have different ideas as to the best way to diet out there. For instance, a young man might tell you that the best way to diet is through lots of exercise and strength training, while a young woman might tell you it's through mild exercise and watching what you eat. Suggestions as to the best way to diet varies widely, but if you ask enough people, you'll notice that all dieters share a certain common ground - they all agree that the best diet should be fun. It should allow them to lose a reasonable amount of weight without having to give up an unreasonable amount of happiness in life. Well, there's great news for dieters everywhere - diets can be fun and effective at the same time. The following examples aren't set in stone, by the way - if you find your own way to make your diet fun while you keep losing weight, then by all means, do so. When it comes to the best way to diet, it's really to each his own.   When switching to lower-calorie food alternatives, you don't have to go all the way down. Many people mistakenly think that crash dieting, or drastically reducing their caloric intake over a short period, is the best way to diet. They think that after they reach their target weight, they immediately go back to the way they used to eat.   Some people crash-diet by switching their usual burger-and-fries with a cold salad. Is it any wonder why crash diets aren't the best diets out there? Nobody can survive with such a big switch, done so suddenly, for very long. It doesn't have to be that way! Switch soda with fruit juice instead of water, and you'll still save at least 50 calories per drink. Take a twinkie in place of a candy bar, and you'll save 80. A submarine sandwich for a pizza serving, 160. While these alternatives aren't as effective weight reducers than veggie sticks, they're definitely tastier, and they'll help you stick to your diet easier.   When exercising, you don't have to do what everyone else is doing.   The best way to diet always involves a good amount of regular, rigorous exercise, but it doesn't mean that you'll need to sweat through routines that you don't find the least bit fun. When you choose the kind of exercise you'll be doing, make sure that it's something you enjoy. For some people, it's weight training. For others, it's dancing. For others, it's long-distance running. Whatever it is, make sure it's something you look forward to doing. Remember: The best ways to diet are meant to be fun.   Don't go through your diet alone.  

If you diet and exercise with a few friends, you'll tend to do more and go the extra mile. A lot of people agree that doing things in a happy group is the best way to diet! With friends, you can monitor each other's progress and motivate each other to do even better on your next workout. In addition, since you're entitled to treat yourself after a hard week's work, it's always more fun to celebrate with the people you soldiered on with.   There are many other great ways to diet out there - all you need to do is to look for those that suit your schedule, personality, and lifestyle. You don't have to follow the latest trends in dieting to get into shape - if it's not something you're willing to do the rest of your life, why do it at all?

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