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If I speak in the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I am only a resounding gong, or a clanging cymbal. First Corinthians 13:1

If Your body is hidden Behind a tree And only three leaves Peak out on both sides Your hands grasp the side Of the trunk And peer as the white glare Breezes through The shaking side of the trees And in my side is a thorn indented An inch into the skin I’ve been stabbed by the sound Of myself and I need your breath To bask in and to be reborn in And to wade across the street in Because I’m streaked And I’m uncarried And I’m dismantled Let your wheels be my wheels Let my helmet burst in your hand Have your wind carry me To the point of a distorted communion Where every steeple is a tongue Waving I need your dandelion To speak my explosion

I need your root To dig my lungs I need your left turn To paint me on the cement And withdraw me I need your reflectors To let me know When the moon Is a false prophet whose lies Are as sweet and as silver as Three chords beautifully strummed To surround a silence That has begun in a tongue Whose father has killed them I need you to be the top leaf Of my tree as it is severed and Implanted and as the seeds explode Like fountains In the royal blue sky I need your royalty Be my vote As I carry dirt on my back Uphill Crushed rocks And foxes gutted on the side of the road Your load Is infinite and minute.

Speak The rhythm of the fire is in my hand And is in my head and It is filtered By planes who drop Their brown Flowers torn from out of the belly Of the metal And through the roof Of the chevrolet The sun collapses And opens up inside Of the stereo like a yawn He races With his yellow shirt Erasing his memory And feeling the rhythm In his mind like a typewriter Spelling out each emotion Calling him to speak A terrible sin A fragrant lemon left On the tip of his tongue Circulating his mouth like a question Spitting Back and forth into the air She leaves her tunnel Like leaves that are drown In the morning sun She leaves her openness

Like a funnel Absolutely accepting but is Shut off and disconnected As she flicks the light with her finger And points to the blackness that Surrounds her She waits As criminals enter in through The back door in through the front door Lift up the mirrors that they have been Hiding against And behind and surround her As in silence she waits quietly She leans over the couch and watches The money behind Shimmer in the moonlight Your body causes me To speak it informs me It takes my breath and makes me question Your body conforms me I am transformed by your body Your flesh is a shape that has Taken my skull that has Taken my hand That has taken my skeleton And taken it into Tons of weight I wait upon you I wait within you I wait after you I wade into your water

And your body and your flesh have caused Succumbing to syrup The plainness of your flesh Is only tempted By the plainness of your touch Your touch has caused me Your flesh Masculine and feminine Has caused me to speak I am eradicated by the silence That overcomes me I am flustered by the array Of breasts that turn and Soak in the moon I am confronted by the loss Of innocence I am discovered by the only Way The way enters Like a ghost enters a room Into the blackness Into the sound of criminals curling Over her body In the waking of the forest Into the releasing of birds As they mount up above the hills and Glimmer for a second

The hunter’s arrows The hunter’s guns The hunter’s bullets Shaped like small heads Wondering up through the blueness Miss As they mount higher And higher and discover more and Speak with their wings as their leadership Turns and conforms Like thorns pressed against the sky Opening up what was And now they come back Tilt And lilt as they touch down Upon the ground Upon the buried first born Upon the last born Your word was the first And I am born

Have The rivers are damp And I stand quietly In the cinnamon air Where you left me And on my lips Still is the taste Of your tears that you have washed Away from your eyes By cupping your hands Into the river And spooning them Against your face The water hid the water Through the woods behind our house I wait in the darkness As it folds and Unfolds around me With pockets of light Creasing through the tree branches Moonlight lightly escaping until It grows dimmer and darker I twist my ankle it rolls Over and purples as I Fall to my knee With my face creased I look up to where a god might be The fox’s red hair Gleams as he draws closer to me With his fur coat And his diamond rings and his Wheelchair

I asked you to do the dishes Without speaking You should know these things You tried to buy the woods I tried to buy them for you But all we had was a river And I can’t Spend a river And you can’t Buy a river These are our roles and positions A women should do the dishes A men should do the fishing A people But I stand here By the river With the sound of what separated us Still clanging in my ears I bend over the water Cup my hands and Wash it over the plate With your four day old crust sticking In orange clumps and pieces To the china that I bought for you Because you wanted it I pick it off With a knife

I scrape it I clean it until It reflects the moon

Not The craziest thing is that You’re not me You never were me You never will be me But you’re with me And you’re in me And I am in you And we’re different But we’re not the same Our game is incomplete My shame is in my feet As it turns The beats below Are the walking steps away from you So I can be you But I’m not you I never will be you You’ve You’ve You’ve You’ve You’ve You’ve You’ve

pulled pulled pulled pulled pulled pulled pulled

me me me me me me me

out of debt out of self obsession out of denial out of silence out of shame out of pride away from you

So I could stand On my own And in this house This naked house filled with My parent’s ghosts I know that your body Remains with me and Your body remains in me Though we’re not the same We are one And though I hear you In the back of my head Like the faint ache Of a tooth A pain that the soul Knows Though I know you I don’t know you And I am not you And you are not me But you draw me to you For you have drawn me You penciled the outline of my body Within my mothers womb You penciled the dick of my father You penciled each insignificant sperm That no longer exists You penciled the singularity of my being

And I Am Not You

And You Are Not Me And yet you are with me In my suffocation and silence You are with me And I am with you

Love L is for the way you look at me O is for the ovalness of your eyes V is very very extra ordinary E is everything that you adore That I adore about you. Love.

Am Each leaf stands on its two feet And it walks across the banister Each breath pushes you A little closer to me And when you lift your green dress Ineffable lifts On ephemeral rain Where each crevice and Cracked paint smear of the banister ushers you across the floor And we are momentarily divided As constituents Of a gnarly constitution In which our hands in silence Surround each other And in stillness Breathing Our vote is undressed And we are damned just a little bit By the thought The creeps up through our blood And you follow me Whether your rules and regulations Want to or not Into movement across this banister And the wind of your hair agrees with me Whether the regulations of you Want to or not

And you ask me why Why you do what you do And I say because I know you Better than a tree knows its own family Better than a branch knows its own leaf Better than a leaf knows its own vein We dance like two words Written off the page Side by side Communing and combining Sliding and revising each other Readmitting and opening to each other Combining to make how two sounds Sound like one sound And move against I will be tree And you will be wind

A It is you who have called this It is you who have brought the shame From the surface to the face To the giant cranes who wait on your back It is you who feels the blondeness of your blackness It is you who waits with the wheat in your face As you move through the garden telling lies And waiting for your controversy to be unfolded It is you who creases the crescents It is you who takes the demons It is you who spends the resplendid dinner with your mother And turns it into an occasion of leprosy It is you It is you It is you through And crush

who waits for the sun who waits for your love who waits for the understanding to walk the grapes between your toes

It is you who rests on thoughts It is you who waits and tears through thickets With cars who you’ve been destroyed in Detroit Before they were born It is you whose steel is corroded and sent carelessly Into the hearts and fingers of children It is you who are the plastic bag that wraps Around the mouth and inside the esophagus and Balloons up from inside of the lung

In the hearts of the small boys and girls Who wait for their rejoicing of Christmas To wait for nothing but a dollar spent on their dream It is you who waits for your heart to be broken It is you who sells your heart in four pieces One for each side of the road It is you who buys that dead man from Detroit And places his body in the car His fingers on the wheel His eyes looking affronted by the crescent moons that wait Above him It is you who crease the metal and folds it Like a letter inside of the body of the road It is you who takes the body Invested it into the venereal disease of a giant’s penis It is you who says that You have been palmed by a basketball It is you who takes the spherical entryways of the earth And thanks them for their marriages It is you who maroons the sunlit light It is you who takes the stand and pulls its head back And says that this is my dead body Hear from my carcass It is you who waits on dead bodies and flesh And pushes birds dreams into an otherness It is you who waits on the crack and the crease On the sideline like a sheet of glass Stood between you and the next step It is you who tumbled down the stairs Waiting for crystal shards to open up the sidewalk

It is you who stand gawking on the side of the road Rubbernecking from the lostness of your heart It is you who slows traffic down To impress upon Detroit all that she has done to you It is you who takes the Midwest and fondles her breasts Without her consent It is you who waits and drinks it in It is you who waits and drinks it in As she walks past you Another ghost besides Detroit As she lays her mittens upon her belly And you wonder about her soul As the dead man that you bought pays for your dollar And your kid’s and your child’s And your boy and your girl dream That you have always wanted And you plant the seed inside of their heart And their head and you say it is you And you are the Santa Claus That is claws of the life are coming As the jaws of life are humming As the straw from the wheat field Impresses upon your lips And you see the tractors that you have bought From the same factory you have placed the dead body in It is you as you rubberneck A side of the road On the side of the road Slowing down traffic

Resounding And you lay on a bed of leaves With bodies broken beneath them With your arms Stretched out in a crucifix Your wooden template Your wounded warrior Your womb of several women Combined in the bodies of leaves As you sleep like a dear With your tongue bleeding And bleating And waiting and wanting As I treadmill You take the travesty of your memory And combine it With the solitude of your moaning As you wait in your leaves Crushing life and submerging the pleasure You wait until the wind picks up again For your body to mesmerize Up slowly Curve up like a pyramid pointing to the sun As your arms Your broken limbs hang Dangle in the danger of the air beleath you As you bequeath gravity to your memory As the bodies broken lay beneath you With their pleasureful hands Screaming in single lines to the sun Lifting praising the distance between you two

As I treadmill on bricks and broken water Waiting in place Wading through frozen water Skating on lakes Away And here You lift up

Cymbal When I fail before the precipice You are here to guide me When my mouth turns to a moan And my strength becomes sapped You are here to lift me up When I become exacting And my heart begins to slowly tear open You are here to confound me with your peace When the ghost I refuse to let go of Haunts my very breath And the things that I desire More than life itself Overtake me with their weight You are here to lift me When I turn off the lights And my mind envisions demons And the fear overtakes my body And my mind trembles You are here to comfort me When I take the step of a loser When I pull away from where I need to be Because I suspect it is the humble thing to do You advance me You You You You

wear me walk in me create footsteps move mountains

Your teeth are shining They puncture my skin

They move deeply into my neck They drink my blood Your tooth is a gravestone And your eyes are the sky of eternity

Your hand Is the defense of the poor But I am rich And when I consider selling People I don’t know You are here to humble me When I begin to create gods Out of my thoughts And out of the string of visions my eyes see You take me apart You You You You

deconstruct me embarrass me leave me naked and loveless tear off my clothes in front of my friends

And when they’re silent And they pretend You are here to keep it real Cause it’s always got to be real Cause if it’s not real Then it’s just unreal You’re here to make sure You’re here to cooperate You’re here to rule You’re here to teach

And when I doubt you And I doubt all of you You’re still here

Communion PDF  

Book of Improvised poetry.

Communion PDF  

Book of Improvised poetry.