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Gift Ideas What to get a guy for valentine’s?


Edible Aphrodisiacs what are you eating this valentine’s day?

Having trouble finding the perfect condom for you and your partner? See condom review page 5

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February 14, 2013

BroncoWeb downtime BroncoWeb and other PeopleSoft systems (except PeopleSoft Finance) will be unavailable 5 p.m. Wednesday, February 20 to 8 a.m. Monday, February 25. This will not affect access to BroncoMail or Blackboard. PeopleSoft systems are undergoing

several changes on Feb. 25, including changes to accounts, a new method of signing in, and navigation changes for PeopleSoft Campus Solutions and PeopleSoft Human Resource systems. Please direct any questions to: roadmap @ b o i sestate. edu.

Annual international festival The 34 annual International Student Food, Song and Dance Festival celebrates Boise State’s international population at 6 p.m. Saturday, March 2, in the Student Union Jordan Ballroom. Free parking is available in the Lincoln Avenue Garage. The student-orga-

nized event features cultures, customs and cuisine from all around the world. This year’s dishes come from Japan, Norway, Moldova, Saudi Arabia, India and more. Following dinner, entertainment includes music, dance and costumes from Saudi Arabia, Mexico,

Nepal and other cultures. Tickets, available at the Student Union Info Desk, are $15 general, $5 for students with ID and free for children 5 and younger. Reserve a table for eight for $150 by calling International Student Services at 426-3652.

Movie night in SPEC Conference football schedule Don’t have plans for Valentine’s Day, don’t sweat it. Spend some time in the Special Events Center (SPEC) in the SUB watching a free movie. Thursday Blockbuster Series presented by Student Involvement and Leadership are

available for viewing pleasure in the SPEC and are free for students and $1 for non-students. This Thursday “Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2” will be showing starting at 7 p.m. Soda and popcorn will be provided.

Endangered language David Harrison, a linguist and leading specialist in the study of endangered languages, will speak on “Endangered Languages: Local and Global Perspectives” at 3 p.m. Friday, Feb. 15, in the SUB Hatch A Ballroom. The lecture is sponsored by the departments of Anthropology and Linguistics. Harrison is an assistant professor of linguistics at Swarthmore College and the director of research and cofounder of the

Living Tongues Institute for Endangered Languages. Learn even more when the Boise State Linguistics Association and the English Majors Association present a screening of the documentary “The Linguists” at 5:30 p.m. that evening in the SUB Simplot Ballroom. “The Linguists” follows Harrison and linguistic scientist Gregory Anderson as they document languages on the verge of extinction.

Boise State’s conference football schedule for the next four years has been announced by the Mountain West. Dates and times will be announced at a later date. Each of the 12 members of the league will play four home and four road conference games each season, and will play every Mountain West opponent home and away during each fouryear cycle. The conference only announced future schedules for the first four-year cycle

(2013 to 16). In 2013, the Broncos will host Air Force, Nevada, New Mexico and Wyoming at Bronco Stadium and play Colorado State, Fresno State, San Diego State and Utah State on the road. The home and away sites will switch in 2014. Boise State will not play Hawai’i, San Jose State and UNLV in 2013 or 2014. In the second part of the four-year cycle, Boise State will host Air Force, Hawai’i,

New Mexico and Wyoming in 2015, and travel to Colorado State, San Jose State, UNLV and Utah State. Again, the home and away sites will switch for the 2016 season. The Broncos will not play Fresno State, Nevada and San Diego State in 2015 and 2016. The scheduling format was computer-generated and consists of five intradivisional games and three cross-divisional contests annually.



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ter . . . Trending on Twitter . . . Tren These stories have been trending on Twitter: Read the headlines here to look smart, browse discussion points at to act smart, or be smart by following links to full stories.

Latest Updates on Pope’s Resignation

A warning to college profs from a high school teacher

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DOWN 1 Talk and talk 2 Casanova 3 For the bees 4 Tide type 5 Cubemaster Rubik 6 Milkshake choice

By Dave Eckert

7 Gradually vanish 8 Cobb of “12 Angry Men” 9 Not get the better of 10 Flickr image 11 Ring insert 12 Knife in “West Side Story” 13 Shape (up) 21 Tire-shaped 22 New England catch 26 Nos. for beachgoers 27 Chemical suffix 28 Cryptozoologist’s quarry 30 Name meaning “young warrior” in Old Norse 31 Short communication 32 Work on a deck 33 Large volume 34 Yosemite attraction 35 Not a good mark 36 Crossword component 38 Rival of Rory 39 Greeting in Rio

The Funnies

2/14/13 Wednesday’s Puzzle Solved Monday’s Puzzle Solved

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43 When doubled, a breath freshener 44 Specialized undergrad course 47 Permanently 48 Liam Neeson voiced him in “The Chronicles of Narnia” films 49 Like many a prime rib serving


50 One in a Lincoln quartet? 51 Scatter 52 Reason for stitches 53 “Do __ ...” 54 Late-inning achievement 55 Barbra’s “Funny Girl” co-star 56 Flabbergast

The Future BY LINDA C. BLACK Tribune Media Services

Pablo Neruda said, “Laughter is the language of the soul.” Take this to heart, as springtime romances your schedule with social events. The spotlight is on, so play to the crowd. After June, a career shift leads you in a worthwhile direction. Keep performing, and smile for the cameras.

Quit dilly-dallying, and surrender to your passion. The action is behind the scenes. Confer with family on decisions. Put in the extra effort. Success is within your grasp.

There’s light at the end of the tunnel, but why rush out when you can dance in the dark? Reveal your adorable side. And wear something comfortable.

It’s all about partnership. Rely on your team and get inspired. Share your winnings. Pretend the work is fun, and it will be.

Get lots of

Zach Chastaine letters@

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Edited by Rich Norris and Joyce Lewis

ACROSS 1 Geometry subject 6 Vend 10 “Don’t let anyone else hear this” 14 Cowboy, at times 15 Palm product 16 Classic creamfilled snack 17 For the birds? 18 Agile deer 19 Actor Ken 20 Stout 23 Seaside raptor 24 Have to thank for, with “to” 25 Horn sound 26 Belgrade native 28 Lawn option 29 Nova Scotia hrs. 32 Relative via remarriage 36 Shell out 37 Stout 40 Gremlin and Pacer 41 Able to come back 42 Cole Porter’s “__ Clown” 43 Bond, for one 45 “Heavens to Betsy!” 46 Place to tie up 48 “__ we having fun yet?” 49 Intractable beast 52 Stout 57 Dead set against 58 Ram, e.g. 59 Significant 60 Sax immortal Getz 61 Politico Bayh 62 Blue hue 63 Reaction to being cut off 64 Not a good mark 65 Hem again

Gemini (May 21-June 20)


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Los Angeles Times Daily Crossword Puzzle

Taurus (April 20-May 20)


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Aries (March 21-April 19)


Haley Robinson


Today’s Birthday (02/14/13)

SEAL who shot bin Laden speaks out

E ditor - in -C hief

Cancer (June 21-July 22) It’s a good time for romantic plans. Grasp an opportunity and you may get a bonus. Make subtle refinements along the way. Be happy with what you have. Leo (July 23-Aug. 22) Dress well, and relax with confidence. Your friends are saying nice things about you. You’re in charge of your happiness. Bring along an interesting companion.

Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) Provide leadership. Work that you love pays well now. Find another way to cut expenses. Shop carefully. It’s an excellent time to fall in love. Savor the deliciousness. Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22) Opportunities arise in your social network. Consult an expert, use your partner’s ideas and accept tutoring from a loved one. Keep delivering what you say you will. Your fame travels.

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21) Necessity birthed invention. A creative solution provides ease. Get others to help. You’re making a good impression on an older person. Consider a new hairstyle; you’re looking good.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21) Follow your wise partner’s advice and encouragement. There’s good news from far away. Get something that will grow in value. Good conversation is free.

Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) Housework is satisfying. You have valuable resources hidden. Get a boost from a partner. Romance blossoms at a distance. You’re making a good impression.

Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18) What you give freely returns to you tenfold. Build up savings by avoiding letting others spend for you. Love finds a way. It’s easy to understand.

Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20) You’re learning good stuff. Keep your long-term goals in mind, and add a touch of elegance. Hold a social gathering, and get a pleasant surprise.Choose for love.


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February 14, 2012


Bronco Abroad: Alla hjärtans dag not a big deal

Last year’s Breaking News Editor Suzanne Craig chronicles her adventures while studying abroad in Sweden.

Lovin’ Online

Photo courtesy dawn shepherd

Dawn Shepherd was recently interviewed by the BBC for a special on online dating which will air today.

Dawn Shepherd studies how online dating works Staff Writer

Boise State professor Dawn Shepherd is interested in the disconnect between how people think about what they do online compared to how actions online are actually completed. For example, when we use a search engine such as Google, it’s more of a matching activity than a searching activity— matching the user to the material they are most likely to find relevant. Shepherd’s focus, while pertaining to matching, doesn’t involve Google searches; instead Shepard’s research looks at people-matching, or in more common terms, online dating. The bulk of Shepherd’s research focuses on the algorithms online dating sites use to match people with one another. Interestingly, online dating giants eHarmony and use completely different bases for creating potential relationships. eHarmony was founded by psychiatrists and a marriage counselor. They conducted interviews and surveys of couples with long lasting, happy marriages and created a formula based on the “29 dimensions of compatibility.”

These include everything might make you less likely you’re actually looking at from family goals to sense to have a happy, produc- people with blond hair and blue eyes. You’re not even of humor to intellect to tive relationship.” On the other hand, paying attention to those level of spirituality. Based on individual uses a system other things. It will actuanswers, eHarmony mea- akin to Netflix. You rate ally use that information,” sures the user’s char- certain activities or char- Shepherd said. “It doesn’t acter and recommends acteristics, such as travel- tell you that though.” When it comes to which people with whom he ing, working out or pets, or she is likely to devel- on a basis of how impor- site works better, it just op a relationship with a tant they are or how much depends what a person is looking for. high level of relationship you enjoy them. “ gathers has a higher frequency satisfaction. eHarmony acts as a gatekeeper for its members. In some ways (eHarmony’s) relationship with “In some ways (eHarits users is very paternalistic. eHarmony doesn’t mony’s) relationship with allow you (to) search the site. It says, These are its users is very paternalistic,” Shepherd said. “eHar- the 10 people we found for you. mony doesn’t allow you —Dawn Shepherd (to) search the site. It says, ‘These are the 10 people thousands of bits of in- of people going on dates we found for you.’” Under eHarmony’s formation not related to but eHarmony has had model, there isn’t always a what makes you happy in more couples commit to relationship for everyone. a relationship or your per- marriage. eHarmony is for people If eHarmony determines a sonality, per se, but things user does not have a likeli- like your hobbies and in- who are interested in a trahood of finding a success- terests—things that are ditional path to marriage ful relationship it won’t based around consump- and a stricter filter, Shepherd stated. is tion,” Shepherd said. match him or her. then match- less formal. So what might exclude While traditional colan eHarmony user from es the user based on similarities. The more specific lege-age students are befinding any matches? “They’re things like the ratings, the more spe- coming a bigger presence character, anger manage- cific the matches will be. on online dating sites, ment—so if you seem to also tracks most young people whose exhibit the likelihood to users by habits and activ- relationships began online not be able to control your ity on the site and makes have met in less formal anger, you quality of self- recommendations based settings. With the explosion of perception,” Shepherd on those. “You might say, ‘I am Massively Multiplayer Onsaid. “One of the things it includes is family back- interested in football and line Role Playing Games ground. If you’ve seen a going to dinner and long (MMORPGs), such as lot of arguing and violence walks on the beach,’ but Halo and World of Warand those sorts of things it when you’re on the site craft, people are spending

Emily Person

more time online playing with strangers. “There are lots of couples that meet through MMORPGs,” Shepherd said. “It’s not surprising. They spend hours and hours and hours playing together. They accomplish things together, so it’s not that different from meeting people at work.” As our society relies more and more on technology, online dating is likely to keep getting more prevalent. “It might have occurred to you already that even in your lifetime dating has changed,” Shepherd said. “People are becoming more and more open about dating online. It’s just something that’s becoming part of the larger pulse of society.” Shepherd in the News: Shepherd wrote her dissertation on technologies of matching She was recently interviewed by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) for a special on online dating. It will premiere on Valentine’s Day 2013.

Find the romance via app Courtesy MCT Campus

Forgot about Valentine’s Day? Love’s way can still be smoothed. Load your smartphone with the romantic application Couple, by TenthBit Inc. It’s free for Android and iPhone. Once you’ve signed up, Couple will email or text your beloved with the entreaty, “Let’s use Couple together.” Couple is like Facebook for just two people. You send goo-goo notes and videos, collect pictures on a mutual timeline, and share calendars and lists. A shared sketch-pad feature allows two to draw simultaneously on the touch screen, and Couple encourages lovers to “ThumbKiss” by pressing fingers on the same spot. Need to send an instant gift? Wrapp, from Bohemian Wrappsody AB, free for AnThe Arbiter

droid and iPhone, is set up for shipping free and paid virtual gift cards to people you know via Facebook, text message, or email. And it’s not just for Valentine’s. Since users sign on with a Facebook account, the app will tell users who on their friend list has a birthday. There are a few catches. For example, whoever receives a Wrapp gift has to sign up with Wrapp, too, to accept it. For people can’t string sweet nothings together on their own, Love & Romance Collection, listed from Mobyi Apps on Google Play and from Creative Glance Entertainment on the App Store, is a free package of poems, song lyrics and “romantic ideas” users can send in emails or to Facebook. Though some of the poetry is erotic, and some of the ideas—“Bake home-


Last minute app downloads can ease Valentine’s stress. made cookies together”— are lame, the app has its unintended charms.

For example, Charlotte Bronte’s fictional story of Jane Eyre and Mr. Roches-

ter is summarized among the app’s offerings of “True Love Stories.”

Valentine’s Day, considered to be a true Hallmark holiday, is overshadowed by other traditions in Sweden. The beginning of Lent makes the presence of the semla pastry in bakeries a must, and these cream -filled pastries draw more attention than the heartfilled holiday. Instead of overflowing greeting card stocks stacked high with chocolate roses and flowers, the grocery store closest to campus, ICA, has one small rack of cards placed near the candy aisle. Few people even give the rack of cards a passing glance, even the day before Valentine’s Day, or, as it is called in Sweden, Alla hjärtans dag. Directly translated as All Heart’s Day, the fourteenth of February is used more as an excuse for the younger crowd to hit the clubs than a reason to express love and admiration for that special someone. Advertisements for parties celebrating “sex and love” week are plastered on campus bulletin boards and filling Facebook alerts. Indeed, when asked, Swedes tend to think of the great parties coming up before any romantically focused day. “STENladen usually has a good one, this year it’s a smart-casual mustache party,” Karolina Bromberg said. Some restaurants post deals about dinner dates for the special day, but a search of the Växjö city website only trawls up three. Searching various commercial Facebook groups nets another two deals at a flower shop, hardly a rousing endorsement for commercialization on the day of hearts. The most obvious nod to the influence of Valentine’s Day is the fact it is printed in day planners and on calendars. Special issues in local papers, such as this one, don’t exist either. The only students who seem ready to make a big deal out of it are exchange students looking for a reason to hang out or bake sugary treats. The six inches of snow on the ground might also have something to do with the tendency to focus on going out to indoor clubs and dance parties with large groups of people. They usually have better heating systems in clubs and pubs than the ones in the student apartments, which either boil or freeze depending on apartment location. The lack of Valentine hysteria is refreshing and I look forward to going grocery shopping today and not being knocked aside by hysterical last-minute gift buyers searching desperately for an appropriate card. For the sheer novelty of it, I might even hit the downtown shopping district after work lets out to see the relatively empty streets and calm flower-shop. Then I have an appointment with a particularly well-received smart-casual mustache party. It should prove interesting.



February 14, 2012

The Women’s Center presents: Non-discrimination panel discussing the new city ordinance

guilty of discrimination, the misdemeanor charge carries up to a $1,000 fine or six months in jail. Sophomore radiology major Rachel Mendeville attended for an Intro to Clinicals class and learned about the issue. “I didn’t know anything about it actually,” Mendeville said. “I didn’t realize that there wasn’t a protection law over anyone classified as gay or lesbian.” Boise State staff members were also in attendance. Tim Welch, an administrative assistant with the Department for University Advancement, found out about the event on

Jessica Adamson Staff Writer


A display was set up to illustrating different nuances of the event sponsor, the Women’s Center. members of the LGBT community who were reluctant to report crimes against them for fear that their sexual orientation or gender identity would be made public and they would face discrimination, especially in the workplace. “It became very clear to us that the role of an elected official at the very bottom core is the health and safety of your citizens and that we had an obligation to address this issue,” Jordan said. The city council worked with the Chamber of Commerce, the Boise Police Department, members of the faith community and the ACLU of Idaho to produce a law that would take into account all sides of the issue.

Despite sparse turnout, Monday night’s Non-discrimination Ordinance in Action discussion panel, put on by the Women’s Center, provided insight and information about Boise’s new anti-discrimination ordinance. The ordinance, passed by a unanimous Boise City Council vote on Dec. 4 of last year, made it illegal to discriminate against an individual on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity or expression in instances of employment, housing and public accommodation in the city of Boise. Panelists included Executive Director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Idaho Monica Hopkins, Boise City Council President Maryanne Jordan, and Boise Police Department’s Chief Deputy Pete Ritter and LGBT liaison and Victim-Witness Coordinator Katie Davy. City Council member Lauren McLean was also scheduled to appear but was unable to attend. The panel was created by the Women’s Center to highlight the importance of the new law. “We were really interested in this significant move towards a more inclusive Boise community. That’s obviously what we work for at our Center, so we wanted to talk about how that’s happening in this city,” said Bri Cornwall, a gender equity peer educator with the Women’s Center. Discussion focused on the origination of the ordinance and how it will be enforced. Maryanne Jordan’s involvement with the issue was spurred by reports of

Really this ordinance is not about only protecting a certain segment of the population, it’s about protecting all of us. —Monica Hopkins

Hopkins emphasized the ACLU’s commitment not only for equality for all individuals but also to religious liberty. For this reason the law also includes exemptions for churches, religious organizations, and private clubs such as the Boy Scouts of America. Above all else, the panel wished to emphasize that the ordinance was not an endorsement of a particular community or the creation of

a special class. “This really is not a religious issue,” Jordan said. “The fairness and the safety of all members of a community is paramount. This was done as a public safety service to our community and it was being done as a fairness issue.” Hopkins agreed the ordinance was passed to work toward equity. “We all have a sexual orientation and we all have a gender identity,” said Hop-

kins. “Really this ordinance is not about only protecting a certain segment of the population, it’s about protecting all of us.”

BroncoWeb. “I knew the ordinance passed but I wanted to find out about how it got passed. It’s much more complex than I realized,” Welch said. “I’m very happy this passed in Boise.” The panel pointed to other cities in Idaho that are also considering similar measures, such as Pocatello. All voiced hope that the trend would continue to grow and eventually help affect similar laws at the state level.

Deputy Chief Ritter detailed the police department’s role both in creating the ordinance and enforcing it. “We gave (our) recommendations and got a product back that’s very easy for us to enforce and very easy for the officers to understand when they’re out on the streets,” Ritter said. Much of the enforcement relies on mediation between parties when a complaint is filed. This stage will occur prior to any criminal proceedings and will attempt to work toward a solution outside of the court system. If an individual is found

ONLINE Head online to check out other articles written about


non-discrimination ordinance

at arbiteronline.

Boise State


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Arts & Entertainment

Hayden Jensen


Where would you get frisky?

Nathan Updike Staff Writer

As Valentine’s Day approaches, students can become more eager to hook up. Some students managed to come up with imaginative ideas on where they would.

“On the blue.”

“I’d do it in someone’s dorm room.”

Jacob Davlin

freshman, mechanical engineering

Rachel Strader

freshman, exercise science

Matt Lawson

freshman, electrical engineering

“I would do it riding the bronco in front of the old business building.”

“In the stueckle center.”


freshman, english teaching

Nate Ellis

freshman, physical therapy

Kinky on

February 14, 2012

“The second floor of the library because I’m up there a lot.”

Love Bites Covering up the dreaded hickey

Taylor Bauman Staff Writer

The day filled with extra affection can tend to get a tad too hot and heavy, leaving embarrassing marks, otherwise known as hickeys. But don’t fret; there are solutions to get rid of these marks other than that terrible turtleneck or scarf.

Option 1:

Apply ice: As soon as you realize you have a hickey, wrap ice in a paper towel and apply it to the area. This will reduce the swelling and constrict the capillaries under the skin so the color doesn’t get even more severe.

Option 2:

Massage it out: Massaging the hickey will help break up the blood clots, which will help reduce that embarrassing reddish, purple color on your neck. Try a frozen spoon to reduce swelling while simultaneously massaging or use a toothbrush for extra pressure.

Option 3:

Twist it out: This is only to be used when desperate, being this is a tad bit of a painful method. Use a small cap, could be from a chapstick, lipstick, (probably not a beer cap from last night’s happenings) and twist it into the hickey. The steady pressure and deep penetration works the blood from the bruise deeper into the skin.

Option 4: Option 5:

Tea bags: Warm moist tea bags will help the discoloration. Reapply until a difference is apparent. This seems to be the slower solution of the five options. Vitamin K: This particular vitamin works wonders and can be purchased in the form of a cream. This helps reduce the darkness of the hickey quickly.

Now you are all prepared for heated mistakes, and if all else fails, grab your scarves and your hoodies—at least it’s winter so you’ll blend right in.

Condom Review Lauren Hooker

Kimono MicroThin What the package said: “For that barely there feeling!”

Staff writer

Herpes, chlamydia, gonorrhea—these aren’t the types of “gifts” you want to receive from your partner on Valentine’s Day. It’s no secret that safe, protected sex is the way to ward against contracting sexually transmitted diseases. Condoms don’t have to be a drag. “It’s about taking charge of your own life for the future,” said Caryn Thompson, owner of the O-Zone. “Only you can control that.” Finding the perfect condom is all about trial and error; it’s a little bit like trying on running shoes. What works for some people won’t work for others. “It’s all about finding something that you’re comfortable with, that you’re confident in,” said Thompson. “It doesn’t take away from your attention when you’re wearing it, and something that is compatible with your partner.”

One Tantric Pleasures What the package said: “Exotic texture & pleasure shape for exciting new sensations!” What she said: “The ‘exotic texture’ was unnoticeable, so it seemed like an ordinary condom.” What he said: “The package was misleading; there were no cool, crazy designs that either of us could see or feel.” LifeStyles Skyn What the package said: “The closest thing to wearing nothing!”

What she said: “This one was also my favorite. It wasn’t distracting at all.” What he said: “I liked this one the most. It had the best feel and the finish felt the best.” Durex Performax Intense What the package said: “Provide a more intense experience for you both. Designed for mutual climax.” What she said: “The package claims to increase my experience and slow his down, but I didn’t really notice a difference.” What he said: “This one is similar to Trojan’s Her Pleasure Sensations in the fit and feel, minus the textures.” TROJAN Her Pleasure Sensations What the package said: “Designed to increase her stimulation”

What she said: “For those who are allergic to latex, this is a fantastic option.”

What she said: “I didn’t like this one! I found the textures and stimulants very distracting, which is funny, because they’re supposed to be for ME!”

What he said: “This was my first time trying a non-latex, and it wasn’t bad. It was a little tight at the tip.”

What he said: “This one is good because it has a tight base and a loose tip, as well as nice textures.” page design Bryan Talbot/THE ARBITER

The Arbiter


Arts & Entertainment

February 14, 2012

A lay a day keeps the doctor away Cher Wada Koeing Staff Writer

Other than simply feeling good, sex may actually be good for people physically, as well as mentally. According to an article by WebMD, sex has many health benefits. It lowers stress and blood pressure. Sex boosts immunity by increasing antibodies which can decrease the amount of colds a person has. Sex burns about 85 calories (or more) per 30 minute session and if a person has sex two or more times a week, as they age, they are less likely to have a fatal heart attack. Sex is also listed as one of the key factors in boosting self-esteem. “Having sex and orgasms boosts levels of the hormone oxytocin, the so-called love hormone, which helps people bond and build trust,” said Kathleen Doheny in an article on WebMD. Apparently oxytocin released during orgasm increases the feeling of generosity and promotes sleep, while boosting endorphins (your body’s

pain killers). In other words, sex may reduce PMS, cramps, headaches, etc. and allow you to be well rested for upcoming classes. Sex also has gender-specific perks for men and women. “Research shows that frequent ejaculations, especially in 20-something men, may lower the risk of getting prostate cancer later in life,” said Doheny.” For women, doing pelvic floor muscle exercises called Kegels may mean more pleasure and, as a perk, less chance of incontinence later in life.” Additionally, according to a article, sex lowers the risk of breast cancer in both men and women. “During arousal and orgasm, your levels of ‘happiness’ hormones rise,” said the editors of Prevention. “Two of these—oxytocin and DHEA—may help keep breasts cancer free. One study showed that women who have sex more than once a month have a lower risk of developing breast cancer than those who are less sexually active. And Greek researchers found that men who had at least seven

Soul mates Nicole Reither is a senior graduating in May with a degree in Communication and a certificate in Public Relations. Like Tasha Adams, she is also terrified of graduating–missing out on free food at the BRC, student tickets to events and the luxury of the free gym. “The undaunted undergrads” is an account of working through last-semester fears and getting the most out of the college experience. With the spirit of the holiday in the air, the daunting YOU’RE SINGLE aspect of my life stares me right in the face. Personally I have not had a “valentine” since my senior year in high school, so you can say I’ve been out of the game for a while. To add to my pre-post graduation crisis bucket list I thought it would be fun to do something correlated to this day of love. I considered everything from attempting a blind date, which I quickly declined due to being the biggest pansy on the Boise State campus, to writing a love letter to someone and leaving it to them anonymously. Despite all these things, none of them struck me as good enough to write about. After a few days of contemplating cutting Valentines Day off the bucket list in general, and with my patience for this holiday walking a thin line, I decided to give it to the universe. It was Saturday night and I was sitting around a table with my five best friends playing a good old fashion game of truth or drink (we are not twelve I swear). At that moment, it hit me. A valentine is not needed when I have five people sitting in front of me who I can share the day with watching sappy movies, eating chocolate, drinking too much wine and celebrating our friendship instead of moping about our lack of love life. So instead of planning out a fake date in my head of what my Valentine’s Day could be like if I was a taken women, I decided this year I was going to make the girls who have stuck by my side when the men in my life haven’t a little Valentine’s Day goodie. My idea of a Valentines Day goodie is picking up some “just bake” cookie packages, because lets be real I’m not going to hand make anything. That right there would be a recipe for disaster. So I dedicate this column out there to the women who have never spent a Valentine’s Day alone. With graduation truly right around the corner I couldn’t imagine spending a day dedicated to the ones you love with anyone else other then my five best friends. I challenge you to focus your time on the people who you know will be there for you once the guy isn’t anymore. Maybe I have no room to talk but in my experience my true soul mates are my girls.


Much like eating apples, there are benefits to sexual activity. orgasms a month in their 50s had a significantly lower chance of developing male breast cancer.” While all of this is great, there is more. According to a DailyMail article, semen is also good for women’s health and helps to fight the blues. According to a study conducted by the State University of New York, cited in the Dai-

lyMail article, when women perform unprotected oral sex on their partner, they are ingesting certain chemicals which may make them happy. “Semen contains another of chemicals along with spermatozoa, including cortisol, which is known to increase affection, estrone, which elevates mood and oxytocin, which also elevates mood,”

said Eddie Wrenn in an article for the DailyMail. “It also contains thyrotropinreleasing hormone (another antidepressant), melatonin (a sleep-inducing agent), and even serotonin (perhaps the best-known antidepressant neurotransmitter).” The moral of this article being: A lay a day keeps the doctor away.

Dating professors: Worth the risk? Staff Writer

Not long ago, Kathryn Benoit, a University of Idaho graduate student, was shot and killed by a former professor in her apartment. The startling headline, “Ex-professor’s relationship with victim in Idaho murder-suicide unclear,” was streaked all over the news. The Moscow Police Department believed this stemmed from relationship issues. Her murderer, Ernesto A. Bustamante, was an assistant psychology professor. He shot Benoit multiple times before shooting and killing himself. This is an extreme case of a teacher-student relationship gone wrong, but one which is relevant in our community as it happened in Idaho. Considering all of the recent buzz about Bronco Confessions (the recent

Facebook page where Boise State student anonymously posts confessions) with posts like:

Confession #831 “I had sex with my teacher and got a B+ in my class. But I DID DO MY HOMEWORK!!! P.S. She made me french toast in the morning.”

Confession #726 “I banged my professor. She gave me a B+. I turned in less than half of my assignments.”

Confession #645 “I often fantasize about having my professor screw me, I’m a straight male...” Websites like Rate My Professor which have a flaming chili pepper rating system for the “hot” professors, it seems as though student and teacher relations has become a trend. The reality is Boise State’s policy on student and teachers relations is very clear. There are lengthy definitions which explain how the university describes faculty, staff and student consensual relationships, but the clearest definition for situations

Shontelle Reyna

The University prohibits such relationships that are of a romantic or sexual nature when a relationship of authority exists. —University policy

Edible aphrodesiacs You are what you eat Paige Eaglestone Staff Writer

In case you haven’t heard, it’s Valentine’s Day, a holiday when many couples enlist the aid of aphrodisiacs to set the mood. An aphrodisiac can

be defined as a food, drug, or potion which arouses sexual desire. So what exactly is included in this definition? claims honey as the number one edible aphrodisiac. Honey, known for its

sickeningly sweet and sticky features, also has high levels of testosterone on its ingredient list. As we all know well, testosterone ups the ante for your sex drive. More common on the aphrodesiac list are oysters, chocolate and red wine. Each of these items

Boise State University Foundation has


like these is, as stated in the Faculty/Staff and Student Consensual Relationships Policy, “A relationship is defined several ways from a marital, romantic or sexual relationship that existed at one time between a faculty/ staff member and student, but that relationship no longer exists.” So, regardless of whether a student is currently seeing a professor or has in the past does not change things. The student is still at risk. As per the Boise State policy, “The University prohibits such relationships that are of a romantic or sexual nature when a relationship of authority exists.” Further, according to university policy, once the university has found out about the relationship, the student’s college life and schedule change immediately. The university requires the appointment of a new instructor, course, section, seminar taught by another

instructor, another academic advisor. The policy also states, “Actions in violation of this policy may constitute adequate cause for discipline up to and including dismissal.” Valentine’s Day is here, and who doesn’t want to fulfill their latest fantasy. But this just might be one worth passing up.

tend to be seen on a grocery list for a traditional Valentine’s Day celebration and are often perceived as romantic when put into an ensemble, especially on screen. However, there are even more foods listed as aphrodisiacs than these classics. Asparagus is at the top of many aphrodisiac lists, primarily because it helps promote the circulation of blood flow and is packed with nutrients. Another food, vanilla, sometimes recognized as plain or boring, is enticing to the pheromones. It stimulates the nerves when ingested, but also creates a pleasant arousing aroma, which can entice a significant other. The ultimate no-no for dating actually tops many lists as the go-to food for this romantic holiday. Garlic, the potent, reeking safeguard against vam-

pires herb, is said to help men in their sexual performance. Yet again, this foul agent will get the body’s blood pumping. When looking for an actual love drug, there are many speculative agents outside of the miraculous Viagra. WebMD provides a laundry list of reputed aphrodisiacs including a couple of strange substances. Among these are rhinoceros horn, deer antler, sandalwood, alder bark, damiana, gypsyweed rose petals, patchouli, muira puama and catuaba. Although the majority of these substances are natural and even edible, many are difficult to pronounce and seem repulsive when one considers eating them. Whatever you’re willing to try to increase your odds of getting some this Valentine’s Day, remember you are what you eat.

ONLINE What do you think

about dating professors? Tell us at

For School Year 2013-2014

at Application Deadline: March 15, 2013 Wine Market and Wine Bar 2447 Apple St.



Pair your valentine chocolates with one of our exceptional unique reds, champagnes or sparklings! Tasting Night

- Every Wed. & Fri. • 5-9pm 587203-01

The Arbiter

Arts & Entertainment


Roses are and sometimes they’re thorny, when you’re close to me, I get really...

Playlist for gettin’ down

February 14, 2012

Madison Killian Staff Writer

February 14; for the lucky people who have a significant other, it’s the perfect time to show them how much you really care. That’s right, it’s time to get down and dirty with the one you love most. But how do you make the occasion even more special? You’ll need wine, candles and a sexy playlist to set the mood.

Let’s Get it On - Marvin Gaye High For This - The Weeknd

Cockiness - Rihanna Bump ‘n’ Grind - R. Kelly

My Heroine - The Maine Sex on Fire - Kings of Leon

Sexual Healing - Marvin Gaye Everlong - Foo Fighters

S&M - Rihanna

You Shook Me All Night Long

The Arbiter

Buttons - Pussycat Dolls


Turn Your Lights Down Low - Bob Marley

Feeling This - Blink 182 Closer - Nine Inch Nails

1 + 1 - Beyonce Do You Realise? - The Flaming Lips

I Just Had Sex - The Lonely


99 problems but a date ain’t one Madison Killian Staff Writer


For some, this time of year is heavenly—free chocolate, a fun date and a reason to cuddle with a significant other. But, for some it’s a reminder of being single. The last thing a single person needs to do on this day is listen to love songs. This playlist goes out to the “Single Ladies” and lads to help them feel empowered in their freedom.

Stronger - Kelly Clarkson I Don’t Want to be In Love - Good Charlo


All By Myself - Celine Dion Music Is My Boyfriend - Skye Sweetnam

Ridin’ Solo - Jason Derulo Shiny Happy People - R.E.M.

MAke DAve & BusTer’s Your PLACe To

Survivor - Destiny’s Child

eAT, Drink, PLAY AnD wATCh

I Will Survive - Gloria Gaynor

Boise Towne PLAZA ★★★★★

Single Ladies - Beyonce


It’s My Life - Bon Jovi

FREE $10


GAME PLAY with purchase of $10 game play.

99 Problems - Jay-Z

Waltz (Better Than Fine) - Fiona Apple

Independent Woman (or man...) Mr. Lonely - Akon

- Destiny’s Child

Bryan Talbot/THE ARBITER

No Scrubs - TLC

Free $10 Game Play with Purchase of $10 Game Play Promotional. EXPIRES: 3/31/2013. Present this coupon at Front Desk to redeem. Limit one coupon per customer. Barcode valid for one use only. Minor policies vary by location - please check for details. Not valid with any other offers, including Eat & Play Combo, Half Price Games Wednesdays or any Half Price Game promotion. Not valid with Special Events Packages. Coupon must be surrendered at time of redemption and may not be photo-copied or duplicated. Non negotiable. Power Card activation fee is $2. ($3 Times Square). NOT FOR RESALE.

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5" x 10.5"


1/4 page vertical


Bye Bye Bye - The Backstreet

Arts & Entertainment

February 14, 2012



Happy Valentines Day





Learn the steps to give a sensual massage to your partner for Valentine’s Day.

Lauren Hooker Staff Writer

as the lower back, elbows or forearms can be used. “If you plan on using your forearm, make sure it’s flat,” said Cornell. “No one likes something pointy shoved in their back!” Massage oil can be found at most health food stores, such as the Co-Op or Whole Foods. Some personal lubricants can be used as a substitute, however they do not soak into the skin as well. In a pinch, lotion can also help reduce friction, though it won’t last as long as an oil.


Valentine’s Day can be stressful, so why not relax your significant other with a sensual massage? Stimulating blood flow to tissues helps calm and relax the nervous system and muscles. Certified massage therapist Whitney Cornell gave us the rundown on how to give a decent rubdown. To warm up your partner, rub massage oil between your palms. Then, using long, slow strokes along the spine,

begin with a featherlight touch, and gradually increase the pressure. Communicate with your partner about how much pressure they are comfortable with. Straddling your partner, begin at the shoulders. “Avoid poking with your fingers,” said Cornell, who has been practicing massage for four years. “The heal of the hand is the easiest to use.” After kneading out the area between the shoulder blades, slowly work your way down to the base of their spine. On broader areas, such





OFEWER_BW_5x5_OSO_Salt_Lake.indd 1

The Arbiter

8/7/12 3:36 PM

cuddling positions Arts & Entertainment

February 14, 2012


with your valentine . Lauren Jacob

How a person cuddles with their lover may sometimes determine how the other person feels about the relationship. Here are a few types of cuddles to choose from, depending on how the date went and how you’d like it to progress:

the headtochest the cuddle spoon This works especially well if your couch is narrow. Saying something like, “Sorry my couch is kind of small, but you can lay your head right here if that would make you comfortable” is a perfect way to ease into the position. Having their head on your chest will give them a feeling of warmth being so close to your heart, and give you a feeling of toughness. Cuddling isn’t always just a dainty thing. Be sure to wrap your arm around their waist to seal the deal.

Staff Writer

the leaning, the one-arm lap cuddle cuddle

The most famous of cuddles, and also the most favored, spooning, is one way to make your date feel safe with you, and possibly lull them to sleep. However, if you wind up being the “big spoon,” this can end up being uncomfortable for your bottom arm. One way to get around this is by putting yourself in the “superman” position, with your bottom arm extended over your head to relieve it from being stuck.

If you want your valentine to know they’re more than just a trophy, it’s important to let them know that you need them too. By simply putting your head in their lap and laying perpendicular while you watch a movie, it gives them a feeling that they can comfort you, which can really do wonders to a person’s mind. Not to mention, you might get a nice head massage out of it.

This is one of the more subtle cuddles. It’s not a full on, laying down cuddle. This is when one person is angled in on one end of the couch, with their arm around the back of the other as they lean into it. This is a first date kind of cuddle, so if you want to show your first time valentine that you’re interested in having a second date.

page design Chris barfuss/THE ARBITER

BOISE STATE UNIVERSITY NOTICE OF STUDENT TUITION/FEE HEARING A HEARING OF THE PROPOSED INCREASES WILL BE HELD TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 19, 2013 BEGINNING AT 1:00 P.M. IN THE LOOKOUT ROOM OF THE STUDENT UNION BUILDING. PROPOSALS WILL BE PRESENTED IN THE ORDER LISTED BELOW. Detailed information about the proposed tuition and fee increases is available for inspection during regular business hours from the Budget Office, Room 305 of the Administration Building. All interested Boise State University students, faculty and staff may submit oral testimony at the hearing or written testimony before February 19th. BSU students, faculty and staff wishing to testify in person may sign up at the hearing or in advance at the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs and are asked to provide a written copy of their testimony to the hearing officer. Persons not currently affiliated with Boise State University are allowed to testify at the Student Fee Hearing under the following conditions: 1 2 3 4

They must sign up to testify and in doing so, indicate they are not a student, faculty or staff. They must submit a written copy of their testimony prior to testifying. They will be allowed to testify only at the discretion of the hearing officer. If allowed to testify, they must identify themselves as a non student at the onset of their verbal testimony.


Current Fee/Semester Full Time

Part Time

Proposed Increase


Full Time

Part Time

Proposed Fee/Semester


Full Time

Part Time
















































































Current Fee/Semester Full Time

Part Time

Proposed Fee/Semester

Proposed Increase


Full Time

Part Time


Full Time

Part Time















































Vice President for Student Affairs Boise State University 1910 University Drive Boise, ID 83725

The Arbiter



February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day is not just for girls Morgan Ackley Staff Writer

Buckin-A: Don’t be a grouch on Valentine’s Day Zachary Chastaine Opinion Editor

mct campus

Men can be tricky to shop for on Valentine’s Day but they don’t want to be forgotten. This is not an uncommon situation guys find themselves in. Whether girls admit it or not, the traditional expectation that the guy will go above and beyond to show the depth of his love remains true to this day. Schumacher doesn't think this sentiment is true, and would prefer doing something together to show affection. “I don’t like, you know, personal gifts for myself as much. I’d rather something like them cook a meal,”

Schumacher said. “Making dinner would be good. Something like that. Something you can do together ‘cause then it takes away from having to give someone a gift.” He isn't alone in thinking food is a good gift for the holiday. Eric Steiger, a freshman majoring in English, said he does not really care for the holiday, but admits it would be nice to get something for Valentine’s Day. “A nice dinner,” Steiger said would be his

ideal treat. Having a dinner together is not a bad idea. Sometimes there might be more of that expectation for a exquisite gift. But the holiday is not about gifts. It is about expressing love, and showing someone you care. Material things do not fully convey the feeling someone has for another. Spending an evening cooking together or going out to enjoy a nice meal provides something more valuable than that of a gift. It creates a memory both

partners can enjoy, even after Valentine’s has passed. This also allows the pressure on guys to be subdued, since no one food item says "I love you" more than another, and they get to enjoy the gift they wanted most. So ladies, consider food this year, and consider the fact that this holiday is not a ladies’ holiday. Men would like to be treated just as nicely as women are. Food is easy. Food is unisex. Food is fun.

The pope says, ‘enough’ MCT Campus

It seems fitting that he delivered the news in Latin, not in German, or Italian, or English, or the other languages he speaks. Pope Benedict XVI is a traditionalist in the Roman Catholic Church. So, Latin? Sure. But what he uttered on Monday certainly broke tradition. He is the first pope in six centuries to leave the helm of the church not by death, but by decision. Eight years after he was called to lead his church upon the death of Pope John Paul II, Benedict said he can no longer muster the mental or physical strength to lead the church. At 85, he will stand aside. And so he will be in the rare position of hearing the world’s assessment of his tenure. The eulogies, if you will. That started on Monday with the broad opinion that he has made a courageous decision for the good

of his church. Benedict stood, with uncompromising conviction, for the sanctity of life. He lent no support to Catholics who bristled at certain elements of church doctrine. His tenacious defense of the church’s teaching earned this native of Bavaria the nickname “God’s Rottweiler.” Like it or not, he will forever be compared with his predecessor. He could not match the charisma of John Paul II, one of the most influential religious leaders of modern times. But Benedict affirmed the direction of the church. Those who hope for a sudden tilt under the next pope are likely to be disappointed. The cardinals who will choose the new leader were elevated to their high standing by the last two popes. They chose with purpose. Benedict, like John Paul II, will be remembered as a powerful symbol. Much

as the papacy of the former Cardinal Karol Wojtyla enabled his homeland of Poland to heal the scars of Nazi and Soviet domination in its past, so too did the former Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger’s papacy lift his native Germany from its terrible wartime history. John Paul II’s final years were heartbreaking. His once-strapping body failed him. Parkinson’s disease made his public appearances painful to watch. At the same time, his decision to live out his papacy in public, enduring with dignity his human struggle against a foe he could not defeat, inspired. One enduring legacy for Benedict will be the selection of his successor. By resigning rather than dying in office, the pope has reserved for himself an additional measure of influence over who comes next. The pope has favored Europeans as he has elevated new cardi-

mct campus

Pope Benedict XVI resigned the papacy Monday. nals, increasing the chances that the next pope will be, like him, European. If the cardinals look to where the church has grown, has found new members, however, they will break tradition. Is it possible that this time the church will be led by a priest born and bred in Latin America? Africa? The United States? A successor is expected to be elected by Easter, which

falls on March 31, but there is no rigid timetable. The world will watch one of the great spectacles in religious life, the secret deliberation that will conclude with the appearance of white smoke from the Sistine Chapel’s chimney, signifying that a new pope has been chosen. And, God willing, for the first time in centuries his predecessor will be there to see it, too.

Guest Opinion: Dr. Lisa Harris I am writing in response to the article last Thursday entitled, “Mental Health Resources a Low Priority on Campus.” I am happy to state that this assertion is simply not accurate. In fact, we have spent a great deal of time discussing and analyzing our medical and mental health services this year. Currently, students are being well served by our Health Services staff with little to no waiting and with appointment opportunities available. We also offer connections to a nurse triage telephone line after hours and to many resources in the community for referral service, all of which are listed on the home page of Health Services. If a student is in need of counseling from our mental health providers, our Counseling Center can serve them. As a university that cares about serving the needs of our

students, we are also assessing our health care staffing and delivery methods for our students. We seek to understand the needs of our students to ensure that we are offering the array of services and specialties that are needed and, most recently, to ensure that our offerings are aligned with the new federal health care legislation. As a metropolitan university, we are fortunate to be surrounded by well-established, professional health care providers in the city of Boise and exploring partnerships with them to serve our students may well be part of a cost-effective and comprehensive solution. Adding staff and services here on campus is also an option. Boise State wants the best answer for students, which is part of the reason that we are deliberately and strategically analyzing our options. As our student population changes—ten years ago, 9.5

percent of our incoming freshmen were non-resident, as opposed to 38.4 percent this fall and 71 percent of incoming freshmen were enrolled full time, compared to 94.5 percent this fall—it brings a variety of interesting challenges, one of which is a different pattern of use in our Health Services area including mental health. We are committed to continual assessment of our offerings to meet the changing needs of our student population. In summary, Boise State University would never place the welfare of our students in a questionable situation intentionally, as implied or stated in the article. Our goal is to provide the best mental health services to students available.

Guest opinions and Letters to the Editor (300 to 500 word limit each) can be emailed to letters@

The Arbiter cannot verify the accuracy of statements made in guest submissions. Opinions expressed by guest and staff colum-

nists reflect the diversity of opinion in the academic community and often will be controversial, but they do not represent the institution-

The Arbiter

Don’t you think getting pouty about being single on Valentine’s Day is a little vain? Not having a girlfriend or boyfriend around a holiday isn’t a reflection on yourself in a good or bad way unless you make it one. On a college campus, yes it can be a little annoying when all the young couples go around holding hands and having a great time feeding each other chocolates and stuff, but getting uptight about other people being happy sort of makes you a jerk. There are so many positive ways to spend Valentine’s Day when you’re single that there really is no excuse for being such a downer. One great example is to not do anything. If you’re like me then you didn’t really notice Valentine’s Day was approaching because you were too concerned with what the professor wrote in the header of your latest essay. For me, Valentine’s will be a very normal busy day to catch up on assignments and bake a cake. For myself and many others, this Valentine’s Day will come and go like any other day, if only because the usual grind of being a student doesn’t stop for hearts and merrymaking. You can be one of these people too. You don’t have to participate in something just because it’s all around you. There isn’t some obligation to be festive on any particular holiday. Take yourself on a date! You work hard (maybe) and deserve a break. When you’re done with your obligations for the day why not take yourself somewhere nice and treat yourself to a dessert or dinner? Think of it as a reward. If you’re 21 years or older you can even make a game of tracking down a tasty Valentine’s Day beer around town. If you can’t handle being single then it’s time to find some people you think you could really get along with, hopefully you’re also attracted to them and make a move. Otherwise why not just buck up about your lack of attachment? You should be excited about buying yourself a box of chocolates and totally not sharing. The point is if you are single on Valentine’s Day, don’t be a grouch. It’s not about you and you’re just going to ruin other people’s day if you let the heart-filled holiday get to you. Being single means you should have as much fun as possible and you don’t need to worry about another person’s feelings that day. Focus on yourself for once.


What are you doing this Valentine’s Day? Tell the arbiter! Send us a letter to

Dr. Lisa B. Harris Vice President for Student Affairs

al opinion of The Arbiter or any organization the author may be affiliated with unless it is labeled as such. The Arbiter cannot guarantee

submissions will make it to print due to time and space constraints. The content of the opinion does not affect its eligibility to be printed.


For the last couple of weeks stores and advertisements have made everyone aware of the quickly approaching Valentine's Day. This holiday has many mixed feelings surrounding it, ranging from date nights, and celebrations to anti-valentine's day parties, and Single Awareness Day. There are plenty of traditional items to get a woman for Valentine's Day;—roses and chocolate are on sale, and are easy to find. But one problem many face is what to get a guy that he would equally enjoy. It seems perfectly acceptable for girls to expect to be surprised with gifts and date night plans. However, it is almost as if the fact that guys should also be a part of the gift-receiving has been completely forgotten. And most guys may not openly admit it, but they would enjoy something a little special too. “For Valentine’s Day, since it’s the day of love, I want something that we both can enjoy,” Sophomore Blake Schumacher, biology major said. This year Schumacher feels the pressure of perfecting the night for his girlfriend, as the plans rely solely on him. And though his girlfriend claims she does not want a gift Schumacher knows the expectation is there.

Read unprinted opinions online.


February 14, 2012


Broncos show rust in spring opener Michael Steen Staff Writer

The Boise State men’s golf team officially kicked off the spring 2013 season as the Broncos teed it up at the Pat Hicks Thunderbird Invitational, hosted by Southern Utah University. The Thunderbird Invitational is the first of five spring tournaments leading up to the Mountain West Championships. After an up-and-down fall season, and a winter that hasn’t allowed some players to hit balls in a few weeks, the Broncos were looking for a solid opener to kick start the second half of their season. Freshman Logan France and senior T.K. Kim led the charge for the Broncos through day one, as France shot a 72 and finished the day in a tie for 10th place. Kim, the Broncos most consistent player in the fall season, fired an opening

round 74 and placed him in 19th overall. Junior Jordan Skyles was close on their heels with a 78, as senior Klayton Kasonovich rounded out the Broncos' line with an 85, giving the Broncos a day one total of 21-over-par 309 and sat them in 12th place. The second day of competition proved why Kim is the anchor for this team as he would go on to shoot a 75 on the day and notch him his sixth consecutive top-25 finish as he would finish in a tie for 21st. Kim placed in the top 25 in all five of the Broncos fall tournaments and isn’t showing rust following the break. France would sink back on day two, as he struggled to an 82 which would put him in a tie at 10-over-par with Skyles who improved on his Monday round, firing a 4-overpar 76. Junior Minwoo Park rounded out the Broncos' day two scoring with a nine-

over-par 81. The Broncos finished the tournament with a two round total of 47-overpar 623, notching them a 14th place finish in their spring opener. With the snow melting in Boise as the weather warms up, the Broncos will finally get a chance to get out to the course and shake off the rust as they prepare for their next tournament on the docket, the Sacramento State Collegiate, hosted by Sacramento State on March 11-12. That is the first tournament of the Broncos' four remaining spring competitions for the season. The rest of their travels will take them to Arizona twice for the Desert Shootout in Phoenix March 21-23, and then to Scottsdale for the Cowboy Classic April 8-9. The regular season will finish in Provo, Utah at the Cougar Classic hosted by BYU April 26-27 before they head to Tuscon, Ariz. for the Moun-

photo courtesy broncosports

Senior Klayton Kasonovich is a highlight of a promising Boise State men’s team. tain West Championships May 3-5. The Broncos' fall season showed promise early as they opened the season with four top-10 finishes including a

season high sixth-place finish in their home tournament at the Club at Spurwing in Meridian, Idaho. A squad that is made up of four upperclassmen and several sophomores

and freshmen who have had playing time, the Broncos have the opportunity to get into form and make a charge when conference championships come around.

Broncos best the rest in ‘Battle of Idaho’ tournament Brandon Walton Staff Writer

Boise State women’s tennis team (4-0, 0-0 in MWC) on Sunday at Boas Tennis Center proved without a shadow of a doubt that they are the best tennis program in the state of Idaho, beating their bitter rivals the Idaho Vandals 7-0 and winning the Battle of Idaho. The women did have a marginally tougher time with this match then they did against Idaho State on Friday, but they showed why this roster from top to bottom is full of great talent. The doubles team of juniors Sandy Vo and Morgan Basil started it off for the Broncos by recording the first victory of the day, de-

feating Idaho's Constance Alexander and Belen Barcenilla 8-1. This duo remains undefeated on the season in doubles action. However, the Vandals made it interesting early when Idaho’s Bety Flores and Alejandra Lozano defeated Boise State’s team of sophomore Sammie Watson and freshman Megan LaLone. It was a hard fought 8-5 loss for the Broncos. Despite the loss, the Broncos would rebound when seniors Marlena and Manuela Pietzuch defeated the team of Victoria Lozano and Almudena Sanz 8-5. Like Vo and Basil, the Pietzuch sisters are undefeated on the season in doubles competition. The singles completion

is where the ladies really thrived as the Broncos won all six of their contests in straight sets. Starting it off for the Broncos was Basil who breezed past Alexander 6-0, 6-2. Next was Watson who had little trouble dispatching of Lozano 6-3, 6-0. Freshman Teal Vosburgh continued the Broncos’ streak by dismantling Belen Barcenilla 6-1, 6-1. Vo rode her momentum over this past week as the Mountain West's Player of the Week by defeating Almudena Sanz 6-1,6-3. Marlena Pietzuch won 6-4, 6-2 over Victoria Lozano. The Broncos will hit the road next with games against Utah State and BYU in Logan and Provo, Utah.


Freshman Teal Vosburgh returns a volley at the Boas Tennis Center on Sunday.


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February 14, 2012

Steen Says 2013, the year of American golf Michael Steen Staff Writer

Patrick sweeney/THE ARBITER

Boise State wrestling sqaured off against Cal Poly Sunday afternoon in Taco Bell Arena for the second Beauty and the Beast.

Beauty and the Beast part deux Corey Morgan Staff Writer

Beauty and the Beast provides an iconic look at Boise State athletics in an nontraditional way, matching two different sports on the same floor at the Taco Bell Arena. The Boise State gymnastic and wrestling teams dominated in their second Beauty and the Beast match of the year Sunday. While both teams won their match; the wrestling team completely outwrestled their opponent, Cal Poly. In the first match, Boise State freshman Rami Haddadin took on the junior from Cal Poly and Boise State was unable to come

out with the win, losing in a close battle and giving the Cal Poly Mustangs an early lead. But it was all Broncos from there, taking the match and running away with it. Highlighted by back-to-back pins from redshirt senior Jason Chamberlain and senior George Ivanov, the Broncos finished the match with a 43-3 victory over Cal Poly. Chamberlain is having a season to remember. With his victory this Sunday, a pin in the first minute and a half of the match, Chamberlain is now sitting at 99 career victories. Chamberlain will attempt to get the 100th against Utah Valley on senior day. Boise State wrestling is

now 12-1 all-time for the Beauty and the Beast meet; with their only loss dating back to Oregon in 2006. With the last Pac-12 match victory over Cal Poly, Boise State is sitting at 9-5 on the year with a 5-1 record inside PAC-12 play. The Broncos also moved into the No. 21 spot in the NCAA after the dominating defeat. On the other side of Taco Bell Arena, the women’s gymnastics team did not disappoint either. Coming into the match against Southeast Missouri in the Beauty and the Beast match, the Broncos were ranked No. 16 in the NCAA. They proved it with a strong performance over the South-

east Missouri, defeating the Redhawks 196.30-191.325. This would come to be known as a record-breaking night for the team as a whole. First, the Broncos as a team scored the 15th highest team score in Boise State gymnastics history. The Broncos also tied for the 3rd highest floor exercise in team history with 49.50 along with tying for the 6th best vault score at 49.325. Providing the power behind the Broncos’ win was junior Kelsey Black, junior Amanda Otuafi and sophmore Caitlin Mann. Black, in the vault, earned a career-best, a score of 9.875, to tie for her first career vault title, while tying her career-best on the floor,

a score of 9.925, to share her third career title For Otuafi, who shared both wins with Black, also earned a career-best on the floor and collected a win from each event. Mann, the final piece to it all, earning her third career title on the beam (9.85) and in the all-around (38.675). Senior Brittany PotvinGreen and sophomore Ciera Perkins each earned seasonbests on the vault, which also tied Black’s and Otuafi’s scores of 9.875. The gymnastics team is slated to go on the road for the next two matches facing two tough opponents: No.2 Oklahoma this Friday Feb. 15 and No.9 Nebraska on Feb. 22.

Golf, since Tiger Woods’ final major, has been unpredictable. There have been 18 majors played since the 2008 U.S. Open, 14 different players have won one major with the other four split by two players. Of these 18 majors, five of them have been won by Americans, a vast drop in percentage from the years prior to 2008. The United States was represented in the winner’s circle 10 of the 17 majors in the four years prior to Woods’ U.S. Open win. 2013 could be a showing of American talent as several players are rising to the top of the competition. Woods is clearly the frontrunner for the United States, but a few players for the U.S. have pushed their way to the front of the line, specifically, Brandt Snedeker. Snedeker rounded out 2012 by capturing the season finale Tour Championship and simultaneously, the season long playoffs race, the FedEx Cup which netted him a cool $10 million. How did he back it up? With two runner-ups and a win at the Pebble Beach Pro-Am to start out the 2013 season. With the win at Pebble, Snedeker vaulted his way up to No. 4 in the world If we can foreshadow, 2013 could possibly be the year of the American golfer.

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