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MAY 2021

Congresswoman Carrie P. Meek

A History of Strong Effective Leadership

Thank God For Mothers: Sandy Walker, Publisher

Father today I thank You for the awesome Blessing of Mothers. Although You are always with us, in Your infinite kindness You blessed us with someone special to take this journey through life with. Through ups and downs, twists and turns, joy and pain... moms are there. Father, You are such an awesome and amazing God. Lord I thank you for the long life You bestowed upon my mother. I thank You for her presence and for her love well into the sixth decade of my life. Father I do not take this blessing for granted. As much as I miss my mother I am comforted by Your grace. You are such an awesome God. Father, I render a special prayer for mothers who have had to experience the unthinkable task of burying their children. Please touch and comfort them today and everyday. I pray for young mothers who are trying to figure out motherhood while just starting to figure out life. I pray Father for mothers who can barely put food on the table but strive to keep their children safe and encouraged. I pray for mothers who spend sleepless nights worrying about their children. I pray for mothers who depend on You Lord to make a way out of no way. Continue to bless and lift them up. Thank You Lord, and thanks to mothers for the joy and love they bring to the lives of their children!

Publisher’s Prayer PUBLISHER Sandy Walker



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1/13/21 6:21 PM

CHI VACCINATES UNDERSERVED, HARD TO REACH POPULATION THROUGH STRATEGIC OUTREACH Community Health of South Florida Inc. (CHI) remains at the forefront of the pandemic. As the first organization to offer drive-through COVID-19 testing in Miami-Dade and Monroe Counties, CHI is proud to also offer COVID-19 vaccination services. The non-profit health care company has vaccinated more than 6,300 people in Miami-Dade and Monroe Counties. What is unique about CHI’s approach is two-fold. First, CHI has been reaching out to underserved patients and community members with no health insurance and few resources. Secondly, the federally qualified health center has utilized its outreach team and mobile medical van to go into public housing complexes, community parks, and even homeless encampments to vaccinate those who need it. “We have always believed that healthcare should be accessible to everyone, regardless of income, race or class,” said Col. Brodes H. Hartley, CHI’s CEO. “Our vaccination efforts have worked to ensure the most vulnerable populations are reached along with everyone else. It’s what we do. We have been putting patient care first for 50 years.” Minorities have been disproportionately impacted by COVID-19 and CHI has pushed to ensure those populations do not get left behind. Among those vaccinated by CHI, 46 percent were Hispanic, and 25 percent were Black.

CHI continues to offer the COVID-19 vaccine for free to anyone. To make a vaccination appointment go to www. chisouthfl.org or call (786) 272-2100. About Community Health of South Florida, Inc. CHI celebrates its 50-year anniversary in 2021 with a legacy of excellence in healthcare. Since 1971, CHI has been a beacon of hope providing access to high-quality healthcare for all regardless of insurance status, income level or background. The non-profit federally qualified health center offers comprehensive healthcare services including primary care, pediatrics, OB/GYN, dental, urgent care, behavioral health, vision, radiology, pharmacy, transportation and more. CHI has 11 health centers and 35 school-based sites. CHI is a recipient of the Florida Governor’s Sterling Award. It is accredited by the Joint Commission and is also designated as a patient centered medical home by the National Committee for Quality Assurance. CHI is also designated as a behavioral health medical home. In addition, CHI is home to the Brodes H. Hartley Jr., Teaching Health Center, training the next generation of doctors in family medicine and psychiatry. CHI is currently building the first Children’s Crisis Center in southern Miami-Dade County. It will service kids with severe behavioral health problems from Monroe and Miami-Dade Counties.

Congresswoman Carrie P. Meek

A History of Strong Effective Leadership Some individuals have the ability to accomplish great things in such a tenacious way that they make the difficult seem somewhat easy. They are so good at what they do that the depth of achievement is often taken for granted. Congresswoman Carrie P. Meek has always displayed that kind of tenacity. The circumstances of her birth foreshadowed the determined and focused life she would lead. When Carrie was born, her mother did not realize she was carrying twins. After the delivery of a big baby boy, out popped this tiny little girl who was so small they nicknamed her Tot, as in Tiny Tot. Carrie entered this world with a fighting spirit that would serve her well. Born in Tallahassee, FL, Congresswoman Carrie Pittman Meek grew up in the Jim Crow South. She was no stranger to the inequities in life. Her determined spirit was displayed in all of her endeavors. She earned a B.A. in biology and physical education from Florida A&M University, where she was both an exceptional student and a star athlete. Meek earned her master’s degree in public health and physical education from the University of Michigan, and completed all of the course work for her doctorate. She coached women’s

basketball at Bethune-Cookman College, taught biological sciences and physical education there and at Florida A&M University, and later served as Special Assistant to the Vice President of Miami-Dade Community College. Meek was elected to the Florida House of Representatives after the tragic automobile accident and untimely passing of Representative Gwen Sawyer Cherry. She was later elected to the Florida Senate, where she chaired the Education Appropriations Subcommittee and established herself as a skilled debater and one of the state legislature’s most effective members. When Carrie spoke, people listened. She was subsequently elected to the United States Congress. As a new member of Congress, Carrie Meek introduced legislation that was passed by Congress and signed into law by the President – to provide retirement security for household workers such as gardeners, nannies, and cleaning personnel. Her amendment to the 1998 funding bill for the Department of Housing and Urban Development added $195 million to the Section 202 elderly housing program. Congresswoman Meek was always a strong advocate for

Commissioner Barbara Jordan with Congresswoman Meek and Foundation President, Lucia Davis-Raiford senior citizens, displaying unyielding passion in her advocacy for them. Meek sponsored an amendment to extend Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits to aged, blind or handicapped legal aliens. She led efforts to use scientific sampling techniques to issue accurate population counts in the 2000 Census – a matter of particular importance to ensure fair representation to often-undercounted minority communities. Throughout her career, Meek directed the power of government to help thousands of people with individual problems they experienced. Her constituents and others respected and admired her as a problem solver and as a no-nonsense person who got the job done. She embraced her role as someone who would have a direct impact on the lives of people. As an elected official Carrie Meek mastered the ability to strategically work across party lines to get her legislation passed. Meek was highly regarded by her fellow Democrat and Republican colleagues. She was keenly versed in political gamesmanship with a clear understanding of ultimate loyalties and priorities. Her straightforward attitude was displayed when she sought the support of the Speaker of The House on an important issue by reminding him that the last Republican that had done anything for her was Abraham Lincoln. He repeated that admonition at her retirement celebration. As a public servant, Congresswoman Meek never lost touch with the people she served, and never lost their love and respect. She was succeeded in office by her son, Congressman Kendrick Meek, who served with much of his mother’s passion for public service.

and community development. It is the legacy in action of one of the most visionary and productive public servants in U.S. history. Throughout her educational career and her distinguished tenure in state and federal office, Meek has faithfully advocated equity and opportunity for poor and deprived people. Committed to taking bold, transformative steps, she worked tirelessly to improve the quality of life and create opportunities for all, especially the young, minorities, and the disadvantaged. The Carrie Meek Foundation is a private foundation whose mission is to help improve the lives of individuals in the areas of Education, Housing, Health, and Economic Development in Miami-Dade County and the larger Florida community by building partnerships that: create educational opportunity; facilitate housing development; provide access to information pertaining to healthcare; and foster and promote economic development programs, projects and initiatives, including workforce training and development. Congresswoman Meek’s daughter, Lucia Davis-Raiford, an accomplished administrator and former Miami-Dade County Director of Community Action and Human Services, guides the foundation as President and CEO. Congresswoman Carrie P. Meek has had successful careers and has made a huge impact as both an educator and as an elected public official. In her retirement she is still revered and appreciated for her sacrifice and contributions to improving the lives of those she served.

On April 29, 2021 our beloved Congresswoman Carrie As is most fitting, The Carrie Meek Foundation was cre- P. Meek celebrated her 95th birthday! We thank God for ated in her honor and as a testament to her legacy. The blessing her, protecting her and for sharing her with a comfoundation is guided and inspired by the goals and accom- munity that loves her dearly. plishments of its namesake. Established in 2001 following the Congresswoman’s retirement, the foundation maintains her work through grant-making, civic engagement,

Leading. At Jackson, your health is our priority all year long. April is National Minority Health Month, but in our health system your wellbeing is a priority 365 days a year. That’s why we’ve been out there since the beginning of this pandemic, urging everyone to wear masks, avoid crowds and save lives. And that’s why we’ll be out there through April and beyond, vaccinating our community and keeping you informed of the facts around vaccination. We’ve seen, firsthand, how this terrible virus has singled out some in our community: people with diabetes, high blood pressure, minorities. We’ve responded with additional outreach deeper in our community, partnering with churches and non-profit groups to get seniors and high-risk individuals vaccinated. Together, we shall overcome. A healthier, happier future is on the horizon.

Visit JacksonHealth.org for a specialist or for more information on COVID-19.

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Caribbean Museum Set for Star-Studded Global Launch

Leaders in entertainment, sports, politics, religion join forces to share the Caribbean story in support of Island SPACE Caribbean Museum.

South Florida media personality Neki Mohan will host the inaugural Magic at the Museum event at Island SPACE Caribbean Museum | Photo courtesy of Island SPACE

On June 6, 2021, Island SPACE Caribbean Museum will host its inaugural celebration and fundraiser, Magic at the Museum. A fusion of Caribbean talent, celebrity and storytelling will demonstrate to online and in-person attendees how Island SPACE truly reflects its slogan, “a place where Caribbean cultures unite.” The Florida based nonprofit is working to become a destination, on-ground and online, and invites a global audience to log on at 6:00PM EDT for an evening of star-studded excellence. For free virtual access, RSVP at islandspacefl.org/magic. The whole family can enjoy narratives, performances, dramatizations and more from legendary personalities representing countries including Jamaica, Haiti, Trinidad & Tobago, Cuba,

The Bahamas and St. Vincent and the Grenadines. South Florida media personality Neki Mohan, of Trinidad, will host the program which promises to be both entertaining and informative. “We are taking the dynamic, melodious, suspenseful, delicious, colorful and unlikely story that connects all of us West Indians,” said Calibe Thompson, Island SPACE Executive Director, “and packaging them into a captivating visual presentation. We have enlisted some of the exciting names you know from music, sports, politics and so on to tell the world how awesome we are, in a format with cultural relevance and substance.”

Island SPACE Caribbean Museum, located in Plantation, Fla., is open Thursdays through Saturdays from 11:00a.m. through 7:00p.m. and Sundays from 11:00a.m. to 6:00 p.m. General entry fees are $10 per adult and $5 per child. Donations, sponsorships, memberships and volunteer commitments are encouraged. Learn more at islandspacefl.org.

Jamaican actress Makeda Solomon portrays Nanny of the Maroons in a performance for Magic at the Museum Photo courtesy of Island SPACE

The hybrid event will welcome a worldwide audience online, while a small, select audience will attend the Haitian American spoken word artist Mecca “Grimo” Marcelin portrays Toussaint L’Ouverture in a performance watch party onsite. Viewers are invited to tune in for the for Magic at the Museum | Photo courtesy of Island SPACE antics of the red-carpet opening starting at 5:30 p.m. Island SPACE is supported in part by Florida Power & While the event is free, attendees will be asked to donate Light Company, Grace Foods, Westfield Broward Mall, to the museum as part of the nonprofit’s fundraising ini- the Broward County Cultural Division and the followtiatives. Corporations are invited to sponsor the event ing Funds at the Community Foundation of Broward: and will benefit from robust marketing opportunities. Helen and Frank Stoykov Charitable Endowment Fund, Packages ranging from $300 to $30,000 will allow for David and Francie Horvitz Family Fund, Ann Adams visibility across the diaspora. Fund, Mary and Alex Mackenzie Community Impact Fund, Blockbuster Entertainment Unrestricted Fund, “It takes time, talent and treasure to keep the museum Robert E. Dooley Unrestricted Fund for Broward, Haroperating and events like these are intended to engage old D. Franks Fund, and Jan Moran Unrestricted Fund. volunteers, supporters and donors,” said board member Tamara Phillipeaux, of Haiti. “It is so exciting to see Island Society for the Promotion of Artistic and Culthis space for us. It is a conduit for educating the next tural Education (Island SPACE) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit generation about their background, common strengths organization dedicated to the advancement of arts, culand their potential as citizens of the world, and we must ture, history, and educational initiatives that represent keep it going and growing. We hope to receive dona- the Caribbean region, in South Florida and the broader tions even before the event and definitely during and diaspora community. after,” she said.

South Florida welcomes Melanated Beauty Spa to Hallandale Beach A skin care spa and wellness restoration haven founded on the indispensable need for tailored skincare services for melanated skin

There’s no doubt about it: The last few years have ushered in a whole new standard of diversity and inclusivity within the beauty industry. Black-owned beauty brands are growing by the day, with game-changers like Fenty Beauty pushing boundaries for inclusivity in the space and entrepreneurs putting their expertise into product lines you’ll want to keep on steady rotation. New indie names and legacy brands alike have risen to the occasion, expanding their product offerings to accommodate women of color, and Black and Brown women in particular. The spa industry is following suit as South Florida welcomes Melanated Beauty Spa to Hallandale Beach Florida. Melanated Beauty Spa will host a soft-opening this Mother’s Day weekend, Friday, May 7th and Saturday, May 8th. Melanated Beauty Spa, aims to fill a void in the luxury spa market by addressing the specific needs of women of color, crafting formulas specifically for melanin and carrying a plethora Black-owned beauty brands. The spa’s services and products are suitable for anyone and everyone, including luxury essential oils, clean hygiene products, and sunscreen that won’t leave a trace but also pays specific attention to to providing services that take into account skin sensitivities, hyper pigmen-

tation, scarring, dark spots, and other skin specifics that are often overlooked by mainstream offerings. Melanated Beauty Spa, founded by Maghan Morin, aims to revitalize spa culture in South Florida. Her members-only spa offers every service from acne therapy, anti-cellulite treatments, body services, a robust facial menu, masks, massages, peels, waxing and more that cater to the unique facets of melanated skin types. Located in the heart of Hallandale Beach, the spa is centrally located for any skin enthusiast seeking the best form of self-care. Your senses will be soothed by their soft lush color tones as soon as you walk through the door and the warmth of the relaxing aromatherapy that subtlety encompasses the interior areas of the spa. “At the Melanated Beauty Spa we believe that accessibility for all is necessary, our way is simple…to create spas that cater to the skin care needs for people of color. Creating a Spa that includes women of color, who just so happen to dominate the beauty industry when it comes to spending power, but somehow still lack spaces that cater to their needs. Melanated Beauty Spa will be an inclusive place for people of color and the richness of our skin

needs.” states Maghan Morin, Melanated Beauty Spa Founder and CEO. Melanated Beauty Spa allows South Florida skin enthusiasts to elevate their conventional skincare routine with their Melanated Skin membership that will provide skin with a regular healthy glow regimen (say goodbye to the need for filters on your next selfie). As a Melanated Skin member, clients will enjoy access to: (2) 30-minute facials per month, 10% off products, add-ons and group services, and exclusive access to member only events and treat a guest of choice to a one-time treatment under your membership. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/melanated-beauty-spa-soft-opening-tickets-152093536863 Melanated Beauty Spa is located at 102 Northeast 2nd Avenue Hallandale Beach, Florida. For more information and to secure your Melanated Skin Membership visit www.MelanatedBeautySpa.com and follow on Instagram @MelanatedBeautySpa

No nonsense mothers have a language of their own. You are likely to recognize your mother or grandmother “I’m not one of your little friends.” “A hard head makes a soft behind.” “First of all, check your tone.” “Stop all that crying before I give you something to cry about.” “You got McDonald’s money?” “I hope you know that school work like you know them songs.” “When we get in this store, don’t touch nothin’.” “I don’t care what _______’s mama does. I’m not _______’s mama.” “Keep playing and see what happens.” “Don’t be no fool.” “Didn’t I tell you…” “Don’t let your mouth write a check your behind can’t cash.” “If someone hits you first, you hit them back.”

“I wish they would come back over here!” “Fix your face!” “What do you need?” “Tell me what happened.” “I am so proud of you.” “There is nothing me and God can’t handle.” “Let me know if you need anything.” “Here take it. I don’t need it.” “Are you hungry?” “I couldn’t go to sleep until I knew you were ok.” “I will be right here.” “The Lord will make a way.” “Call me when you get there.” “You are my greatest blessing.” “God is so good.” “I am just fine.” “I love you more!”

Richmond Heights CDC Recognizes Local Artist, Robert McKnight The Richmond Heights CDC is proud to feature a distinguished artist with deep roots in Richmond Heights in this edition of our newsletter. Robert McKnight was born in Kingstree, SC in 1951 and moved with his family to Richmond Heights in 1953. His beautiful artwork is featured at the Bullard Plaza and captures the spirit of Senator Larcenia Bullard and the history of our community in a very special way. From an early age, Robert was always drawn to the visual arts. While attending Killian High School, he studied painting at The Miami Art Center and then went on to study fine arts at Syracuse University, receiving a BFA in Painting in 1974. As part of his work at Syracuse, he studied sculpture in London at the Sir John Cass School of Art from 1971-72. Upon his return to Miami, he worked at Miami’s Metrozoo as an exhibit designer specializing in the design and construction of the artificial rock facades. Later he worked with Rock & Waterscape Systems of California at Disney World in Orlando and throughout the south-

eastern United States and the Caribbean. While doing commercial work, Robert maintained an active fine arts practice, exhibiting throughout South Florida and the southeastern states. McKnight has realized major public art commissions in the Miami area including “In Time a Dream Comes Home to Rest,” commissioned by the Miami-Dade Art in Public Places Trust for the North County Neighborhood Health Center; a large-scale mosaic mural at the Pinnacle Park Apartment Complex privately commissioned by the developer in partnership with the City of Miami Art Advisory Board; and his recently completed monumental private commission by the Florida East Coast Industries and Brightline for the new 3 Miami Central Station in Downtown Miami featuring two friezes and three full wall murals. He has had numerous solo shows and has participated in group exhibitions at the Lowe Art Museum (University of Miami), the Miami-Dade College North Campus Art Gallery, the Art Gallery at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, Gallery Antigua, Amdalozi Gallery, Green Light Art Space, The Bakehouse Art Complex,

Farside Gallery, and many others. As a member of The Miami Black Artist Workshop in the 1970’s and KUUMBA Artist Collective, McKnight has worked to generate opportunities for greater professional visibility for African-American and African artists. McKnight states, “My mission as an artist is to create works that are individual in style and content reflecting my heart and soul, stretching the poetic and artistic license in both material and content.” Throughout his career, McKnight has paid inspired and consistent tribute to his cultural heritage, and in this effort, he has added to that heritage through the power and originality of his art. Moving to the neighborhood of Richmond Heights at the age of 3, McKnight chose to reflect on his early memories of living in this community as an inspiration for the artwork murals for the Larcenia Bullard Plaza, commissioned by the Miami-Dade Art in Public Places Trust. In the artist’s words “Realizing this art piece well into my 60’s means a lot to my career and my ongoing efforts to honor the rich and diverse cultural heritage of the African-American communities in my own work.”

The Richmond Heights CDC is honored to share Robert McKnight’s work with visitors to Bullard Plaza for generations to come. Many thanks to Commissioner Dennis C. Moss in bringing this special jewel to our community, and Commissioner Kionne McGhee for continued support for Bullard Plaza.

Artwork Titles & Medium The Founders Wall – mosaic mural featuring Senator Larcenia Bullard and various landmarks from memories and historic archives. The Gift – mosaic mural featuring “As If She Knew” a poem by Femi Folami/ Browne. A Crown for Larcenia – mosaic tile freeze on the building’s rotunda at the Southwest Mural on the ground floor. Reprint from the RHCDC Newsletter which is published by The Gospel Truth

If you are interested in selling your vacant lot CALL ME TODAY! Sommer Davis, Realtor Luxe Properties LLC (305) 842-4678

You kept them indoors to save lives. Now get them screened to save yours. These may be complicated times, but getting a mammo isn’t. Each year, breast cancer claims the lives of women we love. However, when it’s detected early at a localized stage, the survival rate is 98%.** Special pricing from May to June for patients without insurance. Includes 3D mammogram and interpretation by one of our breast imaging experts. Request your mammogram at BaptistHealth.net/Mammo or call 844-971-2791 today. *A physician’s prescription is required. If you don’t have a referring physician to write a prescription for you, call 786-596-2464, and we’ll connect you with one. Offer expires June 30, 2021. **Source: National Cancer Institute


Screening Mammogram*

$100 Diagnostic Mammogram*

Sunday School - 9:30 A.M. Sunday Worship Service 8:00 A.M. & 11 :00 A.M. Thursday- Noon Day Bible Study; Prayer Meeting & Study of the Word- 7:00 P.M.

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Weds Youth and Adult Prayer Meeting Bible Study: 7:30 PM

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BELIEVERS OF AUTHORITY MINISTRIES, INC. 3655 Grand Avenue Miami, Fl 33130 305-442-7337 boaministries@hotmail.com www.boaministries.org www.believersofauthority.org Sunday Worship : 10:30 AM Bible Study (Tuesday) :7:30 PM

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MT. CALVARY NATIONAL CHURCH OF GOD, INC. KINGDOM BUILDERS MINISTRIES 17500 SW 103 Avenue, Perrine, FL 33157 305-234-9702 mtcalvaryncog@gmail.com www.mtcalvaryncog.org www.facebook.com/MT.CalvaryNCOG

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Dr. C.P Preston, Pastor


3820 NW 169th Terrace Miami Gardens FL.33055 nowfaithoutreachministry@yahoo.com 8:30 AM

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10:00 AM Pastors Henry and Doris Burney

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Sunday Morning Worship: 9 AM Weds. Mid-week Service: 7:30 PM SAT Corporate Prayer: 8 AM

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Sunday Worship 9:30 AM Sunday School 8:30 AM Tues Bible Study 6:45 PM Wed Bible Study 10:45 AM .

TGT June2016.indd 25 TGT_JAN_2021.indd 22

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Rev. Charles M. Taylor, Senior Minister

Ph: 786-230-3786 Fax: 305-754-9200 Sunday Worship Celebration & Youth Sunday School 9:50 am Tuesday Prayer Service

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Senior Minister

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CENTER CHURCH INC. 14501 NW 7th Ave 7626 NW 7th Ave Miami FL 33150 / Miami, Fl 33168 Mailing address

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Study every MorningBible Worship 9 AM andother 11 AMWednesday 7:30 PM

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