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Issue 133, November 2022

Affordable UK Designs UPVC & Aluminium Double Glazing, Fitted Kitchens Free plan, design and costing throughout South-West France Other areas by arrangement

UPVC windows, Doors & Conservatories in all colours and styles

Aluminium and UPVC Bifold Doors Made to “A” Grade spec in French styles

Phone: 05 49 42 99 41 ~ Mobile: 06 63 71 09 81 ~ Email: Siret: 513 577 809 00017


elcome to November. It's hard to believe R😂i😂😂(É`😂`ÉÉl😂P}😂 we were worrying that our `Éoo😂~}😂u]v😂}É😂}(😂 water) was lower than it had ever been and may even run dry, the garden looked like it could never possibly }ÉÉ 😂(}u😂RÉ😂RÉX😂😂AI😂˙É😂v}`U😂RÉ]v😂 😂 ]😂 pouring down outside and I can almost hear the grass growing, I am sure it "knows" that I cannot get out there to cut it. 😂Auv😂lÉ😂R}oU😂˙😂`uU😂˙😂(É😂v😂`É😂 R}É😂˙}😂Évi}˙😂R]😂u}vR😂}+É]vPX

Tony & Lyn

Tel: 😂Eu]oP😂 ]v(}RÉɢÉÉu}vRo˙X( Website: ```XRÉɢÉÉu}vRo˙X(



Contents 😂BooÉv😂😂B} Technology Our Furry Friends Take a Break Food and Drink r😂😂A Z😂}(😂RÉ😂C}uuvÉ😂]v😂RÉ😂Dɢr😂SÉ Travel 😂L😂V]É😂Ev😂😂FvÉ On The Road Book Club À La Carte 😂H}uÉ😂v😂😂GÉv 😂Co😂v😂😂A}]}v 😂HÉoRU😂😂BÉ˙😂v😂😂F]vÉ 😂B]o]vP😂v😂😂RÉv}}v Property Business and Finance

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This Month's Advertisers Adam Goode (Plombier 85) 😂A]v😂😂B'É.Éo😂~😂Hv˙uvZ 😂A+}oÉ😂U😂K😂DÉ]Pv😂~😂U😂P😂V😂CD}oÉ😂Go]vP😂😂K]RÉvZ 😂AK😂EP😂TÉ ˘😂~😂B]oÉZ Alcoholics Anonymous 😂Ao😂😂Gou]vPU😂😂Sv˙ Amanda Johnson - The Spectrum IFA Group 😂AvÉ`😂😂L}vPuv😂~😂Pou]vP😂😂HvP É Z ARB French Property PÉ 😂A v}vv˙😂😂Ao😂😂Fu😂~😂CR]u😂Év😂E Z Assurances Maucourt (GAN Parthenay) Beaux Villages Immobilier 😂BHvÉ😂A 😂l😂😂Aoo]v😂r😂😂IÉooÉ😂Wv Blevins Franks Financial Management Busy Bee (Cleaning Services) 😂CRÉ😂SP 😂r😂😂F]P😂😂TÉ😂B]vÉÉv😂😂E 😂CÉvÉ 😂CRÉ˙😂😂P]lÉ😂H]É😂~😂T}v˙😂😂M}Z 😂CRÉ😂CR]É[😂😂TÉ😂R}}u 😂CR]😂'😂😂BÉ 😂C}v}v 😂CR]😂😂P}v😂~😂PouÉl😂HvP😂 É 😂EvP]vÉÉZ Clean Sweep Chimney Services L😂 😂C 😂F]😂😂FuÉ😂MlÉ😂~😂LÉ😂R]o É Z Darren Lawrence David Cropper (Stump Grinding) 😂DP😂S😂SÉ]É😂~😂GÉvÉ😂l😂😂Hv˙uvZ }o😂 😂E ~😂EvPo]R😂😂SÉl]vP😂😂CRRZ 😂FvPo]😂😂DÉo]É]É😂~😂Tv}😂😂RÉu}o😂😂SÉ]ÉZ Funny Farm Fete de Noel Glendee Property Services 😂Hooul😂😂EoÉ]] 😂H]}v😂😂H]😂~😂M}]oÉ😂H]ÉÉZ 😂H😂R😂B]o]vP😂😂SÉ]É 😂Iv😂😂C}˘Év😂r😂😂Hv˙uv😂`]R😂v 😂I]vP😂😂L}}v😂r😂😂D]PPÉ😂H]É😂v😂😂GÉo😂Éo]É]É 😂J+ É [😂😂Mo`}l É John Purchase - Mobile Mechanic Jon The Carpet Man 😂K😂J😂P]vvP😂v😂}vP É 😂K😂M😂P}É˙😂😂M]vÉvvÉ😂~😂Hv˙uvZ 😂K😂M😂SÉ]É😂ı😂~😂CoÉv]vP😂😂GÉv]vPZ 😂L😂Dɢ]ÉuÉ😂CRvÉ😂~😂}ÉDÉ 😂]v😂É]o]Z 😂L(É😂C U😂😂C]˙ 😂LÉPPÉ'😂😂Iuu}]o]É 😂LÉPPÉ'😂😂Iuu}]o]É😂~😂RÉ]uÉvZ LPV Technology (IT services) 😂MP]😂😂RÉv}}v😂~😂M]RÉo😂😂Go}ÉZ Maximilien Newman-Legros - Massage Therapies 😂M]RÉo😂😂M}}É😂~😂EoÉ]]vZ Michel Barateau (Cabinet maker) ML Computers 😂NÉ😂Hv😂😂SÉ]É😂~😂G😂«vP😂X É Z Netball : Les Étoiles de Clessé Odd Job John (John Allsopp) Paul Starsmeare (Mechanic) 😂P}]É😂B]😂😂A]} RJC Pool Services Rob Berry (Plasterer) 😂R}É😂FoÉRÉ😂~😂R😂T😂C}v}vZ 😂R}É😂Mvv😂~😂UR}oÉ˙Z 😂R}˙o😂😂B]R😂😂LÉP]}v😂~😂B}ɢ😂😂S}R😂😂WZÉ Simon the Tiler 😂Su😂😂M}É😂r😂😂RÉu}o😂😂S}PÉ 😂S RvÉ😂Iv(}uÉ😂~😂P😂CRÉ]Z Stephen Shaw (Painter) 😂SÉ😂C}ov😂~😂Pou]vP😂v😂Év}}vZ 😂S]o˙😂😂R}}.vP 😂SPÉ É😂B 😂~😂FÉvR😂😂CoÉ😂Tvo}vZ Sunny Sky Cars Terves Christmas Market 😂TÉ😂G}}o]+É😂AW}lR} 😂TRÉ😂EvPo]R😂😂MÉRv]😂😂S}v😂r😂😂T}v˙😂˙É😂E The Fixer - Rick Denton 😂TRÉ😂FÉvR😂😂H}É😂SÉoo]É😂T😂V 😂TRÉ😂T]vP😂😂P}😂~😂IvÉv}vo😂😂F}}😂😂D]vlZ Tim Électricien 79 Tony Seeley (Property Services) 😂Vo😂😂A]😂~😂Tvo}v😂😂SÉ]ÉZ Vienne Tree Services 😂WÉo}uÉR] 😂E 😂~😂FÉvRl😂EvPo]R😂😂G}Z

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😂AvR}v˙😂 😂 v😂😂L˙v😂😂W]Pu}ÉX😂 😂 😂Aoo😂]PR😂ÉX😂😂MÉ]o😂u˙😂v}😂}ÉÉ É😂 `]R}😂 😂 Éu]]}vX😂😂WR]oÉ]😂É😂 lÉ😂 v😂}😂ÉvÉR😂😂 oÉv😂😂 ÉU😂 (ÉÉ😂 É😂 `Év}😂 😂É 😂 o]]o]˙😂(}😂}😂É }😂}u]]}vX😂😂TRÉ}]v]}v😂 😂 ˘ÉÉ ˙😂É😂 ]v]]o😂R}😂}😂v}😂vÉÉ]o˙😂Év😂RÉ]É😂 `😂}😂}]v]}v😂}(😂RÉo]RÉ 😂 X😂😂WR]oÉ`É😂 ulÉ 😂 É˙😂😂 +}😂 É }😂ÉvÉR😂 😂 ]vÉÉ]vP😂 😂 `]R😂oÉÉ 😂 v😂😂 }]Éo˙😂ÉP]ÉÉU😂˙}😂R}o😂É](˙😂R😂v˙😂}uv˙😂˙}😂Éo]vP😂 😂 `]R😂]😂ÉP]É 😂 ]vP😂 É😂 }uv˙😂]v😂😂FvÉv😂 l}😂ÉoÉ`RÉÉX😂😂I]😂😂 }vPo˙😂]É}😂😂 RÉl😂]o😂 É }(😂o]RÉÉv😂😂 `]R😂}RÉ}É😂 (}É É 😂 «vP😂 É 😂 }😂}v😂o}vP😂i}vÉ˙X😂AMAM😂TRÉ˘É 😂D r😂😂 S😂M 😂 É }vRo˙ANAN😂 vR}v˙😂 A 😂]É 😂 v😂L 😂 ˙v😂W😂 ]Pu}ÉR 😂 ovÉGA 😂 É U😂ıæU😂S😂 ]vr😂]v A r😂Lr😂É o}😂 C T😂 oP😂 æ😂😂 æ😂 😂 o😂o] 😂 É X😂 v😂É 😂 }v😂 RÉÉ ]ÉD 😂 (😂 É P😂vR}v˙😂 A😂 W😂 ]Pu}ÉI😂 E X😂 😂 ]😂C 😂 R}}😂P😂P 😂 ]˘(😂˙😂uÉv}v😂}v]ÉX😂I😂 u]}v É P😂P 😂 G😂 . S😂 😂]É L 😂 U😂ı😂o😂A 😂 M 😂 vÉ]ÉÉ}U😂P 😂 }oX😂I😂 vX😂S😂 v😂R 😂 (ÉoU😂 U😂ouÉ Ho😂😂A 😂 É ]U😂PvÉ E 😂 X😂S😂 æ😂 X😂 P😂 ]É😂 I😂 S😂 S😂 N 😂 P😂ær

dsm133-nov22 v25a Online

The Deux-Sèvres Monthly, November 2022 | 3

Bulletin Board

Le CaféCivray

our ts on Even FB page! ite & y webs afeCivra C L @ e

Christmas orders due 16th Dec Order info on our website Full English Breakfast Pies & pasties/Cakes & donuts Baking classes-Wednesdays 9am-2pm Tues/Thurs/Fri

24 rue du commerce 86400 Civray SIRET 820 301 299

Fête de Noël

Saturday 26th November 2022 10.30am - 5pm RO CR]u}}vP]L ClU}+ ORM˙L}FvlF]RCR] C o}vPvR}uCR]u(v }u R]]vP(v(}ooRl]'vv`R}v }(uXAoou}v˙]`]ooP}]vP}`R]oo v(}}X LGvB]ı SGu]vL}vPCRu A}]}vNuWı

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Christie’s isIFtTieS ’&sCARDS GORGEC OUhSrG


DgSles ChG riO stR mG asE:O RU elS atG ioInFsT ,S Bo& xeCsA , SRin Ad tC C hrviesn tm asa:leRnedlaatrioCnasr,dBso, xGeifst, W Sianlgleletss Stocking A d ntTCC aH leR ndIS arTC ,G WK alE leRtsS G RvEeA MaArdSsC RifAt C




DnEeLsI,C MiE -BFA S co CIuOpU caSkH esO ,R ch ruKitIN CG ake, Bc row iness,,BRrie S nensie, s C,uM pu cfafk ca hdFP ruuid td Ciankge.., BrSoew ufW fineslc,oB rvn iniges W, aMrm mreesaSdinP ceu2d0d0in 4!g .. Serving Warm Welc10.00-12.00 omes Sinc:e3.00-7.00 2004! Tues/Weds/Thurs/Fri:

--andRich --andRich

Sat: 10.00-12.00 : 3.00-6.00: 3.00-7.00 Tues/Weds/Thurs/Fri: 10.00-12.00 Sat: 10.00-12.00 th : 3.00-6.00

* Closed from 8 November * th oisnegd: fT ro mVbEeM rB * ER Reo*pCeln Um ES8 22Nnod vNeO Reopening: TUES 22nd NOVEMBER WWW.CHEZCHRISTIES.FR WWW.CH EkZ:CC HhReIS TIhErS R’sG0e5n.ç 4a 9y.50.61.94 Fb zC is.tFie iets eG nceanyçay Fb# k:ch CehzeczhCrhisrtis ieg’s # che(86) zch-ris tiesgethe nca y GENÇAY behind Mairie GENÇAY (86) - behind the Mairie

4 | The Deux-Sèvres Monthly, November 2022


Association W791001686

Step into Art with Henri Matisse We are delighted to invite you to our unique art workshops. Within the walls of a beautiful 17th century riverside manor house in Paizay le Tort (79500), set in breath-taking scenery, you will step into re-creations of famous paintings. With our life model and a variety objects d’art to inspire you, we will take you on an artistic journey through trusted art tuition and storytelling. You are free to attend individual or both workshops, led by British artist Heather Ford. Friday 18th November 2022: ‘Still Life in Yellow and Blue’ 1946 Saturday 19th November 2022: ‘Odelisque Couchee aux Magnolias’ 1923

From 10am - 3.30pm. All abilities welcome. €65 including materials and a light lunch. Accommodation available. Please call Tess Goodliffe on 0617448321 for further information or contact SIRET 84808223600011

The Deux-Sèvres Monthly, November 2022 | 5

Knight Rider in France ˙😂😂R}˘vvÉ😂Kv]PR

o😂oÉU😂😂I😂`😂ol]vP😂}😂]]vP😂 IÉo😂v😂inJ😂É 😂Uu˙😂v(}vÉ all weathers and this summer has been a o˙😂😂}vÉ😂}]v😂]vP😂 the heatwaves we were unable to ride at all 😂`É😂}R😂ÉvÉ.'É😂(}u😂R]😂R}😂Él😂 v😂(}É É 😂`É😂lvÉ`😂]U😂`É😂`ÉÉ😂l😂]v😂 training mode.

My coach unexpectedly proposed a summer show! 😂T]}voo˙😂RÉ😂É}v😂.v]RÉ😂(}😂uÉ(}É 😂É 😂RÉ😂 summer and the new season starts again properly in 😂O}ÉX😂😂H}`ÉÉ😂R]😂˙É😂`😂]+ÉÉvX😂😂M]😂😂APU😂 o]😂 😂E v😂😂IÉooÉ 😂 }😂😂 😂]P😂v😂˘]vP😂 É R}`😂ooÉ😂RÉ😂 “Sologn'Pony”. It is held in the same show grounds as RÉ😂CRu]}vv😂É😂FvÉ😂v😂RÉ}uÉ 😂 }v😂]😂R]PRX😂 We competed over several days and had a great start to the new season, racking up some early points towards o].}v😂(}😂X o]É 😂E 😂R]😂˙É😂`É😂É]É😂v}😂}😂}vvÉ😂]u]vP😂(}😂RÉ😂 2022 championship. We had to be sensible and realise R😂`É😂`ÉÉvÉ˙😂 X😂😂WRÉv😂`É😂P}U😂`É😂`v😂}😂É(}u😂 `Éoo😂v😂}😂É😂 v😂Évi}˙😂]😂}}X😂😂I😂o}😂}(😂`}l😂v😂 expense and we can achieve so much more and do so uR😂'ÉÉ 😂`]R😂v}RÉ😂˙É😂}(😂}R]vP😂v😂]v]vP😂 under our belts. We have a very busy weekend. Its the “Tournée des As” 😂}😂o😂]v😂É]É😂B X😂o]😂 😂E v😂😂IÉ😂}]vP😂}v😂 😂 ÉR😂˙😂😂`ÉÉ😂v}`😂Éo˙😂}uÉvP😂😂ıu😂😂 `Éoo😂😂u😂`R]R😂😂I😂u😂Éoo˙😂oÉÉ😂`]R😂😂R]😂(ÉÉo😂

o]lÉ😂]Pv].v😂 progress. To give you an idea, in July 2021 we got eliminated at 60cm … 😂TRÉ😂T}v É😂A]😂uÉv😂}😂}uÉ É😂 }v😂 }(😂RÉ😂W😂É RÉ😂S😂AÉ_😂}😂RÉ}É😂 É😂oo˙😂u}É😂 technical. I will be trying hard to get a clear round as it's }oÉ😂o](˙]vP😂}]vJ 😂Iv😂u˙😂o😂oÉU😂`É😂`ÉÉ😂RÉ]vP😂}+😂}😂😂LÉ😂Mv😂(}😂}😂 .😂É😂RÉ˙😂É😂 R}`X😂😂I😂Éu😂}😂o}vP😂P}😂v😂😂I😂RÉ😂 been so lucky to compete at many shows between then and now. We did get a clear round during those days and o}😂}}l😂`˙😂😂o}😂}(😂˘ÉÉ ]ÉvÉX 😂S}😂}+😂`É😂RÉU😂😂(oo😂É😂lv}`]vP😂o] 😂E U😂]v}😂É}v😂 😂v😂`É😂RÉÉ˙R]vP😂 😂 }É😂R😂`É😂`]oo😂(ÉÉo😂 É˙😂v😂RÉ😂Év}PR😂o](˙]vP😂}]v😂}😂ÉvÉ😂RÉ😂 Championnat de France 2023. 😂I(😂˙}😂`}o😂o]lÉ}😂😂 (}oo}`😂}😂i}vÉ˙U😂oÉÉ😂RÉ😂}É}😂😂 u˙😂😂Y}😂TÉ😂RvvÉoU😂S😂Kv]PR😂😂R]É😂]v😂😂FvÉ_😂}😂R😂 É (}😂 us on Instagram or Facebook. Your support means a lot. 😂TRvl😂˙}😂}😂RÉ😂DS😂M😂uP]vÉ😂(}😂RÉ]😂}😂v😂 Rvl😂😂Y😂O😂U😂(}😂É]vPX😂😂A]Év😂J😂😂 😂SÉ]o😂Rvl😂o}😂}😂😂CRÉo😂😂CR]😂v😂u˙😂(u]o˙J

Bilingual Nine Lessons and Carols

Vouvant, Sunday 11th December 2022 at 16.00 – everyone is welcome ll Saints,Vendée, covering the Vendée and the Deux-Sèvres, is a small and very A friendly group of people who meet every second and fourth Sunday in Ste. Marthe, Puy de Serre, (very near the Vendée-Deux-Sèvres border), and on the first Sunday

of every month in La Chapelle Palluau (near Aizenay in the west of the Vendée). Services last about an hour, and, being a very sociable bunch, we have coffee and a bring and share lunch afterwards in the Salle Paroissale, or at someone’s home. The congregation usually numbers 25-30. We follow the Anglican liturgy, and so services (usually communion) are in English, and there is a Sunday Club for children aged from 7 upwards. All Saints,Vendée very much welcomes local people, whatever their nationality or Christian faith. In January every year, we hold an oecumenical service as part of the “Week of Christian Unity”, a service which unites Catholic, French Protestant and Anglican congregations, and is always held after much planning and discussion! This year, for the first time, ASV will be having a bilingual “Nine Lessons and Carols”, in the wonderful church at Vouvant, with its magnificent North door sculptures from about 1150, and the nave built by Bishop Theodelin in 1028. The setting should be magical, especially as the service will start under the lights at 16.00, on Sunday 11 December. It will be an excellent opportunity for those who do not know us to come and see ASV in action, and to enjoy what is certain to be a very special event. “Nine Lessons and Carols” are rare enough in France, and even rarer in such beautiful surroundings. And Vouvant is such a lovely little village! The organ will be played by Yves Rousseau – we are very fortunate to have his superlative playing on an instrument which has only very recently been installed. Anyone who has heard it will surely want to hear it again! So why not come along, on the first, second or fourth Sunday of each month, see what ASV does and how we do it, and share a coffee afterwards! You will be most welcome! Or come to the bilingual service on 11 December at 16.00 in Vouvant. For further details, please contact: Rev. Hazel Door on, or Iain McGregor (Treasurer) on ASV Website: 6 | The Deux-Sèvres Monthly, November 2022

😂 L😂 O 😂 C A 😂 L 😂 M 😂 A R 😂 K 😂 E T 😂 S

CHURCH NOTICES... TRÉ F]oo]vP S}v r P}]}rCRÉvÉX v}u]v}v😂 É `R}😂 uÉ😂 (}😂 É ]]o😂vÉÉ `o😂v😂vPÉ É o]uX😂 ```XRÉ.oo]vP}v(vÉX}u

L 😂 }o😂 R] C😂 v😂 }(😂 oo😂 or Carolyn on 05 45 84 19 03.

LL A SAINTSUVENDErÉ P˙ÉSÉÉ . We hold two services each month (+ Sunday school), on the 2nd and 4th Sundays at the church }(😂S😂 X😂M 😂 RÉU😂P 😂 ˙😂S😂 É U😂 É É R😂 X😂 The English Speaking Church of the Valley of the Loire (ESCOVAL) meets at the R.C. Church in Arçay every 3rdS😂 v˙😂}(😂RÉu}vR😂 😂 😂 u😂~i}+😂 😂 RÉæ D😂 ıU😂T😂 R}}😂😂 L 😂 }vX Z Eglise Vie Nouvelle ]o]vPo😂 B😂 ~😂FvR😂 É l😂vPo]R E😂 `É😂Z lo˙😂 É ]v😂 😂 É]ÉÉ 😂 ]C😂˙ See Contact 05 49 87 49 04 TRÉRo]v˙ C }(R] C RÉG}}SRÉRÉUP}]}rCRÉvÉU v}uoo˙😂R}o😂S😂 v˙😂]É]v😂 É😂 vPo]R E😂 X😂P 😂 }😂oÉ😂É 😂`ÉÉ ]É😂 (}😂v😂É ]v(}u}vP😂 R] C vFÉoo}`R]rRÉ C (}}vvÉ B M 😂 vP😂 É R😂É S😂 v˙😂æR 😂 X Visit😂(}😂u}É]v(}u}v 😂 X

😂TRÉ😂N}vo😂😂H}o]˙U😂😂RÉo]P]}😂v😂 Feast Days 2022... 😂S😂Jv˙ 😂Sv😂😂A]o 😂M}v😂😂A]o Sun 1 May 😂Sv😂😂M˙ Thu 26 May Sun 5 June Mon 6 June 😂TR😂😂Jo˙ 😂M}v😂æ😂😂AP 😂TÉ😂N}ÉuÉ 😂F]😂😂N}ÉuÉ Sun 25 December

Mondays......... Benet 85490 La Châtaigneraie (last Monday in month) 85120 Lencloître (1st Monday in month) 86140 😂T É ˙ X X X X X X X X X 😂 L É ˙😂 ı Civray 86400 😂 C } o}vPÉ r ro [😂 A ] É 😂 ı Thouars 79100 - and - Bressuire 79300 Vasles 79340 Wednesdays.... Parthenay 79200 - and - Celles-sur-Belle 79370 😂 R ((É 😂 😂T R ˙ X X X X X X X X 😂 S r😂 V ] 😂 ı ı 😂 r😂 v 😂 r😂 😂 N ]} 😂 ı 😂 L 😂 M } RÉ 😂 S 😂 H ˙😂 ı Gençay 86160 Fridays............... Thouars 79100 - and - Melle 79500 Secondigny 79130 (pm)-and-St Aubin le Cloud (pm) 😂 C ] ˙😂 😂 ~ u oo😂 (}} 😂 u lÉ Z Antigny 85120 (1st and 3rd Fridays - pm) 😂 L 😂 M } RÉ 😂 S ]v r😂 H ˙😂 ı 😂 ~😂 P o É 😂 C o uÉ v É Z MÉ ooÉ ı æ ~o Po É B i o A IGOND IGNE ı ~Po É É o G É U u r l ı u Saturdays........ Bressuire 79300 - and - Champdeniers 79220 😂 C RÉ ( r😂 B } }vvÉ 😂 ı Airvault 79600 - and - Niort 79000 😂 S ]v 😂 M ]˘É v ro [😂 É }oÉ 😂 ı Fontenay-le-Comte 85200 😂 R ((É 😂 Magné 79460 and Moncoutant 79320 Sundays............ Coulon 79510 - and - Neuville-de-Poitou 86170 😂 T R vÉ ˙😂 ı ı Saint-Varent 79330 Saint-Loup-Lamairé 79600

😂N`😂É 😂YÉ [😂˙😂😂D ~ Jour de l’an) É😂SE v˙😂~ Pâques) É😂M E }v˙😂~ Pâques) Labour Day (Fête du premier mai) 😂V😂Eıæ😂~ Fête du huitième mai) Ascension Day (Ascension) Whit Sunday (Pentecôte) Whit Monday (Lundi de Pentecôte) ooÉ 😂B ˙😂😂D ~ Fête nationale) 😂Au}v😂˙😂~ Assomption) 😂Aoo😂😂S]v[😂˙😂😂D ~ Toussaint) 😂Au]É˙😂😂D ~ Armistice) Christmas Day (Noël) source


A big thank you to EVERYONE who helps get our magazine into your hands each month

TRADITIONAL BRITISH COOKING Sat: Fontenay-le-Comte (marché), Vendée and at 😂S]vr😂JÉvr[😂AvP o˙ (marché intérieur), CRÉvÉrM]uÉ Sun: Aulnay (marché), CRÉvÉrM]uÉ Open mornings


MR T’S FISH & CHIPS Regular venues at:

• • • • • • • •

Aulnay de Saintonge 17470 Beauvais Sur Matha 17490 😂S😂JÉv😂😂D[😂AvP o˙😂 😂S r😂V]😂😂H}É😂ı😂ıı La Chaumière, La Chapelle 16140 Charroux 86250 Saintes 17100 Savigné 86400

TÉoP uX.RvR]Pu]oX}u ```X(˙]vPv SIRETPæıæ

The Deux-Sèvres Monthly, November 2022 | 7

RÉ ] É `É v PÉ ] TRÉ ]v(}u}v É v} Év vÉooÉ } oÉ use. ave the ho le u o y PLASE E RÉl Év R re befo

WHAT’S ON DIARY rlFANTASTIQUECHASSEANIMALE 😂S😂U😂Rr😂S😂EV😂R😂EıX😂😂T}😂]ooÉ😂RvvP😂]v😂RÉ😂M]oÉ😂APÉU😂 RÉoÉ😂 😂}+É😂v😂]uuÉ]}v😂]v😂RÉ😂(}u😂}(😂v😂Ér }}u😂˙oÉ😂PuÉX😂😂AoPÉ😂RvvP😂˙😂]v😂æ😂`R]R😂 }É😂v}😂lÉ😂oÉ😂ovvÉX😂😂Iv😂RÉ😂(}u😂}(😂v]u}v😂 workshops. Adult 6€, child 3€. rlARTISTSFORHOPE ]vÉ😂v😂o}😂}+É😂RÉ]😂`}l😂😂É].😂]É😂 }😂Év}PÉ😂˙É}😂😂 }vÉ}😂😂 }😂Év😂`]R😂 oÉlÉu]😂v😂}]ÉÉ]É😂 }😂😂 Év😂}(😂R]oÉv😂`]R😂 ]]o]ÉX



rılTHEARTROOMWORKSHOPS ıæ😂P]vvP😂`}lR}😂æƒX😂~😂SÉ😂]v😂R]😂É}vZX


ılMARCHÉDENOËL 😂S😂AI😂N😂Tr😂P😂I😂ER😂Rr😂😂E D😂Ur😂C😂H😂EM😂I😂N😂 æX😂😂V]]😂}(😂RÉ😂u]v]😂(uU😂R}Ér`v😂]PÉ😂 ride, Christmas choir and more. Food and drink on site. 10h-18h.

lTROUVELESONSTE C LLATIONS 😂S😂ÈV😂R😂EıX😂😂Bov]vÉ😂PoRÉ😂]v]É😂˙}😂}😂]}É😂RÉ😂 u😂}(😂RÉ😂l˙U😂}😂Él😂v😂.v😂}vÉoo}v😂v😂ÉoÉo😂 }iÉX😂XRrRX😂😂FÉX😂˙😂😂B }v😂 É r😂 ]o]}RÉÉXu}v}vPPo}X(X😂

😂M😂O😂N😂O C 😂U😂T😂AN😂Tr😂S😂U😂Rr

rælBROCANTESVIDrGRE E NIERS 😂CH😂TA 😂AI😂G😂N😂ER😂AI😂EæX😂😂CoÉvÉ😂oÉP😂vÉ`😂]Éu😂😂 o}`😂]ÉX😂😂Co}RÉ😂R}É😂~oU😂R]oÉvZ😂r😂😂CR]u😂 }}v😂 É r😂u]ÉoovÉ}😂]ÉuX😂l😂RX😂æl😂XRX


ælNEWGAMES 😂P😂AR😂T😂H😂EN😂YA 😂ıX😂😂PÉv}v😂}(😂 RÉ😂vÉ`😂PuÉ😂v😂}˙😂}(😂RÉ😂L}RÉX😂😂Mv˙😂PuÉ😂 creators will be there to show you their prototypes. 😂Iv}}v😂}😂RÉ😂oo😂˙X😂RrRX😂😂FÉX lVIDEGRENIER 😂R(ÉÉ RuÉv😂}v😂]ÉX😂ıRrRX

lCRETIVE A WORKSHOPORIGAMI CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS😂😂L😂ACR😂CHE 😂EıX😂😂LÉv😂R}`😂 }😂ulÉ'˙😂 É😂 😂CR]u😂}}v😂 É (}😂RÉ😂ÉvÉ.😂}(😂RÉ😂 Telethon. 14h. Free.


lSOIRÉEFRUITSDEMER 😂M😂AZI😂ER😂SE r😂E😂Nr😂G😂TA 😂I😂N😂E 79310. On-site meal with dessert served at 22h. Adult uÉvP😂ƒı😂v😂R]oP😂ƒ😂~r😂˙É😂}oZX😂😂Av]u}v😂˙😂 RÉ😂P😂L😂EI😂N😂F😂EU😂}RÉX😂😂R}v😂 É (}É É 😂N}ÉuÉ😂r😂 ˙uÉv😂}v😂}v😂 É ~😂G😂O😂U😂AN B 😂DÉv]😂P😂😂 ı😂}😂😂DO😂M😂I😂N😂G😂U😂SE 😂S˙o]v😂P😂😂ı😂😂ZX lONC C ERT 😂BR😂SE 😂S😂U😂I😂R😂EıX😂😂L😂v]😂ÉRv}U😂]😂v😂 Év]vP😂É😂}v😂]+ÉÉv😂o]ÉÉRv}😂 😂 u]X😂😂B}v😂]ÉX😂 😂OÉ😂[😂}vo˙X😂ƒ😂}v😂RÉ😂v]PR😂æƒ😂}vo]vÉX😂XRrRX lCHRISTMASCRAFTFAYRElFARMERSMARKET 😂L😂ER😂ET😂AI😂L😂ıX😂😂EvPo]R😂v😂😂FÉvR😂}É😂v😂LX😂 😂Svl😂v😂]vl😂]ooÉX😂~😂SÉ😂]v😂R]😂É}vZX ælPAINTINGDEMONSTRATIONWORKSHOP 😂S😂O CE 😂N😂DI😂G😂N😂Y😂ıX😂😂Wv😂}😂PÉÉ😂]v😂]vvPM😂 😂Jl]É😂G😂O😂DEN😂I😂RU😂o}o😂]vÉU😂`]oo😂]v}É😂˙}😂}😂R]😂 oÉ😂]v😂😂Éu}v}v😂`}lR}X😂XRrRX😂😂FÉX Hello Everyone, We have double oven gloves for sale, ]v}}vP}˙(]]vRv RÉR`}lÉ]PvX If you would like to buy some, which you vÉ}oÉoor]vr}vÉu]'~R to come by in France), then all we ask is }E ~]vo]vP}PÉ`R]R]É increasing). ALL proceeds go to the poppy appeal. TRvl(}}vPX You can place orders by email: }˙}˘Pu]oX}u

8 | The Deux-Sèvres Monthly, November 2022

lFOOTBALLWORLDCUPSTARTS uRÉv😂😂 É😂(}v😂😂R'Pllv˙oX}ul˙u˙˘˘˘ lMARCHÉNOËL DE 😂CR]u😂ulÉ😂`]R😂˘R]]}😂 É v😂vX😂😂Bv😂 catering.


😂S😂AI😂N😂Tr😂H😂I😂L😂AI😂Rr😂😂E 😂SDE r😂L😂O😂G😂SE æ 😂 X😂

lCHRISTMASFETE 😂S😂T😂G😂ER😂M😂AI😂N😂DEL😂O😂N😂G😂U😂E 😂CH😂UA 😂M😂EıX😂😂C}uÉ😂o}vP😂}😂RÉ😂Fvv˙😂😂Fu😂v😂RÉ😂 }uÉÉr😂😂 CR]u😂(v😂v😂RÉo😂]É😂(vX😂~😂SÉ😂 ]v😂R]😂É}vZX lCRETIVE A WORKSHOPORIGAMICHRISTMAS DECORATIONS😂😂L😂ACR😂CHE 😂EıX😂😂LÉv😂R}`😂}😂ulÉ😂 '˙😂 É 😂CR]u😂}}v😂 É (}😂RÉ😂ÉvÉ.😂}(😂RÉ😂 Telethon. 9.30h. Free. rlMARCHÉDENOËL Christmas market.

ARDIN 79160.

rlMARCHÉDENOËL Christmas market.

😂V😂AL😂EN😂V😂I😂G😂N😂SE 😂ıæX😂

rlMARCHÉDENOËL Christmas market.


Details of vide greniers on in Deux-Sèvres ... If you know of any events on in December, tell us about them and we will tell everyone else. ]v(}RÉɢÉÉu}vRo˙X( TRÉ]v(}u}v}]ÉRÉÉ]}É RÉ}( É }lv}`oÉPÉRÉuÉ}(]vvPXD}RÉlR}PRX

Let us know how many you would like and we will send them to you by post (we will need your full postal address of course). We will send you a payment request with your order. All cheques payable to “The R}˙oB]RLÉP]}v_}˙]}J Giving page ```XiP]]vPX}ul(v]]vPlo]'oÉr(r norm. Aoo(v]ÉÉ]É}RÉP}˙ AÉo(}RÉB}ɢR}˙oB]R Legion Account. PvK˙J}Rv}vUÉ]vTRÉAÉX

N}ÉuÉUı 😂TRÉ😂v]uÉ😂.ou😂😂Fv]😂R😂]😂.😂o]😂Év]vPU😂v😂 ]😂uÉÉ 😂}vÉ😂}(😂😂D]vÉ˙😂u}É}v}É 😂 ]o😂`}lU😂É]É😂 (}😂]😂}Év}vÉ😂v😂]É😂(}😂]😂vv]vP😂]o😂 virtuosity. N}ÉuÉUææ 😂QÉv😂😂M˙😂😂IU😂RÉ😂u}vR😂}(😂😂EvPov😂v😂😂IÉov😂]vÉ😂 ææU😂]É😂v😂]😂˙😂É😂 RÉ😂ær˙Ér}o😂Ro(r]ÉU😂 😂Eo]ÉRX😂😂TRÉ😂`}😂Ro(r]É😂`ÉÉ😂}R😂PRÉ😂}(😂😂K]vP😂 😂HÉv˙😂😂V😂I😂I😂IX😂😂S}}v😂LÉ😂RÉ😂É]}vU😂😂M˙U😂R}o]😂 😂C ÉvÉ😂 }r😂R}o]😂 C oÉP]o}v😂v😂uÉ+}😂 😂É }😂}ÉÉ 😂RÉ😂}É😂 }😂Éu˙😂]v😂😂EvPovX😂😂AP}Év😂Éoo]}v😂ÉvÉ😂 v😂😂QÉv😂😂M˙😂]u]}vÉ😂Eo]ÉRU😂😂P}ÉvU😂]v😂RÉ😂 😂T}`É😂}(😂😂L}v}v😂}v😂]]}v😂}(😂}uo]]˙X😂😂ALÉ😂M˙[😂 R É U😂😂Eo]ÉR😂]Éo😂É😂 R}o]😂 😂C o}😂P]v😂RÉV😂 R}PR😂RÉ😂Év]}v😂`😂PÉÉ😂`]R😂}o😂˙😂u}😂}(😂 😂EvPov[😂o}U😂`R}😂`ÉÉ😂oPÉo˙😂😂P}Év😂v😂R}É😂(}😂 PÉÉo]P]}😂 😂 }oÉvÉ😂vÉ😂P}Év😂ÉvX

November November 2, 2000 😂TRÉ😂.😂É]Évo😂`😂É ]É😂}😂RÉ😂IvÉv}vo😂 😂SÉ😂S}vX😂😂T`}😂😂R]vU😂😂Y]😂😂G]Évl}U😂😂SPÉ É ]😂😂K]loÉU😂 v😂😂N😂AS[😂😂A 😂B]oo😂😂SRÉRÉ😂`ÉÉ😂oÉÉ😂RÉ`😂É😂 }(😂 😂E˘É]}v😂😂v😂]😂]o😂ulÉ😂RÉ😂ÉP]vv]vP😂}(😂😂vÉ`😂 😂}(😂 É ]vÉv}vo😂}r}É}v😂]v😂É😂v😂}(😂RÉ😂o}vPÉ😂 }vv}😂Ruv😂R]}v😂]v😂o}`😂R😂 😂E }]U😂`R]R😂 }vvÉ}😂😂 R]😂˙X N}ÉuÉU Ru😂 😂A 😂L]v}ov😂]😂ÉoÉÉ😂RÉ😂R😂É]Év😂}(😂RÉ😂Uv]É😂 😂SÉU😂}u]vP😂 É RÉ😂.😂😂RÉo]v😂}😂`]v😂RÉÉ]É😂 v˙X😂 😂L]v}ov😂É]É😂}vo˙😂Év😂😂 }(😂RÉ😂}o😂}É😂 (ÉÉ É😂RÉ😂}RÉ😂RÉv]É É😂 X😂(}É 😂BÉ 😂L]v}ov[😂 ]vP}vU😂ÉoÉÉv😂😂S}RÉv😂É😂R😂É😂(}u😂RÉ😂 😂Uv]}v😂v😂`ÉÉl😂LÉ😂R]😂`É]vPr]vU😂RÉ😂C}v(ÉÉ😂Au˙😂 .É😂}v😂😂F}😂😂SuÉ😂v😂É😂RÉ😂C]]o😂😂WX N}ÉuÉıUıı 😂L}vP😂˙u}o😂 😂 }(😂RÉ😂C}o😂😂WU😂RÉ😂BÉo]v😂😂WooU😂`😂}ÉvÉ😂 ˙😂RÉ😂GE Éuv😂P}ÉvuÉv😂oo}`]vP😂Éo😂(}u😂}😂😂E 😂W😂BÉo]vX😂😂TRÉ😂(}oo}`]vP😂˙U😂ÉoÉvP😂😂GÉuv😂ÉPv😂 }😂É😂RÉ😂`oo😂}`vX😂😂OvÉ😂}(😂RÉ😂u}😂]v(u}😂˙u}o😂}(😂 RÉ😂C}o😂😂WU😂]😂`😂}}v😂}😂É😂 oÉ😂R😂`😂]lo˙😂 vRÉ˙😂😂 }Év]😂RvÉX😂😂TRÉ😂GE Éuv😂}v😂 (}oo}`É😂É]]}v😂˙😂😂HvP]v😂}8]o😂😂(É`😂`ÉÉl😂Éo]É😂 }😂}Év😂RÉ😂}É`É😂É Év😂😂HvP˙😂v😂]😂A X😂😂TR]😂😂 uÉ😂RÉ😂BÉo]v😂😂Woo😂}]voÉ😂GE Éuv😂]Év😂}o😂 v}`😂]uÉv😂]😂˙😂P}]vP😂R}PR😂😂HvP˙U😂]v}😂]😂A U😂 v😂(}u😂RÉÉ😂]v}😂😂W😂GÉ Éuv˙X N}ÉuÉUæı 😂TRÉ😂.😂G˙]vP😂É😂`😂É(}uÉ😂]v😂😂P]U😂˙😂😂JoÉ😂 😂L }U😂`]R}😂RÉ😂É}(😂(É😂 ˙😂vÉX😂😂TRÉ😂}vÉr]ÉÉ😂 PuÉv😂R😂RÉ😂}o]É😂`😂vuÉLÉ 😂 😂R]uX

N}ÉuÉUı 😂TRÉ😂.😂É]}É😂}(😂RÉ😂B]R😂]ÉvÉr.}v😂ÉoÉ]]}v😂 series Doctor Who aired on the BBC. The Doctor was played ˙😂😂W]oo]u😂😂HvÉoo😂vo😂ıU😂`RÉv😂RÉ😂R}`😂ÉoÉ😂R😂 Time Lords had the ability to regenerate themselves when vÉR😂 😂É oo}`]vP😂]+ÉÉv😂}😂}😂uÉ😂 RÉ😂oÉ}oÉ 😂 X😂😂TRÉ😂D}}U😂`]R😂]É😂 ˙😂}(😂 }uv]}vU😂ÉooÉ😂R}PR😂uÉ😂v😂É😂 ]v😂R]😂v]ÉL 😂 U😂RÉ😂T😂AR😂DI😂SU😂v😂}v˙u😂(}😂 😂T]uÉ😂v😂😂RÉoÉ😂D]uÉv]}v😂]v😂😂SÉX😂😂W]R😂 an interior larger than its exterior, the TARDIS could take on various shapes to blend into its environment, although it is predominately Év😂]v😂RÉ😂(}u😂}(😂😂oÉ😂}o]É😂}˘X😂 N}ÉuÉUı 😂Ov😂😂N}ÉuÉ😂U😂ıU😂RÉ😂(}]o😂}(😂v😂Éo˙😂Ruv😂 vÉ}😂É😂]}ÉÉ😂]v😂v}RrÉÉv😂R]}] 😂E X😂😂S}}v😂 nicknamed "Lucy," the remains showed that human species were walking upright over three millions years ago. The P}vÉl]vP😂]}É˙😂uÉ˙😂😂 vR}}o}P˙😂}(É}😂 Donald Johanson and his research assistant Tom Gray at the 😂H😂oÉ}v}o}P]o😂]ÉU😂`}o😂oÉ}😂😂 Rɢ}v😂 😂É }(😂 o😂É RvÉ😂(PuÉv😂}(😂}vÉ😂}É😂`}😂`ÉÉlU😂ul]vP😂 Év😂😂 }(😂😂]vPoÉ😂R}u]v]v😂lÉoÉ}vX😂😂TRÉ😂vuÉ😂L˙😂 `😂]v]É˙😂😂 RÉoÉ😂BÉ [😂}vP😂S😂L˙😂]v😂RÉ😂Sl˙😂`]R😂 😂D]u}v_😂`R]R😂😂J}Rv}v[😂Éu😂o˙É😂}v😂😂RÉ É ˙😂 vlU😂vÉ😂v😂vP😂]v😂ÉoÉ}v😂}(😂RÉ]😂.v]vP N}ÉuÉU 😂Av😂vo😂}u😂˙Éu😂.voo˙😂]]É😂}É😂EvPov😂 LÉ😂`Él]vP😂R}😂}v😂RÉ}v˙😂 😂 (}😂vÉo˙😂`}😂`ÉÉlX😂 Featuring hurricane strength winds, the storm killed between U😂v😂U😂É}oÉX😂😂HvÉ😂}(😂😂R}˙o😂😂N˙😂R]😂 `ÉÉ😂o}😂}😂RÉ}u 😂 U😂RÉ😂`}😂]v😂😂B]]v[😂R]}˙X😂😂T}`v😂 R😂😂Po˙u}RU😂😂HooU😂😂C}`ÉU😂😂P}u}R😂v😂😂B]}o😂 `ÉÉX😂 😂 😂H}`ÉU😂 É RÉR😂 😂É }oo😂Éoo˙😂u}vÉ😂 `RÉv😂😂R}˙o😂😂N˙😂R]😂vR}É😂}+😂RÉ}v˙ 😂 [😂 southern coast—with 8,000 sailors on board—were lost. The ˙}vÉ 😂E 😂L]PRR}ÉU😂]o😂}v😂}l😂 😂 }}]vP😂😂u]oÉ😂 (}u😂😂Po˙u}RU😂`😂(ÉooÉ˙😂😂 RÉ}u 😂 X N}ÉuÉUı 😂TRÉ😂Fo˙]vP😂😂S}uv😂}uÉ É 😂RÉ😂.😂Éu😂o}}u}É}😂😂 É😂}8]oo˙😂}ÉÉ 😂uRX😂😂TRÉ😂L😂N😂ER😂Co😂😂AP].😂 😂N}X😂😂`😂]o😂]v😂ı😂(}😂RÉ😂L}v}v😂v😂😂N}RrÉÉv😂 😂R]o`˙😂😂D}vÉ}😂😂 RÉ😂É]Pv😂}(😂😂S]😂😂N]PÉo😂😂GÉoÉ˙X😂😂 ˙É😂Éo]É😂]v😂😂SÉRÉv}v😂R}lÉÉRÉ 😂 😂É}(😂 30 mph and in 2007 a French TGV recorded 357 mph.

The Deux-Sèvres Monthly, November 2022 | 9


Satellite TV and Internet ello readers, how are you all? By the time H you read this, there will be less than two months until Christmas. Just let that sink in.

by Stuart Wallace

PC or whatever, it isn’t going to show you the picture from the Freesat box. It’s looking in the wrong place.

Where did that time go? It only seems like twelve months ago I was thinking it was two months to Christmas. If you’re anything like me, and I very much hope for your sake that you’re not, you’ll shudder at the thought of the festive season. I hate having to worry about presents, cards, decorations, who we will have to suffer seeing etc. And that’s why I simply don’t bother. I leave it all to Mrs W. She’s organised, caring and genuinely likes people. All traits that I find annoying. I can’t even be bothered with the ‘Bah humbug’ bit. Mrs W frequently tells me that without her efforts we’d have no friends. My counter argument that I ‘kind of tolerate’ the guy who delivers my work equipment was not met with kindness. So much for the season of goodwill eh? I’ll get round her by buying her a new ironing board for Christmas. After the new vacuum she received last year, I think I’ve come up with a winning formula.

This may seem obvious to many of you, but I really cannot stress enough how often I am called out for this sort of issue. I try to establish the issue and see if it can be resolved without the need for a visit, but people swear blind they’ve checked the connection source. They usually haven’t.

Whilst on the Christmas topic, don’t forget that if you want a second TV point in the house, so that you can watch something good whilst the King’s Speech is on (does Colin Firth get royalties for this now?), then we can fit satellite TV in another room of the house. This allows different channels to be watched in different rooms. You might even have an old unused sat box that’ll do the job?

As always, please feel free to get in touch if you would like any further information or would like to discuss your requirements. Contact details can be found on the advert. Have a great month.

I don’t work for Starlink, honest. However, to make a good thing even better, Starlink has dropped the one-off cost of equipment from 634 to 480 euros, making it a little easier on the pocket. The monthly contract remains at 50 euros per month. It really is a very good service. OK, I may well have mentioned this before, but recent experience shows that it definitely bears repeating (why did my mind just go to farting bears?). So, please be aware that in many (but not all) cases, if you see a message on your TV screen saying ‘No signal’, or ‘Please check input cables’ or ‘No Source found’ etc, then it’s very likely to be your TV not being able to find your satellite receiver, or whatever bit of kit you are trying to watch. On a single afternoon last month, I went to two call-outs for what the client said was ‘no satellite signal’. In both cases, the satellite service was fine. The problem was that the TV was on the wrong input source. So, for example, if your Freesat box is connected by an HDMI cable, and the end that connects to the TV goes into the socket marked HDMI 1, then this is the input source you need to choose via your TVs remote control. If the TV is set to HDMI 2, or Scart, or

10 | The Deux-Sèvres Monthly, November 2022

All TVs have their own ways of labeling the input sources HDMI/Scart/Ext etc - but if you use the remote control that came with the TV, you should be able to scroll through the input source list. The button is usually marked something like Source/AV/Input and is sometimes, I’m especially looking at you Samsung, simply a square (to represent the TV screen) with an arrow pointing (for the connections) into the square from the left. Freesat is not the same as Freeview. Let’s pretend the word Freeview does not exist for the purposes of UK TV reception in France.

😂S😂v😂😂TRÉ😂FÉvR😂😂H}É😂SÉoo]É😂T😂V RÉoo]ÉPu]oX}u 😂 RÉ}v😂 O 😂 ]o😂 É ]v😂R]😂É😂]v😂RÉ😂B]o]vP😂😂 😂RÉv}}v😂É}v😂}(😂RÉ😂uP]vÉ

Our Furry Friends 8 Rue d'Aunis 79120 Sainte-Soline

05 49 29 68 22




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N RNA W792002789

Tim is a young and lively yet gentle boy with uvvÉv😂😂 o}É 😂 }(😂 😂 }oÉ É v😂😂 o˙]vPX😂 R}uÉ H😂vÉ😂 É 😂 É `]R😂 😂 }uÉ}vÉv😂É É u}😂 😂 }(😂 RÉuÉ😂 `]R }😂😂 😂 U😂`]oo😂 😂 ulÉ`}vÉ 😂 😂 (o😂 companion. vo˙😂 É C 😂 ]v😂(}`]R😂 😂 É `}😂}RÉ}P😂 😂 `]R😂 vÉ😂 É X😂 F 😂 }😂 u}É😂 ]v(}U😂 }v😂 }]}v😂 A😂 v😂E😂 R 😂 }É😂 ]😂 u]o😂 É }v😂 RÉv]}Év}ÉX}u

TRÉA}]}vEvR}ÉÉoPıæ or by email: RÉv]}Év}ÉX}u

Visit the website:

Association : W792005754


HOLAS G😂 voÉ É H😂 O 😂 L 😂 S😂A ]😂😂 }😂😂 RÉRÉU😂l]o}😂 😂 PÉ😂 (}😂v😂Ro( 😂 X T😂 R]😂`É}P😂 😂 É ]😂o}}l]vP😂(}😂R]😂(}ÉR}uÉ 😂 É U😂RÉ😂 is house trained, walks on a lead and good other }P😂v😂X😂H😂 `]oo😂 😂É (ÉÉ ]É😂 v]}vuÉ É😂 vU😂 not a busy town to live in. H😂 ]😂😂É vo˙😂 É ]vP😂 É (}É]v😂 😂É L 😂 R 😂 }RÉooÉ~ 😂 X Z M 😂 ]}rR]ÉU😂]vÉ(}😂 😂 ]ÉU😂vÉU😂 É `}uÉv😂😂 😂É (}😂GÉv😂😂 lX😂}}v😂 A😂 (É}É 😂 É X F 😂 }😂u}É]v(}u}v😂 😂 oÉ}v😂 😂É }v😂 😂 😂 }X}(Éo}É É XvÉ or call ı . SIRETPææææ TRÉA}}vO( ÉoP ı or by email: asso.}(ÉÉ

BLANKETTE I😂 v😂RÉ}o]PR😂 😂 R]😂u}vR😂P😂L 😂B N 😂A K 😂 T😂E T😂 E😂 L 😂B N 😂A K 😂 T😂E T😂 R😂😂E +É}😂😂 É uR😂RÉ 😂 Rv😂 😂 }(😂 }oÉ É 😂 `R}😂 R}o😂 RÉ😂 v😂É }ÉvP😂 her. But, now thanks to the love and care }]É˙😂😂 RÉ(}É 😂 uu😂 😂 RÉ]😂😂 o}}u]vP😂 v😂 }u]vP😂 É u}É😂 }v.Év😂 R😂 É ˙X😂 H😂 }`ÉU😂 É `R😂RÉoo˙😂 É 😂 vÉ😂]😂É uvÉ É😂 v😂v😂o}]vP😂(u]o˙😂 }(😂 RÉ😂 }`vU😂 😂 }u(}oÉ😂 oU😂 😂 (É`😂 oÉ😂 v😂 }😂 😂É `u😂 v😂😂 É(}😂 ~É(Éo˙😂😂 RÉ😂 }vo˙😂X😂 Z P 😂 oÉU😂 É v😂 ˙}😂 RÉoM😂 S😂 ]o]É É U😂]rR]ÉU😂]vÉU😂vÉPÉ(}😂 😂 F 😂 L 😂É V😂 l😂FI😂 V😂 X CRÉCRoo}vRÉ C (PÉPÉv]}v Eu]oPRÉRoo}vPu]oX}u PR}vÉPæææı WÉ]ÉPR'PllRÉRoo}vX}ul}}vl The Deux-Sèvres Monthly, November 2022 | 11

Take a Break DSM˙E }`} C ~`]RRvl}R}BÉ˙ 18. A midday meal (5) ıX😂v]É A😂 v😂P˙v😂 E😂 u}vuÉv😂~Z 20. Funeral vehicle (6) Clues DOWN 2. Large South American river (6) X😂N 😂 o😂}iÉ]]oÉ 😂 ]v😂 😂 RÉl˙😂😂 (9-4) æX😂O 😂 vÉ}(😂 😂 RÉv˙😂 C😂 I😂 ov😂~Z 6. A building where birds are kept (6) 7. Market town in Wiltshire (11) 13. Take a person away to extract a ransom (6) X😂RoÉ A😂 .É😂 o😂v😂É ~Z

DSM Toughie Crossword (with thanks to Mike Morris)

Clues Across v😂😂A 😂X😂 D oR}PR😂 A😂 vÉÉ 😂 not to come together in heaven, all twins met there surprisingly. (5, 3, 5, 5, 4) X😂 😂 M 😂 L]😂(}u😂 😂É 😂 }(😂o}R]vP😂(}😂 GR˙😂RÉ`ÉX😂~æZ ı😂 X😂U😂 vo😂G`😂`]R😂R 😂 ]}😂}oÉ É V😂 ]J😂É É [😂~ 😂 Z X😂}😂😂É C😂 PÉ(}É 😂 ]Pv😂v˙😂 É ]v😂 order. (3) X😂L 😂 U😂 É oÉ]vP😂v}😂]v}v😂 how to manage taste in tea `]R}😂}vÉv😂}(😂PM😂~ıZ 13. Groups seen in short month v😂F 😂 vR😂 É }(😂 😂 ]vPX😂~Z 14. One who trips the light is in vPÉv😂😂 u😂oÉÉ (}É 😂 😂 `]R😂}R😂 😂 }(😂X😂 É ~Z X😂H😂 ]vP😂}Pv]É(É😂 U😂o˙]vP😂 GÉ}PÉ 😂 RÉ`}l😂 😂 ˙😂É `ÉooX😂 (9) ıX😂M 😂 v😂]v😂RÉu]oÉ 😂 }(😂 😂 (É😂É .˘ÉX😂~Z X😂L 😂 ]'oÉ`😂E(}oo}`]vP😂 😂 ]˘😂 at home who were asked to come. (7) X😂}v D😂 [😂(}PÉ}😂😂 ]}vvÉ😂 rapid eye movement to get a ]😂}(😂`R😂RÉ😂 É ]😂É M😂~æZ X😂I😂 v]É}v.É 😂 vÉo]vP😂 É😂 `]R😂 }v😂 É v😂vÉM😂~U😂U😂æZ


How many words of three or more letters can you make from the letters in our square? There is one word of nine letters. We estimate about 170 words are possible. If you want to make it harder, only allow words that contain the centre letter. 0 - 50 Not bad 51 - 100 Quite good

101 - 140 Very good 141 + Expert

12 | The Deux-Sèvres Monthly, November 2022

Clues Down X😂 😂 o}vP😂 😂 A😂 oU😂(}😂 😂É ]😂}v😂uÉ}😂😂 É ]vPÉ}o}v É😂 X😂~U😂U😂Z 2. Go through pipe to get to overhead channel. (7) X😂 😂 T😂 }😂😂É o](É`RÉ 😂 v😂oÉ]😂😂 `]'É É vX😂~ıZ X😂 😂 T😂 ˙😂vP😂}😂RÉRÉ😂 😂 .ÉoÉX😂~Z æ 😂 X😂S😂 ]o}😂o😂}😂PÉX😂 (É😂 É 😂 ~Z X😂 😂 S😂 }«R😂u😂É «vP😂 ˙}˙😂 É }v😂RÉu]oÉ 😂 }(😂 😂 goal. (5) X😂 😂 T😂 }oÉ`]vP É 😂 V😂}😂`É😂 É 😂 É against, but.......................(3, 2, 3, 3, 2) 12. See 1A æX😂L 😂 PÉuuuo 😂 U😂vÉ(}u😂 😂 Monty Python had “nibbling RÉ}É😂 R}} 😂 _M😂~Z X😂P 😂 M 😂 oÉÉ 😂 uÉv😂(}u😂 😂É É }}oU😂}vo˙😂}😂PÉ]v😂 😂 uÉ😂 M😂~Z X😂T😂 RÉ(u}😂 😂 }`v😂]😂(}😂v😂 u}v😂}(😂u}vÉ˙M😂~æZ 21. More than one is carried by a great woman. (3)



Clues ACROSS X😂}`}˙😂 😂A }(😂RÉS😂 }R😂uÉA😂 ]v😂 pampas (6) X😂v😂A😂 vÉ(o😂v]vP😂 É }😂😂 content (6) X😂v😂A o😂v]😂}(😂R😂É ~æZ ıX😂.]ÉÉ 😂A v˙😂}(😂o}}😂 É oo😂 É ~Z 10. A combat between two mounted knights (5) X😂PR 😂A r.«vP😂PuÉv😂`}v😂˙😂 ballet dancers and acrobats (7) 12. Cooking appliance (9) æX😂v😂A😂 }(😂 😂 É vo😂 É L 😂 }v}v😂]v😂RÉ😂 ]˙😂 C😂 }(😂W😂 u]vÉ É ~😂 Z 16. A blacksmith's heavy iron block (5) 17. Currently happening (2-5)



We have changed the vowels in these groups of words. Can you work out what they are and what the group is. 1. BROSS STOUL AREN ELOMENEAM 2. TIBLA CHEER WORDRIBE BID 3. HUGH JAMP PILO VUELT DOSCIS HUMMAR 4. LOOPERD TAGIR LOIN CHOUTEH

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The Deux-Sèvres Monthly, November 2022 | 13







Food and Drink

The Vineyard Guys

November on the Vineyard T

he task of wine making complete, the wine now sits in the barrels enjoying time to rest and age as it takes on the flavours from the oak and the structure develops to make our Clos Vieux Rochers Castillon Cotes de Bordeaux. The Rosé is also finished and awaiting to be bottled in readiness for Christmas, New Year and the warmer weather next year when it can be enjoyed chilled in the sunshine. With the wine now requiring less attention we turn to the vineyard itself. We have already turned the soil and now are introducing organic fertiliser to help develop a good sub soil environment. As we are in transition to becoming Bio (Organic), we look at different options to introduce natural goodness into the soil. Planting beans or peas in the turned soil rows to develop as a winter plant helps keep the clay soil open, their root systems break down the soil which in turn helps the rain penetrate to deeper levels. These plants will not be harvested but once in flower they will be ploughed in to act as a green fertiliser adding much needed nitrogen to the soil. When we prune, next month, the pruning’s will be mulched to enable them to breakdown and again add valuable organic matter to the ground. Our vineyard sits on the high ground of the Castillon Cotes de Bordeaux appellation and benefits from the large nutrient rich rock, full of fossils formed over the past two million years when this part of the Gironde was under the sea. When you understand the complexities of what the French call the terroir, you begin to see why the wines in our region are renowned. The area of Castillon and Saint Emilion both have the same

14 | The Deux-Sèvres Monthly, November 2022

by R}B]u.ÉovSÉÉMMR}v

soil types, enjoying a privileged exposure with an altitude difference of more than 100 meters: •

The High Limestone Plateau: the area is known for its clay and limestone, which facilitate the growth of Merlot and Cabernet Franc. This high plateau is where the best wine of the region are produced.

The Slopes: The area is famous for its hills that consist of smaller limestone rock with the limestone fragments within the clay soil. The hilly region in the Castillon and Saint-Émilion area of Bordeaux is part of the highquality terroir producing complex, dense wines.


The Flats: This part of the terroir is located at the bottom of the slopes and along the banks of the Dordogne, here the soil is more sandy and gravelly.

When you have just two pairs of hands and as much land as we have, keeping up with the general maintenance and control of everything that grows the moment your back is turned, takes up what is left of November. Getting everything cut back and looking tidy for the winter is a full time job as it wont be long before spring returns and everything starts growing again. If the hedges and slopes aren’t cut back they will be a real problem next year.


ul Su Beautif

How about chocolate sauce? 125g butter, 200g dark chocolate, 125g caster sugar, ½ glass red wine and a pinch of salt. Just mix everything together over a medium heat and pour over chocolate cake, ice cream etc.

at our r e t n i W


We continue to welcome guests who come to take a winter break in our region and spend a few nights with us in our cosy gites. With also have many visitors dropping in to see us, take a tour and wine tasting and leave with a few cases of our wine as they stock up in readiness for Christmas and those cool winter evenings at home. No matter what you are having for lunch over the festive period, Clos Vieux Rochers will be the perfect accompaniment. We often talk about wine paring with food but what about food dishes that benefit from wine being added to the recipe? A glass of wine while you are cooking is never a bad idea, if you are including wine in the recipe it's an even bigger excuse to drink what was left after the dish is made. Always use a decent wine when cooking, if you wouldn’t drink it, don’t cook with it. There are many dishes that come to mind when you think of wine, coq au vin is delicious with red wine or with white, mussels with white wine and cream and boeuf bourguignon to name a few. Why not try adding a glass of red to your chilli con carne or to your bolognaise sauce. A slightly cheaper cut of steak marinated in a glass or two of red wine overnight will be more tender when cooked and the marinade becomes your sauce with a little help.

Red wine Caramel? Stir 250g sugar, 3x star anise, cream of tartar, and 3x tablespoons water in a medium saucepan to blend. Bring to a boil over medium-high heat and cook, swirling occasionally (do not stir), until sugar is caramelized and the colour of dark maple syrup, about 8 minutes. Remove from heat and carefully add 1/4 cup red wine (mixture will bubble vigorously), stirring to dissolve. Add remaining 1/4 cup red wine. Boil for 30 seconds, stirring to make sure all sugar is dissolved. Let cool completely and just warm a little before serving to loosen. Serve over cakes or desert, fruit and nuts layered with the sauce and yoghurt. Pear and Red Wine Pie? Chopped Pears, sugar, a glass of red wine and a sprig of rosemary, cook over a medium heat until reduced and the pears of soft, remove the rosemary and you have your pie filling. Remember every dish must be made while drinking a glass of wine. Until next month…. Cheers!

We also have an on-line store for those that can’t get to us or need to restock their cellar. For readers of The Deux-Sèvres Monthly Magazine who would like to try our Clos Vieux Rochers – Castillon Cotes de Bordeaux or our Rosé, we have an offer for delivery to France. Carton of 6 use DSM6 and get €5 discount on deliveries to France only. Carton of 12 use DSM12 get €10 discount on deliveries to France only.

F}u}É]v(}u}v}vR}SÉU É RÉ]`]vÉU ]vÉ˙}v}uu}}vXXX

The Deux-Sèvres Monthly, November 2022 | 15

AUTUMN SUPPERS }v B vPÉÉP]o+ 1 tbsp olive oil æP😂'É 1 large onion chopped æuo😂R]lÉv😂}l😂(ÉR😂}😂(}u😂😂É 50g parmesan cheese grated Salt and pepper to season 😂Suoo😂vR😂(ÉR😂P}v😂R}É METHOD 😂Iv😂 😂 RÉ˙😂 É😂 Év😂 RÉ😂 RÉ😂 }]o😂 v😂 'ÉX😂 😂A }v]}v😂v😂}v😂v😂(˙😂PÉvo˙😂vo😂}v]}v😂vÉÉ😂 vX😂 😂ARÉ😂]É😂v😂(˙😂(}😂😂(RÉ😂r😂u]vÉX (oo˙😂 É😂C 😂 RÉ😂 }l😂 v😂 oo}`😂 }😂 }uÉ😂 }😂 😂 ]uuÉX😂 😂C}É😂v😂]uuÉ😂PÉvo˙😂(}😂😂u]vÉX😂 Add the diced peppers, tarragon and seasoning to taste v😂}}l😂(}😂(RÉ 😂 u]vÉ 😂 X😂😂S]v😂 😂 RÉuÉ😂 v😂v😂 serve. INGREDIENTS 14 rashers smoked bacon or Potrine roughly chopped 275g mixed grain rice 😂˙Éoo}`😂U😂 É É😂v😂.vÉo˙😂]É 😂PÉÉv😂U😂 É É😂v😂.vÉo˙😂]É

😂TR]😂 oÉÉ 😂 ]É😂 ]R😂 v😂 É😂 É😂 o}vP]É😂 R]lÉv😂 breast, pork or steak, or as a winter supper with a crisp green salad. 😂T]P😂😂TR]😂]😂v😂]Éo😂]R😂}😂uoo😂 😂É oÉ😂 L}Éu}v😂 😂 }(😂 ÉPÉoÉX😂uR}}u 😂A U😂}😂É😂 `É}v😂 É W😂`RÉÉ😂 you have to hand.

CRÉ˙É S`É}v É v}v B M8v P😂'É😂uÉoÉ 2 salad onions chopped 4tbsp semi-skimmed milk 1 large egg 1tsp mustard METHOD 😂H😂RÉ É 😂}Év😂}😂😂Cl😂C(vlP😂X😂 😂L]vÉ😂 u8v😂 v😂 `]R😂 😂 É X😂 😂R}😂 RÉ😂 }v😂 (}😂 }😂ru]vÉ 😂 vo😂 😂 ]˙X😂😂I(😂]vP😂RÉ}PRo˙😂 😂 R}😂 }😂o}v😂]ÉX😂 😂MÉv`R]oÉU😂]vP😂(}}😂 😂 }É}😂`R]😂RÉ`É😂 }v😂 É v😂 }v]}v😂 vo😂 .vÉo˙😂 R}ÉX😂 😂A RÉ😂 u]olU😂 ÉPP😂 v😂 'É😂 v😂 u]˘😂 P]vX😂 😂A RÉ😂 uU😂 G}U😂 RÉÉ😂 v😂 }v😂 v😂oÉ😂vo😂😂R]l😂'É😂(}uX😂 INGREDIENTS P😂`É}v😂 É W😂vvÉ😂}😂(}Év~😂(}É 😂É Z 55g lardons or smoked bacon rashers æP😂Éo(r]]vP😂(} 100g cheddar cheese grated

16 | The Deux-Sèvres Monthly, November 2022

With a spoon, divide the mixture between the paper case v😂 lÉ😂 (}😂 }😂 ær😂 u]vX😂 😂TRÉ˙😂 R}o😂 É😂 P}oÉv😂 ]v😂 }o}😂 v😂 `Éoo😂 ]ÉvX😂 😂 😂T😂É ˙😂 ]vÉvP😂 😂 lÉ`É😂 ]v😂 RÉ😂 ÉvÉ😂}(😂😂u8v😂W😂]😂R}o😂}uÉ😂}😂oÉvX 😂L}Éo˙😂 É😂 `]R😂 😂 }`o😂 }(😂 }😂 😂 v😂 É😂 vi}˙É😂 R}😂 or cold.


😂G😂v😂É i]É😂}(😂😂oÉuÉvvÉ 1/2tsp ground ginger METHOD 😂H😂É RÉ😂 }Év😂 }😂 😂Cl😂C (vlP😂 X😂 😂GÉvo˙😂 RÉ😂 RÉ😂 uuoÉ😂 (}😂 r😂 u]v😂 RÉv😂 Éu}É😂 (}u😂 RÉX😂 😂L]vÉ😂 RÉ😂 }'}u😂 }(😂 😂 u😂 ˙😂 u😂 É😂 v}vrl😂 lÉ😂 v😂 `]R😂 PÉ}}(😂 É v😂É😂 }É`]R😂 😂 RÉoÉ😂 uÉvvÉo]É 😂 v😂😂 then spread the marmalade over the top. 😂U]vP😂 v😂 ÉoÉ]😂 `R]lU😂 oÉv😂 RÉ😂 ÉPP😂 v😂 P😂 }PÉRÉ😂 vo😂Éu˙😂v😂oÉX😂😂GÉvo˙😂(}o😂]v😂RÉU😂 É 😂 i]Év😂😂 G}😂 vo😂É˙R]vP😂]😂}uoÉÉo˙😂}u]vÉX 😂P}😂RÉ😂u]˘É(oo˙😂 É😂 }É😂RÉ😂(]😂o]É😂v😂lÉ😂(}😂 æræ😂u]v😂vo😂P}oÉv😂]v😂}o}😂v😂.u😂}😂}RX 😂Aoo}`😂 RÉ😂 lÉ😂 v😂 }😂 }}o😂 (}😂 😂 (É`😂 u]vÉ😂 (}É É 😂 PÉvo˙😂 vv]vP😂 😂 oÉ'É😂 lv](É😂 }v😂 RÉ😂 ÉPÉ😂 }(😂 RÉ😂 lÉ😂 v😂 v😂 }😂 }v}😂 😂 É]vP😂 oÉU😂 Éu}]vP😂 RÉ😂 PÉ}}(😂 É paper.

INGREDIENTS 😂oÉuÉvvÉ😂ÉoÉ😂v😂😂R}]}voo˙😂]v}😂æ😂o]É😂ÉR æP😂Éo(r]]vP😂G} 75g cater sugar 2 medium eggs 3 tbsp thin cut marmalade

😂DÉo]]}😂 É😂 `]R😂 uÉ😂 vPo]ÉU😂 Éu😂 }😂 😂 o]'oÉ😂 Éu😂 P]vPÉ😂 }😂 }uÉ😂 (}uPÉ😂 (]😂 (}😂 v😂 ˘😂É É]o😂 accompaniment. 😂N}Ér😂R]😂]😂😂(😂(ÉÉ😂}vPÉ😂v😂]😂Év😂😂 }v😂RÉ˙😂 X

HuvP}}CRÉ˙É BlÉ 5tbsp milk uÉ😂 😂(]RÉ 😂Bol😂É😂(}😂É}v]vP METHOD Preheat oven to 180C/350F/gas 4 and grease a 1.7 litre casserole dish. Bring potatoes to the boil in a saucepan and }}l😂 (}😂 }˘]uÉo˙😂 æ😂 u]vÉ😂 vo😂 i😂 ÉvÉX😂 ]v😂 😂D v😂RÉv😂v😂É }😂R}😂v😂(}😂(É😂 `😂}v😂 É }😂Éu}Év˙😂 😂 u}]ÉX😂😂MÉv`R]oÉ😂}]o😂}}o]😂(}😂😂u]vÉ😂]v😂v}RÉ😂 v😂vo😂}}lÉoo😂 😂 .uX 😂Iv😂oPÉ 😂 }`o 😂 U😂u]˘😂}PÉRÉ]}' 😂 U😂😂PuÉvU😂u]olU😂uÉ😂 (]RÉ😂 ]vP😂 }v]}vU😂 ol😂 É😂 v😂 RÉÉ😂 É }(😂 RÉ😂 RÉ😂 RÉÉX😂 😂A }}ÉU😂 }}o]😂 v😂 RuV😂 😂 `Éoo😂vo😂RÉ˙😂`ÉÉ😂 oo😂}ÉX😂😂S}}v😂]v}😂RÉ]R😂 É😂 and sprinkle over the remaining cheddar cheese. INGREDIENTS 700g potatoes peeled and cut into chunks 225g ham diced P😂}}o]😂😂]v}😂uoo😂G}É 4 spring onions chopped æP😂]}'😂RÉÉ 100g Cheddar cheese grated 3tbsp grated Parmesan Cheese

😂BlÉ😂 (}😂 ær😂 u]vÉ😂 vo😂 P}oÉv😂 ]v😂 }o}X😂 😂SÉ😂 `]R😂 salad or green vegetables. Tip: It can also be served as a side dish, without the ham, o}vP]É😂 ˙}😂 R}]É😂 }(😂 }É😂 uÉX😂 😂LL}É É 😂 É PÉ😂 `]R😂RÉ]}vo😂 😂 😂EvPo]R😂Él(J

The Deux-Sèvres Monthly, November 2022 | 17

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Homemade ‘proper’ Hot Chocolate

The best hot chocolate I have ever tasted.. Ingredients 4 cups milk, any type 3 tablespoons cacao powder 2 tablespoons maple syrup 4 oz semi-sweet chocolate Optional: 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla extract


In a saucepan add the milk, cacao powder, and maple syrup and bring to a simmer. Stir until there's no clumps. Add the finely chopped chocolate and whisk for about 35 minutes, or until the hot chocolate is smooth. Pour the hot chocolate into mugs, and if you'd like, top with whipped cream or marshmallows and a sprinkle of cacao powder.

All Saints’ Day on the 1st November is a catholic holy day and in France it's a public holiday and a time when families visit cemeteries to remember and honour their deceased relatives. It's traditional for families to put a pot of chrysanthemums on the graves of their family for la Fete de la Toussaint.

Armistice de la Première Guerre Mondiale (Armistice Day) is a public holiday on 11th November commemorating the signing of the armistice between Germany and the Allies that led to the ceasefire and finally put an end to World War I in 1918.

November brings the cooler, darker evenings – its time to switch on the heating and light those stoves once again. The days seem much shorter now, and there was never enough hours to complete all my tasks. There is, though, something comforting about curling up on the sofa with the heat from the stove on your skin that cannot be beaten and of course a couple of comfort food treats ……. Donna x

Cranberry & White Chocolate Cookies What better to curl up on the sofa with but Cookies and a cup of Hot Chocolate … heaven


125 g butter 125 g soft brown sugar 100 g granulated sugar 1 egg beaten 1 tsp vanilla extract 190 g SR flour 1/2 tsp bicarbonate of soda 1/2 tsp salt 100 g dried cranberries 150 g white chocolate chips Instructions Preheat the oven to 180C Cream together the butter with the sugars until light and fluffy Beat in the egg and the vanilla add the SR flour, bicarbonate of soda, and salt and beat until a thick cookie dough is formed Carefully fold in the dried cranberries and white chocolate Spoon the mixture onto the trays (I use a ice cream scoop) and bake in the oven for 10-12 minutes or until nice and golden brown. The longer the crunchier, the shorter the softer and more gooey.

November's birth flower, the chrysanthemum, recalls the vibrant colors of autumn leaves. Also known as simply as “mums,” chrysanthemums can be seen in all sorts of autumn decor.

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Gluten Free Recipes SWEETPOTATOOURGE C TTEAKEB DTORTILLA TR]˙É ]R]RÉoR]É}}v}RÉ(]É }ooX Serves four. Ingredients: 2 medium sweet potatoes (500g), peeled and thinly sliced }PÉ 😂 'ÉU😂R]vo˙😂o]É 1 onion, thinly sliced 6 eggs æP😂uÉ😂(‘RÉ 30g manchego or cheddar cheese (vegetarian cheese ](😂(ÉÉ ÉZ😂PÉ 2 tbsp olive oil Seasoning to taste 1 tbsp chopped chives Method: 😂H😂RÉ É 😂}Év😂}😂ı😂Cl😂C(vlP😂æX😂 😂Iv}😂😂uÉ]u😂v}vrl😂l]vP😂]R😂😂RÉ`É😂 😂É }}😂o]ÉU😂}v]}v😂v😂}PÉ'É😂v😂]oÉ😂`]R😂 the olive oil. Season and mix everything together. 😂BlÉ😂(}😂😂u]v😂]vP😂LÉ😂}😂æ😂u]vX😂😂TRÉ😂 sweet potatoes should be tender, onions tender and }PÉ'É😂o]'oÉ😂RÉX😂 Meanwhile, whisk together the eggs and crème (‘RÉ😂]vP😂😂]vR😂}(😂É}v]vPX 😂RÉu}É😂RÉÉPÉ 😂 oÉ😂u]˘😂(}u😂RÉ😂}Év😂v😂}😂 over the beaten egg mixture. Sprinkle your chosen PÉ😂RÉÉ😂v😂😂l😂]v😂RÉ😂}Év😂(}😂😂(RÉ😂 ær😂u]v😂vo😂RÉ}oo😂 😂 ]😂i😂X😂 É 😂S]vloÉ😂}É😂 RÉ😂R]É😂v😂Évi}˙😂R}😂}😂}o😂`]R😂😂]😂PÉÉv😂 salad. 😂TR]😂v😂É]o˙😂}😂É😂 😂]vPÉ]Év😂}(😂 R}]Ér😂U😂 É R}]}U😂uR}}uU😂X É

The Deux-Sèvres Monthly, November 2022 | 19

A-Z of the Communes in the Deux-Sèvres Vausseroux and Vautebis

by Sue Burgess

😂TRÉ😂Éoo]vP😂}(😂😂V}˘😂 É R😂RvPÉ😂}É😂 RÉ😂PÉX😂😂Iv😂U😂`É😂.v😂😂Voo]😂}}uX😂 This becomes Vallis sororis by 1270. Both }(😂RÉÉ😂oo]vP😂É😂]É😂(}u😂RÉ😂ov😂 (}😂😂Voo É😂S}É😂~😂VooÉ˙😂}(😂RÉ😂vvZX😂 Then in 1308 it had changed to Vauserour, 1377 Vaussereur, 1468 Vaucerout, 1482 😂VoÉ}˘U😂æ😂V}o˘😂 É v😂æ😂 Vaulcerou. By 1782 the commune was lv}`v😂😂V}˘😂 É `]R😂}˙[😂Éoo]vPX

The parish priest was nominated by the É😂}(😂😂SÉr😂}]˘😂 C É😂P}]ÉX

A voir / Must see

Vausseroux 😂V}˘😂 É ]😂😂}(😂RÉ}uuv 😂 😂ÉC}uuvÉ😂É 😂PRÉv˙r😂GvÉÀ X There are 350 inhabitants on the commune which has a (ÉÉ😂}(😂ı😂RX Vausseroux is situated between Parthenay and St Maixent o[😂}oÉ E U😂v😂]😂Ro(`˙😂`ÉÉ Év😂😂N]}😂v😂😂P}]ÉX

20 | The Deux-Sèvres Monthly, November 2022

Sainte Radegonde church was built in the 😂X😂I😂XR😂Év˙U😂RÉ😂.😂}vÉ😂`😂o]😂}v😂RÉ😂 7th November 1847 during an important ceremony. This church replaced an earlier ]o]vP😂}(😂uÉ]Éo😂}]P]vX😂😂TRÉ😂}o😂RR😂 `😂}o😂o}vP😂`]R😂RÉ😂ÉuÉÉ˙😂LÉ😂 RÉ😂R}o}v😂 É ]v😂😂Jv˙😂ııX😂😂TRɢ😂😂É }]}v😂}(😂RÉ😂}o😂RR😂]😂vlv}`vX😂 Sainte Radegonde church has an altar which is very }vÉo˙😂}ÉÉ 😂`]R😂oÉ😂}(😂RÉ😂}oÉX😂😂Iv😂 ı😂RÉ😂]É😂}(😂RÉ😂Éoo😂}`ÉU😂`R]R😂R😂Év😂uPÉ😂 ˙😂😂`ÉRÉU😂`😂Éu}É😂(}😂(É˙😂É}vX😂😂I😂R😂 been deemed unrepairable although it now seems that this u]PR😂v}😂RÉ😂Év😂RÉÉX😂 😂 😂TRÉ😂Éoo😂`😂(}vÉ😂RÉ😂 😂B}oo É😂(}v˙😂]v😂😂LÉ😂MvX😂😂TRÉ😂RR😂]😂}(😂😂NÉ}P}R]😂˙oÉ😂 v😂R😂i😂}vÉ😂vÉX😂😂TRÉ}}(😂 😂 ]😂}ÉÉ😂`]R😂oÉX😂


😂Iv😂U😂RÉ😂o}R]😂}(😂😂S😂RÉP}vÉ😂É 😂V}˘😂 É Éo}vPÉ}😂😂 RÉ˙😂😂AÉ }(😂😂SÉr }]˘😂 😂C É😂P}]ÉX😂😂TRÉ˙😂😂É o}😂}`vÉ😂 lands at Vasles, Les Forges, Ayron and u😂C X😂😂C}v.u}v😂}(😂}`vÉR]U😂`R]R😂 uÉ😂(}u😂É˙😂Éo˙😂P]L😂}😂RÉ˙😂É U😂`😂 given by Pope Alexander III (1159-1181). Vausseroux depended on the archpriest at 😂Sv˘˙U😂RÉ😂RÉoov˙😂}(😂😂M}vÉ]or😂B}vv]vU😂 v😂}v😂RÉ😂ÉvÉRo😂}(😂😂P}]ÉX

The wooden vaulted ceiling seems to have been added oÉ😂]😂o˙😂R]É😂}vÉ😂}(😂RÉ😂oPÉ˙😂😂 `]v}`X 😂TRÉÉ😂`}😂]vvP😂˙😂😂EX😂😂P]}˘U😂v😂😂(}u😂 😂PRÉv˙U😂]v😂RÉ😂RRX😂😂H]😂}v😂`😂}vÉ😂}(😂RÉ😂]R😂 priests. The château du Plessis-Cherchemont in Vausseroux, has now disappeared. There were many changes in ownership }(😂RÉ😂RÉ😂}É😂RÉ😂Év]É😂v😂Évoo˙😂RÉ😂 RÉuÉ😂 😂]v}😂RÉ😂}É]}v😂}(😂RÉ😂(u]o˙😂}(😂😂JÉ😂 É😂L]v]É😂~ærZU😂`R}U😂R}PR😂}v😂]v😂😂N]}U😂.v]RÉ😂 R]😂˙😂😂RÉ😂V]É}˙😂}(😂😂BÉv}r😂A]ÉX😂😂TRÉ😂RÀÉ😂`😂 originally rectangular with a tower at each corner. It was oÉÉ😂]v😂RÉ😂R😂v😂R😂Év]É}😂😂 (}u😂😂]PRr angled triangle surrounding the two western towers. It was ]o😂}v😂😂R]oo}l😂}Éo}}l]vP😂😂}vX😂😂OvÉ😂}(😂RÉ}`É 😂 😂 was turned into a chapel. There was a drawbridge over the

R}ÉX😂😂TRÉ😂R}É😂R😂˘]😂 É }˙😂]😂😂u]˘É😂}(😂]+ÉÉv😂 o˙ÉX😂😂TRÉ😂}oÉ😂~RÉ😂u]v😂É😂(}u😂 Z RÉ😂 😂X😂V😂I😂IR😂v😂😂X😂V😂I😂I😂IR😂Év]ÉX😂}`É 😂A 😂`😂É😂]v😂RÉ😂 }v😂 É 😂}(😂RÉ😂X😂I😂XR😂Év˙X😂😂L😂BvÉÉ😂]😂😂]É😂 property which is not open to visits.

A voir/ Must See 😂TRÉ😂RR😂]😂.😂uÉv}vÉ😂]v😂˘😂É vP😂(}u😂RÉ😂 ÉP]vv]vP😂}(😂RÉ😂X😂I😂VR😂Év˙U😂`]R😂RÉ😂Lv😂(}u😂}(😂 Vautebis Vallis Thobis. The church dominates a small valley (vallis) but it is not clear what Thobis corresponds to. The church is dedicated to Saint Léger.

u}😂`R]R😂˘ÉÉ vÉ😂(}u😂RÉ😂}v😂}v😂RÉ😂R]oo}lX😂 The drawbridge led to a courtyard. The courtyard was }vÉ˙😂😂 }]o]vP😂(}😂}]vP😂}É😂(}u😂RÉ😂 æ😂RÉÉ😂}(😂ovX😂😂AoPÉÉ😂o]vÉ😂]É`˙😂oÉ}😂😂 RÉ😂 chateau.

Vautebis Vallis Thobis in 1300. Vauthebis in 1393. Vaultebis in 1431. Vautebis in 1526. Vaulthebis in 1529. St-Léger de Vautebis ]v😂X😂😂VÉ]😂ÉvÉ😂}v😂RÉR]É 😂 😂}(😂😂S]v😂 😂M]˘ÉvU😂}v😂RÉ😂É]PvÉ]É😂}(😂o😂😂S]]vÉU😂v😂RÉ😂ÉvÉRo😂 v😂Éoov˙😂}(😂😂Sr😂M]˘ÉvX😂😂TRÉ😂]ooPÉ😂}(😂😂R+vvÉ É 😂 ÉvÉ😂}v😂RÉÉoov˙😂 😂 }(😂😂B]oo]PÉr😂}v😂 BÀ 😂}(😂RÉ😂 }v˙😂}(😂😂PRÉv˙X😂 😂TRÉ}uuvÉ 😂 😂}(😂😂R+vÉ É 😂`😂˙😂😂É 😂o`😂É😂 æ😂😂MR😂ı😂v😂RÉÉ]}˙😂 😂 }(😂😂R+vÉ É 😂`😂RÉv😂 É😂(}u😂RÉ}uuvÉ 😂 😂}(😂😂VÉ]X 😂TRÉ😂oPÉ😂R}É😂L😂BvÉÉ😂R😂˘]É É 😂]vÉ😂RÉ😂 😂X😂I😂VR😂Év˙U😂😂oÉX😂😂TRÉ😂R}É😂R😂Év😂]v😂RÉ😂uÉ😂 (u]o˙😂(}😂uv˙😂˙ÉX😂😂N}R]vP😂Éu]v😂}(😂RÉ😂}o😂uÉ]Éo😂

😂TRÉ😂o](É😂}(😂😂L PÉ😂]😂lv}`v😂(}u😂`]vP😂vP😂(}u😂RÉ😂 😂XR😂Év˙😂😂RÉ˙😂u˙😂v}😂}uoÉ É😂 Éo˙😂(oX😂😂L PÉ😂 was brought up at the Court, and became an archdeacon. 😂HÉ😂`😂RÉ😂u]v😂}oo}}😂}(😂RÉ😂]R}😂}(😂😂P}]É😂`R}😂 `😂]v😂(😂R]😂voÉX😂😂TRÉv😂RÉuÉ😂É 😂RÉ😂]R😂]É😂 }(😂😂S]v😂😂M]˘ÉvX😂😂Iv😂😂RÉÉ😂RÉ😂]R}]l😂}(😂 😂AvX😂😂HÉ😂`😂😂P}}😂]R}😂v😂}o😂😂RÉÉ😂`😂v😂 PuÉv😂`ÉÉ Év😂RÉ😂]R}😂v😂RÉ😂u˙}U😂}bv😂 😂E `R}😂 `vÉ}😂😂 i}]v😂]É😂A 😂v😂😂B}P}PvÉ}PÉ 😂 RÉX😂😂L PÉ😂 `😂É😂v😂}ÉX😂😂HÉ😂`😂.voo˙😂]ÉÉ 😂]v😂 RÉ😂(}É😂]v😂}]😂 😂A }uÉuÉ`É😂É Év😂😂v😂X😂😂A R}😂uÉ😂oÉU😂😂P}😂}(😂]R}😂v}u]vÉ😂R]u😂v😂 declared that he was a martyr even though he had been l]ooÉÉ😂}(😂😂}o]o😂PPoÉ😂v😂v}😂(}😂R]😂(]RX😂 😂H]😂}˙😂`😂}PR😂l😂}😂😂S]vr😂M]˘Év😂v😂oÉ😂]v😂 😂RR😂`R]R😂`😂É]É}😂😂 R]u😂vÉ😂RÉ˙😂É X😂😂H]😂 😂S]v[😂˙😂]😂ÉoÉÉ😂}v😂RÉ😂v😂😂O}ÉX 😂TRÉ😂uoo😂o😂RR😂}(😂😂VÉ]😂]😂v}😂`]R}😂]vÉX😂 É 😂I😂]😂i😂RÉ😂]PR😂]É😂(}😂RÉ😂}o}v😂}(😂}v😂X😂 😂TRÉ😂RR😂]😂😂`]vÉ}😂😂 😂o}vP😂]R😂o](É😂v😂]😂É˙😂`Éoo😂 o}}lÉLÉ 😂 }˙ 😂 X😂

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The Deux-Sèvres Monthly, November 2022| 21


Travels through Southern France Step Two : Dordogne

by Russell Adams

RÉ}ooÉ 😂 }v😂R😂RÉ😂vÉÉ😂v😂Éu}É😂(}u😂RÉ]😂 LÉ É😂 😂RÉ😂R}o]˙😂RÉX 😂O😂ui}😂RÉ😂RÉ😂ulÉ😂`😂}ooÉ 😂 }v😂}(😂 ]+ÉÉv😂]}vX😂😂WR]oÉ😂Éo]]}U😂R]😂Éo]˙😂vv}😂 be taken lightly. They have the ability to crack teeth v😂Éu}É😂.oo]vP😂`]R}😂}v😂 😂É R}PRX😂😂IÉv😂😂 ]É😂(˙]vP😂o]É}😂😂 É😂](😂R]😂}LÉv😂RÉu😂😂]😂}É😂 `]R😂R}]}U😂😂RÉ😂(😂ÉvÉX😂😂Bv}U😂RÉ˙😂Éu]v😂😂 É]o]Év😂X😂 É😂 😂WR]R😂v😂}vo˙😂uÉv😂RÉ˙😂RÉ😂v}😂(😂 ~}oZ😂}😂}uÉ😂}PR😂}(😂}vÉÉ😂PÉv😂]😂É😂]v😂RÉ]😂 }}vX😂


riving into the Dordogne, it is easy to see why it is }😂}o😂`]R😂RÉ😂B]RU😂]😂]😂oR😂v😂PÉÉv😂`]R😂 rolling hills and the occasional village with honey coloured }vÉ😂]o]vP😂GÉ É vP😂RÉ😂vo]PR😂}v}😂(É😂o]v]vP😂RÉ😂 pavements. A bit like the Cotswolds on steroids.

😂TÉ]vP😂}ÉoÉ`˙😂 😂 (}u😂😂SoU😂`É😂o}}lÉ😂(}😂 }uÉ`RÉÉ😂`]R😂😂]É`😂}😂RÉ😂ovR😂v😂'oÉ É 😂}v😂 Beynac, a small medieval town dominated by a chateau on }😂}(😂RÉ😂o]+X😂😂LvR😂˙😂RÉ😂]É😂`😂o]PRo˙😂uÉ˙😂😂 }uÉ}vÉ😂(}PÉ«vP😂}😂l😂v˙😂oÉ˙😂}😂}lÉ 😂 `😂 ~PÉ😂`R}😂P}😂RÉ😂ouÉZX😂😂WÉ😂(}oo}`É😂R]😂˙😂o]u]vP😂 RÉ😂ou}😂o😂É ovÉ😂R}PR😂RÉ😂}o😂}`vU😂]v😂😂RÉU😂 }😂RÉ😂CRÉX😂😂I😂`😂o}ÉX😂😂SooU😂RÉ😂]É`😂`😂P}}X

😂TRÉ😂.😂}`v😂`É😂]]É😂`😂😂SoroÉrvÉU😂}o˙😂 the best-known tourist town in the Dordogne. We had Év😂RÉ}v😂 É😂 😂˙É😂P}😂]v😂}Évo😂]vU😂v}`😂 it was sunny, hot and it was market day. Sarlat is a very ]ÉÉ😂uÉ]Éo😂}`vU😂(oo😂}(😂}o😂]o]vP😂}vÉÉ😂 to restaurants or shops selling local produce. On market ˙😂R]😂]😂]oÉU😂`]R😂oo😂Éoo]vP😂o}o😂LU😂RÉÉU😂 `]vÉU😂OÉU😂]}vU😂(}]É😂PU😂`ov😂v😂}😂}vX😂 😂Y}😂}o😂l]😂ovR😂˙😂i😂vP😂 É oo😂RÉ😂(ÉÉ😂uoÉ😂 thrust at you by the eager stall holders. The town is centred (as always) around the church with its 😂LvÉvÉ😂ÉM}😂~ovÉv😂}(😂RÉ😂ÉZU😂vPÉ 😂 }vÉ 😂 😂 shaped building that no one seems to know `R😂]😂`😂É😂(}X😂😂TRÉ😂 most popular theory is R😂]😂`😂]o😂(}😂😂S]v😂 Bernard who apparently É(}uÉ😂}uÉ😂u]oÉ😂 when he visited in 1147, v}😂😂(}😂😂}PX😂😂WÉ😂 spent a pleasant hour in ÉU😂 😂 ]]vP😂]vl😂 while listening to some buskers produce some remarkable tunes with a cello and a guitar. 😂F}vÉo˙U😂RÉ˙😂`ÉÉv[😂 selling CDs, as we already

Lanterne des Morts

Beynac 😂TRÉ😂vɢ😂˙😂`É`}lÉ 😂 }😂😂 RÉ😂}v😂}(😂]vU😂}😂`É😂Év😂 the day walking through the woods and meadows around St-Avit-de-Vailard where we were staying. The Dordogne does have cycle tracks but not in the area where we were. This is probably because you are either going up a steep hill or down one and the roads themselves are only the width }(😂😂Év😂˙oÉR 😂 X 😂Iv😂RÉ😂oÉLÉ 😂 v}}v😂`É}É😂 😂}😂}😂😂M}v]ÉU😂É😂 ~(}.É}`v 😂 Z😂]o😂}v😂RÉ😂}É😂}(😂`😂😂E 😂IU😂~˙ÉU😂RÉ😂 }vÉ😂`R}😂R😂😂MÉo😂😂G]}v😂˘ÉÉ É😂]v😂ÉRÉ 😂B 😂(}😂]uÉ😂 P]v😂R]}]o😂˙ZX😂`😂😂E `😂v}😂}vo˙😂RÉ😂 RuuÉ😂}(😂RÉ😂S}U😂RÉ😂]o😂RÉ😂]vP😂}(😂Éo😂oÉ😂]v😂 😂WoÉ}😂😂 RÉ É😂 😂WÉoR😂v😂}v}ooÉu}😂 😂 }(😂😂WÉv😂 😂FvÉX😂😂M}v]É😂`😂}v😂RÉ😂(}vÉ😂}(😂RÉ😂FÉvR😂RÉo😂 PR}}PR}É˙}(RÉooAu

22 | The Deux-Sèvres Monthly, November 2022

layout some impressive gardens covering a couple }(😂É😂u]oÉU😂]v😂RÉ😂D}}PvÉU😂😂RÉ}😂😂 }(😂😂o]+😂 obviously. Just as we started the slog our way up, the v😂É]É}😂😂 ÉR😂(oo😂(}É😂P]vX😂😂TRÉ😂PÉv😂`ÉÉ😂 impressive though. 😂F}u😂RÉ😂PÉv😂`É}o😂 😂 É😂v😂]v]P]vP😂o]+😂]É}`v 😂 U😂 `É😂É]É😂]😂o}}lÉ😂o]lÉ😂P}}😂oÉ😂(}😂ovRX😂😂I😂vÉ😂 }😂}😂É😂L😂R}É😂GPÉX

Monpazier lands. It is remarkable how in France towns like this can remain almost untouched, it was built in 1284. Imagine all those years without some lord deciding it would make P}}😂P]vP😂ov😂(}😂R]😂RÉÉ😂}😂😂[😂}v]oo}U😂`]R😂 ]]}v😂(}😂RÉ😂(ÉU😂v]vP😂]😂]v}😂v😂}8É😂o}l😂}😂😂 park. We called in at Limuiel, another hill top town with }Éo˙😂(v😂]É`U😂}vo˙😂}😂.v😂oo😂}😂É😂 RÉ😂 }`v😂 É😂 v😂PÉv😂R😂Év😂o}lÉ😂}+😂(}😂 }v}v😂`}lU😂ÉR😂v}😂oo😂😂FÉvR😂}vÉÉ😂RÉ]😂 }`vX😂˙😂😂B RÉ😂`˙U😂˙}😂}vo˙😂(}v😂}😂R😂É˙R]vP😂`😂 R😂}😂o}lÉLÉ 😂 😂˙}😂R😂`olÉ😂RÉ😂vÉo😂É😂 paths up the hill.

😂Av}RÉÉ˙😂😂 }}l😂 😂É ˙}😂😂RÉ😂o]+😂(É}😂😂 RÉ😂 upper houses and the troglodyte caves. We were beginning to spot a theme. 😂Ov😂RÉ😂`˙😂}😂}(😂RÉ😂D}}PvÉ😂`É😂]]É😂R}u}X😂 The drive to Rocamadour alone made the visit worthwhile, ]vP😂R}PR😂`}}É😂R]oo😂v😂ooÉ˙😂`]R😂}]vP😂o]+X😂 😂R}u}😂`U😂v😂Éuo˙😂oo😂]U😂😂]oP]uPÉ😂]É😂 É😂}(😂RÉ😂}É😂u]o}😂]o]˙😂}(😂RÉ]😂😂Bol😂 😂M}vv😂`ov😂ÉX😂😂WR˙😂RÉ😂]😂RÉÉM😂😂C}ov[😂RÉ˙😂 RÉ😂]😂}uÉ`RÉÉ😂]É}😂😂 `ol😂}M😂

Rocamadour Les Jardins de Marqueyssac 😂TRÉ😂vɢ😂u}v]vPU😂oo😂vÉ😂}😂RÉ😂]vÉv}v😂}(😂 the weather we decided to visit some gardens, highly recommended in the Rough Guide. Where would you

😂R}u}😂😂oÉ😂R😂]}v😂 😂 }v😂RÉ😂RÉuÉ😂}(😂 }`v😂]o😂]v}😂o]+X😂😂F}😂RÉ😂u}Év😂]]}😂˙}😂l😂 😂RÉ}😂😂 v😂`ol😂}`v😂]v}😂RÉ}`v 😂 U😂}(😂}É😂˙}😂 have to walk up to the chapel to see the Black Madonna v😂RÉv😂l😂😂P]v😂}😂v😂É }😂˙}😂U😂RÉ😂]]😂}(😂 ÉvvÉ😂]v[😂É😂˙ÉX 😂F}😂ovR😂]v😂😂R}u}U😂`É😂`Év😂(}😂RÉ😂(oo😂lU😂(}]É😂 P😂(}😂É😂v😂}v.😂v😂É😂 (}😂u]vX😂😂F}]É😂P😂]😂 }uÉ`R😂}v}É]o😂😂RÉ😂l😂~}😂PÉÉ😂(}É Z 😂 (É}😂😂 ou}😂}oÉ😂RÉ]😂`É]PR😂]v😂i😂😂`ÉÉlX😂😂TR]😂 uÉv😂RÉ😂o]É😂]😂ÉvoPÉ}😂😂 😂É(oo˙😂}L😂˘ÉÉ 😂(}😂 ul]vP😂(}]É😂PU😂}😂i😂vP😂 É 😂]😂]X😂😂TR]😂u˙😂😂}uÉ😂 É}oÉ😂}+U😂😂](😂R]😂}É😂}uÉR]vP😂R😂É😂}😂 P}}U😂RÉv😂]v😂u˙😂}]v]}vU😂RÉ😂l😂É😂i😂l]vP😂(}😂]X Our overnight stop on the way to the Cevennes and the ÉRÉ 😂A 😂`😂😂R}ÉX😂😂Av}RÉ😂A*😂u]oÉ😂`ol😂R]oo😂]v}😂RÉ😂 ÉvÉ😂}(😂RÉ}`v😂 😂 v😂😂I😂]v[😂lÉ😂]vPoÉ😂R}}PRX😂😂I😂 think that tells you all you need to know.

La Roque Gageac from the Gardens


The Deux-Sèvres Monthly, November 2022 | 23

La Vie En France

View from the Vendée November 2022

˙😂K 😂 v😂É T😂 ˙o}


}😂lv}`😂R}`😂]😂]😂`]R😂]😂B😂 `RÉv😂`É.😂😂 u}É}😂😂 F 😂 vÉW😂😂 `É}v 😂 [😂i😂˙😂R}É 😂 U😂`É˙😂😂 R}É 😂 U😂😂 v😂 U😂}]o]vP 😂 U😂`]uu]vP😂 😂 }}oU😂}(😂 😂É 😂 ovU😂vQX😂Y😂 }😂PÉRÉ 😂 ]É😂 J😂v😂A😂 ˙ÉU😂}(😂}É`É😂 ]😂😂 exactly the same thing ourselves (well, minus the 3 acres v˙`˙U😂`ÉR}vo˙ 😂 [😂RÉHA😂 JÉ 😂 X😂 Z I😂 v😂(😂(😂😂 ]😂D😂 `😂 }vÉvÉU😂`É}PR😂 😂 v😂😂 `]R😂R}É 😂 'RÉ 😂 ~😂😂 R[😂v}RÉ}˙ 😂 JX Z

v😂A😂 v}`😂RÉ`É😂É RÉ 😂 É 😂 v😂É 😂 }(😂RÉ}v É 😂 U😂PÉv😂 (v]É}É😂 vo😂 😂 RÉ]vP 😂 U😂}É]˙😂 É 😂 }É😂 ]v😂oÉU😂˙ÉRÉ 😂 }}o😂 😂 u]vÉvvÉ]😂😂 oo😂v}😂}uoÉX😂 É T😂 RÉ😂 pump house, that has served us so well throughout the uuÉU😂]😂v}`😂˙😂É (}😂(É😂 R😂}😂}(😂`}}😂]v😂W😂v}`😂 R😂]😂i}😂 😂 R😂I😂 v😂😂 }Q T😂 }😂R}vÉ 😂É U😂RÉ}}o😂 😂 `😂]😂😂 }(😂}v 😂 X😂I😂 oo😂 😂 ]😂}}o😂 😂 v😂v}😂`]uu]vP😂 😂 }}o😂˙} 😂É [😂RÉv😂É 😂 (}P]Év😂 (}😂}v(]vP😂]😂`]R😂}v😂 😂 `RÉv😂`É.😂😂 `😂RÉR}É 😂 X😂 We even had to get the fosse septique chappy over to suck RÉ 😂 oPÉ 😂 RÉ 😂 }'}u 😂 J

So, would I recommend having your very own pool in the PÉvM😂T😂 RÉv`É 😂 ]😂😂 }v]vP😂 É😂 R😂Y[😂É ~u]vP😂}(😂 }ÉR😂 😂 ˙}😂RÉ`]oo]vP😂 😂 oÉ😂 R}}o😂 😂 }˙[😂˙}😂 😂 l😂É oo 😂 JJZ

O 😂 (😂}É`]uu]vP😂 😂 }}o😂]😂R😂o˘˙😂 😂 (}😂v˙}vÉ😂 `R}[😂o]Év}R😂 😂 }(😂RÉvPo]R😂 E😂 RvvÉ C😂 oX😂W😂 [ÉÉ oo😂 😂 😂É ˙😂R}ÉPÉ😂É 😂 v[😂R}}😂}(😂oÉ😂É }}o😂 😂 Po]vvP😂 ]v😂RÉvo]PR 😂 X😂v😂A😂 }😂(] 😂É U😂R[😂(}😂 😂É P}}😂 😂 😂 }(😂RÉuuÉ 😂 X😂}😂😂É A RÉ(😂😂 R😂`É[ɢÉÉ😂 uÉo˙😂 }o😂`]R😂(u]o˙😂(]É 😂 v😂(}😂u}vR😂 😂 }(😂RÉ˙É😂 J😂 u]'É A😂 o˙😂`É}o˙😂 😂 v😂É u}ÉuÉ😂 ]]vP😂 😂 }😂😂 RÉ}}o]É 😂 Rv😂 😂 oo˙😂`]uu]vP😂]v😂]U😂R 😂 [😂v}😂RÉ😂 point… U😂 B😂 v😂][😂]P😂 😂 U😂B T😂 U😂}}o😂 😂 }ÉvÉ😂 Po😂 É 😂 T😂 L 😂 CX😂 😂 L 😂 l]o˙😂 ]D😂 [😂R˙😂}😂}'É}v😂 😂 RÉ}}o😂 😂 ˙😂É ˙😂.R]vP😂 oÉ]😂É 😂 É (}u😂RÉ(É😂 U😂RÉv😂}vÉ}😂😂 `]É😂 `ÉlÉ U😂RÉ'RÉ 😂 Qu 😂 Qv😂'RuÉv😂}😂RÉ]É😂 `oo😂 😂 }😂RR}}É[😂RÉ}}o😂 😂 G}}X😂S😂 o˙😂I😂 [u😂v}😂˙😂É Rv]o É U😂}😂I😂 😂 oÉR😂 😂É o]'oÉi}😂 😂 }😂R]uJ


24 | The Deux-Sèvres Monthly, November 2022


by Anne Alonso



(v]😂 😂É }Év😂(]É 😂É o😂😂 ]ÉU😂}uuÉ}😂😂 😂É ‚É😂 uÉv😂oÉuÉÉ 😂 J😂 J😂]Év😂o😂😂É É serrer la main (= se donner une poignée de main). Mais, uoRÉuÉÉ vU😂]😂É o[] o😂😂É }] C😂 U😂'ÉÉ 😂 R]Év😂É 😂 ]‘É😂 X😂E😂 }v😂v}😂 😂É }}v😂 vÉÉ v}😂 😂 uÉÉ ]É😂 v😂JJ J😂 }😂😂É }vvÉoÉÉ 😂 }vÉ 😂 É ]o😂}vÉvv😂U😂o😂]É😂 i😂U😂😂É o😂}]Pv u]v😂 😂É i😂v😂v😂}vɢÉv]]É 😂 v😂😂 }] C😂 U😂}uuÉ[😂 ]😂vQ

L 😂 }😂[vÉu]É É 😂 v}vÉ É 😂 U😂oÉ(v] 😂 U😂v😂É P v oU😂😂É serrent la main en se présentant ou en saluant la personne P😂U😂}vi} B😂 U😂vvÉ A😂 i😂 ~AA}vi} B😂 U😂iÉ]😂😂 vvÉ A😂 u]😂 😂 U😂iÉ]😂😂 i😂 v[É]v]É 😂 voÉ}😂😂Z U😂vRv É ~Éi😂Z UU😂]~É}😂😂É Z v}vÉ É i😂 X😂L 😂 R}uuÉ 😂É U😂}uuÉoÉ😂 (É😂 uuÉU😂v😂É 😂É o😂 u]vX😂T😂 }É(}]U😂]vÉ É }vvÉ É 😂 v😂É 😂 }😂(]Éo😂😂 ]Éo}😂 😂 [vÉu]É É 😂 v}vÉ É 😂 X😂PÉ 😂ÉC v😂😂 É o😂😂 É ]vuÉ[vÉ 😂 }]Pv 😂 u]v😂 😂É o😂É 😂 v😂É }😂😂 }vɢÉX😂S😂 ]😂}😂!É]v] 😂 ~ÉRÉ 😂Z (v] 😂É U😂]o😂v😂É }😂uÉÉ U😂u!uÉ]😂😂 [Éo😂😂 u]É É (}]😂 😂 }😂😂É oÉ😂 v}vÉ É X😂U😂 v~É(v] 😂Z ~É}😂😂Z ]v]😂}😂]ÉP😂 😂 U😂}v😂😂É (]😂o😂]ÉM😂 😂 i😂v😂}😂😂É uÉÉ U😂v😂}uuÉ 😂 É []o😂 😂 }😂uv]😂 É o[}]}v😂J😂M 😂 ]😂v😂v😂uP]v😂}😂v😂 vÉ U😂oÉvÉÉ 😂 }😂😂 vÉ😂 É ]É😂 v😂}😂😂 (]É😂 o😂]ÉJ😂 J😂S😂 }˙É😂 ~É😂 Z

LEXIQUEVOC ED ULA BA IREP • Faire la bise : To kiss somebody • U😂 vÉ}]Pv 😂 u]v😂 😂É P😂RvRlÉ 😂A • Tendre à disparaître : To tend, to seem to disappear • uÉÉ 😂 D P😂 😂 H😂 PP]vP😂v😂l]]vP • T😂 }É(}]😂P😂H😂 }`ÉÉ

U😂U😂}😂😂 ]É😂 M 😂

•L 😂 }😂P😂RÉ 😂 A uÉ😂 }( 😂 U😂]vP

oÉÉ 😂 ]É😂 v😂 [É(😂 😂 vÉÉ X😂v😂D😂 o😂ui}] 😂É U😂(]É]É😂 R]É 😂 É o😂P😂]É😂 RÉ😂 i}É 😂 U😂😂É io}˘😂JJ😂

• uvÉ ÉD😂 o😂 [}]}v😂P😂T😂 }😂U😂 É l😂u]]}v É

]ÉB😂 v😂[]o😂v[˙😂]😂PoÉ 😂É ]É😂 U😂oÉv}uÉ 😂 ]É😂É 😂 v😂É }Év😂o😂😂É P]}v😂}¶😂}😂R]ÉX😂O 😂 v😂(]😂vÉ😂 seule bise à Brest, 3 à Marseille et 4 au nord de la Loire. La F 😂 É vÉi}]vÉ 😂 }😂😂 }😂]É˙😂😂 }]😂o😂o]X M 😂 ]😂ooÉ É i}É 😂 (😂 r]o😂vÉÉ v😂É😂 u]É É M 😂 o😂😂É 😂 A F 😂 vÉ}v😂 😂 v😂É vPÉo😂😂 i}ÉPRÉ 😂 U😂😂 vÉÉ v}😂 😂 É 😂 [Éo😂😂 i}É}]É 😂 J😂 J v😂E😂 ]😂😂É uÉ}vÉ 😂 vÉU😂R]vɢÉD😂 r😂SU😂 É iÉv😂É 😂 o😂i}É}]É 😂 iÉ😂É (]😂 😂 ]É😂 u] 😂 U😂}˙Év]ooÉ 😂 U😂]o😂v[˙😂😂 ]Év😂[}o]P}]ÉU😂}😂}É}vvÉ 😂 o😂😂É 😂 u]v😂]😂 la bise vous dérange ! P 😂 }😂}voÉU😂]Év😂o😂😂É ]É}]😂 😂 v😂É }]É[É😂 ˘v}v😂 i}[R]U😂}]😂 C😂 }o]PÉU😂iÉ}😂😂 }vÉ]ooÉ}😂😂 u!uÉ 😂 É 😂É vÉR 😂 ]Éo😂😂 (]É]😂😂 }😂}oÉ]uÉ 😂 v😂}ÉU😂😂 oÉ😂 u}É]É😂É (v]😂 😂 i😂J ]É😂À v😂Q É QXX😂P}É]É😂 J😂 J vvÉ A😂 ~]😂 😂 ]uÉ(]É 😂 o😂😂 ]ÉJ😂 X Z

• U😂 v😂}uuÉ 😂 É ]😂😂 P😂ou}😂 A😂 ]( 😂 U😂o]'oÉ 😂 ]( 😂 • S😂 }˙É😂 J😂😂 P😂}v D😂 [😂`}˙😂J • H😂 ]Éo😂P😂U😂 o • RÉ C😂 i}É 😂 P😂 😂 R😂 E😂 RÉlÉ • ]ÉB😂 v😂[]o😂v[˙😂]😂PoÉ 😂É ]É😂 P 😂 there are no strict rules

oR}PR😂 A😂

• V😂 }]😂o😂o]😂P😂T😂 }😂PÉ'ÉÉ 😂 ]É • T😂 vÉÉ o😂😂 i}ÉP😂 😂 T😂 }😂}+É}vÉ 😂 [😂RÉlÉ • Déranger : To trouble, to bother • v😂E😂 }]É[É😂 ˘v}v😂P😂I😂 ]É😂 ]vPU😂]😂˙]vP😂} • }]😂 C😂 }o]PÉP😂 😂 }(😂 😂É B😂 }] C😂 •L 😂 u}É 😂É ]É😂É (v]😂 😂 P😂T😂 RÉF 😂 vR😂 É `˙😂}(😂o](É • G😂 }É]É😂 P😂 😂 L 😂 }😂}(😂o}É

Anne is a well-known and much loved teacher of French to the English speaking community. She can be contacted via email at vvÉ o}v } Pu ]o X }u The Deux-Sèvres Monthly, November 2022 | 25

le Beaujolais nouveau est arrivé ! ove it or hate it (que vous l’aimez ou que vous le Lwhen détestezZU😂RÉ}˙😂 😂 }(😂i}o]😂 😂BÉ 😂N}É😂ÉPv😂]v😂ıæ😂 a by-law (un arrêtéZ😂uÉ😂]😂]ooÉPo😂(}😂`]vÉulÉ😂

(des vignerons}😂Z😂 Éoo😂RÉ]😂`]vÉ(}É 😂É 😂RÉ😂æR😂 😂DÉuÉ😂}(😂RÉ😂˙É😂}(😂RÉ😂PÉRÉ😂~ le vendange). 😂TRÉ😂`]vÉP}`É😂}(😂RÉ😂BÉi}o]😂P]}v😂 É `ÉÉ😂vv}˙É😂 (s’indigner), because they were used to selling their `]vÉo]É 😂É X😂😂TRÉ😂`]vÉ}}É 😂 😂}(😂 É RÉ😂BÉi}o]😂É😂 (L[v]}v]}oÉBÉi}o] Z😂lÉ😂(}😂R}]}v😂}😂 sell their early wines (en primeur(}É Z😂É 😂R😂ÉX😂😂TRÉ]😂 😂`😂É ÉU😂v😂RÉ˙😂`É😂oo}`É É }😂😂 Éoo😂RÉ]😂 `]vÉ😂(}u😂RÉ😂R😂😂N}ÉuÉ😂ıæ}]É 😂 😂R😂RÉ😂 labels (oÉ 'ÉÉ Z😂}v😂RÉ😂}'oÉ}v]vÉ 😂 😂RÉ😂`}😂 U😂v}É😂iX😂😂S}😂i}o]😂 😂BÉ 😂N}É😂`😂}8]oo˙😂}o😂(}😂 RÉ😂.😂uÉ😂]v😂😂N}ÉuÉ😂ıæX `É😂BÉ Év😂ıæ😂v😂ıU😂RÉÉ😂(}😂Éoo]vP😂i}o]😂 😂BÉ v}É😂`😂v}😂}😂😂É 😂o😂😂v😂É ]É😂(}u😂 year to year. 😂F}u😂ı}😂😂 ıæU😂RÉÉ😂`😂.˘É😂}v😂RÉ😂æR😂 😂N}ÉuÉ😂]vÉ😂Rv😂RÉ😂}8]o😂😂]😂É .˘É😂}v😂 the third Thursday in November (oÉ}]]uÉiÉ]É novembre) at midnight (minuit) in the night between the Wednesday and the Thursday (dans la nuit du mercredi au iÉ] ). 😂OÉ😂RÉ😂˙É😂RÉ😂}(😂 É RÉÉoÉ😂 😂}(😂 É RÉ😂BÉi}o]😂 nouveau became a real event, celebrated in France and throughout the world. 😂WR😂uÉ😂RÉÉv😂😂 (o😂 É ]😂(ÉU😂 É (]Évo˙😂v😂 P}}😂vÉ😂]uPÉ😂}(😂RÉ😂`]vÉ😂v😂v😂É ~ l’image (ÉÉU}v]]oÉvÉ ÉU}vvÉ(vÉ'Éi ).

by Sue Burgess

😂W]R}😂(}PÉ«vP😂RÉ}voÉ É😂 😂]É😂~ le prix abordableZ😂v😂RÉ😂(😂R😂]😂]😂😂`]vÉ😂`R]R😂]😂 easy to drink (son côté facile à boire). A new wine (Un vin primeur) is not a wine to be kept (un vin de garde), It should be drunk within 3 to 6 months. Ideally serve lightly chilled (servez-le légèrement rafraîchi), between 14 and 15°.

Vocabulary / Vocabulaire B}'oÉ vÉ}É]ooÉ A cork un bouchon Cork (material) le liège LÉo vÉ 'ÉÉ The winegrower le vigneron The cellar master le maître de chai The cooper Le tonnelier The Wine merchant le caviste Taste le goût Aroma les arômes Fruity fruité Light léger ÉoB v(‚ W]vÉvP P}vÉ]v

If you operate a business as an auto entrepreneur, there are some changes that came into effect in May 2022 of which you may need to be aware. Read the article on page 61 of our June issue and/or speak to your accountant/advisor. 26 | The Deux-Sèvres Monthly, November 2022

Life in 79

by Stephen Shaw

GUNS AND ROSES 😂]😂R😂uÉ😂}(😂RÉ😂˙É😂`RÉv😂}ooÉ 😂 }v😂}(😂R]oo]oo˙😂 É 😂RÉ R]oÉ É 😂ÉPÉ😂}(😂}😂PÉvX😂😂TRÉ😂}v😂}(😂 ]😂R]]vP😂]😂R'É˙😂É😂 RÉÉu]vP😂 😂 }(😂˙]vP😂}P😂 v😂😂B}PP]U😂😂BvÉ😂v😂😂BÉv😂}ooÉ}v😂}(😂uÉv😂]v😂😂H]r😂V]😂 }vPÉ😂ilÉ😂uÉU😂o}}l]vP😂o]lÉ😂v😂vP˙😂u}😂}(😂😂L]Éo😂 Democrats tanked up on moonshine and eager to kill v˙R]vP😂R😂u}É😂~}LÉv😂ÉR😂}RÉ😂}😂}uÉ😂]vv}Év😂 ˙vÉZX😂😂YÉU😂]😂R😂😂CRÉ😂uÉ😂}(😂˙ÉX

I😂 (😂˙}😂É😂}+😂}😂(}😂😂oÉ]Éo˙😂 }oo😂LÉ😂Sv˙😂ovR😂 be sure to don your striped }oÉ😂R😂v😂uo}o}É😂 }X😂😂N}`😂]😂v}😂RÉ😂uÉ}😂😂 P}😂 a-wandering down a country ovÉ😂]v😂˙}😂`]o😂}😂ilÉ😂 with complimentary coypu hat. 😂Iu😂v}😂P}}😂`]R😂PvX😂Év😂😂E RÉÉv😂😂 ]PR😂}(😂}o]É😂 😂P}]É😂A]}😂l]vP😂 }u😂`É}vU😂uÉ😂 me break out in a sweat. My (u]o˙😂R]}˙😂]😂É😂 with gun related incidents. In (😂😂Iu😂ol˙😂}😂oo😂É😂o]ÉX 😂M˙😂Pv(RÉ😂}vo˙😂R😂}vÉ😂 eye. I erroneously thought he had lost it while opening a }'oÉ😂}(😂😂CRuPvÉV😂RÉ}l😂 😂 ovP😂]v}😂R]😂˙ÉÉ 😂}lÉ😂 on release. I was recently ]v(}uÉ😂R😂RÉ😂oo˙😂o}😂 ]😂`RÉvU😂😂R]o😂}(😂]˘U😂RÉ😂 `😂G'Év]vP😂Év😂R}Pv😂 cartridges with a hammer and }vÉoo😂 😂 R😂}uÉ😂o](É😂]v😂]X😂😂TRÉ😂}vo˙😂}]É}😂😂 ]}É]vP😂 R]😂]😂R😂u˙😂]}vo😂(É😂}(😂😂CRuPvÉ😂}'oÉ😂R😂 subsided. 😂M˙😂(RÉ😂]😂😂lÉÉv😂PÉvÉX😂😂W}😂É😂 o]É😂]v😂v😂}o😂 vicarage surrounded by a large garden which he would }]o😂]vV😂uv]]vP😂RÉ😂o`v😂v😂RÉÉ}😂}ÉX😂😂B RÉ😂`😂}LÉv😂(É˙😂😂 RÉ😂`}}ov😂É😂`R}😂 }v]É😂P]v😂R]uX😂😂BPÉ😂`}o😂}uÉ😂]v😂RÉ😂É}(😂 night and dig great troughs in the lawns. Molehills would pop up all over the place when he wasn't looking and an u˙😂}(😂]😂`}o😂É]uÉ😂RÉ😂}É😂v😂ÉPÉoÉ😂 patch. 😂HÉ😂]É]É😂 ˙😂}(😂R]vP😂}😂lÉÉ😂RÉ]😂😂 }o}v😂😂 bay. Chicken wire was used to surround beds and precious R😂~RÉ😂PÉv😂}}l😂}v😂RÉvÉ😂É 😂}(😂😂SoP😂 😂LL😂ZX😂😂Au]o😂}É😂}(😂Év😂}(😂PÉ😂`😂RÉ😂 great expense and dowsed on old underpants which were strategically hung on poles around the garden. 😂}uÉ A 😂}]v😂RÉuÉ😂 😂]v}😂RÉ😂}É]}v😂}(😂v😂}o😂 (u]o˙😂RÉ]o}}uX😂😂APvX😂😂AR}PvX😂😂I😂R😂Éo}vPÉ}😂😂 v😂

voÉ😂}(😂R]😂`R}😂R😂É😂 ]😂(}😂R}}vP😂}😂]v😂 South America. It was +É}vÉo˙😂lv}`v😂😂 the parrot gun. There weren't many lÉ😂]v😂 É 😂H}R]É É 😂]v😂RÉ😂}😂😂R]😂 É sights on Br'er rabbit. 😂OvÉ😂Sv˙😂ovRuÉ😂RÉ😂 `R}oÉ😂(u]o˙😂`😂]«vP😂 }v😂RÉoÉ😂 😂Évi}˙]vP😂 uÉU😂ÉP😂v😂😂(u]o˙😂 argument, when my dad o}}lÉ😂}😂}(😂RÉ😂`]v}`😂 and saw a rabbit nibbling }v😂R]😂]É😂PÉoP}v]u😂 }😂}uÉ😂R😂G}X😂😂Iv😂R]😂 u}😂R}]É😂L}r}(r the-manor voice he shouted “Bring me my parrot gun!”. On its arrival, the kitchen window was opened, the .Éu😂}lÉv😂v😂`}😂 cartridges inserted. 😂WRÉv😂RÉ😂'😂}(😂RÉ😂Pv😂`😂 brought up to the barrel there `😂RÉ😂u}😂(ÉÉ v]vP😂vP😂 😂RÉ😂Pv😂`Év😂}+X😂😂BovP😂😂 ]ÉoÉ😂`R}oÉ😂]v😂RÉ😂l]RÉv😂 G}}X My mother screamed, ]}😂]😂}(😂oÉ˙U😂}😂 potatoes, meat and gravy `Év😂G˙]vP😂R}PR😂RÉ😂]😂

😂uÉU😂u˙😂}RÉ😂v😂]É😂oo😂iuÉ😂}😂}(😂}😂l]vX😂 😂I}ov 😂 😂RÉ😂v˙R]vP😂˘ÉÉ 😂`R]o]vP😂v}]ÉU😂😂(Éo😂 😂I😂`😂P]PPo]vP😂vÉ}o˙X😂😂TRÉ😂(u]o˙😂😂L}😂`R}😂R😂 Év😂v]8vP😂}v😂RÉ😂uoÉ😂}(😂RÉ😂Pv😂😂RÉ😂uÉ😂}(😂 discharge (and was lucky not to have had her head blown }+É😂˙]vP😂 Z }😂vvÉo😂R}PR😂RÉ😂l]RÉv😂G}}😂v😂 RÉ]😂😂 R}É😂}+😂]v😂RÉ😂]É}v😂}(😂RÉÉPÉ 😂 oÉ😂 patch. 😂A(É`😂˙😂oÉU😂}😂RuÉ😂}(😂R]😂😂FuÉ😂M😂GÉP}😂˙É😂 ÉR]}U😂u˙😂(RÉ😂`É😂RÉ😂R}Pv😂]v😂vuÉ}😂 bin liners and handed it in at the local constabulary. N.B. The family dog went on to live a long and happy life; me, my brother and father suffer from tinnitus; the hole in the kitchen floor is still there and both rabbit and parakeet population are thriving in South-West Hertfordshire.

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Signs of the changing seasons B

y early October, the vibrant PÉÉv😂}(😂RÉ😂Pl`ÉÉ😂 in the courtyard meant mowing the lawn was back }😂RÉ}😂😂 }(😂RÉ😂vÉrÉÉ v]vP😂R}É😂v😂PÉv😂}😂}😂 o]X😂😂TRÉ}}oÉ 😂 ÉuÉ😂 É😂uÉv😂]😂`😂uÉ}😂😂 GÉ É 😂 RÉ😂R}😂😂v😂l😂]😂`˙U😂RÉv😂u˙😂RÉÉ˙😂vvP😂R😂 R😂RvP😂}v😂RÉ😂PÉ}😂oo😂uuÉ😂`😂`RÉU😂(oo˙😂 É (}oÉ😂v😂}É😂(}😂]vPX 😂WR]o😂😂I😂`v[😂]É😂R}`😂]lo˙😂RÉ😂P😂 }ÉÉ É😂]😂PÉÉvU😂RÉ😂v˙😂v😂]É😂}(😂RÉ😂`ov😂 and sweet chestnut harvest did surprise me this year. 😂P]l]vP😂RÉ😂(ooÉv😂`ov😂uÉÉ 😂]o˙😂l😂😂`É😂 Évi}˙É😂u]v😂LÉ É😂 😂ovRU😂v😂`É😂}}v😂.ooÉ😂oÉv˙😂 }(😂É😂R😂Év😂RÉ]😂˙😂˙]vP😂]v😂RÉ😂v😂😂`É😂 ]o]PÉvo˙😂]😂RÉ😂`ov😂É😂ROÉX😂😂TRÉ😂RÉv😂 É]É😂]😂u}É+}😂 😂É 😂RÉ😂}]o😂]v😂}😂]ooPÉ😂]😂v}😂 }😂RÉ😂o]l]vP😂}(😂RÉ😂RÉv😂ÉX😂😂Ao]'oÉ}😂😂 RÉ😂v}RÉU😂 }`😂😂S r😂V]U😂RÉ😂}]o😂}uÉ É 😂uR😂]RÉ😂 orangey brown colour, and it is here where the chestnut trees thrive.

😂O😂Éo˙😂uv😂]lÉ😂]ÉuÉ😂É 😂RÉv😂RvvP😂 ÉvÉU😂RÉ😂P}oÉv😂Po}`]vP😂RÉPÉ}`😂}o}(o😂 😂 }v😂}😂RÉ😂˙😂˙Éoo}`😂PÉ É 😂}(😂uuÉX😂😂W]R😂 PÉv]vP😂Po}É😂(}😂}É}vU😂`É}É😂 😂vÉvÉR😂 ÉR😂o}É}😂É😂 ]l😂R}PR😂RÉ😂]vÉ˙😂Rl😂(}😂RÉ😂 R]v˙😂ÉU😂.oo]vP😂}😂vv]É😂`]R😂}😂RoX😂😂TRÉ😂 }É😂RÉv😂RÉ😂Év😂(}Év😂v😂`]oo😂É😂 }😂R}uÉuÉ😂}😂v😂]}'}😂}É😂`]vÉX😂😂TRÉÉ😂 28 | The Deux-Sèvres Monthly, November 2022

]😂v}R]vP😂]É😂o]lÉ😂`u]vP😂}😂}v😂😂R]oo˙😂`]vÉ😂 ovRuÉU😂😂I😂`]oo😂u]😂}😂'Év😂R😂}😂R]😂 `]vÉX😂😂I😂]😂}`😂😂(É`😂ÉU😂😂I😂`😂`˙😂}}😂oÉU😂 v😂RÉ😂ov😂PPoÉ}😂😂 P}`😂oÉ😂o}vÉ😂(]X😂😂oÉA 😂 RÉ😂RÉv😂R}o😂RÉo😂.oo😂RÉ😂PU😂`]R😂RÉ]😂Éu˙😂 ˘ÉÉ 😂v😂v'˙😂G}X 😂O😂oÉÉ😂R😂o}😂lÉ😂uÉ˙😂😂 ]v😂RÉ😂l]RÉv😂(}😂 ˙X😂😂TRÉ˙😂`ÉÉ😂 U😂 É vR˙😂oÉ😂`]R😂😂]😂}(😂😂]É😂 v😂É😂(É`ÉÉ😂 U😂uÉ😂]v}😂RvÉ˙U😂o]É😂}😂]É😂 in salads, or baked into cakes.

😂WR]oÉ😂RÉ😂`ÉRÉ😂R}oU😂😂S˙😂u}v]vP😂`]oo😂oo😂É😂 ]lÉ😂]É}😂😂 RÉ😂CRÉ(r😂B}}vvÉ😂ulÉU😂}uv]É😂 ˙😂}+ÉÉ😂v😂}]vU😂Évi}˙É😂`]R😂(]Év😂}v😂RÉ😂 É😂}(😂(😂 X😂😂Iv😂😂Auv😂RÉÉ😂oÉÉ😂}(😂RÉÉ😂 o]v]vP😂RÉ😂ulÉÉ😂}v😂o😂😂É R}`😂}(😂 }o}😂R😂]😂😂uR😂😂(É😂(}😂RÉ😂ÉvÉ😂RÉ😂uÉoo😂 }(😂(ÉRo˙😂}É😂R]lÉv😂(}u😂RÉ}É😂 ]Év😂 X😂😂WR]o😂 `]vP😂u˙😂v😂}😂˙😂ÉPPU😂😂I}ov 😂 [😂RÉo😂😂u]oÉ😂 😂I😂o]ÉvÉ😂]v}😂RÉ}vÉ 😂 }v😂`ÉÉ Év😂RÉoo😂 😂 R}oÉ😂 v😂RÉ😂o]É😂]v😂(}v😂}(😂uÉX😂😂WRÉv😂RÉ˙😂lÉ😂(}😂😂(ÉRo˙😂 cooked chicken, they were always asked how many people RÉ˙😂`ÉÉ😂(ÉÉ]vP😂(}É É 😂RÉ😂É(É😂]É😂]😂}o😂É😂 ÉoÉÉ😂v😂(oo˙😂 É lPÉU😂o}vP😂`]R😂RÉ😂]É😂}É😂 }(😂}}É😂R😂R😂Év😂}É😂vÉ😂RÉ}}l]vP😂 😂 ]X😂 😂FÉvR😂ulÉ😂R}]vP😂]😂}😂}😂uR😂u}É😂Rv😂i😂 ]l]vP😂😂RÉ😂Évo😂(}u😂😂ÉulÉX Email: (ÉvR]ooPÉ]]ÉPu]oX}u


˙😂😂JÉo]vÉ}`v 😂B

On The Road FIND the CHA E PEST FULE prices in your area. This government run website }]É }uÉ }o É v ]ÉoÉ ]É]voo}( É FvÉX J]uo˙oÉÉ ˙}uÉÉ v (}uRÉuUv}]oJ

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The Deux-Sèvres Monthly, November 2022 | 29

Book Club

Making your ending compelling by Alison Morton


}[ÉÉ😂˙}😂}˙U😂] [😂}PÉ]vP😂v]Éo˙😂R}PR😂 😂Av😂😂AU😂😂R}`😂}😂˙}😂Év😂]M

T😂 RÉ😂}vÉ😂]P😂oÉ😂(}😂˙]vP😂😂˙}😂}˙😂]😂R😂v}😂vÉ`😂 ˘}]}vo😂 É ]v(}u}v😂}😂RÉ😂u˙😂RÉ É😂 😂 ]v}😂RÉ}˙😂 😂 😂R]😂.vo😂PÉX😂😂I(😂}uÉR]vP😂}😂}uÉ}˙😂 😂]v😂 É RÉ😂.vo😂U😂]😂}😂RÉ˙😂u😂RÉ😂Év😂 (}ÉR}`ÉU😂(ÉÉ ÉvÉ😂}😂oÉ˙😂]v😂o˙X😂 Have a plan! 😂I(😂˙}😂}˙😂ovv]vP😂ÉP˙😂Éo]É😂}v😂vP😂 É 😂É]É😂 }(😂LU😂RÉ😂Rv😂]vP😂v😂}o]vÉU😂˙}😂u]PR😂.v😂 ˙}Éo(😂vÉÉ]vP😂}😂`]É😂(]😂vuÉ😂}(😂L😂]v😂}É😂 }😂vÉv😂`R😂😂AR}o😂ÉX😂😂R`]vP😂 É RÉ😂`R}oÉ😂 L😂]😂Éoo˙😂}É😂 É😂uÉÉX😂😂TRÉÉ😂G}`😂]😂 extremely important, but without a plan, however rough, ˙}😂v😂.v😂˙}Éo(😂`vÉ]vP😂}`v😂o]v😂ooÉ˙😂v😂 becoming stuck up the proverbial gum tree.

TRÉ]v]É}vG] 😂H😂RÉ😂u]v😂RÉ}vÉ 😂 É😂RÉ😂]vvÉ😂Éu}v😂R😂 RÉ}}😂 😂 ]v😂RÉ😂`˙M😂😂SRÉ😂u˙😂RÉ}😂É😂 (É😂 }😂RÉu😂]v😂😂AU😂Év😂](😂RÉ]vPo˙X😂😂B}LÉvU😂v😂]vvÉ😂 Éu}v😂]É😂}vÉ😂o😂'Éu😂Éu˙😂 😂 }É😂RÉ😂 ˙RÉ😂}(😂RÉ}P}v]😂 😂 😂RÉ😂ÉP]vv]vP😂}(😂RÉ😂.vo😂X😂 😂H}`ÉU😂 É R]vP😂oÉv😂R}PR😂˘ÉÉ ]ÉvÉ😂v😂P}`v😂]v}😂 RÉ😂RÉU😂}😂RÉ}]vÉ😂vÉv😂R}`😂]+ÉÉvo˙😂RÉ😂 u😂😂](😂RÉ😂]😂}😂]É😂v😂ÉR😂RÉ😂P}oX😂😂 The heroine then applies that inner learning curve to (]vP😂RɢÉ😂É ]}😂}vG]😂R[😂Év😂o}l]vP😂RÉR 😂 X😂 😂J😂o}}l😂😂P]É😂PÉi]ÉQ😂😂F}u😂R😂É]]}v😂}]vU😂 RÉ😂u]v😂RÉ😂R}o😂Éu}vÉ}PÉ 😂 U😂]˙😂 É v😂}r}(rRÉr}˘😂R]vl]vP😂]v😂«vP😂 É RÉ}P😂 😂 ]v😂u}}v😂 that will resolve the story. HRÉu]vRÉ}uÉ É Éo]vPM

😂I(😂˙}[É😂RvÉ [😂~`]vP😂˙😂RÉ😂}(😂 É ˙}😂vZ😂 ]vÉ😂}(😂😂o}'É😂~}o]v]vP😂`R😂RÉv😂]v😂ÉR😂 chapter in painstaking detail), you may not be able to pull oo😂RÉ😂RÉ😂]v}😂(}˙😂 😂 Év😂lv}X😂😂Ai]]}😂u]˘😂 ]😂RÉ😂}o}v😂 É }😂R😂˙}😂}😂lv}`😂`RÉÉ😂˙}😂É😂 P}]vP😂É😂v}😂}😂É😂 RɢÉ😂É v😂R😂˙}😂]˙😂 É +ÉX😂

By Act 3, the reader has come to know the protagonist, her values and desires, and wants the newly aware heroine, }😂RÉ}U😂}😂ÉX😂😂TRÉ😂u}É😂RÉÉ😂(ÉÉo😂RÉ😂Év]vP😂 R}PR😂RÉ😂u]v😂RÉ [😂RÉ}]uU😂RÉ😂u}É+É 😂É É😂 RÉ😂Év]vP😂`]oo😂ÉX😂😂I(😂˙}😂v😂ulÉ😂RÉÉ😂˙U😂RÉÉ😂 and applaud, then you will keep that reader to the last page.

😂I😂ÉR`]É(uÉ[😂}(😂R]˙😂o}😂o]vÉ😂]o😂}v😂]v]vP😂 incident, three crisis or turning points, the dark moment `RÉÉ˙R]vP😂 😂 (oo😂U😂É]o]ÉvÉU😂o]u˘😂v😂 É}o}vX😂R😂 😂E }(😂u˙😂R]˙😂o]vÉ😂`]oo😂}vo˙😂É😂}😂Év😂 `}U😂u}o˙😂]v😂v}É😂(}uX😂😂Av😂😂L]vÉ😂]😂R}`😂RÉ😂}}l😂 `]oo😂ÉvX😂😂TRÉv😂😂I😂PÉ😂`]vPX😂😂TR]😂}É😂`}l😂}😂😂æA9😂 o}«vP😂v😂æA9😂Rv]vP [X😂

R😂AÉo]vP [😂}Év[😂vÉÉ]o˙😂uÉv😂'ÉU😂}u]😂 v😂P}}rRÉÉX😂😂AR😂P˙ [😂RÉ😂`]R😂]}😂 morality, strange personal habits and/or murderous intent v😂É😂oo˙😂ÉvPP]vPX

TRÉu]vRÉ}ÉRÉRÉ˙o]L]vP 😂TRÉ}P}v]😂 😂 }(😂}˙😂 😂 R}o😂É😂RÉ😂}vÉ}😂😂 ]É😂]😂}😂 RÉ😂ÉvX😂😂SRÉv😂 [😂uÉÉo˙😂]😂}v😂v😂}ÉÉ😂}😂uÉÉo˙😂 vÉ😂RÉ😂Év]vPX😂😂N}😂v😂RÉ'oÉ 😂É 😂(}😂😂}vP😂}oÉU😂 v😂u}😂}(😂ooU😂RÉv😂 [😂É😂RÉÉ[X😂😂SRÉ😂~}😂RÉZ😂u😂É😂 RÉ😂RÉÉ [U😂`RÉÉ😂RÉ😂PÉvÉX

😂C}u]v]vP😂v😂ÉoÉuÉv😂}(😂ovv]vPU😂Éo}]vP😂RÉ😂 (oo˙😂v😂Év]vP😂˙}😂}P}v]😂˙😂😂RÉÉ]vP😂 😂 `RÉÉo😂`]oo😂]vP😂˙}😂}˙😂}😂}vP😂 😂 v😂(}˙😂 .v]RX😂 😂H˙😂Év]vPJ😂

o]}v A R}u]oÉoÉÉ }v}(oÉ(}uR] }ouv]v}RTRÉæW}W]vP˙B [U]ooÉ]v print and ebook. HÉvÉ`R}uN}v}ÉoU]v É RÉRv˙ É UJULIA PRIMAU]v}`}X

30 | The Deux-Sèvres Monthly, November 2022

This Month’s Book Reviews A Year at the French Farmhouse by Gillian Harvey

The Lost Notebook by Louise Douglas



RÉ]É`˙J]}`v B

R]😂 ]😂 u˙😂 o}o😂 R}😂 ÉoÉ}v😂 (}😂 R]😂 u}vR😂 😂 G]oo]v😂 😂H˙😂É o]É😂 `]R😂 RÉ😂 (u]o˙😂 ]v😂 RÉ😂 😂L]u}]vU😂 `R]R😂 ]😂 o}😂 RÉ😂 «vP😂 É (}😂R]😂}}lX 😂D]˙😂 v😂 😂BÉv[😂 o]É😂É vo˙😂 R}`v😂 ]v}😂 😂 u}]o😂 vÉ]RÉ😂 }(😂 RÉu😂 }o😂 RÉ😂 v]ÉX😂😂F]😂😂D]˙😂]😂uÉÉvv 😂 U😂 RÉv😂 RÉ😂 u]lÉvo˙😂 ˙😂 RÉ😂 }'PÉ😂 }(😂 RRÉ] [😂 Éu😂 ]v😂 o😂 😂FvÉU😂 v😂 RÉv😂 😂BÉv😂u]😂RÉ😂v[😂(}oo}`😂RÉ😂}😂RÉ😂vÉ`😂 o](É😂RÉ˙😂R😂Év😂ol]vP😂}😂(}😂ÉX

😂WR😂 (}oo}`😂 ]😂 😂 RÉ😂 uÉ😂 uÉ😂 U😂 (vv˙😂 v😂 (oo😂 }(😂 }u]ÉU😂 😂 😂D]˙😂 R}`😂 RÉÉo(😂 ]v}😂 }uoÉvP😂 RÉ😂 RÉ😂 }(😂 😂 }'PÉ😂 RÉ😂 Rv[😂 Év😂 v😂 ÉP]v😂 RÉ😂 .😂 😂]v😂 É ul]vP😂😂o](É😂(}😂RÉÉo(😂]v😂😂FvÉX 😂D]˙😂 `😂 😂 RÉ😂 `R}😂 `😂 ˙😂É }😂 `u😂 }X😂 😂I😂 (Éo😂 RÉ😂 sadness at the changes thrust upon her, but her enthusiasm (}😂 RÉ😂 vÉ`😂 ÉvÉ😂 R}vÉ😂 R}PRU😂 É]É😂 RÉ😂 (}v😂😂RÉ😂]É}😂😂 }😂😂 RÉ😂FÉvR😂`˙X 😂WR😂}}😂}😂(}😂uÉ😂RÉ😂u}😂`😂RÉ😂FÉvRvÉ😂}(😂R]😂 book and especially the characters we meet. It was obvious R😂 RÉ😂 R}😂 R😂 ˘ÉÉ v]É😂 ˘ÉÉ ]ÉvÉ😂 }(😂 o](É😂 ]v😂 o😂 😂FvÉU😂v😂RÉ😂R😂oÉÉo˙😂LÉ😂}uÉ😂o}Éo˙😂RÉ😂 R😂 😂I😂 }o😂 ]uP]vÉ😂 u]vP😂 ]v}😂 ]v😂 u˙😂 }vÉ😂 }(😂 😂FvÉU😂 `R]R😂 ]v[😂 }}😂 (😂 (}u😂 `RÉÉ😂 RÉ😂 v😂 RÉ😂 (u]o˙😂 v}`😂 oo😂 R}uÉX😂😂SRÉR😂 😂 oÉ😂É u]˘😂 É😂 }(😂lÉÉ]vP😂RÉ}uvÉ 😂 😂 }(😂 😂 vÉ`😂 o](É😂 ]v😂 😂FvÉ😂 o]ÉU😂 (}😂 R}É😂 `R}😂 É😂 }}l😂 o]lÉ😂 R]😂}😂(Éo😂RÉ]😂ÉuU😂`É😂 oo😂v}😂 😂 R˙]vP😂`˙😂(}u😂RÉ😂 challenges a move like this invariable throws you. Add into RÉ😂u]˘😂😂}uo]É😂(u]o˙😂]}v😂 R😂vÉÉ😂}o]vP😂 v😂 }˙o]vÉ😂 R😂 R]PRo]PR😂 RÉ😂 ]u}vÉ😂 }(😂 (]ÉvR]U😂 and this book had a lot to keep me turning the pages. 😂I(😂˙}😂É😂o}}l]vP😂(}😂😂}}l😂}😂É😂R😂]😂}😂É😂 lÉÉ😂RÉ😂 uÉu}˙😂}(😂uuÉo]É 😂 RÉ 😂 v]PR😂 😂 `😂]vU😂`R˙😂v}😂]l😂 }˙😂 😂 }(😂😂AY😂RÉ É 😂FÉvR😂😂FuR}ÉX

RÉ]É`˙J]}`v B

his book is a gripping mystery with lots P}]vP😂}v😂v😂}(😂 😂 }vP😂RÉX😂 😂I😂 o}É😂 RÉ😂 o}}vU😂 R😂 (}😂 uÉU😂 Éoo˙😂 É😂 }😂 RÉ😂 (}v}v😂 }(😂 RÉ😂}˙X😂 😂S😂É on the wild Breton coast, the landscape, the sea, the ancient dolmen and over a R}v😂 ˙É😂 }(😂 R]}˙U😂 oo😂 RÉ😂 😂 😂 to play.

😂M]o😂 `😂 v😂 ]vÉvP😂 É RÉ😂 }😂 PÉ😂 to know. She was unpredictable, a bit reserved and not sure whether she belonged in France with RÉ😂(u]o˙😂}😂]v😂RÉ😂U😂KU😂`RÉÉ😂RÉ😂o](É😂R😂Év😂'oÉ É 😂v😂 }vÉ😂 (}É É 😂 RÉ😂 (}v😂 RÉÉo(😂 o}}l]vP😂 LÉ😂 RÉ😂 v]ÉÉ😂 ]v😂 😂FvÉX😂 😂I😂 }o😂 (ÉÉo😂 RÉ😂 o}vÉo]vÉU😂 v}😂 }vo˙😂 É😂 RÉ😂 `😂 `˙😂 (}u😂 RÉ😂 vÉU😂 😂 o}😂 É😂 ]😂 ÉuÉ😂 she was the only one who believed that the strange goings }v😂 ]v😂 😂M}vÉ😂 `ÉÉ😂 v}😂 ]É😂 😂 RÉ˙😂 .😂 ÉuÉX😂 😂TR]😂 did however give her the determined drive she needed v}😂 }😂 P]É😂 W😂 }v😂 RÉ😂 ]}v😂 😂 o}😂 }v😂 😂Av]U😂 `R}😂 `😂 ovÉoÉ😂 v😂 😂 😂 ]8o😂 PÉU😂 😂 v😂 ˙😂É RÉ😂 }😂 `u😂 }X😂 😂I😂 }o😂 (ÉÉo😂 RÉ😂 P]É(😂 R😂 😂Av]😂 v😂 😂M]o😂 `ÉÉ😂 ˘ÉÉ ]Év]vPU😂 ˙]vP😂 }😂 }uÉ😂 }😂 Éu😂 `]R😂 o}]vP😂 😂Av][😂 ÉvU😂v😂Éoo˙😂 😂 É]o😂}(😂 😂 RÉ}}l😂 😂 (}😂uÉ`😂😂 RÉ😂 }vÉ}v😂`ÉÉ Év😂😂M]o😂v😂😂S}R]ÉX 😂W]R😂}😂uR😂P}]vP😂}vU😂😂I]É😂 R😂 😂 }😂PÉRÉ 😂 }vvÉ 😂 }v😂 `ÉÉ Év😂 RÉ😂 ]+ÉÉv😂 RÉU😂 o}}v😂 v😂 ]}vX😂 As the book progressed and the plot evolved, I was totally gripped, had no idea who to trust, and despite a o}vP😂 o]😂 }(😂 É😂 ]v[😂 (oo˙😂 `}l😂 R]vP😂 }😂 (}😂 u˙Éo(X 😂I(😂 ˙}😂 Évi}˙😂 vÉoo]vP😂 mysteries or books set in 😂B]'v˙U😂 😂I[u😂 É😂 ˙}😂 `]oo😂 love The Lost Notebook.

800 words

short story competition 2022 More info at closing date 31/12/22 Send entries or questions to

Write an original fictional story in English.

The word Deux-Sèvres Monthly, November 2022 | 31 Max 800 count. Judging panel includes well known author Alison Morton and our very own

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Master of Light ˙RÉ C ]vÉB]oÉ˙

Water Lilies and Japanese Bridge (1899)


v}`v😂(}😂R]😂]Pv].v😂}v]}v😂}😂RÉ😂IuÉ]}v]😂 art movement, Claude Monet was born in Paris on 😂N}ÉuÉ😂U😂😂(}u😂RÉ😂PÉ😂}(😂æ😂RÉ😂Év😂R]😂 R]oR}}😂]v😂😂LÉ😂HLÉ É😂 😂R]😂(RÉ}}l😂 😂 }É😂RÉ😂 uvPÉuÉv😂}(😂R]😂(u]o˙ [😂R]]vP😂R]rRvoÉ]vP😂v😂 P}É˙😂]vÉX😂😂TRÉ😂uÉ😂Év😂o}vP😂RÉ😂ÉRÉU😂v😂 RÉ]vuÉ 😂 lv}`oÉ 😂 PÉRÉ 😂 P]vÉ 😂 😂}(😂RÉv😂É😂 RÉ]o˙😂 😂 R]L]vP😂😂N}uv˙😂`ÉRÉU😂`}o😂RÉ😂R]😂(ÉR😂]]}v😂}(😂 nature.

😂M}vÉÉo}É 😂 😂R]😂😂]}v😂}É😂uÉ😂v😂😂RÉ😂 PÉ😂}(😂æ😂}o😂]É😂R😂`É(oo˙😂 É😂 }ÉÉ😂v😂 well-drawn. In these early years he also completed pencil lÉRÉ😂}(😂]o]vP😂R]U😂`R]R😂`ÉÉ😂ou}😂ÉRv]o😂]v😂 their precise clarity. The burgeoning, and occasionally }PvU😂Év😂`😂(]É É vÉ😂]v😂æ˙😂😂 😂EPvÉ😂B}]v😂 who persuaded him to give up his teenage caricature drawings and to become a landscape painter by the, then, v}uu}v😂É😂}(😂]vvP😂]v😂RÉ😂}Év😂]U😂]voo]vP😂 ]v😂R]u😂😂o}É😂}(😂]PR😂RÉ😂v😂RÉ😂o˙😂}(😂o]PR😂}v😂`É😂 r😂}😂]ÉÉ v😂]v😂😂M}vÉ😂]uÉ]}v]😂]vvPX😂😂TRÉ😂`}😂 Éu]vÉ😂o](Éo}vP😂(]Év😂v😂😂M}vÉ😂oÉ😂]😂]É}😂😂 😂B}]v😂Éo˙😂]vGÉvÉX

32 | The Deux-Sèvres Monthly, November 2022

😂HÉ😂.😂]]É😂P]😂 around 1860, where he was impressed by the `}l😂}(😂RÉ😂B]}vr school painters Charles Daubigny and Constant 😂T}˙}vX😂😂T}😂R]😂(u]o˙ [😂 displeasure, he (ÉÉ }😂😂 Év}o😂]v😂 the École des Beaux😂AU😂]vÉ😂RÉ😂(ÉÉvÉ😂 RÉ😂lv}`v😂Rv😂}(😂😂v😂`}lÉ😂RÉ😂 Académie Suisse, where he met Camille Pissarro. This ]v(}uo😂]v]vP😂`😂]vÉ˙😂É😂 u]o]˙😂É]É😂(}😂😂 ˙É😂]v😂😂AoPÉ]U😂`RÉÉ😂RÉ😂`😂]v]É˙😂😂 RÉ😂A(]v😂o]PR😂 v😂}vvÉ}😂😂 ˘ÉÉ ]uÉv😂`]R😂]+ÉÉv😂😂(}uX😂 Forced to return to Paris in 1862 due to illness, Monet met the Swiss painter Charles Gleyre and also worked with 😂Ao(É😂S]oÉ˙U😂😂APÉ😂RÉv}]😂v😂😂F ]😂😂B]ooÉ😂`R}😂oo😂 }uÉ É 😂R]😂o}É😂(]Év😂`]R😂RÉ😂P}😂}LÉv😂`}l]vP😂 }}}😂}v😂]vvP😂}i}vX😂😂M}vÉ😂`}v😂vÉÉ 😂 }😂RÉ😂So}v😂}(😂æU😂v😂vvo😂i]É😂R}`😂]v😂😂P]V😂 RÉ😂R}`😂R}É😂`}😂}(😂R]😂]vvPU😂`R]R😂`ÉÉ😂u]vÉ😂 ovÉX😂😂TRÉ😂(}oo}`]vP😂˙É😂M}vÉ😂`😂P]v😂ÉoÉÉ😂

}😂]É😂]v😂RÉ😂So}vX😂😂TR]😂uÉU😂RÉ😂R}`😂}8]o😂 chose a landscape and the portrait "Camille The Woman in 😂GÉv😂É😂~😂 D L😂(ÉuuÉ😂Év😂}ÉÉ😂Z`R]R😂(ÉÉ😂 R]😂o}É😂v😂(É😂`](ÉU😂😂Cu]ooÉ😂D}v]ɢX😂😂F}u😂😂RuoÉ😂 lP}vU😂😂Cu]ooÉ😂`😂voo˙😂˙}vPÉ😂Rv😂😂M}vÉU😂 RÉuÉ😂É 😂R]😂uÉ😂]«vP😂(}😂vuÉ}😂]vvP😂]vP😂 RÉ😂o](ÉuÉX😂😂TRÉ}oÉ 😂 ˘É😂É ]ÉvÉ😂PÉ😂RR]😂}v😂 RÉ😂]R😂}(😂RÉ]😂.😂}vU😂😂JÉvU😂]v😂X😂😂M}vÉ😂`😂]v😂]É😂 .vv]o😂]😂RÉ 😂 Éo}É 😂 R]😂 😂 }`v😂˙oÉv😂😂 v}😂PooÉ˙😂 `}o😂˙😂R]😂`}lX😂😂H]😂(RÉ😂`😂v`]oo]vP😂}😂RÉo😂RÉu😂 É😂}(😂R]😂Éo}vR]😂`]R😂😂Cu]ooÉ😂v😂😂M}vÉuÉ😂É 😂 }😂É}vÉv😂RU😂]v😂U😂RÉ'É😂 uÉ😂]]É˙😂😂 ˙]vP😂 }😂}`v😂R]uÉo(😂]v😂RÉ😂SÉ]vÉ😂R]ÉX As the Franco-Prussian War broke out Monet married 😂Cu]ooÉ😂v😂u}É😂R]😂(u]o˙😂}😂😂L}v}v😂}😂É😂 }v]}vX😂😂HÉ😂`😂]uÉ˙😂É😂 RÉ😂`}l😂}(😂😂J😂M😂W😂 😂TvÉ😂`]R😂R]😂uÉÉ v😂}(😂o]PR😂`R]R😂oÉ}😂😂 R]😂}`v😂 É😂]vvP😂}(😂RÉ😂TRuÉ😂~ an example below) and it was here he met the art dealer Paul Durand-Ruel

`R}😂`}o😂˙😂R]😂`}l😂v😂RÉo😂]v😂ul]vP😂😂M}vÉ [😂 ]uÉ]}v]😂]vvP😂lv}`vX😂😂TRÉ😂R}˙o😂Éu˙ 😂A U😂 R}`ÉU😂 É (ÉÉ }😂😂 ˘R]]😂 É R]😂`}lX😂😂Iv😂RÉ😂]vP😂}(😂U😂 😂M}vÉ😂oÉvÉ😂}(😂R]😂(RÉ [😂R É X😂😂OLÉv😂]v😂.vv]o😂 ]8oÉ😂]vP😂R]😂É]}U😂RÉ😂]vRÉ]vÉ😂(}u😂R]😂 (RÉ}PÉ 😂 RÉ😂`]R😂😂(É`😂oÉ😂}(😂R]😂]vvP😂oo}`É😂 them to return to France via The Netherlands. 😂M}vÉÉvoo˙😂 😂 'oÉ É 😂]v😂PÉ 😂A vÉ]oU😂v😂]v]o😂}`v😂 `É😂}(😂😂P]U😂v😂ÉPv😂}😂Éo}😂R]😂}`v😂ÉRv]ÉX😂 😂D]vP😂R]😂uÉ😂RÉÉU😂😂M}vÉ😂]]É😂`]R😂uv˙😂}(😂R]😂 😂(]ÉvU😂]vo]vP😂😂RÉv}]U😂😂P]}😂v😂}😂😂E 😂MvÉ😂r😂😂uoo😂😂}(😂RÉ😂(É😂]uÉ]}v]😂P}😂 u}ÉuÉvX😂😂Bv]vP😂}PÉRÉ😂`]R😂o😂É }RÉU😂 😂 😂M}vÉ😂RÉoÉ😂(}u😂RÉ😂S}] 😂Av}v˙uÉÉU😂 😂A 😂PÉ]vÉU😂😂SoÉU😂😂GU😂 É 😂v😂oÉvÉ}😂😂 RÉ😂 Salon and exhibited their works together. The society's 😂A]o😂˘R]]}v😂 😂É }É}😂😂 }o}v˙ É😂 X😂😂OvÉ😂 }(😂😂M}vÉ😂u}😂v}É😂`}l😂]v😂RÉ😂R}`U😂😂IuÉ]}vU😂 😂Sv]É😂~ZU😂É]É😂LÉ😂HÉ😂R}😂]v😂😂u}v]vP😂

The Houses of Parliament, Sunset (1904)

The Deux-Sèvres Monthly, November 2022 | 33

Water Lilies (1906) (}PX😂😂C]😂É😂RÉ😂oÉ}😂😂 vuÉ😂RÉ😂]v😂P}😂}(😂 😂IuÉ]}v]U˙]vP😂 😂 R😂RÉ]😂`}l😂ÉuÉ😂 u}É😂o]lÉ😂lÉRÉ😂Rv😂.v]RÉ😂]vvPX😂😂WR]oÉ😂]😂`😂 uÉv😂}😂}P}˙ É😂 U😂RÉÉu😂😂 ÉuÉ😂.«vPX😂😂M}vÉ😂 }PR😂}😂É😂RÉ😂ÉvÉ😂}(😂RÉ😂vo😂`}o😂]vP😂 strong colours with bold, short brush-strokes, turning away (}u😂RÉ😂oÉv😂v😂ÉvvÉ😂}(😂o]o😂X😂😂DÉ]É😂RÉ😂 ]]uU😂RÉ😂]uÉ]}v]😂`}o😂}É😂]˘😂˘R]]}v😂 É vo😂X😂 😂M}vÉ}vo😂 😂É o](É😂`😂ulÉ˙😂😂 RR]😂}v😂R]😂 uÉX😂😂Cu]ooÉuÉ😂É 😂]oo😂]vP😂RÉ}v😂 😂É ÉPvv˙😂v😂 `]R😂RÉ😂]R😂]v😂😂}(😂RÉ]😂}v😂 É }vU😂😂M]RÉoU😂RÉ😂 }vvÉ}😂😂 É]}ÉX😂(}É 😂BÉ 😂RÉ😂]vPU😂RÉ😂M}vÉ😂 `Év😂}😂o]É😂`]R😂😂EvÉ😂v😂😂Ao]É😂H}RÉÉ😂v😂RÉ]😂]˘😂 R]oÉvX😂😂ALÉ😂Cu]ooÉR😂 😂É ]v😂ıU😂RÉ😂PÉ`😂o}É}😂😂 😂Ao]É😂v😂RÉ😂`}😂Évoo˙😂uÉÉ }uvoo˙😂 😂 ]v}oÉX😂 😂EvÉ😂Év😂uR😂}(😂R]😂uÉ😂]v😂😂P]U😂v😂RÉ😂v😂😂Ao]É😂 34 | The Deux-Sèvres Monthly, November 2022

never divorced. Despite numerous trips around France to PRÉ😂]v]}vU😂😂M}vÉ😂(}v😂R]😂]]o😂R}uÉ😂`RÉv😂RÉ😂 ÉvÉ😂R}É😂]v😂😂G]Év˙X😂😂TRÉ😂(u]o˙😂`}lÉ😂v😂]o😂😂 RÉ😂PÉv😂v😂😂M}vÉ😂(}vÉ😂ÉPv😂}😂RvPÉ😂(}😂RÉ😂 'ÉÉ v😂D r😂RÉo😂R😂]vÉ]vP😂É😂]v😂Éoo]vP😂R]😂 ]vvPX😂😂ALÉ😂EvÉR 😂É U😂😂M}vÉ😂v😂😂Ao]É😂u]É😂]v😂 ı😂v😂RÉ😂.voo˙😂RÉ😂RÉ}É😂 ˙😂]v😂ıX 😂M}vÉ😂P]vÉ😂.vv]o😂v😂]o😂É😂]vP😂RÉ😂oÉ😂 😂v😂ı😂v😂RÉ😂ÉPv😂RÉ😂É]o😂]vvP😂(}😂 which he would become well-known. In Giverny, he loved to paint outdoors in the gardens that he helped create there. 😂TRÉ😂`É😂o]o]É😂(}v😂]v😂RÉ😂}v😂R😂😂o😂Éo😂 (}😂R]uU😂v😂RÉ😂]vÉo😂É😂 É]É😂}(😂RÉu😂R}PR}😂 RÉ😂}(😂 É R]😂o](ÉV😂RÉ😂JvÉÉr˙oÉ😂]PÉ😂}É😂RÉ😂}v😂 o}😂uÉÉ 😂RÉ😂iÉ😂}(😂o😂É `}lX😂😂AM}vÉ😂`ÉoR😂 PÉ`U😂R]😂PÉv😂}oÉ É X😂😂HÉu]vÉ 😂 😂]😂R]É😂]o]vP😂 😂PÉÉvR}ÉU😂}v😂 😂É ]}😂v😂R]vP😂]}vo😂

land with a water meadow. White water lilies local to 😂FvÉ😂`ÉÉ😂ovÉ😂o}vP😂`]R😂]u}É😂o😂(}u😂 😂S}R😂😂AuÉ]😂v😂😂EP˙U😂ÉovP😂]v😂vPÉ 😂 😂}(😂}o}😂 including yellow, blue and white lilies that turned pink with PÉX😂😂OÉ😂RÉ😂˙É😂RÉ😂]É😂}(😂R]😂`É😂PÉv😂PÉ`😂˙😂 vÉo˙😂É😂uÉÉ😂`]R😂Éo😂]vooÉ😂oo😂}v😂 }😂oo}`😂]+ÉÉv😂}😂É😂 ÉX 😂 😂S}uÉuÉ😂M}vÉÉooÉ 😂 }😂😂 .v😂}RÉ😂}É😂}(😂 ]v]}vX😂😂Iv😂RÉ😂Éo˙😂ıU😂RÉÉvÉ😂 }}u😂 😂 }😂 (}u😂😂R}Év😂RÉ 😂C o😂v😂]vÉÉ]É😂 }(😂 😂 `}l😂(}É😂 }v😂RÉÉX😂 😂 😂D]+ÉÉv😂]vvP😂R}`É😂RÉ😂]o]vP😂 ]v😂u}v]vP😂o]PRU😂u]˙U😂oo😂`ÉRÉ😂v😂u}ÉV😂R]😂 }v😂 É `😂Éo😂😂 }(😂😂M}vÉ😂o](Éo}vP😂(]v}v😂`]R😂 RÉ+É 😂É 😂}(😂o]PR😂v😂]v😂ı😂M}vÉvÉÉ😂 }😂😂 😂L}v}v😂 `RÉÉ😂RÉ😂TRuÉ😂R]ÉÉ😂R]😂'É😂 v}vX 😂H]😂}v😂 É `](É😂Ao]É😂]É😂]v😂ı😂v😂R]😂}oÉ😂}v😂😂JÉv😂 who had married Alice's daughter Blanche died in 1914. 😂BovRÉuÉ😂É 😂R]😂É😂v😂]😂`😂]vP😂R]😂uÉ😂R😂 😂M}vÉ😂ÉPv😂}😂Éo}😂RÉ😂.😂]Pv😂}(😂X😂😂D]vP😂 World War I, in which his younger son Michel served and R]😂(]Év😂v😂u]É😂CoÉuÉvÉ😂oÉ😂RÉ😂FÉvR😂v}vU😂 😂M}vÉ😂]vÉ😂É]É😂}(😂😂WÉ]vP😂😂W]oo}`😂É😂R}uPÉ😂 }😂RÉ😂FÉvR😂(ooÉv😂}o]ÉX😂😂Iv😂ıU😂😂M}vÉ😂`}o😂}vÉ😂 😂}(😂R]😂`É😂o]o˙😂]vvP😂}😂RÉ😂v}v😂}(😂😂FvÉ}😂😂 ÉoÉÉ😂RÉ😂Au]ÉX

😂TRÉ😂]vvP😂}vÉ😂`R]oÉ😂RÉ+É 😂 É😂R]😂]]}v😂 RÉ😂PÉvÉo😂É]R😂}vÉ😂`R]R😂]😂RÉ]😂}(😂 😂]]}vU😂RÉ😂vÉ`Év😂`}😂}É}v😂(}😂RÉu😂]v😂 ıX😂😂I😂]😂}]oÉ😂R😂LÉPÉ 😂 ˙😂RÉ😂`😂oÉ}😂😂 É😂 ]v😂 É o]}oÉ😂`ÉoÉvPR😂}(😂o]PR😂v}😂v}uoo˙😂]]oÉ😂 ˙😂RÉ😂oÉv😂}(😂RÉ˙É😂É 😂`R]R😂u˙😂RÉ😂R😂v😂+É É 😂}v😂RÉ😂 }o}😂RÉÉ]É😂 😂v😂RÉÉ]vÉ 😂 😂}uÉ😂}(😂R]😂]vvP😂 `]R😂oÉ😂`É😂o]o]É😂Rv😂(}É É X 😂M}vÉ😂]É😂}(😂ovP😂vÉ😂}v😂æ😂😂DÉuÉ😂ı😂RÉ😂 PÉ😂}(😂😂v😂]😂]É😂]v😂RÉ😂G]Év˙😂RR😂ÉuÉÉ˙X😂 😂Iv]vP😂R😂RÉ😂}]}v😂É😂]uoÉ😂}vo˙😂}😂.L˙😂 É}oÉ'É😂 vÉ😂RÉÉu}v˙ 😂 X😂😂R]😂 A (vÉoU😂😂CoÉuÉvÉ😂 Éu}É😂RÉ😂ol😂o}R😂É😂}É😂RÉ}8v 😂 U😂vPP😂😂N}😂 ol😂(}😂😂M}vÉJ😂v😂ÉoÉ😂]😂`]R😂😂G}`Ér'ÉvÉ😂 o}RX😂😂H]😂(u}😂R}uÉ😂v😂PÉv😂`]R😂]😂`Éo]o˙😂}v😂 `ÉRÉ É😂 ˙😂😂 R]😂RÉ]😂}😂RÉ😂FÉvR😂Éu˙😂 😂A }(😂 😂F]vÉ😂A~😂}(😂RÉ😂Iv😂É😂FvÉZ😂]v😂ıX😂😂TR}PR😂 RÉ😂F}v}v😂😂CoÉ😂M}vÉU😂RÉ😂R}uÉ😂v😂PÉv😂`ÉÉ😂 }ÉvÉ😂(}😂]]😂]v😂ıX😂 😂M}vÉÉu]v😂 😂 }vÉ😂}(😂RÉ😂`}o[😂u}😂(u}😂X😂 😂C}]É😂}(😂R]😂`}l😂}v😂uv˙😂😂`oo😂v😂]]}😂(}u😂 }v😂RÉ😂`}o😂G}l😂É˙😂˙É}😂😂 😂P]]v😂]v}v😂 o]lÉ😂RÉ😂M É😂[😂O˙😂v😂RÉ😂M É😂Mu}'v😂😂M}vÉ😂 }😂˘ÉÉ ]ÉvÉ😂R]😂`}lX😂😂Iv😂😂M˙😂ıU😂R]😂ı😂]vvP😂 😂MÉoÉuÉ😂É 😂RÉ😂u}😂ooÉ😂IuÉ]}v]😂`}l😂}(😂😂 }o😂😂}vU😂R]É]vP😂¤X😂u]oo]}vX

Gardener's House at Antibes (1916) The Deux-Sèvres Monthly, November 2022 | 35

Taking Better Photographs ... Into The Light

by Steve Marshall

😂IuPÉ😂R😂}v]v😂`É😂W😂É😂R😂}oÉU😂(}U😂}😂(oo😂 ]Év😂😂 RvPÉ}uoÉ 😂 Éo˙😂](😂˙}😂R}}😂RÉu😂]v}😂RÉ😂o]PRX😂 😂TRÉ}😂😂 v😂RÉ😂˙o😂RU😂(😂É v😂GÉ É 😂RÉ😂 light. The key here is to move slowly around and about the iÉ}😂😂 É😂`R😂R}😂u]PR😂`}lX😂😂TR]😂]voÉ😂 ]]vP😂v😂o}`É]vP😂˙}😂uÉ😂}]}vX😂😂AP}}😂(]Év😂 recommended photographers should always carry a bin o]vÉ😂`]R😂RÉu😂}😂v}😂u'É😂RÉÉ😂}(😂RÉ😂P}v😂˙}😂 }o😂lvÉÉo😂}`v😂(}😂😂R}X😂😂C˙]vP😂😂oÉ😂}😂˙}😂 v😂PÉ😂R]PR😂u˙😂É😂]uo😂`É😂É 😂}(😂o`˙😂 R}}vP😂˙É😂É 😂oÉÉoX 😂Sv]É😂v😂vÉv😂😂 }É😂uPv].Év😂]uPÉ😂W😂](😂˙}😂 PÉ😂RÉ😂o]PR😂]PRX😂😂TR😂uÉv😂u]vP😂]😂]oX 😂Y}😂u˙😂É😂ol˙😂v😂😂RÉ É 😂]PR😂oÉ😂RÉ😂]PR😂uÉ😂 but be prepared to spend an hour or two as the sun rises }😂(oo😂v😂RÉ😂]É😂RvPÉ😂'Éo˙X😂😂A]}😂}uÉ É 😂 Éoo˙😂(o😂 É }😂˙}😂v😂😂˙}😂 É uÉ😂]v😂RÉ😂u}😂 o]lÉo˙😂}]}v😂RÉ😂Rv😂R]vP😂]😂`É]PR😂˙}😂}`v😂`R]oÉ😂 ˙}😂`]😂(}😂RÉ😂o]PRX 😂UvÉvuÉÉU😂˙}😂v😂RÉv😂`ol😂}v😂v😂}v]É😂 }RÉ😂R}U😂u}]vP😂RÉuÉ😂 😂](😂}}v]˙😂]ÉX


]PR😂]😂RÉ😂R}}PRÉ [😂É]oÉv😂}(😂RÉ😂[😂R😂 }😂RÉ😂o} [😂R]ÉoX

As with brush and chisel it should be used with care and R}PRX😂😂A]]vP😂😂o}}vU😂}]vvP😂˙}😂 uÉ😂v😂o]l]vP😂RÉ😂R'É😂u˙😂`]v😂˙}😂 😂PR}}PRÉ😂}(😂RÉ😂YU😂 É 😂]😂]😂vo]lÉo˙X😂😂F]😂 o}}l😂😂˙}😂iÉ😂v😂RÉv😂u}ÉU😂}vvoo˙😂 l]vP😂RÉ}v 😂É U😂R😂H}`😂}É😂RÉ😂o]PR😂`}lM[X😂 Look at the shadows and the brightly lit areas.

😂SR}}vP😂(}u😂😂lÉÉ😂]v}😂}vÉ😂R😂]😂u}É}vPo˙😂 😂 lit can carry the viewer through your image. You may well .v😂R😂R]😂}😂}(😂R}😂vÉÉ😂}uÉ😂É]vP😂}😂]vP😂}😂 detail in the shadows and reduce the highlights. 😂WRÉv😂R}}vP😂]v}😂RÉ😂o]PR😂]😂]😂É˙😂]u}v😂}😂É]É😂 }v😂RÉ😂ovÉ😂}(😂o]PR😂}u]vP😂(}u😂ÉR]v😂˙}😂iÉ😂 v😂}u]vP😂(}u😂RÉ😂(}vX

😂A˙}😂u}É😂v😂o}}l😂˙}😂u]PR😂.v😂'É😂É 😂R}😂 }😂v😂ÉvÉo˙😂vÉ`😂ÉX Most photographs are taken with the sun or .]o😂o]PR😂(oo😂}v😂RÉ😂iÉX😂😂TR😂u˙😂`}l😂 but not always. 😂Foo😂v😂ulÉ😂É}oÉ😂]v😂v😂G'Év😂RÉ😂 image by wiping out contrast. Side light creates R}`😂v😂R É X😂😂Av😂o]PR😂(}u😂ÉR]v😂˙}😂 iÉ😂]vP😂}uÉR]vP😂R😂v😂É😂`}vÉ(oX😂 😂TRÉ😂JvÉÉv😂😂 RÉÉ😂`}😂W😂 l}u}É]😂W😂(}😂vo]PR😂R😂]😂.oÉÉ😂R}PR😂RÉ😂 oÉÉ😂}(😂RÉÉX 😂 😂Tl]vP😂R}}PR😂]v}😂RÉ😂o]PR😂vÉÉ😂o😂 ÉX😂Év😂😂E R}PR😂uÉ😂 😂]É`.vÉ😂o}}l]vP😂 directly at the sun can damage your eyes, so oÉ(o É😂 X PR}}PR˙SÉM É Roo 36 | The Deux-Sèvres Monthly, November 2022

😂I(😂˙}😂É😂˙}😂GR😂v😂.v😂]😂]😂}}😂}vP😂˙}😂v😂oo˙😂 RvPÉ😂RÉ😂}`É😂]v😂RÉuÉ😂 «vP 😂É X😂😂AoÉvÉo˙😂˙}😂 v😂É😂]+É😂}😂Év😂É😂]v😂(}v😂}(😂 RÉ😂}vruÉ😂GRX 😂I(😂😂I😂u😂R}}PR]vP😂É}oÉ😂RÉv😂😂I😂ou}😂o`˙😂É😂}uÉ😂 GR😂}😂ulÉÉ😂RÉÉ😂]😂R😂 😂 o]PR😂]v😂RÉ]😂˙ÉÉ X

😂N}😂o]PR😂😂RÉ😂(}v😂`]oo😂É😂]oR}É'É😂`R]R😂v😂É😂 }o😂v😂uX😂😂Y}😂`]oo😂oo˙😂`v😂˙}😂]oR}É'É}😂😂 É😂]v😂R😂(}😂}😂É😂}😂(}U😂😂]É😂o😂u}vRU😂 }v😂}vÉ😂}(😂RÉ😂ÉPÉ😂}(😂RÉ😂]oR}É'ÉX😂😂I(😂RÉ😂o]PR😂]😂o}`😂RÉ😂 o}vPÉ😂R'É😂Éu˙😂uÉv😂˙}😂`]oo😂vÉÉ😂]}😂}😂 something to keep the camera steady.

😂F}u😂]˙É}😂😂 uoo😂vo😂]o É U😂(}u😂(}uo😂 }]😂}😂o}É😂}(😂]vÉU😂]😂]😂o`˙😂`}R`R]oÉ😂 }v]É]vP😂v😂}]o˙😂RÉl]vP😂`R😂RÉv😂](😂˙}😂v😂 the camera around and shoot into the light. 😂HÉ😂(vX😂😂I(😂˙}😂(v˙😂uÉvP😂 É }uÉ😂(Éoo}`😂R}}PRÉ😂 }😂RÉÉ😂}(😂R}}PR˙😂˙}😂`}o😂o]lÉ😂uÉ}😂😂 ]voÉ😂 in these pages please get in touch on ÉuRooPu]oX}u

Portraits taken into the light can produce an aura in the iÉ [😂R]😂W😂É😂R😂RuvU😂 animal or insect. 😂I(😂˙}😂}😂v}😂`v😂😂]oR}É'É😂 you may need to increase the o]PR😂(}u😂RÉ😂(}vX😂😂TRÉ😂É]É😂 ways to do this are to use a GÉ É }😂}😂😂GRX 😂Y}😂v😂˙😂R]PR😂o]˙😂 GÉ É }😂]v😂˙]vP😂}o}😂 such as white, silver and gold, which allow you to warm or cool the light. And you can also use a white card or a white sheet. 😂UvoÉ😂˙}😂RÉ😂v😂]v😂 ˙}😂`]oo😂vÉ}😂É😂 .v😂😂`˙😂 }(😂}vP😂R]😂]v😂RÉ😂]PR😂 }]}vX😂😂D]vÉv😂😂 }😂É😂 i😂R}`😂uR😂o]PR😂]😂ÉX

The Deux-Sèvres Monthly, November 2022 | 37

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}v˙]É 😂 `ol😂 😂 }vvÉv😂o}}l]vP😂 😂 É RÉ😂 É 😂 (o}😂]v😂RÉuv😂 ]😂 (}o]PÉv😂😂 RÉ}o} 😂 oo😂 😂 }v😂 Po}]} i😂 É X😂T😂 RÉ]o😂 É ]😂😂É uÉoo😂]v😂RÉ]😂😂]v😂uvU😂😂 }😂}(😂u]˘}(😂 😂 É u😂oÉU😂 É u}U😂Pv😂😂 (u😂v]uoX😂 o😂É É .É😂o😂W😂 }(😂 😂É 'oÉ}v😂 😂 }😂i}vÉ˙😂v😂`ÉR 😂 😂É v😂É RÉvÉ😂 `r}v😂]v😂RÉ.É😂 o😂v😂`RÉRÉ😂 (É]vP😂 😂É R]}😂 É `RÉv😂RÉR˙😂 😂 o]É É oÉ😂 É Q😂 😂 É R😂v😂É animals! The cyclamen in the woods are stunning yet again, ˙😂É ]vR😂 É }(😂P}v😂vÉÉ R😂RÉ]v😂 😂 É 😂 RÉ😂É 😂 (}É É😂 😂 É absolutely covered with the pale, dainty blooms……..even mine in the garden have put on a good show. We have to make the u}😂}(😂RÉRÉ😂u😂É }v😂 É]😂 ]😂R}😂v😂RÉ}}v😂 ˙😂😂 É P}vÉX😂W😂 R😂oo˙😂 ]😂É v}ÉoÉ]😂😂RÉ]}vP 😂 V😂˙`RÉ É É 😂É `ÉP} 😂 U😂˙😂PÉ😂`ÉÉ]+É É 😂É v😂É RuÉo}]É[U😂}uÉuÉ😂 }o]˙😂]😂]vP😂}o}vPÉ 😂 R 😂 ][😂v😂}RÉuÉ😂 RÉ😂 `R}oÉ 😂 😂 R}i}]v😂 😂 ]vQÉuÉv}😂}v😂R😂ulÉ i😂 }😂😂 😂 v😂o]vÉ X😂T😂 RÉ}vo😂 É 😂 RÉPÉ}`😂(]QXXXXX😂olÉ]Év😂😂 o}Éu]vo˙ 😂 U😂RÉ😂 É (}😂 😂 É RÉ]l]vP 😂 U😂 uR😂 😂 É 😂 uooÉ😂 than usual due our very dry spring and summer. Following RÉv😂É ]v😂 É 😂 ~Rvl😂P}}vÉR😂o😂 ]ÉJ😂 (vP]😂 😂Z

nTRÉ|DɢrSÉ 38 The M}vRo˙ Deux-Sèvres UN}ÉuÉ Monthly, November 2022

}vP😂 😂 É (}u😂u😂˙😂u😂v😂É 😂 É }uÉuÉ😂 ](😂😂 😂 É (}u😂v}`RÉ]v😂 😂 É RÉu]oÉ 😂 }(😂 😂 R😂 X😂`😂W😂 😂 É such a clump today on our walk and managed to leave them unscathed as we passed. Such an ancient species, right at the P]vv]vP😂 É }(😂ov😂˘}v}u˙😂~😂}R😂`}😂(}😂o]}😂😂 P}}(😂 😂 ]u]o😂}😂oR]vP É 😂 É }😂😂 ]vÉ 😂 Z vP É X😂T😂 RÉRÉ😂 U😂}o}😂 v😂U😂 ˘É `Év😂É [ÉÉv😂😂 É RÉ}'É😂 É }vÉ 😂 R😂😂 É to adorn pictures in our stories books when we were very ˙}vPX😂W😂 `Éol˙😂 😂 É v}PR😂 É R]oÉ 😂 vU😂}😂Ruv˙😂 😂 É }(😂RÉ😂 uooU😂Rl😂L 😂 ˙]😂}}l😂}v😂Rv[É U😂`]R😂RÉ]oÉ ]😂É 😂 `]vP😂v😂]}v É U😂l]vo]vP😂v😂]vÉ`R]R😂 😂 É uÉÉ 😂 u}É}(😂 😂 ]}v😂 😂 o}v 😂 É X😂T😂 RÉ`😂}😂😂 É uR😂]o😂 É }😂 vo😂o](É]v😂 😂 R}É}}l😂 😂 v😂Iv😂😂 😂 oo😂RÉu˙😂 😂 (RÉ[😂}]É😂 ]vP😂 É RÉu😂}😂X😂I😂 v[😂]😂(vv˙U😂R😂}vÉ˙}😂 😂 v😂(}😂 😂É ˙}o( É U😂˙}😂v[😂uÉÉ uÉ😂 😂 `RÉ 😂 v😂˙}😂}ov[J😂😂 The pear tree in the garden has now been pruned, such a P}}😂}Év😂😂 o}É 😂 o˙😂G}😂}😂RÉ(]😂 X😂T😂 RÉR😂É 😂É }u}É 😂 É RÉÉ Rv😂 😂 😂 U😂É ÉvÉ😂 o˙😂oo😂}(😂RÉu😂`É😂É }😂😂 ]ÉÉ v}😂uR😂vP😂 É }(😂R}ÉJ😂I😂 R 😂 uÉ😂 😂 É]v😂 o😂😂 É }😂 U😂`]vP😂v(É }😂}😂😂 É É RÉP😂 v😂É Q😂I😂 [u😂˙]vP😂}😂 ]É`RÉ É 😂 }😂RÉ]😂😂 É u}uÉ 😂 vX😂T😂 RÉvuÉ 😂 RuÉ 😂 o[😂]v[😂 RÉ ˙😂É }LÉ 😂 v😂v}`😂v😂}😂}uɢÉÉ v😂😂 u😂]😂É ]😂}😂😂 😂 É }(😂(}P}'É 😂 v😂(]😂U😂 É }vÉR😂😂 `😂uÉv}vÉ]v😂 😂 }oÉ}˙😂😂 }}l😂(}u😂uÉ}😂😂 uÉX😂I😂 R😂😂 o}É 😂 o˙😂L 😂 v😂vuÉU😂M 😂 ]o😂É PÉuv]😂v😂]😂uÉ😂 uÉ}(😂 😂 RÉ}É😂 (u]o˙ 😂 X😂T😂 RÉo}}u😂 😂 `😂o}Éo˙U😂oPÉU😂G😂}Év😂G}`É]v😂 😂 ]vl]R 😂 r`R]ÉRÉ😂 X😂T😂 RÉ😂 (]😂˙😂]😂É ]'Év😂😂 Rv😂]}voo˙😂 😂 `😂 uÉ]v}😂 😂 😂 iÉoo]Év😂😂 iu😂`RÉv😂RÉ˙]vP (]😂😂 É `É😂 É X😂O 😂 (]😂😂 `É😂É ˙😂É uoo😂v😂]v[😂`Éoo😂v}PR É U😂`Éoo😂Ro˙😂oo 😂 UQQXol😂}(😂 water mostly to blame, but I was sharing what water I had with }😂uv˙😂}RÉov😂 😂 ]v😂RÉP😂 vÉ X😂H😂 }É(oo˙😂vɢ😂˙É`É😂 [oo😂 RRÉ😂 É ]v😂 😂 `ÉvÉ😂 v😂😂 ÉRÉo😂É `]oo😂 😂 u}É 😂 É }]É😂 X😂😂 T😂 R]😂uuÉoo˙😂 É 😂 R😂R}`v😂RÉ+ÉÉ 😂}(😂 😂 o]uRvPÉ 😂 É U😂 `]R😂v}😂]v😂oo😂 😂 (}😂uv˙😂`É😂 l😂v😂É RÉÉ É 😂 u˙]vP😂 É ]lo˙😂v😂É É R}PR😂I}v]vP😂 😂 `😂😂 uR😂 😂 😂 }]oÉX😂S😂 }😂v😂v😂 oÉ oÉov😂 😂 ˙]vPX😂I😂 [u😂 P}]vP😂}😂]vÉ]v😂 😂 u}É}`😂 PÉÉ RÉ😂 oÉ [😂]v😂RÉP😂 v😂É (}😂

• Plant tulip bulbs early in the month, when all the other ]vP😂o😂R v😂É 😂 ÉovÉX😂vo˙ É A 😂 U😂(}u😂`R😂I😂 [É😂 U😂 É RÉRvÉ 'É😂 É]😂😂 É }(😂 😂 }]]vP😂RÉ(vPo😂 😂 ]v(É}v😂 Ro]😂.É[😂R😂v😂uPÉRÉ😂 o😂😂 ](😂˙}😂ov😂]v😂R]😂R}É[X😂 M 😂 RÉ😂 É ovÉ lÉo😂😂 É 😂 ]v😂 😂 vv˙😂 😂 }]}v😂]v😂`Éoor ]vÉ}]o 😂 X😂](😂˙}😂}]o😂]😂}v😂 😂 RÉRRÉ 😂 ˙[😂]ÉU😂}uÉ 😂 P]😂 😂 ]v}😂RÉovvP😂 😂 R}oÉv😂😂 ]😂RÉo😂😂 }v😂}😂}(😂]X😂T😂 R]😂RÉo😂}😂 }ÉRÉo😂 }(😂 É 😂 É 😂 RÉo😂😂 (}u😂]«vP😂]v😂R😂`😂 É u˙😂 }ooÉ]v😂 😂 RÉR}oÉ 😂 LÉ😂 RÉ😂 ˙😂]vXX😂P 😂 ov😂]v😂]v(}uo😂P}]v😂 😂 G}`É]v😂 😂 É 😂 RÉvv]É 😂 }(😂 😂 😂 RÉP😂 vÉ U😂}😂oÉÉ }uÉ 😂 😂 }😂😂v😂É 'u]˘😂}oÉ 😂 }(😂 😂 ]+Év😂É }o}É]É😂 É 😂 }😂P]Éo}É 😂 😂 o˙😂}(😂 😂 ]vP😂}o}X😂W😂 ooG}`Év😂😂 (}PÉr uÉrv}😂}uv˙😂o]😂˙😂É `Éoo😂v😂RÉv😂É 😂 (}u😂RÉ😂 `ooG}`É]😂}v 😂v😂😂 É X

vÉ˙😂É ˘😂}vÉ É v😂😂˙É😂 É]} É 😂 😂 X😂I😂 (😂😂[u😂 A😂 `😂É }😂R}Év😂]É😂 ]😂oo😂]v😂+ÉÉ X T😂 RÉ}uuvÉ 😂 R 😂 [😂'ÉR v😂É 😂É }😂«vP😂RÉRÉ😂 PÉ}`U😂 or should I say, ripping them! The branches are all torn and very rough, but at least they are cut and the hedging species can }oÉRÉuÉ😂 É É v😂 X😂W😂 RÉv😂I😂 R]vl😂 😂 R😂]v😂RÉU😂 K 😂 uv˙😂 😂 }(😂 R}ÉRÉ😂 v]}vuÉvo[😂PÉR 😂v😂É}uoÉ 😂 É o˙ É U😂I😂 [u😂 oÉ}😂RÉ😂 É }vvÉ 😂 }(😂 😂 É 😂 }😂}`v😂}v˙]ÉRÉ😂 X É I😂 [😂]vP😂o😂ovvP😂uÉP]v😂 😂 v😂vI😂 lÉ[ÉPÉ😂 😂 }(😂RÉ]o😂 É 😂 }+É}v😂 😂 P😂}(😂}u}U😂}😂I😂 [u😂 J😂É É I😂 R 😂 oÉ😂É˙😂}PR😂}uÉl😂}(😂 😂 o😂v😂R}uÉ 😂É 😂 u}É}u]vP😂 😂 ˙😂}😂LÉ}É😂 ]vP😂}vo]vÉQÉo]]}😂o}}l]vP😂 oo😂 😂 RÉvÉ😂 ]v😂 `😂]É😂 É RÉo}PÉ 😂 v😂😂 ˙]vP😂}😂]ÉÉ 😂 `R]R😂}😂˙😂(}😂RvPÉ 😂 (}u😂 😂 RÉo😂 X😂LÉA😂 'Év]vP😂 😂 ]}😂ov😂(]U😂I😂uo [É😂 }uÉ 😂 É ov😂 😂 R😂vÉ😂 É v(É }😂}😂😂 É É RÉG}`É 😂 }😂😂 r}'É É 😂 ]v}😂 😂 ]PPÉ😂 }v]vÉX😂I😂 [Éo}😂 😂 }É}😂😂 u˙😂Pv😂É `}lR}U😂}v😂 P}}😂}Év[😂]U😂]😂 oo˙😂 [😂É v😂}o😂vÉÉ É vÉR😂😂 I😂 [É😂 }uuvÉX😂 É É I😂 R 😂 oÉÉ 😂 É]]˙😂]vooÉU😂u]v]😂 😂 lÉ'oÉv😂😂 uP😂v😂u}😂]u}vo˙😂RÉ]}😂 o˙É 'ÉÉ😂 lÉ R😂😂 P}É˙`RÉ É É 😂 I😂 É P}😂 😂 ]v😂RÉP😂 vÉ U😂]v😂}😂R]vÉX😂I😂 [u😂}😂ol˙😂 }😂Rv😂R😂]😂😂oo😂 É RÉuÉ😂 QQu˙😂Rv😂]😂 R]vl]vP😂}(😂«vP😂}😂😂 ÉRÉ😂 JÉ

{ L 😂 ]o]Év😂ovÉ 😂 É (}u😂 😂 v}`😂]PR😂R}PR😂vo😂]o A 😂 X😂T😂 RÉ😂 bulbs should be placed on their sides about 15cms below the }]o😂(ÉX😂I😂 (😂RÉ}]o😂 😂 ]😂RÉ˙U😂R😂 Év😂😂 v😂o˙😂RÉo😂😂 }v😂RÉ]😂]É}v😂 😂 }😂}(😂R]😂v😂]😂`]oo😂]vPÉ ]😂 ]v😂 😂 RÉ}]o😂 😂 v😂v😂É É RÉo😂😂 (}u😂PÉ«vP😂}}😂`Év😂😂 }«vPX😂😂 T😂 o]😂]😂😂 }vÉ}(😂 😂 RÉo]É É 😂 }😂😂 G}`Év😂😂 `]oo😂o]É 😂 😂 o˙😂 ˙Éoo}`😂R}[😂]v😂RÉP😂 vÉ X😂I😂 (😂N 😂 }ÉuÉuÉl😂É}ÉÉ }😂D 😂 be very wet months, then the soil may well be waterlogged. I😂 (😂R]😂]😂RÉU😂 É 😂 ov😂RÉo]o]É 😂 ]v}😂 😂 }😂]vU😂 É ]vP😂}uÉ😂 }lÉ}' v😂}l😂É 😂 }😂P}}😂 😂 o˙É}(😂 😂 P]😂o]v]vP😂 😂😂 RÉ😂 😂 }'}u😂}(😂RÉ}😂 X😂I😂 (😂RÉRÉo😂😂uoo É 😂 U😂ov😂oÉ😂 😂 o😂.É}PÉ 😂 RÉU😂](😂RÉuR😂 ˙😂😂 É oPÉU😂}vo˙😂ov😂RÉ]v😂 😂É R😂É }X😂l.oo😂 B 😂 RÉ}😂😂}😂RÉ]u😂 😂 `]R😂}u}😂v😂oÉ😂 RÉu😂`RÉ˙}😂 😂 É v😂RÉ😂 É u😂]v😂RÉP😂 vÉ X😂T😂 RÉoÉ😂 v😂É ]😂}😂˙😂RÉovÉ 😂 }😂}😂😂 ][😂]u😂]v😂G}`É 😂 X😂 É 😂 T😂 RÉ😂 o]oo]É 😂]É A 😂 ˙😂o]oÉ É 😂 É 😂 o}}uÉ 😂 v😂😂 RÉ˙😂}uÉ]v😂 😂

W😂 RÉ˙}😂 😂 É }😂]v😂˙}😂PvÉ U😂vi}˙😂 É ]😂}😂RÉ(oo 😂 X😂}v D😂 [😂 (}PÉ}😂😂v😂É uÉo}}l]vP😂 i😂 ˙}😂 😂 +} É U😂`]R😂P}}😂 😂 }😂😂 Po}(😂 😂 }uÉR]vP😂]v😂RvU😂]vP😂 É RÉo😂É 😂 ˙}R]É [É😂 😂 v😂u]vP😂 😂 É 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 vÉ😂 😂 `😂😂 (}😂 😂]É😂 😂 RÉ 😂 😂 😂X😂 (É 😂 😂 😂 N}`]RÉuÉ}P T😂 RÉv😂É 😂 }(😂RÉ˙É]😂😂}u]vP😂o}É 😂 É É U😂RÉ😂 ]😂oo😂 😂 É oÉv˙😂 to do outside!

}uÉvv]vP😂 😂 }o}v😂😂 L 😂 ]o]u😂PoÉ É R😂(o😂 😂 É `R]É😂 G}`Év😂😂 o}Éo˙😂(uÉ É X😂}}v😂 😂 A 😂 RÉ😂 (}o]PÉ 😂 P]v😂 É 😂 }😂 R}`😂}ÉRÉ😂 }]o 😂 U😂o}}l😂˙😂É É (}😂]Pv😂}(😂o]o˙😂 😂 É oÉÉ X😂 They lay their eggs on the stems or leaves in a thick, black u}😂v😂RÉ😂 ˙😂RRU😂RÉP😂 `]oo😂 😂 oo😂 😂 É RÉ(}o]PÉ 😂 ˙😂É 😂 ]lo˙X😂T😂 l]ooÉ 😂 ÉRÉ😂 É 😂 É ]ooÉ 😂 ]v😂 😂 RÉP😂 v😂É vÉ U😂 É ]😂😂 ]😂u}É}o}P]oo˙😂 É😂 (]Évo˙😂]😂}😂}(😂 😂 😂 Po}É}v😂 😂 v😂 `]ÉRÉ😂 RP}} 😂 [😂o😂]😂o}+😂 😂 RÉoÉ😂ulÉ X { P 😂 vÉ]}😂}vÉ 😂É É😂 oo😂 😂 RÉoÉR 😂 É (ooÉ 😂 É vU😂v😂 R]😂 😂 É uÉ}😂😂 RÉ˙}😂 RÉ 😂 😂 É `}o😂 😂 o]lÉ}😂]😂 É U😂}😂 ]😂 É [😂]Éo]PRo˙😂 É😂 ](😂][😂}}😂ooU😂v😂]u😂vRÉl😂😂 vP😂 R😂😂 É }}😂uR😂RÉX😂L 😂 }}l😂}😂(}😂v˙😂vRÉR😂😂 are crossing or damaged and remove them…….branches that }PÉ 😂 RÉv😂😂u}É É o˙É 😂 😂 }(😂 😂 l😂v😂R]😂}]Év😂😂 vÉ vÉ(}😂 😂 (vPo😂}😂}😂😂 ]ÉÉ vÉÉ X😂o`˙😂 A 😂 l😂}😂😂 i}]v 😂 X😂}v D 😂 [😂(}PÉU😂v]vP😂uovÉ😂 É `😂P}`RU😂}😂}v[😂 go too mad with the secateurs. { RÉC 😂 l😂}v😂RÉP😂 v😂É (}😂oo😂vRÉR😂 }😂😂 É and trim them back to prevent damage during any very windy }vvÉ C }ÉoÉ(XXXXX

The Deux-Sèvres Monthly, November 2022 | 39


{ W😂 RÉv😂vÉ u}v😂 É R.v]RÉ 😂 É G}`É 😂 ]vPU😂 l😂RÉ😂 😂 tops back by a third…another cut back can be made next spring. U😂 RÉ😂 É}+😂 😂 😂 u]o😂 É (}😂«vPX { N 😂 `😂(😂É v😂oo😂o]😂 😂 É o}vP😂 😂 RÉ😂 P}v😂 😂 ]😂v}😂 `o}PPÉ É }😂😂 (}ÉvX

˙😂}😂v]PRX😂I😂 (😂RÉov😂 😂É [}l]vP 😂 }😂[😂😂É RÉ`]v 😂 U😂 eventually a gap will be worn in the soil around the roots, which will allow water in and the roots may become damaged by rot «vP😂 É ]vX😂RÉ😂A ˙😂(}😂u˙😂o}😂oo}`😂v˙😂Rv]vP[😂R}😂 `😂 É v😂😂É(ÉR]😂 É `]oo😂.v]É É o˙😂uPÉRÉ😂 ov 😂 X { I😂 (😂R}vÉ˙loÉov 😂 U😂]vÉU😂]˙U😂}😂uo]vP😂}ÉR 😂 😂É }uÉ É RoÉ 😂 PP˙[😂v😂RÉu😂É 😂o}vP😂v😂PPo˙U😂RÉl😂😂 😂É ˙😂Ro(😂o˙😂 É}😂É RÉ😂É u😂]v😂}😂]oÉ}😂 X 😂 • Black spot on roses can overwinter on stems and leaves, v😂}v😂v˙😂(ooÉv😂vÉÉoÉ😂 R😂 É RÉov 😂 X😂R 😂 u}É É v˙😂 😂 +ÉoÉ}v😂 😂 É }😂vÉRÉ😂 ov😂 😂 v😂v😂RÉuX😂H😂 }É(oo˙😂 R]😂`]oo😂RÉRÉ😂o😂É ]l😂É 😂 }(😂RÉ}]É😂É]vP😂 😂 P]v😂vɢ😂 year.

{ I😂 ][😂oÉ}😂😂 ]vP😂ov😂 ]😂 ]v]É](😂😂 RÉ}(😂 ˙😂😂 É 😂 ˙😂]ÉR😂}😂É 😂 É u}ÉX😂O 😂 RÉ`]ÉU😂oÉRÉ😂 É u😂}}}😂 v😂}É`]R😂 😂 P}}😂 😂 R]l😂o˙É}(😂 😂 GÉX😂 É É I😂 (😂RÉ}😂v😂😂 ]v😂 }😂😂 ]RÉ É U😂u˙😂 É RÉu😂}😂LÉ]v😂 😂 }😂R😂RÉ}}😂 😂 }v}uÉ [😂É `o}PPÉ 😂É X😂I😂 R 😂R 😂 É vÉÉ u˙😂 😂 `}😂oÉu}v😂 }+😂 😂 É v}`U😂˙😂Poo˙😂˘}]vP😂 É RÉu😂}😂u]o😂}oU😂I😂 ]😂😂 have one year when both trees were shocked by the cold and RÉ˙😂RÉoo😂 😂 RÉ]😂oÉX😂 É RÉ😂 É ]ÉI😂}(😂 É 😂 😂 R😂É ov😂˙😂😂 uoo😂u}v😂v😂RÉ˙😂R}R😂 😂 É }ÉV😂 É R}`ÉU😂É ](😂😂É É É (}😂}😂v}`😂]😂(}ÉI😂 `}o😂 😂 .v]É É o˙😂}ÉRÉ😂 u😂]v😂RÉ😂 GÉ ]PR😂 😂 É É `˙X😂I😂 ]😂😂}]oÉv}`😂 😂 }😂˙😂GÉ]v😂 😂 É É ˙É r😂😂 uÉRP 😂 [😂RÉ`]R😂 😂 `]vP😂 😂 X😂 É T😂 ˙😂(o É RÉ😂 É 😂 É U😂 v}😂(}😂 i😂 ov ]😂 U😂(}😂 😂 v˙😂}RÉvÉÉ R 😂 R😂😂 u˙😂vÉ}ÉvP 😂É X { I😂 (😂˙}😂P}]vP😂 😂É }😂RP}😂 😂 😂 É P}`]vP😂 😂 vU😂XP😂 É RoÉ U😂 acorns, horse chestnuts etc. sow them in pots outside as they vÉ}😂}o😂 😂 É😂 (}😂`}😂}😂RÉu}vR😂 😂É ]v😂}É}😂😂 PÉu]vX É { M 😂 ˙😂]˙😂]😂}u]vP😂]v}😂G}`Év}`😂 😂 v😂I😂 `}v 😂 l😂]😂[😂😂 vo😂LÉRÉ😂 `]vÉ 😂 P}}😂 😂 RÉ 😂 É }😂 ]É😂 É 😂 (}}😂 }(}😂 😂 É RÉ`]oo](É 😂 X

{ I😂 (😂RÉ`]vÉ 😂 ~v}😂 😂É }ÉÉ}😂É😂 😂É }}😂o]lÉo˙U😂`É😂 😂 never know!) hungry rabbits may come into the garden looking (}😂(}}😂v😂RÉ˙😂v😂Pv`😂R}PR😂 l😂v😂😂uPÉ É 😂 U😂 É v😂É É l]oo😂RÉuX😂I😂 P}}😂 [😂😂 vl }😂]É😂É }É😂U😂 oo˙😂R}É}(😂 😂 vÉ`o˙😂ovÉ]uÉ É 😂 vU😂}v]vP😂 ˙😂 😂 them with chicken wire to deter the rabbits. • Trees with shiny bark, be it white or red, can be brightened up by giving the bark a wipe over with a damp cloth to reveal RÉ˙😂R😂É 😂 Ro]ÉvÉÉ 😂 R[X { R 😂 }}😂«vP😂v😂v}`😂lÉv😂😂É (}u😂ov😂R😂Ro}˘ 😂 U😂 }]Évo😂}]Év😂vR 😂 X😂U😂 }}😂 😂É }(😂 ]É😂 É ]u]o😂 😂 ]É}😂v]o😂 😂É 😂 ~æru😂😂 ]v😂oÉvPRX😂O 😂 vÉv😂É 😂 }(😂 😂 RÉ«vP😂 😂 R}o😂G😂😂 É v😂RÉ}RÉ 😂 R}o😂 😂 v😂😂 vPoÉ 😂 😂É X😂P 😂 😂É É }😂}😂}v]vÉ}😂😂 R}o😂RÉ«vP 😂 X😂P 😂 R😂RÉ«vP😂 😂 ]v}😂😂 }😂}(😂}😂😂 É«vP😂 😂 }u}😂LÉ]]vP😂 😂 RÉv😂É 😂 😂 ]v}😂}}vP😂R}u}vÉ}`É😂 X😂T😂 }😂RÉ}😂😂 }+😂`]R😂.vÉP] 😂 X { RÉC😂 }v😂 lÉl😂😂 ul]vP😂 😂 É R😂😂É RÉR 😂 É 😂vÉ [😂 }uÉ É }}😂 😂 PR😂 o😂É }(😂 😂 😂 ]vÉP]R😂 😂 É ]vP😂 ]É😂 RÉ😂 uuÉX😂vER😂😂 😂 É v˙😂}'Év😂oÉ}😂É X }😂 É 😂 { ˙😂}v😂 C😂 u}`]vP😂RÉ]😂P😂 `]oo😂 😂 }vvÉ}😂😂 P}`😂`R]o😂 temperatures remain warm. Raise the mower blades on a R]PRÉ«vP😂 É 😂 RÉ😂 P v😂😂É }😂😂 oR😂 😂 É v😂R]l😂`]R😂RÉ😂 new growth.. { I😂 (😂˙}😂}😂v}😂oo˙😂o]L😂vv😂o]o˙😂oU😂}ÉRÉ😂 G}`É 😂 😂 `]R😂 😂 É R]l😂 😂 uoR😂}(😂`}}😂R]😂}😂`U😂}uÉ 😂 }(😂 😂 RÉ😂É bulbs are not completely hardy and the mulching will help to protect them. { J😂vÉuoÉ 😂É v😂vÉ😂 v}`😂 É 😂 ](😂vÉ˙X😂 É l😂😂 C😂 }😂vR ]É😂 QXoÉ😂 vo˙😂`]R}😂oÉ]vP😂Rv 😂 ˙[😂]😂😂 this can cause the branch to die back. { `}}😂 H😂 «vP😂v😂v}`😂lÉv😂😂É (}u😂RU😂o]uÉ😂 v😂]}😂X😂 É É T😂 RÉ«vP😂 😂 R}o😂}uÉ(}u😂 😂 R]😂˙É[😂 P}`RU😂}😂v😂u😂😂 😂 É o}vPX😂P 😂 R😂RÉ«vP😂 😂 }v😂RÉ😂 PÉÉ }(😂 😂 }😂.ooÉ`]R😂 😂 «vP😂}u}X😂 40 | The Deux-Sèvres Monthly, November 2022

{ I😂 (😂˙}😂oÉR 😂 `😂É˙😂}😂😂 É oPÉ lÉ😂 É (}u😂 😂 P}`]vP😂]v😂 RÉ}v 😂 U😂u}É É ]😂😂 v}`😂v😂oÉ]😂😂 É }v😂RÉ]É(}😂 😂 (É😂 `😂˙😂 (}😂v˙😂u]v]vP😂 É `]oo](Év😂}😂😂 É 😂 .v😂É RÉoÉX { ˘u]vÉ E 😂 v˙😂 😂 }É(]😂😂 Poo˙😂 É (}😂]Pv😂}(😂}😂v😂 ]😂😂]]uuÉ]o˙😂 É (}É É XÉ ]😂😂 { L 😂 v😂˙}😂 l😂😂É R 😂 É vÉÉ RÉ😂 É u😂v😂R}ÉoÉ😂 L😂]v😂 RÉP}v😂 😂 `]oo😂}vvÉP}`]vP 😂 X { I😂R 😂v😂(😂É 😂 É (ÉooÉ(}😂 😂 `R }v É 😂 É É U😂ulÉP}}😂 😂😂 o}P😂l😂R😂`]oo😂}]ÉRÉ😂 oÉ(}😂 😂 uoo😂uuuo😂v😂}RÉ😂 creatures during the coldest months. { G😂 o]😂]}😂 É vÉ😂 😂 É }(😂}o😂(}É É P}`R😂 😂 É 😂 P]v É U😂 }😂]😂v😂ovÉ 😂 É v}` 😂 X😂I😂 (😂RÉ}]o😂 😂 ˙😂]😂É `ÉU😂ov😂RÉo}É 😂 😂 ]v}😂 ˙😂v😂😂 ÉoÉ]v😂 😂 É RÉPÉ😂 vR}É É }😂😂 }o😂(uÉv😂😂 plant out in spring. • Clean out bird boxes and this will encourage birds to use RÉu😂]vP😂RÉ`]vÉ 😂 v😂😂 RÉv😂R}É(oo˙😂RÉ˙😂`]oo😂˙😂o}vP😂 v}PR😂 É }😂RÉ😂 É u😂o😂É 😂 RvÉvP[😂]É(}😂 😂 PP É r😂o˙]vP😂]v😂 RÉ]vP 😂 X😂W😂 ]R😂RÉ]v😂😂 G[😂R😂R😂v😂É }oÉ 😂 u😂o}oo˙😂

R]😂U😂 ˙É oÉv]vP😂RÉ}˘É😂 `]oo😂 😂 RÉ😂É Éo]lÉ 😂 o]R}}😂}(😂]😂 developing in your garden. { I😂 (😂˙}😂P}]vP😂 😂É }😂RP😂 😂v😂É }v.ÉU😂v😂RuÉ😂 É 😂 RÉ😂 }(😂 😂 u]o😂 É }😂vU😂RÉl😂]😂}É(}É É 😂 o]PRvP😂 😂 ]v😂😂É v˙😂`]oo](ÉR😂😂 uÉR}uÉ 😂 😂 ]v😂 😂 ]X • Give the greenhouse a good clean, removing any dead v😂oÉ😂 É PÉvÉo😂]😂}`]vP😂 LÉÉ 😂 É 😂 v😂«vP😂l]vPX😂 K 😂 v😂😂 É ˙ÉÉ }v😂 😂 vÉ`o˙😂ovÉ«vP😂 😂 }😂o]vP😂 É (}😂]Pv😂}(😂 u}o😂v😂PÉ]😂😂}(😂v˙😂R😂o}😂 É É R]😂X😂 ]ÉÉ V😂 vo É RÉ😂 É 😂 PÉvR}É É Poo˙😂 É 😂 }v😂}}oU😂v}😂 😂 (}˙😂P}}😂 😂 ˙😂😂 G}`😂 }(😂}o😂}(😂 RÉ ]😂😂 lÉÉ 😂 (vPo😂v😂u}o😂]v(É}v😂}😂😂 minimum. { M 😂 R😂😂É RÉ lÉ😂 }v😂 😂 ]😂oÉ}(😂 😂 (ooÉv😂v😂oÉ😂 ÉR]v😂 }😂v˙😂}Év😂˘ÉÉ 😂 }˘˙PÉvvP😂ovX😂S😂 ]Év˙😂 É😂 u😂 that are in use. { oÉB]É😂 R É😂}uÉ É 😂É ˙😂É }o😂 😂 😂 (]😂v}`U😂u]vo˙😂 (}😂oo😂RÉRÉ😂 oR😂vÉÉ .😂]😂}+ÉU😂o}😂 😂 ]😂 É [😂😂 É v]ÉR😂 v😂😂 v}😂}}😂]8o😂}😂P}`X😂T😂 RÉR😂É QX😂Lv😂 vuÉV😂 ]v]uU😂o]PR˙😂 (É😂 É 😂 ]]😂}]o😂R😂]😂`Éoo😂]vÉ😂 v😂]v😂 😂 É u}]X😂 É T😂 RÉ˙😂v😂P}`v😂 😂É (oo˙😂 É ]v😂 }😂}(😂]}😂É }u}X😂W😂 RÉv😂ovvP😂]v}😂 😂 Pv😂É }]oU😂 }u} 😂 u😂 ]o😂 É É }😂RÉovvP😂 😂 R}oÉQQQX}v[😂😂É uR}}u😂}u}😂}😂uvÉ}}😂 RÉ😂É 😂 É olo]vÉ(}😂 😂 (o😂É P}`R😂}(😂RÉR😂 X😂oÉv😂B]É😂 ovÉ É😂 É ]v😂 😂 uv😂}😂]vP😂]v😂RÉP}v😂 😂 }😂]v😂}😂v😂}😂]😂 [😂É P}`😂 `}😂]+Év😂É }😂o😂 }😂vÉ }oo]v}v😂 😂É v😂P}}😂 }]vP😂oÉoÉ X😂M 😂 oR😂`Éoo😂RÉ😂 v😂É 😂 }(😂RÉ`]vÉ 😂 u}vR😂 😂 v😂(É`]R😂 😂 É (Éo]É 😂 U😂R😂uu}v]u😂 😂 oRQ É Q}v[😂

}Ér😂}😂RÉ(Éo]É 😂 u˙oÉ 😂 😂 v]ÉÉ 😂 É }😂😂 RÉoÉ😂 o😂É }(😂]😂 v😂RÉ˙😂`}v[😂P}`😂`Éoo😂`RÉv😂}É(É😂 X😂`É😂 WÉoo😂]vP😂 ˙😂oo😂 É v😂}É`]R😂 😂 vÉ«vP😂`RÉv😂RÉ(]😂😂 ]😂(}u]vP😂 otherwise the birds will take the lot! { P 😂 ov😂}😂😂 }(😂P 😂 `R]É É v😂 }😂]😂 R😂RÉ˙😂`]oo😂 G}`É]v😂 😂 uÉ(}😂 😂 R]u C 😂 X😂G😂 }`😂]v😂}}o 😂 U😂o]PR😂oÉX • Read through garden supply catalogues and order new v😂😂 ov😂 É (}😂RÉ]vP 😂 X😂o}}l]vP😂 J😂 R}PR😂RÉu😂 makes my mouth water and when an order is placed the v]}v😂]😂(vJJ😂


From: A fine crop of peas being spoiled by a storm. When Morrice views his prostrate peas, by raging whirlwinds spread, He wrings his hands, and in amaze he sadly shakes his head. ‘Is this the fruit of my fond toil, my joy, my pride, my cheer’! Shall one tempestuous hour thus spoil the labours of a year? Oh, what avails, that day to day I nursed the thriving crop, And settled with my foot the clay, and reared the social prop! Ambition’s pride has spurred me on, all gard’ners to excel. I often called them one by one, and boastingly would tell, How I prepared the furrowed ground and how the grain did sow, Then, challenged all the country round, for such an early blow. How did their bloom my wishes raise! What hopes did they afford, To earn my honoured master’s praise, and crown his cheerful board! Poor Morrice, wrapt in sad surprise, demands in sober mood, ‘Should storms molest a man so wise, a man so just and good? ‘Ah! Maurice, cease thy fruitless moan, nor at misfortunes spurn, Misfortune’s not thy lot alone, each neighbour hath his turn! Henry Jones, 1721-1770 The Deux-Sèvres Monthly, November 2022 | 41




uv😂]😂u}😂.v]É É o˙😂RÉÉ😂v😂]v😂(oo😂`]vPJ😂😂I😂 has been dangerous to walk under a tree without a R😂R😂😂RÉÉ😂]😂RÉ😂]l😂}(😂😂`ov😂}😂oÉ😂(oo]vP😂W😂 É]oo˙😂`RÉv😂RÉ😂`]v😂R😂Év😂}vP😂v😂] [😂Év😂 😂P}}😂˙É😂(}😂}RX😂😂M}😂}(😂RÉ😂`ov😂(}u😂}vÉÉ😂 RÉ😂Év😂PRÉÉ😂v😂RÉ😂`ov😂(}u😂RÉ😂}RÉÉ😂 É😂]vP😂}vÉ}😂😂 (]Év😂`R}😂]É😂o😂v]PR😂Q😂😂 RÉ˙😂É😂}]vP😂RÉ😂PRÉ]vPJ😂😂Av˙😂oÉL😂v}`😂É😂(}😂vÉ😂 }😂lÉÉ😂}(X😂😂C]É😂ul]vP😂]😂`Éoo😂vÉ😂`˙😂v😂}uÉ😂 u}É😂]😂P}]vP😂}😂É😂uÉ😂(ÉuÉv}v😂Éo😂É😂 }u]vP😂 É (ÉÉ😂}uÉ😂R😂oÉ˙😂Év😂}'oÉX😂😂N}😂 o}vP😂vo😂vPJ😂😂C]É😂]vÉP😂]😂o}😂vÉ`˙😂v}`😂W😂 `R˙😂˙U😂`RÉv😂}vÉv😂😂 ulÉM😂😂TRÉ😂(]Év😂`R}😂]É😂 ˙É˙😂É É😂}(😂RÉ😂uÉ😂u]vÉ😂v😂o`˙😂]É😂 É]vP😂R}uÉuÉ😂P]LU😂(}u😂}😂É😂 😂(ÉoÉ😂8vJ 😂C}u}X😂😂WÉ[É😂o`˙😂R😂}u}😂 😂 ]v😂v😂 RRo˙😂}😂É😂 ]😂`]R}😂Éoo˙😂R]vl]vP😂}😂]😂😂 v}`U😂😂I😂vÉÉ😂o}😂}(😂}u}U😂😂I[É😂Év😂`Éoo]vP😂}v😂]😂

42 | The Deux-Sèvres Monthly, November 2022

It might have been a bit early, but all the tomatoes have Év😂RÉÉ😂v😂RÉ😂ov😂Éu}É😂(}😂}u}vPX😂😂I😂 `vÉ}😂😂 oÉÉ😂RÉu😂(}😂😂o}vP😂😂}]oÉ😂}}v😂 😂RÉ˙😂R}`É😂R]v😂}(😂]Év]vPU😂}uÉR]vP😂`😂vP😂 É

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v😂](😂˙}😂ÉuÉuÉU😂😂I😂 wrote about it a couple }(😂u}vR😂P}X😂😂WÉooU😂 the news is that the compost bin at home has been moved to be near the potager and the contents distributed on my big bed and the pile by the potager gate has also been moved and spread so the bin has been put there. 😂WR]oÉ😂I😂`😂«vP😂RÉ😂

compost bin together, I was thinking about the best (okay, É]É😂v😂]lÉZ😂`˙😂}😂v😂]X😂É˙}vÉ 😂E 😂lv}`😂RÉ😂 ]u}vÉ}(😂 😂 v]vP😂}u}X😂😂Av˙`˙U😂`o]vP😂😂P]vÉU😂 É 😂I😂(}v😂}}o😂 😂 (}😂v]vP😂}u}😂v😂RÉ😂]É}v😂R}`😂 to make it! I already have tomato tuteurs v😂i😂vÉÉ😂 broom handle or thick doweling. Someone is watching over me as that day we went to the déchèterie and RÉÉU😂}l]vP😂}😂}(😂😂 benne were two broom handles which were ]lo˙😂Éu}É😂v😂 taken home. Why two, ˙}😂u]PR😂lX😂😂I[É😂Év😂 meaning to buy a new RvoÉ😂(}😂u˙😂lÉ😂(}😂 weeks and there were two, being thrown out. 😂T}😂}😂😂 RÉvl😂 😂 }(😂 }u}😂uv(]vP😂 (]o]ÉU😂😂]P😂uo]vP😂}u}É😂R😂Év😂(}v😂😂 É˙😂😂 P}}😂]ÉU😂}😂😂I[u😂]o˙😂}ooÉvP😂oÉÉ😂`]R😂 u˙😂]vPÉ😂oÉ(😂`É}😂É😂 }]É😂u}É]É😂 }`v😂 😂 uÉ]oX😂😂Cv😂}v😂 😂É É😂ulÉ}}😂 😂 uR😂}u}M😂

RÉuX😂😂I😂lv}`😂R😂`}}😂o]É😂`ÉvP😂 É😂 RÉu😂😂I😂]lÉ😂 }vÉ😂v😂o}😂(Éoo😂}😂}(😂RÉ😂R}oÉ😂v😂v]oU😂😂I😂o}😂 R]vl😂R]😂o]'oÉ😂R😂`😂RÉo]vP😂R]uÉo(J😂😂TRɢÉ😂É `😂😂 ]v😂RÉ😂ÉvÉ😂}(😂RÉ😂}o˙vvÉoU😂`R]R😂]😂i😂vP😂}😂 decompose has been taken out and used to mulch the R}lÉ😂v😂RÉ😂oÉ😂}`v😂RÉ😂]ÉÉ😂}(😂v😂 experiment with the chilli plants to try to keep them warm (}😂😂o}vP😂😂}]oÉ(}É 😂É 😂RÉÉuÉ😂 }uÉ É😂 😂 }}😂o}`😂(}😂RÉu😂}😂}É`]vÉ😂]v😂RÉ😂}o˙vvÉoX😂😂TRÉ😂 }u}v😂RÉ😂Év😂RÉÉ😂v😂É😂]vP😂]v😂RÉ😂 }o˙vvÉo😂vo😂RÉ😂(}😂]ÉU😂o}vP😂`]R😂`}😂}(😂RÉ😂 'ÉvX😂😂I[É😂oÉL😂RÉ😂}RÉ😂}v😂RÉ😂]vÉ😂RÉ˙😂`ÉÉ😂 R]]vP😂vÉ😂R😂oÉÉ😂}😂R}É(oo˙😂v}`😂RÉ˙😂É😂]v😂 RÉ😂}ÉvU😂RÉ˙😂`]oo😂]Év😂😂]😂u}É(}É 😂É 😂RÉ˙😂RÉ}😂😂 É😂 RÉÉX😂😂I😂R]vl😂`É[oo😂RÉ😂Év}PR😂RÉ😂R]😂`]vÉJ

R😂 😂 }(😂Éo(😂É😂RÉ😂R]v😂😂KoÉX😂😂RÉoJ😂😂I😂vÉÉ😂 }😂É😂 uÉ😂uÉ😂R😂}vÉv😂😂 }`😂É😂RÉv😂Év😂 v😂vÉ😂RÉ😂Éo]vPU😂}vo˙😂(}😂RÉu😂oo😂}😂]É😂 }Év]PR😂😂Rl😂}uÉR]vP😂˙}[É😂ooÉ😂}v😂😂 RÉ😂v😂RÉ˙ [oo😂PÉu]vÉ😂v😂P}`😂v😂}😂'oÉ😂`]R😂 vÉ'oÉX😂😂I😂RÉvovÉ 😂 😂]É😂(É`😂]v}😂RÉ😂}PÉ😂 v😂😂I[u😂oo]vP😂RÉ😂`ÉÉ 😂vÉÉ😂RÉu😂😂R😂É😂`]oo😂 É😂u}`vU😂}😂u˙É😂I[oo😂i😂oo😂RÉ😂vÉ'oÉ😂v😂oÉ😂RÉ😂loÉ😂 take over. Decisions, decisions! The collards have grown well too…and I must cook some more soon! I used some `RÉv😂RÉ😂ov😂`ÉÉ😂]É😂uoo😂RÉv😂]v[😂`v😂}😂 }R😂RÉu😂P]v😂vo😂RÉ˙😂`ÉÉ😂]PPÉ😂}Év]PR😂RÉ˙😂 seemed to, well, explode into huge plants. 😂WR]oÉ😂I😂RÉ😂oÉv˙😂}(😂PÉÉv😂v😂😂P}}😂]É˙U😂😂I😂RÉ😂 😂]v😂ol😂}(😂}}U😂`]R😂}vo˙😂}vÉ}`😂 😂 }(😂}😂 v😂😂(É`😂}}😂 É oÉLX😂😂TR]😂]😂o˙😂}😂É😂 u˙😂ol😂}(😂 }Pv]}v😂v😂}RÉ😂R]vP😂l]vP😂}É😂o}😂RÉÉ˙😂😂 R}😂uuÉ😂v😂RÉ😂`É]vP😂]}v😂 É `R]R😂uÉ😂 ]😂]8o😂}😂}]É😂RÉ😂`É😂vÉÉ😂(}😂PÉu]vvP😂 ÉX😂😂I😂]😂PÉ😂P}}😂}`]vP😂}(😂]😂v}]😂]v😂v😂RÉÉ😂 ]v[😂Éu😂}😂+É😂(}u😂RÉ}PR😂 😂 }}😂uRU😂}😂😂I😂Roo😂 o}}l😂]v}😂]+ÉÉv😂`˙😂}(😂]vP😂]X😂😂TRÉ😂oÉÉl😂o}😂]É😂 RÉ}PR😂 😂 v😂É😂G}]R]vP😂]v😂RÉ}}oÉ 😂 U😂uÉ😂 `ÉRÉX😂😂B]😂o]lÉ😂uÉU😂Éoo˙X😂😂I[u😂oo😂RÉvP😂}PÉ'ÉU😂 although they are slowing down a bit. I wanted to make ]😂😂 v😂R😂}😂`]😂vo😂Év}PR😂}PÉ'É😂 R😂Év😂}ÉX😂😂S]😂]😂v😂😂Io]v😂}PÉ'É😂 U😂oR}PR😂u]vÉÉv😂😂 }😂É😂u}].ÉX😂😂TRÉ😂o😂}vÉ😂 R😂˙}vP😂loÉ😂]vÉ😂}(😂]vR😂v😂vu😂oÉÉ😂 ]vÉ😂}(😂]o😂W😂É]É😂o]lÉ😂R😂É😂(}😂P]vÉ😂v😂 ]ÉU😂]v😂u˙😂}]v]}vX😂😂I😂R😂}😂Év😂😂 😂I😂}😂Év😂}😂 😂RÉu😂`RÉv😂RÉ˙😂É😂]É😂uoo😂}😂]É😂v}😂}😂o}}l😂😂 RÉu😂}}😂}LÉvJ😂 😂AuvU😂(}😂uÉU😂]😂RÉ😂É}vX😂😂AuÉ}😂😂 GÉ É 😂v😂😂 uÉ}😂😂 É]vP😂 😂 (}😂vɢ😂˙ÉX

😂WÉ😂`]oo😂o}😂RÉ😂oÉv˙😂}(😂PÉÉvJ😂😂TRÉ😂BÉo😂}😂 É😂(}u]vP😂v]Éo˙😂v😂]vÉ😂IÉu}É 😂 😂RÉ😂vu😂 (}u😂RÉ]😂😂 ÉU😂RÉ😂loÉ}ÉÉ😂 ]vP😂LÉ😂É]vP😂 smothered. While I was working by the compost bins, I PovÉR😂 😂 }(😂vÉ'oÉ😂v😂v}É😂R😂RÉÉ😂`😂

As well as the potager, Donna operates G‘ÉSV]P}SMv]vN}uv]É ÉB R'Pll```XP]Ér]P}X}ul

The Deux-Sèvres Monthly, November 2022 | 43

Telling The Bees

by Amanda Baughen


[😂Év😂😂Év😂}😂RÉ😂uuÉ😂(}😂uv˙😂}😂RÉ😂 `}o😂`]R😂RÉ😂vÉ`😂}(😂RÉR😂 😂É }(😂😂HÉ😂MiÉ˙😂😂QÉv😂 😂Eo]ÉR😂😂I😂IX😂😂TRÉ😂QÉv😂`😂˘ÉÉ uÉo˙😂]vÉÉ😂]v😂É😂 and beekeepers, and had hives at Balmoral, Sandringham, 😂CoÉvÉ😂H}É😂v😂😂Bl]vPRu😂😂PoÉX😂😂I😂RÉ(}É É 😂(Éoo😂}😂 John Chapple, the royal beekeeper at Buckingham Palace, }😂É(}u😂RÉ]}vo😂 😂 Éu}v˙😂}(😂RÉoo]vP😂RÉ😂É[X😂 😂F}olo}É😂R😂]😂RU😂R}o😂RÉ😂É(]o😂}😂}o😂 É😂 }(😂😂 R😂 É ]v😂RÉ😂(u]o˙U😂RÉ]}😂ou]˙ [😂`}o😂(}oo}`U😂v}😂 }vo˙😂(}😂RÉ😂(u]o˙😂]v😂}v É U😂😂(}😂RÉ😂vÉ`😂}`vÉX😂😂TRÉ😂 +É É😂 Éo˙😂RÉ}😂😂 É😂R😂]v}😂u}v]vP [U😂}RÉ`]É😂 RÉ}o}v˙😂 😂 u˙😂]É😂}😂}vX😂R😂TÉoo]vP😂RÉ😂É[😂uÉv😂 that hives are draped in black cloth or have black ribbons }v😂 É😂 RÉuU😂v😂É😂RÉv😂PÉvo˙😂É😂RÉÉ😂uÉ😂 `]R😂😂oPÉ😂uÉo😂lÉ˙😂(}É É 😂RÉ😂vÉ`😂]😂]uÉX😂😂CRoÉ😂 ]v(}uÉ😂RÉ}˙o😂 😂 É😂}(😂RÉ😂QÉv[😂]vP😂v😂RÉ😂 Év]}v😂}(😂😂K]vP😂😂CRoÉ😂I😂I😂IU😂Éoo]vP😂É}É😂S😂Y}😂lv}l😂}v😂 ÉR😂R]É😂v😂˙😂R😂Y}😂u]É😂]😂ÉU😂😂}v[😂˙}😂P}X😂 😂Y}😂uÉ😂`]oo😂É😂P}}😂uÉ}😂😂 ˙}[_X

😂ÉlÉouo˙😂 É😂 }ooÉvP😂`u😂 😂 (}u😂R]😂PÉvV😂 (]vÉU😂RÉÉu]vÉ 😂 }😂😂 }uÉ É 😂ÉlÉÉ😂R]uÉo(X😂 😂WRÉv😂`É😂o]u😂]v}😂}😂}ÉÉ😂]😂(}É É 😂`É😂}+😂 É }😂 ]vÉ😂}😂R]ÉU😂`É😂}v[😂v}uoo˙😂P]É}v😂 😂É R}PR😂 }😂R}`😂RÉ˙😂uÉ😂}U😂v😂(É`😂}(😂😂`}o😂]uP]vÉ😂 R😂RÉ˙😂}oÉ É 😂(}u😂RÉ😂`}o😂}(😂😂v😂}ÉX😂😂B]v😂 😂SRÉ]+U😂`R}É😂vuÉ😂}v😂RÉ}É😂 É😂o}R]vP😂`}v😂 by many beekeepers around the world, also died recently 😂RÉ😂PÉ😂}(😂ıX😂😂H]😂}o}v˙😂 É É]😂`😂É😂]v😂 1968 and truly changed beekeeping in that the hood with ]😂`]vr]😂vÉl😂˙Éu😂v😂É😂v]É😂}😂R😂]😂😂É }v😂}R😂R}oÉ😂vo😂vÉÉX😂😂TR]😂R}}😂`😂É😂 (}u😂RÉ😂uÉ]o😂É😂(}😂ul]vP😂😂W😂}v]vPU😂vÉ😂v😂 }o˙}'}v😂W😂v😂`😂É]PvÉ˙😂😂 😂B]v[😂`](É😂`R}😂`}lÉ😂 ]v😂RÉ😂(u]o˙😂]vÉ😂]v😂😂C}v`ooU😂`RÉÉ😂}É😂Ro(😂😂u]oo]}v😂 😂`ÉÉl😂`ÉÉ😂uÉX😂😂Y}😂v😂PÉ😂R😂RÉ😂`😂(u]o]😂 with the materials! 😂TRÉÉ😂]😂😂R]É😂v}É}😂😂 RÉ]}v😂 😂 }(😂Éoo]vP😂RÉ😂ÉP😂 v😂É😂 É😂]v]É}😂😂 `É]vP😂}}X😂😂F}vv😂(}u😂RÉ😂 `É]vP😂lÉ😂]😂oÉL😂o}É}😂😂 RÉ😂R]ÉU😂v😂oÉ😂o}R😂v😂 be draped over the hives to allow the bees to take part in RÉÉi}]]vP 😂 X

44 | The Deux-Sèvres Monthly, November 2022

😂I(😂˙}😂`}o😂o]lÉ}😂😂 .v😂}😂u}É😂}😂ÉlÉÉ]vP😂v😂 ÉR😂ol😂}😂}😂ÉU😂oÉÉ😂]]😂}😂`É]É😂(}😂]o😂 É }(😂}😂}É😂 😂 ```XÉX}Xl ææı . 😂D}v}v😂]v😂uÉu}˙😂}(😂😂B]oo😂😂Tvoo😂v😂É😂uÉ}😂😂 😂BÉ (}😂Éo}uÉ 😂D v😂}v😂RÉ]😂`É]ÉP😂 😂

or call us on

oo A R}}PR˙KÉ]Ruv A PRÉ B v

Beekeeping lost another great ambassador and supporter when Bill Turnbull passed away in August. Well-known and uRro}É😂i}vo]U😂R}U😂v😂ÉvÉU😂RÉ😂`😂 o}😂😂ÉlÉÉ😂v😂É😂}(😂😂BÉ(}😂Éo}uÉ 😂D vX😂 😂HÉ😂`😂]vuÉvo😂]v😂}u}vP😂u]Pv😂(}😂]vÉÉ😂 É😂RÉoR😂R😂 É (v]vPU😂v😂`😂R˙😂}😂RÉo😂}😂v😂 }😂v˙😂]v]É😂R😂]É`É😂 vÉ😂}(😂RÉ😂o]PR😂}(😂 ÉX😂😂HÉ😂lÉ😂É(}😂}É😂˙ÉLÉ 😂 😂RÉ[😂`]vÉÉ😂

😂H😂BÉ`É😂}v[😂l😂}😂RÉ]😂😂 oÉ😂}(😂Éoo]vP😂 RÉ😂ÉU😂😂`É😂}😂R😂}😂RÉu😂]v😂]É}]É 😂 U😂Éoo]vP😂 RÉu😂}😂RÉ😂ui}😂vÉ`😂}]ÉX😂😂S}uÉuÉ😂] [😂Év😂 }]oÉ}😂😂 Éo]ÉÉ😂]v😂RÉ😂CÉo😂u˙R😂R😂RÉ˙😂😂 messengers between our world and the spirit realm…

The Deux-Sèvres Monthly, November 2022 | 45

Clubs and Associations

CSSG is a group of mainly ex-services people living in this area who meet socially whilst raising (v}}˘r]Z]X Former UK servicemen and women, police and ..PZ ]v] } u]o CZ]v H at Z]vXZPu]oX}u WHY NOT JOIN THE RAF FAMILY? RAFA Sud-Ouest France Le Pérail 17250 BEURLAY 05 46 95 38 89

The charity that supports the RAF Family

46 | The Deux-Sèvres Monthly, November 2022

v˙ PoÉÉvÉR˙}RÉl`]R v]vP ov É o } }]}v ˙} EÉ P}+X R }]]BEFO «v


😂B}R😂😂Pv😂😂Q]😂Ér]É 😂 v.😂😂É }vÉ😂}(😂RÉ}}v😂 😂 }(😂]vÉvo😂 }˙😂ÉvÉP˙😂v😂]😂Éo}vR]😂}😂RÉoRX😂 by 😂TÉ˙😂😂R˙vX😂😂Dv😂😂T]i]

t might seem strange to compare an I😂v]}v😂 ancient Indian system designed to achieve `]R😂😂G}😂}😂😂o]o😂˙Éu😂}(😂 Chinese boxing !

😂H}`ÉU😂 É }😂u˙😂u]vU😂😂Y}P😂😂T]i]😂~l😂😂T]😂 Chi) do have many common points : HealthX😂😂N}`˙U😂oo˙😂]v😂RÉ😂`ÉU😂}R😂 ˙Éu😂É😂]u]o˙😂}😂}u}É😂R˙]o😂😂 mental health. P}É X😂😂Iv😂}R😂😂HR😂😂Y}P😂😂 😂T]i]U😂R˙]o😂}É😂o˙😂v😂 ]u}v😂}oÉX😂😂HÉ😂]😂😂˙]o😂 😂T]i]😂}É😂vuÉ😂R😂S]vPoÉ😂 😂WR][😂Q😂] [😂v}😂}}😂]]u]o😂}😂 😂Y}P[😂R😂W]}😂[ R ÉB EvÉP˙ RÉ😂(}😂}v😂R]vP😂 É 😂 😂uÉv😂}(😂}]vP😂ÉvÉP˙X😂

😂Iv😂RÉÉv😂😂 U😂 É `Év😂😂 ÉR😂'ÉÉ 😂 ˘o]v😂 É RÉ}}v😂 😂 }(😂}˙😂ÉvÉP˙😂˙😂 RÉ}É😂 😂}(😂uÉ}o]uU😂o]Éoo˙😂RÉ😂 ]vÉvo😂}u}v😂}(😂(}}😂v]Év😂😂 the cellular level in order to release its o}].😂ÉvÉP˙X😂 😂S}U😂]vÉ😂}(😂😂Pvl😂Q]😂G}`]vP😂]v😂RÉ😂N]l😂MÉ]]vU😂`É😂 }o😂R]vl😂]vÉ😂}(😂`Éoor}˘˙PÉvÉ😂o}}😂G}`]vP😂(ÉÉo˙😂 throughout the body via the circulatory system producing the energy needed to live and be healthy. 😂Uvo]lÉ😂RÉ😂}uÉ`R😂RÉ É ]😂😂N]l😂MÉ]]v😂😂CRlU😂 RÉ😂]o}˙😂˙Éu😂]😂É]o˙😂}ÉÉU😂]v😂.vÉ]o 😂É U😂˙😂 }R😂]É}v😂v😂😂M😂R😂Iv😂 X MÉ]}v X😂😂B}R😂😂Y}P😂v😂😂T]i]😂RÉÉRv]É 😂 😂}(😂 uÉ]}v😂}😂˙😂}😂]vP😂vÉ}v}o😂 😂 }😂}uÉuÉ😂 vo˙😂Ru}vlÉ˙[😂u]v😂Q😂😂ÉR😂R😂}]😂]😂😂oÉÉ L😂 (}😂v}RÉ😂uÉ😂]v😂}É}😂😂 }😂]😂iÉX

. Both systems

😂T]}voo˙U😂😂Y}P[😂É˙😂}uÉRÉv]É😂Pv˙u😂v😂 😂T]i][😂😂Q]r😂G}vP😂É😂uÉR}😂}(😂}]vP😂RÉ😂ÉvÉP˙😂 vÉ}😂É😂 o]É😂RÉoR]o˙U😂R]😂]vÉvo😂ÉvÉP˙😂}(😂😂Pvl😂Q]😂]😂 ]😂}😂G}`😂`]R]v😂RÉ😂}˙😂]v😂RÉ😂]o}˙😂˙Éu😂}(😂 😂N]l😂CRll😂MÉ]]vU😂}😂}u}vP😂RÉoRX😂

In acupuncture, needles are inserted into the body to ovÉ😂RÉ😂ÉvÉP˙😂G}`😂]v😂v😂'Éu😂}😂}ÉÉ 😂P}}😂 health

😂Y}P😂}😂😂T]i]M😂😂I😂}v[😂R]vl😂R😂]😂Éoo˙😂u'É😂`R]R😂}vÉ😂 you choose ! Both are excellent! The important thing is : do one or the other (or both). Taiji classes are available in both Bressuire (Deux-Sèvres) & Le Breuil Barret (Vendée). Pour aller plus loin, please see :

˙J}Rvo] B


RÉvÉ😂 ˘😂`}😂u}vR😂`]oo😂É˙😂😂 ˙😂(}😂RÉ]}😂 😂 P}😂 ]v😂R 😂 }v😂 É T😂 RÉv😂😂É `ÉR}É 😂 ˙}😂 😂 `]oo😂}uÉo}vP😂 😂 }😂uv˙😂 }(😂}😂vÉ X😂I😂 (😂˙}😂`}o😂o]lÉ}😂😂 i}]v😂v˙😂}(😂RÉP} 😂 U😂oÉ😂É contact ]v(}}vRÉ É XÉ É

KEYNOTES CHOIR T😂 RÉR😂 😂 R}]😂 C (}😂˙D😂 [😂v😂É RÉo😂]v😂S😂 uÉÉ `😂😂 É˙😂(o😂 É `]R😂RÉR}]😂 😂 P]v]vP😂vuÉ 😂 }(😂 😂 vÉ`😂F 😂 vR😂 É v😂]R😂 B😂 members. W😂 }vvoo˙😂 😂É vÉ}😂😂É ]É(v😂 😂 }😂RÉvÉ😂 `😂u]😂v😂`]oo😂 have a stall at the St Pardoux car boot sale on 6 November and a tombola at the Terves Christmas market on 4 December, where we will also be singing. R}]😂 C😂 É(}uvÉ`]oo😂 😂 RÉ 😂É o😂(}oo}`😂 😂 Pr😂 uÉÉD😂 P😂u😂V😂 ˙ÉÉ ]ooPÉ 😂 😂É 4 December: 3pm Terves Christmas market at the salle 10 December: 3pm Foussais Payré church 11 December: 3pm Scillé at the salle uÉÉD😂 P😂u😂F 😂 v]}˘😂 É RÉ 😂 (C😂 ooÉ ÉB 😂 F 😂 oÉ THEOOK B LUB C POEMSPINTS G😂 }😂uÉvP😂 É RÉ 😂É o😂RÉ 😂 (C😂 ooÉ ÉB 😂 F 😂 oÉ]v😂 😂 F 😂 v]}˘😂 É u😂😂 }v😂W😂 vÉÉ ˙😂LÉv}}vX😂S😂 o}`😂 É 😂 }😂}😂`É]É(}😂 😂 dates. THEPOEMSPINTSGROUP W😂 ]oo😂uÉ😂É vP😂 É }v😂N 😂 }ÉuÉv😂😂 R]vP😂}😂(}]É`😂😂 }ÉuX😂I😂 (😂˙}😂`]R😂}😂lÉU😂 😂 oÉ}v😂 😂É i}Rv`}vPu]oX}u

THEOOK B LUB C W😂 ]oo😂]]vP😂 😂É R😂TRÉS😂 uuÉQ 😂 vÉ [😂˙😂o]É E😂 R😂R`]l😂 C😂 }v😂 N 😂 }ÉuÉX😂T😂 R]😂}}l😂]😂.}vo]É 😂 uÉÉ 😂 v😂}(😂RÉ😂É }(😂o]É A😂 v}😂[😂]]vÉ A `R}😂 😂 u]É}R😂 😂 L 😂 }]😂V😂 I😂 I😂 }(😂 😂 F 😂 vÉv😂😂 H😂 v˙😂 É I😂 I😂 }(😂 😂 vPov E😂 U😂v😂uÉÉ Po˙😂 😂 RÉu}😂 😂 }`É(o😂(}É😂 ]v😂R😂v˙😂 É }ÉE😂 X😂u😂😂A (}😂 😂 É oo😂}(😂˙}😂o]]vP😂]v😂`R😂 was once Poitou. T😂 RÉuÉÉD😂 l😂😂 J😂 v˙😂}}l😂`]oo😂R😂 😂É G˙😂É [😂ÉB😂 ˙😂U😂 l]v]v😂 R}😂vÉA😂 ˙😂K 😂 l}U😂😂 T😂 RÉ]😂😂É v}😂].😂 É (É(}😂 😂É 'Év]vP😂RÉ`}😂 😂 P}😂˙}😂 😂 Po😂 É 'ÉvvÉ`]oo😂 😂 ]ÉÉ uÉ😂 uÉR]😂}(😂RÉ}]}v 😂 X😂 vvo😂 A😂 uÉuÉR]😂(É]😂😂É æ😂}É X😂 RECTION A THETRE A WESITE B W😂 oÉ😂É }😂😂É vv}vÉRÉ 😂 ovR😂 😂 }(😂}😂vÉ`😂`É]ÉX😂T😂 R]😂 ]😂RÉ.😂😂 }😂}(😂oo😂(}😂v˙😂]v(}u}v😂}😂}😂}]}vX😂 ]o😂 ÉD😂 }v😂oo😂RÉ]É😂 `É😂 ovv]vP😂 😂É v😂(}v😂 😂É RÉX😂 É P 😂 oÉ}😂😂É o😂`É]É}😂😂 É 😂 .v😂]P😂 ```XÉ}vRÉXÉ É P 😂 oÉ}uÉ 😂É o}vP😂 😂 v😂i}]v😂]v😂}uÉ}(😂 😂 }😂]ÉX😂Y😂 }😂`]oo😂😂É most welcome.

I😂 (😂˙}[😂o]lÉ}😂😂 i}]v😂}😂😂 .v😂}😂u}ÉU😂oÉu]o É😂 P ]v(}}vRÉ É XÉ É or go to our website ```XÉ}vRÉXÉ É The Deux-Sèvres Monthly, November 2022 | 47

Health, Beauty and Fitness

Health Matters by Sue Lennon

😂FvÉU😂]😂R😂Év😂˙😂😂 }o😂uÉ😂]v😂RÉ😂`}o😂}(😂RÉoR😂 awareness days. September and October have seen }u}}v😂}(😂É˙R]vP😂(}u😂😂N}vo😂😂D}}oÉ˙😂😂D ~(}😂 É]oÉ˙}😂Z😂 😂M]P]vÉ😂A`ÉvÉU😂😂OPv😂😂D}v}v😂😂WÉl😂 to Male Cancer Awareness, Breast Cancer Awareness, Mitochondrial Disease and so many more. There is even a 😂N}vo😂😂CRÉÉ😂T}É˙😂😂D o]É😂}v😂RÉ😂`É]ÉU😂R}PR😂 😂I😂(]o😂}😂É😂RÉ😂RÉoR😂}vvÉ}v😂(}😂R😂}vÉJ😂😂MÉv`R]oÉ😂 uv˙😂R]É😂RÉ😂R😂}É😂`É]vP😂RÉ]😂vÉ😂 tee-shirts (or Scooby Doo costumes) to run the London 😂MR}v😂v😂]É😂(v😂}😂}vvÉ😂RɢÉ😂É ooÉv😂`}l😂 that they do. 😂N}ÉuÉ😂]vP😂😂vR😂}(😂 Awareness Months that loosely interconnect. Mouth Cancer, Lung 😂CvÉ😂v😂😂PvÉ😂CvÉ😂oo😂RÉ😂 RÉ]😂`ÉvÉÉv😂😂 ]v😂RÉ😂U😂K😂]v😂 😂N}ÉuÉU😂v😂oo😂˙😂😂]Pv].vo˙😂 R]PRÉ😂}ÉvÉ😂]v😂RÉ😂]PÉ'É😂 u}l]vP😂}o}vX😂😂TRÉ😂]vPoÉ😂u}😂 important thing that anyone can do (}😂RÉ]😂RÉoR😂]😂ÉiÉ😂RÉ😂]PÉ'ÉX😂 Now, I know that some smokers do v}😂`]R😂}😂}U😂RÉ˙😂Évi}˙😂RÉ]😂 ]PÉ'Él]Pl]É😂v😂R[😂v😂Év😂 }😂]X😂😂I😂lv}`😂R😂}uÉ😂u}lÉ😂(ÉÉo😂 R😂RÉ˙😂RÉ😂(]oÉ}😂😂 ]😂}😂}LÉv😂 that they have chosen to stop trying to stop. I know some smokers need to .v😂RÉ😂]PR😂uÉ😂v😂Éu]v}v😂 to try again - I understand that too. And I know that other people `]'É]vP😂😂u}lÉ}😂😂 }😂Év😂 not to reap rewards, but I would o]lÉ}😂😂 Éoo😂˙}😂}uÉR]vP😂(}u😂u˙😂 personal experience. (}É 😂BÉ 😂I😂oÉL😂RÉ😂U😂KU😂😂I😂RÉ😂v😂}8É😂 `]R😂😂(o}😂vÉ😂`R}U😂}É😂RÉ😂 12 years that we rubbed alongside ÉR😂}RÉU😂uÉÉ 😂o}É😂(]ÉvX😂 She was health-conscious and had vÉÉ😂u}lÉ😂]PÉ'É😂]v😂RÉ😂o](ÉX😂 }v😂 😂A RÉ😂PÉ😂}(😂æ😂RÉuÉ😂É Éoo˙😂 😂 Rvr}`v[U😂 o`˙😂˘ÉÉ uÉo˙😂É😂`]R😂v}😂˘ov}v É U😂R}😂 GRÉU😂`É]PR😂o}X😂😂SRÉ`😂😂 RÉ😂(u]o˙😂}}😂😂(É`😂uÉ😂 v😂R😂]}😂o}}😂😂v😂É P˙vÉ😂]vÉP}vU😂v}😂 ˘ov}v😂 É (}vX😂😂YÉU😂RÉ😂`😂É]ruÉv}o😂`R]R😂 }]o˙😂}vÉ😂(}😂RÉ😂GRÉU😂😂v}😂RÉ😂}RÉ😂 symptoms. She was up to date with her cervical smears v😂R😂R😂RÉ😂.😂uuu}PuU😂P]vU😂v}R]vP😂ÉvX😂 Évoo˙ 😂E U😂RÉ😂G😂P😂PPÉÉ😂RÉ😂˘r˙😂v😂]😂`😂RÉv😂 that I realised she was someone who had what we ‘up 😂N}R[😂`}o😂oo😂😂]O]vP😂}PR😂W😂ÉPo😂 😂 vÉ}😂É😂 oÉ😂 RÉ😂R}😂`]R😂😂R+X😂 😂ALÉ😂RÉ😂RÉ😂˘r˙U😂RÉ😂`😂Év😂(}😂]}˙😂}(😂}uÉR]vP😂 ]v😂RÉ😂RÉU😂RÉ😂`😂É😂v😂😂I😂]vo˙😂ÉuÉuÉ😂 ˙]vP😂}😂RÉU😂`ÉooU😂]😂v[😂É😂RRU😂É😂˙}[É😂vÉÉ😂 u}lÉQX[ 😂WR😂😂u😂😂R]vP😂}😂˙😂W😂😂I😂R}vÉo˙😂Éo]ÉÉ😂 ]X😂😂I😂RÉ😂oÉvÉ😂o}😂]vÉ😂}vP😂RÉ😂v😂RÉ😂 48 | The Deux-Sèvres Monthly, November 2022

(u]o˙😂R}PR😂RÉ😂]oovÉ😂v😂É😂] [😂😂N}ÉuÉ😂v😂 awareness is the aim, I want to share with you the 3 things that surprised me most. X 😂R}˙😂oÉ😂C 😂LvP😂😂CvÉ😂F}v}v😂 R'Pll}˙oÉX}Pl 😂]😂😂`}vÉ(o😂R]˙😂}+É]vP😂o}😂 }(😂]v(}u}v😂v😂}😂}😂É}oÉ😂`]R😂😂ovP😂vÉ😂 ]Pv}]X😂😂WÉ[É😂(v]É😂(}😂RÉu😂]v😂RÉU😂 😂 ˙o]vP😂 (}u😂😂J}Rv😂😂O[😂G}😂}😂😂Lv[😂😂EvX😂😂M˙😂(]Év😂uÉ😂oo😂RÉ😂 `˙😂}😂RÉ😂}(😂😂S}ov😂}😂É😂}+U😂ÉoÉvP😂`]R😂😂 }v😂'˙😂]v😂RÉ(😂 😂`R]oÉ😂`É😂ÉooÉ`˙😂 😂 ]v}😂PÉ˙😂 R}]}vo😂]vX😂😂I}vÉ 😂 😂R😂CL😂CF😂(}😂R]😂oÉ}😂😂 RÉl😂 that they support ex-pats abroad and they said R😂É˙}vÉ E 😂]😂`Éo}uÉ}😂😂 }v😂˙😂😂 R}vÉU😂Éu]o😂}😂 }vo]vÉ😂Év]˙U😂v}😂u'É😂`RÉÉ😂RÉ˙😂o]ÉX😂😂Aoo😂}😂}}loÉ😂 ]ooÉ É😂 😂(}😂v˙}vÉ}😂😂 }`vo}😂(}u😂R]😂o]vlP😂 R'Pll}˙oÉX}PlRÉorvr }lovPrvÉr]v(}u}vl 😂WÉ😂RÉ😂v😂}vo]vÉ😂(}u😂}😂}😂 those who would like to stop smoking at R'PllRÉoRvo}lÉX}ul quitsupport[X They also gave me permission to }ÉÉ 😂RÉ]😂]Pu😂~oÉLZX X 😂WR]oÉ😂RÉ😂]v]ÉvÉ😂}(😂ovP😂 cancer and other associated diseases, both malignant and non-malignant, is much higher in the smoking }o}vU😂v˙}vÉv😂😂 Éo}😂 lung cancer. Men and women, young and old, smokers and non-smokers. 😂I(😂˙}😂RÉ😂ovPU😂˙}😂v😂PÉ😂RÉ😂 ]ÉÉU😂}😂Év😂](😂˙}😂RÉ😂vÉÉ😂 u}lÉU😂}v[😂]Pv}É˙u}u😂 😂 ~v😂 when someone is scared about a (}R}u]vP😂]}˙U😂}v[😂ÉuÉ😂 😂 to prematurely reassure!). X 😂I(😂˙}😂É😂u}lÉ😂v😂 }v]É]vP😂😂R]😂'Éu [😂RÉv😂 research suggests that those who Él😂RÉo😂}😂]😂u}l]vP😂(}😂˙😂😂 É😂æ😂uÉ😂u}É😂o]lÉo˙😂}😂]😂(}😂 good. There are more ways than ever (}É É }😂😂 .v😂}X 😂Y}[oo😂ÉuÉuÉ😂(}u😂o😂u}vR😂RU😂RÉÉ😂]v😂RÉ😂Dɢr 😂SÉU😂😂AS😂ALvÉ😂E Éo]É 😂 }😂😂 u}l]vP😂É]ÉM😂😂WÉooU😂 ]vP😂RÉ😂u}vR😂}(😂😂N}ÉuÉ😂]😂}Év[😂u'É😂](😂˙}😂 É😂}Év[😂RÉ😂}vÉÉ😂N}ÉuÉ😂]😂RÉ😂R😂M}]😂 v😂😂T[😂RÉÉ😂]v😂😂FvÉ}} 😂 J😂😂I😂]😂}]oÉ}😂😂 }}l😂}😂É😂 v😂😂AS😂AL😂EvÉ😂]v😂}RÉÉ😂(}😂RÉ}v😂 😂 }(😂R]😂 u}vR😂(}😂}😂u}l]vP😂]É😂v😂}J 😂TRÉÉ😂]}vo😂`˙😂}😂É😂}😂}vo]vÉ😂(}u😂 Él]vP😂u}}v😂}😂É]vP😂}😂]U😂}😂}`vo}]vP😂 v😂U😂oo😂(}u😂RÉ😂 R'Pll```Xr]v(}rÉ]ÉX(l (ÉoPıı ), and lastly it is worth knowing that in France all v]}vÉÉoÉ😂 uÉv😂RÉ˙😂]😂A9É]uoÉ 😂 😂`]R😂😂 É]}vX😂 😂S}U😂](😂˙}😂É]vP😂 😂 R]😂v😂(ÉÉo😂É˙😂XXX😂😂I[u😂`]R]vP😂˙}😂 every success!

Sue x

IuPÉ}É˙}(R}˙oÉC LvPCvÉF}v}v

R]oÉ😂I[É😂Év😂ol]vP😂}😂 W Éo]😂˘ÉÉ }v😂}(😂PÉ«vP😂 ]v}U😂v😂PÉ«vP😂RÉ😂(}u É U😂RÉoRÉ😂]v😂

Your Ground Yoga - Yoga for where you are Start where you feel safe


}LÉv😂É😂}oÉ😂]v😂˙}P😂o😂`R}😂R😂RÉuÉoÉÉ˙😂😂 RX😂😂TRÉ˙😂˙😂}😂}`É😂R}PR😂😂}ÉU😂RÉ˙😂(ÉÉo😂]v😂 v😂É]vÉU😂v😂RÉv😂RÉ˙😂É]É😂R😂RÉ˙😂Rv[😂}[😂 whatever it is. They try again, but it seems even harder v}`X😂😂WR😂]😂oo˙😂P}]vP😂}v😂RÉÉM😂😂LÉ[😂lÉ😂v😂 ˘uoÉ É 😂o]😂v]vP😂(}`😂Évv😂U'vvv `RÉÉ😂˙}😂R]vPÉ😂}`v😂(}u😂v]vP😂 😂 }]}vX😂😂TRÉ😂.😂 R]vP😂É}oÉ😂}LÉv😂R]vl😂]U😂S😂OR😂😂I[u😂˙]vP😂}😂}R😂u˙😂 }É_X😂😂Av😂](😂RÉ˙😂v[😂}R😂RÉ]😂}ÉU😂RÉ˙😂ÉP]v😂}😂ulÉ😂 vÉPÉ}u]}v 😂 U😂É]RÉ😂`]R😂uÉ😂`RÉv😂RÉ˙😂}o😂 touch their toes, or with others around them who seem }😂É😂oÉ}😂😂 }😂RX😂😂TRÉ˙😂RÉv😂˙😂}😂(}É😂RÉ]😂}˙😂 }`😂R]😂]uP]vÉ😂P}oU😂v😂`RÉv😂]😂}Év[😂`}lU😂RÉ˙😂 }uÉ`˙😂 😂 (ÉÉo]vP😂ÉiÉÉU😂v😂`}ÉU😂]voÉX😂

😂H }`😂}😂`ɢo}É 😂É 😂}😂o]u]😂v😂]ÉM😂😂N}😂˙😂 pushing ourselves beyond our limits but by easing into RÉuX😂😂TR]😂]😂`R˙😂😂Ioo😂 😂 R]😂}ouv😂R˙}P😂(}😂`RÉÉ😂˙}😂É[😂 because where we actually are at any single moment (as opposed to where we imagine ourselves to be) is the ONLY oÉ😂R😂`Év😂😂 ulÉ😂v˙😂Éo😂]+ÉÉvÉX😂😂LÉ[😂v😂É }😂RɢuoÉ 😂É 😂}(😂RÉv]vP😂 😂 (}`😂ÉvX😂😂IvÉ😂}(😂 Év]vP😂}`v😂😂(😂😂RÉ˙😂}]o˙😂vU😂😂I😂Év}PÉ😂 É}oÉ}😂😂 ÉP]v😂`Éoo😂`]R]v😂RÉ]😂}u(}😂}vÉX😂😂WÉ😂}😂 R]😂`]R😂RÉ😂É}(😂˙}P😂o}lX😂😂I}uuÉ É😂 v😂vP😂˙😂 o]vP😂😂o}l😂R}]}voo˙😂}v😂}😂}(😂ÉR😂}RÉ}oÉ 😂 😂 }(😂ÉvuÉÉ😂(}u😂RÉ😂Év😂}(😂RÉ}É😂 X😂😂F}u😂RÉvP😂 😂 }]}vU😂o]L]vP😂😂RÉ😂u😂}v😂RÉ😂]vRoÉU😂˙}😂R]vPÉ😂}`v😂 and place your hands on the top block. You then play }v😂RÉÉ😂(}😂😂`R]oÉU😂u}]vP😂RÉ😂R]😂😂o]'oÉU😂˘o}]vP😂 É

by Rebecca Novick

RÉ😂(ÉÉo]vP😂v😂Év}v😂R😂]ÉX😂😂TRÉvU😂`RÉv😂˙}😂 RÉ}uÉ 😂É 😂u}É😂}😂oÉ}u(}oÉ 😂 😂]v😂R😂oÉU😂˙}😂 remove the topmost block and place your hands on the second one, and explore that territory, and so on. Once you RÉ😂(}v😂˙}😂}v˙😂}😂o]u]😂~`R]R😂`]oo😂É😂]+ÉÉv😂 (}😂É˙}vÉU😂]+ÉÉv😂(}u😂˙😂}😂˙😂v😂Év😂R}😂}😂 R}ZU😂˙}😂˙😂RÉÉ😂(}😂😂oÉ}v😂 😂É v😂(u]o]]É😂 ˙}😂}˙😂`]R😂R😂o]u]X😂😂WRÉv😂😂I˙😂😂 Ro]u] [😂😂IÉoo˙😂 😂 uÉv😂 the point where there is a manageable physical intensity R😂}É😂v}😂(ÉÉo😂RR😂}😂v(ÉX😂 I(😂˙}😂}R😂RÉ😂}É😂]v😂R]😂`˙U😂vP😂`]R]v😂˙}😂 }u(}😂}vÉ😂v😂Poo˙😂u}]vP😂]v}😂RÉ😂}Éu}😂 }É😂}(😂R]😂}vÉU😂`RÉv😂˙}😂}uÉ}😂😂 }😂RÉ😂uÉ😂}É😂 P]vU😂˙}😂}˙😂`]oo😂v}😂.PR😂P]v😂]😂}😂uRX😂😂Ov😂RÉ😂 }RÉ😂RvU😂](😂˙}😂P}😂}😂]😂]v😂RÉ😂}}]É😂`˙U😂R😂 ]U😂(}]vP😂˙}Éo(😂]v}😂😂É}É😂Rv😂˙}😂}˙😂 (ÉÉo😂(É😂`]RU😂v😂RÉv😂o]vP😂RÉ😂o}l😂}vÉ˙😂😂 }vÉ}😂😂 .v😂˙}😂o😂o]u]U😂oo😂˙}😂RÉ😂}vÉ😂]😂}PuuÉ😂 ˙}😂}˙😂}😂É😂vÉPÉo˙😂vɢ😂uÉX😂😂TRÉ😂}˙😂o`˙😂 ÉuÉuÉX😂😂N˘😂É uÉ😂˙}😂˙😂R😂}ÉU😂RÉ😂}˙😂`]oo😂Év😂 alarm signals to the brain which will roughly translate to: S😂Y]lÉ_😂😂G😂uÉÉ 😂}😂}(😂RÉÉJ_ In this way, we can respect our limits and explore our ]É😂RÉ😂uÉ😂uÉX😂😂RÉuÉuÉU😂😂`Éoo😂`]R]v😂 ˙}😂}u(}😂}vÉ😂v😂P}😂(}u😂RÉÉX😂😂Iv😂R]😂`˙U😂˙}😂 }PÉ😂(}😂˘o}}v😂 É `]oo😂˘v😂 É v😂˙}P😂v😂}uÉ É 😂 true adventure. F}😂]v(}u}v😂}v😂oÉ}v😂v😂oÉ😂}😂}v😂 É }😂 yoga, you can contact me at o]ÉÉv˙}PPu]oX}u v😂Év😂˙}😂oo😂RÉ😂]v(}😂˙}😂vÉ}😂É😂 PÉÉX 😂 A😂o`˙U😂É😂˙}Éo(U😂˘o}É É 😂˙}Éo(X😂

and I


😂F}😂]v(}u}v😂}v😂˙}P😂v😂RÉ É 'É😂É }É😂 }v 😂 o]ÉÉv˙}PPu]oX}u

The Deux-Sèvres Monthly, November 2022 | 49

Taking care of the farm

PR}}PR}˙É }(S}R]ÉHPÉrÉ PR}}PRÉr}vÉ D vM]ooÉ

˙😂S😂 }R]ÉH😂 PÉÉ

a time on our farm for us to put some extra Iwellt’scareNovember, and time into maintenance to ensure everything is for the winter. When we say “the farm”, this is an umbrella for everything that comes under it. Our animals, our accommodation, our home, our land and us too.

We recognised world mental health day last month and the realisation this year for us was how much of an impact our alpacas have been able to have this year for people during their wellbeing sessions. One returning visitor told us how on her first visit, her dog had passed away days before, and being around the calmness of the alpacas really helped her heal. It’s important for us to pass on this care back to the animals daily and ensure the highest animal welfare standards we can. For alpaca care in November, we have just given their annual vaccination for the best preventative care we can give them. They’ll receive their second vitamin D dose of the winter, needed because of the shorter days, they have less time to naturally absorb this from the sunlight. For some alpacas they’ll get a toenail trim too (always Blossom, the white one, whose grow at a rapid pace). Whilst we give these proactive treatments, there are other treatments that we believe are best delivered reactively. In November we will undertake faecal testing for the alpacas, to give us an accurate snapshot of their gut health. Being grazing animals, it’s important to check this regularly to ensure they are not being inundated by worms or other parasites. We look at the results of the testing before we decide whether or not they need a treatment; reactive care. We chose this so as not to blanket treat them, which can allow for other parasites not being treated for, to dominate the animals and can overwhelm their immune system. Similarly, our domestic pets have a health boost too with their annual injections all administered this time of year, worm and flea treatments given; it’s like we planned it for ease rather than it all just falling into place nicely! 50 | The Deux-Sèvres Monthly, November 2022

For the land, before this month we’ve harrowed, weeded and overseeded where we needed to after the dry, hot summer. Pruning and cutting back is being finalised for those parts missed before, and now is the time we pile the alpaca poo high on plant beds, waiting for black gold in the spring. Our accommodation has had a lot of care; the bell tent was given a shampoo, treatment and waterproofing before being completely dried and put away for the winter. And, our gite, where renovations were finished in June, has had radiators installed and the small portable heater removed. This will not only keep our guests warm, but also the house dry and well kept throughout the season. Now the house. For us this year, it was repainting the wooden windows, doors and shutters, which should keep them strong for a few years (we hope!) as well as some minor repairs to our roof. And finally, us. It’s time for a break after an incredible year, we need to recharge our batteries, visit some loved ones and also do some exploring of other places in Europe too. It’s possibly been a little too long since we last did this, but as too many people know; people tend to put every ounce of energy into their work and passions. For us, it has been well worth it and very rewarding, but we do recognise that a little break will re-energise us for even bigger and better things when we return. Please make sure you take a step back, check that your home, family and animals are ready for winter too, but above everything, that you are well and ready too.

I(˙}]vÉ É ]v É uÉvP É S}R]ÉUW]oovRÉ alpacas, why not get in touch via ```XoÉ(ÉÉ uÉoPX}u

Building and Renovation

Siret 879 119 030 00010

All Domestic repairs and installations Free quotes with home visit Based in Exoudun (Deux-Sèvres) Search on Facebook or call 07 87 26 32 54


The Deux-Sèvres Monthly, November 2022 | 51

52 | The Deux-Sèvres Monthly, November 2022

The Deux-Sèvres Monthly, November 2022 | 53

54 | The Deux-Sèvres Monthly, November 2022

😂CHDÉ 😂ET😂T😂ER😂I😂SE 😂U}😂😂 É😂]v(}u}v😂}😂}Év]vP😂R}U😂 ]}v É U😂😂(}😂 É ˙}😂o}o😂 RÉ'É]ÉM Visit the website (}😂]o É 😂F}😂`É😂]}o😂}]É😂}(😂RÉ😂 😂Dɢr😂SÉ😂RÉÉ[😂v😂oÉvÉ😂 website

The Deux-Sèvres Monthly, November 2022 | 55


56 | The Deux-Sèvres Monthly, November 2022

Property W E A R E R EC R U I T I N G ! Start a new career as a property sales agent

I’m back to work and loving my new career! Jennifer Gayraud LEGGETT AGENT


If you would like the freedom to grow a successful business supported by an award winning team, please contact our recruitment department:

+33 (0)5 53 60 82 77

TA KE A B RE A K V SOLUTIONS V PA GE S V Easy Crossword: G # C # J # # # P # O # S

A M A Z O N # K I D N A P

U # B # U # M # M # G # H


H # E # T # C # I # I # N

Toughie Crossword ("Football") O # # # # # R # C # N # X

# M A R L B O R O U G H #

D # N # E # W # # # # # H

E # A # O # A # A # L # E


E # M # A # E # V # N # R

A V I A R Y # D I S C U S

T # A # D # # # L # H # E


E # I # C # C # F # N # A

V I A D U C T # F I V E R

E # R # # # E # E # I # N

R E A L I S T I C # T W O

T # # # N # S # T # E # N

H E A R T H # M U D D L E

E # I # E # D # A # # # S

T A R # S H A L L M E E T

W # F # T # N # # # M # R

Sudoku: A L L O A # C A R I B O U

I # O # T # E # E # E # S


4 8 9 7 6 1 3 5 2

7 6 5 8 3 2 4 9 1

2 1 3 9 4 5 7 8 6

3 2 8 4 9 6 5 1 7

1 9 4 5 7 3 2 6 8

5 7 6 1 2 8 9 4 3

9 3 1 2 8 4 6 7 5

8 4 2 6 5 7 1 3 9

6 5 7 3 1 9 8 2 4



The Deux-Sèvres Monthly, November 2022 | 57


LÉ😂RÉ😂o}vPÉU😂R}'É😂uuÉ😂u}😂v😂ÉuÉuÉU😂] [😂uÉ😂 A }vÉu}É 😂 }😂😂 ÉvÉ]v😂]v}}X😂😂TRÉ}v😂 É 😂 ]😂R}`😂v😂`RÉÉ😂 `]oo😂`É😂W😂ÉR😂] [😂uÉ😂(}😂😂vÉ`😂R}uÉM😂


]É😂 PÉvU😂 }l😂 v😂 (}É😂 `]R😂 }o😂 ]˙😂 R]😂 ]😂 `}vÉ(o😂(}😂ÉvÉ]v]vP😂W😂ææUƒX 😂MÉv`R]oÉi😂😂 }]É😂CR]R ~😂😂 AæıR]😂 Z😂 vo😂R}É]😂😂 ]v😂(o😂 É 😂 RuoÉi😂😂 lu😂 😂 (}u😂RÉR]]vP😂 😂 }`v😂}(😂É]É😂B 😂 with its weekly market. Divided into three parts, with main very ]}😂o]]vP😂~]😂 É😂 Év😂R😂`}😂l]RÉv]v😂 Z😂 RÉÉvÉ😂 U😂RÉÉ[😂 ]}vo😂 }uu}}v😂 }😂 É]RÉ😂 ]ÉX😂 😂U]😂 }😂 (}😂 }}u😂 É v😂 «😂 `R]oÉ😂 }v😂 RÉ😂 }v😂 É G}}😂 É😂 three more rooms ripe to renovate. 😂TRÉÉ[😂 😂 oPÉ😂 PÉv😂 `]R😂 uÉ}`😂 v😂 }]o]vP😂 v😂 uÉ😂 }(😂 }}u😂 (}😂 É˙R]vP😂 v😂 É˙}vÉ😂 W😂æUƒX

😂M}😂 }(😂 😂 vÉÉ😂 u}É😂 É😂 }😂 É😂 }u(}oÉ😂 RÉÉ😂 ˙X😂 😂WÉ😂 `v😂R}uÉ`RÉ 😂 `ÉÉ😂 v😂😂 ÉvÉ]v😂P}`]vP😂~}😂˘ÉÉ vÉ(u]o˙ Z😂 U😂 `RÉÉ😂 `É😂 v😂 }vÉ😂 P]v😂 Éi}]É😂 ]v😂 PRÉ]vP😂 }PÉRÉ😂 (Éo˙😂 }😂 ÉoÉÉU😂}😂v˙😂}RÉ😂˘ÉÉ 😂`É😂v😂.vU😂}😂RÉ😂(v😂v😂Évi}˙😂 }ÉoÉ😂W😂`]R}😂(ÉÉo]vP😂}v.vÉJ 😂I(😂 R]😂 R}uÉ😂 v😂 o}😂 }]É😂 PÉ😂 }]É😂 ÉU😂 ]}vo😂 }uu}}v😂 v😂 }RÉ😂 ÉvÉ.U😂 `Éoo😂 ]😂 u]PR😂 É😂 uÉ😂 }😂 PÉ}😂😂 ˙}😂}`v😂SÉvÉ]vÉ[😂Éo]PR_X 😂WÉ[ÉÉoÉ😂 RÉ É😂 }ÉÉ😂 ÉU😂oo😂}vP😂(v😂ÉvÉ]v]vP😂 ÉU😂}😂Éu😂 ˙}😂 W😂 }😂 P]É😂 ˙}😂 v😂 ]É😂 }(😂 `R[😂Évo˙😂 }v😂 the market in Deux Sèvres. 😂TRÉ😂 .😂 ~æıZ😂 ]😂 😂 vv]vP😂 }É˙😂 ]v😂 }uvoo˙😂 vuÉ😂 😂C}É😂 [😂PÉ A v}v😂 }uoÉÉ😂 with its own tower with pointed }}(J😂 vP😂 😂D l😂 }😂 RÉ😂 😂X😂V😂I😂 century, the main house (the o}P]Z😂 }😂 oPÉ😂 }v😂 É }}u😂 É(É😂 (}😂 ÉvÉ]v]vP😂 `]R😂u]É.É😂 oÉ]uu]vP😂 😂 `]R😂 }]P]vo😂 (ÉÉU😂 }vÉ😂 provides access to the tower. The kitchen has an impressive cooker v😂 oo😂 RÉ😂 É😂 vÉÉ😂 }😂 }}l😂 LÉ😂 ˙}[É😂 R}É😂 😂 o}o😂 ulÉ😂 ]v😂 😂CRÉ(😂 😂B}}vvÉU😂 😂Aov˙😂 }😂 😂A]PÉX😂 😂U]😂 }😂 RÉÉ😂 }(😂 (}😂 }}u É U😂 😂 ]o😂 ]É😂 oÉ😂 }😂 😂 PuÉ😂 }}u😂 r😂 ˙}[oo😂 É😂 }˙😂 `]R😂 }]o😂 .É😂 Évo😂 RÉvPX😂 😂TRÉ😂 PÉ😂 R}É😂 ]😂 😂 o}Éo˙😂 barn conversion with stone arched doors and windows, three bedrooms and private wall garden as well as separate access! Combining luxurious countryside living in 12 acres comprising

😂TR]😂 vo😂 Ru]vP😂 }É˙😂 ]v😂 RÉ😂 RÉ😂 }(😂 RÉ😂 😂MÉoo}]😂 o}É😂}😂 😂S 😂 V]😂 ~Z😂Éoo˙😂 R😂 ]😂 oo😂 W😂 v😂 R😂 Év˙😂 o}P]😂 `]R😂 `}😂 É😂 }`É😂 v😂 æ😂 }}u😂 É ]v😂 RÉ😂 u]v😂 R}É😂 ]uuÉ]Éo˙😂 😂É RÉ😂 ÉvÉ😂 (}😂 Pv😂 ÉvÉ]vuÉvJ😂 😂Aoo😂 R😂 Év😂 }uoÉÉo˙😂Év}É😂]v]vP😂 É ]😂 }]P]vo😂 (ÉÉ😂 W😂 ]😂 o}😂 R😂 v😂 vvɢ😂 `]R😂 😂 (RÉ😂 .É😂 }}u😂 É ]Éo😂 (}😂 PÉX😂 😂TRÉ😂 vvɢ😂 R😂 oPÉ😂 o]]vP😂 }}u😂 v😂 ]}😂 }u]}˙😂 }+É]vP😂 u˘]uu😂 Gɢ]]o]˙😂 `RÉv😂 ÉvÉ]v]vP😂 }😂 😂 ]vÉ😂 }Évo😂 oÉ«vP😂 😂 P‘ÉJ😂 😂TRÉÉ😂 É😂 vU😂 a bread oven now serving as pool house, a luscious garden set in 4.5 hectares (2 hectares are `}}😂 W😂 vo]u]É😂 .É`}}JZ😂 v😂 😂 (o}😂 `]uu]vP😂 }}o😂 with stunning views over local }v˙]É😂W😂UƒX Joanna Leggett is marketing director at Leggett Immobilier – you can view their full portfolio of properties for sale in France at



€224,950 HAI

Ref. A11275 - Delightful 3-4 bedroom house with large garden, in a rural hamlet. Energy class: D Climate class: D Agency fees included : 7% TTC to be paid by the buyer


Buying or Selling a Property? CONTACT US TODAY We are urgently looking for properties! We have clients ready to buy!



EXCLUSIVE St-Martin-du-Fouilloux €141,700 HAI Ref. A15763 - 3 Bedroom house and 2 cottages for renovation, with land and outbuildings. Lots of potential. Energy class: G Climate class: C Agency fees included : 9% TTC to be paid by the buyer


St-Martin-de-Mâcon €371,000 HAI


€330,000 HAI

St-Paul-en-Gâtine €251,450 HAI

Ref. A16151 - Super 3 bedroom house with pool and lots of character.

Ref. A12067 - Quality 5 bedroom house with 2 reception halls, 2 gîtes, garden, garage and 4 acres.

Ref. A15796 - Beautifully renovated 5-6 bedroom longère with swimming pool, barn and gîte.

Ref. A15304 - 3 Bedroom barn conversion with impressive living area and large mature garden.

DPE: Not required

DPE: No data

Energy class: D Climate class: D

Energy class: D Climate class: B

Agency fees included : 9% TTC to be paid by the buyer

Agency fees included : 6% TTC to be paid by the buyer

Agency fees included : 6% TTC to be paid by the buyer

Agency fees included : 7% TTC to be paid by the buyer

+33 (0)5 53 60 84 88 - - SARL Leggett Immobilier, 42 rue de Ribérac, 24340 La Rochebeaucourt et Argentine - SIRET : 521 133 835

58 | The Deux-Sèvres Monthly, November 2022

We have some of the best property in France

Beaux Villages IMMOBILIER

Buy or sell your French property with us W I N N E R O F B E S T E S TAT E AG E N C Y & W E B S I T E F R A N C E 2 0 2 1 - 2 0 2 2

EXCLUSIVE L’ABSIE €214,000 A spacious countryside farmhouse ready to make your mark. Lovely location with large garden. Ref: BVI64685

VANZAY €172,800 A pretty 3 bed / 2 bath home at the end of a private drive with another to renovate. Countryside views. Ref: BVI66768

&)78 6)%0 )78%8) %+)2'= 3**-')7 *6%2') &IEY\ :MPPEKIW -QQSFMPMIV

EXCLUSIVE CLUSSAIS-LA-POMMERAIE €295,995 4 bed village house with covered pool, barn, garage and garden. Option for a a separate annex. Ref: BVI65762

EXCLUSIVE LEZAY €263,550 4 bed / 4 bath barn conversion with high quality fittings, attractive features and pool. Hamlet setting. Ref: BVI66850

LA CHAPELLE-THIREUIL €328,070 1850s old gendarmerie, now a 4 bed house and two, 2 bed gîtes within walking distance of a bakery. Ref: BVI66588

MELLE €995,000 Handsome 10 bed, 18thC manor house in fabulous gardens with a pool. Wonderful interiors. Ref: BVI66592

ALLOINAY €77,000 Cute 1 bed stone cottage plus an outbuilding, garage & garden. Ref: BVI66670

SAINT-PARDOUX €197,500 Characterful farmhouse set in a hectare. 10kms from medieval Parthenay. An ideal smallholding. Ref: BVI66680

THOUARS €1,350,000 Great opportunity to own an 8 acre campsite with 65 pitches, shower block, pool, bar & bistro. Ref: BVI57873

Be your own boss and be part of our winning team! We are recruiting Independent Property Consultants across South-West France to join our winning team. Want to know more?

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Email Tina Anderson, Head of Recruitment 08 05 69 23 23 Siret : 501 191 720 00025 APE 6831Z

The Deux-Sèvres Monthly, November 2022 | 59

Business and Finance

BHvÉA lAoo]vrIÉooÉWv



asically, the two are linked. So, in theory, everything is }uJ😂

1Z 😂I(😂˙}😂}😂v}😂RÉ😂˙}😂É😂]oÉ😂˙ÉP😂😂TRÉ😂 uÉ]o😂}(É]}vo😂P]É😂˙}😂}`v😂 😂 (}u😂}😂.oo😂]v😂 and send to CPAM. See photo. So, you enter your social security number 😂RÉ}😂😂 }(😂RÉ😂 page (usually a temporary one vP😂`]R😂😂 or 8) and sign 😂RÉ😂}'}u😂 and send it to CPAM. As CPAM v😂😂Aoo]v😂😂É linked together by what we call

“télétransmission”, the reimbursement comes directly ]v}😂˙}😂vl😂}v😂`]R]v😂˙😂 X😂😂TRÉ(}É É U😂`É😂 need your social security number when we do the top up }vX😂😂S}uÉuÉU😂RÉ😂uÉ]o😂}(É]}vo😂}É😂v}😂 RÉ😂RÉ😂uR]vÉ😂(}😂RÉÉ😂]oÉ😂}😂˙}😂😂]oÉ É 😂 ]😂o˙]vP😂U😂}😂˙}😂}o😂RÉ}😂😂 É😂RÉ}`v😂 😂 (}u😂 v😂 É ](😂˙}😂RÉ😂]oÉ É X 2) When you have your carte vitale: When you ]]😂˙}😂😂G😂P😂}😂}RÉ😂uÉ]o😂}(É]}voU😂˙}😂.😂 give them your carte vitale and then you pay. The ]uÉ É uÉv😂]😂RÉv😂}uoo˙😂}vÉ˙😂😂 😂CP😂AM😂v😂 😂Aoo]v😂]😂o]vlÉ😂`]R😂😂CP😂AM˙😂😂 RÉ😂S o vu]]}v_😂 so the top up (}u😂😂Aoo]v😂 (}oo}`😂`]R]v😂 ˙😂😂 }(😂😂CP😂AM😂 reimbursement. 3) 'É😂A }v😂É😂 droit: This is a oÉ'É😂R😂R}`😂 ˙}😂😂ÉvoÉ😂 to a carte vitale. 😂S}uÉuÉU😂RÉ😂S o vu]]}v_😂P😂v😂`É😂vÉÉ😂 R]😂oÉ'É}😂😂 vrP😂]X😂😂Y}😂 v😂}`vo}😂]😂(}u😂˙}😂 CPAM personal account ( or simply phone them and they will send it to you by post. 4) Tiers payant card: That is your top up card. This card does not show your level }(😂}ÉX😂😂I😂]uo˙😂}É😂R😂˙}😂RÉ}😂😂 😂v😂 P]É😂]v(}u}v😂}😂RÉ😂uÉ]o😂}(É]}v😂]v😂É😂}(😂😂 S]É😂Év😂RPÉ_r😂R]😂]😂`RÉv😂RÉ}😂😂 ˙😂😂 ]vÉ😂}(😂 you. 60 | The Deux-Sèvres Monthly, November 2022

You can download ]😂(}u😂˙}😂 😂Aoo]v😂}uÉ😂 account. 5) 😂H}]o]}vP😂 When you are hospitalised, the hospital will }v😂😂Aoo]vU😂}😂😂Aoo]v😂😂SvÉ É 😂]Év😂 😂É RPÉ_😂 uÉv]vP😂😂Aoo]v😂v😂😂CP😂AM😂`]oo😂˙😂]vÉ😂}(😂˙}😂~i😂 as well as the surgery could cost an arm and a leg!!). The }vo˙😂R]vP😂˙}😂`}o😂RÉ}😂😂 ˙😂(}😂`RÉv😂˙}😂}uÉ😂 }😂]😂RÉ😂(}}U😂RÉ😂]v]]o😂}}u😂v😂ÉoÉR}vÉ😂}😂😂T😂V😂 ]ooX😂😂S]uo˙😂😂]😂}v😂}😂😂(}😂]uÉ É uÉv😂}😂Év😂]😂 ]Éo˙😂}😂😂Aoo]v😂v 😂~ Éu}ÉuÉvvÉoo]vX fr). 6Z 😂PRu]ÉP😂😂S}uÉ😂}(😂RÉ😂uÉ]o😂}(É]}v😂R😂 😂SRu]É_😂`]oo😂l😂(}😂˙}😂}😂😂v😂˙}😂 RÉ(}É É 😂RÉ😂v}R]vP😂}😂˙😂😂Aoo]v😂˙😂]Éo˙😂RÉ😂 SRu]É_X😂😂I😂]😂ooÉ😂SÉ˙v 😂 _X😂😂S}U😂`RÉv😂˙}😂P}😂 }😂RÉ😂Ru]ÉU😂˙}😂P]É😂RÉu😂˙}😂]}v😂 É oÉ'ÉU😂 ˙}😂😂]oÉ É 😂v😂}😂😂v😂oo😂]😂]😂(}X 7Z 😂SRPÉP😂A9}😂😂 }É😂 😂]😂A9😂}(😂RÉ😂 ]É˙😂😂É RÉ😂FvR😂 É 😂HoR😂 É 😂S˙ÉuU😂😂RÉ😂uÉ]o😂 }(É]}vo😂😂Éo(rÉuo}˙É😂v😂😂oo}`É É }😂😂 o˙😂 a surcharge. It is mostly done by consultant, surgeon, ]É😂R}]oU😂v É U😂X😂 É 😂E˘uoÉP😂RÉ😂FvR😂 É 😂HÉoR😂😂S˙Éu😂😂]ÉÉ 😂(}😂😂R]😂ÉoÉuÉv😂]😂ƒ😂 ~v}😂RÉ😂o😂.PÉU😂i😂v😂˘uoÉ É ZU😂RÉv😂˙}😂}vo˙😂 PÉ]uÉ É😂 😂ƒ😂~A9Z😂v😂É😂RÉPÉ 😂 }v😂 o]lÉ}😂😂 P}😂P}o.vP😂`Él😂É v É JJ~😂J}lÉZ😂v😂}😂😂É ]😂v}😂 Év}PR😂(}😂R]uU😂RÉv😂😂 RPÉ😂ƒ😂U😂RÉ(}É É U😂˙}😂 `}o😂😂ƒ😂 É ~]vÉ😂}(😂i😂}😂É Z😂}😂}(😂}lÉJJ😂 😂TRÉ(}É É U😂}É😂 😂`]R😂˙}😂}😂😂A9😂`}o😂}É😂 that surcharge. 8Z 😂E˘ÉP😂😂TRÉÉ😂]😂v😂˘ÉÉ 😂}(😂ƒ😂É😂G😂P😂]]U😂 ƒ😂(}😂uovÉv}😂 😂 ~v}😂ÉuÉPÉv˙Z😂v😂æ😂 😂uÉ É ]]vÉ😂}˘ÉX😂😂TR]😂˘ÉÉ 😂]😂lÉv😂l😂(}u😂˙}😂 😂CP😂AMÉ]uÉ 😂 uÉv😂}😂R]😂`R˙😂}uÉuÉ😂˙}😂PÉ😂oÉ😂 reimbursement than you should have got. 9Z 😂GoÉP😂😂M}😂}(😂u˙😂😂B]R😂}uÉ😂P}😂 l😂}😂RÉ😂U😂K😂(}😂RÉu😂}😂˙😂RÉ😂}vo]vÉX😂😂B˙}😂v😂 choose to have them covered under your top up. Only }vÉ😂]😂É˙😂😂˙ÉX😂😂I [😂oo😂 😂 }😂ulÉ`É😂É Év😂 what you would get back and how much it increases ˙}😂Éu]uX😂😂N}É😂R😂}uÉ😂PoÉ😂v}`😂 É (oo˙😂 ]uÉ É 😂vÉ😂RÉ😂vÉ`😂A9😂v (}u😂 É😂 v😂RÉ😂 PoÉ😂R}😂]😂}o]PÉ}😂😂 P]É😂˙}😂}vÉ😂}É😂(}😂A9😂 santé. 10) Dental cover: You simply give them your carte ]oÉ😂v😂RÉÉ]uÉ 😂 uÉv😂(}oo}`😂~(}😂v}uo😂]😂 uÉÉ vZX😂😂H}`ÉU😂 É (}😂}`v😂}😂ui}😂`}lU😂˙}😂

.😂PÉ😂}É😂}😂˙}😂v😂.😂l😂😂Aoo]v😂R}`😂uR😂 ˙}😂v😂PÉ😂l😂😂DÉv😂o`˙😂RPÉX😂😂N}É😂R😂 u}😂˙É😂}(😂}`v😂É😂v}`😂(oo˙😂]uÉ É 😂vÉ😂RÉ😂 A9😂v (}u É😂 X

Ao}U😂˙}😂v😂PÉ}É😂 😂(}😂]v]]o😂}}u😂}😂😂 😂}😂 æƒ😂~v}uo😂]É😂]😂}😂æƒ😂}😂] [😂oÉv˙😂Év}PRZX😂 In France, you either share the room with someone else or you can choose to be on your own like an hotel room (with your own bathroom). Note that the cover does not guarantee you will be able to get the room, it ]uo˙😂}É😂RÉ}😂😂 ](😂˙}😂v😂PÉ😂}vÉX😂😂Uoo˙U😂˙}😂v😂 o`˙😂PÉ😂}vÉ😂]v😂😂]É😂R}]o😂~😂Co]v]ÉZX

11) www.ameli.frP😂😂TR]😂]😂RÉ😂`É]É😂}(😂😂CP😂AM😂}v😂 which you can create your personal account (you only need your carte vitale to do it). Yes, it is in French, but it ]😂(oo😂}(😂(o😂 É ]v(}u}vX😂😂Y}😂v😂É😂RÉ😂]uo}😂}😂 .v😂}😂](😂˙}😂voÉ É😂 }😂😂 😂CS😂S😂~É}oÉ😂}v😂o}`😂]v}uÉ😂 v😂PÉ😂(É}😂É😂 😂}😂RÉo😂}😂˙😂(}😂RÉ]😂}😂ZX😂😂Y}😂 v😂}`vo}😂˙}😂]uÉ É uÉv😂v😂˙}😂v😂l😂(}😂 ˙}😂'É}v😂}]😂 😂É ~}}(😂}(😂}ÉZX😂😂TR]😂}uÉv😂 ]😂}LÉv😂lÉ😂(}😂˙😂]vÉ}😂😂 P]É😂˙}😂}😂😂É }😂 😂RÉoR😂]vvÉX😂😂I(😂˙}😂}v[😂Él😂v˙😂😂FvR😂 É 😂 ooU😂RÉÉ😂]😂😂EvPo]R😂l]vP😂 É R}vÉ😂o]vÉ˙😂É😂 RÉ😂 😂FÉvR😂RÉoR😂˙Éu😂}😂v`É😂oo😂˙}😂}v É P😂 ıæ 😂~(}u😂😂FvÉZ😂v😂 ıæ ~(}u😂}ZX

CONCLUSION:😂😂FÉo😂(É}😂😂É }v😂uÉ😂](😂˙}😂`]R😂 ]v(}u}v😂}v😂v˙😂}(😂RÉ}É😂 }😂😂 }😂PÉ(É😂 }ÉÉ😂 (}😂 😂 top up health insurance. Note that the law has changed v}`😂v😂😂o}vP😂😂˙}😂RÉ😂R😂}😂😂 }v😂 😂 (}😂😂 oÉ😂}vÉ😂˙ÉU😂˙}😂v😂`😂😂v˙😂uÉU😂v}😂vÉ}😂É😂 `]😂 (}😂RÉ😂vv]É˙😂😂v😂 É ](😂˙}😂😂R˙😂 É `]R😂u˙😂 }ÉU😂😂I😂`]oo😂}😂RÉvÉ😂 oo}v😂(}😂˙}J And remember to check out our web site😂(}😂oo😂u˙😂]}😂 É oÉ😂 ~So😂]v(}u}v_Z😂v😂ÉP]É}😂😂 ]ÉÉ 😂}😂 u}vRo˙😂😂N`oÉ É 'ÉX😂😂Y}😂v😂o}😂(}oo}`😂😂}v😂😂FÉ}}lP😂 S😂Aoo]v😂😂JÉ😂B}oÉÉ]˘😂😂R É }u]v😂😂L_ É

12) Allianz.frP😂😂F}u😂RÉ😂Aoo]v😂`É😂]ÉU😂˙}😂v😂 create your personal account. You simply need your vuÉU😂.😂vuÉU😂😂}(😂 É ]RU😂Éu]o😂v😂}v😂 number. Then you can view all your reimbursement, ]o😂 É }(😂}vU😂(}oo}`😂o]uU😂Év😂}ÉU😂X É

Av😂}v[😂RÉ]É}😂😂 }v😂uÉ😂(}😂v˙😂}RÉ😂 ]v(}u}v😂}😂}É😂}v😂iÉ😂R😂😂(vÉo😂}ÉU😂 ]vRÉ]vÉ😂o`U😂]vÉuÉvU😂U😂R}ÉU😂}(É]}vo😂v😂 top up health insurance, etc…

1Z 😂E˘P😂😂W]R😂😂Aoo]v😂}😂U😂Év]vP😂}v😂˙}😂 }ÉU😂˙}😂v😂Pɢ😂😂É o]lÉ😂(ÉÉ😂oÉv]vP😂](😂˙}😂É😂]v😂 R}]o😂(}😂u}É😂Rv😂˙😂😂 }😂😂R}😂}(😂oÉv]vP😂😂 R}😂LÉ😂RÉu}RÉ˙😂]}v😂 É }😂v😂 É o}}l😂LÉ😂 your pets, etc.

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TÉoPææ M}Pı

The Deux-Sèvres Monthly, November 2022 | 61

The benefits of effective tax planning T

˘😂ovv]vP😂o˙😂v😂]u}v😂}oÉ]v😂 😂 }ÉvP😂 v😂ul]vP😂RÉu}😂 😂 }(😂`R😂˙}😂RÉX😂W😂 R]oÉRÉ😂 😂 ˘😂]o😂R}ov[😂vÉ]o˙😂 É `P😂RÉ]vÉ 😂 uÉv😂}PU😂 RÉvuÉ 😂É 😂É }😂vÉÉ .😂}😂P]😂 É ˘😂ovv]vPX😂

by Catrina Ogilvie, Blevins Franks

M 😂 }😂U😂 K 😂 v]}v É 😂 U😂(}😂˘uoÉ É U😂}vo˙😂 😂É v(ÉoÉ}😂😂 ˙}😂}É😂 }v😂RÉ U😂`RÉ 😂 v😂v(É}😂😂 É Q 😂 R 😂 O 😂 P 😂 S😂 }😂😂 ]vÉ É ]v😂 😂 É ]oÉ😂 😂 ˘rÉ8]É(}😂 v😂😂É F 😂 vÉU😂˙}😂}o😂(v😂 😂 }v😂}😂}RÉ😂 vÉÉ .]]ÉU😂}LÉv😂`]R}😂RÉvÉ😂 (}😂 😂 É }ÉX

A reduced tax bill for you T😂 RÉu}😂 😂 }]}😂vPÉ]vP😂 ]😂😂 É ˙}😂}Éoo😂o]]o]˙😂(}😂]v}uÉ😂 tax, capital gains tax and any other taxes on your savings, investments, assets and pensions in France. I😂 (😂RÉ]😂😂É u}É 😂 ˘😂 rÉ8]Év😂`˙😂}😂R}o😂˙}😂]o😂v😂U😂 É R}ov[😂˙}😂˘o}É É ]😂 M😂M 😂 v˙😂}oÉ É (]o😂 😂 }😂}😂i😂R😂v😂 unknowingly end up paying more than they need to. Many expatriates are caught out by not reviewing their arrangements (}😂RÉ]😂o](É}😂 X😂]v😂 É C😂 R😂😂 É `ɢ😂É rÉ8]Év😂l😂R}uÉ😂 become taxable in France. Meanwhile, you could be missing out on ]ooÉ 😂 É +ÉÉ 😂É RÉ 😂X É

Maximising real returns +ÉE😂 ˘😂😂É ovv]vP😂o˙😂]v😂 😂 😂 RÉo]vP😂v😂É }RÉ😂É }😂😂 }(😂o]]vPX😂U😂 ouÉo˙U😂`R😂}v😂o😂😂É RÉo[😂v😂É W😂LÉoo😂 😂 ˘U😂 ˘ÉÉ vÉv😂😂 ]vG}v😂lÉ😂v😂É ]v}😂}vX😂 W😂 ]R😂]vÉuÉvU😂RÉvP😂 😂 }]v😂R}o😂v]vP😂 É 😂 ˙}😂}}o]}😂 ]😂]PvÉ É (}😂 😂 ˙}😂]}vU😂vÉU😂 É P}o😂v😂]l😂}oÉvÉX😂😂 B😂 without suitable tax planning, returns can be unnecessarily diminished by taxes. T😂 RÉ]}😂😂É 😂É `˙😂}(😂R}o]vP😂]vÉuÉv😂]oU😂}😂l😂É o}o😂 }(É]}vo😂]É}😂😂 R}}É}vÉ 😂 `R]R😂 😂 ]😂˘rÉ8]Év😂]v😂F 😂 vÉX

Lɢ}v(}˙}RÉ] The less tax you pay, the more you have to spend now or pass on to your heirs. But with some investment structures you may also be able to lower the ]vRÉ]vɢ😂😂 o]]o]˙😂(}😂˙}😂RÉ]X😂F 😂 A vR É r}uo]v😂o](ÉvÉ😂 }vU😂(}😂˘uoÉ É U😂v😂R]PRo˙😂 😂É ˘rÉ8]Év😂(}😂ovv]vP😂 😂É É }ÉU😂`É😂 oo😂}]]vP😂 😂 ˘rÉ8]Év😂]v}uÉv😂😂 P}`R😂(}😂˙}😂 now.

How to get the best results I😂 [😂˙😂É }😂PÉI😂D Y😂 ˘😂😂 ovv]vP😂`}vPU😂]oo˙😂 É É `]R😂Po}˙😂 É P}o}😂RvP]vP😂(Évo˙ É X😂˘E😂 ]ÉRÉ😂 RÉ😂 }uo]}v😂 😂É 😂 }(😂R]vP😂}😂o😂É `]R😂Rɢ😂😂oÉ}(😂 😂 `}😂}v]ÉX😂 T😂 ˘😂ovv]vP😂R}ov[😂}vÉ 😂É ]v😂 😂 ]}o}v😂}😂v😂😂 LÉR}PR😂 W😂ulÉ]😂😂 (vuÉ 😂 vo😂}(😂 😂 ˙}😂]vÉuÉvU😂v]}v É U😂😂É É planning and overall wealth management approach. Talk to an adviser `]R😂]vrÉR😂vÉv]vP😂}(😂}r}ɢ}v 😂 U😂]vo]vP😂R}`😂 RÉF 😂 vR😂 É ˘😂P]uÉ É ]vÉ 😂 `]R😂 😂 U😂 K 😂 oÉ😂 X😂

M}É]}v É Gɢ]]o]˙ S😂 P]😂 É ˘😂ovv]vP😂v😂RÉo😂ulÉR]vP😂 😂 ]ÉÉ (}😂 😂 ˙}😂(u]o˙😂`RÉv😂 ˙}😂P}vÉ 😂É X😂M 😂 v˙😂˘rÉ8]Év😂]vÉuÉv😂vPÉuÉv😂o}😂}+É😂 u}Éovv]vP😂 😂É É 😂 Gɢ]]o]˙😂v😂}v}oX😂

Summarised tax information is based upon our understanding of current laws and practices which may change. Individuals should seek personalised advice.

K 😂 }😂😂 }v😂 😂 É RÉ.vv]o😂 😂 ]ÉR😂😂 u˙😂+É˙}😂 😂 }v😂RÉ😂 Blevins Franks news page at

Recently become resident in France? Looking for financial advice? The French tax and succession regime can be hard to navigate at the best of times and becomes more complex for expatriates with cross-border affairs. Blevins Franks has been providing effective tax and estate planning solutions to British expatriates for 45 years, along with investment and pensions advice.

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I N T E R NAT IONA L TA X A DV ICE • I N V E ST M E N TS • E STAT E PL A N N I NG • PE NSIONS Blevins Franks Group is represented in France by the following companies: Blevins Franks Wealth Management Limited (BFWML) and Blevins Franks France SASU (BFF). BFWML is authorised and regulated by the Malta Financial Services Authority, registered number C 92917. Authorised to conduct investment services under the Investment Services Act and authorised to carry out insurance intermediary activities under the Insurance Distribution Act. Where advice is provided outside of Malta via the Insurance Distribution Directive or the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive II, the applicable regulatory system differs in some respects from that of Malta. BFWML also provides taxation advice; its tax advisers are fully qualified tax specialists. Blevins Franks France SASU (BFF), is registered with ORIAS, registered number 07 027 475, and authorised as ‘Conseil en Investissements Financiers’ and ‘Courtiers d’Assurance’ Category B (register can be consulted on Member of ANACOFI-CIF. BFF’s registered office: 1 rue Pablo Neruda, 33140 Villenave d’Ornon – RCS BX 498 800 465 APE 6622Z. Garantie Financière et Assurance de Responsabilité Civile Professionnelle conformes aux articles L 541-3 du Code Monétaire et Financier and L512-6 and 512-7 du Code des Assurances (assureur MMA). Blevins Franks Trustees Limited is authorised and regulated by the Malta Financial Services Authority for the administration of retirement schemes. This promotion has been approved and issued by BFWML.

62 | The Deux-Sèvres Monthly, November 2022

Ask Amanda I

am planning to move permanently to France but am not sure where to go (}]v(}u}v}vRÉ]+ÉÉvÉ]v ÉPo}vÉP]vP˘U]vRÉ]vÉv pensions between France and my current }v˙}(É]ÉvÉM 😂WR]o😂RÉÉ😂vuÉ😂}(😂(}u😂v😂`É]É😂 }+É]vP😂}]v]}v😂v😂PPÉ}v😂ÉP]vP😂RÉ😂 ]+ÉÉvÉ😂]v😂😂FÉvR😂˘}v😂(}u😂`RÉÉ😂˙}😂 Évo˙😂o]ÉU😂]😂]😂`}R😂}v]É]vP😂RÉ😂(}oo}`]vP😂 }]v😂(}É É 😂˙}😂ulÉ😂v˙😂É]]}vP • What experience does the person/site/forum RÉ]vR].ÉoM } 😂Ev]vP😂R😂RÉ😂]v(}u}v😂˙}😂`v😂]😂 accurate, relevant to the country you will be living ]v😂v😂(ÉÉ😂}(😂v˙😂}vo😂 É ]😂v😂}]v]}vU😂]😂 vital in enabling you to make the right choices P}]vP😂(}`X {IRÉ]v(}u}v˙}`]ooÉ]ÉÉPoÉ]v RÉ}v˙˙}`]ooÉo]]vPM } 😂RoÉ😂v😂ÉPo}v😂]v😂RÉ}v˙😂 😂 ˙}😂 É😂oÉ]vP😂`]oo😂u}😂o]lÉo˙😂É😂]+ÉÉv😂}😂😂FvÉX😂 😂Ml]vP😂É😂RÉ}uuÉ É😂 v}v😂˙}😂É]É😂 É😂}v😂`R😂]😂😂(}😂 É ˙}😂😂FÉvR😂 resident is very important.

by Amanda Johnson

{HRÉ}v É }]]vP˙}RÉ]v(}u}v }vo É ˘ÉÉ ]ÉvÉ}(˙}}v É M } 😂I😂]😂o`˙😂}u(}😂 😂 }😂Él😂}😂}uÉ}vÉ😂 `R}😂R😂R`olÉ😂RÉ😂`ol[😂v😂v}😂i😂o😂😂 }😂}v😂 É Rv😂P😂}(😂˙}😂}v É X😂😂P}vo😂 É ˘ÉÉ ]ÉvÉv😂😂 }LÉv😂]😂É}oÉ😂PÉ«vP😂É😂 }😂vÉ`😂oÉP]o}v😂v😂˙É X Whether you want to register for our newsletter, attend one of our road shows or speak to me directly, please call or email me on the contacts below & I will be glad to help you. We do not charge for reviews, reports, or recommendations we provide AuvJ}Rv}v TÉoPæııı}æ E-mail: uvXi}Rv}vÉur](X}u ```XÉur](X}uluvri}Rv}v

The Spectrum IFA Group With Care,You Prosper The Spectrum IFA Group is a registered trademark, exclusive rights to use in France granted to TSG Insurance Services S.A.R.L. Siège Social: 34 Bd des Italiens, 75009 Société de Courtage d'assurances R.C.S. Paris B 447 609 108 (2003B04384) Numéro d'immatriculation 07 025 332 Conseiller en investissements financiers, référence sous le numéro E002440 par ANACOFI-CIF, association agréée par l’Autorité des Marchés Financiers


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The Deux-Sèvres Monthly, November 2022 | 63

800 words

short story competition 2022 closing date 31/12/22 Write an original fictional story in English. Max 800 word count. Judging panel includes well known author Alison Morton and our very own book reviewer Jacqui Brown. Winning entries will be published in The DSM Magazine

MORE INFO : submit via email :

It is said that everyone has at least one good novel in them. The trouble is, it takes months or even years to write a novel - who has the time? Fear not, there is an answer: The DSM Magazine Short Story Competition 2022. As the winter nights draw in and the weather turners colder, why not turn those creative ideas into an up to 800 word short story (that's about one page in the magazine) and enter our competition. The subject, characters, setting – it’s all up to you. Make us laugh, cry or think about things differently. Just let your imagination run free. Our panel of judges will deliberate and choose their favourite pieces for publication in the The DSM (details to be announced). The judges' decision will be final. So, if you would like to see your name in lights, or at least at the top of the page, you know what to do. For more information, check our website at Submit your final story by email to