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Dear Advertisers,

This is our ninth annual 55+ Resource Guide.

It is your generous participation that has made this guide such a success. This is the only locally published booklet that provides such a wide selection of specific information on services directed to seniors.

The Resource Guide works for you as an advertiser, and it is a boon to those who are looking for a one-source publication that covers Community Resources, Health and Wellness sources, Housing, Services and even Activities and Entertainment.

This single, 80-page booklet helps those seeking everything from legal resources to adult day care to housing options to in-home services. And much much more.

It has a 12-month shelf life. Because it is printed on high quality paper, it retains its durability the full year. As soon as it’s published it is placed in over 150 racks throughout the Wichita area along with the Library and Senior Centers.

Interestingly, someone may pick the guide up in October searching for one type of information and return to the guide months later, seeking something else. We know this because readers call us about the guide all year.

We also know it continues to get new readers. We have received requests for the guide in September, the month the new guide is published.

If the new guide isn’t off the press, they want the guide from the previous year.

Because each page has the capability for four-color advertising, it is a lively book to look through more than once. Some readers go page-bypage, examining both ads and text.

Thank you for being a huge link in this community to our 55+ readers.

Mike Parker Advertising Director

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